What Makes Popular Kids Popular?


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  • NDG Vids
    NDG Vids 3 hours ago

    Im single... Is dat too bad?

  • Emanuel Garcia
    Emanuel Garcia 8 hours ago

    Does anyone else feel like they just Sometimes have nothing to talk about and are super socially awkward?like if you do.

  • Emanuel Garcia
    Emanuel Garcia 8 hours ago

    I feel like everbody becomes fake starting in middle school people who used to be really nice are now "tough guys" who are just acting tough to fit in with older people who are probably the same as them trying really hard and stuff to be popular, that gets me so mad when i see that happen.

  • Emanuel Garcia
    Emanuel Garcia 9 hours ago

    I suppose you could say that i used to hang out with the "popular kids" and i thought that they were pretty cool at first but later on i just felt like i didnt fit in with them so i needed to find some different people to hangout with and that is exactly what i did but the cool kids would probably consider my new group losers so i am kinda embaressed of what they'll say if they see me with the "losers".though i admit that i only hang with them because of 3 people that are a part of that group they are pretty chill but like the other one is honestly super weird he acts like a 3rd grader.

  • Esmy YT
    Esmy YT 9 hours ago

    I was only popular in elementary school. Then I got more shy when my friends moved to a different school. Now all my old friends are the popular kids lmao

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  • Melted Syubie
    Melted Syubie 11 hours ago

    In our school, the smarter and the more active you are in school, the more popular you are.

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 16 hours ago +1

    Who else tapped Other

  • GS 205
    GS 205 22 hours ago

    I like being alone, I just want to focus in school

    • Emanuel Garcia
      Emanuel Garcia 8 hours ago

      Said by someone with absolutley no social skills, but dont get me wrong i dont either but dont pretend that having no friends doesnt bother you i may have no social skills but i some managed to make friends so i really dont seee how you couldnt as well you just have to start making small talk during class or something then start talking more often and just talk to him until he gets with his or her friends during lunch and he'll introduce you to them and boom you have friends

  • Dr. Default Boi
    Dr. Default Boi Day ago +1

    I was popular because people liked me and I was just a fun guy to be around lmao

    • Emanuel Garcia
      Emanuel Garcia 8 hours ago

      Dr. Default Boi an actuall fun guy wouldnt say that because in order to be a fun guy other people have to say that your fun.

  • insta musiclover69
    insta musiclover69 2 days ago

    I think im kinda popular ...

  • ShowguyZ
    ShowguyZ 2 days ago

    My friend was respected by the populars for doing ppls' hw. They invited him to parties and such but they kinda seemed to not care about him during those events

  • Grey Winston
    Grey Winston 2 days ago

    Shoutouts to all my tech and nerd bois
    Popularity doesn't matter as much as how well you're learning and how happy you are.

  • Coco Smh
    Coco Smh 2 days ago

    bro it’s honestly just the funniest and outgoing people. and the popular people aren’t even mean

  • Oxana Kovalenko
    Oxana Kovalenko 2 days ago

    Popularity is a type of narcissism

  • Joe's Eating-gallery.

    I’m a loner . I’m a cashier too Lol

  • michele pelerin
    michele pelerin 2 days ago

    I'm going to garner elementary again I'm going from 3rd grade to 4th grade I thought I was have to repeat and I was popular with my friends and some of them are still their

  • vincristine88
    vincristine88 3 days ago

    Am I famous? I mean, people in my school say hi to me even if I dont know them.

    I am second honor of my class, so the stereotype of popular people doesnt apply to me.

  • A Panda Who Loves Pizza

    Most popular kids are very confident in whatever they do and when they are slightly clumsy, like tripping, they just brush it off and are not embarrassed.

  • WhyAreYouSoObsessedWithMe ??

    I've never been popular in all my school years, sure it bothered me at the beginning but once you find your true friends it doesn't really matter :)

  • Screw Trump
    Screw Trump 3 days ago

    im in highschool and im quite popular and hang out with other popular kids, im quite smart, fairly good looking and athletic. my boyfriend is a jock and he has all gate (honors) classes. My friends are fairly or really good looking (some not so much), sporty, and all really smart. I can admit that some are mean and a little dominating but most of us are caring and when we see someone alone, we sit with them. We're popular because we wear nice clothes, are fit, and we're hella funny, and honestly really good roll models. I cant relate to the movies were the jocks and popular kids are dumb and mean tbh. The people that are mean and fake arent as popular as they used to be in middle school because being a snake isnt cool and is actually really annoying! But as i was saying, the popular kids at my school are mostly caring, devoted, and looking into there future.

    • Emanuel Garcia
      Emanuel Garcia 8 hours ago

      Screw Trump you saying that about yourself is making you sound like a self absorbed pieceofsh!t.

  • Pickle Rick Dabs
    Pickle Rick Dabs 3 days ago

    I don't give a shit about being popular is just useless

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez 3 days ago

    Theres two jackasses in my school who are always smart asses and get in my face but they've gotten their karma and ive gotten my reward i am liked by the teachers and have a girlfriend the jackasses are man hoes and they tried to hit on my girlfriend when i was next to her and the teachers hate them

  • Sharon Melter
    Sharon Melter 4 days ago

    All the pupolares also pretending they whole life, before they started arrive my two best friends were a singing boy and football girl, they stoped doing these thing and stop talk to me.

  • Laura
    Laura 4 days ago

    I’m the kid crying alone in the corner of the playground

  • leekal12
    leekal12 4 days ago

    At my school, I am fairly popular while being smart, trendy, and nice. People think I am cool too, I have loyal friends, my enemies are the school enemies, and I also don’t bully, steal, or do anything negative if it is avoidable.

  • girly100 none
    girly100 none 5 days ago

    I think this mainly goes with US schools.
    Im in UAE and kids who are smart, talented, unique and silly are the most popular.
    But there are popular kids who backbite and dont follow the rules. There arent any stereotypical groups

  • kity kitkat
    kity kitkat 5 days ago

    It's their items and how much people they can become friends with

  • Ayla Connop
    Ayla Connop 5 days ago

    im just in the stoner group which is also i guess the popular one but not as much as the others and everyone knows me

  • Timmering
    Timmering 5 days ago

    Some popular kids that I know are simply popular because they are really nice to everyone.

  • Borna b
    Borna b 6 days ago


  • AlexPlayz Playz
    AlexPlayz Playz 6 days ago

    Tip1: iPhones any type just IPHONE
    Tip2: Jordans,Nike,All the new shoes these days
    Tip3: Style...Of course..
    Tip4: Go to Starbucks😃
    Tip5: Have alot of Friends and a boyfriend or girlfriend😃
    Hope these helped

  • crayola xxxpump
    crayola xxxpump 6 days ago

    I’m popular, but not for looks. I’m popular because of my personality and witty attitude.

  • L.E-Rae __x__
    L.E-Rae __x__ 6 days ago

    Anyone else here from England and laugh at how different our popularity system is to America 😂

  • L.E-Rae __x__
    L.E-Rae __x__ 6 days ago

    Anyone else here from England and laugh at how different popularity is to America 😂

  • alfie bould
    alfie bould 6 days ago

    Best way to be popular is to be nice to everyone and have good morals also funny that's all you need

  • Juanco Rashidah Fiella

    Well, I end up being popular because I'm that one loner kid in class... '-')

  • lenni schmidt
    lenni schmidt 7 days ago

    hope tone assert agent clothes boss possible guy yet toward your.

  • Kiera Rahner
    Kiera Rahner 7 days ago

    I was the little kid who was by myself. I actually would take the blocks and make walls around me so I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone

  • XTotal HypsterX
    XTotal HypsterX 7 days ago

    Just gotta say...
    Does anyone else agree there is no such thing as 'nerds' or is my school thick as shit?
    (I'm in the highest set but I am great in sports)

  • LoOoL
    LoOoL 7 days ago

    trust me kids, the popular kids are not the popular ones once you get outside of school. The kid who worked the hardest and can make the most money usually end up being popular in the real world as adult. The " popular" kids are just working minim wage job from my school while the nerds are buying sports car.

  • Hey It’s Alexa
    Hey It’s Alexa 8 days ago

    Im In the middle I have 3 best friends and my bigger group of friends. In my grade everyone that is popular talks bad about everyone so I don’t hang out with them they are toxic but I’m fine with it.

  • cleo ツ
    cleo ツ 8 days ago

    Through 1-5 grade, I was really shy and had about 1-2 close friends. But in 6th grade, I had about 5 close friends and I got more confident. The only way you could get known was to get in drama.

  • //Komo MSP//
    //Komo MSP// 8 days ago

    *Sees Title* "yes"

  • Weirdass Asian
    Weirdass Asian 8 days ago

    Starting high school in a week. 🤦‍♂️😰 I swear if you looked up nerd on the internet, I would be the first thing you see. 🤓

  • Bificalera2
    Bificalera2 9 days ago

    How to be popular :
    - ask You friend If he know enyone besides You . If yes ask that person to be friend and ask If She know others kids from school . And șo one . The thing is all about good inpresion and lurax I just Say my passions and ask the other person about theres . Then start saying , You know , I actually ... And started saying story ,If You can't end It don't continue at least She ask . That how I get popular .

  • CoolChris 1093
    CoolChris 1093 9 days ago

    Kid in a group that’s me

  • ThisIsKalleigh
    ThisIsKalleigh 9 days ago

    What makes them Popular is being asses to other people.

  • Bat Kid
    Bat Kid 9 days ago

    Ditto liloi

  • Lps Corgi Productions

    Why is this so accurate?

  • heckin pupper
    heckin pupper 10 days ago

    In my school,it’s material things and looks

  • Protective Panda
    Protective Panda 10 days ago +1

    Nothing good comes out of the horror games of popularity

  • sakir sl
    sakir sl 10 days ago

    actually i can say popularity requiremets changed for z generation less popular nerds and geeks started become popular but bullies and sportive guys started to become less popular. looking good and wealth is still good options but being intellectual and having a lot of information about books, science and playing an instrument is really good options for become popular in generation z

  • Megan Sivins
    Megan Sivins 11 days ago

    I think it's dumb to be mean to the nerds! They are just giving them a complement to them. You call them nerd that means you are calling them smart and you are dumb!😜

  • Doc
    Doc 11 days ago

    Yes, I was not a popular kid at all. I was bullied relentlessly, mostly by the same group of girls and boy id known since age seven. This was because I was different, looked on as weird and nerdy. Too into some things. Mostly I didn't care about what every other girl in my school cared about and other kids found this strange so they targeted me. I didn't have grate social skills either. I was content being by myself because I eventually got used to it. In terms of the bullying by this one boy however he pushed me so far I eventually snapped and punched him. I got in trouble for this, but so did he. We spend the lunch brake in detention together. That was the last time he spoke to me until after high school I met my female bully after high school once two and she asked me why couldn't we be friends. I was so brutally honest with her she was left speechless. I said because she made me miserable despite my not having done a thing to hurt her, she made my closest friends miserable just to spite me, she spread nasty rumors about me and my friends, she took my clothes while I was changing for sports lessons, she turned the shower head on me while I was changing for sports lessons, she beat my best friend to a pulp because she didn't like what she said about a tv show she liked, she followed me home one day and then began harassing me online and she would just have to be ok with the fact that I didn't want to get to know an adult who was a bully as a child. Why would I waste my time, or hers? Haven't seen her since... Despite that I hope shes well. No point being mad now.

  • che ameer
    che ameer 11 days ago

    elon musk isnt a genius

  • Remco F. Gerritsen
    Remco F. Gerritsen 11 days ago

    Being populir wasn't a thing on the schools I went. So, for me it will always be an American thing.

  • Aaron Clements21
    Aaron Clements21 11 days ago

    Also make sure to add disabilities, Autism you know ur friends are your friends if they care everyone else who says there your friend is looking to use you, Anti social well u know, Depressed kids might have a spike in emotional support during the suicidel faze but if the dont do it people will soon lose attention and then that feeling will come back in a viscios cycle, Add and Adhd are usualy in 2 or more friend groups circleing between each one forming them into one friend group witch is ok but the will soon get bored, Those are the ones i have had or still have and experienced to give the info, it also never really helps each disability will garentee you friends in one way or another but not popularity.

  • rocky boi
    rocky boi 11 days ago

    One last thing: high school, primary school, etc, it's survival of the fittest.

  • rocky boi
    rocky boi 11 days ago

    School is practically war until summer.

  • rocky boi
    rocky boi 11 days ago +1

    1 the popular kids are NOT nice. Everything you know about social interaction is upside down in school. They will threaten others,, hurt others, and even expell other children over things they didn't do. They should NOT be trusted.

  • T Crash
    T Crash 11 days ago

    I'm in high school and I think having some kind of talent(I'd rather say skill) is important, but not any talent. It's only useful to get popular when the skill in question is one that is interesting to show off. For example, with photography you can show your pictures and take dope pics of other people to create connections. The things related to music are also good. And of course sports always look good. Other skills like speaking a foreign language, doing equations or coding stuff are obviously less interesting on a socialising point.
    I think having some kind of popularity is important for the simple fact that being alone can lead to trauma and this should be avoided.

  • Alla Kostyakova
    Alla Kostyakova 12 days ago +2

    I’m lonely oh so lonely

  • Soft CS GO and more
    Soft CS GO and more 12 days ago

    I am popular in my high school just becouse A+ and my GF

  • Cutie Cutie
    Cutie Cutie 12 days ago +1

    I was friends with popular kids but they get all the attention plus popular kids get more problems

  • Blubonnt
    Blubonnt 12 days ago

    The main reason I'm not popular is because I'm not athletic. For example, all of the girls who play volleyball are popular and that's it. My mom really wants me to try volleyball but I FREAKING HATE IT. I have terrible memories about volleyball...
    I've always been an outsider. I'm hanging out with the edgy kids who aren't popular that are either a grade below or above me. I mean, they are my friends but they just aren't my type of friends. But they are the only ones I get.
    And what's even worse...
    I actually have a lot of "friends" but they just feel... fake. I just feel like people are only using me to get more popular (Lmbo why use me when u can use a popular kid) and then once they get popular they spread a rumor about me. And what's worse than THAT? When popular kids get cocky. Holy junk. I HATE THAT. They will walk up to you unprovoked and start trash talking about you. All because you aren't athletic. I just want to line up every single popular kid on the wall and cuss them out. They may be popular "Oh they are so COOL!" NO. THEY ARE TWOFACED. They will act nice around everyone else to look innocent and NOT lose their cool. But when they are around you... They are THE DEVIL.
    All of them at my school. EVEN THE KINDERGARDENERS. They don't deserve to be popular one bit. AND THEY ARE JUST POPULAR BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS WORK AT THE SCHOOL.
    But out of all mean popular kids I've encountered in my life, they all fear 1 thing... Losing their cool.
    But I really don't WANT to be popular. I WANT their "friends" to know the TRUTH. Because a lot of them are monsters. And when you blame them of something they did, they don't get in trouble. They just sit there and give you that "Oh I'm innocent because my dad is the principal" face.
    I cant even speak anymore smh
    Im just pissed about how kids act these days.
    Sorry if I offended you though. I didn't mean to if i did.

  • TheRonZane
    TheRonZane 12 days ago

    I definitely believe being empathetic and human can go a long way. People always say be yourself, which sounds cliché, but as a junior in Highschool I definitely can say this is true. If someone likes Chad for being Chad people won’t have a need for another Chad.

  • PoutyPineapples
    PoutyPineapples 14 days ago

    I used to care about popularity but then I kept reminding myself that I'm never gonna see these bitches after high school ever again. So byeeee

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson 14 days ago +1

    Listen, when I was in yr 3, i wanted so badly wanted to be popular. Then one day when we were playing football I rainbow flicked someone ,( for u Americans a football skill) , everyone including the popular kids were all over me. I was the ONE in school. Then came yr 5 I wasn’t as such hot topic anymore. I did though become best friends with a yr6 ( the most popular one), Then came yr 6 i was pretty much with all popular kids; we were feared and unapproachable with savage, we felt cool. But then when we were half way through the year they would be mean and hurtful towards other kids. I felt inside it wasn’t right. But I never changed. At the end of the year the heartbreak came. Nobody cared about me. Cameron Davis my best friend just stopped taking to me. I was alone and mistreated and mimicked by the other kids. Once all ready being done to them...

    • M A E #MAE
      M A E #MAE 8 days ago

      Thanks Jesse Jackson, very cool

  • acme 詠美ちゃん Middleton

    Why are the popular kids so dumb?!

  • Shy Back
    Shy Back 14 days ago

    I’m not really popular or a nerd or geek I’m more like the popular group but not in the group it quite confused to find out we’re I am in the school I think I might be popular just in a really low class but I’m nice kind and caring but I do hold my ground from time to time but only when needed but I’m also don’t have many friends but I do have one that’s in the higher scale then I am I think it’s only for her looks tho but she does have good attitude and likeable skill but she still get one thing wrong I don’t judge her on that she don’t have a very put together filter but she trying if I wasn’t friends with her I bet she would be cursing left right and Centre but I help her with that but she does have a nice Quality tho she is quite blunt but it’s nether bad nor good in the right times it’s good but in other it could be bad

  • bruh
    bruh 14 days ago +1

    All of the popular kids I knew in high school continued to be popular in university. And their good social skills helped them network for good jobs. So idk what you're talking about lol.

  • PrincessCadance24 Justice

    I’m popular well not really everyone just knows who i am and some follow me on ig and i know everyone’s business

  • Soudip Sanyal
    Soudip Sanyal 14 days ago

    This is a great analysis. For the most I can agree. School life taught me that, humans are for the most part has an extremely cruel and selfish nature. It's mostly their consciousness that matures them and changes them in future.
    Even at an early age, torturing someone in group for a very long time, by understanding that the victim is weak, is something you only can do if you are cruel and selfish.
    Showing dominance is simple, if you bow down they will let you pass. But strategically torturing just for fun, is something that worries me. I mean, there are so many things in this world but some kids still picks up the most croocked and cruel path for fun, and that population is not small.

  • FoxPlays - YT
    FoxPlays - YT 15 days ago

    I am Semi-popular kid, but I could care less I focus on school work.

  • Bone
    Bone 15 days ago

    How to be popular in Australia: be aboriginal.

  • Angelo Hernandez
    Angelo Hernandez 15 days ago

    I'm not THAT popular in school

  • jdozer25
    jdozer25 15 days ago

    I just graduated, humor really helps with popularity or just being nice. Even playing a sport, but what I noticed was that in public schools near the end of highschool Everyone just becomes accepting for the most part.

  • Nancy J.
    Nancy J. 15 days ago

    "a child that seems to spend a lot of time by herself, ignored and sometimes LOOKING AT THE OTHER KIDS HAVING FUN." yep that pretty much sums up my life.

  • Potato Chereru
    Potato Chereru 15 days ago

    the truth is.....
    it depends which school or genration you are from

  • Brandon Hawkins
    Brandon Hawkins 15 days ago

    Stoner over here😎

  • Stamatia
    Stamatia 16 days ago

    this doesn't really happen at Greece. Everyone is with their friends or just alone. there's no famous people

  • Deon Hargrove
    Deon Hargrove 16 days ago

    can't relate. went to a small mostly black school. Everyone knew everyone and didn't mean the typical highschool hierachy.

  • Nata-Gameer
    Nata-Gameer 16 days ago

    Im a mix of them

  • Little Lotte
    Little Lotte 16 days ago

    Usually at my school the “cool kids” like to talk about drama (if girls) have long hair and wear certain clothing 🙄 the boys are almost the same. I had cut my hair boy short bc I liked it like that not girly girl.. and the girls made a rumor that I had lice... I wouldn’t have hair then.

  • Layla ASMR
    Layla ASMR 16 days ago

    Am going to 5 Grade am going to be 11 in a week but 4 grade all it was goss up drugs boyfriends and girlfriends trying to be cool and mean me and my friend my real friend Who is actually nice to me we were regular kids un cool ones and yes I'm serious about the drugs and boyfriends and girlfriends and gossip and meanness and crap like that

  • Ashleigh Myers
    Ashleigh Myers 16 days ago

    Everyone that is popular at my school is either extremely annoying and calls everyone else annoying for attention, has good looks, or smokes which is not acceptable for me

  • Maddy .I
    Maddy .I 17 days ago

    In my school, the rich kids and the talented kids are popular.

  • Nathan_02 PC
    Nathan_02 PC 17 days ago

    American School movies is a joke, like seriously

  • Ethan Lanzotti
    Ethan Lanzotti 18 days ago

    I am kind of popular in my school because I started a game where you can start a county and try to get people to join it. You can also invade other countries by declaring war on them and keep fighting until they surrender. I was the emperor of Priaxia or Priaxian Empire and I got 57 people to join lol.

  • BlueMoon Wolves
    BlueMoon Wolves 18 days ago

    The popular kids at my school are rich, obnoxious, athletic, and witty.
    I dislike them.
    I was friend with one of them, but eh, we didn’t get along.

  • Cally Ann, Cally Ann
    Cally Ann, Cally Ann 18 days ago

    For me, being popular is being charming yet unpredictable. Having a few different personalities that a person has can be attractive to friends because they can please multiple people at a time (Not multiple personality disorder). It also adds desire to be with that person to see how they react to things. Having a good sense of humor and not being very sensitive is also very important.

  • Kyra Underwood
    Kyra Underwood 18 days ago

    At my school you have know to everything, everyone, listen to rap, be dating, and be watching jeffy.

  • the mancho kids Mancho

    For me popularity doesn't really exist in my school. It's more of how like you treat people. Anyone can be popular for anything or any reason. I feel like it just depends how people treat you. Like if you make amazing songs,but no one treats you like anything you won't be popular.

  • NP Today
    NP Today 19 days ago

    Im the disliked lone wolf who watches his back. ALWAYS! And im in elementary school! Popularity is to the kids who have 1000 robux and play minecraft

  • igot7 coco
    igot7 coco 19 days ago

    I never want to be popular cause I hate when people give their attention to me it just give be axinety even if it a good attention my my face get red as tomatoes

  • bup bup
    bup bup 20 days ago +1

    how my school put you as popular jocks funny and make fake stories

  • Eric Cartmam
    Eric Cartmam 20 days ago

    The jocks and popular girls are funny because they are so cool and have it all during their young life, and then as adults they are poor and sad. The nerds and rejects grow into beautiful people that make lots of money. So I mean I’d rather suck as a kid than be awesome as a kid. But kids are mean.

  • Triggered
    Triggered 20 days ago

    Most popular kids, in my school, aren't even that pretty, they're just confident, and aren't afraid to just get out there.

  • Naomi Ayala
    Naomi Ayala 21 day ago

    Im popular bc Im friends with everyone and everyone knows me
    I just adapte to their personality
    Like if they’re crazy I’m crazy with them (which is mostly everyone) 😂
    And I get along with everyone
    But I have a better time with my best friends 😁😂