This Pen Might Save Your Life!

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  • Eric Nelson
    Eric Nelson Month ago

    In Russia we drive potato with no windows!

  • Abdul-Rahman Tariq
    Abdul-Rahman Tariq 2 months ago

    A pen can save your life! Is he kidding me?

  • Luca Bonnici
    Luca Bonnici 3 months ago +1


    THE LEGEND 4 months ago

    Awsome video

  • Stylish Lps
    Stylish Lps 4 months ago

    Tbh If I owned that pen I would be so anxious in every car ride I would break every window I see-

  • Mr. Hyde
    Mr. Hyde 5 months ago

    Good tool for a car thief.

  • Raiyan Awesome
    Raiyan Awesome 5 months ago

    1:12 glass breaks

  • Super Stryker
    Super Stryker 6 months ago

    Always break car windows near the edges. Less glass shards go flying and easier to break.

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 6 months ago

    Your like my favorite youtuber

  • I only play yasuo
    I only play yasuo 6 months ago

    asus gaming laptop wow.

  • Kitty Playz
    Kitty Playz 7 months ago

    If u watched the richest never open the car underwater

  • Cooper Florio
    Cooper Florio 7 months ago


  • Mohamad Ahmad
    Mohamad Ahmad 7 months ago

    why In 2:23 hi is wearing another t-shirt and a cap and he is outdoors😂😂😂😂😂

  • Scorpion Shield
    Scorpion Shield 7 months ago

    whos gonna be carnap??

  • Ya boy Triple-k
    Ya boy Triple-k 7 months ago

    0:15 taras just saw his friend graduate

  • Humbleq123
    Humbleq123 7 months ago +1

    never do a middle of window always corner

  • The Mr. Man
    The Mr. Man 7 months ago

    Russian weapon testing.

  • killem_ softlie
    killem_ softlie 7 months ago

    1:28 when mu gf breaks up with me

  • batzilla
    batzilla 7 months ago

    thanks for helping me break into that car

  • Laura Metheny
    Laura Metheny 7 months ago

    Pretty nifty doodad crazy dude! TY!😂✌

  • MasterRainer 251
    MasterRainer 251 7 months ago

    taras are you gamer , look even taras have gaming laptop its the asus ROG nice !!!!

  • Stephen C
    Stephen C 7 months ago

    I clicked this vid of the dog...

  • Melinda Lane
    Melinda Lane 7 months ago

    you are soposd to do it on the side of window

  • Blazingfire Gaming
    Blazingfire Gaming 7 months ago

    Reading the title without watching the full video yet....."This Pen Might Save You Life??? huh."(burns house and using the pen to extinguish the fire)

  • aden danos
    aden danos 7 months ago

    you have to break the window in the sides

  • Logangster 4 Life
    Logangster 4 Life 7 months ago

    1:28 and pause
    look at that beauty!

  • Brandon Warino
    Brandon Warino 7 months ago

    I wonder if I can bring this to school.

  • PaulArvey  D
    PaulArvey D 7 months ago

    The title should be: This Pen might break your skull!

  • Faz FX
    Faz FX 7 months ago

    Yeah, Soon people are gonna break into cars! This is gonna start a war!!! EVERY 5th liked will get a free gun GOODLUCK!

  • Jake TJC
    Jake TJC 7 months ago

    Turn the captions on at 1:19

  • Infired Trash
    Infired Trash 7 months ago

    1:19 turn on the captions

  • Plantium_ Damage
    Plantium_ Damage 7 months ago

    1:26 he has a gaming laptop
    CrazyRussianGamer Confirmed

  • Aksel Steeves
    Aksel Steeves 7 months ago

    Or id just use my forehead...

  • JapKiller 666
    JapKiller 666 8 months ago

    Nice gaming laptop

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 8 months ago

    When he said he would test breaking the car window i actually expected him going to an actual car to break and the window

  • SuperGoatOfJoy
    SuperGoatOfJoy 8 months ago

    Are you a gamer? Cuz you have an ASUS gaming pc.

  • Opswiz
    Opswiz 8 months ago

    Great review. Nice and Short!!!
    Brevity is the Soul of Wit.

  • Robert Rittenhouse
    Robert Rittenhouse 8 months ago

    turn on cc at 50

  • Samantha Noble
    Samantha Noble 8 months ago

    guys, shame does anyone hear larger than this verxion#wyf

  • abeee __
    abeee __ 8 months ago

    so cool!!

  • DarkShadowSlay11
    DarkShadowSlay11 8 months ago

    When you break a car window your suppose to hit the corners because it is easier to break

  • Indirect hits DIY
    Indirect hits DIY 8 months ago

    What pen was that

  • Oxid05
    Oxid05 8 months ago

    10kk incoming

  • Night of Flames
    Night of Flames 8 months ago

    Your post to break it on the side.

  • UnderTalelover 9000
    UnderTalelover 9000 8 months ago

    1:19 with captions on
    LooK at that gl(ass)!
    I was like: what the heck TVclip?

  • jan Koper
    jan Koper 8 months ago

    deffinitely putin in my car

  • Lulu Batarseh
    Lulu Batarseh 8 months ago


  • Benjamin Joa
    Benjamin Joa 8 months ago

    once burglars get that car will be gone

  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton 8 months ago

    break in water pls...

  • rdtv 5
    rdtv 5 8 months ago

    that jacket looks gud on taras

  • JakeTheCake Friesen
    JakeTheCake Friesen 8 months ago

    1:59 is the best

  • Foxtrot Felix
    Foxtrot Felix 8 months ago

    I agree, that glass was E X T R A T H I C C

  • Marioman574
    Marioman574 8 months ago

    What happens if you put pashtet in liquid nitrogen?

  • CarstenMK
    CarstenMK 8 months ago

    You show a pen and give NO information about this article like manufacturer or where to buy? 😂😂

  • Astroflight
    Astroflight 8 months ago

    He's back in the lab LOL.

  • ِ ِ
    ِ ِ 8 months ago

    When this pen is stronger than you.

  • conswela smith
    conswela smith 8 months ago

    *crashes car into water just to use the pen*

  • Annie Gueimer
    Annie Gueimer 8 months ago

    Josuke, is that you?

  • Game Eggzplain
    Game Eggzplain 8 months ago

    Did anyone have CC on?

  • Asyraf Wafiq
    Asyraf Wafiq 8 months ago

    wow i like this pen

  • Carla Ramos
    Carla Ramos 8 months ago


  • Malakhi Mcintosh
    Malakhi Mcintosh 8 months ago

    When you realize that taras is a retired slo mo guy

  • Austritistan
    Austritistan 8 months ago

    Sefti is nambawon prayoriti

    VENUS GAMING 8 months ago

    where do you buy it?

  • Yanellifyer Of love
    Yanellifyer Of love 8 months ago

    why aren't there any booms in the vid

  • Logos
    Logos 8 months ago

    1:44 gave me chills

  • Hamza Raja
    Hamza Raja 8 months ago

    where we can buy this pen

  • Trouble Clef
    Trouble Clef 8 months ago

    a headrest works just as well..

  • Hans Christian
    Hans Christian 8 months ago

    I think he have a predator 21x

  • StonedBoom
    StonedBoom 8 months ago

    Where can i buy this pen?

  • Diamond K25
    Diamond K25 8 months ago

    Why do you have a gaming laptop

  • Toru Sato
    Toru Sato 8 months ago

    what rog is that

  • zach cook
    zach cook 8 months ago

    who else thought of Percy Jackson?

  • jayden daye
    jayden daye 8 months ago

    where can i buy this

  • Yousef Odeh
    Yousef Odeh 8 months ago

    cool cool cool

  • Suzanne Ribas
    Suzanne Ribas 8 months ago

    Taras hi from Puerto Rico. Where can I get the pen?

  • Derpy Official
    Derpy Official 8 months ago

    1:17 f*king Russian has a gaming laptop that worth more then my whole setup..... fu russianamericanhacker

  • Rakesh Rohit
    Rakesh Rohit 8 months ago


  • Rakesh Rohit
    Rakesh Rohit 8 months ago

    what is the blood on ur thumb

  • CanadianGuy XPG
    CanadianGuy XPG 8 months ago

    If you're reading this......
    Have a wonderful day🌞🌞🌞🌞 or night🌜🌜or afternoon or evening
    You're AWESOME!!!!!

  • Mace Fields
    Mace Fields 8 months ago

    Taras, where can I buy one? I'll pay you!

  • chorizo overpowerboss
    chorizo overpowerboss 8 months ago

    I can just use my hands

  • Gerald Fallon-Griffin
    Gerald Fallon-Griffin 8 months ago

    Great,useful video - thank you ...Where do you get this pen ?

  • Diago Anthony
    Diago Anthony 8 months ago

    where can I get this

  • FocusFusion 22
    FocusFusion 22 8 months ago

    Try it under water

  • suf sanin
    suf sanin 8 months ago


  • VlAdO MaKeR
    VlAdO MaKeR 8 months ago

    скажи пожалуйста как долго ты учился английский язык и естли ето тяжело?

  • KINGArthur
    KINGArthur 8 months ago +1

    I really need this...I alway drive my car into the water :'-(

  • Albanianator
    Albanianator 8 months ago

    I went to .25 speed for even slower motion.

  • FreshGamerZ
    FreshGamerZ 8 months ago


  • Josh Is your dad
    Josh Is your dad 8 months ago

    Lol it saysCrazy russian hacker 2k17 at the end

  • AJ Martirez
    AJ Martirez 8 months ago


  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 8 months ago

    were can you buy it

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 8 months ago +3

    That'd be much more difficult when submerged in water :P

  • Danail Ivanov
    Danail Ivanov 8 months ago

    Cool laptop

  • lol player
    lol player 8 months ago +1

    wow cool

  • Chocolate Pudding
    Chocolate Pudding 8 months ago

    Where did you get it Russian hacker I really want it

  • Matthew Kohmann
    Matthew Kohmann 8 months ago

    Especially when your under water in your car and your windows and doors are all jammed..... because it happens on a daily basis

  • Louise Gonzales
    Louise Gonzales 8 months ago +1

    oh my god his Laptop Tho 😮😮
    thats a freakin Asus Gaming laptop 😮😮😮

  • JustArandom Guy
    JustArandom Guy 8 months ago

    To truly test the pen you should test it underwater like it's meant to be used