Why You Don't Actually Want Super Strength! | Because Science w/ Kyle Hill

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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    Among the most famous super powers, super strength is always a strong choice, but would it actually be more of a curse than a gift? Kyle makes a powerful argument on this week's Because Science!
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  • Because Science
    Because Science  11 days ago +1011

    Wow a LOT of comments about how I "have never heard of car jacks." I'm addressing this in the next vlog but yes, I do in fact know what car jacks do/are. And yes, I've used them. In the episode I say, "Cars are made out of pretty strong stuff these days, so grab them in the right place, like Superman on the cover of Action Comics #1..." Look close at the cover -- he's grabbing the car at the jack points. I then say the car might only bend or creak in a way you didn't expect. THAT was my acknowledgement of the issue. I didn't say that picking up a car at the perfect points would destroy it. Hope this clears things up. Thanks for watching! -- KH

    • Ahan Iyer
      Ahan Iyer 3 hours ago

      Because Science I

    • Georgie Denbrough
      Georgie Denbrough 5 hours ago

      Because Science, wouldn't you have to take bone density into this? Because your muscle is stronger, but your bones aren't.

    • Jeffer Hoo
      Jeffer Hoo 5 hours ago

      Because Science you deserve a sub. I freaking love science

    • Rhyno Gaming
      Rhyno Gaming 6 hours ago

      Because Science ooo! I’m the thousandth like

    • Jeremy Snead
      Jeremy Snead 17 hours ago

      I was thinking Superman might have a muscle structure such a raptor. His bone structure made up of Tungsten trioxide. Superman also probably converts water vapor into into hydrogen and ozone. Since he feeds of the sunlight. Carbohydrate are used for cell growth cell repair and as an energy storage. Tungsten's Catalytic properties may also increase cell efficiency. Superman's longs operate on a higher compression rate and most likely uses compressed colonic gass to fly.

  • HoneyBunny 2237
    HoneyBunny 2237 14 minutes ago

    Hello random person ✧*。٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧*。

  • Arcane Nosnhoj
    Arcane Nosnhoj 19 minutes ago

    Why I'm a Batman fan

  • Lil Shiro
    Lil Shiro 22 minutes ago

    Nah i dont want to have super strength i dont wanna destroy a city but having visual power like sharingan or making clones i would like that it dosent cause destruction

  • SuperSaiyaman3
    SuperSaiyaman3 47 minutes ago +1

    "The reason is because you might accidentally break the poon" - anon friend

  • Vince Kihaa
    Vince Kihaa Hour ago

    So maybe comics and everyone was thinking about super strength all wrong. Maybe its something else allowing superhuman forces

  • Internet Person
    Internet Person Hour ago

    You kinda look like Thor

  • Adam Kelsey
    Adam Kelsey Hour ago

    Imagine if you were buff you would be Thor

  • Syndera
    Syndera Hour ago

    You are a true crusher of dreams, love it. I'll make sure to link this channel to my brother :D... hehe

  • Jaystorm
    Jaystorm 2 hours ago

    Who would win?
    The rules of science which has been around for billions of years,
    One strong boi

  • Klust413
    Klust413 2 hours ago

    I'm curious how the pressure part of say, stopping a plane would change if Superman matched the speed and focused on modifying the direction not directly backwards would change your numbers. Surely you would still have crushing pressure and force applied, but the force to modify direction to a safer landing versus totally stopping the plane would be more "manageable".

  • J P
    J P 3 hours ago

    that was waste of time. Thanks for good time killing.

  • muamer buco
    muamer buco 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or is his math waay off...

  • Joseph Dow
    Joseph Dow 3 hours ago

    Now you all understand my struggle.

  • dandin3perez
    dandin3perez 3 hours ago

    super str come with super durebilty also that way hulk can take bazooka to his face
    also as hulk say you treat every thing like they eggs
    so super str come with str control
    so this video is mostly irelevent

  • Paul Diamond
    Paul Diamond 4 hours ago

    I guess I would just wear giant, dense boxing gloves 🥊

  • Scion
    Scion 4 hours ago

    Something is gloriously off about your beard lately. You've got some hulkamania goin' or something. I guess it's the stache lol.

  • Galvareth In-Depth Gaming

    "smart boy Isaac newton" god i love new channels, always fresh with memes!! love the video.

  • Hyper Man
    Hyper Man 4 hours ago +1

    If you want to see a visual representation of what he says, watch the team fortress 2 video named 'jungle inferno'

  • Brutanian
    Brutanian 5 hours ago


  • Michael Ruhland
    Michael Ruhland 5 hours ago

    You can find a story about this topic in the 1987 Lucky Luke comic: Athletic City.
    Check it out.

    ONE FOR ALL 5 hours ago

    Who else thought he was thor

  • gunnar grahn
    gunnar grahn 5 hours ago +1

    Well it wouldn’t be so bad to be someone like captain america who has only superhuman strength and speed. Not immense strength that makes you become the one punch man.

  • Shiv Puri
    Shiv Puri 5 hours ago

    But look at my hero academia's deku midoriya, I mean there's a very obvious downfall so I'm call with bakugo or todoroki or iida or creati or insert mha character here. Or nen from hxh

  • The Ladyblog_0306
    The Ladyblog_0306 5 hours ago

    But I always dreamed of having telekinesis

  • Not So 0riginal
    Not So 0riginal 6 hours ago

    question, but isn't punching someone like superman (referring to 4:20) going to be an inelastic collision, where your momentum is carried in the same way their momentum is going? it wouldn't be elastic collision as you have shown in the video where both of you are sent in the opposite direction. while yes, there is newton's third law of motion, it's used to stop you in your tracks to keep you from launching yourself forward after the momentum you've thrown/produced
    hopefully i get an answer

  • PolaaarbearYt
    PolaaarbearYt 6 hours ago

    Yeah well Fuck math , If superstrenght is Possible Logic Should Get broke too

  • TurtlesTopia XD
    TurtlesTopia XD 6 hours ago

    I rather be like goku he can decrease his ki to human strength and increase his strength to almost destroying the universe with a ki blast with ultra instinct

  • PhantomFox758
    PhantomFox758 6 hours ago

    Super strength isn't just a myth, it usually is dorment, and when you are in a life threatening situation

  • Jhonny Sins
    Jhonny Sins 6 hours ago

    I thought it was a woman...

  • Leondre' Leonard
    Leondre' Leonard 6 hours ago

    Anybody from Earth this strong would be an expert at controlling it cause they know the consequences of not holding back but would beg for the day he is challenged by the wrong one, I don't think a man punching thru a brick wall is now so outrageous that he can't put on glasses, you're just assuming he's just a psychopath lol
    Because Science
    No, Because Humanity

  • zein gamaldo
    zein gamaldo 6 hours ago

    So y don't i fly back if I knock someone flat on their ass


    2 min vid become 10 min

  • Icy GT
    Icy GT 6 hours ago

    Why do you remind me of Thor or Aquaman?

  • 5,000 subs without video challenge

    Can anyone explain segata protecting the sega building from a rocket standing on glass

  • Revilod 2000
    Revilod 2000 8 hours ago

    I understand the example but one of Superman's abilities that accompanies his super strength is to creat a feild around d the object that keeps it intact so he can lift it as if he were moving it inspace without and other forces impacting it

  • Lorendrawn
    Lorendrawn 8 hours ago

    Also imagine the 100x the caloric needs of a mortal man.

  • akireenaj Rosario
    akireenaj Rosario 8 hours ago

    Is that you THOR??!😍😂

  • HallowedMoth147
    HallowedMoth147 9 hours ago

    oo ye OO YAH oo yes

  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther 9 hours ago

    like you king kong but the size of one of the mario brothers

  • PiiskaJesusFreak
    PiiskaJesusFreak 9 hours ago

    Btw, with Thor having canonically three times the density (and therefore weight) of a human, how far could the punch or throw his opponent before being propelled back himself? In Thor raknarok asgardians throw other aliens pretty far...

  • Chris
    Chris 9 hours ago

    Super Strength vs Manipulation of gravity
    We don't want super strength. Instead all these things are possible as seen in movies if we replace super strength with [manipulating the strength of gravity] on the things we interact. If every super hero with super strength is doing this subconsciously with perfect timing then what we see isn't too unrealistic. Well assuming that were possible for them to do without even realizing it :S
    For things like breaking walls it could be done through a similar but even less believable method.
    Since you would require to break the elemental bonds holding the item together making it lighter simply wouldn't work. You would have to apply a very localized reverse gravity field just in front of your body which would provide the force to the object rather than your fist applying the force.
    P.S This would also make every day life possible as you wouldn't need to worry about accidentally crippling somebody when you go to shake their hand because you simply would use your own body strength rather than applying any gravity manipulation.

  • Ahmad Raziqin
    Ahmad Raziqin 9 hours ago

    Its the same issue with super speed. For example if Quicksilver from the movie X-men the Last Stand were able to move that fast then he would not only require insane durability but also super strength. In theory Quicksilver would be one of the strongest heroes in the whole Marvel Universe.

  • Timothy hackett
    Timothy hackett 9 hours ago

    your facial features and hairstyle makes you look like a modern jesus hahahah looks great

  • The Idiot Reviewer
    The Idiot Reviewer 9 hours ago

    Superman actually explains this at the end of Justice League Unlimited..
    "feels like I lives in the world made out of cardboard, always take constant care not to break something or someone, never allow myself to lose control even for a moment or someone could dies"
    this actually explain why Superman's strength is so inconsistent from Superman TAS to Justice League Unlimited.. he is constantly limiting himself to just use bare minimum force to get the job done..

  • Dyssekt DGE
    Dyssekt DGE 9 hours ago

    For your point of regular tasks being difficult, humans can adjust how much force they use so your argument makes no sense. Assuming super strength would be normal to you, since you have it, you would be able to regulate it. Just because I apply a lot of pressure when wiping down a table doesn't mean I hurt a cat when I pet it.
    Second point agreed.
    Third point, sort of agreed. Grabbing objects in a different manner would solve a lot of this. For the superman saving the plane example, think of catching an egg someone tosses to you. If your hand stays in one spot, egg smashes when you catch it. If you move your hand with it, it doesn't break. If Superman did this, also holding the plane on the sides of the nose instead of pressing them into the tip, there would most likely be minimal damage. Greater surface area, especially if he used his torso, plus gradual speed decrease instead of a very quick stop.
    Though none of this is real, it definitely wouldn't be as unmanageable as you make it out to be.

  • thatotherperson2
    thatotherperson2 10 hours ago

    OPM and AOT apply these very gruesome realities in animation consistently.👍

  • Nightfall Shadow
    Nightfall Shadow 10 hours ago

    A lot of faulty logic here.
    Biggest one was that you would never be knocked back for knocking someone else back. I did martial arts for years, and not once did I ever see someone else be knocked back by the same distance as the person they knocked back with a side kicked.

  • Dadan 2
    Dadan 2 10 hours ago

    People don't want super strength because its practical, they want to be cool and unique. Yea ill break myself doing stupid shit, but i do that anyways so why not to SUPER stupid shit instead.

  • Nicholas Ghenov
    Nicholas Ghenov 11 hours ago

    I think 530 is false. If a 300lbs guy of muscle punches a 80lbs boy and sends him flying there isnt equal force being brought on the man, infact i dont think hed move back at all

  • Douglas Byrd
    Douglas Byrd 11 hours ago

    Wouldn't the "equal and opposite" reaction to punching someone across the room be for your forward momentum to slow down or stop? No matter how much force you are punching with, the impact should not result in you suddenly bouncing off of the person who just went flying and go flying an equal distance away.

  • The Bói
    The Bói 11 hours ago

    So if you just wanted to punch an object across the room without breaking it, then that abject would have to be as strong as you to keeps its shape without breaking in your hand, so everything is basically the same.

  • Alucard Hellsing
    Alucard Hellsing 11 hours ago

    I don't understand why the person wouldn't simply be able to apply different levels of strength/force... We don't throw cardboard boxes into the ceiling Everytime we pick it up even though we easily could...
    If you had super strength in your arms and hands, wouldn't you have the same in your legs and feet and if so, that would mean you most likely wouldn't be pushed backed from your own punches...

    ITS YA BOI F W M 11 hours ago

    Okay some things to consider. Is called suppression. Uhm the scene in avengers with hulk and thors hammer. Uhhmmmm. People of that strength existing in terms of how much mass they have (maybe?). Also if someone is that strong, they are built to take that equal amount of force back. That's why in exoskeleton suits, they are built to take the load of such things. I assume since I can play with a baby very gently, that someone of super strength can also do the same. Because their body has become relative to themselves. If someone were to get that strong in their same body, what would happen to the molecular level of the muscle tissue. Because a hypothetical of say yourself getting physically more muscle oriented and "in shape" but maxing out to a point. Basically how would someone look if they were that strong. Becsuse currently The Mountain should be the strongest person and he's gigantic everywhere. But why is that a lot of our strong characters from earth like say, Bucky Barnes from Captain America civil war, he's sprinting away from cap and tchalla and running faster than vehicles at like 45 miles an hour. He's an engineered super human but not like cap, or given the herb that grants ridiculous abilities.
    He looks like a regular line backer in the NFL, maybe a little smaller. Yet he's strong as hell, metal aside. My point is that, all these people who are crazy strong have their biology changed. Spiderman, wolverine, the thing, hulk, so what makes them different in terms of biology and anatomy.
    Last thing. Does this effect gravity then. Because, I mean, earth is flipping huge, even if 10000 people were 100 times stronger than the former amount of people, would that effect earth and gravitational pull of all objects?

  • Jidcruz1
    Jidcruz1 12 hours ago

    Is Captain America Strength any good?

  • Von Käuen
    Von Käuen 12 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that most of the superheroes with super strength have some sort of tactile telekenesis which, at least while they're touching an object and not meaning to destroy it, lets them keep it in tact despite the pressures. They may look like they are just lifting the car by the area on their hand, but in truth, the force is exerted around the car, levitating it so long as they are touching it.
    I'd go so far as to say there is nothing super about their bodies or their muscles, but rather just whatever energy around them gives them that power. That power is completely controlled by their mind, so if they don't want to be using it, then they end up with normal strength.
    A good example of this comes in the form of a lot of Anime characters. Take Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho, for example. By the end of the show, he's able to easily destroy mountains with his strength (his battle with Sensui destroyed quite a few big rock outcrops), yet his body is probably still human. Where does this massive strength, endurance, and speed come from? It comes from his spirit energy, demon energy, and eventually sacred energy. When all of those run out, he's just as vulnerable as any regular human.

  • Cameron Bristol
    Cameron Bristol 12 hours ago

    This first downside assumes that the super-strength human couldn't control the amount of force in their actions. This doesn't seem to be the case in the strongest of humans, why would it be in super strong ones?

  • metademetra
    metademetra 12 hours ago

    Say you’re a Space Marine with super strength. Would one accidentally punching a hole in a ship be a common problem?

  • Zach m
    Zach m 13 hours ago

    U are assuming someone that they have no control. We have control over our strength already.

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 13 hours ago

    I want super speed like flash

  • Lily Gallagher
    Lily Gallagher 14 hours ago

    You can't decide for me what I want or don't want.

  • Gvd 504
    Gvd 504 14 hours ago

    What about nerves? Do you still feel pain even though you have super strength? Like would you feel it when you punch through a brick wall even though your hand is ok?

  • DragoNate
    DragoNate 14 hours ago

    This was awesome!

  • Kundai Black
    Kundai Black 14 hours ago

    the dancing beetle music from adventure time. if you know you know

  • K.Legend K.Legend
    K.Legend K.Legend 14 hours ago +1

    I saw the title of the video pressed it, subscribed, and pressed the bell notification in less than 10 seconds

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 14 hours ago

    Just like black panthers suit that absorbs kinetic energy

  • G Ram
    G Ram 14 hours ago

    Quick counter: When superman changes from Clark Kent to Supes, he has to take off his glasses, SO unless this man's got a lifetime supply of glasses, he is probably in control of his ridiculous strength. Change my mind!

  • Hurricanelive
    Hurricanelive 14 hours ago

    IRL you would probably smash every bone in your body instantly, if not your arm exploding in a bloody red mist instantly, if not the person you are punching as well. Without durability with some magical control ability or device it's like choosing super speed, bloody red mist when you take your first step... or you create a nuclear blast or big bang or something. I mean... you flex a muscle just slightly, all your bones grind to dust.

  • Jonny Lupus
    Jonny Lupus 14 hours ago

    Well all the supers are ruined now. Gb.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 14 hours ago

    your classic superhero voice is just so spot on.

  • Fatalord 13
    Fatalord 13 14 hours ago

    Science Jesus

  • Brent Mcnutt
    Brent Mcnutt 15 hours ago

    You totally killed my super strength desire....thanks for taking away my childhood

  • Crystal Diamond
    Crystal Diamond 15 hours ago

    You look like THOR

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime 15 hours ago

    Imagine trying to have sex when ever your penis penetrates right through her body

  • Therealblackjesus _
    Therealblackjesus _ 15 hours ago

    Super speed???

  • 1234567890 Qwertyuiop
    1234567890 Qwertyuiop 15 hours ago

    I want a piece of you handsome

    LIFFT 15 hours ago

    u need more subs man

    MADMAX 15 hours ago

    Interesting, the main character of My Hero Academia breaks his limbs every time he uses his super strength. So they actually got that right then.

  • Ropuia Chongthu
    Ropuia Chongthu 15 hours ago

    you look like Thor.

  • Syzygy_X
    Syzygy_X 15 hours ago

    No it wouldn't becuase after a while you would get used to it, know how u can hold a glass without grasping it so hard it would break yeah. Your brain would be able to handle it especially if you were born with the power.

  • PyroMancer2k
    PyroMancer2k 15 hours ago

    It is likely would be able to naturally control it, or more like you'd have to focus to use the super strength. In the same way the human body is already capable of huge feats of strength in times of extreme stress, often referred to as historical strength. Which allows people to lift cars off people.
    Our brains naturally regulate our muscle usage to prevent us from using the full potential because it extended use of our full muscle capacity would seriously damage our body. Just like when people push themselves to hard in exercise and they pull a muscle.
    So like mentioned in the video we would need to be more durable to survive super strength but if we were there is no reason we couldn't naturally get use to it in the same way kids have to learn to handle things with care because they often don't know their own strength. Like the hand eye coordination exercise of playing catch with a raw egg. If you don't move your hands to help bring it to a slower stop it with crack in your hands from the sudden deceleration.

  • VeryStupidThings
    VeryStupidThings 16 hours ago

    If you were strong wouldn’t you be durable to?

  • OzzyMan
    OzzyMan 16 hours ago

    at 10:30 he says that if you have all that strength but your body cant withstand all that force that you would break your arm when punching... but i think that if you are that strong.. that your body naturally can withstand the mega power of a mega punch without breaking

  • Pitbull
    Pitbull 16 hours ago

    superman is not blonde

  • falseprophet141
    falseprophet141 16 hours ago

    You heard it here from the Kool-Aid man. OH YEAH!

  • uv joseph
    uv joseph 16 hours ago

    This made me laugh more than 10 ten times. I shall subscribe

  • Matthew Sploded
    Matthew Sploded 16 hours ago

    "breaking an unbreakable thing" like a Nokia

  • Karasu Inaiga
    Karasu Inaiga 16 hours ago

    Super strength: required secondary powers not necessarily included.

  • gradguated MEAT
    gradguated MEAT 16 hours ago

    So that's why when saitama punched that meteor he just went straight through it.(sorry if there is bad grammar).

  • Shawn
    Shawn 16 hours ago

    That's why I'd rather have a super penis instead.

  • Mox_au
    Mox_au 16 hours ago

    girly hair either

  • beedA
    beedA 16 hours ago

    They show this in Dragonball in Cell games arc when Goku and Gohan takes a break!

  • UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel

    I don’t want super strength I want invulnerability where nothing could harm me. Being able to get hit by a train or fall from a plane and be ok.

  • Real Human
    Real Human 16 hours ago

    I like your blonde hair extensions Shia Lebouf

  • EthrFused
    EthrFused 16 hours ago

    Hmm why doesn't a jack pierce a car then? I think he's just not taking into account areas of structural strength, centre of gravity and momentum... of course "super strong" creatures have the density incorporated into their structure LOL

  • enzo desplanche
    enzo desplanche 17 hours ago

    the americain suck

  • Some what of a Scientist

    That’s why whenever I talk about getting superpowers I say I want the “superhero” version, the ones that defy reality

  • Dave! Yognau(gh)t
    Dave! Yognau(gh)t 17 hours ago

    If Dave Grohl, Felicia Day and Jacksepticeye had a child… don't ask me how it happened…

  • thebattousi1
    thebattousi1 17 hours ago

    Do you think that the fighters in Dragon Ball Super can power down enough when they're not fighting to avoid these problems?