• Published on May 12, 2013

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  • Erdinc Yedikat
    Erdinc Yedikat 6 minutes ago

    Dude some of these foods they dish out are fucking so disgusting and horrible that I'm almost gonna throw up.They need a good wake up call from Ramsey and start dishing out proper decent food to customers, that or they can go bankrupt, fuck'em!! 😂

  • William Levy
    William Levy 22 minutes ago

    "Amy's nuts". lmfao. That waitress though. I'm dead.

  • E D
    E D 41 minute ago

    Why tf does this feel so fake? I mean.. something is wrong...

  • jakeny pearl
    jakeny pearl 2 hours ago

    Dr.Phil is waving👋

  • Radwa Aghase Wannable Sone

    She is really unbearable 🙄😏

  • Jahna Joseph
    Jahna Joseph 3 hours ago

    wow they should make up a new disorder after these people

  • The Mason Experience
    The Mason Experience 4 hours ago +1

    Amy replies to every comment LMAO

  • The Mason Experience
    The Mason Experience 4 hours ago +1


  • The Mason Experience
    The Mason Experience 4 hours ago +1

    YO AMY

  • ashrie
    ashrie 5 hours ago

    Even that bunny has more brain cells than Samy amd Amy's combined

  • Färt Blu
    Färt Blu 7 hours ago

    samy need some serious wigsplitting

  • LanokirX
    LanokirX 9 hours ago

    Im honestly sad for the staff that works with these crazy people : /

  • Pierre Assouad
    Pierre Assouad 9 hours ago

    Look at her eyes scary

  • The Robusted Clown
    The Robusted Clown 10 hours ago

    Fuck Amy keeps using reverse cards against Gordon and the customers

  • damn froze
    damn froze 11 hours ago


  • Richard Lynch
    Richard Lynch 11 hours ago

    Hahaha. I 86'd stuff when I worked in restaurants...if we ran out of a special or whatever. NOW I want to go to a restaurant and 86 entres for them.

    • Richard Lynch
      Richard Lynch 11 hours ago

      I do like that Ramsey walked off. So did I.

    • Richard Lynch
      Richard Lynch 11 hours ago

      Let me bet that the wife/chef was a prostitute in Las Vegas... I can't confirm that, but damn if that isn't written all over her face. And I am sorry and do not mean to insult prostitutes. I married one by accident.

  • Alca Bringer
    Alca Bringer 12 hours ago

    Guy: are they for real? 😂

  • join the fist 10
    join the fist 10 12 hours ago

    This shows that's not everyone should be in that's business
    And I think all of the customers say its good to be polite. The others that say something are kicked out

    she looks at least 40 years younger then her husband
    You can clearly see the main problem s communication
    I am confident she was spoiled and told she was perfect as a child

  • Plocký
    Plocký 13 hours ago

    wasnt there a case where feminist opend something simular and ended u the same way? accusing everyone of just beeind a bigoted strieght white online bully male?

  • Mc Mr
    Mc Mr 14 hours ago

    The problem with you is your completely delusional

  • Sourlemon 100
    Sourlemon 100 16 hours ago

    30 mins at least if she got hit by the door she would get up and be strong, unlike you who can’t even take criticism. You would probably cry and say that the door was paid by the online bullies to hit you.

  • yay A nobody
    yay A nobody 16 hours ago

    No wonder why their married

  • Drunken Assassin
    Drunken Assassin 17 hours ago

    this is what happens when a karen opens a restaurant

  • PH Killerz
    PH Killerz 20 hours ago

    I will come to Amy's Baking Company (ABC). But not for the food but for the show they are putting. I will bring my own food and friends just to watch the funny couple

  • Death Hela
    Death Hela 21 hour ago +1

    Did samy put eyeshadow🤔

  • Nic Coetzee
    Nic Coetzee 21 hour ago

    I would have done a running Fuck slap on that old cunt before leaving and I'm sure people would love me for it!!!

  • Carter
    Carter 21 hour ago

    Why dosent she just have a bakery and sell desserts like confused

  • Carter
    Carter 21 hour ago

    And This is why you don’t go on Christian mingle guys

  • Joan Michelle
    Joan Michelle 22 hours ago

    imagine saying "are you sure?" and then you got fired

  • Malia Pulu
    Malia Pulu 23 hours ago +2

    They ain't need Gordon
    They need Jesus 🙏

  • Fais Zunaidie
    Fais Zunaidie 23 hours ago

    i know what happen to this restaurant.. yeahh.. its alrdy being used as a shit decompose

  • sierra
    sierra 23 hours ago

    Gordon: *calmly gives constructive criticism*

    Amy: “I had enough, I didn’t come here to be abused in my own restaurant”

  • aldrin canales
    aldrin canales 23 hours ago

    Samy is a spoiler
    Amy is a brat
    Gordon: Bullying the two

  • Shady Chick
    Shady Chick Day ago

    Holy shit the crazy woman is on here replying to comments she doesnt like 😂😂😂 wtf?! Pop out a kid and get a life man.

  • Wig Snatched
    Wig Snatched Day ago

    Samy? *gAnGsTa*
    Amy? *mEoW mEoW*
    Gordon? *fUcK oFf*
    My wig? *SNATCHED*
    Hotel? *trivago*

  • Chicken
    Chicken Day ago

    *A shit, here we go again*

    S_T_REVENGE Day ago

    39:26 that face is just priceless 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jared Roux
    Jared Roux Day ago

    Holy fuck they need to grow up

  • Flying Dog
    Flying Dog Day ago

    There are 2 ways to stop them - either kill them both or let them both eat her food which is basically the same thing.

  • Gasoline85
    Gasoline85 Day ago

    I think we've all known an "Amy" at some point. Everything's fine until you get on her wrong side... Then you're history!

  • Fleortex
    Fleortex Day ago +2

    In germany we call amy "drachenlord"

  • GearGrunt 12
    GearGrunt 12 Day ago +1

    Possibly the most delusional owners ever

  • well well
    well well Day ago +2

    Amy is the problem samy is just stressed out and loves money

  • KRANTI Lipun
    KRANTI Lipun Day ago

    Most disgusting persons ever ... 🤐🤐🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Samantha Villadiego

    Amy: meow meow meoooww!!
    wtf?! hahahahha she sounds like strangled cat

  • hail zrary
    hail zrary Day ago

    His wife persecutes him he is afraid to tell her to cook properly.

  • fenixmaker
    fenixmaker Day ago

    even i can cook a burger,

  • Aloft
    Aloft Day ago +2

    "Katie you can leave right now!"
    *Wait thats illegal*

  • Improven Masterpiece


  • Andy Chiang
    Andy Chiang Day ago

    Such a classic, lol

  • Kim
    Kim Day ago

    ABC actually stands for Amy Be Crazy lol

  • futurous king
    futurous king Day ago

    Our forefathers had an adage " ugly people have the worst mindset and attitude". Thus Amy.

  • xksl ZLTI
    xksl ZLTI Day ago

    You should let Matilda teach you how to cook. She is better than you

  • KuroNeko Gaming
    KuroNeko Gaming Day ago

    I didn't know that Sid can cook

  • pipes 101
    pipes 101 Day ago

    The wife is a narcissistic mess and the husband is her ass kissing enabler.

  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh Day ago

    She is so arrogant !!! Wtf is wrong with her man. You need doctor amy

  • NotoriousMinded
    NotoriousMinded Day ago

    Amy’s Bitching Company

  • Brawl Stars Gaming
    Brawl Stars Gaming Day ago +1

    I hope this couple gets a life

  • hina kobayashi
    hina kobayashi Day ago

    amy doesnt need a psychiatrist, she needs an exorcist

  • jake jahng
    jake jahng Day ago

    Holy shit Amy is actually crazy who tf raised her.