EPT Home Pregnancy Test - SNL

  • Published on Oct 10, 2013
  • After a one-night stand, two students (Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler) learn about each other (he likes fantasy football and she has a boyfriend who goes to Michigan) while waiting for the results of a home-pregnancy test. [Season 27, 2001]
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Comments • 88

  • Sisilessthan3
    Sisilessthan3 9 days ago

    seth was a SNACK!

  • beanie_ eyelash
    beanie_ eyelash 13 days ago

    Idk why but they remind me of Kelly and Ryan from The Office

  • Kangkana Kalita
    Kangkana Kalita Month ago +1

    Seth is SO cute!

  • Catch N Release
    Catch N Release 2 months ago +2

    Is this how the Needlers met?

  • Meishawn1374
    Meishawn1374 3 months ago

    Accurate AF!!

  • Rosie Posie
    Rosie Posie 4 months ago +1

    They are soon to be the Needlers

  • Ewok 88
    Ewok 88 8 months ago +3

    Seth looks like BJ Novak.

  • Canaan Xie
    Canaan Xie 8 months ago +63

    The Needlers aren’t fighting this time

  • Harry Aldieny
    Harry Aldieny Year ago +5

    according to the US census bureau, between 1981 and 1990, half of America's children were born this way muhahaha

  • shay raye1
    shay raye1 Year ago +2

    Dude that cell phone tho

  • shyann wen covers
    shyann wen covers Year ago +3

    Lol 😂😂 I love Amy Poehler

  • eliminator jr.
    eliminator jr. Year ago +22

    "do you go to michigan?"
    "my boyfriend does"

  • rs 11
    rs 11 Year ago +4

    Seth looks 😍😍😍😍

  • Ropsana Khanom
    Ropsana Khanom Year ago +1

    Wow this vid was a month before I was born!

  • Iravati Singh
    Iravati Singh Year ago +29

    Seth looking like a snack

  • will
    will Year ago

    Another abortion averted! Thanks EPT!

  • Yarezi G. Moonshine

    Seth was so hot!😍

  • Hanna O'Loughlin
    Hanna O'Loughlin Year ago

    “More than Karen”

  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair Year ago +1

    What’s with the “vintage” in cursive on all the old snl skits?

  • gb11809
    gb11809 2 years ago +3

    Baby Seth! So cute!

  • Daniela Pedro Ferreira
    Daniela Pedro Ferreira 2 years ago +2

    seth is so hot :D

  • Priyamvada Arte
    Priyamvada Arte 2 years ago +10

    They both look so cute

  • Sutapa Bhattacharya
    Sutapa Bhattacharya 2 years ago +6

    What test detects pregnancy at

  • snatchadams69
    snatchadams69 2 years ago

    Drafting Kurt Warner yikes...I mean I know it's almost 2 decades now but still...

  • Koree T
    Koree T 2 years ago +6

    They look so young.

  • Station 5
    Station 5 2 years ago +2

    Honestly thought that was Dennis from "It's Always Sunny" for a second.

  • Bianchi
    Bianchi 2 years ago +2

    Seth is so sexy!

  • Ann Hill
    Ann Hill 2 years ago +30

    🤣"I'm so psyched I'm not going to get fat."🤣

  • Katy Jones
    Katy Jones 2 years ago

    Love the Maltese falcon poster in the background...just a good representation of who they are

  • me mo
    me mo 2 years ago

    Lmao fetus Seth Meyers

  • AlwaysDreaming
    AlwaysDreaming 2 years ago +5

    Seth aged really well

  • Stephanie Roestel
    Stephanie Roestel 2 years ago +35

    Umm did not know Seth was ever that adorable

  • Chris Bennett
    Chris Bennett 2 years ago +11

    now you don't have to lie to your boyfriend,
    saying it's his.

    • Yarezi G. Moonshine
      Yarezi G. Moonshine Year ago

      Chris Bennett You better watch out cos girls now talk to,flirt and fuck every guy the way they do with you and they don't give a shit just like guys.

  • Lucyanna Laulu
    Lucyanna Laulu 2 years ago +6


  • Mustle Man
    Mustle Man 2 years ago +8

    You know who else might be pregnant?

    My MOM! ! !

  • Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

    Lool 2001...When Dave Matthews was shit hot for us, the Gen X-ers, (if you were almost assuredly white, that is.) xD

  • Hai :D
    Hai :D 2 years ago +29

    I clicked on this video cus I had to see baby Seth

  • mia l
    mia l 2 years ago +3


  • The Angry Dudeist
    The Angry Dudeist 2 years ago +1

    So..., what color are the Charmin bears, red or blue?
    Are they chameleon bears that change colors according the weather or their mood?

  • Jenna Ramos
    Jenna Ramos 2 years ago +10

    They started together and are still besties ! Love them, kinda wanted them to get together in real life though lol

  • DecafKauffee
    DecafKauffee 2 years ago +6

    Fantasy football was a thing back then?

    • DecafKauffee
      DecafKauffee 2 years ago +11

      Kate B.
      Asking me to "do better than the typical millennial" makes me not give a damn about what you have to say.

    • Kate B.
      Kate B. 2 years ago +1

      DecafKauffee please do better than the typical millennial that thinks nothing existed before 2000.

    • DecafKauffee
      DecafKauffee 2 years ago

      Nope. But I am on the younger side (in my 20s) so that might be it.

    • Kate B.
      Kate B. 2 years ago +3

      You're kidding, right?

  • Johnny Carnevale
    Johnny Carnevale 2 years ago +58

    Still Hilarious 16 years later 😁

  • Lauren
    Lauren 2 years ago +72

    Oh my gosh! Seth Meyers is such a baby! 😍

  • Barry Sabahat
    Barry Sabahat 2 years ago +190

    They were so young.

  • Emily Negas
    Emily Negas 2 years ago +692

    Seth looks like BJ Novak

    • Cognitive Chaos
      Cognitive Chaos 4 months ago

      I thought it was Ryan Reynolds at first...

    • ck
      ck Year ago +1

      THATS LITERALLY EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING, I had to check to make sure it wasn't him lmfao

    • Claudia
      Claudia 2 years ago +4

      BJ Novak looks like Seth

    • Freshly Jamie
      Freshly Jamie 2 years ago +7

      Same! He looks like a mix of BJ Novak and Frankie Muniz, in my perspective🙌🏼

    • Bethany Earl
      Bethany Earl 2 years ago +7


  • Chris Coates
    Chris Coates 2 years ago +10

    Can't miss the draft. 🕝🏈📆

  • Ida Dudenmanner
    Ida Dudenmanner 2 years ago +166

    "So psyched I'm not gonna get fat!"
    And she didn't, internet haters! Lay off of Amy Poehler! (Spelling? Pohler?)

  • Spooks & Books
    Spooks & Books 2 years ago +160

    Seth is so cute here awww

  • devona washington
    devona washington 3 years ago +58

    seth look good in here

  • seventeenblack _
    seventeenblack _ 3 years ago +6

    amy didnt age well.... seth still looks good.

    • Yarezi G. Moonshine
      Yarezi G. Moonshine Year ago

      seventeenblack _ Neh!Seth's face looks so long and thin noe,he changed a lot.

    • Yarezi G. Moonshine
      Yarezi G. Moonshine Year ago

      Aine Cullen 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Yarezi G. Moonshine
      Yarezi G. Moonshine Year ago

      Pat Tanackered You're just horny cos she's not even good looking,funny but not cute

    • Annabel
      Annabel 2 years ago +1

      It doesnt matter

    • Aine Cullen
      Aine Cullen 2 years ago +8

      Amy is a goddess and looks more beautiful everyday

  • Old Skool Bodybuilding Routines

    The thing is she did get fat.

  • Ratnaboli Bose
    Ratnaboli Bose 3 years ago

    lakme is so irritating

  • szepenszoloszolo
    szepenszoloszolo 3 years ago +56

    Is this SETH?!?!??

  • Chandreyee Banerjee
    Chandreyee Banerjee 4 years ago +600

    seth looks handsome!

    • Bob Johnson
      Bob Johnson 2 years ago +12

      They are both soooooo young in this!

  • Poison Candyfloss
    Poison Candyfloss 4 years ago +331

    AWWW Baby Seth!!

  • Ace Anthony Referiza
    Ace Anthony Referiza 4 years ago +283

    Seth looks so hot!

  • redblackshirt
    redblackshirt 5 years ago +132

    Aww, look at them now.