Please give this poor woman some eyes. (YIAY #475)

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Cerealnom
    Cerealnom 10 hours ago

    where's the dunkey video

  • Mr. Venom
    Mr. Venom 10 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards ever heard of a guy called Pewdiepie?

  • Mr. Beluah
    Mr. Beluah 10 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards myself for being featured in YIAY

  • Trap_Waffle
    Trap_Waffle 10 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Jenna Marbles

  • SomeDawidGuy
    SomeDawidGuy 10 hours ago

    There are two small channels: Khanubis and Atlas Pro
    They are both fairly small high quality education channels if you're interested in that sort of thing

  • saucey
    saucey 10 hours ago +2

    What happend to boomer test

  • Doodoo Gamer
    Doodoo Gamer 10 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Grandayy

  • Mr Dolson
    Mr Dolson 10 hours ago

    #creatorawards Sam o nella best you tuber love Sam o nella oh yeah sam o nella right there that’s the spot

  • 3vpl
    3vpl 10 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards some dude uh.. named jacksfilms

  • Showtar
    Showtar 11 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards You should award your self for uploading Your Grammar Sucks every Friday

  • Jonah Southwick
    Jonah Southwick 11 hours ago

    Ryan George for Most Original Content

  • Yooser
    Yooser 11 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Definitely Jomboy Media who has a lot of talent in lip reading and just being funny.

  • Waffli
    Waffli 11 hours ago +1

    That boomer test video was quality

  • animation boi
    animation boi 11 hours ago

    do denis

  • Zebrafish222
    Zebrafish222 11 hours ago +3

    Where did the old guy video go?

  • Klangerfox
    Klangerfox 11 hours ago +2

    Ew gross, I'm an old

  • Evo64
    Evo64 11 hours ago +8

    Give us back Boomer Test or riot

  • Sneezing and Kai
    Sneezing and Kai 11 hours ago +7

    Bro I didn’t get to watch the boomer video :(

  • AuxiliatrixDOTjpg
    AuxiliatrixDOTjpg 11 hours ago +8

    Uh dude what happened to the vid that was up for like 2 seconds that i cant watch now

    • Trey Atkins
      Trey Atkins 11 hours ago

      I bet the video is on facebook or something like that. Boomers like facebook.

  • Alanoso el Poderoso
    Alanoso el Poderoso 11 hours ago +9


  • Alreda_naruto
    Alreda_naruto 11 hours ago +8

    What happened to the boomer test?

  • GrizzlyKnightX
    GrizzlyKnightX 12 hours ago

    Supermega has the best editing in their live action videos, personally my favorite youtubers,

  • Gacha Queen 101
    Gacha Queen 101 12 hours ago


  • GrizzlyKnightX
    GrizzlyKnightX 12 hours ago

    Who ever that guy that was called a lasagna was, yeah him, the big T or something

  • Sunny_Ok
    Sunny_Ok 12 hours ago

    Apparently dollar shave club has a floor cleaner too?

  • Talal Alm
    Talal Alm 12 hours ago +1

    OfficialDuckStudios they are to funny for me

  • Angelique Guevara
    Angelique Guevara 12 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Daniel Koren has amazing skits. Too good

  • Super guy QWERTY
    Super guy QWERTY 12 hours ago


  • Inertia
    Inertia 12 hours ago

    blizy because he relatively recently lost his job and I personally enjoy him.

  • unjustlocket
    unjustlocket 13 hours ago

    there's this great guy called unjustlocket

  • Dezzi Boi
    Dezzi Boi 13 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Theodd1sout

  • Mellun
    Mellun 13 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Sadworld, it's Noah Munck, A.K.A. Gibby from iCarly

  • KiwiLuna
    KiwiLuna 13 hours ago

    Idk uh TheMidgetAsian?

  • Etan Derp
    Etan Derp 13 hours ago


  • Brady
    Brady 13 hours ago

    Cute you think your fans shower

  • Josh .cringe
    Josh .cringe 13 hours ago

    Part time legends is so good it just comes together at the end

  • Idk what to name my self so I’m sorry

    #CreatorAwards jacknjellify. They make good animations and are underrated.

  • 9Bot 1
    9Bot 1 13 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards #creatorawards #Creatorawards CaptainSauce. 1.2 mil subs, funny, canadian, gamer, canadian, awesome guy, hey did I mention he’s canadian?

  • apple sauce
    apple sauce 13 hours ago


    The Catie Diaries
    One of her videos 🔽

  • MCKight
    MCKight 13 hours ago

    i farted

  • Naresh Rajandran
    Naresh Rajandran 13 hours ago

    jacksfilms house: *dollarshave club stuff everywhere on the floor*

  • pedro santacruz
    pedro santacruz 13 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards afilmbycam, He has 6,318. If you want more information on his channel look him up on youtube

  • David Lugos
    David Lugos 13 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards "The 'You are Shrek' award goes to... Jacksfilms for having a forehead and FOR BEING A KLONDIKE."


    Davie504 ‘cause he big epic

  • Luigikart222
    Luigikart222 13 hours ago

    amazing editing and expository analysis videos. if this three lines can't sell it, her videos definitively can

  • Vicki Maxwell
    Vicki Maxwell 13 hours ago

    #yiay i dont know just know it is not you

  • Pamela
    Pamela 13 hours ago

    #CreatetAwards Brandon Rogers

  • Dawn light
    Dawn light 13 hours ago

    #creatorawards Quakity

  • Nolan busemmi
    Nolan busemmi 13 hours ago

    Jack stauber

  • Aviators
    Aviators 14 hours ago

    *enter shameless plug here*
    Well like i saw this youtuber and i like his content i think he runs a series named YIAY? His name is jackfilms and yeah.

  • Nugglett 09
    Nugglett 09 14 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Bean Sheeran

  • Christina Hamilton
    Christina Hamilton 14 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Justin Bieber.

  • CKenzoplays games
    CKenzoplays games 14 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards uhmmmm...... Tseries lol

  • Sk1_Yoshi
    Sk1_Yoshi 14 hours ago


  • CatGamez
    CatGamez 14 hours ago


  • QueeenBeee
    QueeenBeee 14 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Eddy Burback and Gus Johnson

  • unnamed meme master
    unnamed meme master 14 hours ago

    my friend Jack MI Hoff has a great TVclip Chanel were he makes 😂epic😂 Fortnite lets plays

  • Kitty playz
    Kitty playz 14 hours ago


  • 210savageking Young God's

    #creatorawards your forehead posted a daily fortnite funny

    THEDEZTROYER 2016 14 hours ago

    My favourite creator with a small amount of subscribers is jack films

  • Faisal Islam
    Faisal Islam 14 hours ago

    #creatorawards PewDiePie

    Man gotta hand it to 'em, like, he made a lot of og content

  • TheSealySquad
    TheSealySquad 14 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Professor Toot makes cool music from the game, my singing monsters....

  • TDS Sandy
    TDS Sandy 14 hours ago

    Best kid editor award...


  • Gamer X Egypt
    Gamer X Egypt 14 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Pewdiepie, of course

  • Breakdown 654
    Breakdown 654 14 hours ago

    Yesterday I Asked you


  • Cpw movies Person
    Cpw movies Person 15 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards this TVclipr named Ryan’s toy reviews, I love playing his mobile game

  • ASimplifiedUsername
    ASimplifiedUsername 15 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards The TVclipr Merg, he plays a variety of video games with commentary and he is underrated for what he does.

  • Fortnite sucks Minecraft is better

    Whoops auto correct I meant Jenna Marbles

  • bobfive5 boi
    bobfive5 boi 15 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards kneecaps

  • -GalaxyDust-
    -GalaxyDust- 16 hours ago

    #creatorawards I'm desperate for recognition. Please do me