I Am Sorry...

  • Published on Jul 28, 2016
  • I hope you guys can understand... Thank you! :)
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Comments • 10 587

  • alextheflame
    alextheflame 7 months ago

    apology acepted buddy

  • Rob Boehm
    Rob Boehm 8 months ago

    oOoOo an apology video! these are always fun!

  • Daniel Duran
    Daniel Duran Year ago

    dab avry wone

  • PJPodmore
    PJPodmore 2 years ago

    im not dising you bro but you said this and it hasnt worked out snd your second channel has more vids recently just saying i still enjoy your content

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 2 years ago

    It's sad I lovvvvvve your videos Ali-A 😭😭😭😭😭😢

  • Jughead YK
    Jughead YK 2 years ago

    Where is this video for MINECRAFT

  • Andrew Bayley
    Andrew Bayley 2 years ago

    why didn't you do a fan mail video

  • FIVE A-L-X
    FIVE A-L-X 2 years ago

    i want to start a youtube channel but i feel like i will get discriminated what should i do

  • Juniors World
    Juniors World 2 years ago

    I like moreAli-a better

  • British Biggot
    British Biggot 2 years ago

    AliA =. Clickbait shity videos on call of supply drops and POKEMAN go

  • Kow
    Kow 2 years ago

    Ali I have been watching for about 2.5 years and i have to say I loved the old style of videos where you just sit down and play a game with your face and voice in it thats how you have inspired me to start my channel so can you please try to do that more as I absolutley love ok thats me done cya Ali

  • Dino Gt
    Dino Gt 2 years ago

    Cod is amazing not many people play anymore MORE BUT WHO THE FK CARES BEST TVclipR ALIA!!

  • Celtic Are No.1
    Celtic Are No.1 2 years ago


  • Hegmi
    Hegmi 2 years ago

    Pokémon go is cool but you need to keep it balanced

  • Hegmi
    Hegmi 2 years ago


  • Hegmi
    Hegmi 2 years ago

    and you make daily Pokémon go videos

  • Hegmi
    Hegmi 2 years ago

    you lost a subsciber

  • Hegmi
    Hegmi 2 years ago

    wtf ali a you said you were going to make more cod videos and you only do like one cod video a WEEK

  • Jihadi Jeff
    Jihadi Jeff 2 years ago

    Cod is dead
    Switch to destiny or any other shooter that u love because the passion in your old cod videos is why they were so great
    This is your channel Ali-A not the patrons, play a game u love, avoid clickbait, but also continue your second channel it's fantastic
    Do this and I'm sure you will keep on succeeding on TVclip

    • Jihadi Jeff
      Jihadi Jeff 2 years ago

      You are an amazing youtuber Ali-A and if u love cod then keep it going

  • .
    . 2 years ago

    You're not a kid tho. Grow up and fuck off

  • Cj Coetzee
    Cj Coetzee 2 years ago

    Are ali a going to play COD games or not 😢

  • DeadGiraffe
    DeadGiraffe 2 years ago

    I want to watch Pokemon not cod or something :(

  • Yaty
    Yaty 2 years ago

    At 0:02 it dosent even sound like I

  • Ricardo xd
    Ricardo xd 2 years ago

    break up with clare

  • wolf born
    wolf born 2 years ago

    Ali a don't apologize your sub's love you as a person even if we all love cod we understand I'm sure everyone agrees

  • Aaronistic
    Aaronistic 2 years ago

    Man. Thought he was apologizing for calling Battlefield 1 a Ww2 game with medieval weapons and tanks.

  • Harvz Vlogz
    Harvz Vlogz 2 years ago

    We accept And I love your Pokemon go vids as well

  • Paco- Jesus
    Paco- Jesus 2 years ago

    It's okay we understand

  • Joshua lambert
    Joshua lambert 2 years ago

    Don't worry ali a

  • Subscribe to Hush
    Subscribe to Hush 2 years ago

    Alias strange addiction

  • Fag Bag
    Fag Bag 2 years ago

    When his second channel gets more subscribers I'm done with Alia I've been subscribed to him since 100k just for cod but I'm starting to think he just doesn't care about his main channel anymore

  • Yung Slit
    Yung Slit 2 years ago

    You should be sorry for clickbaiting the shit out your vids

  • Gavin Texada
    Gavin Texada 2 years ago

    Come on dude pokemon sucks

  • Domingo Felipe
    Domingo Felipe 2 years ago

    He should upload on FRIDAYS

  • lol
    lol 2 years ago

    "It's taken over my life." No, you could've sat down and uploaded then played it. You're not taking fucking 48 hour walks on Pokemon go. You would also have time for your girlfriend and the dog. It's just that you chose Pokemon go over call of duty. It's not taking over your life you dumbass lol

  • Moist Towelette
    Moist Towelette 2 years ago

    ive been binge watching your old b02 and ghosts videos so ali dont worry about anything you have provided all of us years of entertainment so you owe us nothing. in fact we owe you a MASSIVE thank you.

  • digdogg
    digdogg 2 years ago

    contragz on 8,000,000 subs. been here been since 10,000,000. . . i know I'm original xD

  • edris miran
    edris miran 2 years ago

    i thought he was gonna say sorry for all the clickbaits

  • Conall O Cuirrin
    Conall O Cuirrin 2 years ago

    I kinda feel bad for Alistar😒 He really cares for his subscribers and he feels bad that he can't make videos for us subscribers on his main channel as much as he'd like. Keep it up Ali, you've done so much for us over the years and I understand your busy with your real life and the growth on your second channel. We'll all still be here for you❤️💯🙌

  • Old man G and family
    Old man G and family 2 years ago


  • Aqeel Khan
    Aqeel Khan 2 years ago

    i want your pokemon go vid

  • Aqeel Khan
    Aqeel Khan 2 years ago

    about play pokemon go on your main channel

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar 2 years ago

    Sorry for what

  • Sexual Chocolate Robbie

    You suck at battlefield 1.

  • Callum Fowler
    Callum Fowler 2 years ago

    can you please do a life stream supply drop opening

  • tonkerdog1
    tonkerdog1 2 years ago

    You go dude u got your rhythm and u have your child hood memories of Pokemon and ye keep going forward and no one blames u good luck

  • CC-4477
    CC-4477 2 years ago

    I think that people who use emojis in comments need to stop.

  • VeryCool22
    VeryCool22 2 years ago

    why is there so many dislikes on alis new videos

    RBD GOÄT 2 years ago

    When ever he does a TVclip title like that makes me think of something way worse

  • ImHwk
    ImHwk 2 years ago

    I haven't been to your channel in about 6 months but it only showed 2 videos on my video feed. I had no clue that you even played pokemon go.

  • Grizi 7
    Grizi 7 2 years ago

    bro FUCK pokemon go alia your channel sucks now it use to be so cool but now i just dont like it just had to say this thnx

  • epicdude287
    epicdude287 2 years ago

    I am a small TVclipr and things in my life has been really hard too. everyone in my family doesn't seem to care about me. I've seen family members feel sad for someone who loses at a game. then make fun of me for complaining about games. my dad made it so if I get A's all throughout the school week I'll get an hour on my pc. but that's the least of my worries. my brother is in the hospital from brain surgery from a brain tumor. this happened almost immediately after my other brother (who makes fun of me for being a little over weight, and having my name rhyme with dodo.) got better from leukemia. and that is the reason I have not been uploading recently. my family thinks I'm aggressive and that breaks my heart. I just want to make people happy. this is why I end up alone on video games and my tablet all day. I still have youtube which I can only make videos of footage I already had. and I do youtube to make people laugh. I am not making this up. but I wish I was.

    • epicdude287
      epicdude287 2 years ago

      if you see some of my comments and description all link together it would make sense. "who showed this video (bye xbox 360 by brysi) to their dad this to show video games aren't useless..?" "I'll have a long wait from making videos (my video of bf4 funny moments 3) id go into detail but I won't and can't."

  • Vertex Gaming
    Vertex Gaming 2 years ago

    I love my Fred

  • Ethen Kemble
    Ethen Kemble 2 years ago


  • Thebeastlytigerplayz _

    U need to learn how to balance don't ditch the people that made u what u are today Ali'a I really do like u but this ain't like u 😔

  • spännrik
    spännrik 2 years ago

    He have never post videos rapidly. What a manchild

  • Nelly Nelson
    Nelly Nelson 2 years ago

    shut the fuck up and look at ur channel, one a week, damn

  • Best Friends
    Best Friends 2 years ago


  • Best Friends
    Best Friends 2 years ago


  • Best Friends
    Best Friends 2 years ago

    No coming back

  • Best Friends
    Best Friends 2 years ago

    He lost all his fans

  • Isaac Forshee
    Isaac Forshee 2 years ago

    I'm not saying I don't care about your life and Pokemon go I only care about call of duty I'm saying I don't care about your life and pokemon go I want Minecraft

  • RaymondNinjaTV on YouTube

    Plz make the last ep of Ali a islands you left off on the squid

  • Toasty Snuckel
    Toasty Snuckel 2 years ago

    He said he's sorry for making too much poke mom go he links his Pokemon channel in the description after saying sorry

  • Mr Lonely
    Mr Lonely 2 years ago

    It's blowing up for Pokemon cuz everyone realizes that call of duty is dead

  • Dr. ew
    Dr. ew 2 years ago

    Ali ! Stop making clickbait video names!!
    It's immature...

  • Ali C
    Ali C 2 years ago

    It's okay Ali-A I forgive you :)

  • Nbk Legend
    Nbk Legend 2 years ago

    Ali a do sneak theif

  • tikipfly
    tikipfly 2 years ago

    its ok ali-a. now back to pokemon go. lol

  • Deacon Bailes
    Deacon Bailes 2 years ago

    It's okay ali

  • Deacon Bailes
    Deacon Bailes 2 years ago

    Same Stephen

  • BB123
    BB123 2 years ago

    Farking liar sell out bish

  • L Ey
    L Ey 2 years ago +1

    Everyone unsubscribe he said he is only going to make pokemon videos now on

  • John Hodgson
    John Hodgson 2 years ago

    tfw second channel has become main channel but tbh I prefer the viss on thee second channel

  • Charlie
    Charlie 2 years ago

    i thought your second channel was a minecraft channel

  • robin huizenga
    robin huizenga 2 years ago

    the clickbait is real agian

  • rayen ayari
    rayen ayari 2 years ago

    yea u are

  • Dul K
    Dul K 2 years ago

    Oh Pokemon Go = more views, let's only upload Pokemon Go Vids and shit on my other projects.
    If Pokemon Go dies you're fucked...

  • Josh Foy
    Josh Foy 2 years ago

    Because of your Pokemon videos I am watching this video. You are a machine for putting out all the videos you do, but you are also only human. You are without a doubt my favorite youtuber and I tell EVERYONE about your videos because your videos rock! My girlfriend and I watch your videos together and have a great time, I feel like I'm on the adventure with you, which btw would be awesome to actually go Pokemon hunting with you and Clare!! Keep it up, you're doing great don't think otherwise!!👍👍👍👍

  • J Wilson
    J Wilson 2 years ago

    Well stop doing daily Pokemon go videos on your second channel. I mean you can't say that you can't do cod vids, then take a break from Pokemon go. Plz bring back proper cod vids and take a break from Pokemon go 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • TheGamingPro Bh 2005
    TheGamingPro Bh 2005 2 years ago

    Ali a play overwatch please it an amazing game and play genji

  • theglitchz248
    theglitchz248 2 years ago

    i want youtubers life back

  • ElChef DeThick
    ElChef DeThick 2 years ago

    Pokemon go is stupid as fuck oh hey lets play a game where you stuff fucking stuffed aniamls in a ball its stupid its a game for 6 year olds stop playing that bull shit game and become your old self again and play a game thats not for kids i mean your a god damn adult ali

  • Smaller Animal
    Smaller Animal 2 years ago

    can u make a new minecraft survival series

    R4GEXBOSS 2 years ago

    Fucking alia says the same thing every time

  • Hala Madrid
    Hala Madrid 2 years ago


  • Manuel Pena
    Manuel Pena 2 years ago

    were are all the cod videos wtf

  • nintendude 360
    nintendude 360 2 years ago

    I understand but seriously pokemon go has taken over your life and I don't want an apology I want to see a lot more cod vid and you still aren't uploading and you are posting vid you posting trailer I now pokemon go is big but you made this channel for a good use of entertainment so please stop posting trailer and start working for your achievement Thanks and no harsh

  • Cujo-
    Cujo- 2 years ago

    I am kind of sad that there hasn't been many cod vids lately but as long as ur Pokemon go vids r doing well that's all I care about

    • Cujo-
      Cujo- 2 years ago

      But thinking about how many cod vids u post u should be able to post lots of Pokemon go vids

    • Cujo-
      Cujo- 2 years ago

      Even if u stop posting cod vids u will still be my fav youtuber

  • Mr Fudge
    Mr Fudge 2 years ago

    Ali you are an idiot your cod vids are well better and I'm not into the annoying game you can still upload your shity Pokemon go vids but you will looooooooose your awesome fans you've been playing cod longer so just carry on with it

  • Kelly Baker
    Kelly Baker 2 years ago

    im unsubbing no cod videos no subs

  • wesp202
    wesp202 2 years ago

    i think you need to blame the true reason BF1 makes COD look like the dogshit it is but you ignore the smell

  • Nick Valentine
    Nick Valentine 2 years ago

    This apology is bullsh*t. He is still no longer making consistent videos.

  • Spec VII
    Spec VII 2 years ago

    When u say u still like call of duty , u don't I can tell in your voice

  • Spec VII
    Spec VII 2 years ago

    Cod is better then Pokemon go, I'm not saying that u can't upload it, just upload on cod like you used to

  • Zach B
    Zach B 2 years ago

    pokemon go my butt black ops 3 YAAY!!!!!

  • Charlie Bissett
    Charlie Bissett 2 years ago +1

    He said he was sorry and still hasn't uploaded frequently.......
    cough cough exility cough cough

  • brenda mckeown
    brenda mckeown 2 years ago

    I like how he says this but he still is playing more Pokémon go on a second channel and he is not doing anything on his main channel

  • Greasy Twinky
    Greasy Twinky 2 years ago

    do you subbot or do your subscribers not watch your videos?