Why You Don't Actually Want Super Strength! | Because Science w/ Kyle Hill

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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    Among the most famous super powers, super strength is always a strong choice, but would it actually be more of a curse than a gift? Kyle makes a powerful argument on this week's Because Science!
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Comments • 10 356

  • Because Science
    Because Science  9 months ago +2277

    Wow a LOT of comments about how I "have never heard of car jacks." I'm addressing this in the next vlog but yes, I do in fact know what car jacks do/are. And yes, I've used them. In the episode I say, "Cars are made out of pretty strong stuff these days, so grab them in the right place, like Superman on the cover of Action Comics #1..." Look close at the cover -- he's grabbing the car at the jack points. I then say the car might only bend or creak in a way you didn't expect. THAT was my acknowledgement of the issue. I didn't say that picking up a car at the perfect points would destroy it. Hope this clears things up. Thanks for watching! -- KH

    • Crusty Sock
      Crusty Sock 13 days ago

      Because Science made of aluminum lmao sooo strong

    • edakey
      edakey Month ago

      But what about gorillas and chimpanzees? They're basically humanoid, but they're many times stronger than the strongest people. How do they go through life without destroying everything they touch?

    • chellvsGLaDOS
      chellvsGLaDOS Month ago

      The DBZ universe fixes most of these issues with ki, as F = ma + ki, proven when they use their ki to increase the mass of their muscles, slowing them down, proving they're different. They can also use the energy locally outside of their body, removing the pressure when lifting and it doesn't ruin their dexterity as their ki is inside of them.

    • Fastshot54
      Fastshot54 Month ago

      Because Science no you wouldn’t go flying back from jumping or hitting something because when you touch something let’s say a wall the wall is pushing back on you already

    • Antonio Marcos
      Antonio Marcos Month ago

      Hey kyle, i'm a fan of your channel and just recently watched this episode,, and it's bugging me for a while now, but i think that if you have super strength and you punch someone i think your you'll be carried away by your punch or get drag by it if the friction on the ground can't stop your force.. because i think if you have a super strength then i think you punch would have a massive weight behind it. I guess?

  • Lancy Lance
    Lancy Lance 4 hours ago

    Smart boi Isac Newton

  • spackar
    spackar 7 hours ago

    Hello Kyle Hill. What about the Bionic Woman/SMDM level super strength?- being able to lift approximately one ton with both hands? Would this level of super strength be feasible while avoiding the problems you describe in your video? Thank You.

  • Christopher Rodgers
    Christopher Rodgers 16 hours ago

    Im not going to let you ruin my superhero fantasies

  • Greg Demott
    Greg Demott 17 hours ago

    Superman said it best when fighting Darkseid. "I live in a world of wet cardboard......"

  • Nicholas Daley
    Nicholas Daley 18 hours ago

    Superman and many other beings that do the plane saving like feats have the ability to create an ora over the object being lifted l, meaning if he lifted a 2000 ft long boat on one side, the entire thing would lift equally as high as the side being lifted. The argument is having supermans power not just super strength

  • James Sina
    James Sina 19 hours ago

    Best power = Purple man (Marvel Comics). Baisically he can control people by telling them what to do. (Because of fermones or something... well ... Because science! 😀😁)

  • brandon burns
    brandon burns Day ago

    isn’t this why some heroes with super strength pull their punches?

  • Derrick F
    Derrick F 3 days ago

    Tell me what power I would want? Speed?
    nope not speed just watched the video

  • i Sheret
    i Sheret 3 days ago

    Yes a super strength human would need to be very careful of their actions but how would they eat food without normal everyday control of their ability? You are claiming the ability is set to max at all times brah. Its just not true. So come with a real view point to get my like.

  • i Sheret
    i Sheret 3 days ago

    When superman stopped the plane it is not a direct impact of an object going between 200 mph at 450 mph and a bird flying at maybe 20 mph. Superman arrived at the plane when it was traveling 450 mph then stayed with it until he landed it in the baseball field so the rate that it slowed down would mean there was no " impact " just a force and yeah pushing on the nose at the end of the flight caused a dent because that is when the pressure is at max. This guy is a joke.

  • i Sheret
    i Sheret 3 days ago

    What u are claiming is that super strength would make it impossible for a person to pick up an egg without breaking it but be able to throw a car into outer space. U forgot that a human has control and they can determine the strength put into an effort. If I want to smash an egg it is alot less force needed than to squish a car and usually a human can determine how much to squeeze no? The Hulk tho may not be able to make a fried egg but omelets are his specialty anyway so. . . . .

  • The last Perpetual
    The last Perpetual 3 days ago

    And to think i could never hold a pencil ever again

  • Blue Nimbus
    Blue Nimbus 4 days ago

    I used my super strength to rob a bank. I used the money to buy a premium membership on pornhub. I used the rest for groin surgery and gender transitioning after I ripped my Willy off.

  • Swix Hayes
    Swix Hayes 4 days ago

    i think my hero acadamia and having deku try his super strength is a great example

  • Hosrak Kiham
    Hosrak Kiham 5 days ago

    I think u made a mistake if a force A is going to the right and hits a wall wich is not destroyed, so prevents the force A to continue moving the wall will apply a force to A equal to A, A'. A - A' = 0 so the force will stop, because A - A' is not - A

  • keep thinking
    keep thinking 5 days ago

    punching a man would splatter them or put a hole in them or liquify there insides hahahaha

  • keep thinking
    keep thinking 5 days ago

    what you forget about the punch is that your punch is is higher than normal day to day so super strength you would be about 50 times stronger than a human

  • Smash Boy
    Smash Boy 6 days ago

    You mentioned density, but my problem with density crops up when considering how dense a small neutron star is. Such a small mass with near insuperable gravitational force due to its condensed mass. Realistically speaking, I find a super strength person with super density means he’d collapse under his/her own weight or attract everything around him/her and compress it under his/her own gravity. Maybe the best way to control all these factors is through some gifted mind over matter control factor.

  • [ASAP] Koala
    [ASAP] Koala 7 days ago

    “Smart Boi Isaac Newton”

  • steve2275
    steve2275 7 days ago

    stone (thing) vs COLOSSUS (steel) because science
    thanks kyle

  • Neil Stone
    Neil Stone 8 days ago

    Superman lifted the car with two hands in action comics number one so is that why it didn't break? It It because of the larger area?

  • Neil Stone
    Neil Stone 8 days ago

    If that is true about how the force would push on you as well why don't fighters get sent flying when they hit each other and if you are using throws you can send your opponent away and you are usually unaffected. If you end up seeing this please explain that logic then

  • Neil Stone
    Neil Stone 8 days ago

    That's why you learn how to control it. You have a maximum strength leave and a minimum strength level. It's why body builders and some fighters don't always kill people. They can control how much strength to use and when not to use it. An example would be Izuku from my hero academia. He is strong when he activates his quirk but when it's not activated he is average strength.

  • Zed String
    Zed String 8 days ago

    you only know basic physics, there are way more factors to count when two objects clash

  • Jacob Short
    Jacob Short 8 days ago

    When a pessimist majors in physics

  • Alex Manktelow
    Alex Manktelow 9 days ago

    In the future u could use a force field to increase the surface area of ur force and this would mean that u could use it to move larger objects very much easier without causing huge damage

  • Something Random
    Something Random 9 days ago

    Do we want Telekinesis

  • Diana Bates
    Diana Bates 10 days ago

    No problem Kyle! I really enjoyed your video but umm...seriously, how did u know I was watching? You don’t even know me? Weird...

  • Drummer Schmittle
    Drummer Schmittle 10 days ago

    Son of a Biscuit!!😂

  • Your Everyday Internet Cancer

    Relative force bois

  • Magnus R. Kolstad
    Magnus R. Kolstad 11 days ago

    But, when ants lift something that's "20" times heavier than their total body weight, it doesn't crush, does it?

  • Mark 7's
    Mark 7's 11 days ago

    Wouldn't you also end up fat? Everything would be so light that you'd have a hard time burning off calories.

  • Vintage 18
    Vintage 18 12 days ago

    Super strength with out durability and dexterity kinda reminds me of Deku from My Hero

  • Mission to be A Man
    Mission to be A Man 14 days ago +1

    Superman talks about this: “I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. Always having to hold back.”

  • Breeze Warbrick
    Breeze Warbrick 15 days ago

    At what point would having super strength would be a hindrance on daily life like x3 the strength of a man man at his peak? Or even more or less?

  • Outbrust Yt
    Outbrust Yt 16 days ago

    He ruining everything for me

  • Techion
    Techion 17 days ago

    Hi Thor

  • Melike Agah
    Melike Agah 18 days ago

    my childhood dies more everytime i watch his videos

  • Elie
    Elie 18 days ago

    david dunne disagrees

  • AJI Pi Guy
    AJI Pi Guy 18 days ago

    9:35 is such a clever use of clean language

  • Basara Mixaz
    Basara Mixaz 19 days ago

    What are the chances of people building a time machine?

  • Subscribe To Pewdiepie

    are you related to john hill? xd

  • Richard Ford
    Richard Ford 19 days ago +1

    All of your why you don't want this superpower videos sucks.

    • Richard Ford
      Richard Ford 19 days ago +1

      I take that back all of your why you don't want this superpower videos don't suck.

  • Xavier The man
    Xavier The man 19 days ago

    so, question, would all-mights "inflation" and "deflation" of size, thus including strength, be plausible?

  • mikimomo97
    mikimomo97 19 days ago

    This equally assumes you're unable to CONTROL said strength

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter 20 days ago +1

    'Super Strength' is 164% subjective; super strength in comparison to what? Not every being has the same, unified level of strength, durability, dexterity and agility. Also, if I'm doing a drop kick from ten feet up, that's a lot more force upon impact than if I were to jump two feet in the air to do the same, because, gravity. Also, the force is even higher if I gave myself a boost in inertia. Drop kicking people is definitely a plausible lethal.

  • SkyHaZe
    SkyHaZe 20 days ago

    Guess I wont be able to do it.

  • No Dopamine
    No Dopamine 20 days ago

    Let’s not forget the flash episode where there’s the meta with super strength where every time he uses it he ages and then dies to his power

    • No Dopamine
      No Dopamine 20 days ago

      Also all the people with the super strength whether implied or not, have superhuman durability. Superman: alien= different biology but similar to ours being humanoid, Hercules: demigod, hulk: durability and healing factor. So long as they have a healing factor/durability they can survive all the force coming to them. So maybe as a hidden perk to compensate comes the dexterity and durability

  • Vasista Vythavya
    Vasista Vythavya 20 days ago

    What would happen if a super strength human fought with a immortal man.....

  • Hector Beck
    Hector Beck 21 day ago

    Dude, you like Shiah lebeouf

  • DisKorruptd
    DisKorruptd 21 day ago

    Kyle, in your example of door knobs ripping off, (3:32) humans are capable of not using their full strength at at all times, for instance, when you pick up a tomato, you can squeeze to check if it's firm without just crushing it, alternatively, you can pull on a door-knob without ripping it off the hinges, this is what's known as Fine Motor Skills

  • Dzaid Din
    Dzaid Din 21 day ago

    Someone make a movie of a struggling superhuman and the effects of super strength in daily life

  • Patton A Knight of Apollo

    It is fantasy not real

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison 22 days ago

    The only real thing stopping something like that from happening is experience, living with that kind of strength can help you learn to act more normal to other humans rather than suddenly gaining it and the way of grabbing, throwing, and trying to stop something would also be how you affect its lethality to those around you. I find that dragon ball interprets super strength rather well in the Majin saga when they were applying for the tournament by punching a strength tester machine. however, because they know how strong their punches are, they are capable of handicapping their physical strength at the utmost necessary for every day tasks and items. Also, the ability of super strength would affect your body as well since it is essentially a given that when you receive the power to punch someone to the sun, your body can withstand the force that comes back at you by making a small crater at your feet. maybe you will end up bleeding from the punch but the more often you do it the stronger your body becomes as you will either deku your super strength or it will come naturally with the moment of receiving it.

  • Thicc Daddy
    Thicc Daddy 23 days ago +1

    What if you could store your strength and exert it when you want

  • Uli Schmidt
    Uli Schmidt 24 days ago

    I think you would want what banner has

  • Jeffrey Sickmeier
    Jeffrey Sickmeier 24 days ago


  • Inkod
    Inkod 24 days ago

    I think superman saved the plane by slowing it's fall rather than stopping it.

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B 25 days ago

    Kryptonians have that fancy bio-electric aura that makes it easy to lift and also add a shield to things they lift. At least according to comics. :)

  • Mufaro Mandaza
    Mufaro Mandaza 25 days ago

    Do you think I know that I know what strength is?

  • Michael Eggert
    Michael Eggert 25 days ago

    If I go by your theory a 2 post car lift would destroy a car. Or a hydraulic car jack.hmm

  • Dylan John
    Dylan John 26 days ago

    Doesnt your brain already control the amount of force ur muscles can exert based on the actvities u perform? Thats why people struggle opening jars or bottles but can bench press massive amounts? Wouldnt ur brain just do the same thing if u had super strength.

  • Tim The Gamer
    Tim The Gamer 26 days ago

    This is why I'd rather have super psychokinetic powers where the only limit is my belief in my own mind. That way, I can do similar impressive feats as those with superhuman strength in pop culture, without the same issues.

  • Impale
    Impale 26 days ago


  • pancake man
    pancake man 26 days ago

    Didnt watch it yet so i am going to guess that is about that thing that thing react back with a equal force so it will be like hitting yourself with your force

  • William Phillips
    William Phillips 26 days ago

    ‪I’d like to see a Because Science done about the omnitrix (the original run not the reboot) explaining why the features work the way they do. ‬

  • Clark Sanchez
    Clark Sanchez 26 days ago

    We're gonna keep trying in spite

  • Scott Malconson
    Scott Malconson 27 days ago

    Some small problems our hands have enough surface area to not go through most cars maybe a dumptruck is too big but every thing else is relatively fine and another thing about the whole every action has an opposite and equal reaction while true you won't be knocked back as much(dependant actually) assuming you have super durability your shouldn't actually go flying away as your body absorbs shock hence why if you push someone over you don't also go flying back the opposite reaction is being dispersed throughout your body and mostly the arm's. So for super strength to be the most effective you need super durability, super shock absorption, and preferably large hands

    STEEL TUBE 7 28 days ago

    OMG Thor!

  • PinkBomberPPG
    PinkBomberPPG 28 days ago

    Kids..Use your superpowers in a proper way if you ever get them

  • Quantus Tremor Est Futurus

    the car weights many thousands of newtons... Because science? Well this sounds bad but does make sense.
    But in any case: Units are really misused as hell in there.
    Most times you use Newtons, it'd be either Joules or kg.m/s (quantity of mouvement).

  • Zeus Enriquez
    Zeus Enriquez 28 days ago

    I think he’s forgetting that every super hero had a stage where they can almost shut off their powers. I.e Superman can be startled bc he’s not listening, and can touch other people without injuring them. The physics part of it tho is undeniable

  • GrayKnightHD
    GrayKnightHD 28 days ago

    For the plane example, if he had more time, and could slowly stop the plane, would that allow him to safely save the plane?

  • Rohan L
    Rohan L 28 days ago +1

    I think that theoretically if people are able to lift cars in dire circumstances, that means that we only use a small portion of our total muscle strength. Now this would not mean that you could punch through concrete but if you were strong enough to do that, maybe along with the higher muscle performance, you would also be able to control when your muscles need to go into that state of maximum effort with a thought, and then revert back to normal using hormones. This could theoretically solve the problem of not being able to control your strength i think.

    • Hailfire Spawn
      Hailfire Spawn 9 days ago

      Rohan L that’s not average though. The point of super strength is that you go from average human to 100x the strength of an average human. Your adrenaline fueled no limit would therefore be even higher than that. Every day you would be walking on eggshells in order to hold back your base line 100x strength in order for it to even slightly resemble a normal person.

  • Michele Toscan
    Michele Toscan 29 days ago

    You should definitely watch this movie which shows pretty much this:

  • Xxx_!D0N7KN0W13375P33K 8U7!'M83773R7H4NU_xxX

    wouldn't being SUPERSTRONG and fighting bad guys just make doing really hard punches easier and overall combat just be easier using less willpower and or effort kind of like endurance?

  • TheBetterIsBack
    TheBetterIsBack 29 days ago

    I like super strength

  • richard killface
    richard killface 29 days ago +1

    What a retarded video. Are bodybuilders not able to use the same light touch that a small child would?

  • Vince Owen
    Vince Owen 29 days ago

    what if the other object has the same mass? would it cancel it out

  • Dan Atwork
    Dan Atwork 29 days ago

    Do not agree with this video. Strength is controllable.

  • Keep Chillin'
    Keep Chillin' 29 days ago +4

    I don't know, It's like he is assuming you're gonna use 100% of your strength all the time. I mean, you can grab a bug without crushing it.

    • Bird_Dog
      Bird_Dog 9 days ago

      sure. But have you ever accidentialy broken something by aplying too much strength?
      I sure have. With super strength, you'd do it far more often.
      Just pulling on a door handle, expecting the door to be unlocked, only to find someone for some reason has locked it, and you have ripped that handle out of the door.

    IGNITED 29 days ago

    i kinda disagree... because if youre muscles are super.. youre bones and everything else would be super.. so its balanced. if you only had super strength as to only muscles. that wouldnt work.. because only to balnce that out is to have super bones aswell..

  • Jaguer91
    Jaguer91 29 days ago +3

    Well, healing and regeneration is the only superpower I wanted anyway...

  • Samuel Kim
    Samuel Kim Month ago

    Wait, so basically, you are telling us that we cannot have any superpower? Can you make a video of super powers we can have?

  • Edwin Jones
    Edwin Jones Month ago

    once i tried punching a plaster on brick wall and i got through the plaster but then broke my fist on the brick and it was reallly Gross

  • God Almighty
    God Almighty Month ago

    this guy looks like thor

  • Hassan Mousa
    Hassan Mousa Month ago

    If this guy is writing on a board that means he has to write everything backwards

  • Seamus Flynn
    Seamus Flynn Month ago

    Your smart but your ruining my childhood

  • Gxld_
    Gxld_ Month ago

    Wait but wasn’t it explained that although Superman looks human he isn’t set up the same as a human on the inside of his body?

  • Nic Bell
    Nic Bell Month ago

    I get the argument of control, but you don’t apply the same amount of force to lift a book that you do to move a table. Experience and your brain does it for you. It’s only when you mis estimate the weight of something you run into problems. As far as pressures go, if you slowly apply your strength to stop something, couldn’t you mitigate some of the crushing potential?

  • GreenPathsChan
    GreenPathsChan Month ago

    What if you punched a piece of paper?

  • leozar69
    leozar69 Month ago

    I'd make it work, with tools specially made for super strength, staying away from fragile tasks..
    I usually find a loophole/workaround.

  • U9B
    U9B Month ago

    Equal force doesn't apply if there's no applied force equal to mass. If I punch a super hero who has the same mass as me with enough force to shoot them into the sky then I will not be pushed under ground due to the amount of applied force pushing their mass since my power is disproportionate to our collective masses. The forward inertia of the strike will send me with them more-so than opposite in reality unless they resist me, and that's not assuming they cannot withstand it either.

  • Black Fire
    Black Fire Month ago

    But what if I just want to be a glass pitcher of kool aid?

  • Ganesh Iyer
    Ganesh Iyer Month ago

    Yay! I can bounce off concrete with OP punches. Now I have super punches and super strength.

  • Your friendly neighbour

    You seem like ur fun at parties.

  • ricwatt
    ricwatt Month ago

    what about a elephant holding a peanut or a gorilla peeling a banana they are stronger than humans but can have a gentle touch

  • zamuzet
    zamuzet Month ago

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  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman Month ago

    Ehh you made some good points butttt I still want it