Why You Don't Actually Want Super Strength! | Because Science w/ Kyle Hill

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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    Among the most famous super powers, super strength is always a strong choice, but would it actually be more of a curse than a gift? Kyle makes a powerful argument on this week's Because Science!
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  • Because Science
    Because Science  3 months ago +1667

    Wow a LOT of comments about how I "have never heard of car jacks." I'm addressing this in the next vlog but yes, I do in fact know what car jacks do/are. And yes, I've used them. In the episode I say, "Cars are made out of pretty strong stuff these days, so grab them in the right place, like Superman on the cover of Action Comics #1..." Look close at the cover -- he's grabbing the car at the jack points. I then say the car might only bend or creak in a way you didn't expect. THAT was my acknowledgement of the issue. I didn't say that picking up a car at the perfect points would destroy it. Hope this clears things up. Thanks for watching! -- KH

    • Peter Frencken
      Peter Frencken 12 days ago

      Gaming MV, if you're comparing the density of a cannonball to someones fist then no amount of explanation is going to help you understand how science works.

    • Peter Frencken
      Peter Frencken 12 days ago

      Car jacks aren't used in the middle of car roofs and chassis lol

    • Chad Hale
      Chad Hale 13 days ago

      Look at some of these fantastic forces that abound at the atomic scale: casimir force, and Van der waals force. I imagined a mutant superhero who grew nano structures like carbon nano tubes in the cytoskeleton of her cells, for the explicit purpose of utilizing these forces.
      A paper regarding "Higher dimensional harnessing of meta-material augmented Casmir force" estimated *1.5 trillion lbs* of kinetic force could be controlled and directed. That sounds "super" to me! As I imagined this field as a sheath or an aura about the heroine, the surface area of her feats of super strength would be closer to 1 meter square.
      Seems to me, this kind of force field would: stop bullets, tank rounds, cruise missiles, and perhaps even protect against a somewhat distant nuclear explosion...
      Also, 1.5 trillion lbs of force would propel a 50 kg heroine, how fast?

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez 14 days ago

      Which would be correct for the calculation of Frieza's death Ball to Destroy the Planet: Option A or B
      A: the calculated power needed to destroy the Earth with a Nuclear Explosion is approximately 700,000 Megatons of TNT, (1st Form Freiza's Death Ball). The largest Man-made explosion ever recorded was (Tsar Bomb) 50 Megatons of TNT. To Destroy the MilkyWay Galaxy with a Nuclear Explosion (Ki Blast), it would take approximately a Million x (Trillion x Trillion) times 700,000 Megatons of TNT, = 7e+35 Megatons of TNT. (Galaxy Buster, or Super Perfect CELL) To Destroy the estimated 100 Billion Galaxies in the Observable Universe it would take 7e+46 Megatons Of TNT(Universe Buster) and twice of that to make him Multiversal. (Beerus)

      B: Joules it takes 53 Quadrillion Megatons of force ti destroy Earth or 2.5e+32 Joules. It is derived from formula E = 3*G*M^2/5*r This formula is called Gravitational Binding Energy formula G = Gravitational Constant = 6.67408e-11 Mass = Kg = 5.972e+24 Kg for Earth Radius = Meters = 6,371,000 meters for Earth putting this number in we get 2.5e+32 Joules of Energy..

    • James Jordan
      James Jordan 15 days ago

      Because Science Can you do an episode on Joseph Greenstein Aka the Mighty Atom?

  • Robin Cooper
    Robin Cooper 17 hours ago

    i hate this world

  • Kamil Markiewicz
    Kamil Markiewicz 21 hour ago

    That is why my favorite "superpower" is SUPERWEALTH :D

  • matt mallecoccio

    It's fiction, but fiction is so cool

  • matt mallecoccio

    You would have to be invulnerable and if you were going to interact with humanity, they would have to be invulnerable too. It's fiction

  • TronicMC 2015
    TronicMC 2015 Day ago

    Ever do anything on Time Travel?

  • Peyton Lewis
    Peyton Lewis Day ago

    If you had super strength can’t you you just stand there when you punch can’t you use it to stand there it mite break every single bone in body but???....

  • Bin Bro
    Bin Bro Day ago

    superheroes control their powers we could too -_-

  • 1 2
    1 2 Day ago

    I want to be able to control my strength like that

  • Ducko’s Channel

    Also you don’t want to open Glass Jars with super strength or when putting clothes on because your going to rip the clothes in half....

  • Raphael Cramer
    Raphael Cramer 2 days ago

    That's why Hulk makes sense, a bit

  • Christopher Orton
    Christopher Orton 2 days ago

    Like usual you don't know what you're talking about Newton's law is flawed there are people who have super strength at Newton's law does not affect them when throwing someone across the room you have to work with gravity not against gravity call G Force

  • Joseph Noonan
    Joseph Noonan 3 days ago

    The whole pressure thing is actually something I notice sometimes while watching movies. Since we have an intuitive feel for these things, it's often noticeable when a superhero tries to stop a large, fast-moving object, and you think "Why doesn't it just snap in half?"

  • Mykel Lee
    Mykel Lee 3 days ago

    Boo ur making kids dreams Parrish

  • faithknight400
    faithknight400 4 days ago

    COMMANDER PUUUUUNNNNNCCCCCHHH! *punches guy's head off*

  • John Tedder
    John Tedder 4 days ago

    He is so sexy.

  • Azerate218
    Azerate218 4 days ago

    So. Why when I headbutt a homeless junkie with so much force, that I almost kill him, nothing happens to my head? Or different weekend when I kicked a guy in the leg so hard I broke it but nothing happened to mine?
    ''Yes I have anger isuess''

  • Tobias Knudsen
    Tobias Knudsen 4 days ago

    Average factor deal motive description database grandmother struggle.

  • Sebastian Sipes
    Sebastian Sipes 4 days ago

    That's why Spider-Man pulls his punches when fighting villains as shown when he switches bodies with doc oc

  • Steve Ray Zanni
    Steve Ray Zanni 5 days ago

    You're totally right, and, I'd add to what u said, that it would be totally boring being super strong. Saitama docet.

  • Mickalicious
    Mickalicious 5 days ago

    shuttup bitch ass hoe everyone has stretngh

  • Ed Garcia
    Ed Garcia 5 days ago

    What if the human torch punched you

  • Samuel Matheson
    Samuel Matheson 5 days ago


  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover 6 days ago +2

    I didn’t understand a thing of what you said, but I like *subscribes*

  • misterawsomeman
    misterawsomeman 6 days ago

    Telekinesis seems like it solves all the problems that catching cars and stopping planes has.

  • Brennan Hunt
    Brennan Hunt 6 days ago

    What if you ran and punch

  • Rorick Jager
    Rorick Jager 6 days ago

    The perfect answer to this is Telekinesis, allowing you to apply force to an object over a much larger surface area. Or cocooning it altogether. That would be my favored super power. :P

  • regie or
    regie or 7 days ago

    Is telekinesis better than super strength in the instance of lifting a car or stopping a plane?

  • Ion Robinson
    Ion Robinson 7 days ago

    If you ever watched “My Hero Academia” (its an anime) You would see the perfect example of what he’s saying. He literally shattered anything he used his super strength with: Legs, Fingers, Feet and all.

  • 1-800 no one cares
    1-800 no one cares 8 days ago

    You kinda look like Thor.

  • Alexander Cole
    Alexander Cole 8 days ago

    The anatomy of a punch needs to be addressed if you’re contending that you’d fly backward with a “super punch”.

  • BCtube01
    BCtube01 8 days ago +1

    to all the people complaining about his take on superstrength, I think the video is really focusing on Superman's strength, or heroes of his power level.... Guys like, Captain America, Spidey shouldn't have any of these issues,like going through a car when picking it up.

  • Legion
    Legion 8 days ago

    What about throwing someone using super strength and spin to release some of the energy?

  • Tiwaking Tiwaking
    Tiwaking Tiwaking 8 days ago +1

    3:54 You'd rip your dick off while fapping

  • Vale Sauce
    Vale Sauce 8 days ago

    yea it would suck to accidentally kill your girl during rough sex because your superstrength.

  • DaKennyMan22
    DaKennyMan22 8 days ago

    I think the Disney's Hercules movie is an excellent example of what having super strength in a normal society is like. Everyone fears and hates him because he struggles to control his strength. Scenes like knocking over giant pillars, skipping a rock across water and breaking a statue, etc.

  • jaiden james
    jaiden james 8 days ago

    I always wanted ability to fly can u do a video on what if a human could fly

  • Yakui
    Yakui 8 days ago

    Issac "Smart Boy" Newton

  • Denyl Plaza
    Denyl Plaza 8 days ago

    Son of a Biscuit

  • Take the Hype
    Take the Hype 8 days ago

    Have you done an episode about scarecrows scare toxin yet?!!???!??!!!

  • Sans Skeleton
    Sans Skeleton 8 days ago

    But what if they are so strong that they can hold them self in place

  • Miles B.
    Miles B. 8 days ago

    Can you guys analyze teleportation and see if there are any downsides to that if it were a real power? If so could you make a "Why you don't want teleportation powers"?

  • Delfino Garza
    Delfino Garza 9 days ago

    and that is why he is superman dude. and that why superman is the best...

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 9 days ago

    This is why Captain America’s powers would be best in reality.

  • XxAtomic646xX
    XxAtomic646xX 9 days ago

    we'd learn to control it, the same way we dont snap toothpicks or puppies, babies ect.
    and newtons theory wouldnt apply if you arent using your full strength, you could compensate the recoil.

  • Christian K
    Christian K 9 days ago

    You Think You may be overstating the problem? Gorillas and chimps are incredibly strong (though not 100x stronger) and they are able to exhibit incredible gentleness and dexterity. Remember Coco's kittens? If you're born with super strength, you'll be accustomed to it and your relationship to your surroundings ( how much force to apply to what and when) would be second nature, no? Fun video though. I do think the average person would require more bone density.

    • markigirl27
      markigirl27 6 days ago

      Christian K that’s Bc they aren’t hundreds of times stronger then us they couldn’t punch Superman to the sun

  • jimmaithecricket
    jimmaithecricket 9 days ago

    You have never done a hard day's work in your life. Super strength does not equal crushing everything you touch. You would only apply the amount of force necessary to do whatever you set out to accomplish.

  • Michael Rojas
    Michael Rojas 9 days ago

    I want super resistance to all elements of the universe!!!!

  • Atsuki Kuroe
    Atsuki Kuroe 9 days ago

    Well I have superstrenght issues :’) *thinks about all the stuff I broke randomly like keys, knives, pan, cauldrons, cisors, doors and etc.*

  • yondu udonta
    yondu udonta 9 days ago +1

    Son of a biscuit

  • M M
    M M 9 days ago

    I’d still fucking take the super soldier serum and become Captain America.

  • Thee_ _Number_Six
    Thee_ _Number_Six 9 days ago

    The power I want is manipulation of waves, not like waves in water, so I guess manipulating molecular vibration...... a power like that would be far better than stupid super muscles.


    About the dexterity thing, when you end up having to become 100x more gentle, you will get used to it. Imagine if a baby was born with that strength. They will learn to interact with everyday objects normally, but they would have a long distance to go before they find the limits to their strength.

  • Christian Pastrano
    Christian Pastrano 10 days ago

    Are you the cop on the horse in the candy crush commercial? He looks like you lol

  • Zoro - ku
    Zoro - ku 10 days ago

    Super speed is better

  • fizzie
    fizzie 10 days ago

    Deku is lowkey realistic then

  • rohadt Anyad
    rohadt Anyad 10 days ago

    you are wrong about most things in the video. super-strength would not be an issue with control because of the way the body uses motor units of muscle. fine motor control is performed with different, smaller, motor units. you considered physics, but not physiology. when you throw someone, the idea is to transfer the energy slowly. when you punch, the idea is not to make them go across the room, but to create a jolt, a concussive effect. what comes into play is impulse, not just force.
    have you ever heard of car lifts, that lift the entire car so the mechanic can get underneath it? the car doesn't bend or break. you will have to do a lot of research and learn biomechanics, kinesiology and physiology, and remake the video, right now you are fractally wrong.

  • TomBom292
    TomBom292 10 days ago

    I was waiting for him to mention how punching that hard would destroy your knuckles.

  • Yosio Rainbow
    Yosio Rainbow 10 days ago

    The one thing that got me thinking is that if you punch someone into the sun you might not get propelled into the ground cause you have super strength not super strength arms so the force transfers through the body into the legs and then the ground and it propels you back up cause the force you got pushed on it with gets returned back so it cancels itself

  • Cross Fire Gaming
    Cross Fire Gaming 10 days ago

    How about pyrokinesis

  • TigerClaw!
    TigerClaw! 10 days ago

    this does not make sense for me at all. I mean the equal force bullshit. By this logic any streetfight woulf be useless because if some one punches a guy in the face for a instant Knock-out it means he would get knocked out too... which doesnt Happen

    • Great Teacher
      Great Teacher 10 days ago

      TigerClaw! Your body obviously is designed to withstand the force. Thats why you have joints that bend. Try shoving something. You would notice a force going against you pushing back. If it's heavy, you will also notice you moving back. Also force reacting against your fist isn't the same as force against someone's head which may knock someone out. However, try headbutting someone really hard. You will both be knocked out.

  • Priyanshu Banik
    Priyanshu Banik 10 days ago

    Son of a biscuit

  • sindi luis
    sindi luis 10 days ago

    Well how about a hero like Saitama from the Anime One Punch Man? It says he has unlimited strength durability and speed. Well lets say he punches something with high speed and realy hard. Of course he gets the same force on him back. But he has unlimited powers. Is that something which isnt realy a problem for Saitama?

    • sindi luis
      sindi luis 10 days ago

      Oh yeah .. hmmm but I dont think that every "punch" is strong enough to destroy the world but I know what you mean .. Wow never thought this is so deep

    • Great Teacher
      Great Teacher 10 days ago

      That's why it's fiction. Even so, Saitama may have infinite strength, but the environment around him doesn't and that force has to go somewhere.

  • Youtube Incorporated
    Youtube Incorporated 10 days ago +1

    *Now we can see the Thor smashing walls in this video :D*

  • dubstompa
    dubstompa 10 days ago

    5:33 I see what you did there

  • shub verse
    shub verse 10 days ago

    Take a shot everytime the host says *_OO YEAH_*

  • Black Dynamite
    Black Dynamite 11 days ago

    But it's a superpower, so I could activate it anytime. You know, so I could grab glasses and shit

  • Isaak Abou Ahmed
    Isaak Abou Ahmed 11 days ago

    I wonder how fast Berry Alen can get that blizzard down south going...

  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous 11 days ago

    Superman or any super strong hero would need to eat so much fucking food. He would need to eat pure sugar/carbohydrate in order to survive. Also, if Superman punched into hydrogen full force, he could probably make us some metallic hydrogen.

  • Mopslayer 28
    Mopslayer 28 11 days ago

    8:35 FATALITY

  • Elite Ninja
    Elite Ninja 11 days ago

    He sound like vsauce3

  • Julian Schecter
    Julian Schecter 11 days ago

    Meh, I've never cared for super strength because it would make hugging my lovely wife result in a deadly consequence! LOL!

  • Chris Pitchforth
    Chris Pitchforth 11 days ago

    I was thinking about the tug of war between Spiderman and Captain America in civil war.
    Spiderman should have easily have won that. As he can stick to the floor, where as Cap can't. So it wouldn't matter how strong he was, as he only had a limited grip on the floor with his boots.
    The only reason he could stop that helicopter was due to also holding onto some steel structure.

  • Kirsty Shadowdancer
    Kirsty Shadowdancer 11 days ago

    Superman vs plane to me it took a full 15s but inclufing conima drama rule where compress scenes that event likely took a few minutes to go from half cruising alt to stop....

  • Kirsty Shadowdancer
    Kirsty Shadowdancer 11 days ago


  • Louis Stubbolo
    Louis Stubbolo 11 days ago

    Superman can fly though, so clearly Newtonian physics aren't all that's going on here. Quantum-level follow-up?

  • Sideswipe
    Sideswipe 12 days ago

    I A M S O R R Y S I R A N D M A N

  • Evil Bastard
    Evil Bastard 12 days ago

    You incorrectly assume that I would use my super strength for good.

  • xJonteTV
    xJonteTV 12 days ago

    So by that logic every time martial artists kicks heavy bags they should rock back aswell? Ofcourse equal preassure is applied but we still transfer some of that pressure to the ground which doesnt make us fly across the room when punching. And by the bird plane example you basically say that you stop the plane instantly by flying straight into it, which probably would result in you going through it but its not the same thing when gradually applying pressure to an object that is gradually slowing down

  • Krunchlesnitchles !
    Krunchlesnitchles ! 12 days ago

    A beign with super stertght should also logically be able to stand the knockback and repercussions of their own blow. Also should be able to have great muscle control meaning that someone should have trouble with doors and everday objects

  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan 12 days ago

    the concrete wall example also depends on the thickness of the wall as well. 1 inch vs 6 inches.

  • MrMetallidude
    MrMetallidude 12 days ago

    I love this channel. It showcases actual science and it makes me so happy.

  • Jaanus Pajala
    Jaanus Pajala 12 days ago

    If hulk can lift a car, could he lift it if thors hammer would be inside that car?

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 12 days ago

    And wait, wait... superman is different
    Superman doesn't have paranormal muscular strength... he can simply alter the gravity around an object...
    If the hulk where to do the same thing THEN what you described would happen

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 12 days ago

    Even if you had superstrength.
    The only reason you would not be able to control it is if you have a mental debility

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 12 days ago

    Fuck average
    I'd rather be dead then average

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 12 days ago

    I definitely do want super strength

  • st ephan
    st ephan 12 days ago

    And if the super heroes could turn their strenght

  • st ephan
    st ephan 12 days ago

    what if super heroes where awesome in neutralizing the opposite force?

  • SinYue
    SinYue 12 days ago

    you should probably stop a plane with telekineses instead so you can apply pressure equally to the entire object.
    so superman should leave this task to martian manhunter instead

  • future soldier of gaming world

    8:06 thank me later

  • wzup77ify
    wzup77ify 12 days ago

    Yo *Superman can fly

  • sydsons
    sydsons 12 days ago +1

    but you never use your full strength

  • Professional Youtube User

    What a insteresting video!

  • Gabriel Meyer
    Gabriel Meyer 12 days ago

    Me before this video: I want super strength.
    Me after this video: I want super strength I can completely control.

  • Louis Martin Binette
    Louis Martin Binette 13 days ago

    how about tactile telekinesis would that work for forces and pressure would not be a factor

  • Hyper Hektor
    Hyper Hektor 13 days ago

    8:10 great :)
    i think it makes only sense if the default state is human strengh an when needed you can crank it up.

  • Skeletal Skeleton
    Skeletal Skeleton 13 days ago

    Honestly, the super power that you would really want is Super-Speed and the ability to withstand and control it.
    If your fist could withstand hitting a brick wall at 700mph, you can fight anything. If your body can withstand travelling around the Earth at 1,000mph, then you can go anywhere.

  • Detective Bohobe
    Detective Bohobe 13 days ago +1

    Wonderful video!

  • Juandavid Martinez
    Juandavid Martinez 13 days ago

    Very basically