Why You Don't Actually Want Super Strength! | Because Science w/ Kyle Hill

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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    Among the most famous super powers, super strength is always a strong choice, but would it actually be more of a curse than a gift? Kyle makes a powerful argument on this week's Because Science!
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    Artist: Andrew Bowser
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Comments • 9 760

  • Because Science
    Because Science  6 months ago +2066

    Wow a LOT of comments about how I "have never heard of car jacks." I'm addressing this in the next vlog but yes, I do in fact know what car jacks do/are. And yes, I've used them. In the episode I say, "Cars are made out of pretty strong stuff these days, so grab them in the right place, like Superman on the cover of Action Comics #1..." Look close at the cover -- he's grabbing the car at the jack points. I then say the car might only bend or creak in a way you didn't expect. THAT was my acknowledgement of the issue. I didn't say that picking up a car at the perfect points would destroy it. Hope this clears things up. Thanks for watching! -- KH

    • v c
      v c 2 days ago

      You forgot to mention how flying up while a person is falling or moving an average human at superspeed after they just been sitting on a chair. Lol.

    • lorenzo gomar
      lorenzo gomar 2 days ago

      I am so late to the party, but why not want adjustable super strength, like when you try to lift something before you prepare to exert your full strength to lift it, it's hard but when you ready yourself you can lift it easily.

    • prism god
      prism god 5 days ago

      now do reality warping

    • Austin Curran
      Austin Curran 22 days ago

      But Superman caught that plane by exerting an evenly distributed force via a force field that spreads evenly over the surface of the plane

    • Zayaan Dadwani
      Zayaan Dadwani 27 days ago

      Because Science incorrect your thighs and legs would have much higher amounts of muscle so you would not be pushed back if you punch someone.

  • FG-gaming aka unchartedpro

    Super strength means less human interaction? Sure.

  • Suppertimepuss2
    Suppertimepuss2 2 hours ago

    It would be awful to not be able to pet your cat or dog.

  • Raziel Grimm
    Raziel Grimm 15 hours ago

    I like Superman speech when fighting Darkseid in the Justice League television show.

  • Azfar Raza
    Azfar Raza 20 hours ago

    Superman uses bio electric aura to overcome all that :)

  • VoiD
    VoiD Day ago

    Thor is strong

  • Nonearthanti
    Nonearthanti Day ago

    science destroys everything

  • Jonathan van dorsten

    the only issue with super strength is that you have to control yourself if you lose control once and punch someone full force "dem dead with no head", I actually have a similar problem i practiced martial arts (boxing, kick boxing, tai kwondo) for most of my life i cant hit anyone in the face at this point and have to focus most of my training on anger management. im not saying im super strong but an average person would suffer permanent damage if id lose it.

  • Justin Janhonen
    Justin Janhonen 2 days ago

    His point about needing to be 100x more careful and how hard that would be doesn’t make sense to me. Its not just major muscles that get stronger. The small control muscles get better too. A regular person can easily crush an aluminum can. We can also easily not crush it because our fine motor control is proportional to our given strength.

  • Mike Willis
    Mike Willis 2 days ago

    Apes are pretty strong yet gentle enough to pick bugs off of each other...

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 2 days ago

    Thanks for the video Thor Sauce!

  • suryakumar Selvakumar

    I would become a supervillain and rule the world. Why should I control my power?😒

  • MonStarDrakoSaur 9000

    I love how he said "DAAH! SON OF A...BISCUIT!!!"

  • acefjom
    acefjom 2 days ago

    When it comes to superheros knocking themselves back with their own punches, wouldn't the forward momentum needed for a blow like that act against a significant percentage of the force that would push them back?

  • Lootrack Gaming
    Lootrack Gaming 3 days ago

    Hancock is a pretty good rendition of actual super strength. Makes that movie even better...

  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker 3 days ago

    First 35 seconds are awesome :)

  • Zahkee Pollack
    Zahkee Pollack 3 days ago

    Wait say we punch a punching bag and it moves. Why dont we?

  • DualwieldARz
    DualwieldARz 3 days ago

    I always just assumed that part of super strength was your muscles being able to absorb the force you're exerting. Like shock absorption. I mean, that doesn't solve a lot of the problems that come with it, but that might be why heroes don't go flying backwards when they hit stuff.

  • Alex Macdon
    Alex Macdon 3 days ago

    well if you’re 100 times stronger then maybe u’ll be able to resist the opposing force

  • Taylor Itkin
    Taylor Itkin 3 days ago


  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter 4 days ago

    Nukazooka had a video about this.

  • Sixth Reload
    Sixth Reload 4 days ago

    But with super strength, you would have the strength to with stand the force you get while punching

  • NotToyotaru DBX2
    NotToyotaru DBX2 4 days ago

    What if you grab something like the plane?

  • April Kester
    April Kester 4 days ago

    Instead of super strength, wouldn't the intelligence and sensory power of knowing weaknesses and how to manipulate them be relatively problem free?

  • kev
    kev 4 days ago

    Dumb video in so many ways. If you were super strong enough to be able to punch someone 50 feet, you would also have the super strength to be able to handle the opposing force against you. Boxers don't rock backwards noticeably with every punch do they? It's a given that you would have a body capable of taking the extreme forces that would be generated.
    I won't be watching anymore of your content. 😂

  • Peyton Plumb
    Peyton Plumb 4 days ago

    How could have Superman realistically stopped they plane before it would hit? Would he just have to spread across the nose and ease his force into it?

  • Clarence Tuurngait
    Clarence Tuurngait 4 days ago

    cut the "comedy"

  • Eddie S
    Eddie S 4 days ago

    What a great way to take all the fun out of the imagination 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️.

  • Boss Snake
    Boss Snake 4 days ago

    To be fair, even Superman has stated he holds back. A lot.

  • majinnemesis
    majinnemesis 4 days ago

    having super strenght doesn't mean you would have to be extremely carefull not to break stuff there's lot of extremely sensible thing in the world that you have more then enough strenght to break them yet you don't because you can control you strenght

  • Rouge 1865
    Rouge 1865 5 days ago

    I don't see many boxers throwing massive punches then knocking themselves back across the ring . My point is prepare for the recoil with a correct stance , a super stance if you like then resist the super force coming back onto you . Don't know but if you can throw a super punch then you should be prepared to take the super force that comes back at you . That's all I'm saying, they're only comics after all .....🤔

  • James Martin
    James Martin 5 days ago

    Well did break a jack hammer head working on jack hammering bricks the bricks didn't budge the shaft of the jack hammer snapped my bones are very hard due tp years of shsolin iron hands training however my ligaments aren't palm struck a pine tree shifted my wrist back about punching a person across a room with that much force and hands that are hardened like that you'd punch through them I'm not that strong thank God but when you train your hands in hardening exercises iron feels fragile if it is thin or so

  • Vegito Red
    Vegito Red 5 days ago

    Control Bech!

  • Hong Meng
    Hong Meng 5 days ago

    I wouldn't mind being 10 times stronger but if i were to choose i would go for being 10 times smarter instead

    MADMIC L00NEY 5 days ago

    Seriously dude what stupid video if you had super strength he would have incredibly Advanced bone density muscle mass muscular regeneration if you had such a power your body would be Amplified to such an extreme level to allow you to use super strength smh you wouldn't be some fragile little cardboard piece like you're trying to talk about

  • Doran’s Shield
    Doran’s Shield 5 days ago +1

    If I get supaman power rip the earth

  • Kids Syed
    Kids Syed 5 days ago

    You won't want Supr strength
    Says Thor

  • JyeJye
    JyeJye 5 days ago

    How does it work by hitting forward it hits back. How does that work. Ur stronger I need to learn science plz

    GRIMLOCK07 6 days ago

    For those who by some miracle gets Super Strength, you should consider following Supes advice:
    *_"I feel like I live in world made of Cardboard."_*
    *_"Always taking CONSTANT care not break something, to break someone."_*
    *_"NEVER allowing myself to lose control, even for a moment, that someone could die."_*

  • Eternal2401
    Eternal2401 6 days ago

    If you had super strength and tried to blink, your eyelids would hurt themselves, if you tried to bite, you would knock your teeth out, if you tried to swallow your assophagus would implode, if you tried to breath your lungs would burst.

  • ARK
    ARK 6 days ago

    Eh but boxers punch each other across the ring, not the full ring but the distance is still quite large, but they stay in the same spot and they dont get hit across the ring, the same area.

  • Michael Baerga
    Michael Baerga 6 days ago

    One Punch!
    Kill shot!

  • Joe Cross
    Joe Cross 6 days ago

    I loved this video! You put so much thought into it, and you are very entertaining.

  • Tony Miller
    Tony Miller 6 days ago

    Bouncing away after a punch? I guess but it doesn't feel right.. when you punch the force isn't exerted only on impact, it's generated leading up to the hit. So it'd make more sense if the ground gave out from under you during the wind up or your body would break from not being durable enough (there's our bounce factor). The plane thing makes sense but I guess but the situation presented isn't totally fair? IDK he's treating Superman like he's a solid object still in the sky trying to stop the plane in an instant rather than a moving object moving with the plane the latch on then slow it down.

  • A guy
    A guy 6 days ago +2

    Saitama agrees

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 7 days ago

    Remembered an old Superman movie where Clark needs to put his thumb in the juicer as a stopper so he doesn't exert too much force when applying force to squeeze the orange juice.

  • b1uezer
    b1uezer 7 days ago

    I still don't feel convinced you'd have to live a delicate "normal" life because of Super Strength. I don't think it amplifies your "base" everyday force, just your maximum force or upper limit of exertion. For example, you could say most strongmen lift many times more than the average person right, but they don't come even close to crushing people's hands during hand shakes, even though they have the ability to. They only recruit enough for the job.

  • RyuAlson997
    RyuAlson997 7 days ago

    The representation of super strength referred to in this video is some what shown in the movie Hancock.

    AHMED DHIA 8 days ago

    Dude if you have super strength you won't be moved by A car hitting you so you can punch someone across the room with no problem and if you uppercut him the force will apply on your surroundings not fit you to the ground

  • Ivan Joseph
    Ivan Joseph 8 days ago

    I have not watched this video yet let me explain why accidentally having super strength is impossible.
    Lifting weight to get stronger not only make your muscles bigger and stronger but your bones also adapt to the stress and becomes harder and tougher as you physically become stronger. So if someone gets super strength and lifts like 20 tons then their bones would shatter instanly because while their muscles would have gotten stronger their bones did not, this effect can easily apply to the flash but not superman. Superman is born with superpowers so it makes sense that if he was already going to have super strength then his bones would be extremely powerful as well, when he is running or flying extremely fast he does not use goggles to block out the wind, because his eyes are strong enough to resist the winds this is all part of his anatomy to compensate for his strengths. But people like flash...hell no, he would literally need goggles because while his muscles may be strong enough to run that fast, his eyes won't be able to handle the intensity of the wind, and of course his bones would defenitely shatter if he ran that fast, and his boots and feet would literally be on fire cause of the intensity of friction. This is all because Flash got his powers from an accident and Superman's Powers were already bestowed upon him because he is an alien race that has superpowers.

  • Thunderjunk Mcbuttram

    one could say if it takes 250kN to punch thru a wall and a very good punch is only 2500N, how meny N does it take for that person to pick up a butterfly without cruching it? about the same diffence? if so then everything you said in reguards to that is invalid.

  • Micelius Beverus
    Micelius Beverus 8 days ago

    Cool stuff, but you didn't convince me; after all, we do seek to and succeed in controlling our strength; shaking hands with children, operating precious tiny devices etc. Some things would just need to be made of titanium, I guess. Plus I might not need to be 100 times stronger... A mere 100% would do...

  • Maluco lapin
    Maluco lapin 8 days ago

    and with who could you even enjoy a quick fuck, if you're that strong ?

  • Bob Muskego
    Bob Muskego 9 days ago

    I'd just want to point out that punching something that hard probably wouldn't just launch you backwards but utterly mangle your arm. Due to how an extended arm would help cancel the force by redistributing it throughout the arm. Therefore the force would launch you back just not "equally" as far. Even with the durability equalized it wouldn't help because it would be next to impossible to be as gentle as a normal person(especially if you grow up with super strength). So a normal person with super strength might also accidently launch themselves out into the atmosphere just trying to run or jump.
    Be pretty funny to watch though.

  • ronnie millsap
    ronnie millsap 9 days ago

    Would you mind doing an episode/side question about what you would need to cork a baseball bat to make it nearly undetectable? I saw a video of one corked bat busting today and wondered how teams may be trying to get away with it due to technology. thanks!

  • Jonathan Wessner
    Jonathan Wessner 9 days ago

    the point about surface area is why Superman could never push a planet

  • E 86
    E 86 9 days ago

    How is it im able to apply my force to move another person but could still stay grounded if we applied your equal force

  • Makey Laishram
    Makey Laishram 9 days ago

    You are really making my childhood crumble into the ground

  • Cinehotties Productions

    In smallville Clark Kent had to train his body to not crush lois while having sex with her. Talk about gross

  • Maritza Florin
    Maritza Florin 10 days ago

    You look like thor

  • Schmocking Hot
    Schmocking Hot 10 days ago

    Jared Leto explaining super strength using Superman. Nice

  • Erised
    Erised 10 days ago

    My god man, who's your target audience? 13 year olds?

  • Stephen Haskell
    Stephen Haskell 10 days ago

    My only dispute is when you talk about hitting a superhero and send them flying across the room is while there would be an equal and opposite reaction you wouldn't necessarily be sent flying the opposite way. As this is your own strength reason stands to say this is not only in your arms and you could manage to anchor in place on the horizontal axis using your super strength in your legs. You may still have a degree of digging into the ground given the angle in which you apply the forces both in the punch and in your stance. Your body essentially would become a natural shock or strut as it would be able to withstand the forces applied back.

  • nitroglitch45
    nitroglitch45 10 days ago

    The force from a punch wouldn't send you flying back. Most of it would be absorbed in your fist to stop the velocity of your hand/arm. Just like a wrecking ball, it zeros out or bounces slightly against a wall it is destroying, it doesn't go careening off.

  • Devine Massage
    Devine Massage 11 days ago

    Also, just because someone has superstrengh (ss) doesn't mean they'll use their ss ALL the time. Thenk of your current strength. Have you ever opened a door you thought was going to be VERY heavy, but when you opened it, you (exaggeration) nearly tore it off its hinges, and it crashed into the wall? Or have you ever gone to lift something you thought would be pretty light, and nearly threw your back out (or actually did)? WHY? Because the brain estimates the amount of force it believes it will need and adjusts your muscle tension accordingly.
    Having ss does NOT mean you have little or no ability to control when it's used, or that it will be very difficult to have a gentle touch for long periods of time.
    Think of a superfast race car that can go 300mph. That doesn't mean that same race car can't be stuck in really bad traffic like everyone else going 5mph over a distance of 15 miles.

  • Your Average Overlord
    Your Average Overlord 11 days ago

    I’ll stick with fiction rather than reality thank you very much

  • Devine Massage
    Devine Massage 11 days ago

    Then how come using a jack to lift a car to change a tire doesn't damage the car?

    SILOOFFICIAL 11 days ago

    i still want it

  • Enju
    Enju 11 days ago

    But if you were born with this super strength, your brain would develop to actually understand the strength of your body, what your point is stating is if we gained that power from as we are now, where we grew up normal, to them they could get used to that super strength as they grow, making it more viable, like super man

  • Trucker4Life84
    Trucker4Life84 11 days ago

    I want superhuman strength

  • Carly Mason
    Carly Mason 12 days ago

    But couldn't you also control the amount of all this

  • Carly Mason
    Carly Mason 12 days ago

    Just subbed

  • Franco Balanquit
    Franco Balanquit 13 days ago

    The main concept of having a super power is that it defies physics. Now if you explain it the way it should conform physics, it wouldn’t be as super as it is. It is awesome and explainable, not super.

  • ShoutLatios
    ShoutLatios 13 days ago

    Are there any superpowers that we could realistically have without drawbacks!?

  • Rhys Harvey
    Rhys Harvey 13 days ago

    What if you punched something with super strength and then pulled away really quickly to not absorb the equal and opposite force?

  • Shiboline M'Ress
    Shiboline M'Ress 13 days ago

    You should do a video just featuring funny video clips of superheroes usingtheir powers and seeing what would actually happen. It would be a hoot! 😁

  • lol
    lol 13 days ago

    9:24 saitama

  • Sterlin Charles
    Sterlin Charles 13 days ago

    Anybody else thinks he looks like Thor's dweeb little brother?

  • athanlyvette
    athanlyvette 13 days ago

    in one issue of spider-man, Otto Octavius in Peter Parkers body accidentally punched the Scorpions jaw off because he didnt realize Parker had been holding back the whole time.

  • Turtle Sage
    Turtle Sage 13 days ago

    What he said about density is and durability is correct. Look no further than martial arts like karate, Shaolin, muay thai ECT. They condition their limbs through calcium build up to hit harder.

  • Isaiah Richardson
    Isaiah Richardson 13 days ago


  • Charles  Loftin
    Charles Loftin 14 days ago

    Funny & informative 😂

  • Keninja Greninja
    Keninja Greninja 14 days ago +1

    What about something like Kendo's quirk (MHA)

  • Jayde Mendoza
    Jayde Mendoza 14 days ago

    Sooooo are we going to let this guy just ruin every dream we have or not?

  • TheTrueNarf
    TheTrueNarf 14 days ago

    Thanks for the info Professor buzzkill lmao ;)

  • Saint matthias
    Saint matthias 15 days ago

    No, super powers are very real.

  • Mushroom Mate
    Mushroom Mate 15 days ago

    So it's like one for all?

  • BC 04
    BC 04 16 days ago

    The punching through people would be badass. If you have seen logan, it’d be like that but no claws.

  • Stefan Be
    Stefan Be 16 days ago

    What if they control gravity and arent super strong they name it like that to cover up

  • Asian Boi
    Asian Boi 17 days ago

    I mean there's more to Newton's third law that explains more but ok

  • Antun Končić
    Antun Končić 17 days ago +1

    Of course Thor doesn't want other people to have his level of strength, don't listen to him!

  • Dylan Somogy
    Dylan Somogy 17 days ago

    Awesome video, but what if super strength gave you the density/mass of say Superman, punching a wall would cause far less acceleration on your part

  • shinshilko
    shinshilko 17 days ago

    Actually, if you had just the super strength alone without super speed, you wouldn't be able to punch through a person unless he was up against a wall and you had something to stop your feet from sliding backwards when you punch. (because 3rd law of motion) You could break stuff by squeezing it for sure, punching... not so much.
    If a person has super strength but not super speed, his punches would have more or less the same effect as a normal persons (of the same mass and exhilaration possibility) punches.

  • Mom's Spagethetti
    Mom's Spagethetti 18 days ago

    I just want Domino's powers

  • Logan Williams
    Logan Williams 18 days ago

    Okay, but if _all_ humans were much stronger than our architecture and what-not would be designed for that.

  • Caramel Lightskin
    Caramel Lightskin 18 days ago

    Laws of physics don't apply to superman

  • Tyler Franks
    Tyler Franks 18 days ago

    Ouch, this would mean no more choking the chicken if you had super strength.

  • XenoPL
    XenoPL 18 days ago

    I wanna see accelerator from the to aru majutsu no index :)

  • Chin Pubes
    Chin Pubes 18 days ago

    I feel like midoria from my hero academia represents that last point very well.

  • jjxtraxtra
    jjxtraxtra 18 days ago

    I thought One Punch Man taught us this