When Singers have to Stop their Performance....

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
  • When Singers Have to Stop their Performance compilation! Which one was the funniest to you? Comment your reactions below!
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  • Choy Gimotea
    Choy Gimotea Hour ago

    Justin Bieber is the worst one

  • Tom Diamond
    Tom Diamond Hour ago

    Beyoncé fans were like “ omg someone’s going to get picked from the crowd so we all have to jump and scream as loud as possible”

  • Orlando Bell Bray
    Orlando Bell Bray 2 hours ago

    dude how come drake is saying to stop touching girls when he tryna touch Millie Bobby Brown...

  • Chelsey Roussellch
    Chelsey Roussellch 2 hours ago

    Nickis dumb

  • Chelsey Roussellch
    Chelsey Roussellch 2 hours ago

    Don’t mess with the master cardi b

  • Dude Ette
    Dude Ette 2 hours ago

    Why the fuck would you call a fan on stage to sing your song, then expect them to not sing the lyrics of the song? (kendrick scene) let alone call a white girl on stage to sing a song with nigga in every sentence. Seems like it was intentional

  • Discreet Hobo
    Discreet Hobo 3 hours ago

    The audience at every show is an asshole.

  • Nadine
    Nadine 3 hours ago

    remember when kurt cobain kicked a man out for groping a woman

  • Gaming&VloggingWith Bella

    Ariana Grande: *singing*
    Somone:wait restart I havent recorded
    Ariana Grande: *tries to continue the song* wait I'm sorry did you say restart cause you haven't started recording 😂

  • Nikia Walter
    Nikia Walter 6 hours ago

    Bart her ass

  • Cam Bam
    Cam Bam 6 hours ago


  • Leo Wakefield
    Leo Wakefield 7 hours ago

    Wasn't that first guy on Dr . Phil?

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk Anymore 7 hours ago

    2:12 did he actually not do the show ?

  • Wild Lynx
    Wild Lynx 7 hours ago

    Yo Travis Scott good people!!

  • Le GachaPink
    Le GachaPink 7 hours ago

    2:40 when that one kid says "You forgot our HW assignment for tonight"

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee 8 hours ago

    Bieber is a punk

  • Seirds the wierd
    Seirds the wierd 9 hours ago +2


  • Jim Thomas
    Jim Thomas 9 hours ago

    I wouldn't pay to see any of these ass clowns , I wouldn't come see them if they payed me , I just wanted to see them fall off the stage or something

  • Melinda Scott
    Melinda Scott 9 hours ago +1

    Wait where is XXXtentacion......

  • ClOuD sQuAd
    ClOuD sQuAd 10 hours ago +1

    Drake out here groping Millie Bobby Brown now

  • stardust_and_ashes
    stardust_and_ashes 10 hours ago

    me not seeing NF on this list for stopping a show when he sees a drunk harassing girls in the audience:

  • 10,000 subs with only 1 vid 1

    Wtf does groping mean

  • Emma Oliver
    Emma Oliver 11 hours ago


  • Omar Ben
    Omar Ben 11 hours ago

    Why didn't rihanna apologize to her fans there?

  • Ben Clark
    Ben Clark 12 hours ago

    Kendrick is a bitch ass

  • xStrikerVisionx
    xStrikerVisionx 13 hours ago

    Fuck cardi b strippin ass man robbing ass whore

  • Irene Butterfly 나비마

    Mad respect to drake.

  • David Drygas
    David Drygas 13 hours ago

    Humm I get fired I don't get paid I wish I was born stupid

  • Musicmangm7
    Musicmangm7 14 hours ago

    Kendrick the asshole shouldn't have invited her up if he was going to cry about lyrics he wrote. Maybe he could just advise white people not to buy his music or come to his concerts. That would probably work better.

  • Dr Dr
    Dr Dr 14 hours ago

    Black people are funny.

  • Emily Linda Hofmann
    Emily Linda Hofmann 14 hours ago

    Yes the girl shouldve been more carefull wirh rapping but when your fully in the song jamming as fuck and get lost in it, you forget about it... but it looks like people dont think that far and are way to fast offendet

  • Hyperactive Chicken Nugget

    The thing about Kendrick and the N word.
    Like if no one uses it then it wouldn’t be a fucking problem :))

  • 14 subs no videos get REkt

    Some people really think there’s nothing wrong with saying the n word 🤡

  • Pierre Rosier
    Pierre Rosier 16 hours ago

    Wow Kendrick Lamar was such a dickhead on this one. That much stupidity actually got me shocked lol at first I thought it was needed to censor it for the replays or whatever...

  • samfinnorchard
    samfinnorchard 17 hours ago

    There are 2 types of people, those who stop their performances for something nice, and those who stop their performances to threaten someone

  • Chronic Trickzy
    Chronic Trickzy 17 hours ago

    The Arianna grande part

  • Yamato Takahashi
    Yamato Takahashi 18 hours ago

    Cardi B wasn’t mad, she was just being Cardi B😂😂

  • Yana Omda
    Yana Omda 18 hours ago

    So much respect for everyone in this video except Justin Bieber 💖💖💖💖

  • jdrose1000
    jdrose1000 18 hours ago

    Travis Scott is so sweet!

  • Balakis Hakis
    Balakis Hakis 18 hours ago

    Ariana Grande: Do I need to say it, or do you already know.

  • Grainne
    Grainne 18 hours ago +1

    That was just an arsehole move that Kendrick pulled

  • jdrose1000
    jdrose1000 18 hours ago

    2:12 I bet those girls got their asses beat!

  • Random Lily
    Random Lily 18 hours ago

    Justin Bieber is such a baby he stops the shows to clean up water, grabs something around a another persons waist, and then gets all mad when his fans grab his legs. Like what?

  • af 701
    af 701 19 hours ago

    can justin calm down oml

  • Marieh Santiago
    Marieh Santiago 19 hours ago

    Yo I was ctfu with the lil Wayne one he made my day lmfao. Oh and drake too,

  • Ahmad Tate
    Ahmad Tate 20 hours ago

    I love how Rihanna stopped like a bad bitch and restarted

  • Ginger Moore
    Ginger Moore 22 hours ago

    I applaud Travis Scott for noticing that someone in his audience needed help and making sure that help was given in a timely manner

  • Dax Douglass
    Dax Douglass 23 hours ago

    Kung fu Kenny set up that white girl so it’s not the white girls fault that she said the N-word even though it’s a no-no word. I blame it on Kenny for setting that girl up and for her getting called out afterwards, But in reality kung fu Kenny should’ve brought up a black girl instead of a white girl, because how can you expect a white girl not to say the N-word since it’s on the mad city song lyrics. Like I said, I feel bad for her being set up like that but can he needs to think before he gets a white person up there to sing a song like that with the N-word on there but then to only find out You have to bleep out one word. If I were that girl I would be like screw this and go back into the audience but after I callout Kenny for even getting me up there to sing mad city. Some People these days am I right

  • Nobody
    Nobody 23 hours ago

    Drake was AMAZING

  • Ardian Sach
    Ardian Sach 23 hours ago

    Respect to all singers who stops the show for humanity reasons!

  • Mira Alagha
    Mira Alagha Day ago


  • Dill Doe
    Dill Doe Day ago +1

    What did Kendrick expect? Like, all of his songs have the n-word. There’s plenty of black people in his audience, idk why he got some white girl.

  • Geriell James
    Geriell James Day ago

    I hope cardi slapped him

  • Jack Lamata
    Jack Lamata Day ago

    Biber is a Full idiot, and he thinks he’s the middle of the world! IDIOT

  • fatou traore
    fatou traore Day ago +1

    *justin is literally such a drama queen*

  • Julyssa Cabrera Ayala

    Tbh Justin Bieber always have to be rude to his fans

  • Muhd ghzli
    Muhd ghzli Day ago

    Wtf Justin Bieber

  • Drippin båbyy
    Drippin båbyy Day ago

    It’s Beyoncé

  • Puta No
    Puta No Day ago

    First cardi b is not that’s good her singing sounds bad she is so ghetto we all know the baddest queen is NM but I like how she stood up for her fam but she not black and she keep saying n like yes she is big but that’s still bad like doesn’t anyone give a shit

  • Jacob Edward Lynch

    I went to a Gwen Stefani concert and she stopped because she messed up the words 😂 love her

  • Elizabeth Tonkin

    i love this so much and damn cardi b :0

  • Anif Care
    Anif Care Day ago +4

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Cardi is always saying the N word even though she ain’t black and sometimes she says she is then sometimes she says she Latina or Hispanic

  • h⃣o⃣l⃣d⃣ t⃣h⃣e⃣ s⃣q⃣u⃣e⃣a⃣k⃣ u⃣p⃣

    drake stopped the guy to have the girls for himself

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    Damnnn Justin Bieber

  • Greg Vandiver
    Greg Vandiver Day ago

    Respect for Travis

  • Alyahs gacha
    Alyahs gacha Day ago



    StArT aGaIn I WaSnT ReCoRdInG


  • dbevans1328
    dbevans1328 Day ago

    That drake concert looked crazy WHAT DID HE SAY

  • Delaney Leary
    Delaney Leary Day ago

    Justin didn’t have to stop his show...

  • Muhib’s Videos

    Drake is my guy

  • santiago cortes
    santiago cortes Day ago


  • Annie Ramos
    Annie Ramos Day ago

    Way to go Travis Scott

  • Gacha Salvice
    Gacha Salvice Day ago

    when it said "rihanna encounters technical difficulties" i thought you meant she started fumbling the song and completely effing forgot the lyrics 😂

  • Mcfly
    Mcfly Day ago


  • Itz Jayden Animates•

    *”FuCk yOu bItCh, FuCk yOu!!1!1!1”*

  • Gwen Black
    Gwen Black Day ago

    YES DRAKE 😭😭😭😭😌😌😌

  • Jo e
    Jo e Day ago

    It's in your song dumb fuck she's allowed to sing it

  • Unsesquipedalian

    Wholesome/ Ariana dealing with peoples shit.
    Fucking hilarious.
    We need more people like ⟙𝚁𝙰𝚅𝙸𝚂.

  • Amelina Londe
    Amelina Londe Day ago +1

    Lmao when Kendrick stopped his performance you can here so girl saying FUCKKKK YYYoOuU

  • Martina Chavez
    Martina Chavez Day ago

    Cardi b is dum bitch

  • Hobiphoria
    Hobiphoria Day ago +3

    Lil wayne: throw something again and my team will shoot you
    Crowd: *jumps*

  • josh wesley
    josh wesley Day ago

    so black ppl can call each other nigga but a white person can't?🤔

  • Sticky Nut Juice moved

    That meek mill shit was insecure AF lol

  • tina cooney
    tina cooney Day ago

    I seen Justin's name and I automatically was thinking was the cops there to get him

  • Mikaela Urman
    Mikaela Urman Day ago

    I love queen b

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Day ago

    4:00 Ari is the sweetest 😂

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Day ago

    Lol he liked it so he put a ring on it 💍👏

  • Dab Master
    Dab Master Day ago

    God justin is such a fucking bitch and this video proves it

  • Ryan Jill
    Ryan Jill Day ago

    Travis Scott good man

  • Ryan Jill
    Ryan Jill Day ago

    Cardi b tell em girl

  • Jayla Clemons
    Jayla Clemons Day ago +1

    Drake tho 😂

  • Poppy Millward
    Poppy Millward Day ago

    i hate the kendrick lamar one it’s legit in the song she’s not saying it in any offensive manner, publicly
    embarassing her is just mean

  • Nono Ami
    Nono Ami 2 days ago

    Now I become Ariana Grande fan

  • Michael Whittaker
    Michael Whittaker 2 days ago

    Die beiber you childish pointless cunt

  • Aizah Katsuki
    Aizah Katsuki 2 days ago

    Justin Bieber is honestly an ass

  • Mikaela Cabral
    Mikaela Cabral 2 days ago +1

    *What the fck is wrong with justin*

  • Dz Squad
    Dz Squad 2 days ago

    Cardi look like she is wearing a diaper

  • Jordan Tyler
    Jordan Tyler 2 days ago

    *says n word*
    Other white people: “FUCK YOU BITCH FUCK YOU”

  • Dave
    Dave 2 days ago

    5:35 "Ima be the bigger pesrson and just leave, cause I don't wanna kill everybody"

  • FriendsAtParty
    FriendsAtParty 2 days ago

    Rihanna, you are the bullshit

  • Edmundo Solorzano
    Edmundo Solorzano 2 days ago

    If Kendrick did stop the girl just because of the N word he is stupid it's part of the song obviously anyone would say it as well if they would sing any song that says that word