The power to bless Orgone, Orgonite, Chi, Prana Targeted Individual

  • Published on Oct 4, 2016

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  • Leroy Cunningham
    Leroy Cunningham Year ago +1

    Jesus is not real

  • Funk Obama
    Funk Obama 2 years ago +1

    I just have a hard time saying bless obozo, the bush's clintons, etc. will try to stomach it tho......

  • QueenUmmi Maconcounty
    QueenUmmi Maconcounty 2 years ago

    Thank you. ....... blessing too you, safety, and abundance economically. Ameen

  • sanskritmantra
    sanskritmantra 2 years ago

    dear god if it be thy will may the powers of nature converge to create a unique energetic matrix in and around (whatever you want to bless) change all energies that are nonbenificial to me to energies that are highly beneficial to me increase the beneficial energies to the maximum without causing imbalances clear all energetic blockages and create a smooth and harmonious and perfectly balanced flow of energy thru all of whatever it is you said for now and into the future for as long as it is in existence.. in deep and sincere gratitude to you amen Namaste

  • Jonathan Paul
    Jonathan Paul 2 years ago +2

    spot on brother! the power each one of us have is beyond comprehension. imagine harnessing just a fraction of the trillions of hydrogen atoms in us (which you just did:)) we're evolving like crazy which helps explain why the attack on humanity has escalated at the rate it has. their time has come. peace, much luv 2all

    DIAMOND LIL 2 years ago

    A quick question to anyone who would like to help me with an answer.............
    "Is it possible for Orgonite to heal the body.... say, like chronic diseases, muscle pain and slow immune system?" Thanks!!

    DIAMOND LIL 2 years ago

    Good Idea. Bless HARRP :-)