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10 Billion Dollar Companies That Are Secretly Going Bankrupt

  • Published on May 1, 2017
  • Could Uber be about to take its last ride? Is Twitter about to stop Tweeting? Alltime 10s looks at 10 companies that are seriously struggling in the modern economic climate, and may just be on the verge of extinction.
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  • Terri Taggart
    Terri Taggart Day ago

    With all the demonetization TVclip is doing, they must be going bankrupt.

  • xavvijay
    xavvijay 3 days ago

    Nothing new.. file infringement on an asshole and yet ensure you paid like a king..

  • Y 7654321
    Y 7654321 5 days ago +1

    I never saw your chanle before but im so glad you just started the video instead of pluging you merch patrion twiter instagram (im to lazzy to type other things to plug so you reply orther things) ho yea and subscribing likes sharing commenting (my hand hurts i should have used speach to text)

  • Sherry Carver
    Sherry Carver 5 days ago

    Sun Edison-Obama

  • pa 948449
    pa 948449 6 days ago


  • Deepak gupta
    Deepak gupta 8 days ago

    Amazon and bankrupt😂😂😂😂😂

  • Samuel Kwak
    Samuel Kwak 9 days ago

    Its not really secretly because you are telling us in this video

  • Professor Pauls
    Professor Pauls 10 days ago


  • Judith Hayes
    Judith Hayes 11 days ago

    I don't need any of these companies! When you are CORRUPT (WHICH IS ALL CORPORATIONS) you gotta go! Don't jump out of a window!

  • Enrique Zapata
    Enrique Zapata 11 days ago

    Man this guy is stupid he dare to say that Uber pay for cart maintenance? They don't pay for Jack s** we the drivers are the ones that pay for everything from insurance car maintenance gasoline and everything else Uber pays for nothing.
    Plus the salary this guy talks about he mentions few million dollars for 3 million drivers when the CEO gets 40 plus million dollars and he does nothing? Guys this bozo doesn't know nothing about the Rideshare industry.

  • Future Guru
    Future Guru 18 days ago

    This video is outdated in 2019

  • m clark
    m clark 18 days ago

    This is hilarious in 2019

  • Zofe Raweline
    Zofe Raweline 18 days ago

    Just used Uber when were in there

  • pelckarol
    pelckarol 19 days ago +3

    Whoever created this video is clueless about Finance and Security Valuation

  • TheHotcrumbs
    TheHotcrumbs 20 days ago


  • Novaximus
    Novaximus 20 days ago

    Amazon won't decline imo until Jeff Bezzo's passes away. Typically a business is only driven as successfully as the owner who built it made it that way.

  • Novaximus
    Novaximus 20 days ago

    2019 Amazon still isn't bankrupt

  • Justin Ferguson
    Justin Ferguson 20 days ago

    Don’t be a drone dump Facebook like I did.

  • victor bruun
    victor bruun 21 day ago

    Spotify analysis 1/5. Yes it hasnt made a profit, and also it cannot. The royalties take over 100% of income. Yet it will never go bankrupt, not really. The record labels need spotify too much and are already the effective owners of spotify regardless of who holds the rather pointless sharesin this little scam. Had the record labels been honest they would havestarted the company as a cooperative and gone with that, but the ipo.. well.. its just kinda free money for the record labels. Too bad if some dumbass investors lose their money.

  • Jay K
    Jay K 21 day ago +3

    Still think Amazon is going bankrupt? LOL!

  • fanaticat1
    fanaticat1 21 day ago

    I often wondered how Amazon makes a profit with all the free shipping?
    Also, as much as I love my Kindle Fire HD 10, I prefer regular books over reading on my Kindle. However, I can understand how Barnes and Noble can lose money due to tablets. Amazon sells books, too. With all the stuff Amazon has, they put a lot of businesses out of business. Regardless, how do they make a profit with free shipping?

  • Sam Willson
    Sam Willson 22 days ago

    Lol this guy claims amazon was going go bankrupt😌

  • Paul v
    Paul v 22 days ago +8

    A lot of these companies are claiming losses for tax purposes.

  • Greg Richey
    Greg Richey 23 days ago +1

    Uber pays for car maintenance?

  • Ron M
    Ron M 24 days ago

    Did he say part of Uber’s cost includes car maintenance?

  • Ramil Mirhasanov
    Ramil Mirhasanov 25 days ago

    Amazon case didnt age well, incomes are soaring

  • Robert Tormey
    Robert Tormey 25 days ago

    You guys forgot Tesla!

  • Kevin Phan
    Kevin Phan 25 days ago

    really? amazon n spotify?

  • Bennie Straughan
    Bennie Straughan 25 days ago +1

    What is going to happen to all of the people from the third world, who drive for Uber in America if the the company goes bankrupt? After all, that is where the vast majority of their drivers are from. The Immigration Act of 1965 is turning America into a third world country. Thank You Ted Kennedy. When you import from the third world you become the third world. They drove most of the Americans out of the transportation business. Gotta Love That Diversity. We must remember that Diversity Is Our Strength. Yea right.

  • FrnnkEducation
    FrnnkEducation 27 days ago

    Thank you for the knowledge

  • Damayla Phoenix
    Damayla Phoenix 27 days ago


  • Ion Grigoras
    Ion Grigoras 27 days ago +3

    You must learn how to pronounce the word “Amazon” !!!

  • Nancy Cortes Rubio
    Nancy Cortes Rubio 27 days ago

    Avon a pyramid scam?

  • Big Don
    Big Don 28 days ago

    This report has no idea about business

  • Duane Theimer
    Duane Theimer 28 days ago

    Don't forget the Federal Government.

  • Adam Nugent
    Adam Nugent 28 days ago +1

    Amazon is the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil movie

  • Halcyon Bomb
    Halcyon Bomb 28 days ago +1

    Hahahahahaha I love how the guy that looks like he glued his eyes on wrong only wants "Cool, good looking people" to shop at his stores lmfao

  • Abhishek Pingale
    Abhishek Pingale 28 days ago

    Uber is thinking long term it is acquiring all the same company like Amazon and JIo did.

  • Jamie Wright
    Jamie Wright 28 days ago +1

    And it's still not enough Uber and Lyft are cheap they're getting rich off the backs the small guy Prix

  • David Darby
    David Darby 29 days ago

    I cant see the video because of the ad in my face

  • Lihua Zhang
    Lihua Zhang 29 days ago

    Now they turn to trillions dollars idiot

  • Edwards L
    Edwards L 29 days ago +5

    Just listened to your Uber story and you seem as clueless as Clueless can be. Uber for years has been taking in more than 25% cut, actually they never took 25%, even though they advertised 20% but minimum was 30% with their booking fees. As of today, in short runs, Uber makes more than 50%!!!!!! As for maintenance, all drivers are independent contractors so why would they pay for maintenance? As for losing money, that is bs, they are already in food delivery services and carrier shipping services.

    Best business is services business, you never have inventory to worry about and they are getting a cut in every transaction, like credit cards, how can you ever lose? The only reason they have negative cash flow is because of generous executive salaries and perks.

    I suggest you do more research before putting up a funny laughable video when your intention was to be serious!

  • k m
    k m Month ago

    Lol. This video is made by a dumb cunt.

  • OstropoloS
    OstropoloS Month ago

    Did you just reference stuff from 2000 about Amazon's current financial situation? Buddy, that's 20 years ago lol... The whole world was different and Amazon was barely even known and wasn't seen the way it is today, people at the time reluctantly used their credit cards online or had an internet connection. Do you even understand how long ago that was?? The Gameboy Advance didn't even release in 2000!!! lmao fun video to watch but I can imagine people actually taking ur crap seriously

  • MetalTherapyTV
    MetalTherapyTV Month ago

    Uber is no doubt the next big bubble to burst.

  • Metallic
    Metallic Month ago

    Please don't tell me you americans call Amazon 'Amizen'

  • Advertisement Profile
    Advertisement Profile Month ago +1

    Another thing amazo. Needs to realize is monopoly is a no no. As they continue to take away the competition. The markets become more and more weary of them.

    • SteampunkBelladonna
      SteampunkBelladonna Month ago

      I know average morons like me aren't supposed to see things like that - but we do, and you have bulls-eyed the target.

  • Advertisement Profile

    Amazon didnt suprise me. Its actually the reason i clicked this vid. I wanted to see if thet would bring up amazon. They will pay a driver at times 135 cash just for showing up. Caus ethey are flex. They will do that at times like 14 routes o er scheduled. So 14 drivers came up there cause amazon said they ahd a route for them for anywhere from 60 ish to like 130 ish and they do t have a route for all those people. So they pay them anyway. Those prices and what not. All tax payer dollars. The company doesnt make any damn money. And they will go broke and be a woke.

  • MacroMotorcycleGear

    buy bitcoin guys its the real new digital gold/silver asset. And no it wil not replace metals but wil take a large portion of its store of value. My dad who has a nice portfolio in gold oil an stocks has a 5% alocation in bitcoin on my advise he made 800% thus far and where going to 1 million usd bitcoins within a 10 year period in my honest opinion that is. Spead your eggs and dont forget your digital basket descentralised wealth is going to be te future.

  • John Howe
    John Howe Month ago +5

    Replace Amazon with Ebay.
    Amazon, that is comical.

  • vincent vaotuua
    vincent vaotuua Month ago

    I call bullshit on Uber, car maintenance does not exist driver pays for everything

  • Matt Toll
    Matt Toll Month ago

    I hate how Amazon has ruined our economy. I used to love going to actual stores to buy things. Now it's hard to find a brick and mortar store selling books or videos. So if amazon goes under I could care less. They treat their employees like shit and Jeff is a real turd. South park got it right.

  • I Has 10k subs with no videos

    Yet I see someone wearing ambacrombie and Fitch every 5 steps

  • siva charan ambati
    siva charan ambati Month ago

    Fake video

  • Redstone Gamer
    Redstone Gamer Month ago +5


  • Joe Cruz
    Joe Cruz Month ago

    This video is wrong, drivers get an average of 40-65% of the total cost of the ride to keep not salary. They also pay for all costs related to the car out of pocket, uber doesn't pay a dime

  • Hepburn Davis
    Hepburn Davis Month ago +2

    I have a Twitter account and I used it only once. I use Facebook instead. I see no real advantage to Twitter.

  • Blake and Cody Skalitzky

    I don't want Barnes and Nobles and Amazon go out of business

  • Socialist Emu
    Socialist Emu Month ago

    Good thing Epic Games isn't going bankrupt.

  • Shops Shire
    Shops Shire Month ago

    Okay. It's 2019,and UBER is now going public.

  • The Panda and his crew

    I am betting that Apple will be on here...

  • nam nguyen
    nam nguyen Month ago

    there no way uber run out of busness. IPO this years bad video

  • :Hasankhan.
    :Hasankhan. Month ago

    Please work on your grammar. The title could have 3 possible meanings.

  • Huevito
    Huevito Month ago

    Amazon in this list, brother you need to do some research... you forgot about AWS

  • bartakin
    bartakin Month ago

    Why does fake news embellish whooper lies))???

  • Me4U
    Me4U Month ago

    Twitter will never go bankrupt, Trump will pass a law to stop this.

  • Charles B
    Charles B Month ago

    Isn't using the new clients money to pay the old clients a basic ponzi scheme?

  • Charles B
    Charles B Month ago

    The same people who created Twitter will take it down. Left wing zealots are so dismayed that President Trump uses it to troll them and promote himself annoys them to no end. Ever notice how every time a "Technical Glitch" takes out an account its always conservative. Recently the move "unplanned" mysteriously had its account dropped. Planned Parenthood never had that problem.
    Being angry at half of your clients is not good

  • m s
    m s Month ago +9

    Man -made global warming is fake news.

  • Caelin Devji
    Caelin Devji Month ago

    lmao amazon made 10,073,000,000 NET in 2018 and in 2015 596,000,000.

  • Hari Nair
    Hari Nair Month ago

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  • James O'Phelan
    James O'Phelan Month ago

    To everyone who is about to argue Amazon. Listen up. Amazon's profits are RAZOR THIN. Amazon's profit margin is 0.05%, they don't make shit! What they do is manipulate their taxes. Last year, Amazon PAID ZERO TAXES. 95% of what is sold on Amazon is sold by independent sellers. The problem is that Amazon chops apart these independent sellers making it nearly impossible for these sellers to grow brands, solve customer issues and grind out a profit. In addition, Amazon will look at what performs well, then create its own version and destroy the sellers. It has wiped out stores and created a monopoly, it WILL fail eventually. Especially now that the company's stock is about to be split in half because Bezos was too stupid to get a prenup....

  • John Shen
    John Shen Month ago


  • Clancy Rich
    Clancy Rich Month ago

    I'm no economist but how do you go from being worth $10 Billion to bankrupt the next year?!?

    • Clancy Rich
      Clancy Rich 28 days ago

      Foreign Name I think that being the middle man for distributing other company products has validity, until a better middle man can take it's place. They own several products that they could sell too, like Kiva Systems the robots in their fulfillment centers. Sure, I don't think they will be around forever, just like facebook, someone will eventually do it better and replace them in the market, but I don't think it will happen overnight or anytime soon.

    • Foreign Name
      Foreign Name 28 days ago +1

      +Clancy Rich
      You don't see it with amazon? A company that doesn't have a product? Building a rocket is just a smoke screen. I just have a feeling they're not really that profitable.

    • Clancy Rich
      Clancy Rich 28 days ago

      Foreign Name I see that it's possible, but Enron was commiting account fraud and insider trading.

    • Foreign Name
      Foreign Name 28 days ago +1

      Believe it or not, it does happen. Remember Enron? Study how it collapsed and you will see also that it is probable that amazon could go down too. Keyword: they have no real sustainable product unlike Microsoft, coca cola, etc.

  • Alec Shoemaker
    Alec Shoemaker Month ago

    Amazon is a trillion dollar company

  • pale horse
    pale horse Month ago

    Wow looks like amtv is on the $ this will be the biggest collapse in u.s

  • Rich Ochoa
    Rich Ochoa Month ago

    Pull the video. Everyone knows you are spreading fake news. Amazon is currently further from going bankrupt than any other company in the world.

  • Keith Leeuwen
    Keith Leeuwen 2 months ago

    WOW !

  • m14wdotcom
    m14wdotcom 2 months ago

    Secretly ?

  • valentin romanyuk
    valentin romanyuk 2 months ago

    Naughty noughties

  • D3AThCAl2DS
    D3AThCAl2DS 2 months ago +1

    how is youtube not on this list, instead of hiding videos and views they need to remodel

  • Evan Tyo
    Evan Tyo 2 months ago +2

    It honestly pisses me off as an American hearing the mispronunciation of words by “the majesty” people
    Black beR Re

    • Jacob daemonspudguy Tice
      Jacob daemonspudguy Tice 2 months ago +1

      Excuse me sir, but BlackBerry is a Canadian corporation. This means they speak Queen's English.

  • Bailey Harris
    Bailey Harris 2 months ago

    When he said Avon, I thought it was Avon from gta, also he’s dead

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago +1

    I thought that Blackberry was gone already...

  • Sparks
    Sparks 2 months ago

    Uber won't go bankrupt because it has a huge cash flow... don't fallow this logic many corporations operate like this, actually, the bigger the company, the complex the product, the little is the gains.
    Most of the products and services you consume since the last 50 years operating in red numbers.
    You know how much has been made the early investor in Uber since 2012? A LOT, if you put down 500k in Uber 10 years ago you had been returning of 20x times since then and still every year you get a juicy paycheck. When a company said they lost # billions they are just saying in this particular case; after all operating cost they balanced with -3 billion, but the stockholder (private share or nonpublic trade shares Uber hasn't gone public yet) had received their dividends. So basically the money the company has is the raised funds from investor or lines or credit etc... but every week the company collects hundreds of millions of fo dollars from fares, and they kept the 30% form all those fares... How do you can say they will go bankrupt? that is impossible, bankruptcy means when you CANNOT pay to your creditors.
    This is a piece of very misleading information, corporate world doesn't work that way

  • 420 gamer
    420 gamer 2 months ago

    amazon wont accept btc so i dont shop on amazon anymore,. i have started using overstock

  • Shawn Marmer
    Shawn Marmer 2 months ago

    BlackBerry is doing quite well. Their shift away from cell phones has worked. Perhaps look at U.S automakers instead. I think that all of them are at risk.

  • Homelandsecurity
    Homelandsecurity 2 months ago

    Oh please, no one cares about the comments of the ceo, the reason A&F are losing is that they're quite frankly expensive in comparison to other fast fashion retailers out there.

  • Albert Zweistein
    Albert Zweistein 2 months ago +3

    Wait second. Did he really say "one of the expenses of Uber is that they pay fees to their drivers?!"
    Seriously?! The driver pay fees to Uber!
    What's next?! "One of the expenses of eBay is that they pay "fees" to their powerseller"?!

  • Little Home King
    Little Home King 2 months ago

    if amozon dies then how i will order psvita memory card and ps vita games?

  • Gorgon Don
    Gorgon Don 2 months ago


  • Jid Ofole
    Jid Ofole 2 months ago

    That background riff is delicious

  • Cinen Kasrawi
    Cinen Kasrawi 2 months ago

    amazon is not going bankrupt, you idiot

  • blue internet
    blue internet 2 months ago +2

    I think if you take the cloud business away from Amazon it would eventually go bankrupt because it not a extendable business model. They FTC is going after Amazon for antitrust concerns having their cloud business to subsidized the retail part of it business to drive everyone out of business. With eventually they will split into two companies. They will have to raise prices to stay alive or the competition will catch up. I think Jeff Bezos see this. That is why he says they will go bankrupt. He will give himself a golden parachute.

  • mariposa nunez
    mariposa nunez 2 months ago

    Before this vid I got a yelp add

  • 99% of you won’t GET IT

    Yelp & Twitter can’t go out of business soon enough they are BOTH FAKE - they both silence the truth. Amazon is the biggest tax cheats in human history read there sec filings which are very different than their tax returns. They have NEVER paid any taxes

  • ShozzleMeNoz
    ShozzleMeNoz 2 months ago

    Anyone believing Amazon will go bankrupt are completely delusional. More than any other trillion or near-trillion dollar company, they will be the hardest to take down. They have an infrastructure that has the biggest barrier to entry, and they can attach everything to it. Example: Alexa attaches to Prime, which has Amazon Music and Prime Video. So they can take on Netflix, Spotify et al. They might win, they might not, but Netlix cannot go and complete with Amazon for delivering physical goods. Amazon may not win every time but it can only lose a battle, not a war. If something doesn't go well for them, they can retreat from a market without any existential danger.
    Apple can go down, and this process might have started already as Apple sales appear to have peaked and started to decline, if people see good reason not to buy from Apple. Apple unravelled last time Steve Jobs wasn't there operating as a product visionary.
    Google can go down if people use a different search engine, as the likes of Yahoo, Excite, Ask Jeeves etc can all attest to.
    Facebook can go down like other social media before it if people stop using it or use something else. Facebook's future success depends on keeping rivals at bay by buying them out before they become a threat.
    For Amazon to go down, I think either 3D printing technology would have to be so good that you can print most of want at home. Either that or a huge cultural shift away from buying physical goods on the internet.

  • Youdotoo
    Youdotoo 2 months ago

    Twitter is dead.

  • fturla ___
    fturla ___ 2 months ago

    Amazon will not go bankrupt in the next 10 or more years because it generates tons of cash flow with positive revenue streams coming from back-office products such as internet cloud server services. American Apparel was never a billion dollar valued company. Its sales are dependent on a small market segment of under 30-year-olds that wasn't big enough to sustain its operations. Barnes and Noble is a monopolistic organization that most book fanatics avoid. The bookstore charges too much for the products it provides.

  • cinephile store
    cinephile store 2 months ago +17

    Uber doesn't maintain any cars.

    • Ms Dee
      Ms Dee 20 days ago +2

      I will never use Uber. With taxies, the driver's life is in danger. With Uber, the passenger's life is in danger.

    • G Taurass
      G Taurass 25 days ago +2

      This guy makes it sound like uber just buys cars & hires drivers . LoL . Clearly his research was shallow .