Captain Marvel May Save Tony Stark From His Spaceship In Avengers 4 Endgame

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Who Will Save Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame?
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    Thumbnail fan art by @ultraraw26
    There are months to go before audiences find out what happened after Thanos’ fatal snap, but we finally have a teaser trailer to go over frame by frame to give us some sort of clue as to how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might avenge those who’ll certainly return at the end of Infinity War. With that new trailer, though, we’re left with more questions. What’s Black Widow and Captain America’s plan? Where did Nebula go? How did Scott get out of the Quantum Realm?
    There’s one question that has us the most anxious, though. What’s to become of the MCU’s original hero, Iron Man? As one of the only two heroes on Titan to survive now seems lost and adrift in space, here’s why we think Tony Stark might be rescued by Captain Marvel.
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  • ishaan Playz78
    ishaan Playz78 9 hours ago

    I think captain marvel will save tony stark AKA iron man

  • IanMark Buenaflor

    Hope Iron Man Does Have Any New Transformation "Mark 85"!!!

  • Donald Thomas
    Donald Thomas Day ago

    Adam warlock will find him

  • Savina Bapamah
    Savina Bapamah 3 days ago +1

    It can be iron man girl friend

  • Yash Lohiya
    Yash Lohiya 3 days ago

    Land hona chahiya thanos keo harane I liya😛😛😛😛🤣🤣

  • John Benya
    John Benya 3 days ago

    Another fake scene. Tony would never take off in a ship that couldn't make it back. He might set up a distress beacon. Think about he is an engineer extraordinaire.

  • Mnyzam Rahym
    Mnyzam Rahym 4 days ago

    Harley will save Tony stark.. And he will be new iron men I guess... Coz Tony will die 😭😭😭😭..

  • meena jain
    meena jain 4 days ago +1

    If Thor,hulk can safe him it will be better but if he saves himself it will be best

  • meena jain
    meena jain 4 days ago +3

    I don't want iron man ,thor,hulk,to die and not want that captain marvel saves iron man

  • alex david
    alex david 4 days ago

    captain marvel dos not save stark because captain marvel goes to the headquarters because thats were the became is the fury had so captain marvel does not save iron man i think that rocket or nebula contact the avenges and one of them come and save him and nebula

  • YASES FAK nonja
    YASES FAK nonja 4 days ago

    no pepper will there’s proof

  • Sen studio
    Sen studio 5 days ago

    Nice video
    Please see my channel

  • Lil Sophie
    Lil Sophie 5 days ago

    I’m shookth for dis movie because it comes out 10 days after meh birthday :D

    I hope she’ll be in endgame I really do :’3

  • odie kleeb
    odie kleeb 6 days ago

    Stark will save stark simple

  • jcru40
    jcru40 6 days ago

    Yep it will be captain marvel.

  • ida zack
    ida zack 6 days ago

    Tony stark is finally gonna wear Mark 1 so he had the same black vest in endgame and iron man

  • Jadematthew Lachica
    Jadematthew Lachica 7 days ago

    The one who’ll save Tony stark/Iron man in space is between Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel or Pepper Potts/Rescue.Like for Captain Marvel Comment for Rescue

  • Dave Str
    Dave Str 7 days ago

    It’s not Rocket Science...oh, wait..

  • Dave Str
    Dave Str 7 days ago

    Harbulary batteries. In Rocket’s locker. Set up in the last GOTG movie.

  • YoKidLife
    YoKidLife 7 days ago

    Bateman will

  • Peace Mon!
    Peace Mon! 7 days ago

    I Haven't Read Any Marvel Comics Magazine & Have No Idea What's The Outcome Will Be..But Like Watching Action Hero Movies.. So My Question Is, Will X-Men Heros Merge Into The Avengers Movie? Aren't They Marvels Too??

  • extremeplayz 12
    extremeplayz 12 8 days ago +2

    I think captain marvel will save stark

  • Sachith Madusanka
    Sachith Madusanka 8 days ago

    Fuck one gonna save tony...
    He is tha one who gonna save himself just like past...

  • Himanshu Singh
    Himanshu Singh 8 days ago

    Rocket might help in tracking Iron man but he demands one of his suit.

  • neil napier
    neil napier 8 days ago

    Ur voice is sooo annoying

  • blaze man youtube lava 17

    Was that the moon of saturn

  • Crislan Villa
    Crislan Villa 9 days ago

    Ok ive got it now.... Captain Marvel have a important role in the Avenger End Game...that is y they released the movie of her. 👍👍👍... nice...they all have different strong and Power..

    • Crislan Villa
      Crislan Villa 8 days ago

      +extremeplayz 12 Yeah

    • extremeplayz 12
      extremeplayz 12 8 days ago +1

      And in the end of the movie he calls a document with a name if avenger or marvle

    • extremeplayz 12
      extremeplayz 12 8 days ago +1

      The Captain Marvle movie was took back in time then thats how that dud with the eye patch got to be the captain he pretty much created the avengers trust me i watch the movie already a cat scratch his eye

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza 9 days ago

    Steve: Carol Denvers, go to these coordinates and fetch Tony Stark for us
    Carol: no problem
    *a couple of hours later*
    Carol: finally arri... *pop* thor appears
    Carol: you could had done that anytime?
    Thor: haha yeah
    *gets punched*

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza 9 days ago

    Steve: Carol Denvers, go to these coordinates and fetch Tony Stark for us
    Carol: no problem
    *a couple of hours later*
    Carol: finally arri... *pop* thor appears
    Carol: you could had done that anytime?
    Thor: haha yeah
    *gets punched*

  • Swag Big man
    Swag Big man 10 days ago +1

    I love iron man

  • Nay tan Santos
    Nay tan Santos 10 days ago

    It makes a lot of sense to me🙌🙌😁

  • Zandra Conner
    Zandra Conner 10 days ago

    Captain Marvel will save Iron Man!!

    • Sachith Madusanka
      Sachith Madusanka 8 days ago

      Fuck one gonna save tony...
      He is tha one who gonna save himself just like past...

  • FlammablePoem21, BloodyIron21

    Why does she look cool here

  • JR Bon
    JR Bon 11 days ago +1

    Its true because only captain marvel can fly in space without any suit in Avengers

  • Jave Japon
    Jave Japon 12 days ago

    I want tony ang captain marvel be a love team couple
    While there travel back hahaha

    • Sachith Madusanka
      Sachith Madusanka 8 days ago

      Fuck one gonna save tony...
      He is tha one who gonna save himself just like past...

  • Rody Drawinz
    Rody Drawinz 12 days ago

    iron man will die i hope

    • Rody Drawinz
      Rody Drawinz 12 days ago

      he is a bad superhero to me no hate

  • Shrek is love Shrek is life

    Detective everywhere 🤷‍♂️ cant we all just wait and watch the movie later normally? Im tired looking at all the recommended video regarding people making theories about incoming Endgame..Instead of being detective making theories here and there, how about you guys help the world to solve the world unsolved theories with your so called "theories" 😒

  • B Ty
    B Ty 12 days ago

    Can’t wait to see how this movie turns out.

  • fuzzywzhe
    fuzzywzhe 12 days ago

    Oh, James Gunn at 1:10 - the weird bastard that wrote about having sex with babies and young children, and has the resources to do just that if he wants.
    Fuck him and fuck his defenders.

  • Noel Isworo
    Noel Isworo 12 days ago

    Captain marvel rescue toni stark in space and they falling in love each other make decision let's retired become hero and they hv a kid the name is captain iron man.and we got new marvel

    YBI SQUAD 12 days ago +2

    Captain Marvel could save him because at the end of captain marvel she dashed out in space she could save tony stark🤔🤨

  • Catspaw
    Catspaw 12 days ago

    Either Carol or Pepper saves Tony Carol because she got Fury's distress call or Pepper using an iron suit of her own she is fed up with sitting around and goes to save the man she loves. Or Tony finds a way to save himself and gets back to earth what I really want is for the team to find out that Steve knew about Tony's parents and used them to rescue Bucky.

  • KyngMykey_ Since95
    KyngMykey_ Since95 12 days ago

    guess the next averagers names??
    #end of time

    • 1611kjv 1911acp
      1611kjv 1911acp 11 days ago

      It won't stay "endgame" they'll change it to avengers resurrection. Or avengers nerf thanos patch 2.0.3

  • Senior Wolf
    Senior Wolf 12 days ago

    Cpt marvel is good

  • Sumeet Bhat
    Sumeet Bhat 12 days ago

    Rocket is in Wakanda, and also Shuri is alive so they can track down his ship from their lab. That's so simple.

  • Moody Knight
    Moody Knight 13 days ago

    Ms Marvel

  • Kaede Kirihime
    Kaede Kirihime 13 days ago

    My theory is that Stark will use the anulax batteries to power the ship. Eh I don"t know..

  • Daniel Joel
    Daniel Joel 13 days ago

    put superman

  • Kang Andy
    Kang Andy 13 days ago

    If superman vs captain marvel women who would be the last stand?

  • Rowell David
    Rowell David 14 days ago

    i think captain marbel will find thanos and get the gaunlet and put in her arms,, and then thanos will save tony to fight against captain marbel,, i guess,,haha

  • V For Vendetta
    V For Vendetta 14 days ago +1

    Who couldn't wait to see Endgame?

  • M.F
    M.F 14 days ago +1

    Captain America will die in endgame because they can’t have two captains in the future films and caps contract end after avengers 4 so 🤷🏻‍♂️ the new and only cap will be Marvell

    • 1611kjv 1911acp
      1611kjv 1911acp 11 days ago

      There already is 2 captains. Aren't you paying attention?

  • Coves Plays
    Coves Plays 14 days ago +1

    DO IT

  • Loftis Greiner
    Loftis Greiner 14 days ago +3

    This only makes sense, especially after the captain marvel post credit scene. Guarantee they ask Marvel to go rescue stark.

    • 1611kjv 1911acp
      1611kjv 1911acp 11 days ago

      Surtur will give Stark a boost in earth's direction. He's still floating around out there like a jackass after he destroyed the planet he was standing on.

  • DGC Gijni
    DGC Gijni 14 days ago

    i think that captain marvel is gonna save tony because i saw the movie and then in the end it sad captain marvel is coming in end game

  • Chang Ly
    Chang Ly 14 days ago

    No different between xman movies back n back worth so stupid bs writer n story i can do better

  • Chang Ly
    Chang Ly 14 days ago

    Movies like this are a stupid n dump a good movies supposed move forward not going back worth in past time n why destroy some good characters n than bring them back for so stupid

  • Travis Twigg
    Travis Twigg 14 days ago

    I am going to pass on Avengers 4 as well. Captain Marvel should not be in this movie

  • Amal Jurabaev
    Amal Jurabaev 14 days ago

    This is my idea what happens in end. Original avengers die: Bucky and others come out. Bucky grabs shield and he becomes captain America and spider man will be like iron man and when Bucky grabs shield the avengers theme come out

  • IGOR S
    IGOR S 15 days ago

    Captain Marvel can suck my dick...and your video also suck..and who made this shit video can also suck it...LIVE LONG AND SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ca laika
    ca laika 15 days ago

    ok bangt

  • YouFlatBro ?
    YouFlatBro ? 15 days ago

    IF captain marvel is the new torch bearer for the MCU, I ain't going on that ride any longer.

    • Bob semple tank
      Bob semple tank 13 days ago

      +YouFlatBro ? o ok

    • YouFlatBro ?
      YouFlatBro ? 13 days ago +1

      +Bob semple tank Because the character is uninteresting. Marvel Comics has so many other great characters they can run with.

    • Bob semple tank
      Bob semple tank 13 days ago

      Why not?

  • Roel Castillo
    Roel Castillo 15 days ago

    don't you see that tony stark and nebula making his own suit?

  • Noob pro M1 gaming
    Noob pro M1 gaming 15 days ago

    At the end of captain marvel it say that she will be in end game and in the after scene she shows up at a place with captain america black widow and Bruce banner

  • Miko Calarion
    Miko Calarion 15 days ago

    No its gonna be superman


  • Top stan lee
    Top stan lee 15 days ago

    Wating for gud hearts

  • Top stan lee
    Top stan lee 15 days ago

    Suport us too

  • Top stan lee
    Top stan lee 15 days ago

    Really gud edit

  • anchor vijju
    anchor vijju 15 days ago

    Tony stark will not die

  • anchor vijju
    anchor vijju 15 days ago

    Tony stark i like

  • Ajaya Jani
    Ajaya Jani 15 days ago +2

    Captain marvel is just Super saian 1😊😊😊😊

    • 1611kjv 1911acp
      1611kjv 1911acp 11 days ago

      Until she absorbs a hit from the photon cannon that War machine has at the A compound.

  • Esam Issa
    Esam Issa 16 days ago

    Pepper will save him

  • deane g
    deane g 16 days ago

    why ant man a.k.a scott lang did not get effected by the time stone

    • WickyNyte2
      WickyNyte2 14 days ago

      He was stuck in Quantum Realm so he didn’t disappear

  • Alex._.Thegachanoob xD

    Me: Who else wants Spider-Man back?
    Spider-Man: YEP
    Others: COMMENTS👇

  • Crush The Box
    Crush The Box 16 days ago +1

    Captain marvel better learn to fight in real life because her move was completely lame...

  • capitan tumadre
    capitan tumadre 16 days ago

    Soon as capt marvel ended exactly what i thought, she'll save him from space, how? By his last message to Potts, the crew will have his coordinates. Then stark will realize project pegasus was given to mar vel cause of her smarts as a kree by his dad to help them in advanced weaponry and together they'll figure out how to time travel by help of ant man and the quantum realm.

  • Mark Angelo Hernandez
    Mark Angelo Hernandez 16 days ago

    Nope, captain marvel was calling nick fury on earth so how can she get a signal on space? 🤔

  • Freddie Dejoint
    Freddie Dejoint 16 days ago +2

    Tony will be save by the magic of Marvel Movies. You fools. I never seen so much emotional people in watching a movie, I would had thought I was going to a funeral possession

  • Hound
    Hound 16 days ago

    in the post credit scene of cap marvel, she's already on earth looking for fluffy

    *spoiler alert*

  • Unknown 22
    Unknown 22 16 days ago

    He GF.

  • SoLiD CyPhEr
    SoLiD CyPhEr 16 days ago

    Who will save thanos

  • ThisIsMahian
    ThisIsMahian 16 days ago

    1 month and still counting...

  • Yancy Guillergan
    Yancy Guillergan 16 days ago +1

    I like marvel movies....

  • 5v5 Glory
    5v5 Glory 17 days ago

    avengers go.....

  • chilled dude
    chilled dude 18 days ago +1

    his voice is really annoying!

  • Ralph Nikko Morco Alminar

    Superman will save Tony stark hahaha

  • Tarun Maru
    Tarun Maru 18 days ago

    Thanos and captain marvel have a big fight in captain marvel movie
    what do you think guys???????

  • Shreddin'
    Shreddin' 18 days ago¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic¬if_id=1551836513517593
    Marvel fans I need your help! Please go to the above Facebook post and like and share! I want to name my new son Peter Parker!

  • Brave F
    Brave F 18 days ago +1

    Duh! everyone expects that distress call Tony sends can be easily by Marvels space ship.

  • derek thompson
    derek thompson 19 days ago

    The scene where ya see them looking up will be cap’n marvel bringing tony n nebula back to avengers hq

  • Steve Gilbert
    Steve Gilbert 19 days ago

    Captain marvel is not going to bag tonny home she go to be d fet all the good guys going to be d fet by him

  • Steve Gilbert
    Steve Gilbert 19 days ago

    I jas seen some thag a bot this looks like tonny is not going to live and the bad man on this he go to end tham a gan and is going to be hall for all the go goys her that girl ow go to be on thar he is to power for for her ant man on this and more is the end for I jas see

  • Ice Adonis
    Ice Adonis 20 days ago

    Captain Marvel, Earth's mightiest hero/avenger!

    • Ice Adonis
      Ice Adonis 10 days ago

      +Cristian hater/troll tears are so delicious!

    • Cristian
      Cristian 11 days ago


  • sofia pisoni
    sofia pisoni 21 day ago


  • Randy Swan
    Randy Swan 21 day ago +2

    Trump will save him .....with the new space force

    • 1611kjv 1911acp
      1611kjv 1911acp 11 days ago

      The air force has already had the "space force" for 11 years. Trump just wants to utilize it more.

  • Toki Tahmid
    Toki Tahmid 21 day ago

    He can save himself as he has iron man suit and he can fly

  • Jaxon Rowlands
    Jaxon Rowlands 21 day ago


  • Enrique Atentar
    Enrique Atentar 22 days ago

    Movies are good if there is no Piracy CD can come their last end game when ? Hologram Generation un hackable century because AI protect any data from copying in this time devices have no open sides,buttons data ports everything controls in air.

  • Kelvin Brooks
    Kelvin Brooks 22 days ago

    Silver Surfer will come to save the day, and undo the snap!

  • belinho beli
    belinho beli 22 days ago

    Why try to spoil? Are you stupid? Whats the point of watching a movie, but spoling before you see it?