The Man on the High Castle Episode 1

  • Published on Feb 2, 2015

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  • BoomZa Nightcore
    BoomZa Nightcore Month ago

    wtf why Thailand surrender so fast?

  • Gabie Subscribe to Pewdipie

    1947 not 1955

  • Jr Qf
    Jr Qf 3 months ago

    This ridiculous did you read the book

  • DecStar Gamer
    DecStar Gamer 3 months ago

    I was reading a newspaper article from 1939, apparently Hitler agreed with Italy on an agreement which would split Australia up between German ethnic and Italian ethnic Majorities, South Australia and Victoria would go to Germany, New South Wales and Queensland would go to Italy, the rest of Australia would be most likely given to Japan.

  • MichiGun Patriot
    MichiGun Patriot 5 months ago


  • Kevin Springer
    Kevin Springer 5 months ago

    It’s month and not mouth

  • Krixx Set
    Krixx Set 5 months ago


  • Darth Krul
    Darth Krul 7 months ago

    I like the music though

  • Hans Zarkov
    Hans Zarkov 7 months ago

    Und jetzt wir die Migrationswaffe gegen Deutschland und Europa eingesetzt schlimmer als die Atombombe so kann man genozid unter dem Mantel der Humanität anwenden. WACHT AUF WIR WERDEN VON MERKEL/SOROS UND IHRER EU BZW. UNO . UMGEBRACHT

  • Hauptmann Willi Herold
    Hauptmann Willi Herold 7 months ago

    Fuck germany loses :(

  • Jack Marrow Mapping
    Jack Marrow Mapping 8 months ago

    This is an awesome map and interesting take on the scenario.

  • Anglo Empire
    Anglo Empire 8 months ago

    Thus is bull read the book or watch the show

  • Keisu Federation Mapping

    sweden declaring war on finland?
    that would never happen, the scandinavians love each other!

  • Syndicate 935115
    Syndicate 935115 9 months ago

    This is just what he wanted it to be probably so stop getting so mad other then that the video is great

  • Hans Zarkov
    Hans Zarkov 9 months ago +1

    Soros/Merkel EU SUCKS

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 10 months ago

    this is what happens when you masturbate directly into your mouth you get this stupid

  • Al Swann
    Al Swann 10 months ago

    The folks who made the TV show butchered the book as well. In the book a military coup in Germany occurred as soon as the war ended. Hitler, ravaged by syphilis, goes to an insane asylum and all the other top nazis are executed. The American South is not occupied and the Confederacy takes it's rightful place among the world's nations again.

  • Tonski
    Tonski 11 months ago

    Finland surrenders against Sweden, fucking lmfao

  • Aleehomedition 29
    Aleehomedition 29 Year ago +13

    This is a disaster! You have to search in Internet for every nation!
    1 For example Italy in a world where the Axis have won would have been stronger than in our timeline, because Germany had to win in Africa to block the Suez Channel and take the oil in English colonies.
    2 There are tons of errors in the map: for example Germany wanted to make puppets in Russia and wouldn't have left the Soviets or a big puppet in Russia.
    Then, Spain in this timeline is in good relations with both Germany and Italy, so why they wanted to attack Italy?!
    You have to improve!
    0/10 IGN

  • Hans Zarkov
    Hans Zarkov Year ago +3

    Türkei kommt ohne kriegserlärung durch die Asylanten/harz4 . Oh stimmt nicht Harz 4 ist Existenzminimum Türken bekommen Harz4+ c.a.7000€ pro kopf ein Deutscher wenn er glück hat 380€ (Ich würde faule türken nicht mehr bezahlen ,wir haben genug kranke und auch leider faule Deutsche durchzufüttern . Da brauchen wir keine (Merkelgoldstücke) . Und an die Deutschlandhassenden Türken die generationen lang Stütze beziehen... VERPISST EUCH!!


    another alternate mind on the man in castle?

  • Idontevenknowanymore -

    Where's Lebenraum. Why does germany only own Ukraine?

    卐IVLIVSCAESAR卐 Year ago +1


  • cruz fernandez
    cruz fernandez Year ago

    the song is by Tomas Bergersen immortal

  • lord sushi
    lord sushi Year ago +2

    I'm quite sure india is the most powerful nation in the world😂

  • MrThePsychologist

    lol italy surenders you are pathetic

  • Krüger
    Krüger Year ago

    Germany had investigated before france gets indepndent

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith Year ago

    d fuck is this?

  • Faisal Rahman
    Faisal Rahman Year ago +2


  • selling stuff
    selling stuff Year ago

    bloody shite not what happened

  • Kempei
    Kempei Year ago

    Thats looks pathetic. US USSR or Mexico are no longer states anymore, how could they even.. ah, whatever

  • Gianluca Borg
    Gianluca Borg Year ago

    This is an INSULT to The Man IN (not on) the High Castle.

  • T D
    T D Year ago

    you Do know Indian and German were at War Since 1 September 1939 has India was a British Dominion you might want to Read up on history and the Book has your Idea make no Logical Sense what do ever

  • Muthu Karthik
    Muthu Karthik Year ago

    The world vs Germany = WW3

  • Kane Foster
    Kane Foster Year ago

    Fuck all this hate.
    This is one of the sweetest, most heart-warming young-historian projects I have ever seen. I could see myself producing this in my youth, and am heartened by your efforts. Please never delete this video and enjoy the nostalgia when you review it in a few years.

    • juggernout5
      juggernout5 Year ago

      Kane Foster all the hate comes from using a famous books name for no reason, juvenile project or not it doesn't excuse making a clickbait title with a well established novel

  • ahmKarlas
    ahmKarlas Year ago

    30 like for e.2 lLOL :.D

  • Nikolas Gonzalez
    Nikolas Gonzalez Year ago

    The person who made this is a fucking idiot

  • Sardaukar47
    Sardaukar47 Year ago +5

    Wir Wrden die Inversoren Bekämpfen und vernichtend schlagen auch wenn die Islamistischen Fanatiker anderer meinung sind . Denen wrden wir den 2. weltkrieg in form eines 3. Näherbrinen . Doch diesesmal wird es ein Verteidigunskrieg gegen den Islam sein.

  • Harland D. Sanders
    Harland D. Sanders Year ago +1

    Whats the song name

    • cruz fernandez
      cruz fernandez Year ago

      Harland D. Sanders the song is by Tomas Bergersen immortal

  • Sardaukar47
    Sardaukar47 Year ago

    3:20 Turkey declares war on Germany There is no lack of courage, these figs Mulefuckers of child minders can attack only by the asylanten backdoor and Germany the poisoned knife the backstrokes

  • uwu Vienntona
    uwu Vienntona Year ago

    Canada in the book is just neutral it never got conquered

  • PierreFin
    PierreFin Year ago +6

    Finland is not Sweden.

    i disliked video

  • Edel Wang
    Edel Wang 2 years ago

    Manchuria and Wang‘s Republic of China should not be Japanese territory they are independent contries

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 years ago

    No way that half France and less can take out Italy and all her Colonies together.
    What a fucking bullshit of video.

  • KoDan
    KoDan 2 years ago +5

    This is probably the biggest stupidity I've seen inb my life?
    Germany's army rolled through Scandinavia and France in 3 months! You really think it would be hard to kick the helld out of India?

  • C Alex
    C Alex 2 years ago +1

    Germany defeated by India, yeah right. What a joke

    • octopus4000
      octopus4000 2 years ago

      especially in 1957. I'm sure author of video doesn't know what is Nerhuvianism doctrine

  • William Heacock
    William Heacock 2 years ago

    uh oh retard alert

  • Brazoria
    Brazoria 2 years ago +2

    *I've only watched about half of this:*

    Sweden would not declare war on Finland, as Finland is in the Axis powers. Even if they did, the Finnish would rekt the Swedes, with their German wonder-weapons.
    India would as far as my concern would be already owned by Japan, maybe the Indus river owned by Germany..
    The USSR would be split between the Jap's and Nazi's... Siam would either be a puppet or simply OWNED by Japan (I don't remember specifically from the book),
    Italy would own little of Africa, same with the Spaniards, the Nazi's would own up into the Rocky Mountain range, same with the Japs.
    Mexico would be owned by the Jap's.. the Saudi's and Turks would be exterminated by the Germans, same with the Iranians..
    Also.. one question: Why does Italy own Syria, when from basic knowledge, the Germans were looking for religious wonder-weapons in the area? Same with Iraq.
    Edit Eins: The French would be owned by the Germans, and the Mediterranian would be drained out and used for farmland by the Nazi's and Italian's.

  • Mekdes W.
    Mekdes W. 2 years ago

    What is the name of this SONG?? ILOVE IT

    • cruz fernandez
      cruz fernandez Year ago

      Mekdes W. the song is by Tomas Bergersen immortal

  • Andrea Bonechi
    Andrea Bonechi 2 years ago +50

    how can vichi france win against italy??!i hope you're jocking

    • Bryce Eichelkraut
      Bryce Eichelkraut 4 months ago

      This is Italy we're talking about

    • the star hunter
      the star hunter 4 months ago

      WHAT the poor france can t win versus the glorious italian army

    • Romain Lapie
      Romain Lapie 11 months ago +1

      Italy was unable to win against France in 1940, the army of general Orly stop both the german and the Italians. Between 1940 and 1942, France had an "army of armistice", which still have the capacity to fight and win against Italy. But as soon as Free France start to take back colony, then that Germany invade the "Free zone" in 1942, that Vichy France destroy it's own fleet, that the armistice army is dissolve and the hidden weapons founded, it's unlikely that France could be able to win over Italy, except by multiple years of guerrillas. And in this scenario Germany wouldn't allow it, other with the objective of weakening the two opponents, before invading them both.

    • Moca Bacana
      Moca Bacana Year ago

      jeanbaptiste vidal Aosta is still part of Italy as well as half of Monte Bianco

    • Moca Bacana
      Moca Bacana Year ago

      jeanbaptiste vidal Italian states won several times against the french you moron. And then in ww2 the war between Italy and france only lasted 3 days but the italians were able to capture Annecy and Menton before France decided to sign peace with the germans.

  • Konsta Kurttila
    Konsta Kurttila 2 years ago +15

    Sweden??? pfffffffhfhhfhfaaaaaahahahahha... bullshit

    • TheRadonX
      TheRadonX Year ago

      tuo kaveri ei näemmä tiedä mistä on kirjoittanut, Suomihan olisi vallannut Ruotsin mennen tullen

  • Mile
    Mile 2 years ago +3

    So much grammar mistakes if I was grammar nazi i would die

    • P Spence
      P Spence 2 years ago +3

      It's 'so many grammar' & 'if I were'. You're quite welcome.

  • Allah lakbar
    Allah lakbar 2 years ago +2

    This Video is bullshit you do not even have an idea what nazi Germany Would have become if wie had won the war

    • rafa balon
      rafa balon 2 years ago

      Allah lakbar This is just alternate history, and you have no common sense

    • Tarik Amk
      Tarik Amk 2 years ago

      Allah lakbar this just a fan fictional about the man on the high castel

  • Lord Draco
    Lord Draco 2 years ago +2

    I Love Reich Empire.

  • Mikey Schuy
    Mikey Schuy 2 years ago +1


  • Paul Babcock
    Paul Babcock 2 years ago

    So t "New Allies declare on Germany a mouth later? Is that more or less time than two lips?
    Also, Japan really was at least as cruel, bllodthirsty, and overall bad as Germany to t countries it occupied. We just hear more about t German atrocities as their victims were European. And t Japanese were just victimizing small foriegn yellow people. So their atrocities were viewed as not counting for nearly as much.

  • ShogunBean
    ShogunBean 2 years ago +25

    I was like 2 sec in to this and was like this has nothing to do with the book!! Really India kicks Germanys ass??? have you read anything on ww2???? Dumb ass

  • Sabine Trofniew
    Sabine Trofniew 2 years ago

    read the book.

  • Tone
    Tone 2 years ago +1

    What's with the "England" and "English" ?
    It is the island of "Britain" and they are "British" !
    The Germans wouldn't let a Italy be taken by France and Iberia, either !

  • Romain Pontvianne
    Romain Pontvianne 2 years ago

    please, can somebody tell me about this serie/book because I'm interested in this history because the first time, I saw this video, I was asking to me who is Arnold Hitler and the date of his death, and futhermore when has begun the WW3 ^^

    • James Legrand
      James Legrand 2 years ago

      Romain Pontvianne "the man in high castle" the axis win the world descends into lawless chaos in neutral zones slave loving non white hating nazi empire and the slightly more liberal Japanese empire.

      oh and Canada's here.
      its not doing or concerned in any way it's just here for some reason.

  • SaraduminRS
    SaraduminRS 2 years ago +1

    And of course Finland is the one getting the shit thrown at it... seriously, that situaton of Sweden conquering finland and making a non-aggression pact with Germany before that is unbelievable. Finns were germany's allies, they would not let some sweden take control of their ally.

  • Samet Sarikaya
    Samet Sarikaya 2 years ago +5

    Hahahaha "white flag" france save the world , nice video buddy

    • Klysthie
      Klysthie 2 years ago +1

      Samet Sarikaya That's some nice historical knowlegde you got there kid.

  • Bonbo40 Draws
    Bonbo40 Draws 2 years ago


  • Wyatt Redman
    Wyatt Redman 2 years ago

    Read the book bro this is not what happens. If this is just for fun than ok but if your saying this happened in the book you need to read it.

  • The Lore Hunter
    The Lore Hunter 2 years ago

    Jeez people calm down, the whole "Man in the High Castle" was just a theory if the Axis won, people want to mess around with an alternate timeline within the plot. Which all this hate leads me to believe that you haven't seen an alternate history/ alternate war video.

  • Gonaa Gond
    Gonaa Gond 2 years ago

    It got 30 likes but part 2 is unreleased

  • Dean
    Dean 2 years ago

    this is absolutely false, unrealistic, and doesn't even follow the book.

  • M CAT
    M CAT 3 years ago

    bgm name?

  • Hanji Zoe
    Hanji Zoe 3 years ago +1

    What's the song from the beginning?

    • cruz fernandez
      cruz fernandez Year ago

      Zeke Yeager the song is by Tomas Bergersen immortal

  • VineFynn
    VineFynn 3 years ago +99

    This is ridiculous. Read the bloody book.

  • AK K
    AK K 3 years ago +5

    A 12 year old dumb fuck's wank fantasy with no historical bases using famous novel title's name written wrongly (it's 'IN' not 'ON'), that he obviously have not read, in order to gain views. That's pretty much summed up this video.

    • American Congress
      American Congress 2 years ago

      +Solarian Mapping/cubing Its realistic, when Japan declared war on America, they "Woke a sleeping giant."
      All that would need to happen is a few different decisions on the eastern front, Germany getting nukes first, and the Axis would of won.

    • Burgundy
      Burgundy 2 years ago

      Actually, i like how this person has interpereted the plot. I, having read the book, like the fact that the Allies acually fight back. i think it is boring that the allies roll over and die, like in the book.

  • C PT
    C PT 3 years ago +1

    Shouldn't you aptly name this "The Man on High Castle timeline"?

  • Moons of Nightmares
    Moons of Nightmares 3 years ago +9

    Ahh, now I wish mein Führer won! :'( this is okay. Like everyone said, not like the book so you should've named it "My Version of The Man in the High Castle" or something and grammar is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, and as I can tell, it is alot of other people's too. But I do like the soundtrack :) Could you tell me the name/s? Or is it fan made?

  • FucklesTheDog
    FucklesTheDog 3 years ago

    Pretty stupid scenario are you 5 quarters retarded? Please don't relate it to a quality piece of work when you have clearly haven't read the book.

    • Moons of Nightmares
      Moons of Nightmares 3 years ago

      Yeah, alot of people are claiming how this person never read the book and can't spell to save his/her life and I bet they didn't do that because they were in a hurry

  • clucaspik
    clucaspik 3 years ago

    A mouth later?

  • Olam Haba
    Olam Haba 3 years ago +1


  • JetboyAviation
    JetboyAviation 3 years ago +1

    What utter drivel.

  • Duniflipp3
    Duniflipp3 3 years ago +36

    According to the Series Joseph Stalin was executed in 1949, therefore the USSR would be German territory. Also the US doesn't exist anymore and the neutral zone is limited to the rocky mountains. From what we know of dialogue Africa is "enslaved" meaning it's part of the Third Reich. It is also unlikely that formerly british India would have the strength to fight a German Empire without nuclear restrictions. Burma was part of the Japanese Empire during WW2 meaning it would still be 1957. And last but not least it is said that the war endet in 1946 (first Va day according to what I picked up). I back all of my statements on moments in certain Episodes as I haven't read the book yet.

    • tyson symes
      tyson symes 3 years ago +1

      +Duniflipp3 Isn't Canada one of the only countries left? (Also the war ended in 47) I know the Wiki page has a map on it

  • ItsJustMusicals
    ItsJustMusicals 3 years ago

    Slight problem with your alternative history: Iberia wouldn't exist. There would be only two ways of that happening. 1 - Portugal invaded Spain and annexed it or 2 - Spain invaded Portugal and annexed it. Thing is, Portugal never had any interest in annexing Spain and Spain never won a war against Portugal. And during the second World War they are both neutral AND friends with the Axis powers. So... You see the problem with that theory.

    • ItsJustMusicals
      ItsJustMusicals 3 years ago +1

      +novit2013 And that's even less likely. As a Portuguese I can tell you that opinions like that of Saramago (who, I should add, was not very liked over here) don't find any support amongst Portuguese. I'm not sure how many people support such a thing in Spain, but in Portugal, not many do. Actually, Saramago was the only one who ever voiced support for such a thing and was met with heavy backslash because that's as unpatriotic as you can get over here. ;P

    • novit2013
      novit2013 3 years ago

      +ItsJustMusicals I have to tell you that a third theory could had been possible and it's not so fictitious, and its that both countries would had become one. I'm spanish and can tell you that some people ( Saramago one of them ) think that both countries united could form The Iberian Republic.

  • Jaye
    Jaye 3 years ago

    Guys I think it may be BASED on the book and she just found some creativity to adapt on the alternate history concept

    • tyson symes
      tyson symes 3 years ago

      +DizzleOfficial Off is an understatement. The UK doesn't exist, nor does India, The USSR, the neutral zone is too big. There are 4 known countries left (excluding the neutral zone) Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada

    • Jaye
      Jaye 3 years ago

      yeah i know it's off but I'm just saying it wasn't a timeline of the book completely

    • tyson symes
      tyson symes 3 years ago

      +DizzleOfficial Saying the book has stated there is only one other country, apart from Germany and Japan in the world, it seems quite off

    • Jaye
      Jaye 3 years ago

      yeah he might of used the book but created some of it on his own

    • tyson symes
      tyson symes 3 years ago

      +DizzleOfficial but there is a map of what it looks like. The war ended in 47, Stalin was executed in 49, meaning the USSR was part of Germany

  • Eric von Schweetz
    Eric von Schweetz 3 years ago +2

    Based on the book, it's doesn't based on map, just all fake.

  • Player72
    Player72 3 years ago +1

    fucking 12 year olds. RTFM. or in this case, read the fucking book

  • Jake Vargas
    Jake Vargas 3 years ago

    1966 A mouth later... Please run spell check on your video.

  • Caesar Tiberius
    Caesar Tiberius 3 years ago

    Interesting though in the beginning looking at the map, if Empire of Japan won especially in the CBI Theatre (China, Burma, India) then India would have fallen under Japanese sphere of influence. imo especially with how discontent the Indian's were with their British occupiers well prior to WW2 beginning.Very good video though :)

  • slicedpage
    slicedpage 3 years ago

    Arnie.."Get to the chopper" Hitler.
    And I was shocked Italy surrendered ! Sooo close.

  • aronos
    aronos 3 years ago +1

    A mouth later?

  • Sophia Wilson
    Sophia Wilson 3 years ago

    sir is this book or the show version?

    • PMAPN
      PMAPN 3 years ago +5

      +Sophia Wilson neither

  • Vyllckart
    Vyllckart 3 years ago

    why doesnt italy get support from germany?
    why doenst vychi belong to france?

  • Vyllckart
    Vyllckart 3 years ago

    russia wasnt even free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sally S
    Sally S 3 years ago

    Interesting, alternative history how scary.

  • Captain 'Murica
    Captain 'Murica 3 years ago +66

    This is literally the worst alt-history scenario I've have ever seen. 'Nuff said.

    • Art account IT
      Art account IT 9 months ago

      Captain 'Murica It's not alt-history, this is science fiction. You would know if you read the book or watched season 2

    • 1549_TH
      1549_TH Year ago

      LRLArch Ikr, just telling that person.

    • LRLArch
      LRLArch Year ago +6

      xJade1549x this video isnt even based on anything related to the Man in the High Castle. Its just clickbait for a made up axis victory scenario

    • 1549_TH
      1549_TH Year ago

      Michael Sulse Ikr, so?

    • Michael Sulse
      Michael Sulse Year ago

      xJade1549x The show is alternate history you dumb fuck.

  • T-34 / 85
    T-34 / 85 3 years ago +48

    Sorry but this is not like the books at all,so do some fucking research also it is the man in the high castle.
    Also those scenarios?Sweden invading Finland?Finland would win,India managing to win against nazi germany?Bullshit,the germans had superior technology,Indians would only have whatever the brits left from the second world war.

    • Swaraj Modak
      Swaraj Modak 10 months ago

      India is in top 5 position in all military aspects our one state police force have more weapons than whole military of Germany and Germany is size one district in India

    • MinisterTelic
      MinisterTelic Year ago

      well germany probably wanted to loose a riva- HAHAHA im sorry i can say germany and rival in the same sentance while reffering to italy

    • Davi trindade
      Davi trindade 2 years ago +1

      germany would just allow france to invade italy whaaaaat ?

    • Mr. Raleigh D.
      Mr. Raleigh D. 3 years ago +1

      +Johannes Segerlund NO RHODE ISLAND WILL WIN

    • Johannes Segerlund
      Johannes Segerlund 3 years ago

      +Luc C.
      True., Kalmar union back with that imo =P

  • Thedemonhater
    Thedemonhater 3 years ago


  • N T
    N T 4 years ago +56

    This is really bad, for three
    1. You can't spell. There's numerous spelling mistakes in the video. Are you an idiot or just a kid? 'Cause anyone with a half a brain would realize that maybe it'd be a good idea to fucking PROOF READ your video.
    2. This doesn't follow the story of "The Man in the High Castle", so I don't see why you would use that name for this. Not that you got that correct either, it's the Man *IN* the High Castle, not the Man *ON* the High Castle
    3. I would understand the changes made in the video if they were believable, however the changes are not believable. Finland would not have lost to Sweden, because they had better military and weapons at the time. Finland was also allied with Germany, and Germany would have no reason to sign a non-aggression pact with Sweden nor would Sweden have any desire to invade Finland as they would be surrounded on all sides by a superior enemy and would have to fight a war on god knows how many fronts. Also the name "New-Allies" is stupid, it's superhero comics level writing (which is fine when you're talking about superhero comics because they're supposed to be a little bit silly, but when you try to do something like that with any serious subject it sounds stupid). In addition there is no reason why they would add the "new" part to it as they could have simply called themselves the allies like they did before. There would be no reason to come up with a new name, because the name of the alliance doesn't actually mean jackshit.

    • rafa balon
      rafa balon 2 years ago

      TheNugettinage I agree with you: he has no common sense.

    • Ten Numb
      Ten Numb 2 years ago

      +Raven Knight why so offending ? =O

    • Home Of The Brave
      Home Of The Brave 2 years ago


    • Lily Mapping
      Lily Mapping  3 years ago +5

      Guys, can we all just say that I was immature and stupid a year ago and I will always be if I will be compared to my future self.
      Now listen, I will admit that there was many things that I did wrong in this video and many others things I did wrong.

    • Raven Knight
      Raven Knight 3 years ago

      +Ten Numb
      You´re not doing much better right now.
      And just for the records: I think i explained why this scenario couldn´t take place very well.

  • soide
    soide 4 years ago +269

    Have you even read the book?

  • E. Cheesecakes
    E. Cheesecakes 4 years ago

    3:19 A Mouth Later.... Dat Mistake though

  • E. Cheesecakes
    E. Cheesecakes 4 years ago


  • may wellyansyah
    may wellyansyah 4 years ago +3

    XD whY Video Is False ?

  • Royt The Amazinf Lazer Lord

    Congrats on 200 subcribers, thats alot.

    • Royt The Amazinf Lazer Lord
      Royt The Amazinf Lazer Lord 4 years ago

      Yep.....i remember the old days....

    • Lily Mapping
      Lily Mapping  4 years ago

      +RoytGaming Royt You were here since the beginning when I had like 8 subscribers, I don't know how to thank you even more for sticking around for so long :)

  • yoshu
    yoshu 4 years ago +19

    Well, I don't think that Finland would lose to Sweden in this scenario. First, Finland is here stronger and likely has better army and defence. Second, Good video :D

    • Viktor Provosky
      Viktor Provosky Year ago

      Screw The Jew He actually isn't

    • Xccrew The Gew
      Xccrew The Gew Year ago

      The scenario is based on a book he is only following what the book says

    • SaraduminRS
      SaraduminRS 2 years ago

      Well, considering he would have been dead 200+ years before that and lost his own life in a battle....

    • arcm
      arcm 4 years ago

      +Li Allan
      adolphus hitlerus :D

    • Lily Mapping
      Lily Mapping  4 years ago +1

      Let's pretend Gustavus Adolphus came back and beat the fins XD