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What Makes Popular Kids Popular?

  • Published on Feb 27, 2018
  • What makes popular kids popular? Do they have any particular traits that make them popular?
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  • MyTeaIsDrippie
    MyTeaIsDrippie 10 hours ago

    My friend called me popular but really I'm just social and weird...

  • Jebb McDoodle
    Jebb McDoodle 16 hours ago

    I was in a group. WAS. one moved schools, another joined the popular group. Just me left now...
    🙄 You forgot another group, nice, but ignored...

  • mxppy
    mxppy 19 hours ago

    Where's my popular squad at?

    No one, just me

  • Mikayla W.
    Mikayla W. Day ago

    How to be popular in my grade:
    - have social media
    - be pretty/cute
    - be rude
    - play a sport (only soccer, lacrosse, basketball or field hockey)
    - own AirPods/newest phone
    - must be pretty smart
    - extrovert

  • Haily Skeleton
    Haily Skeleton Day ago

    At my school, everyone who is popular usually are very sporty, thinks everything isn’t their fault, sometimes isn’t very smart, beautiful/handsome, has a boyfriend/girlfriend and self obsessed. Most of these people are very rude as well as BEG for attention from ANYONE and think the world revolves around them

  • Suzette Camilo
    Suzette Camilo Day ago

    I’m kinda popular but I don’t like bragging about it and it’s mostly because I’m in every girls sports team😭😭But trust me I’m sometimes a loner🤠

    Edit: Most people also know me because I’m the best female Fortnite player in the school and I could beat most of the boys there🤣🤣🤣

  • Jack De La Rosa
    Jack De La Rosa 2 days ago

    When I was 9 I had popular friends they looked out to me but the Alfa was mean . His friends were nice and him but the Alfa was mean to other kids

  • Willow Eaglewright
    Willow Eaglewright 3 days ago

    Step 1: be very pretty
    Step 2: have rich parents
    Step 3: have a car at 16
    Step 4: make fun of people who haven’t done anything to you
    Step 5: have all the boys want to date you
    Step 6: always throw house parties and do drugs
    That’s the majority of them

  • Elias Gonzalez
    Elias Gonzalez 3 days ago

    I honestly just hang out with people that I like. popular or not. I just approach them like any other human

  • VictoriaPlaysRoblox
    VictoriaPlaysRoblox 4 days ago

    Ugh. It IS sort of like that format in my school. Technically, I'll split it into groups. Popular ( I'm definantly not) Smart ,Jocks, Comedians, or, your weird. Im weird, which basically means I fall into more than one group.

  • YasuMizuki
    YasuMizuki 7 days ago

    In my school, its always the kids who:
    - Curse out
    - Are sporty
    - Annoying
    - Talkative
    - Wear cool clothes
    - Pretty/Cool-looking
    - Wear preppy shirts

    That are popular

  • Skyler Animations
    Skyler Animations 7 days ago

    I’ve always been bullied by popular kids. Particularly girls somehow.

  • I Don't Suck
    I Don't Suck 8 days ago

    No ones popular in my school because everyone is online schooled.....

  • Naomi J.
    Naomi J. 8 days ago

    My school:
    1. The way your dress
    2. Everyone knows you
    3. Your nice to people

  • D H
    D H 8 days ago

    How to be popular: be the batman...

  • Gabriel Andrade
    Gabriel Andrade 8 days ago

    im nice,athletic, and i love video games soim not just part of one clique

  • Enrique Flores
    Enrique Flores 8 days ago

    In my school the cliques a split up in 3 groups, the smart advanced kids, the lower grade and class kids, or the middles who get along with both. The cliques are all in huge groups like all the smart kids get along really well and so on. But our grade also gets along with everyone. And of course there will always be quite and shy kids, and kids more popular than others,

  • Gacha Sugar
    Gacha Sugar 8 days ago

    At my school its:
    -deals with drama pretty ok
    -has all social media platforms
    -parents dont care about academics

  • Nicole Yada
    Nicole Yada 9 days ago

    In my school there were tons of kids who were "popular" it was never just one small clique, but multiple cliques. And even then there weren't very exclusive to a small elite. There were definitely some people who wanted their group to be that high school cliche group but no one ever really "dominated" the school.

  • Flying Cheseball
    Flying Cheseball 9 days ago +1

    *I'm a nerd xd*

  • TJ Is Human
    TJ Is Human 9 days ago

    I'm weird and talk to people and I made friends by cracking jokes.

  • aaron estrera
    aaron estrera 9 days ago +1

    Im neither popular or anti social im chill with popular kids but im also chill with the anti socials and my friends are not really popular but they aint unpopular either

  • drtroll trolleado
    drtroll trolleado 10 days ago

    I don't trust this vídeo

  • Wioleta Szulc
    Wioleta Szulc 10 days ago

    Im popular but i get bullied

  • Don’t let them take our maymays

    I mean I was watching be more chill animatics and this was in my recommend so I’m not surprised

  • Adrian Su
    Adrian Su 11 days ago

    Well,there’s a kind of school that makes you popular by not being athletes.


  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 11 days ago

    I’m not really that popular but I’m intimidating to some kids and yes I’m in high school

  • Dylan Mcbillions sss
    Dylan Mcbillions sss 11 days ago

    I'm in middle school and I'm a geek

  • Tactical Soldier 6
    Tactical Soldier 6 11 days ago +1

    I've been called a popular loner. Everyone knows me, I know everyone, I can be with any group but I prefer my lil group

  • Super789576
    Super789576 11 days ago

    In my school sum kids are only popular cuz of their siblings like if their sibling is popular they automatically become popular

  • Astronix_HD
    Astronix_HD 11 days ago

    I'm in that weird popularity were your friends with cool kids and uncool kids

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan 12 days ago

    I'm the geek

  • Roemon Christian
    Roemon Christian 13 days ago

    Got that one cool talent. That makes me known throughout the whole school😎😎💥💥💥

  • Foganar
    Foganar 13 days ago

    I don't want to be popular, I just want a cozy small group of friends.

  • Fainted Rainyy
    Fainted Rainyy 13 days ago

    Tbh I don’t really know how to explain my group I don’t really want to be “popular” but me and my friends always joke around all the time so I guess we’re the class clowns I don’t know all I know is that if we wanted to we could make one of the popular kids laughs. And at lunch the more popular you are the closer you sit in the front, their is like 5 tables 7th grade sit at, me and my friends sit at the 2nd table so I guess we’re “Kinda” popular I don’t know someone let me know

  • lemonhead4848
    lemonhead4848 13 days ago

    I am lower than nerd. I am a outcast. Everyone hates me. I was threatened to be killed. Every school I been I was hated

  • Marcus Hegg Vestli
    Marcus Hegg Vestli 13 days ago

    I can relate to these assertions in various different ways. This is because I used to be a "popular" kid in grade 1-2. However I learned early that my friends did not hang out with me because of my personality, but rather my social rank. I am also currently being subjected to being a lonely kid. However I am starting to extract myself from my lonliness, and spending more time trying to make some decent friends. Please escuse my english since I belong to a scandinavian country. (Norway🇳🇴)

  • Bahira Al-Haddad
    Bahira Al-Haddad 13 days ago

    I was never popular, i almost never had friends.

  • Ninja lionfive
    Ninja lionfive 13 days ago

    In my school its the brains and the look but being muscular helps

  • Ninja lionfive
    Ninja lionfive 13 days ago

    Me in primary school it was the person who had the strongest beyblade and that was me

  • Shxdow _
    Shxdow _ 14 days ago

    Every popular group of kids is white

  • Prod. Mars
    Prod. Mars 14 days ago +2

    I’m unpopular but I’m above everyone else that I know so idgaf

  • Johnny T.
    Johnny T. 15 days ago

    In my school which is located in a small town in Greece there is none of these things!The popular group doesnt exist but there are 1 or 2 lonely kids but nothing more

  • Mal_crice MSP
    Mal_crice MSP 15 days ago

    I used to always want to be "popular" and always be liked. But if you are going into high school, don't care about being popular. Be happy with the group/friends you have. At my school i'm in the 2nd most popular girl group. But tbh don't care about being popular. It's just a name and also they have it hard. Being popular is not easy and most people fear you.

  • Suraya Ranjber
    Suraya Ranjber 16 days ago

    Okay there are “popular” kids but it is never like the movies.

  • Te Sweetener
    Te Sweetener 16 days ago

    Tbh im lucky to be popular..

  • sushimiii
    sushimiii 17 days ago

    Our popular policy...
    1. Have an iPhone X
    2. Own AirPods
    3. Cussing
    4. Fortnite
    5. Be asian

  • Beni
    Beni 17 days ago

    There is truth to the stereotypes but most kids aren't them.
    Like I was a nerd kid, a skater, and a geek.

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    I was but not anymore

  • Ayan Abdi Rahman
    Ayan Abdi Rahman 17 days ago

    TBH school is only there so that everyone can have an education and having loads of friends and being popular is just an addition to that

  • _•Lani Lei•_
    _•Lani Lei•_ 18 days ago +4

    How to be popular:

    •Be pretty/handsome

  • Snek Wolf
    Snek Wolf 18 days ago +1

    I'm in a loner clic

  • Dylan Meyer
    Dylan Meyer 18 days ago

    I'm the lonely kid In my school I get physically bullied (not alot but have) and verbally bullied and I have no one to play with if anyone plays fortnite pls friend me I'm Rusticshelf8195

  • f r e n c h r x s e s _
    f r e n c h r x s e s _ 19 days ago +1

    Popular kids in my school have
    - Amazing bodies
    - Curses
    - Badass
    - Amazing Grades

  • not posting anymore
    not posting anymore 19 days ago

    Literally all u have to do in my school is be an athlete or be pretty to be popular.

  • Josh Hennings
    Josh Hennings 19 days ago

    I think being wealthy is a big part of popularity too

  • DannyIsDan
    DannyIsDan 20 days ago

    How to be popular in my school:
    Talk About Memes
    Wear Hollister/Vineyard Vines
    Talk to All the Girls
    Be the Class Clown

  • Milosz Swiostek
    Milosz Swiostek 21 day ago

    at my school it used to be that if you where a bully you where cool but then karma came back and everyone hates the bullies and the actualy nice kids are popular

  • Swiftie all the way
    Swiftie all the way 21 day ago +1

    I would hate being popular imagine random people at school talking to you all the time that must be exhausting.I love to have a group of friends(Max 4)and that’s what makes me happy

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer 23 days ago

    Just hook people up with a bag a chips and bam your popular

  • FITE ME!
    FITE ME! 23 days ago

    One time It was the middle-End of last year this kid ran up to me and asked for my name again🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Fcft Vhvvs
    Fcft Vhvvs 23 days ago +1

    I am known but not popular

    LUL XD LMFAO XD XD 23 days ago

    Gru and shaggy are the first ones

  • Ovako Nikako
    Ovako Nikako 23 days ago +1

    How to be popular in my school:
    1 Be rude
    2 Talk behind their backs

  • Dr Monday
    Dr Monday 23 days ago +1

    I used to be a shy introvert but the most popular kid in my school (who is actually kinda nice) made me his best friend out of nowhere and now everybody thinks I'm cool. I don't know why this all happened but it was kinda strange to explode into popularity out of nowhere.

  • Dr Monday
    Dr Monday 23 days ago +1


  • Vincent Van Gogh Away
    Vincent Van Gogh Away 23 days ago

    Where are my nerds who are also athletes at? 📚🤸‍♂
    Any fine arts people? Health science people? 😂
    I am all of these.

  • Levi Young
    Levi Young 24 days ago

    I’m funny so im friends with everyone before I was bullied so I just laughed with. Them and became there friends

  • Krista
    Krista 24 days ago

    In my grade everyone who isn’t popular hate the popular girls and listening to there conversations to us it sounds so dumb. I’m not popular if you where wondering

  • Jack Darnell
    Jack Darnell 25 days ago

    I was that kid that told everybody what to do and then I lost popularity in 6th grade but it’s weird cuz I was always a jac

  • Morgan Sharp
    Morgan Sharp 25 days ago

    I'm definitely not popular but I also talk to most lads in my year

  • Oslet Playz
    Oslet Playz 25 days ago

    I’m my school just be smart and people will want to be your partner 😆😆😆😃😀

    .....I wonder why XD

  • alpan
    alpan 25 days ago

    I was bullied in middle school hated it so much. Now graduated high school student since 2010

  • Hexnimations
    Hexnimations 25 days ago

    I’m kinda popular I guess?

  • UseİtOrLoseİt bro
    UseİtOrLoseİt bro 25 days ago

    I'm a nerd but I'm popular because of 1. drawing & art, 2. long hair, 3. 180° leg spinning ability , and 4. English (I'm not the best at English but I'm the best at English in my school.)

  • Clippy 精神
    Clippy 精神 26 days ago +1

    *Flash Thompson*

  • Max thing
    Max thing 26 days ago +3

    Even a fat person is popular

    Why am i not ;-;
    I donated $10 to school charity

  • JDM Legend
    JDM Legend 26 days ago

    Most kids/teens are just who they are in school from the way their parents treat them or their way of life out of school.

  • cupcakelover Hello
    cupcakelover Hello 26 days ago

    Sadly, most popular kids were of the "white race" and spread rumors. They knew everything that's happening in the school. They didn't bully people in their face or get into fights but rather were friends with other popular kids and told everyone what was happening and what gossip was coming next.

  • George Pachoumis
    George Pachoumis 26 days ago

    I’m nice and hated. I’m the kind of person that you’ll either love me or absolutely despise me.

  • Our Quirky Conversations
    Our Quirky Conversations 27 days ago +2

    How to be popular
    1960: be white
    1970: dress the most exoticly
    1980: have cool clothes
    1990: yugio
    2000: have a miniskirt
    2010: pokemon
    2017: have fidget spinners
    2018: best the popular kid in fortnite
    2019: no andriod users.

  • Shyfillie
    Shyfillie 27 days ago

    I was NEVER popular so started 🏡📒.

  • jeff
    jeff 27 days ago

    lol i just make everyone laugh

  • benjamin wong
    benjamin wong 27 days ago

    The truth is that the popular has an advantage in physical appearance

  • LivLife AG
    LivLife AG 27 days ago +1

    💨🤪Mind Reading that sounds crazy🤪💨

  • Fish Wacks
    Fish Wacks 27 days ago

    I feel him I want to die but my fish and family keep me alive

  • Poki the cat
    Poki the cat 27 days ago +1

    I am the lonewolf because usually people are mean to get popular and they are really confident but im really shy and i dont want to be mean or i dont just wear trendy clothes

  • Roberto Moore
    Roberto Moore 28 days ago

    I feel like you said we’re not primates actually we are primates so if you said that we are not don’t ever make another video again until you do your research on your own animal species. Unless you believe a mythical creature made us, well then your still wrong

  • Gregs 2k07
    Gregs 2k07 28 days ago

    I’m put in popular group but a lot of girls don’t really like me

  • BMcCosmic
    BMcCosmic 28 days ago

    Im very popular but i don't play sports and im not that handsome but I do joke about everyone to everyone from every grade and even though some people hate me the majority enjoy my outgoing personality and running jokes and come back to hear them again and end up becoming my friends even though they are more like fans then friends I do have about 80 'friends'

  • Emilijus Antonovas
    Emilijus Antonovas 28 days ago

    Im an outsider that gets bullied by idiots that get beaten up by me later

  • Breaking Youtube hipsterkat025

    I don’t really get this. Everyone says I am the most popular girl in the class but I’m not very pretty. I don’t like to boss. I’m quite shy. I don’t like too much attention. I usually let people organise most of the stuff but will help as much as I’m needed. I wear plainish shirts. I don’t disobey the rules.

  • Maltzy the Maltese tiger

    It seems like all the black kids in my school are the coolest ones. No, seriously, they ALL have friend swarms. I love em

    I envy you cool people:3

  • savage boy
    savage boy 29 days ago


  • Lil_k
    Lil_k 29 days ago

    I'm a drug dealer

  • Can we get 1,000 subscribers with no videos?

    Did you forget Edgar

  • ollieisgood
    ollieisgood 29 days ago +1

    scientists studying us like some sort of alien species

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson 29 days ago

    And You Vs Five Nights at Freddy's Animotronics

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson 29 days ago

    And can you guys make You Vs The Purple Guy(Five Nights At Freddy's Game Series)

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson 29 days ago

    Why Do Popular Kids Treat us Geeks, Dorks, and Nerds like where nothing but garbage and also why don't popular kids care about there education like my friends and I do. Plus most of the kids on my bus don't know how to mind their own business