Everfound God of the Impossible - David and Goliath

  • Published on Mar 5, 2015
  • Musical video illustration of David and Goliath
    Music is by "Everfound"
    Song title is "God of the Impossible"
    Video footage is from the 2012 "REi DAVI", a 30 chapter Brazilian TV series.
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  • Martha Carrillo
    Martha Carrillo 2 days ago

    No así no dice la biblia David ni siquiera pelea con el jigante

  • Zainal Arifin
    Zainal Arifin 2 days ago

    In islam Profit DAUD alaihi sallam
    Hero is bani israel..

  • toyin adebayo
    toyin adebayo 3 days ago +1

    My God give powers to face my fear in the world

  • anna nayana
    anna nayana 6 days ago


  • sangeetha palanisamy
    sangeetha palanisamy 6 days ago +1

    My inspiration 😍😍...

  • nataniel dores
    nataniel dores 6 days ago

    aany full movie please

    • Theo Meade
      Theo Meade  6 days ago

      It's not a movie, but a 2012 Brazilian TV series with 30 chapters, called REi DAVI (king David).

  • Yesenia Gomez
    Yesenia Gomez 8 days ago +1

    Que bideo tan ermoso

  • Amgad Haron
    Amgad Haron 8 days ago


  • sameer thakur
    sameer thakur 10 days ago

    From a purely military point of view it demonstrates the power of ranged weapons. A precursor to Agincourt.

  • Houston Yu
    Houston Yu 13 days ago

    Jesus killed Goliath. He was the rock. : )

  • Adkfkf Adjfm
    Adkfkf Adjfm 14 days ago


  • Kirubha Karan
    Kirubha Karan 19 days ago

    The power faith belongs to the jesus

  • Adriano Alves
    Adriano Alves 21 day ago +1

    o golias fico top

  • Rahel Yohanns
    Rahel Yohanns 26 days ago

    Good vido😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • bjbou5217
    bjbou5217 Month ago

    Praise the power, might, and goodness of the Lord Jesus. Our King of Kings.

  • Juan pablo Felix
    Juan pablo Felix Month ago

    mi personaje bíblico favorito, claro después del señor Jesús y el apóstol Pablo, bendiciones hermanos en Cristo..

  • Roberto Duarte
    Roberto Duarte Month ago

    God is good bless y’all

  • Lou 94
    Lou 94 Month ago +1

    The Blessed Virgin Mary grants seven graces to the souls who honor her daily by
    saying seven Hail Mary's and meditating on her tears and dolors (sorrows).
    The devotion was passed on by St. Bridgetwww.themostholyrosary.com/appendix1.htm

  • Whitney Kirumira
    Whitney Kirumira Month ago +1

    In God's presence Nothing can be challenged.

  • ahmed shalom Borcel

    warm Brother

  • Selma Moraes
    Selma Moraes Month ago

    Deus vivo! Todo poderoso!🙏

  • Bantan B.
    Bantan B. Month ago

    அப்பா நன்றி உணர்ந்தேன்

  • Soledade Cantanova de Maio



    This is so #Inspiring

  • Claudia Nazaré
    Claudia Nazaré Month ago

    Muito lindo

  • Martinho Vilanculo
    Martinho Vilanculo Month ago

    mar TG ti

  • Kein Name
    Kein Name Month ago +3

    The movie was definitely made by someone who hasn’t read the bible.

    • Nancy Leal 2
      Nancy Leal 2 Month ago +1

      It's not a movie, but a Brazilian TV series with 30 chapters and there are other ones based on the Bible. The author has tried to be faithful, but if the fight against Goliat is not 100% perfect according to the Bible, it can be for technical reasons to avoid accidents between the actors, for example.

  • Maria Ram
    Maria Ram Month ago

    Linda historia 🙏

  • god is good all the time Jesus is Lord

    God is real we love you God forever ::🙏🙏🙏✞:

    • Nelson Junior
      Nelson Junior 10 days ago +1

      Desistir jamais deus já mais bandona os seus esculido lovado seja Deus Amém

  • Jehová Jesucristo
    Jehová Jesucristo Month ago +1

    Es imposible para el incrédulos y también por falsos nombres

  • Jehová Jesucristo
    Jehová Jesucristo Month ago

    Y ELVIA Girón Go GOV JOB es Real es la verdad

  • Jehová Jesucristo
    Jehová Jesucristo Month ago


  • Jehová Jesucristo
    Jehová Jesucristo Month ago

    Y como yo ELVIA Girón me respecto no y no perdonó por éso mi ex esposo se quedo con aldultera

  • Jehová Jesucristo
    Jehová Jesucristo Month ago

    Tiene razón por que ya yevo el apellido Torres por mí divorcio CON ex esposo y sabe por qué el cometió alduterio POR eso fue el divorcio

    SIAN VENA DONATO Month ago +3

    Angel of god my guardian dear, to whom god’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard. To rule annd guide.

  • Jehová Jesucristo
    Jehová Jesucristo Month ago

    No PRECUPAIS por soy la envidia de los incrédulos por éso amo la justicia y odio la maldad

  • David Abdiel Ben Salem

    The Spirit of the King David will be in my heart.

  • Maria Beatriz
    Maria Beatriz Month ago

    Que legal

  • Jaison Vj
    Jaison Vj Month ago


  • Pooja Ramraje
    Pooja Ramraje 2 months ago

    Glory to God, praise the Lord,my God is mighty to save me 😇😇😇😇

  • jermiya kakani
    jermiya kakani 2 months ago


  • vero molina
    vero molina 2 months ago +2

    Love,you god david y goliath

  • Junior Batista
    Junior Batista 2 months ago

    Melhor coisa do mundo é Deus Deus está no meu coração ele só levaram aqueles que são bom a ele 🙌👏👐🙏

  • Manuel the lamma
    Manuel the lamma 2 months ago +1

    Noting is impossible for the Lord almighty

  • Orly Vegenia
    Orly Vegenia 2 months ago +1

    David fights in the name of God.

  • varma seva
    varma seva 2 months ago

    Goliath fall front not back

  • sergio cunha vieira junior

    Mesmo assim aquele que perseverar até o fim é um vencedor como Davi !!

  • Ferdinand Salcoma
    Ferdinand Salcoma 2 months ago

    ang liit nman n goliat dto,,

  • brother Edward
    brother Edward 2 months ago

    No weapon former against me shall prosper Isaiah 54:17!! The Almighty Mighty God(Lord Jesus Christ) is so awesome beyond my comprehension! God bless

  • Rishi Yadav
    Rishi Yadav 2 months ago

    Yes jesus

  • Manjula Karrem
    Manjula Karrem 2 months ago

    All things are possible through Jesus

  • Ronald Shank
    Ronald Shank 2 months ago

    Typical Hollywood... always adding things to Biblical accounts that were never there! There was none of this back-and-forth combat between these two. David came down to the Brook Kidron, chose 5 stones, put all but one of them in his bag, took that last little stone, put it in his sling, and, after listening to Goliath's taunts, and afterwards rebuking Goliath in the name of the LORD, wound up & threw the stone that was in the slingshot. That Stone struck Goliath square in the middle of the forehead, and killed him! Then, David went to Goliath, took Goliath's own sword, and cut off his head with it! You might say that that Stone could be a representation of Jesus Christ, in miniature form. Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone on which his church is built!!!

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez 2 months ago

    Where do a watch this

  • Art Obsession
    Art Obsession 2 months ago

    That song and them singers voices totally ruined the whole video

  • Carol Larremore
    Carol Larremore 2 months ago

    Excellent, the bully is gone!!!!!

  • johnsun john sun
    johnsun john sun 2 months ago

    You born for sin less God

  • dayna reynolds
    dayna reynolds 2 months ago +2

    The world looked at David and saw a Shepard boy. God looked at him and saw a KING!

  • Tim Purple
    Tim Purple 2 months ago

    Goliath is straight from Chernobyl in this video.

  • bit Bit
    bit Bit 2 months ago


  • Satrughna Munda
    Satrughna Munda 2 months ago

    very good Bhai