Like riding a bike: The English We Speak

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Neil says rock climbing is like riding a bike. Feifei's confused - does that mean he carries a bike up the mountain?! All will be explained in this video.
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Comments • 41

  • Nofrianti Rustan
    Nofrianti Rustan 16 days ago

    Thank you BBC 😍😍😍 I Love You

  • كرار سلام
    كرار سلام 21 day ago

    Thanks BBC I'm speak English good

  • Anton Konyukhov
    Anton Konyukhov Month ago

    Great lessons! P.S. But Feifei is quite waspish...

  • Gargi Tyagi
    Gargi Tyagi Month ago

    Need your help... Please help me edit the following passage
    Dengue is a mosquito borne disease caused with four dengue virus serotypes. In the estimated 220 million people infecting annually, two million most children develop dengue hemorrhogic fever. Globally, a protected number of annual dengue infections are estimated among 50-100 million, with 24000 deaths, who are main children

  • 416AMQ78
    416AMQ78 Month ago


  • Salma Mostafa
    Salma Mostafa Month ago


  • Mishy Mish
    Mishy Mish Month ago

    Hi there, I don't hear Feifei pronouncing ing in the word learning, Is it me or it is so, if yes then why?

    • Mishy Mish
      Mishy Mish Month ago

      @BBC Learning English . I appreciate the information you have provided me with and I appreciate the prompt reply.

    • BBC Learning English
      BBC Learning English  Month ago +1

      Hi, at 1.40 Feifei says 'This is The English We Speak from BBC Learning English' - she pronounces the '-ing' in 'learning'. It's harder to hear because it's unstressed: the stressed syllable in 'learning' is 'learn'. Hope that helps!

  • kyawt soe
    kyawt soe Month ago +1

    BBC leaning english is like riding a bike for me.

  • tgchan
    tgchan Month ago

    Thank you, BBC. 💚

  • MING
    MING Month ago +1

    Speaking English in correct pronounce is like riding a bike

  • 1953emo
    1953emo Month ago

    Pretty interesting and informative video as usual. I noticed one interesting sentence: "The volume in my headphones is WAY too loud!" I think I have never heard this expression.

  • sabra rzz
    sabra rzz Month ago

    It's been a long time since I did or since I've done? Which one is correct?

  • Brigitte saint-pé
    Brigitte saint-pé Month ago

    In France too, we are used to using this expression. Nevertheless, I hadn't ridden a bike in forty years when I started riding again.... It's not as easy as that expression suggested.

    • Brigitte saint-pé
      Brigitte saint-pé Month ago +1

      @Tala Mixer It is : c'est comme faire de la bicyclette..ou c'est comme faire du vélo

    • Tala Mixer
      Tala Mixer Month ago

      What is it in French ?!

  • Nawar Nawar
    Nawar Nawar Month ago +1

    Hi, we have a similar expression which is : it is like drinking water

  • Unerase poetry
    Unerase poetry Month ago


  • ismail k
    ismail k Month ago

    Very nice and thank you

  • Mohammed Ben Jaballah

    ❤❤ where is shan

  • Laura Gado
    Laura Gado Month ago

    How much I like these videos, BBC! 👏👏👏👏

  • Jauly Yadav
    Jauly Yadav Month ago +13

    Learning English with BBC is like riding a bike.

    MUDASSIR Khan Month ago

    your lesson is always ,,one blow hard blow ,, means short lesson but gives perfect knowledge it is as RIDING A BIKE

    • MUDASSIR Khan
      MUDASSIR Khan Month ago

      @BBC Learning English thank you so much for correction

    • BBC Learning English
      BBC Learning English  Month ago +1

      Thanks! We normally say 'like riding a bike', not 'as riding a bike'

  • AungZaw Nyein
    AungZaw Nyein Month ago

    when i was young i used to cook traditional food. NOW I have to run the kitchen it's like riding a bike.

  • Linh Le Khanh
    Linh Le Khanh Month ago +1

    thank you so much bbc!

  • qsey alcont
    qsey alcont Month ago +2

    Mabye one day i will speak english like native,however,thank you a lot bbc😍😘

  • Alaa Jawad
    Alaa Jawad Month ago +2

    it's like riding a bike.

    • Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba Month ago

      Alaa Jawad I am Jon Champion alongside me is Jim Beglin.
      -PES Commentator-

  • Dear Learnz
    Dear Learnz Month ago

    Very nice video
    #dear learnz