Steelers vs. Patriots Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the New England Patriots during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 6 324

  • Billy Truong
    Billy Truong 6 hours ago

    Patriots and Steelers are enemies however both of them got six

  • Richard Bain
    Richard Bain 2 days ago

    The Only Team That Can Beat The Patriots Is Themselves!

  • Bill Greene
    Bill Greene 3 days ago +1

    It’s krazy how I use to hate Tom Brady with passion, but now I’m starting to realize the dude’s the goat

  • nn nn
    nn nn 3 days ago +1

    Ahh. Seems like a lifetime ago when the offense plays good. Hopefully everyone gets healthy again soon.

  • Sean Carrell
    Sean Carrell 6 days ago

    Dude I'm not even a steelers fan but this is why we call you worthlessberger like are you for real

  • Sean Carrell
    Sean Carrell 6 days ago

    Dude where tf is the Steelers offense let alone defense jesus

  • Brassfield Zendejas
    Brassfield Zendejas 16 days ago

    You can watch it live online , but you need pay for it , on ScreenVariety Tv

  • Charisma 101
    Charisma 101 20 days ago +2

    9 - 28 -19
    The ( CENTER ) was the
    "" CENTER "" of attention

  • william sharpe
    william sharpe 21 day ago

    Wow that catch Josh Gordon made deep down the seam with 3 defenders around was amazing. He saw the hard collision coming and still secured the ball before he tucked and prepared for the hit. I’m a Colts fan so I inherently hate the Patriots but I can’t help but show this man love. He had to leave football because of addiction. Instead of letting it bring him down and sinking further into his addiction and depression, he hit his rock bottom one day and decided it was time to bounce back. He finally beat his demons and got back in football shape and now he’s out there making monster plays on the biggest stage. Sometimes he looks like a man amongst boys out there. He almost lost his career and it made him hungrier and you can tell by the way he plays. Feed that man the ball Tom. Much love and respect to this man. He’s living proof that it aint never too late and we can all bounce back from any situation if we’re determined and strong-minded.

  • NateOutdoors _
    NateOutdoors _ 21 day ago

    I thought Tom Brady was going to retire

  • rich the savage
    rich the savage 23 days ago

    Pats rule

  • psycho zebra
    psycho zebra 23 days ago

    I can't believe I used to believe this was real.

    • Spiff Kid
      Spiff Kid 22 days ago

      psycho zebra omfg 🤦‍♂️

    • psycho zebra
      psycho zebra 22 days ago

      @Spiff Kid absolutely, 100 0/0.

    • Spiff Kid
      Spiff Kid 22 days ago

      psycho zebra so you actually think it’s all rigged, like WWE or something?

    • psycho zebra
      psycho zebra 22 days ago

      @Spiff Kid My dad tried to tell me it was all rigged back in the early eighties, but I wanted to believe . I finally grew up some years back.

    • Spiff Kid
      Spiff Kid 22 days ago

      I can’t believe you still don’t.

  • Brassfield Zendejas
    Brassfield Zendejas 23 days ago

    ScreenVariety Tv

  • Noel Quiñones
    Noel Quiñones 25 days ago

    This Brady guy looks promising. 👏👏👏

  • leslie choudhury
    leslie choudhury 25 days ago +2

    I don't even know why people still wanna play against us anymore? We should go straight to Superbowl and play against the best team from the rest....Go PATS.

  • Robert King
    Robert King 25 days ago

    Man not only are the pats killing it on the offensive but on the defensive as well

  • Lone Puma
    Lone Puma 26 days ago +2

    Patriots marching one game at a time to the Super Bowl!!

  • Micscience
    Micscience 26 days ago

    Wow!! Steelers have a lot of work to do.

  • Kos Juludo
    Kos Juludo 27 days ago

    Tom Brady 12-3 all time vs. the Squealers! Brady OWNS this team!!

  • Jayqeeun Roblox
    Jayqeeun Roblox 27 days ago

    Woooo! LETS GOO PATS! :)

  • YourDaddy
    YourDaddy 27 days ago

    Patriots kick Shitsburgh ass so bad goddam

  • Craig H
    Craig H 28 days ago

    Pittsburgh should be ashamed.

  • terry tyler
    terry tyler 28 days ago

    its time for the Steelers to draft a quarterback

  • zo koko
    zo koko 28 days ago

    07:31 pretty much the whole pissburgh steelers season here.

  • Robert Montgomery
    Robert Montgomery 29 days ago +1

    You call these Steelers? Heck this is gonna be a very long year.

  • spacestarkid28
    spacestarkid28 Month ago

    New England's logo is the Illuminati symbol!!!

  • Heichou Cleanmaster

    Lets go pats

  • c k
    c k Month ago

    I need to know what winovich was saying to Ben.

    • Leggo Loon
      Leggo Loon Month ago

      Ben said something (my guess is "You're doing a good job!") and Chase Winovich said "Thanks!"

  • Chris Welsh
    Chris Welsh Month ago

    Injury to BR7 at 4:51...

  • 83017 !
    83017 ! Month ago

    Omg 6:04. Those 3 plays 🔥🔥

    P51D MUSTANG Month ago

    Offensive line for the Patriots looks pretty darn good. You have players making blocks 20 yards downfield. Brady should have another good year go Patriots! All the liberal lunatics hate the Patriots they're all crying now just like they've been crying for the last two years since Trump won the presidency and they'll be crying for another 6 years

  • Written Mirror
    Written Mirror Month ago +2

    That was a trouncing! Patriots have only one challenge this year; HEALTH...

    EAT MY GOAT Month ago

    You can't handle this big city life can you big ben

  • Vielka Rodriguez
    Vielka Rodriguez Month ago

    I didn't watch but watching this video this game hurt. Suck! I still believe Steelers can come strong.

  • Long Dang
    Long Dang Month ago

    Playing against the Steelers, the Patriots offense looked great, though not perfect. That's why they traded for Antonio Brown. Hopefully, they can expand the offense and throw more deep passes.

  • Tarik OM Fitness
    Tarik OM Fitness Month ago

  • van -
    van - Month ago

    y’all remember when this was a good match

  • XSquibX
    XSquibX Month ago

    Any time Edelman throws I get so pumped! lol

  • Trevor Bourgeois
    Trevor Bourgeois Month ago


    • Spiff Kid
      Spiff Kid Month ago

      That’s not very easy to do.

  • tyyahnna
    tyyahnna Month ago

    kind of sad i don’t see gronk anymore 😔

  • Josh Pellot
    Josh Pellot Month ago


    III BAKURYU III Month ago +1

    GIVE THE PATRIOTS THEIR RINGS, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini Month ago +1

    Whenever Edelman has the ball Commentator: HE CAN THROW! HE WAS A QB IN HIGHSCHOOL

  • animeniac
    animeniac Month ago +1

    Everybody talking cowboys destroyed giants 35 - 10. Then they saw this.

      EAT MY GOAT Month ago

      @Spiff Kid exactly

    • Spiff Kid
      Spiff Kid Month ago +1

      Can we talk about the pats vs dolphins game? 😂

  • Bub Bubby
    Bub Bubby Month ago

    Why would u pass it on 4&1...

  • ziyu zhao
    ziyu zhao Month ago

    i couldnot understand American football game,but i want

  • Bob& SilentJay
    Bob& SilentJay Month ago

    Why the hell did Washington (Pit) go straight out of bounds instead of going for the end zone on that deep, perfectly thrown pass? That was an almost guaranteed TD if he hadn't done that.

  • Clay Robert
    Clay Robert Month ago

    Brady’s arm looked as strong as Josh Allen’s in some of those throws.

  • Carter Hsu
    Carter Hsu Month ago


  • Sinbreaker
    Sinbreaker Month ago

    I watched this again just to see the carriage.

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili Month ago

      Mr. Gordan, we are really rooting for ya! Brady is sooo dam good, and the defense.....? Look out! Its only one game but damm.

  • tone1245
    tone1245 Month ago

    6:18 Jakobi really ran full speed into a brick wall

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili Month ago

      You might not like him, but Tom Brady is the best football player of all time

  • The Viking Dragon SKOL

    As a Viking fan : TB,,, itg......

  • Young Buck Volgs
    Young Buck Volgs Month ago

    Hey you are a big fan I have a

  • Shoresy 69
    Shoresy 69 Month ago

    Patriots look damn good

  • 5 Star Matchup
    5 Star Matchup Month ago

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili Month ago

      such a well-designed play 1:11

  • Zach Abramczyk
    Zach Abramczyk Month ago +5

    Why did James Washington run out of bounds he had a TD

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili Month ago

      Brady still nailing everything. Is he going to play until he's 50?

  • Pedo Bear
    Pedo Bear Month ago

    Steelers offense has left the chat
    Steelers defense has left the chat
    Steelers special teams has left the chat
    Steelers coaching has left the chat
    Steelers fans have left the chat
    Antonio Brown has entered the chat

    ANGEL TZEC Month ago

    Morons steelers

  • Mr Chris Carter FX
    Mr Chris Carter FX Month ago

    NE going to the playoffs again 🙄 they division sucks. After Brady retires who’s gonna be the best in that division gonna be cool to see

  • carlos alberto
    carlos alberto Month ago

    lololol what a sad game! good game my patriots!