Testing Watercolor Sets under $25! Winsor & Newton, van Gogh, Sakura Koi, Sonnet & Foldable Set

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • Hey guys! Today we will test out 5 watercolor sets under $25! In this watercolor set review I will review the Winsor & Netwon Cotman, van Gogh, Sakura Koi, Sonnet and a foldable watercolor set that I've been seeing lately! Most of these watercolor paint sets are travel sets, but they are still great for beginners and if you are looking for a few watercolor set on a budget! Let me know what was your favourite in this watercolor review and if you use any of these waterolor sets!
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    ► Watercolor sets mentioned in the video:
    Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour
    amzn.to/2r0QCRP * (US)
    amzn.to/2EU8FBT * (UK)
    amzn.to/2srq8GC * (GER)
    ○ Superior Foldable Watercolor Set
    amzn.to/2SCFd6b * (US)
    amzn.to/2EWKAKM * (UK)
    amzn.to/2RzFTYT * (GER)
    ○ Sakura Koi
    amzn.to/2JyuyoM * (US)
    amzn.to/2RwdC5r * (UK)
    amzn.to/2SElWkF * (GER)
    ○ Sonnet
    amzn.to/2DhfBrg * (US)
    amzn.to/2CTkrtC * (UK)
    amzn.to/2Dkvr4e * (GER)
    ○ Van Gogh
    bit.ly/2SD18Kw (US)
    amzn.to/2CVxFWB * (UK)
    amzn.to/2CVmmOc * (GER)

    ❤ Film & Editing Gear ❤
    - Camera Canon 80D amzn.to/2HupbGl *
    - Canon Macro Lens amzn.to/2Q6eSM6 *
    - Camera Lens Sigma 30mm F1.4 amzn.to/2pNt3tk *
    - Canon Powershot G7 X amzn.to/2tkt5fm *
    - Studio Light amzn.to/2qLzjAZ *
    - Manfrotto Tripod amzn.to/2pT6WSg *
    - Blue Yeti USB Microphone amzn.to/2pNkjDv *
    - Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13
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Comments • 805

  • makoccino
    makoccino  11 months ago +238

    Hey guys! Happy Saturday! By popular demand I'm going to test out 5 popular brands under 25 Dollars! Let me know if you have experience with any of these sets and what you think of them!

    • Kendra Rogers
      Kendra Rogers 7 months ago

      I started on Arteza 18$ but have always been curious about these. Thanks for the video!

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    • Hoa Tư Lam
      Hoa Tư Lam 10 months ago

      @Richie Ray thanks

    • Richie Ray
      Richie Ray 10 months ago +1

      @Hoa Tư Lam Its schmincke akademie. But the price is double of the cotman's and van gogh's.

    • Everything WaterColor
      Everything WaterColor 10 months ago

      could u do a review on th other sets like the pastel and cocktail for the superior watercolors

  • I Am Not GOD
    I Am Not GOD 14 days ago

    I own the superior foldable watercolour set and it is really worth it!

  • Febin Abdulkabeer
    Febin Abdulkabeer 17 days ago

    Why did you made a black line there??

  • Ryen Kubin
    Ryen Kubin 22 days ago

    ur voice sounds so different when you were revewing the paits

  • Donna R
    Donna R 24 days ago

    I never realized how complicated water color painting can be...thank you for this very informative video!!!

  • Thomas Spiroch
    Thomas Spiroch 28 days ago

    This set with 42 colors looks always the same but has every time a other name😅 my are calls" i love art"

  • Abbey Victoria
    Abbey Victoria 28 days ago

    This crap is 40 bucks where I live

  • DaGarabatos
    DaGarabatos Month ago

    Great video!! It was surprising to me hearing that Van Gogh looked more chalky in comparison to Koi, my understanding of chalkiness is that it is more like a "feel" or a texture once the paint is dry. For instance, Koi watercolors when more concentrated but still rather thinly it can develop a chalky feel to it. I think I have tried Van Gogh like maybe just once in my life but I remember they felt almost like an artist grade watercolor, yes they are not as transparent but they don't feel or look chalky whatsoever! That's my understanding:) maybe i'm totally wrong since English isn't my first language either but let me know if I'm mistaken! Keep it up with the great content🤩

  • atiqur rahman
    atiqur rahman Month ago +1

    Can you please show how to paint hair with watercolor

  • jemaineee0
    jemaineee0 Month ago

    Love this review!
    Thanks gurl

  • G S
    G S Month ago

    This is fascinating! Thanks

  • Tristine
    Tristine Month ago

    pretty sure the van gogh set doesn't come with a black, that may be the paynes grey? i see the confusion though! love the comparison videos ^^

  • Brigette 5280
    Brigette 5280 Month ago +2

    I have the Winsor Newton one and it’s a pain in the butt to open..

  • Hina Khan
    Hina Khan Month ago

    Plz tell me about giorgione watercolour set thx

  • LylaTube
    LylaTube Month ago +1

    To solve the black line problem, you can simply outline at the end

  • sonia jayanthi
    sonia jayanthi Month ago

    This review is making me nervous. I use Van Gogh since the first time I tried Watercolor 3 years ago. It's not that bad I guess.

  • Aysenur Ulu
    Aysenur Ulu Month ago

    Actually in Van Gogh set there is no black. That color is Panye's Grey :) So, I think, it is good for a grey.

  • Andrea Kronengold
    Andrea Kronengold Month ago

    Thank you for this video! You taught many important strategies! Again, thank you!

  • Nguyễn Vy Slimey
    Nguyễn Vy Slimey Month ago

    uowwwwwwww love you😍💕💋😘

  • Iris Bos
    Iris Bos 2 months ago

    I have the Van Gogh set and I love it! It’s so pigmented and the colors are just beautiful. I definitely recommend!

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang 2 months ago

    how bigis the foldable/superior set?(the 42 color set)
    im planning to buy it

  • Adriana Perez
    Adriana Perez 2 months ago

    Thank you so much!! I´ve just started painting with watercolors (The very cheap ones) just to try it out and I really enjoy it. Hence, I wanted to get a better quality set but didn´t know which one to buy. Thanks to your video, I made up my mind. :D

  • Fruity Booty
    Fruity Booty 2 months ago

    does anyone know watercolor sets that colors don't really fade or don't fade at all but is still good quality and cheap at the same time?

    • M K
      M K 2 months ago

      Fruity Booty honestly Windsor and Newton is your best bet. All watercolors fade in some way. The only way to prevent this as much as possible is by sealing your work with a protectant acrylic sealant

  • Burial
    Burial 2 months ago

    awesome video

  • Aude Kouame
    Aude Kouame 2 months ago

    Can u try jelly gouache on amazon I want to buy it but don’t know if it’s good

  • Joe surfer
    Joe surfer 2 months ago

    Cotman is complete junk compared to Van Gogh. Iv used both for many years. Only reason I have cotman is because they were a gift.

  • ay yo
    ay yo 2 months ago

    Woah... I just realised how much I love your channel

  • Kimperfect Plans
    Kimperfect Plans 2 months ago

    Your videos are so helpful!!! And i had the same problem with the Sakura water brush 😂took me so long to figure it out looool

  • Marcela Rivas
    Marcela Rivas 2 months ago +1

    I have experience with Daley Downey watercolor tubes, though sometimes they can be really chalky, they are actually my go-to brand to get cheap art supplies

  • reba billy
    reba billy 2 months ago

    Thank you so much this was so much fun and relaxing to watch and now I know what to buy ;)

  • Mahadewi Suci
    Mahadewi Suci 2 months ago +1

    that superior watercolor is 42 color and i think its super cheap for $16 watercolor in my place.

  • E.BLVD
    E.BLVD 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video~ 💖💖💖

  • creative solutions
    creative solutions 3 months ago

    Maybe the sets that showed the most chalking Blended the best because of those fillers?

  • XxWeirdoxX
    XxWeirdoxX 3 months ago

    i saw my watercolors in here so i clicked

  • thomas k
    thomas k 3 months ago

    Daler-Rowney makes a set similar to the Windsor-Newton one. I was very pleased with the results. Lost mine but found another at Walmart for around $12.

  • Uni Draw
    Uni Draw 3 months ago

    Quality or quantity?

    Sike i take both

  • Mariam Ahmed
    Mariam Ahmed 3 months ago

    I got the second reviewed one

  • { Starye }
    { Starye } 3 months ago +14

    My watercolor paper is from 20 years ago when my dad liked doing art but quit after 3 seconds.

  • Ian Jackson
    Ian Jackson 3 months ago

    as fare as i know the sonnet set is a branding name for white nights pro watercolour paints in some parts of the world and a a good entry level pro watercolor paint set, thanks for the video

  • ᄏᄏAi
    ᄏᄏAi 3 months ago

    The only problem that I’ve had with Windsor and newton is that the set doesn’t include a black :(

  • Lilly Pop
    Lilly Pop 4 months ago

    i literally just ordered the foldable paints

  • Ann-Marie Löfberg
    Ann-Marie Löfberg 4 months ago

    It feels good having the best colors here but I also have turn into tubes and Daniel Smith

  • Sani
    Sani 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for this helpful Video!

  • Jane Kennedy
    Jane Kennedy 4 months ago

    Great review 👍. I actually have the foldable watercolor set. I did some test with it and was disappointed in the way it didn't blend well and when you drop it into water it didn't react like watercolor is supposed to either. Good travel set if you just need a reference of a place you've been. Although a picture might be better now a days? I'd like to know if you have tested Crafts 4 All? It's made in China and I got it on AMAZON set of 24. I think I spent 14. ? I like the paint really mixes well and it blends really good and passed the drop test. Mine came in tubs and they full of pigment. I don't know about the sun dulling the paint but I would like your opinion on this paint. If you would do a review on this paint I would appreciate it. Oh I also bought another set in the dollar store, " Simply," it's called. It came in a set of 12 and in tubes for 5.00. Can you do a review on this set also? Thanks again 😊👍.

  • Recipe and Idea Chef Mey

    I love your drawing ✍🏻: )

  • 《K_U_R_O 》
    《K_U_R_O 》 4 months ago

    I begin with sonnet and now Shinhan,but sonnet have a good quality after all

  • mocha miri
    mocha miri 4 months ago

    God, im in LOVE with watercolors ;w;

  • Adeena's Amazing World
    Adeena's Amazing World 4 months ago

    I had trouble too

    ATUL PATEL 5 months ago

    Great testing criteria and methodical testing process.

  • Park Chim Chim
    Park Chim Chim 5 months ago +12

    Hey... i am using Sonnet and the colors blend very well... I don’t know, In my sketchbook, they blend very well.

  • sathya lakshmi
    sathya lakshmi 5 months ago +1

    It is very nice to compare and very easy to buy what I need thanks makoccino 👌

  • Savana Trudel
    Savana Trudel 5 months ago +1

    There is a brand that I never saw reviews on: The Mungyo professional watercolors, and the price is 25$ CAD for 12 colors

  • Annh Đăng
    Annh Đăng 5 months ago

    I bought Sonnet 24 colors just 10$

  • oof lol
    oof lol 5 months ago

    Try da arteza :ppp

  • oichiana akiko
    oichiana akiko 5 months ago

    could you also test Talens Art Creation aquarel , its from the netherlands, love your video's !!!

  • MsLadyFuchsia
    MsLadyFuchsia 5 months ago

    Can you review Paul Rubens watercolours? Would be great to get your feedback on them ;)

  • infinity nadine
    infinity nadine 5 months ago

    Are you going to do more brands with the same test?

  • Cris Watercolor Factory
    Cris Watercolor Factory 6 months ago +1

    Hello Mako, I loved the video! Have you ever tried Sennelier watercolors? I would love a comparison with other brands, they have student and professional grade! I really enjoyed the video, thank you!

  • Ken Fleming
    Ken Fleming 6 months ago +1

    0:10 pft hahahha

  • bhavya devganiya
    bhavya devganiya 6 months ago +2

    You are an amazing