10 Terrifying Implications of the Matrix Universe - After Hours


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  • AllZac'dUp
    AllZac'dUp Day ago

    I love pretty much every idea Daniel puts forth.

  • Srecko Bozic
    Srecko Bozic 15 days ago

    Life is real,but the wey we live it is not.

  • Kilravok
    Kilravok 17 days ago

    Two points...
    1: I is pretty evident that the "real" world is another layer of the matrix, otherwise Neo would not have been able to shut down the sentinels and see Agent Smith's "aura" in the possessed body or the energy conduits on the way to machine city after being blinded.
    2: the energy fallacy is invalid. The makers intended originally to have the machines use humans for CPU and RAM capacity, not electricity. The guy from the studio who green lighted the production projected his own ignorance about computers into the entire viewership, claiming that nobody would understand the "humans as computer processing power" concept, forcing the lazy and completely flawed battery allegory.

  • Storm Blessed
    Storm Blessed 18 days ago

    2:44 nipple pinching?

  • Antony Drossos
    Antony Drossos 22 days ago

    5:05 if Ned Flanders obeys EVERY commandment in the Bible ("even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff), is that why he only has sons? Because he sold his daughters into slavery?
    7:49 Kusanagi did exactly this in a mini-chapter in the original "Ghost in the Shell" manga

  • jodie _dodie
    jodie _dodie 23 days ago

    I need a t-shirt that says "Terrible! Just! Dreck!"

  • Rafael Cruz
    Rafael Cruz 25 days ago

    Thank you for your reference to Karl Popper. Another adventure of learning: here I go! Great video!👍

  • Derek Fuller
    Derek Fuller 27 days ago

    I needed that.

  • Get LIT
    Get LIT 28 days ago

    These guys high aren't they?

  • uncleweirdbeard
    uncleweirdbeard 28 days ago

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  • Jay Obrien
    Jay Obrien 29 days ago

    I miss this so much

  • EndSpire Cuts
    EndSpire Cuts Month ago

    "Keanu Reaves is Kung Fu Super-Jesus," I laughed so hard I nearly sharted! (00:28)😂

  • The Man With A Million Names

    I cry at your gravestone, After Hours.

  • DrewOP88
    DrewOP88 Month ago


  • Darrell Prince`
    Darrell Prince` Month ago +1

    the ending was hilarious life is but real

  • PeteONeillBass
    PeteONeillBass Month ago

    Elon Musk needs to see this immediately.

  • Roger Cruz
    Roger Cruz Month ago

    You know originally the idea was to use human's brain power as a giant cpu cluster. They thought the general public wouldn't get it and used the battery thing instead.

  • owlflame
    owlflame Month ago

    I forgot about your channel. I still don't know why I'm supposed to watch

  • Mordecai
    Mordecai Month ago

    People like this? She is awful.

  • Fallout Jesus
    Fallout Jesus Month ago

    Old gang is best gang. The new episodes are such hot garbage.

  • Joe Mullin
    Joe Mullin Month ago

    I'd prefer the theories discussed without the bad acting and stupid humour.

  • ClareBearPhD
    ClareBearPhD Month ago

    Even if this is all a program like the Matrix, who cares? Might as well enjoy the ride. And even if you do prove that this reality is a matrix and escape to the 'real' world, how do you know that's not just another matrix? I say it's best to just stay put and try to improve what you've got.

  • Steve White
    Steve White Month ago

    Matrix 1,2,3 is The Terminator part 4, 5, and 6.

  • Steve White
    Steve White Month ago

    I guess I don't really understand why computers even existed in the matrix world. How would they have dialed into the Matrix with no phones.

  • Dan Coveney
    Dan Coveney Month ago


  • Redcap Goblin
    Redcap Goblin Month ago

    Who is that smoking hot redheaded lady of mystery?

  • LordSugarbaby
    LordSugarbaby Month ago

    This video was so woke- my brain is denying it's thought process.

  • Duros360
    Duros360 Month ago

    Wait I just assumed that Zion was an "Outer Matrix", everyone who is "awake" are the only ones who are real (with all other characters not unplugged are like npc's) and the whole thing is scripted, at the end of the movie everyone just gets their memories wiped because they're still plugged in. Everyone who's plugged in are just experiencing this, like a dream/movie that plays out for those plugged in asleep, no-one else is real, it's all just a fiction made by the machines to trick the humans to "staying asleep", like how if you sometimes suspect a dream is actually a dream you often wake up... just my assumption :P lol

  • 100% Drunk
    100% Drunk Month ago

    EW! Dirty hipster said segway, downvoted.

  • DL V
    DL V Month ago


  • Tim Driedger
    Tim Driedger Month ago

    I miss this series. :'(

  • jopageri1964
    jopageri1964 Month ago +1

    "NERD!!!" Hilarious stuff, kids. Food for thought. Thanks.

  • Charles Holimon
    Charles Holimon Month ago

    people actually like their lame ass attempt ant humor? these all see like the people that make a point that every knows and they say "sound familiar" like we are all fuckin idiots and never thought of any of this before.." but whyyy????..." (rubs chin) fuck..off..

  • MrKushinator420
    MrKushinator420 Month ago

    giant cringefest.

  • MrKushinator420
    MrKushinator420 Month ago

    Also, if you guys are gunna do discussions like this, use a realistic fucking setting. The whole flashing OPEN sign just upsets me. It's obviously scripted. If you actually acknowledged that, you might get double the views. Fake asses.

  • MrKushinator420
    MrKushinator420 Month ago

    NEAT! "Now is the winter of our discontent" ok, you guys can fuck off, I see why you do videos like this. Your wives are busy fucking some randoms.

  • Jacob Johansson
    Jacob Johansson Month ago

    The matrix is a cool idea but the movies are really gay

  • angelrosas999
    angelrosas999 Month ago

    French dude is satan

  • Zim Rivas
    Zim Rivas Month ago

    Libtards would take the blue pill because y’all love living in la la land where everything free and you don’t have to work for anything. Pussies

  • MrNiwen
    MrNiwen Month ago

    i miss you guys

  • Khanza Vega
    Khanza Vega Month ago

    It's kinda strange that at 9:19 it looks like shes eating a red pill🤔

  • datphukkamarv m
    datphukkamarv m Month ago

    3:30 sounds like god from the preacher series

  • tartarus216
    tartarus216 Month ago

    Not funny

  • Nova2512
    Nova2512 2 months ago

    *My matrix theory is the best. The terminator movies are prequels to the matrix. And it’s a gene John Connor has because of time travel boning, that leads to the ones being able to do what they can*

  • Tattoo Johnny
    Tattoo Johnny 2 months ago

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  • Tattoo Johnny
    Tattoo Johnny 2 months ago

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  • Antony Drossos
    Antony Drossos 2 months ago

    I think Dan was smoking the same weed that Elon Musk uses....

  • Evera Outta
    Evera Outta 2 months ago

    Your last names had to be O'Brien.

  • artpipe TX
    artpipe TX 2 months ago

    Is this conversation scripted?

  • inevitabledecline
    inevitabledecline 2 months ago

    It's a heatsink. Killed me.

  • Profmorphious123
    Profmorphious123 2 months ago

    I like it.

  • Sploogmaster2
    Sploogmaster2 2 months ago

    No real point in commenting on an old video on a half dead channel, but Deus Ex Machina fucking means "God in the Machine." That is actually the perfect name for the leader of the machines.

  • Charles Woodruff
    Charles Woodruff 2 months ago

    This was horribly dumb.

  • Coffey Flavour
    Coffey Flavour 2 months ago

    The animatrix was great, I'd rather see that return as a like animated tv show.

  • William Ozier
    William Ozier 2 months ago

    My After-Hours theory is that Idiocracy, Wall-E, and the Matrix in that order are a trilogy.

  • ty graves
    ty graves 2 months ago

    i miss u guys

  • kareem222
    kareem222 2 months ago

    intro feels like i'm being splooged on it's gross

  • kegan marreo
    kegan marreo 2 months ago

    In the matrix they Used humans as CPU power they only said battery in the movie because they thought people would be to stupid to know what that was

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings 2 months ago

    Omg will ferrel is the architect? :D I need to see all the movies

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings 2 months ago

    Wait, a minute. If the Matrix was created by humans to keep the robots in control, whats the point of making them super intelligent? The Matrix would have to reseemble the real world in order for any of their processing power to be useful. For instance, if you have the day/night cycle line up, you could use a robot to detect whether its day or night, and then input that information to the real world. But only if they are able to detect something happening in the real world are they useful.

    *Or maybe its all just a fun little experiement :)*

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings 2 months ago

    8:12 Hipocrite XD

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings 2 months ago

    What if all the humans are atually robots, but their taught that they are "humans" on "planet earth" and only a very very small percentagge of their processing power is actually used on Earth. But, of course, what would be the point of complex things, like single celled organisms, or astrology? If humans made the Matrix, they would have no reason to make it any more complicated than a Simpsons Halloween Special. *Naturally, humans and robots will believe what they see, and theres no reason for them to assume theres something above the sky except for a giant light blue tarp and some giant balls of cotton candy if they've been taught that from birth*

  • etherraichu
    etherraichu 2 months ago

    Back when Cracked used to be good.

  • olliemad
    olliemad 2 months ago

    shit I remember when I use to look forward to these coming out

  • anyu sun
    anyu sun 2 months ago

    after hours come back!

  • maelissa kluckman
    maelissa kluckman 2 months ago

    the matrix is a trans metaphor

  • MadamFoogie
    MadamFoogie 2 months ago

    I miss this.

  • Rainier Hood
    Rainier Hood 3 months ago

    Um.......01 is the number 1 in binary......you can put zeros in front of shit in binary and it has the same effect as putting it in front of base 10 numbers aka nothing.

  • Jericho
    Jericho 3 months ago

    Could you all be less annoying?

  • Rv f
    Rv f 3 months ago

    I am very drink lads

  • connect2reality
    connect2reality 3 months ago

    I have a theory that the matrix is a movie about a simulation where the characters don't know they're being played by actors.

  • Carl C'Q
    Carl C'Q 4 months ago

    also to the Oracle ate some candy that look like a red pill. So what if neo saw that an keep his choice for himself as a sacafice for the one he love. An after he lost her all be had was the people in his mind. Because if smith would have lost neo could have done the same thing. I think neo lost everything in belief, reason, love an self worth to just I want to see another place peacefully. But he like nature went out fighting an accepting if ur a god fearing or believing man an he was or at least was before an more.

  • Carl C'Q
    Carl C'Q 4 months ago

    Neo is the the unknown articutech , an everything before. For he seen many of himself before. Member trinity said he had a choice in the first matrix, but he knew what would happen if he walked down that road. Neo had nothing in a past of family or love so why do we live if not for love. Neo said that outside had curiosity, in the white rabbit . An that killed the cat! So neo world is only what he knew until he unplug of what we know, could have been a drug for pills aren't part of history or a real cure, its mostly a illusion. An religionwise we are all in his likeness but world we didn't create an in a different world if not the real world. Who from we are taught don't like a law breaker , superior being, if not but to be a hero at all risk for mankind in what we believe. An I came to the theory matrix is in are mind keeps us busy. An ever since then in real Life.since then people believe more in there heads the things there doing outside the outsider. An sadly u can tell the in society by sad event's. An before then violence didn't get believable until unbelievable viewing. An sadly technology is the matrix an the movie is just a view into the future an what we creat as man and in are minds, to past in a cycle history until extinction. Matrix is Pandoras box an we all have are part in it.

  • Silly Swirls
    Silly Swirls 4 months ago

    Cracked please more after hours and people talking and no more of that other trash

    • etherraichu
      etherraichu 2 months ago

      Sadly, everyone in this video no longer works for Cracked.

  • Nkiruka J
    Nkiruka J 5 months ago

    She definitely could have just said “Life is NOT a dream” 😂

  • Jori Roberts
    Jori Roberts 5 months ago

    Its funny because Humans always think of the worse case scenario but I think we could make a matrix for our super computers so they don't rise up and kill us.
    Thanks Cracked now I don't feel like an alienated weirdo XD

  • K T Mal
    K T Mal 5 months ago

    Is that a Tesla Shirt????? i want a Tesla Shirt.

  • Art In The Dark
    Art In The Dark 5 months ago

    2:45 I never noticed someone nipples were being twisted in this shot lol

  • Josh G
    Josh G 5 months ago

    Neo - took the Red Pill... You even referenced the scene.

  • Sian R
    Sian R 5 months ago

    Did anyone else get the 25min ad before the vid?

  • ADerpyReality
    ADerpyReality 5 months ago

    If the Matrix was true I'd own Coca-cola, somehow.

  • Kobbe
    Kobbe 5 months ago


  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 6 months ago

    I love the matrix!

  • Munchycrust
    Munchycrust 6 months ago

    I always felt that every iteration of the Matrix just kept going further in. So if there were 7 like the Architect said then Zion was only the 5th Matrix and each time the Matrix program become a corrupt (aka: people become unruly) they make a new Matrix within a Matrix to further trap the minds of the humans.

  • Peter Roberts
    Peter Roberts 6 months ago

    Bloody good views....

  • Alexia Gordy
    Alexia Gordy 6 months ago

    BTW Persephone was not kidnapped...she just fucking liked the underworld and hades isn’t a bad guy.

  • Kenny Craig
    Kenny Craig 7 months ago

    The Matrix is inside a Matrix inside a Matrix inside a Matrix etc...The Arcutick

  • luciferangelica
    luciferangelica 8 months ago

    she's just here to be female, no need to write any decent lines for her

  • Tyrant-Den
    Tyrant-Den 8 months ago

    I figured the whole story was a re-telling Genesis.

  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge 8 months ago

    Re-watching this, I am reminded of the Star Trek episodes with Professor Moriarty, who is created as a simulation capable of giving Data a challenge and becomes sentient. Long story short, they created a simulation of the universe to make him think that he is free so explores a universe that he believes to be reality just to keep him busy.

  • Mike D
    Mike D 9 months ago

    I just figured the flaw in Dan's theory. If the computers are in a double reverse matrix, they're useless. So to be in a Matrix situation, all the inputs a brain (or CPU) recieves have to be of the fake existence, otherwise the brain would definately find out everything is a lie. So, for Dan's theory, there has to be a vast, ulta-powerful super computer AI that can't run anything but Matrix.exe. you try to open pornhub, it instantly realizes there is a user fucking with it. If you can't use the computer to, y'know, compute, what's the point of keeping it around?

  • bosnitski
    bosnitski 9 months ago

    So the Matrix is WoW for robots?

  • Speaty
    Speaty 9 months ago

    My friends aunt dated Keanu Reeves for a bit, he is a nice guy👍🏻

  • jaglinuxmint
    jaglinuxmint 10 months ago

    Superb thinking

  • William Jenkins
    William Jenkins 10 months ago

    Katie got some huge t.......

  • zact lee
    zact lee 11 months ago

    life is but a dream.

  • MrParkerman6
    MrParkerman6 11 months ago

    What if we are all the result of God being all alone and left to his own devices?

  • Knuckle Nine
    Knuckle Nine 11 months ago

    Pur-so-fonie not pur-sofo-ne

  • Arcade Domination
    Arcade Domination 11 months ago

    The best episode. Period.