Why You Don't Actually Want Super Strength! | Because Science w/ Kyle Hill

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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    Among the most famous super powers, super strength is always a strong choice, but would it actually be more of a curse than a gift? Kyle makes a powerful argument on this week's Because Science!
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  • Because Science
    Because Science  Year ago +2437

    Wow a LOT of comments about how I "have never heard of car jacks." I'm addressing this in the next vlog but yes, I do in fact know what car jacks do/are. And yes, I've used them. In the episode I say, "Cars are made out of pretty strong stuff these days, so grab them in the right place, like Superman on the cover of Action Comics #1..." Look close at the cover -- he's grabbing the car at the jack points. I then say the car might only bend or creak in a way you didn't expect. THAT was my acknowledgement of the issue. I didn't say that picking up a car at the perfect points would destroy it. Hope this clears things up. Thanks for watching! -- KH

    • Imani Dickey
      Imani Dickey 3 hours ago

      Let's see you start wearing some "grown man" shirts from now on, buddy.

      BENTHEBEAST25 Month ago

      But did you take into account that the Superman plane example that he could have increased the amount of time to stop the plane in order to produce the same effect over time creating the same impulse. I mean if you look at Superman he stops the plane over time. Also if you had super strength you could brace yourself if you punched forward you could use super strength to brace yourself.

    • Daniel Ramirez
      Daniel Ramirez 2 months ago

      What about boku no hero, in the anime there’s a character called muscular who can increase his muscle mass immensely and can concentrate it in certain areas, would that be viable?

    • Dj Neptune
      Dj Neptune 2 months ago

      I would like you to do a review on batman

    • Maximus Gaut
      Maximus Gaut 2 months ago

      Because Science you know no super is a super power you’d actually want buzz kill lol. I CHALLENGE you to science any super on how it would legitimately possible without much negative down fall below h and there are 2 scenes In aquaman you need to science 1) being just how strong aquaman is to lift an ENTIRE SUBMARINE UNDER WATER AGAINST THE PRESSURE OF WATER BEING DOWN THAT DEEP PMUS GRAVITY THAT WOULD NATURALLY HAVE A STRONGER PULL BIENG CLOSER relatively to the planets center than people on land and have it not only reach surface but shoot out atleast a few hundred feet into the air! Think about it.........I think Family Guy need to realize Aquaman is a BEAST!

  • Jua'n Marque'z
    Jua'n Marque'z 5 hours ago

    Wait by the ip town by downtown ip train tracks scene but another wooded area than that one the gated one the flee ip on sa

  • El Pablo
    El Pablo Day ago

    I already knew this but thanks for explaining it to me anyway

  • martok2112
    martok2112 2 days ago

    Yes, but which bird is hitting the plane at such a velocity? An African or European swallow?

  • Nintendo 65
    Nintendo 65 2 days ago

    This is the best vid I have ever seen

  • James Combs
    James Combs 4 days ago

    I love this series of videos. It would make it a great movie. Guy gets super powers and lives life in a living hell

  • Tazman Flemons
    Tazman Flemons 4 days ago +2

    Go watch the shadversity response to this, if you havent already

  • Bryce Krispiez
    Bryce Krispiez 5 days ago

    I’d rip my dick off that’s why

  • Nick Van Vleet
    Nick Van Vleet 5 days ago

    Super durability would take care of some of those problems infinitely becoming more durable

    NONVANTE K 5 days ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Braden Hogan
    Braden Hogan 5 days ago

    Thanks for ruining my nerd life and crushing my nerd dreams. I’ll just go home and cry some nerd tears

  • Preston Hurst
    Preston Hurst 6 days ago

    @Kyle Hill Such a Debbie Downer. lol Kidding!

  • Fat Boy27
    Fat Boy27 6 days ago

    9:02 get your mind out the gutter ya'll

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 7 days ago

    That's why you'd want to become Saiyan instead. Slowly grow in strength and learn to control it, and learn lower/raise your strength as needed.

  • Bicboi0501 KΔϺI
    Bicboi0501 KΔϺI 7 days ago


  • Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper 7 days ago

    Hey Kyle I love the videos and in reference to the Kool-Aid man when you mentioned jumping through the wall: how thick would the glass that the Kool-Aid man is made of have to be to withstand him breaking through a brick wall to then say the classic "OH YEAH!" ?

  • OptimisticPessimist
    OptimisticPessimist 9 days ago

    Reminds me of the notion of The Flash saving people from a disaster only seconds away by darting in, out and through a city to grab everyone who couldn't make it out on time on their own. Wouldn't that liquefy them?

  • Leroy Van Heemst
    Leroy Van Heemst 9 days ago

    I think it doesn't make sense that I would fly away if I punch or kick someone, yall seen Bruce Lee one inch punch? He sends you flying while he just dancing there now imagine if he would have super powers

  • INSTAGRAM: _tav.official

    He's explaining it by applying physics to everything, characters with super powers brake the laws of phsysics like super speed and strengths, That's why the animated characters arnt human because a human is bound by the laws of physics for ever and it will forever be that way. So you are right about the density and durability humans will need also in order to have super powers, and with that said, gravity and matter will be your weakness so your also going to need anti-matter in for your super power to be useful, because why have powers knowing as soon as you start using it, it's going to fight against you due to the matter on the planet you are.

  • Thinking Tinker
    Thinking Tinker 10 days ago


  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle 10 days ago

    What about super-IQ?

  • William Hardway
    William Hardway 10 days ago

    I'm new here. These seem informative and fun.

  • It's Magic
    It's Magic 10 days ago

    I actually still do want super strenght xD

  • AntMan 2000
    AntMan 2000 10 days ago

    8:03 Actual footage of 9/11

  • AntMan 2000
    AntMan 2000 10 days ago

    Oh my god! He killed Kenny!
    You bastard!

  • Joseph Saputo
    Joseph Saputo 11 days ago

    The biggest thing I'm seeing not applied is how we're able to (for lack of better sci terms) "redirect" opposing forces along with using sense to identify points where one could exert force without building up detrimental pressure. I feel as though most of your assumptions are based on the subject with super strength being mentally limited in reasoning.
    Punching someone across the room: force applied is enough to move object = & -> force applied also strong enough to send subject backwards. What I think is missing is 2 fold; 1_ the ability to use the friction/contact with the ground to redirect opposing forces and allow subject to maintain ballgam balance. 2_ Newton's 2nd law "objects in motion tend to stay in motion" whereas the subjects arm would continue in the forward direction further diffusing opposing force.
    Suffice it to say that a bulk of your assessment, though sound, assumes that a subject has no knowledge or awareness of rudimentary physics or physical control.
    A better example would be the difference in strength needed to open and close a laptop or flip phone where normal strength will open and close those devices with ease, however, when extra force is exerted one can snap those devices (with considerable ease for even normal adults).
    "With great strength comes greater responsibility"

  • survivorbat
    survivorbat 12 days ago

    You're awesome vato! keep up the good work! you're funny, original, and clever!

  • b DeMinico
    b DeMinico 12 days ago

    hey this is probably a common question but what happens when a immovable object hits a unstoppable force?

  • Iosif Dzhugashvili
    Iosif Dzhugashvili 13 days ago

    I want a mature version of superman where he just punches people’s heads off and all that gory goodness

  • Dru Beardslee
    Dru Beardslee 13 days ago

    Of course science thor doesn't want us as strong as him 😒😂😂

  • Lishaan Hettipathirana

    I am not sure about the first point as most strongmen in the world actually have day to day jobs

  • CLone WaRs
    CLone WaRs 13 days ago

    Nerdist, u forgot to take into account about Superhuman durability

  • nutter *
    nutter * 15 days ago

    STOP RUING OUR DREAMS (jk love your channel)

  • Landan Heath
    Landan Heath 16 days ago +1

    Better if you could turn it off and on. Kinda like One punch man or Deku from MHA

  • Grant LeBaron
    Grant LeBaron 16 days ago

    If you were heavy enough and you punched something lighter than yourself it would have a less affect:

  • Shawon
    Shawon 18 days ago

    Not necessarily. The way I see it, having super strength would mean your limit is on a superhuman level, doesn't mean you go around everyday life with just one level of strength. You would just control it. Like Clark Kent giving someone a handshake, he can just use a normal level of strength, you don't see him crushing people's hands from a handshake.

    • zakosist
      zakosist 14 days ago

      But there would still be a limit of how wide your range of strength would be, not just your total strength. If your max strength increases then your minimum strength would also increase, probably about as much. And you do have a limit for the lower strenght you can use, try touching a fruitfly without hurting it and youll see what Im talking about

  • Patrick Nguyen
    Patrick Nguyen 19 days ago

    Ehhh it’s worth it

  • Dopamine
    Dopamine 19 days ago

    Strength control and skill building would let you hone the use of your super strength... As adaptable as humans are, I would figure that after a little practice you would be able to control your strength output.

  • deandre lewis
    deandre lewis 19 days ago

    He should name the series a million ways to die if u had super powers😂😂

  • cole
    cole 19 days ago

    Yes but all of newtons laws are false

  • thespacebat
    thespacebat 19 days ago +1

    So basically you'd want the super strength from Unbreakable. Not immense like Superman, just like 10 or so times stronger than the average person.

  • thememe kkkid
    thememe kkkid 21 day ago +1

    I need to show this to my science teacher thing

  • Victor Saldias
    Victor Saldias 21 day ago

    You're throwing my dreams to garbarge

  • Ninja Gizzmo
    Ninja Gizzmo 21 day ago +1

    My question is: when you punch someone or something you normally angle your body and feet to absorb the impact wouldn’t it be the same thing for super strength. Shouldn’t you be able to absorb a lot of the force as long as your in the right position

  • nerdofrai !
    nerdofrai ! 22 days ago

    kyle: you dont want super strength
    me: yes i do

  • Reggie collier
    Reggie collier 22 days ago

    Nope Bruce Lee could knock people back without knocking him own self back

  • Joseph Lundin
    Joseph Lundin 22 days ago

    Don't lesson to what he said you can still have super strength

  • Leviparkergames34
    Leviparkergames34 22 days ago

    Hi thor

  • Donald J. Trump MAGA
    Donald J. Trump MAGA 22 days ago

    Why does he look like jev

  • Dominic Buck
    Dominic Buck 22 days ago

    I don’t find most of your points valid. I hope you find happiness within your life so you can stop ruining mine ❤️

  • Hodey FU
    Hodey FU 22 days ago

    Then why don't boxers or mma fighters bounce back when they punch each other? At least a little. I find a lot of this worst case scenario or flawed

  • RoyalT 27
    RoyalT 27 22 days ago

    Damn you science, making super powers lame **baaaaak**!!!

  • zendave69
    zendave69 23 days ago

    Goku learned to live with super strength, he used to break everything when transformed to super saiyan and managed to measure his strength and teached Gohan the same

  • dmack47yo
    dmack47yo 23 days ago

    When I punch my brother, I don’t hit as hard as I would to somebody trying to rob me

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue 23 days ago

    Your exagerating

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue 23 days ago

    But if you are 100× stronger and also super heavier you will not suffer

  • X-Plizit NM7
    X-Plizit NM7 23 days ago

    8:03 Impersonating Lex Luthor's Father from Smallville

  • Kayden Christie
    Kayden Christie 23 days ago

    Just use the strength to throw shit at people at insane speeds

    JAYUNIT 23 days ago

    The fighting part didn’t make any sense bro cuz if I punch an apple it wont push me back

  • UWotMete mette
    UWotMete mette 23 days ago

    Wow, how wrong this is really hurts.

  • Topanga YT
    Topanga YT 23 days ago

    Never understand what u talking bout but I enjoy

  • Xavier Armendáriz
    Xavier Armendáriz 23 days ago

    Is there any power I’d want?

  • Frank Wojtczak
    Frank Wojtczak 24 days ago

    While I'm willing to believe that if someone 'gained' super-strength at one point in time in their lives after they had already acclimated to normal strength, then yes, there would be an adjustment period where they would need to relearn how to be careful. But the way you do your video seems to be saying that people WON'T or CAN'T learn to adjust. And that's not believable. It's like that Superman animated movie where he says something about having to treat everything like cardboard in order to avoid damaging it. And he nearly grew up with super-strength. But then again, I don't really think I'd want or need *that* much strength. Maybe make me as strong as Spider-Man. He can lift up to 25 tons, I think. That would be great. Of course, I'd pretty much want super-durability, too.

  • Gas TrooperX
    Gas TrooperX 24 days ago

    you literally explain the power of allmight cause technically he also get push away by his power

  • jack ryan
    jack ryan 25 days ago

    is not science, it's comics. every single power has awful real world outcomes

  • Daniel Cabrera
    Daniel Cabrera 25 days ago

    Dis is y immortality iz guud

  • Joe Sepulveda
    Joe Sepulveda 25 days ago

    Nvm my first comment was posted too soon should’ve kept watching he elaborated on my point lol

  • Joe Sepulveda
    Joe Sepulveda 25 days ago

    I’m pretty sure your body wouldn’t be able to with stand any of that in the first place if you just had increased strength wouldn’t your body collapse and possibly like tear apart in some instances? I just feel like the squishiness he mentions in the super speed video would also apply with super strength

    REED RICHARDS 25 days ago

    Your videos are well taken. But this assumes that there would be no way to control the strength. I disagree. With any power, practice would make perfect. it would take time and effort, but it could be done.

  • Thomas Cairnduff
    Thomas Cairnduff 26 days ago

    if you punched really hard wouldn't you have strong legs and core to hold yourself in place?

  • drew cifer
    drew cifer 26 days ago

    If picking up a car would break it because the force is only applied only to the area of the hand how do you explain jacks? That have an even smaller surface area. And if we can handle babies and fragile objects without destroying everything I’m sure being super strong won’t be the same. It would be a struggle at first but takes time to learn like a child learning how to be delicate with pets and toys.

  • Ryan Yu
    Ryan Yu 26 days ago

    they should show a gorier superman when he punches villains. Instead of punching them so hard, they would fly off, the pressure would just make the villains explode upon impact, or at least impale them instead.

  • Chris Jax
    Chris Jax 26 days ago

    Dude cut your hair.

  • Theonedust007
    Theonedust007 26 days ago

    Only way for this to happen is getting some super bones like the wolverine,or in our standards,use a combo of strong yet light nanomaterials to withstand strength great enough to do so.the only known living organism to be the strongest organism is Gonorrhea bacterium,able to pull 100,000 its own weight,would be like a human hauling 22 million kilos(which is a lot of mass).and in order to be able to get this amount of strength ,we'd need every material that has a great strength:weight ratio.

  • Jaylen York
    Jaylen York 26 days ago

    Normally you would be right about the force you used to hit an object would be returned. however in the case of hitting an apple with normal strength you can send it across the room but i dont go flying across the room. it would be the same no matter how much force you put into because your body has the strength to resist that force that is given back

  • Manuel Fernandez De Jesus

    Spider-man controls his strength so that he does not kill bad guys all the time.

  • Samuel115s
    Samuel115s 27 days ago

    Basically you would kill everyone you fuck. No more fun sex 😩

  • kennneth boyles
    kennneth boyles 27 days ago

    What about a jack

  • Itachi
    Itachi 27 days ago

    Super invulnerability is needed cause your body would be destroyed

  • The Only Blue Corn Scone


  • Shnehasis Patra
    Shnehasis Patra 27 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Subaru Natsuki
    Subaru Natsuki 27 days ago

    Ok, these are the only things left:
    1. Water Bending
    2. Earth/Metal Bending
    3. Fire Bending
    4. Air Bending
    5. Electric Powers
    6. Telekenesis
    7. Mind Reading/Control
    8. Ghost Power/Untouchable
    9. Seeing the future
    10. Time Travelling
    11. Death Note

  • Omae Wa mou shindeiru
    Omae Wa mou shindeiru 27 days ago

    The power I want would be omniscience

  • Chevy-Jordan Thompson
    Chevy-Jordan Thompson 28 days ago

    Hold It Now, Hold It Now, Hold It Now ... 1:56

  • Rex Mortem
    Rex Mortem 28 days ago

    This is why HULK MAD 😠.

  • Chrome Dude
    Chrome Dude 28 days ago

    Don't use imperial

  • Yvng Bull_ _
    Yvng Bull_ _ 28 days ago

    I can control my super strength 😏

  • Commandant64
    Commandant64 28 days ago

    this is why telekinesis is still the best power cause you can just use it and pretend it's all the other superpowers.

  • Dude Awe some
    Dude Awe some 29 days ago

    What about Saitama from One Punch Man

  • Lastro
    Lastro 29 days ago

    I think your conception of super strength is wrong. If I’m a young skinny guy who goes to the gym for years and ends up super built I wouldn’t accidentally break a glass if I pick it up or crush a bug picking it up or even crush a handle opening a door because I would be using the same amount of strength in those actions then I would withought super strength it would only apply when lifting something heavier like a car as you say

  • Michael Mamba15
    Michael Mamba15 29 days ago

    I wanna see a superman movie that is in accordance with this video and the flight video this channel made

  • Total Sanity
    Total Sanity 29 days ago

    There’s a equal and opposite reaction, yes, but if you can generate more force tha. needed to break through smth - you will break through it without breaking your bones. Same thing goes with breaking cinder blocks with bare hands. If there’s not enough energy generated - it will throw it back to you and shatter your hand. But if the force of the punch is enough - the cinder block will break without breaking your bones. Yes, you will most definitely punch through bad guys but your bones will not break and you will not get thrown in the opposite direction because of the same principle.

  • D H
    D H 29 days ago

    Having super diarrhea sand blasting your toilet bowl would not be a fun time.

  • Coen Veenstra
    Coen Veenstra 29 days ago +1

    I think punching someones head off prob would be hella sick

  • Little Baby Angel
    Little Baby Angel Month ago

    Just ask for controllable super strength

  • HoldShiftt2Run
    HoldShiftt2Run Month ago

    what if you pull the airplane instead of pushing it? Would you just rip it apart?

  • dogiit1
    dogiit1 Month ago

    Original thinking like my theory the reason we never run into the edge of space is because space is incredibly large round ball like everything else in the universe therefore you never running to the edge of space

  • dogiit1
    dogiit1 Month ago

    The uniform is made out of Kevlar and the Kevlar is enhanced by some milky substance that actually exist you appear to be great at math I don't think you're great at what you can do with the math

  • dogiit1
    dogiit1 Month ago

    A uniform that can deflect bullets a uniform that can make you as hard to kill as an armored vehicle

  • dogiit1
    dogiit1 Month ago

    Hey I'm looking at your Black Panther episode and if you look at that's impossible episodes from the History Channel future military uniforms they have a lot better example than you and actually exist