The Dead Sea Scrolls // Ancient History Documentary

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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  • History Time
    History Time  Month ago +375

    Hey guys. Goes without saying this is a controversial subject. I don't follow any organised religion myself but I'm fascinated by religion as a concept. Let's keep it civil in the comments please. I'm a one man team and this took a ridiculous amount of time to make. Please like and comment if you enjoyed it & by all means let me know in the comments if you didn't. Back to Early Medieval Britain next week.

    • 420 jrzl 906
      420 jrzl 906 Hour ago

      @Ayash Yachad I took art history 275 and the earliest art work of Jesus shows him with traditional (non ashke-Nazi) Jewish like features. Dark skin, not black or even brown, curly hair...

    • 420 jrzl 906
      420 jrzl 906 Hour ago

      @cindybin2001 I'd love to hear your reasoning for marijuana being so bad... I'm honestly anxious with anticipation to hear this. Perhaps you think its bad because it expands the way one thinks and exposes the traditional American dream value system as bogus and not the way we're meant to spend our lives. Trust me, if I'm extremely angry and have a 🍺 or whatever I'm just going to get more mad, if I smoke a bowl I'll reassess the situation and my values and usually realize its not that big of a deal. I medicinally use for a partial left shoulder replacement that left me with arthritis and post operative chronic pain, i also use for nausea and anxiety. No one has ever died from marijuana and its impossible to overdose. The hemp plant is the most useful plant on earth and all studies to date show marijuana helps fight cancer, rather than spread it. Maybe if you smoked a joint, you'd undergo an epiphany about your cult err I mean religion.

    • Picklemagne
      Picklemagne Hour ago +1

      @420 jrzl 906 yeah we can both agree that will be funny.

    • 420 jrzl 906
      420 jrzl 906 Hour ago

      @Picklemagne fair enough, tbh I'm still anticipating the mormon ladies anti pot presentation, it should be a good laugh.

    • Picklemagne
      Picklemagne Hour ago +1

      @420 jrzl 906 dude, I really dont want to argue can we just agree to disagree?

  • Allon mielke
    Allon mielke 10 minutes ago

    1947...Shows images of Merkava mark IV tanks and Israeli soldiers armed with an XM177 !!!!
    And I'm supposed to believe the rest of this nonsense!!

  • Verne Fits
    Verne Fits Hour ago +1

    sons of light vs. sons of darkness so Epic!!!

  • Becky Evans
    Becky Evans Hour ago

    jerusalem surfaced about 1950 ? if so the 70 yr period is 2020, hmmm

  • G. Thomás Hart
    G. Thomás Hart Hour ago

    “Their roots (the Jews) stretch back further than most.” What do you mean? The rest of us became human later than the Jewish precursors, or else that the Jews are NOT human? That is insulting either way😤

  • 420 jrzl 906
    420 jrzl 906 2 hours ago

    Liked and subbed. Very informative and you do a good job of narrating.

  • Jo Green
    Jo Green 5 hours ago

    Cripes....wars back then, cruel rulers and death. Earth is based on that it seems.

  • Air hd tv
    Air hd tv 6 hours ago

    Religion - A L L of them, are the greatest FRAUD in all human history. How smart are humans really when over 70% of the global population still believe in the imaginary magic boss in the sky? Despite all the scientific discoveries, which expose religion to be a ridiculous Man-made mythology, why do the gullible masses hold on to this evil sorcery, full of ridiculous supernatural claims. It is long overdue for humanity to shake off, bury and even outlaw this ridiculous mythology - a mental menace to civilisation.

  • bsting601
    bsting601 7 hours ago

    Simple people simple explanations

  • Perer Addison
    Perer Addison 11 hours ago +1


  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez 17 hours ago

    There is no such God it is a made up ditdty so people can sin and have someone to forgive them .you must take responsibility for yourself
    In whatever you do.

  • JohnnyRebKy
    JohnnyRebKy 21 hour ago

    This was better than anything major tv channels could produce. Fantastic job sir!!

  • JohnnyRebKy
    JohnnyRebKy 21 hour ago

    To bad we didn’t get to see the complete Book of Enoch found in the scrolls. It was apparently sold to a private buyer and never seen again. The version we have now is relatively recent, discovered in a Ethiopian library late 19th century. Nowhere near the age of the Dead Sea scrolls. I don’t understand why Enoch had to be hidden away when it was found?? Enoch is a mind blowing book and perhaps the oldest version is a bit to much for the world. I want to read the original!
    The Book of Enoch, in my opinion, is the most fascinating ancient writing known to man. Perhaps there is a reason it remains unknown by most people and the oldest original was quietly taken away never to be seen again. It answers some questions about history that will make your jaw drop

  • KELLI2L2
    KELLI2L2 21 hour ago

    A cave in the open 🔓 (not hidden) yet all these years no one entered the cave b4 these boys...

    So, the Sons of Light were prejudice chauvinists and possibly even racist. Then later in the story they might be the more peaceful Christians who welcomed the people they shunned earlier ?! Does not compute.
    No evidence, means no existence.

  • Tom
    Tom 22 hours ago

    Speaking of pseudohistory - the Bible.

  • IMJW1000
    IMJW1000 23 hours ago

    What religion were first century Christians?
    Exodus 19:5 Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: 6 And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.

    Jehovah promised Moses that Israel would become a, "kingdom of priests, and an holy nation", if they, "keep my covenant".

    John 4:22 You worship what you do not know, we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews.

    Jesus' entire ministry was to Judea, exclusively. At first, one had to be a Jew, in order to become a Christian. Baptism was limited to Jews, as per the promise that God made to Moses that their decedents would be a nation of kings and priests.

    Acts 24:14, But I admit that I follow the Way, which they call a cult. I worship the God of our ancestors, and I firmly believe the Jewish law and everything written in the prophets.

    Christians were Torah practicing Jews who followed, "the Way". They were just Jews, who had accepted Jesus as Messiah. No change in beliefs, yet. Pure Judaism. Unitarian. They followed the law, recited the Shema and met at the synagogue on Shabbat to listen to the Torah being read.

    Act 10:28, He told them, "You understand how wrong it is for a Jew to associate or visit with a gentile. But God has shown me that I should stop calling anyone common or unclean

    Then, under inspiration, Peter opened Christianity to the gentiles.

    Act 15:5, But some believers from the party of the Pharisees stood up and said, "The gentiles must be circumcised and ordered to keep the Law of Moses." 6 So the apostles and the elders met to look into this claim.

    Once the gentiles were allowed into Christianity, a problem arose. The Jews were following the law of Moses and the gentiles were not. Remember, the Shema which the Jews recited daily. They understood God, as they still do to be one God of one person.

    Act 15:28, For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay on you no greater burden than these necessary things: 29 that you abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication; from which, if you keep yourselves, you shall do well. Be prospered.

    The issue was resolved by the governing body, called the apostles and older men in Jerusalem, by no longer requiring Christians to follow the law of Moses, following the law of Christ, instead. At this point, Christianity became a new and separate religion, distinct from Judaism

    Hellenistic pagan personalities, holidays and doctrines came later.

    According to the Bible book, "Acts of the Apostles", they were Jewish.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo Day ago

    vatican is evil and crime to human race because they hide the truth of human origin and the original alien message they refuse to release

  • Aaron Buckmaster

    Thiering is very significantly wrong.

  • Ernest Imken
    Ernest Imken Day ago +1

    What a fairy tale. The Bible is not speculation. All we need to know and can understand is in the Bible.

  • Linda McLean
    Linda McLean Day ago

    Very good. Thankyou

  • Constantly Questioning

    "Sons of Light"? Extremely Secretive you say? Sounds extremely Luciferian... Sounds like more Masonic mish mash.

    • Becky Evans
      Becky Evans Hour ago +1

      got to realize, that these were not hidden from us, but for us, for end times. they had to be hidden or the pharisee' and scribes and romans, would of destroyed these as they did with the canon...and no one would of discovered the truth.

    • 420 jrzl 906
      420 jrzl 906 2 hours ago

      True. I was thinking the same thing.

  • Enlightenment
    Enlightenment Day ago

    Hardcoded advertising.... Fucking slag

  • Shanti Saks : Ancient-American History & Style

    Typical Zionist mumbo jumbo.

  • Tom Berryhill
    Tom Berryhill Day ago

    Fascinating, but did they have to use Papyrus for the titles? Nearly ruined it for me.😅

  • Mike kirock
    Mike kirock Day ago

    Ok @19.0 or so you start saying "Jewish and the Jews" on and on. What you mean to say is the tribes of Abraham, 12 sons, 12 tribes, the tribe of Judah was just 1 of 12. Collectively we were called the tribes of Israel. Yes the tribe of Judah became the High Priest tribe and were the only tribe left in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and sadly were the only tribe NOT to accept Jesus as the Messiah. The rest of us have and we are now the Christian countries the World knows today. God Bless. (Edited for typos)

    TREX LEX Day ago

    More bullshit on the Lunatic Jew God who loves blood sacrifice and goes to the extreme even hanging his son on a tree like a DOG. Amazing powerful MYTHS are.

  • Alexander Atom
    Alexander Atom Day ago

    No Faith ...shame...well made though.

  • jr Hughes
    jr Hughes Day ago

    they are a copy of sumerian writings. which are a lot older.

  • Peter Harter
    Peter Harter Day ago

    Is there any chance that they are fake? Maybe the Dead Sea Scrolls are a deep fake, presented in 1945 by the CIA or other government intelligence service. Maybe they are creative art just like the NASA photos and The Beatles. A fraud presented by science to perpetuate certain popular misunderstandings, like Steven Hawking was. Is Zecharia Sitchin for real? I think he is. I really hope the Sitchinite view of the solar system is right. The world makes sense to me as a globe, and the history presented makes complete sense to me. The story of Tiamat and the collision with Nibiru. Earth is the remnant of Tiamat, and it got all of its water and life from Nibiru. After the collision Tiamat finds a new orbit closer to the sun, and the asteroid belt is also composed of the remnant of Tiamat. There is no such thing as a trusted scholar, however. I think people should read Sitchin's third book, "The Wars of Gods and Men." It's all interesting, and whoever wrote it did an excellent job in writing clear direct English, which Sitchin has never done before or since in speech or writing. But it's the story he tells that is the compelling thing. And I'm glad they decided to ghost write that book, so that the mythology, could be disseminated to the public.

  • JoachimderZweite

    I love old scrolls and ancient documents that need great scholars to decipher them but I decry the mumbo jumbo they represent especially in our scientific age where truth which is so elusive bears no relationship to what is in ancient scrolls. The great irony is that the Jews who have won so many Nobel Prizes in science wrote, deciphered and keep all this old material. Great intelligence will make itself known in many areas of knowledge.

  • Thormp1
    Thormp1 Day ago

    These irresponsible US states have let religion turn their own citizens into ignorant, superstitious savages, unable to work in reality, unable to correctly evaluate data, unable to divorce fiction from non-fiction, treating both with the same level of credibility.

  • Parrish Stevens
    Parrish Stevens Day ago +2

    There is no country of Palestine and there never was a country of Palestine.
    Palestine is a made up place by anti-Semite

  • Impossible Adventure Publishing

    You do realize Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, King Saul, King David, and King Solomon are all fictional characters and there never was bondage in Egypt, an exodus from Egypt, or a unified Kingdom of Israel?
    None of these are controversial statements, they are the mainstream conclusions of biblical Scholars both Jewish, Christian, and secular

    • Impossible Adventure Publishing
      Impossible Adventure Publishing Day ago +1

      @Tiger b4woods that's impressively incoherent. And weapons from the Exodus couldn't be found in Iraq cause the story says the pursuing Egyptians all drown and the Isrealites stopped at Canaan... Which doesn't overlap with Iraq. And if religious Muslims had found plausible evidence able to hold up to academic scrutiny they would not have stopped talking about it ever. It would still be something that Muslim apologists bring up to this day and they don't

    • Tiger b4woods
      Tiger b4woods Day ago

      Some gnostic guy said the same thing. And if you were to look up a guy called Bill Donahue and his "Hidden Meanings" site he says the same thing. And he says Satan is the lower frequency of the brain, not the actual Devil, AND God is photon of light, and Jesus (Which isn't his real name) told us (The whole reason him being here was to teach us how to meditate..that he and the Buddha are the same) I don't think this way for it makes no sense to die on a cross, for showing people how to meditate. Welp, how is it people that accept Christ as Lord and saviour while with prayer and humiliation, the Holy spirit is born inside you, and guides you away from things and towards things, of the creators will? Have you seen they have, indeed found, in Iraq, the chariots and weapons of the Egyptians of the Exodus? Yeah it's on here. Muslims have known about it for a long time. The geography was written wrong or land shifted, but they have found a ton of truth in the crossing.

  • Lord Cromwell
    Lord Cromwell Day ago

    Fake story, people will say and do anything for money and power even remake a Greek story. Muslims say if God is so great he has no need to send anyone to forgive our sins. The story is just stolen and refashioned from culture to culture. Wake up sheep. Roman still is collecting taxes.. You want the truth there it is.

  • chris wirth
    chris wirth Day ago

    Pretty good stuff for an individual to put together this historical research project. I'm just starting my examination of the Dead Sea Scrolls after viewing a special exhibition at our local museum of natural history. Thanks for the work.

  • Jay Felsberg
    Jay Felsberg 2 days ago

    Hence why The Christ could se a line from Prometheus Bound to Saul on the road to Damascus. The pharasee of oharasees would know the play with the impact of Hellenism on the pharasees.

  • Rab. C. Nesbitt
    Rab. C. Nesbitt 2 days ago

    These documentaries seem so promising and have loads of positive comments but i just can't bear to listen to the narrator's ridiculous and affected tone of voice. Just speak like a normal person!

    • History Time
      History Time  2 days ago

      Two years & 189,000 subscribers in- I'm able to follow my life's passion as a full time career. I think I'll stick to the way I narrate thanks very much.

  • Robert Lima
    Robert Lima 2 days ago


  • flymasterA
    flymasterA 2 days ago +1

    TVclip, the forum of public ignorance. Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian. Christians did not exist until after the death of Jesus.

  • Alma Mercer
    Alma Mercer 2 days ago

    Suns of light / sun worship/ must have been after they turned from a Lunar calender to a Sun. has nothing to do with the jews .

  • Alma Mercer
    Alma Mercer 2 days ago

    why would they waste fresh water that could be refined and used as Drinking water ? makes absolutely no sense . they need to redirect .

  • C.Cooper
    C.Cooper 2 days ago

    bs falsified history

    • Ken Jackson
      Ken Jackson 2 days ago

      Please tell us the truth, Cooper.

  • Chris Pummel
    Chris Pummel 2 days ago

    Fantastic history usual. Thanks for such great works.

  • Mile Jukic
    Mile Jukic 2 days ago +2

    Jesus is the way, the truth and the life !!

    • Hongster Hong
      Hongster Hong 9 hours ago

      @Mile Jukic save me from what? show me evidence that jesus actually saved someone from hell, or evidence that hell actually exists. even if hell is real, jesus couldnt even save himself, what makes u think he can save anyone else? christians are brainwashed asf

    • Mile Jukic
      Mile Jukic 16 hours ago

      @Hongster Hong He can save even you, you just have to open your eyes and stop beleiving in lies.

    • Hongster Hong
      Hongster Hong 20 hours ago

      u mean the magical Jew that can save everyone but himself?

  • Alexander Scrotumface the Great

    Fantastic, I really enjoyed this documentary. I appreciate the hard work you put into this.

  • YAHAWAH'S Will
    YAHAWAH'S Will 2 days ago

    Nowhere does it Mention Christianity in the Bible..... They weren't Christians, they were Hebrews.... Any Religion is considered an Abomination to our Creator.....

    • Ken Jackson
      Ken Jackson 23 hours ago

      @nathen4twenty: _"Modern translators cannot recreate the syntax of the epoch , precisely because they are not there to experience it."_
      The KJV was translated a millennium and a half after that epoch. And they didn't have modern tools. What makes you think translators then could do a better job recreating the syntax than translators today?
      Also, KJ English is a different dialect than we speak today, almost a separate language. Wycliffe goes around the world translating the Word of God into disparate languages so people can read the Word in their own language. Why shouldn't we be able to do the same?

    • nathen4twenty
      nathen4twenty 23 hours ago

      @Ken Jackson That is deleteriously incorrect. Modern translators cannot recreate the syntax of the epoch , precisely because they are not there to experience it. The King James Version is agreeably so far back in time, as to be un-corrupt from its Roman roots. Christianity is a Roman Tradition, even if inception came from Israel, a jurisdiction of the Empire.

    • Ken Jackson
      Ken Jackson Day ago

      @nathen4twenty, did the Lord Jesus speak in the king's English? More modern translations are NOT _"rewrites of the KJV Bible"._ They are new translations from the best available Greek and Hebrew copies of the originals. *Modern* means *modern English,* not modern Greek or Hebrew.
      Let me give you an example of why we need modern translations. In KJV Genesis 1 : 28, God said, _"..., Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, ..."_ Do you see that word *replenish?* Modern readers know today this word means _"to fill something again, or return something to its earlier condition."_ Again? Earlier? Was the earth previously filled and needs to be filled *again?*
      It turns out, the word "replenish" had a _different meaning_ way back when the KJV was translated--it didn't mean "again". So modern translations, like the ESV, translate this verse as, _"Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth ..."_ Modern readers can thus read it and better understand the original (Greek) meaning without being taught what the English words used to mean. Much better.

    • nathen4twenty
      nathen4twenty Day ago +1

      @YAHAWAH'S Will The new Testament hadn't been collected yet, so obviously it would be missing in the old Testament.

    • nathen4twenty
      nathen4twenty Day ago

      @Ken Jackson You didn't quote the King James Version, and it shows. Using anything other than the KJV or the Torah, ye even the Dead Sea Scrolls are the preferred go to citations. Any modern rewrite of the KJV Bible has serious syntax errors, of which yours is evidence of.

  • Connie Dobbin
    Connie Dobbin 2 days ago

    Amazing how the male human race discounts the female species In this documentary. However, the male species would definitely not exist without the female species. In all our existence both female and male species make up humanity itself. I question these and other scrolls to be honest interpretations of these and other actual scrolls.

    • Ken Jackson
      Ken Jackson Day ago

      @nathen4twenty: _"No. They are distinct Genders. Gay ..."_
      You started with _"No",_ but it doesn't sound like you're disagreeing with my response to what Connie said. I don't care about all that other crap.

    • nathen4twenty
      nathen4twenty Day ago

      @Ken Jackson No. They are distinct Genders. Gay Ronan Farrow can no more give birth to a junior Woody, anymore than Lesbiana Rachel Madcow Maddow can fertilize Ronan's crevasse. And, honestly, I doubt with some wager in Las Vegas, that Farrow is not Allen's progeny. Allan is far too ugly for the soft skin Farrow flaunts on the New York white party circuit scene.

    • Ken Jackson
      Ken Jackson 2 days ago

      Male and female aren't _"species"._

    • nathen4twenty
      nathen4twenty 2 days ago

      @Connie Dobbin What is sad is that women like Liz Warren, and Hillary Clinton have installed this false hope that they can be like Angela Merkel. You can't. Women have a place and if it weren't for technology, you'd all still be there. Live it, walk it, but know, as a woman it is your place to be, just like men serve their Godly purpose. Barefoot in the Kitchen, not anymore because men invented shoes. Stilettos in fact.

    • Connie Dobbin
      Connie Dobbin 2 days ago

      nathen4twenty you don’t actually understand my point. Your reply is very sad!

  • PoeDoggdotcom
    PoeDoggdotcom 2 days ago

    In the first minute, I heard so much bullshit that I cannot continue to watch and take any of this as fact.
    Good job.

  • zaq voir
    zaq voir 2 days ago +1

    "the River Jordan flowing into the Dead Sea" speaks volumes with a simple statement

    • nathen4twenty
      nathen4twenty 2 days ago +2

      Its called a basin. Its a geologic formation, that has nothing to do with geopolitics that played out there.

  • Ole Reidar Johansen
    Ole Reidar Johansen 2 days ago +3

    16:53 Elite group working on sensitive parchment while cigarettes 🚬😂

  • Oberst I
    Oberst I 2 days ago

    FILTHY jews at the beginning. GROSS.

    • Oberst I
      Oberst I Day ago

      @Ken Jackson Reprobates and sodomites. Read the Olivet Discourse. They were sodomites and filthy. Cf. Romans 1:27. Hey what's this? Oh, somebody is getting expelled. AGAIN.

    • Ken Jackson
      Ken Jackson 2 days ago

      Were the Romans that slaughtered them _"filthy"_ too?

    ROB-IN-PHILLY 2 days ago

    LOL...How could anyone believe this bullshit...I guess this is where the Charlatan Joseph Smith got his idea about the "golden Tablets"...Everything is such a fraud and every religion is total and 100% bullshit.

  • Dane Lloyd
    Dane Lloyd 2 days ago

    Sons of light is an illuminati reference, there are credible allegations that the scrolls are a scionist hoax, please research it

  • Morten Greaker
    Morten Greaker 2 days ago

    This is a copy paste bs story taken from populist world history. Even the quacademika people have started to idmit that our history as we know it is mostly a fairy tale. A litle history recearts and you wil see that our ofishial history is mostly a big lie. That said the dead sea scrols is a very interesting story. John Marco Alegro was the only no religious scolar among the peole that got the job to translate the dss. And he is the only one that translated al of the material he got to translate

  • jason taylor
    jason taylor 3 days ago

    Lots of good info mixed with an obvious bias toward Biblical disbelief to the point of poorly disguised contempt.
    Try impartiality documentarion.

  • Janese Johnsen
    Janese Johnsen 3 days ago

    Gods word...Gods word! His story that he walked with men in the flesh and brothers a sister, baffles mankind. GOD So holy that Mary was chosen as a pure vessel to which his holiness could be contained. Later gospel given to the gentiles ON PURPOSE!
    THE SABBATH man's religious RITUAL. God created the world in 7 days. One day to be given to worship Him and repent. Not much to ask most should be communing a God by the second. His movie playing! Got it.

  • Paul Varn
    Paul Varn 3 days ago

    There is reason to keep an open mind whether there is NO evidence of King Solomon's mines:

  • luminair11
    luminair11 3 days ago

    A truly fascinating and highly educational video, although felt like a horror story a lot of the time, with all that murdering & mass executions going on! Interesting for me now after many years of first hearing and reading about this subject......thanks for the education folks!

  • Janese Johnsen
    Janese Johnsen 3 days ago +3

    Judah....the line of Christ. Their mistake....God chose Judah.

    • Becky Evans
      Becky Evans Hour ago

      Janese Johnsen can't be, for CHRIST line must be pure without no reputation. so tamar tricking judah to sleep with her, still would be considered incest, and judahs son shelah was a half breed, from a canaanite woman, and judahs two older sons died childless. the jews are from this line, but not CHRIST, HIS is from the israel line,abraham isaac, jacob, ephraim, nun, joshua ect. genesis 48

  • Janese Johnsen
    Janese Johnsen 3 days ago

    Every reason and very important Trump go through moving embassy to is the former Babylon. Syria push against Israel and EU using muslims as puppets.....
    The Greek were last of bigoted gentiles to pervert Gods word worshipping false gods and idols.....every reason Paul warned the 7 churches of may religlions believing theirs to be a church right w God....and present today.