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What Makes Popular Kids Popular?


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  • Safia_ Raccooni
    Safia_ Raccooni 6 hours ago

    -I can sing a bit
    -I can draw pretty well
    -many people think I look pretty but except my teeth lol
    -I’m pretty loud at times
    -always thinks about others.
    -not a bad girl who wants to be in a gang
    - loves memes. 😂👌
    Wut is my future? :>

  • Marc
    Marc 13 hours ago

    Im a nerd but not bullied because of intelligence, but because of my weight.

  • Gareth_Peasley
    Gareth_Peasley 23 hours ago

    Im a geek and do parkour and nobody cares i share my memories and jokes with my genuine friends this is why i like school. Everyone else whos popular usually try to find a way to embarass me or get me in trouble to seem cool and dominant.

  • Tatenda Nenhanga

    Ima bit of a nerd in high school living in a different country (so I don't know the language too well) IT'S HARD

  • Fräulein Traveller

    what about psychology of loners?

  • Lil Tism
    Lil Tism Day ago

    I ain’t like a jock cuz I suck at sports except I’m pretty good at lacrosse but I’m popular cuz I’m like funny and I’m not trying to brag I’m just saying you don’t have to be an amazing athlete to be popular

  • Gacha Productions

    I’m a popular kid at school but i’m nice :(

  • yubraj gurung
    yubraj gurung Day ago

    Nobody have time for getting into popular group

  • Better With Rylee


  • luke skywalker
    luke skywalker 2 days ago

    Pretty much no one puts people in categories in English schools only popular people.

  • Jazzie playz
    Jazzie playz 2 days ago

    I'm a popular girl but kind to some people depending how annoying they are and how much i hate them

  • X-tin 55
    X-tin 55 2 days ago

    Popular Kids in the Philippines:
    • Smart
    •Good looking
    •Good Fashion Sense
    •Has a lot of friends

  • Valeria A.
    Valeria A. 2 days ago

    *bruh it’s not that deep*

  • Dat Bitch
    Dat Bitch 2 days ago

    Oh shit I’m that church kid

  • Alex Hunter
    Alex Hunter 2 days ago

    My strategy is make people hate you so you aren’t disappointed when you realize you have no friends 😂

  • Batman videos Ultimate

    I’m in high school im not popular unless there is a fight with me involved and the popular kids are the ones who have money and cool clothes and supposedly good looks

  • Esay
    Esay 3 days ago

    Wanna be popular in 2019

    Do nothing.......boom your popular now

  • Robin Turnbull
    Robin Turnbull 3 days ago

    The people who act “popular” are just overly confident but not in their ability’s. There usually talkative and cause far more drama than needed, one minute there friends with someone and the next they are worst enemies. Most people end up engorging them and their petty dramas as they get to annoying.
    The people who get on and are friends with most people are seen as popular to those who are friends with them. (The ones with no drama and are good at subjects).

  • Natalie Itliong Fechter

    Wasn't bullied but wasn't popular just average which is ok too.

  • me3333
    me3333 4 days ago

    I went to high school from the end of 80's through beginning of the 90's and I was far from popular. I think there was about 3000 kids and I was close friends with like 9 of them. We weren't popular but not outcasts either and we had a pretty good time because we just didn't give a shit about popularity. I am still close friends with 4 of them to the point to consider them family to this day. There's a lyric of a song that is words to live by and as follows " Understand that friends come and go, but for the precious few you should hold on." These four friends are as much family to me as if they were blood and have helped me through more tuff times than I can count and at the end of the day that's all you really need. I wouldn't trade being more popular for the 4 friends I still have today for nothing in the world. You don't need a lot of friends just some good ones.

  • Apurbo Ghosh
    Apurbo Ghosh 4 days ago

    Does getting an A in certain subjects (not all) mean i am a nerd?well i wont mind

  • Aravis Královská
    Aravis Královská 4 days ago

    I am in highschool and I was pretty popular in middle school. Mostly because I was friend with everyone. The music group. The “cool” group. The theatre group. I even did sports. In highschool i gave up. Became lazy. Studied more. I am still friend with everyone... or at least I’m trying to.

  • Eric Mihopoulos
    Eric Mihopoulos 4 days ago

    How to be popular in Australia:
    - be loud, obnoxious
    - have a stupid sense of humour
    - wear a lot of Nike
    - use leisure time to go shopping / hang out at shopping centres
    - fail tests and brag about it ( but not always )
    - be all smiley, it’ll attract people to you
    - interact with people who aren’t ‘popular’, give yourself a good impression
    - be the one most teachers focus on, usually because of behavioural issues

  • bean the alien XxX
    bean the alien XxX 5 days ago

    I infacf was the anti germ weeb introverted drawing kid in the corner who hatted everyone and olny talked to people if i had to. And i remember one time im gym class we had to do wrestling and i refused beacause of the physical contact and got in trouble

  • specshdotnet
    specshdotnet 5 days ago

    I would just say I'm well known in my school

  • pink watermelon
    pink watermelon 6 days ago

    How to get popular in my class:
    Be relatable
    Make fun of shy kids (me)
    Wear trendy clothes
    And make sure that every shy kid hates going to school bc you bully them

  • pink watermelon
    pink watermelon 6 days ago

    Why can't we all just be nice to each other? Unfortunately that's not how our world works these days. 😞😢

  • First Name Last Name

    I'm very popular at my school but it's because I was suspended for threatening to shoot it to so popular but hated

  • Patrick Fuss
    Patrick Fuss 6 days ago

    My high school has no cliques

  • Tasia Carll
    Tasia Carll 7 days ago

    Id rather have a few good friends than many fake ones

  • Ana Kretonic
    Ana Kretonic 7 days ago

    I am myself

  • batonbeauty
    batonbeauty 8 days ago

    Celebrities' life purpose is to be the most popular.

  • FaZe Keagan
    FaZe Keagan 8 days ago +1

    I’m popular for being athletic

  • IAm Yn
    IAm Yn 8 days ago

    The popular kids at my highschool are popular coz they're smart af😂😂 i guess that's a good thing, tho

  • Dean Water
    Dean Water 8 days ago


  • QUEEN Babay
    QUEEN Babay 8 days ago +1

    bru for all those wanting to be popular don't dwell over it I'm a "popular" person but it just comes with drama, fake friends, clout chasers, and crushes that don't like you back because of "all the attention" they'll get

  • Phil Rubi
    Phil Rubi 9 days ago

    in short terms:
    1) brave/confident
    2) street smart
    3) very extrovert
    4) good looking

    yes thats all folk!

  • danielle villa
    danielle villa 10 days ago

    Im popular in school lol Im dating the most popular guy (hes a jock ) (captain) I am nice to everyone who is nice to me lol and I follow no one people follow me but I'm good at singing and I'm pretty so I'm told but I dont have designer clothes but I know how to dress and I'm outgoing... I don't have problems with drugs, Achohol or the law .... And I'm also a virgin lol I want to wait which is why people think a lot of guys go after me ... I'm also smart and I get good grades.. but yeah I'm 16 and life ...considering all the stuff going around me it's good I guess lol I have an awesome boyfriend who respects me ... an awesome best friend...

  • water droplets
    water droplets 10 days ago

    Attitude is what makes you popular😉😉

  • Chris Eats Toast
    Chris Eats Toast 10 days ago

    Elon Musk's wife was in the kitchen

  • LegendofZai
    LegendofZai 11 days ago

    Being smart is unhelpful in school but useful later in life

  • Abby's World
    Abby's World 12 days ago

    Why would fear get people popular

  • Shake hir
    Shake hir 13 days ago +1

    I was the fat loner in school who everyone hated the look of but kinda liked me because I never answered back and was nice to everyone
    Now I'm slender, successful, fairly wealthy (in my own way) in a committed relationship with someone who treats me well, got hit on many times when I was single (and still do but I'm not bragging) basically I can safely say life turned out pretty good for me
    I'm basically like Brad Pitts character in Friends. I've done well but I don't think my status at school necessarily has anything to do with it, everything just turned out well because I was a good person who treated people very well despite all the hate
    What goes around comes around and it doesn't matter whether you were a nerd, jock, popular kid or loner, those who were good to others still have a nice life now and those who were assholes are the ones who suffer now. Not all popular girls/guys were a-holes, I mean most were but some were actually super nice to me and still have a nice life now. its all about being a good person, good things come to good people.

  • Jihad against normies N Furries

    Schools are for normies and sheeps

  • 我是你爸爸Hey Siri

    “Dear Infographics peoples of the world, I would like to say that as a popular kid throughout my entire school life, you can still be successful. As a popular kid throughout my life obviously I had a lot of friends, I still worked hard in high school and studied, and finally got my degree in the business. I got a job in the Finance department for the city of Orange. It was a good paying job. Meanwhile I still was able to live the lives of a stereotypical popular Asian kid in high school. With a family of four kids. You can be popular and have a successful life, just wanted to point that out.” - my Dad

  • 我是你爸爸Hey Siri

    *he was definitely the nerd of his school...*

  • Molly Menne
    Molly Menne 14 days ago +2

    Anyone else in 2019?

    It’s not about being popular, it’s about being yourself!

      STICKLAIT 9 days ago

      I am being myself. But being myself got me popular for some reason... OOF

    WOLFGANG JERECIA 14 days ago

    Is my chat normal? By the way im a introvert im not good at being socialize with others and im salty hahahaha

    WOLFGANG JERECIA 14 days ago

    I dont follow anyone i follow myself and i dont care about popular ones there bullshit its look like im being manipulated

  • Olson Family
    Olson Family 14 days ago


  • Some random Girl passing by

    In school i am like a pre-popular or popular cz i do always or say smt funny i am not mean but social and i never never make fun of others cz i always there to help and i am not shy at all PS: i am not a nerd

  • Electro Shock
    Electro Shock 15 days ago

    I'm one of the most popular kids because I have dreads (My highschool is in then I'm)

  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 15 days ago

    Their dumbness

  • Isa Fredriksson
    Isa Fredriksson 15 days ago

    I’m not popular but I have friends and good grades. I don’t want to be popular cause I don’t think I’ll be happier if I am. I like the way I am and don’t need a lot of people that i don’t care about to like me.

  • Bunii
    Bunii 15 days ago +5

    At the very beginning the picture is from Gacha Life!

  • Anna Hillstrom
    Anna Hillstrom 15 days ago

    In my high school it's all about empathy and social skills. Humor (more for guys). Wearing popular clothes is relatively secondary but most of them do. Looks is very secondary, lots of popular kids are not pretty. Very few of the popular people are mean, they are often very nice and the football popular guys are sensitive and polite generally. Some are manipulative, but they'll have their downfall when people see who they are and drop them. Surprisingly, being the new kid in school is a very good way to get popular. People are eager to make friends with a new face unless the person is weird. Wealth is almost a disadvantage, because my school isn't that rich and I am probably at the top of that spectrum, so that makes me not as relatable.

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 16 days ago

    Popular ppl in school:
    Wears Hollister, Vans, Supreme, and some other stuff
    Be that one girl in a relationship
    Being rich
    Being athletic
    Being a outgoing Hispanic with an iPhone and arrogant or mischievous personality (if your hispanic)
    Be the troublemaker
    Be the smart person everyone knows and is usually friends with (cause most popular ppl are plain dumb)
    iPhones and flexing off ur Supreme or your money
    Be in the white girl or Latina girl group that has the one arrogant and snobbish girl/leader who is rude but tried to have the facade of being innocent somehow.
    Air Pods
    The ppl everyone despises and dislikes (never usually socializes with):
    The ppl who say I'm depressed (facading) and says y'all fake yet they acting like it
    The control freak aka Teacher's Pet (usually someone who would snitch on anyone)
    The group or person obessed with drawing or anime and games
    Ppl who don't help them finish a assignment for a class that's hard for them and that you have the class with them.

  • Ya B0!
    Ya B0! 16 days ago


  • Philip Nation
    Philip Nation 16 days ago

    I’m 11 and am considered as an person who do stupid things to get popular

  • Pavan Ponnan
    Pavan Ponnan 16 days ago

    To be popular you have to have a background of the people that are popular and for me being a nerd made me get affected and barely having any ‘real friends’ like people used me to complete their work.

  • Will Oxley
    Will Oxley 16 days ago

    There is NO SUCH THING as popularity! It’s all in your head! Once high school is over, where is all of that “fame” going? No one in college cares and if you don’t go to college, what you were in high school means literally nothing so I hope all of the “cool” kids have fun with life after high school because you won’t be receiving any attention.

  • slyfox 104
    slyfox 104 17 days ago

    Im ugly full way and dont reply something like saying "no,im sure you are beautiful" I really am and im not thristy for likes im just saying the truth

  • Grady C
    Grady C 19 days ago

    What makes popular kids popular is they are loud, disruptive, annoying, trendy, and dumb! Also immature people

  • Mathematics, Logic, and History

    I believe that kindness and empathy that you show to others will make you more popular and well liked

  • lil momo
    lil momo 20 days ago

    Ok the begining GACHAVERSE!!!

  • Spill The Tea
    Spill The Tea 20 days ago

    How to be popular in 2018 middle school

    Be super skinny
    Have expensive brands
    Social media
    Play fortnite
    Be mean
    Fail test

  • PRO Captains
    PRO Captains 21 day ago

    Like us being good looking is in our hands ,
    Its kinda sad to see u get loved for this type of shit
    If these are the means of being popular then ur honestly wastin ur time

  • Mr. Saturday Knight
    Mr. Saturday Knight 22 days ago

    Be a thot or player who isn't white that has the best shoes and the most weed.

  • acellarando
    acellarando 22 days ago +1

    Im ok in school as im safe ( a british term for not uptight and a complete dickhead) and i got the group leader out of isolation

  • Wandile Mthethwa
    Wandile Mthethwa 22 days ago

    in my school owning an iphone makes you quite popular. even if you can buy the latest samsung that even costs higher than an iphone, you still wont be excepted. even if you carry an iphone 4 or somethn, you will still be loved

  • GeekChic59
    GeekChic59 23 days ago

    Bi Maybe
    Likes memes
    Has 5 good friends and 15 kids who I like to hang out with

    What are my chances of being popular in highschool?

  • steven 111
    steven 111 23 days ago

    The vid is right about being good at a certain skill. I play lacrosse and made varsity as a freshman. I'm by no means bragging, but people start to notice you(atleast on the team). Outside of that anyone who doesn't know that, i'm the same old me, flyin on auto-pilot until I see someone I know maybe. But idk maybe its just cuz school has 4000 kids.

  • Alicia Fernández
    Alicia Fernández 23 days ago

    At least a thing is true, if you have good marks, you can (usually) forget about being popular.

  • Antare S
    Antare S 23 days ago

    Gimme help pls...
    How do I start a ”good” conversation?

    How do I participate in a longer conversation without making shot weird or fucking up by saying something random?

  • Lydi a
    Lydi a 23 days ago

    I have a twin sister. We’re total opposites and exactly the type the media loves to portray and play up. I’ve always been extroverted, confident, had a large amount of friends and borderline egotistical. She’s always been quieter, more studious, introverted and had few friends. She isn’t exactly socially awkward but I’m definitely the social butterfly. I’ve always been better at reading people and using it to my advantage, like manipulating situations to be in my favour. When we first went to high school, I immediately gained popularity and she had a few friends like it had always been. I went to parties, she stayed home and studied. I thought I had it super good, that is, until our later years. I had maintained popularity but now it’s getting to the point where it doesn’t matter. People like me are focused on cramming for big exams that will determine our futures, people like my sister are relaxed and everyone envies them. Popularity means nothing now that we’re about to go into the real world. I wish I could have gone to fewer parties and read more books because looking back, high school status is so much less significant than I thought it was. People like my sister will be winning in life, and what will us kids have to say, other than ‘I was super popular in high school’! That’s not job interview cred. The point is, school is for education. Don’t get caught up in a few years of happiness and peaking in high school rather than a lifetime of happiness and peaking in adulthood, where it actually matters. I’m gonna go revise now.

  • Ariel THE HUMAN
    Ariel THE HUMAN 23 days ago

    I'm a pretty friendly and outgoing (good grades) but I'm ugly, quite, and can get really agressive (with friends)
    I'm a goody two shoes that doesn't care how many friends I have cuz I only have a few GOOD friends
    So... Who cares how many friends you have, it only matters if you have good ones

  • Bundle Adeline
    Bundle Adeline 24 days ago

    I'm in secondary school, similar to high school

  • Hassaan Taufiq
    Hassaan Taufiq 24 days ago

    Who else is a popular loner?

  • Oceanna Carver
    Oceanna Carver 24 days ago

    I’m happy to say that at my school, most kids on my team build each-other up, and encourage each other to do a good job on schoolwork. No one bullies or does drugs. It’s really great. As for the other teams on my school, it’s a whole other story. But my team doesn’t really have cliques. We are all at different smartness levels but we all help each other Study and takes notes. We don’t gossip. We all know we are here to learn. And we do have fun sometimes. I’m not sure if that makes us nerds but no one bullies us.

  • Martin Max
    Martin Max 25 days ago

    Blonde ppl r always popular in school...

  • Alan Abelaye-Mateo
    Alan Abelaye-Mateo 26 days ago +1

    My friend got popular when he stood on his chair, slammed his notebook on the gdound, and walked out with no dialogue. This was because he and the teacher hated eachother!

  • Josie Gabriel
    Josie Gabriel 27 days ago

    In my school if you play 3 sports and are somewhat good at it ur popular it doesn’t have anything to with how pretty you are

  • Joshua Suliano
    Joshua Suliano 27 days ago

    being popular in my school:
    - white
    - athletic
    - name brand clothes
    - newest phone
    - tall
    - play fortnite

  • icey ninja2000
    icey ninja2000 28 days ago

    Hmmmmmmmm i am watching this video also i have never been there because im in 7th grade i will be in high school in 2 years

  • Minefreak ._.
    Minefreak ._. 28 days ago

    The popular kids, are the kids that have parents as teachers. And often they are very athletic. I’m just the one sitting at the lunch table with my couple friends.

  • Wes rob
    Wes rob 28 days ago

    1:00 was my school there was three types popular kids then followers and regular kids (even though regular kids were the smartest

  • Wes rob
    Wes rob 28 days ago

    THAT'S why HOME SCHOOL is a thing

  • Hannah sui
    Hannah sui 29 days ago

    I have 4 group's of friends and we rule the school together but we are the nice popular type

    • Hannah sui
      Hannah sui 29 days ago

      I'm from Japan tho so 8 dont know if its the same for you guys tho

  • Maci Lockett
    Maci Lockett Month ago

    I was popular for being ugly, does that count? lol

  • adelina the alien from jupiter

    How to be popular in English secondary schools:
    Have a michael kors/louis vuitton/Ted Baker (literally everyone has these)/gucci bag
    Don't contribute in lessons
    Scream and shout A LOT
    throw pens across classrooms
    Have good shoes
    Yup school sucks

  • Anacunda
    Anacunda Month ago

    Alpha males dont exist, this is actually true

  • Andrei Aromanesei
    Andrei Aromanesei Month ago

    Is hanging myself a solution?

  • TSM Dantsy
    TSM Dantsy Month ago

    I'm the extremely social,smart and a tad popular.
    I'm a popular nerd.

  • Solar Melon
    Solar Melon Month ago

    The popular kids are actually really nice in my school except 2 people.

  • Violin Lover425
    Violin Lover425 Month ago

    I feel like popular guys are always athletic and get good grades without much effort and popular girls are usually pretty but loud and hecking annoying (not every popular person though, some are just really friendly :)

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson Month ago

    No thanks
    Im introvent to People in high school, and ambicious to lectures and Marks

  • amy forshee
    amy forshee Month ago +1

    According to this video im one the half of the kids who have a small group of friends and do not care about popularity

  • Ava_Weird.
    Ava_Weird. Month ago

    In my grade “popular” bitchy girls have designer jeans, I phones, fortnite wins, boyfriends, acrylic nails, and more makeup then clothes... ITS SAD

  • Songül Denizer
    Songül Denizer Month ago +1

    WARNING ⚠️ This month i got popular and i hate it,It caused me a lot of trouble. Don’t ever wish you were popular cuz its not fun.

  • Ubah Nur
    Ubah Nur Month ago

    I like to make people laugh and I am a nerd