What i eat in a week | high school + vegan

  • Published on Mar 11, 2018
  • you guys have been wanting more food videos and I finally have one for you !! hopefully you enjoy because editing took forever xx
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    Name: Hannah
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    Disclaimer: Not a sponsored video :)

    XOXO, Hannah
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  • Hannah Herrmann
    Hannah Herrmann  Year ago +980

    Hopefully you all like and this inspires you to try a couple more plant based meals !!

    • evie
      evie 6 days ago

      gonna go vegan 😊

    • Nicole Heng
      Nicole Heng 2 months ago

      erm so i heard you live in singapore, just started out with the whole vegan thing and i would recommend green dot. But with din tai fung i dont think that the dumplings are vegan?? XD

    • Jamie Travels
      Jamie Travels 6 months ago

      Make more of these :)

    • maria kara
      maria kara 6 months ago

      Hannah Herrmann heyyy queen. are you still vegan? ;)

  • L O
    L O 2 days ago

    I’m not vegan but I’m trying to be vegetarian and this really helped so thanks

  • Chanelle Eilish
    Chanelle Eilish 2 days ago

    I've watched this video so many times 😂😂😂

  • Kelsey Smith
    Kelsey Smith 6 days ago

    I want to go vegetarian but I know my mom would be really annoyed with me

    • Kelsey Smith
      Kelsey Smith 3 days ago +1

      MJ _Ghost thank you, so far I have substituted meat for meatless meat. Hopefully I will keep this up.

    • MJ _Ghost
      MJ _Ghost 3 days ago

      Just try to convince her to let you & tell her why its important to you. Also make sure you tell her you know a lot about it & how to be healthy on a vegitarian diet. But if she just doesnt like the idea for no reason just do it if u want to.

  • Sanja Stulz
    Sanja Stulz 6 days ago

    I would instantly go vegan if my parents and my brother does it too. Because when they cook extra portion for me and normal for themselves it would make no difference
    Oh and they don’t allowed it.
    I’m I the only one?

  • Trashynotsorry !
    Trashynotsorry ! 8 days ago +1

    Nature valley bar is not vegan.

  • Salujathustra
    Salujathustra 11 days ago

    Try red kidney beans with thick gravy served with rice. It is one of the most famous and delicious of dishes cooked in all most Indian households. You can check the recipe on the internet. It is economical, too.
    Thanks for treating animals with compassion and love.

  • Amelie Scharnböck
    Amelie Scharnböck 11 days ago

    idk why but I watched this video literally 100 times😂

  • Local Weeb
    Local Weeb 11 days ago

    How do you eat out 5 times in a week bloody hell

  • kylee Renee
    kylee Renee 12 days ago

    Why tf did u bite ur pudding like that

  • melanie cubells
    melanie cubells 13 days ago

    i’m trying to go vegan and i need to find meals so that i can *realistically* go vegan and not just eat pasta everyday

  • Esme Culham
    Esme Culham 13 days ago +1

    this is a really good video and it seems quite realistic too. i really enjoyed getting a new perspective and ideas on vegan meals :)

  • Olivia Dacres
    Olivia Dacres 14 days ago

    I’m not vegan yet I love these videos

  • Olivia Dacres
    Olivia Dacres 14 days ago

    I’m really hoping people stop using almond milk mainly because it’s killing our environment

  • mira.alqasser
    mira.alqasser 15 days ago +1

    6:16 is it just me or are those grapes neon green 😂💚

  • Dakota Vassar
    Dakota Vassar 15 days ago

    Where does she live that her school has bubble tea

  • sam hayes
    sam hayes 16 days ago

    Alright, beautiful, vegan, my age old music, subscribed

  • Daniela Diaz
    Daniela Diaz 16 days ago

    “snack on” 😂😂

  • Lunacrush 4256
    Lunacrush 4256 17 days ago +1

    i’m srry what? u have a salad bar and snack time during school??

  • fofo agard
    fofo agard 17 days ago +5

    FINALLY SOMEONE WHOS LOVE BANANAAAAA!! I feel like everyone hates them...😂😭

  • Romy Vvf
    Romy Vvf 18 days ago

    omg lol we have the same math book

  • Leilani Wetterau
    Leilani Wetterau 19 days ago

    pad thai has fish oil! Just a something to remember for the future! Everyone makes mistakes & I have definitely done that before too !

  • ruyi
    ruyi 20 days ago

    when u live in an asian country and have thousands of chinese food B))

  • Real Diamond
    Real Diamond 21 day ago

    teenager romance is such a bop. stan ricky nelson

  • emma marie
    emma marie 21 day ago

    being vegan is being rich

  • anna
    anna 21 day ago

    Why is your yoghurt in German ?

  • Rebekka Shaw
    Rebekka Shaw 21 day ago +2

    This is a really good video. She shows healthy meals and good portions, good work!❤️

  • Knorre Grisen
    Knorre Grisen 21 day ago +1

    Wait they have OLW chips in the us? I’m from Sweden so I just read ”lättsaltade” and i was SHOOK xD

  • Lucy S
    Lucy S 21 day ago


  • Niki April
    Niki April 22 days ago

    The cosine rule in that book!😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Niki April
    Niki April 22 days ago +1

    Tell me that’s IGCSE MATHS BOOK

  • yojeong
    yojeong 22 days ago

    there is meat in dumplings

  • Gatcha_Doggo_13
    Gatcha_Doggo_13 22 days ago +20

    My friend went vegan in 4th grade

    I was like: “how da HEKk?????”

    Now I’m vegan! 😊

    • L O
      L O 2 days ago

      Gatcha_Doggo_13 congrats

  • carolyn gilde
    carolyn gilde 23 days ago

    A cy ee????? Acai??? I don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eloise Jarvis
    Eloise Jarvis 23 days ago +1

    “doesn’t have a lot of time” , *makes pancakes***

  • Lily Newman
    Lily Newman 23 days ago

    i feel like a terrible vegan but hey i’m alive

  • Its Shünmi
    Its Shünmi 24 days ago

    Oh theres aso a Burger patty made entirely of Vegetables🤗

  • Regan Vrankovich
    Regan Vrankovich 25 days ago

    Guys I feel like she’s eats a lot off food.

  • madu maia
    madu maia 26 days ago

    that straw from the bubble tea😖😭

    • hAvE u sEeN mY wEaVe
      hAvE u sEeN mY wEaVe 17 days ago

      madu maia oMg sHe UsEd a sTrAw!!1!1!1! bitch stop. if you really want to sAvE tHe tUrtLeS then you should be worrying about the plastic wraps, the plastic cup and the other non reusable plastic she used in this video.

  • beauty sfx
    beauty sfx 29 days ago

    Okay, if you havent tried this you should, irs like a black bean burrito, there is recipes online, I'm vegetarian and fed it to my family aswell and they loved it

  • Sandy Sideig
    Sandy Sideig 29 days ago

    Did she just call raisins dessert???? 😦😶😠

  • Misha Marie
    Misha Marie Month ago

    My school has a bakery that's really over priced that's it

  • Samantha Lundquist
    Samantha Lundquist Month ago


  • Erin Whittley-Pegg
    Erin Whittley-Pegg Month ago

    wait what, new Zealand products are in different countries?? (kettle corn)

  • The Greenalls
    The Greenalls Month ago

    me : sees koi & project acai
    also me : iS sHe liViNg iN siNgApOrE

  • Mitakachu Y.
    Mitakachu Y. Month ago

    i don't get it how can people eat 10 time a day like they gonna die if they don't eat 2 hours

  • Frolzloz Hoach
    Frolzloz Hoach Month ago

    She just ate seaweed

  • {I S H I} B O N H U I T

    9:48 Wow swedish chips? Didnt see that coming

  • Patricia Myint
    Patricia Myint Month ago +2

    You ate during class
    Your sooo lucky
    Isnt BBC a British thing not American?
    I'm British so I'm just wonderin

    • Patricia Myint
      Patricia Myint 29 days ago +1

      @Sydney Kiara Daviston-Atkins Oh thank you for the information

    • Sydney Kiara Daviston-Atkins
      Sydney Kiara Daviston-Atkins 29 days ago +1

      @Patricia Myint I believe she is German, and she lives in Singapore.

    • Patricia Myint
      Patricia Myint 29 days ago

      @Sydney Kiara Daviston-Atkins Oh I thought she was cuz that's the first video I've seen from her channel and she sounds like an American

    • Sydney Kiara Daviston-Atkins
      Sydney Kiara Daviston-Atkins 29 days ago

      She's not American, and doesn't live in America....

  • madde
    madde Month ago

    Are you Swedish? I was shocked when I saw the chips

  • Gabbie Leah
    Gabbie Leah Month ago

    K im proud of your music choices. Girls like me is a BOP

  • casiano
    casiano Month ago

    What’s the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

  • Bee•Bot
    Bee•Bot Month ago +1

    I'm not Vegan but yummmmm☺
    Edit: Welp this has made me hungry.. I'm off to make some ava toast😂

  • Hellen Nascimento
    Hellen Nascimento Month ago +3

    The way she pronounces açaí gave me life! The only TVclipd I’ve heard say it correctly!

  • sebbe boi
    sebbe boi Month ago

    Oh them Swedish chips tho

  • Mehgan Loves You
    Mehgan Loves You Month ago

    I'm from the south so I love jambalaya, but ever since I became vegetarian, I haven't been able to find anyone who makes it without meat

  • Jacqueline Marrero
    Jacqueline Marrero Month ago

    Is your mom vegan too?

  • Tc Gaming
    Tc Gaming Month ago +3

    Fruit roll ups are not vegan the are broiled down chicken bones and that is how u get the chewy taste to it

    • Abbie York
      Abbie York 28 days ago

      Tc Gaming fruit roll ups don’t have gelatin. They are vegan

  • Aaliya Ismail
    Aaliya Ismail Month ago

    Oh the circles in bubble tea is called tapioca

  • emma vent
    emma vent Month ago

    no offense at all but in the first flip it looked and sounded like you were speeded up