Complete Story of Kayle & Morgana

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
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  • arbiter690
    arbiter690 5 days ago

    There is reason for the mage hate. The humans of the future Demacia believed that it was Morgana who brought ruin and death upon the city and forgot her on purpose.

  • Fredrick the Catfish
    Fredrick the Catfish 13 days ago

    Ok why dafuq is Morgana a demon in tft. Riot, wtf? Morgana is the good one.

  • Elliott Roberts
    Elliott Roberts 15 days ago

    Pretty sure Riot just fucked up on the whole Kayle murdering innocents thing...

  • LeonxP
    LeonxP 16 days ago

    So they DID JUST THAT?

  • Silly Kittenx
    Silly Kittenx 23 days ago

    Is it weird I liked Morgana before I knew her lore...?

  • Dekamory
    Dekamory Month ago

    I just got into lol and my friend recommended me to play morgana so I'm here to learn

  • Dimitri Jokov
    Dimitri Jokov Month ago

    Kayle is Kira
    Morgana is L

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres Month ago

    Kayle seems to be blinded by their ambitions (I guess)

  • Samuel Gravel
    Samuel Gravel Month ago

    Nice one necrit

  • Cloud Clover
    Cloud Clover Month ago +1

    Why do I like Morgana even more. Kayla is a senseless bitch.

  • Lunatic Charm
    Lunatic Charm Month ago

    Kayle is the definition of self-deception.

  • Temporium
    Temporium Month ago +2

    Just because of this video, i will forgive morgana for rooting me every 10 seconds in game.

    SOPMOD II Month ago +1

    Down with the Fascist Kyle Justice!
    Morgana's moral Justice all the way!

  • Moosedraw
    Moosedraw Month ago

    Here I was thinking that Kayle was the good guy 💁

  • Garen
    Garen Month ago

    11:15 DEMACIA

  • Groniz Herz
    Groniz Herz Month ago

    Imagine if Morgana's design was a spellsword, that would have been so cool and more like evil vs good identical twins, kind of. (But made skins really hard to make I guess..)

  • Enrique Zuñiga
    Enrique Zuñiga Month ago +1

    Can you imagine if Mihira were a champion Her interactions with Kayle and Morgana would be like
    Kayle: can we get Justice
    Mihira: We have justice at home

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising Month ago

    Morgana's Perspective
    Kayle's Law

    D3VILMAN Month ago

    I kind resent Kayle now

  • budderarmor_
    budderarmor_ 2 months ago

    Where does the map come from.

  • Beowulf Macbethson
    Beowulf Macbethson 2 months ago

    Kayle is Billie Eilish

  • Beowulf Macbethson
    Beowulf Macbethson 2 months ago

    Keelam took the kids.

  • toadstool Price
    toadstool Price 2 months ago

    im pretty sure the blacked out picutres are World of Warcraft characters xd

  • MC-EVANN PLAYZ -gameplays

    Where was garen when they were fighting??

  • Stretchin GazelaPL
    Stretchin GazelaPL 2 months ago

    They should make skins for morgana and kayle, kayle the fallen angel, and morgana the ascended, that would be nice,
    Also it's shitty that kayle got all these visual particles and development throughout gaining levels (more swords, more wings, flames) and morgana didn't it's unfair as demacian's perception of them

  • Kinyooo
    Kinyooo 2 months ago

    I wish morgana will be reworked someday and will get back her sword and let the fight begin between her and kayle.

  • Cookie Girl330
    Cookie Girl330 2 months ago

    I agree more with Morgana's perspective but isn't Kayle just the coolest??? I mean,
    Drown in holy fire is literally one of the quotes that make me shiver

  • killian1208
    killian1208 2 months ago

    So Garen is kind of the champion of Kayle, while Sylas is the one of Morgana. I think that the sword that falls on enemies on Garens ultimate, is one of Kayles blades of her ulti.

  • ScarHydreigon87
    ScarHydreigon87 2 months ago

    So this lowkey makes Morgana a sort of dark messiah?

  • Uros Nekic
    Uros Nekic 2 months ago

    LOOOL...that model of man is the model of World of Warcraft human race

  • Scott Olton
    Scott Olton 2 months ago +2

    I think demacia hates magic sorcerer's, but the light and true divinity of the gods/aspects are not magic.
    Similar to how Christianity would separate miracles and sorcery.

  • Inting Pillow
    Inting Pillow 2 months ago

    Rehabilitative Justice vs Punitive Justice

  • gerard anthony Quitiquit

    so the gray haired lady in sylas' story could be morgana?

  • Cupcake
    Cupcake 3 months ago

    After your first ad played it reset the video, so im just not going to watch it.

  • SirensTide
    SirensTide 3 months ago

    Can we please get LOL movies?

  • DrowsyTaurus
    DrowsyTaurus 3 months ago

    Are those silhouette human models from WoW?

  • Kirito Coronacion
    Kirito Coronacion 3 months ago

    When you judged a book by it’s cover..

  • BeyonD IN
    BeyonD IN 3 months ago

    I used to think Morgana was evil but now I love her more

  • AshRadioPixyStix AshRadioPixyStix

    This was very useful thank you.

  • jrcervin cervin
    jrcervin cervin 3 months ago

    So...they were mini maleficent?

  • tofu tofu dahyunnie
    tofu tofu dahyunnie 4 months ago

    Now that i know their story i really want a skin of them that what if morgana is kayle and kayle is morgana you get me?

  • Lord dragon
    Lord dragon 4 months ago

    as a kayle main i really like this lore cause it makes kayle and morgana more relatable

  • Rabadon's Deathcap
    Rabadon's Deathcap 4 months ago

    Their story explains now that Morgana was the real good one.

  • Silveranaconda _
    Silveranaconda _ 4 months ago

    So they're both technically good. Kayle seems more impulsive and Morgana doesn't seem to care if she's called evil or is forgotten.

  • fUG
    fUG 4 months ago +1

    Yo I thought the roles would be swapped. Kayles a straight bitch and Morgan’s is best girl

  • Najeek Green
    Najeek Green 4 months ago

    Wow #leona #Diana

  • Niels Geraedts
    Niels Geraedts 4 months ago

    and i thought kayle was the good guy... now i dont wanna play kayle anymore :(

  • Imp Salazarth
    Imp Salazarth 4 months ago

    I really dislike how slanted this is. Like, couldn't the turning point of these two been a little more grey with reasonable reason for both their actions? For instants, maybe their father was on court for some actions he took. Morgana pleading from emotion that he only took the actions to protect them or to survive. While Kayle follows the law and explains if they make an exception now it would set a dangerous precedence for future criminals.

  • Asec o
    Asec o 4 months ago

    PLOT TWIST : NECRIT IS A RIOT EMPLOYEE and the "theories" he "guesses" are just riot teasing stuff but in a cooler way. I am not even joking stay updated to my channel and I will prove it with facts in a video which I m working on right now

  • Nilo
    Nilo 4 months ago

    After hearing this I think morgana rework is not completed yet. Morgana should also have the similar style as kayle does.

  • Joshua Pineda
    Joshua Pineda 4 months ago

    tbh i always felt that morgana's ideology was the better of the two. mercy and compassion are the kinds of answers id go for. that and morgana isnt exactly trying to be the "hero of justice" that lots of hollywood films and other stories like to charade. she just wants to be a good person. and i cant help but wonder why we cant have more heroes written like that. i feel that the classic overly selfless hero is too much of a machine.

  • jaime playz mobile
    jaime playz mobile 5 months ago

    Anti mage: now that's the city I can live in

    (anti made from dota 2)

  • Killios NotAION
    Killios NotAION 5 months ago

    Moral of the Story FUCK DEMICA

  • Giancarlo Nicolas
    Giancarlo Nicolas 5 months ago

    Have you done the story of Katarina and Cassiopeia ?! That’s a good video

  • maxim Vorobev
    maxim Vorobev 5 months ago

    I am a kayle main, seeing this im just sad, how could kayle become evil, i love the sence of no mercy and justicie, but morgana looks epic, who has any ideas on who i should main (ive already played many games with kayle) but i dont know whether i should switch to morgana

    OZON IZED 5 months ago

    i love their new lore

  • Tifrea Adelin
    Tifrea Adelin 5 months ago

    Now Garen talking to Necrit: My ult is my own. I am a God King boy.

  • Xavier Staals
    Xavier Staals 5 months ago

    Hahahaha i love morgana

  • Thekingofprotoss
    Thekingofprotoss 5 months ago

    so kayle's a bitch now is basically what riot's trying to say

  • ZillowZest
    ZillowZest 5 months ago

    All right hear me out., she’s like an angel, but OooOh she’s mean, she’s bad, bad, bad, bad guy.