• Published on May 12, 2013

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  • - Unknown
    - Unknown 9 minutes ago

    I would kill that Amy bitch if i saw her

  • Jochem
    Jochem 18 minutes ago

    Amy is a 6 year old in an adult body.

  • Jenner Cris
    Jenner Cris 36 minutes ago

    If I were Katie I would’ve told her off so hard

    INFERNO 40 minutes ago

    Ramsay was being so nice to them considering he is fucking Gordon Ramsay, and yet they fuck it up. These niggas have anger issues

  • kezzler
    kezzler 46 minutes ago

    I speak cat, miaou miaou miaou. Hahahaha :D Mad as hatters both of them lol.

  • Fart
    Fart 52 minutes ago

    holy fuck this bitch is fucking insane

  • H E I
    H E I Hour ago +2

    I think Amy might be the first person to be on both kitchen nightmares and dr. Phil

  • Arthur Lima
    Arthur Lima Hour ago

    MY GOD that bite at 19:42 with all that liquid pouring out YIKES

  • Dreadfulboss346
    Dreadfulboss346 2 hours ago

    Appearances can be deceiving, Gordon

  • Hifibloke
    Hifibloke 2 hours ago
    I rest my case....

  • iasonas efthimakis
    iasonas efthimakis 2 hours ago

    god damn they are crazy ass hell

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 2 hours ago +2

    Amy is a fat irritating cunt

  • dvidminj binod
    dvidminj binod 3 hours ago

    She's like jalied for 100 years and she says i am.going for 6 momths vacations can you jail me dor that

  • PoeticAce
    PoeticAce 3 hours ago

    Is the restaurant still open or did it close?

  • Smexy Socks
    Smexy Socks 3 hours ago

    6:12 to 6:18
    Yes there may be starving people but the food your giving to people could possibly be hospitalized due to food poisoning or something

  • Ui Io
    Ui Io 3 hours ago +1

    They’re buisness is soon over

  • Victor Lin
    Victor Lin 3 hours ago +1

    37:11 When someone snitches on you 😂

  • Mark Kelvin
    Mark Kelvin 4 hours ago

    stupid women

  • Victor Lin
    Victor Lin 4 hours ago +1

    24:15 Gordon experiencing an aneurysm because of the stupidity 😂

  • Fredrik
    Fredrik 4 hours ago

    Amys eyes lol.. cray craaaayyyyyy

  • Boomproof
    Boomproof 4 hours ago

    Wow that old sack is the most afeminate gray haired man I have ever seen in my life. What a beta.

    BIG ERASER 4 hours ago +2

    I want to online bully her so badly

  • Basant Agarwal
    Basant Agarwal 5 hours ago

    14:55 when salaried people become entrepreneur

  • demonsluger
    demonsluger 5 hours ago

    I have a woman at work that's like this. Its fcking insane.

  • SDASneijder
    SDASneijder 5 hours ago


  • lost pelmenis
    lost pelmenis 5 hours ago

    Sweet jesus

  • Aphua Larbi
    Aphua Larbi 5 hours ago

    she's practically a crazy cat person

    NERDY GAMER123 5 hours ago


  • Harumix _
    Harumix _ 5 hours ago

    maybe she should just make her "restaurant" into a cafe..
    clearly, her cakes looks and taste good.

    GAURAV KHANDEKAR 5 hours ago

    Do I smell a gold digger here?

  • Nishu Bisht
    Nishu Bisht 6 hours ago +1

    She is like my Sister. Even she can't take criticism .

  • michael white
    michael white 6 hours ago

    Amy sounds bipolar..and Sammy the old playboy is miserable married to such a crazy broad..

  • ItsOhMz
    ItsOhMz 6 hours ago

    Is she going to adolescene

  • Marius Becker
    Marius Becker 6 hours ago

    Pff, those haters🤷🏻‍♂️

  • ItsOhMz
    ItsOhMz 7 hours ago

    *write a real review*

  • AJ Ahmed
    AJ Ahmed 7 hours ago

    ]Samy Bouzaglo (born 1950 in Morocco, now an Israeli citizen) prior to show was an immigrant who had been known by authorities to have been convicted in drug distribution and extortion, where he served a year in prison before arriving in the US on a work permit. Shortly after the events of the Kitchen Nightmares filming, he was arrested by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and was tried in deportation hearings.On May 22, 2013 he was deported back to Israel by the authorities due to the criminal history and other factors.
    Amy Bouzaglo (born 1973 in the US) also has a criminal background. According to documents filed in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona, she pleaded guilty to using another person's Social Security number when she applied for a line of credit at a bank in 2001.[ In 2004, she was sentenced to 14 months in prison and ordered to pay $36,294.95 in restitution. She served her sentence from 2008 to 2009.[
    Source: Wikipedia

  • Shiroski O'charos
    Shiroski O'charos 7 hours ago

    Sami had a point!

  • Filipe Teixeira
    Filipe Teixeira 7 hours ago

    Poor Sammy, good luck with your mentally deranged life consuming blue eyed demon wife..

  • MidwinterLady
    MidwinterLady 8 hours ago +2

    Most of these episodes seemed to be staged and dramatized just for a show... But these two "baking company"-owners cut such sorry figures that it was almost laughable .... The most funny thing in this episode was that Mr Ramsay (who was always trying to show restaurant owners up) met his match - Because he too is a person who can't take criticism at all and acts exactly like this woman when criticized or is told about a different opinion than his own . . .

  • RavenHawk 8
    RavenHawk 8 8 hours ago

    It's 2019 i hope the place burned down to the ground

  • Matthijs van Doorn
    Matthijs van Doorn 8 hours ago

    I hope they can't have children, sincerely.

  • Bro Latias
    Bro Latias 8 hours ago

    B E G O N E T H O T

  • Om kumar Mankani
    Om kumar Mankani 9 hours ago

    I love junk food but the amount of oil on that blue ribbon burger was tooooo much

  • Sidsss Lol
    Sidsss Lol 9 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay
    Simon Cowel of food

  • BOXXY what
    BOXXY what 9 hours ago

    these two look like emo vampires and no one gets them, its not a phase, mum

  • Blazornite
    Blazornite 9 hours ago

    Wow.they are legit delusional man.

  • FCWinti
    FCWinti 9 hours ago

    The reviews on TripAdvisor are hilarious 😂
    Thank god this place is shut down

  • Cooper Riddell
    Cooper Riddell 9 hours ago

    That little tight ass fucking donkey is a fucking asshole/ aka the bitch lady owner

  • Lari Luuskanen
    Lari Luuskanen 9 hours ago

    Take a lie detector "Amy"

  • vεησм Ƭιтαи
    vεησм Ƭιтαи 9 hours ago

    Whos jus watching this series for roasts

  • Lari Luuskanen
    Lari Luuskanen 9 hours ago

    I cant believe this video is real

  • Russel Velez
    Russel Velez 9 hours ago

    delusional owner who cannot take criticism- ramsay

  • Lari Luuskanen
    Lari Luuskanen 9 hours ago

    Stupid lol

  • InuB[MobileLegend]
    InuB[MobileLegend] 9 hours ago

    what happen to this restaurant? any continuation?

  • FCWinti
    FCWinti 10 hours ago

    These are the worst people I‘ve ever seen

  • Marie Gold
    Marie Gold 10 hours ago

    Are you sure this restaurant are still open??

  • 듀란트케빈
    듀란트케빈 10 hours ago +1

    Did anyone else want to punch Amy the whole time?

  • Ella Knudsen
    Ella Knudsen 11 hours ago


  • Like my comment
    Like my comment 11 hours ago

    Can we just take a second to appreciate the editors for bleeping out those curse words

  • Persephone Pomegranate
    Persephone Pomegranate 11 hours ago


  • Persephone Pomegranate
    Persephone Pomegranate 12 hours ago

    They do know that there is a reason that a restaurant is called a restaurant, right?

  • Tyrion Lannister
    Tyrion Lannister 12 hours ago

    Samy knows she’s fucking nuts.

  • Joseph Shamon
    Joseph Shamon 12 hours ago +1

    28:55 I’m the gangster not you 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Arwen C
    Elizabeth Arwen C 12 hours ago

    Amy: i think you can go home now katie
    *katie leaves*
    Amy: dont walk away from me when im talking to you!
    Me: wtf

  • Chenxi Lei
    Chenxi Lei 13 hours ago

    Wow rude lol😂

  • PoopySoupy
    PoopySoupy 13 hours ago

    Miranda pretty hot ngl

  • Jessica Stoch
    Jessica Stoch 13 hours ago

    That woman has full on crazy eyes!

  • Jam3z_Gaming
    Jam3z_Gaming 14 hours ago +1

    Gordon’s: Oh no, Oh no. Not the bullies on the Internet again

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 14 hours ago

    I honestly feel really bad for Katy, she seemed so nice and patient

  • Jam3z_Gaming
    Jam3z_Gaming 15 hours ago +1

    Ya, this whole episode and series is crazy. They literally had to close there restaurant and I think we all know why


    Dude they're psych!!

  • IntoTheRing
    IntoTheRing 15 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey is just an online bully

  • Eodiisjz Sjwjswis
    Eodiisjz Sjwjswis 15 hours ago

    *Im gonna start eating my ticket*

  • Eodiisjz Sjwjswis
    Eodiisjz Sjwjswis 15 hours ago

    *I would burn the place down when its close*

  • DarkBowser Plays
    DarkBowser Plays 15 hours ago

    Customer: complains for not getting food after an hour wait
    Amy: tell him to fuck off
    Sammy: Leave my resturant
    Also Sammy: *DoN*t *F*uCkI*n*G wAlK *AwA*y FrO*M* mE!!!
    Y*o*U wI*Ll* Pa*Y* uS *MoNe*Y

  • BTICronox
    BTICronox 15 hours ago

    35:52 she can't even listen properly. Her salmon burger was dry, the OTHER burger was soggy.

  • Reyes Escobar
    Reyes Escobar 16 hours ago

    Haha well there’s a first time for everything!

  • Deathwish Gaming
    Deathwish Gaming 17 hours ago

    I am the gangster not you!

  • Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 17 hours ago

    So that's her passion and talent? To fcked everything up. When Gordon bite that burger, it creeps me the hell up. TF that's nasty man.

  • AH Smedmor
    AH Smedmor 17 hours ago

    The wife is so rude mean and cruel

  • Allan RV
    Allan RV 17 hours ago

    The episode would last 10 minutes if we skip when Amy talks

  • Josh Robbins
    Josh Robbins 17 hours ago

    I wonder what the restaurant is like now.

  • Yamil Olivier
    Yamil Olivier 17 hours ago

    Omfg ..... Crazy bitch, she deserves a good punch in the face!! 🤪

  • M H
    M H 18 hours ago

    Gordon: How bad you treat your staff.
    Amy: *Surprise pikachu*

  • Cheekee Monkee
    Cheekee Monkee 18 hours ago +1

    Physical assault on a customer on top of everything else?! WTAF 😳🤦🏻‍♀️ Why hasn’t he been arrested ffs?

  • pauly goodin
    pauly goodin 19 hours ago

    There she is thats her canyon C...... she fucked poor old sami the wog over for cash. Gold digging nasty women

  • poco loco
    poco loco 19 hours ago

    Bitch is crazy

  • annisa imani
    annisa imani 19 hours ago

    Seriously, online bullying means forever.. look what people are doing after this video released YEARS ago..

  • Fresh
    Fresh 19 hours ago


  • Nicholas Chooi
    Nicholas Chooi 20 hours ago +1

    The more i look at this episode... the more i feel that sammy, is the one who is willing to change and not amy... so in a way... their business failed cause of amy?

  • The Hedgy
    The Hedgy 21 hour ago +1

    6:11 yeah you are ruining the food when people who are starving could of eaten it

  • mike vitzilaios
    mike vitzilaios 21 hour ago

    Crazy woman and feminists : are you insulting?Me you are telling me the truth ; are you abusive or smth?

  • Rolz Roks
    Rolz Roks 21 hour ago

    Wow i actually was looking forward to seeing how chef ramsay was gonna change this restaurant around lol..

  • BIÉ
    BIÉ 21 hour ago +1

    Those 8 first minutes are probably enough to sum up how people can be up their own asses

  • The Proud Noob
    The Proud Noob 22 hours ago

    Why is She such a bitch

  • Kddoddok K
    Kddoddok K 22 hours ago

    everytime when i see Amy getting closer to the knives i'm just thinking ''she's gonna grab one''

  • LadyBeritanavatarius
    LadyBeritanavatarius 22 hours ago

    I think she has an undiagnosed mental illness, and in that case she couldn't process what Ramsey was telling her... the husband seems more stable... her eyes, the way she perceieves interactions, and always thinking she is being attacked... I really think she has an undiagnosed illness.

    And that is NOT meant as a knock on her or an insult.... I have a mental illness.... it really can make focus, and perceiving/ reading things when interacting with people harder.... if she is undiagnosed then she may really not be able to see what the staff can.... I hope she gets help...

    As for her husband he seems the stable one, and may not realize she is ill and is backing her... he's a tyrannical man, stealing tips and getting staff to wash his car? But based on little cues he seems stable and she seems unstable, ill.

    It's too bad, if she could get good help and a diagnosis she could probably do very well. But apparently their Company failed... hope she gets the help she needs... and if he is ill and I've misread him I hope he does too... otherwise I hope he eases off on others, stealing workers tips was NOT COOL!

  • ProSkilzGamer77
    ProSkilzGamer77 22 hours ago

    She kinda looks like horse

  • Savage_yt_btw
    Savage_yt_btw 23 hours ago +3

    Amy is the next jake Paul
    DaB oN tHeM hAtErS.

  • Miss Buddha
    Miss Buddha 23 hours ago

    fucking legends.