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  • Ofer Mizrahi
    Ofer Mizrahi 2 months ago

    So all Jeremey are leftists ? i was expecting alot more dislikes. i gave one

  • colin the dog from SPACED

    ….and after said courtroom scene Streep descends the stairs as 25 female extras stare in awe at her because she's a WOMAN!!!!!!

  • colin the dog from SPACED

    Worthy and dull.

  • Anthony Fletcher
    Anthony Fletcher 8 months ago

    FUCK the "post"..... I will never view this movie even if I could buy a copy from a pawn shop to ensure that they never received a dime of my money!

  • neelakiller
    neelakiller 8 months ago

    Second half way better than the first. The first half felt as though they couldn't decide if they wanted it to be a drama about the paper or Katherine Graham's struggle to get out from under all the men who surrounded and advised her.

  • CMG
    CMG 8 months ago

    Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.....better than a full stomach and a rainy day to put you to sleep. Doctors will end up prescribing this movie for insomnia.

  • MyNameGoesHere
    MyNameGoesHere 8 months ago

    You should totally do old school movies based on books.
    1. Shawshank redemption
    2. Misery

  • The Peace Report
    The Peace Report 9 months ago

    I watched the movie from a historical stand point. Those “top secret documents” that Jeremy mentions are called The Pentagon Papers. It revealed a deep level corruption and mishandling of the government, military, and even media.
    Today, no mainstream media organization publishes documents like these today, which is why we have Wikileaks and other methods.
    Pretty important stuff.

  • Jesse Bourbeau
    Jesse Bourbeau 10 months ago

    I disagree, this movie makes you feel the intensity and momentum all the way through.

  • Jesse Bourbeau
    Jesse Bourbeau 10 months ago

    It’s a great fucking movie man.

  • James F. Ewart
    James F. Ewart 10 months ago

    Alec Baldwin did it better

    Also, don’t click on the replies of the Trump related comments. You’ve been warned.

  • Isaac Harp
    Isaac Harp 11 months ago

    Where's your 3 billboards review?

  • rahatul alam
    rahatul alam 11 months ago

    I have to say a prequel to this movie just like Dunkirk and darkest hour would have to be mark felt played by Liam Neeson. Its two good movies, will there be a sequel?

  • John Vicary
    John Vicary 11 months ago

    Plot intensive but informative and hits the fake news nail

  • Final Cut Gaming
    Final Cut Gaming 11 months ago

    I thought the gut punch moment was when the girl on the phone reads the ruling of the Supreme Court justices. To me, it was taking exactly what made the Post's actions so daring and what makes this movie so daring in modern day.

  • ThatOddGirlSophie
    ThatOddGirlSophie 11 months ago

    Love this movie so much tho ok for like a young person I mean I was the only on the theater under the age of like 40 sooz but honestly I loved it too much.

  • XenoKaiju
    XenoKaiju 11 months ago

    Frankly I felt something watching the movie. I myself dabbled in journalism classes and was a part of a high school newspaper. As someone watching with the inkling of basic know-how, it's brilliant stuff! When they're getting the story together and trying to meet the deadline, jumping all the hurdles they can, it was a nostalgic rush!
    Personally I loved the film. On par with Bridge of Spies.

  • Kachena 98
    Kachena 98 11 months ago

    Just saw this movie today and loved it

  • bean affleck
    bean affleck Year ago

    please do the Florida project

  • futurestoryteller

    Sometimes it's just good to remind people: we've been here before.

  • Peter KJ Richter - *IMHO*

    Well, seems the commenters here like the Trump impression better than the movie xD
    Yeah, if you're a history buff, liked movies like JFK, etc - this is the movie for you, or if you're a bit old and miss the 70s? ;) this is the movie for you. This is NOT a movie for millennials xD Rotary phones, newspapers, pencils and paper, absolutely NO digital media here, kidz, so move along ;)
    Only saw it as a treat for mom's belated V-day treat, and she wasn't impressed either xD Dinner was more exciting than this movie o.0

  • Donald Burcham
    Donald Burcham Year ago

    The Post is probably the best movie out so far this year

  • oldschool1987
    oldschool1987 Year ago

    Meryl Streep is a degenerate.
    Hilarious how they think Trump is oppressing the media when the fact is Obama actually had reporters arrested. The media today are pushing fake news. Its provable fact.

  • GlenGo GoMan
    GlenGo GoMan Year ago

    Jeremy have you play dark cloud 2? Can you review Dark Cloud 2 game?

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson Year ago

    Personally I think its the worst movie in the best picture nominations bunch this year. with that being said, I still enjoyed it.

  • Stefan Dakovski
    Stefan Dakovski Year ago

    I loved that movie...and got some good history for my favourite newspaper (and I had another reason to like it more than The New York Times)!!!

  • Alexis
    Alexis Year ago

    This movie just looks boring

  • quitCCP2defyitsEVIL

    Journalistic integrity in the N.Y. Times ? ?!!? LOL ya right!

  • Aleksandar Maksimovic

    I felt really tense during a lot of parts of the movie, maybe you became incentivized because of the massive of EXPLOSIONS movies and super-hero movies. When you compare this movie to other movies in the repertoire genre. All in all, I really felt the gravity of the situation.

  • Sergi Pérez
    Sergi Pérez Year ago

    I see myself seeing it many times in the future. I like it

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee Year ago

    do the darkest hour damn it

  • Eva Burnz
    Eva Burnz Year ago

    your persona is highly irritating and annoying, Meryl Streep was lifeless in this film as well, utterly stale.

  • BucketDwarf
    BucketDwarf Year ago

    I feel like this film, mostly due to the time we are in now, is a bit self congratulatory
    I am the last person to like Trump and I find it hilarious that he shouts "FAKE NEWS" when he perpetuates the exact same thing (if not worse) but the media and news coverage can be just as bad..... It's almost all about pushing a specific, biased agenda (both left&right)
    Back then I feel they might've had more integrity but it shines no light on current news media affairs.

  • thedarkestdawn1
    thedarkestdawn1 Year ago

    *Fake news*

  • AydinSin
    AydinSin Year ago

    Well this is exactly what I expected good movie but boring

  • JesusSavedJoshua
    JesusSavedJoshua Year ago +1

    Boring plodding film everyone would have skipped were it not for two major costars.

  • Kevin Knapp
    Kevin Knapp Year ago

    Well made, educational Oscar-bait; no alcohol required.

  • david brown
    david brown Year ago +1

    TRUMP 2020

  • Mohamed Sherif
    Mohamed Sherif Year ago

    It's actually quite intense for an "informative" movie. I mean, compared to Spotlight it's more intense. Spotlight felt more like a documentary. The Post was more of a suspense or thriller.

  • paratrooper 82
    paratrooper 82 Year ago +1

    Personally I support Trump, but the guy is capable of doing idiotic shit and doesn't walk on water.. And by god that was a good impression. Even had the kissy face lips down pat

  • Nico Sotomayor
    Nico Sotomayor Year ago

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I was that bored in a theater. Alcohol IS required.

  • Charlie Moll
    Charlie Moll Year ago

    Holy shit. We watched this for history class

  • Stephen Machlica
    Stephen Machlica Year ago

    Can you please review call me by your name

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith Year ago

    Lots of people thought the nickson lip syncing was clever. I didnt🙁

  • btez31
    btez31 Year ago

    The Post is the best movie I have seen in two years, Meryl Streep is amazing

  • thelinedrive
    thelinedrive Year ago

    Hanks is fine, but Streep just feels flat for what her character is going through, her dialogue is saying more than anything she is actually performing in my opinion.

  • Chad Best
    Chad Best Year ago

    This man is a bad his reviews

  • Bowser115
    Bowser115 Year ago

    Loved this movie.

  • hemanownsyou
    hemanownsyou Year ago

    Spotlight was better.

  • Xero Sparks
    Xero Sparks Year ago

    You should put "history class movie" as a rating.

  • Jorge Ferreira
    Jorge Ferreira Year ago

    Bro! That impression was killer

  • Hamp Connell
    Hamp Connell Year ago

    Actually, I know. he'll be there for 7 more years 😊

  • Valpas Kankaristo

    This Jeremy is a really weird mix-up of aggression and humour... And I don't mind

  • Backstage Bum
    Backstage Bum Year ago

    by the numbers propaganda piece. I'll pass.

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden Year ago

    I almost never watch "Oscar movies."

  • Sky Blylevin
    Sky Blylevin Year ago

    Jahns needs no caffeine or cocaine. Please let no one tempt him.

  • Buff 999
    Buff 999 Year ago

    we know trump's going to be president next year, and for the next 7 actually.

  • sloppygoo
    sloppygoo Year ago

    Good review

  • Aidan Eastwood
    Aidan Eastwood Year ago

    I feel like you were pretty easy on this movie. I mean, you got into how it's kind of a boring approach and it's obvious oscar bait, but you still give it a positive spin. How about the fact that these are competent but forgettable performances from Hanks and Streep and it's some of Spielberg's shlockiest directing. I was so bored by this movie and shocked that reviewers have generally given it a pass.

  • Moose Keys
    Moose Keys Year ago

    In my eyes, the film and Meryll Streep are not well deserving of the Oscar nominations they received. Mellow movie, mellow performance, nothing I would write home about or even mention at dinner.

  • Sebastián Báez
    Sebastián Báez Year ago

    "Well made educational Oscar-bait no alcohol required"
    I LOVE this rank! And it ended being true! Hilarious!

  • Chris Bayliss
    Chris Bayliss Year ago

    You got a nice shoutout on Campeas Show last night .

  • Em
    Em Year ago

    Did anyone notice the final scene from the post is very similar to the start of all the president's men?

  • UncleMilo
    UncleMilo Year ago

    I'm a bit disappointed you didn't talk about the important story of the woman who was running the paper in a time when women had no power and her growth in confidence to the point where she was willing to risk her family legacy to take on the government.

  • Ken Ess
    Ken Ess Year ago

    Guess what, jeremy.... He will still be president next year. If that chafes your buns, may I recommend angel soft. It'll soothe what ails ya!

  • The 1200 Films Podcast

    Still waiting for a "Silence" review!!! I will pay cash for it! $$$$$

  • Nimno74
    Nimno74 Year ago

    If you want a good true story about journalistic integrity, you're better off watching Good Night, and Good Luck.

  • Troy Carr
    Troy Carr Year ago

    Which raises the question: why can't an Oscar-worthy movie be genuinely entertaining? :\

  • neogeoriffic
    neogeoriffic Year ago

    Looks like a snoozefest.

  • wolverineiscool
    wolverineiscool Year ago

    i kinda disagree, i didnt think this was a story that needed to be told, it has nothing to do with the current situation, stories like that have already been wasn't like a must see film, speilberg dissapoints

  • Ben Wrixon
    Ben Wrixon Year ago +1

    That’s a pretty great Trump impression Jeremy 😂

  • Joseph
    Joseph Year ago

    Glory from the 1980's was one of those movies where we watched in History Class.

  • Holy Mackerel
    Holy Mackerel Year ago

    A lot better than I thought it would be, considering how he did this last-minute. The movie was kind of like one of those "information movies," like The Social Network, American Made, Molly's Game, Goodfellas, Casino, Wolf of Wall Street, and Lorenzo's Oil, and I tend to like that style, even if it's not always intense. Still, I found it to be fairly intense, especially the phone scene and before they print the papers.
    It's better than Tintin and The BFG, but not as good as the rest that Spielberg's made per this decade. Definitely one of his best films though.

  • Ani
    Ani Year ago +1

    that trump impression has me rolling

  • BooBop1987
    BooBop1987 Year ago

    Meryl Streep is not a trustworthy person at all! Please stay away from her films!

  • Over There
    Over There Year ago

    Hey Jeremy,
    You think this movie is "Relevant" today for all the wrong reasons. You are being played. Look up Project Veritas on the tuuuuuuuuuuuuubes.

  • ChickHeartsStuff
    ChickHeartsStuff Year ago

    This movie was boring as balls. Hit the nail on the head with that history class scenario.

  • Call Me Cal
    Call Me Cal Year ago

    Please review The three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri.

  • Zerimara Ramirez
    Zerimara Ramirez Year ago

    Can you review a tale of two coreys ?

  • JOE knows
    JOE knows Year ago

    I love how tom hanks, without being asked ANYTHING relating to trump or the White House, tells an interviewer that if trump were to ask hanks to screen this movie at the White House, he would aggressively say no. The cunts that chant " love Trumps hate" while looting and burning and attacking innocent people....I just have to say how much I love you. Your ironic stupidity is hilarious and often helps me fight through a bad mood. Thanks for being you. Anyway, where was I??? Oh yeah, mr. gump! I once loved this man as an actor but I feel like he's been calling certain movies in from the sex dungeon he calls a home. I don't feel his passion anymore Maybe all of his energy is being used at Weinsteins hotel" get togethers "
    Bc it just seems like his old age has doubled down on his abilities and his range. Can't really think of a great performance that blew me away from hanks since The Terminal. I hated those da Vinci movies and thought he was pulling a nic cage/ national treasure movies. Where he has a weird hair cut and spends a lot of time acting like he's deep in thought and the rest of the scenes he's running from A to B while trying not to have a heart attack. Please hanks!!! Stop being liberal just to get high fives from teenagers. You are coming off wayyyyyyyy too creepy.

  • WhoImpala
    WhoImpala Year ago

    Wished jeremy reviewed pitch perfect 3

  • Aldo García
    Aldo García Year ago

    Can't agree. That's why Spielberg is genius. He made me feel that tension and nail biting feel with scenes of people talking on the phones or reading papers, he didn't need a chase or something more "spy-thriller- related" to create crazy tension with a feel of characters growing in front of your very eyes.

  • Charlie Dawson
    Charlie Dawson Year ago

    I saw this before you and I live in Australia.

  • Tenji K
    Tenji K Year ago

    The character that Tom Hanks plays in this is the father of the character that John Slatterly plays in Spotlight. Just a random fun

  • Woken Fish
    Woken Fish Year ago

    Jeremy, review Den of Theives, it's good.

  • DavidC1776
    DavidC1776 Year ago

    Everybody's focusing on what the movie manipulates you into thinking (Trump Trump Trump) but what they really should be taking away from it is how far the media has fallen from the days when they were willing to go to prison to fulfill their journalistic duties. Today the media reports on what it wants to and ignores what it wants to in order to fit within their political beliefs and get the maximum amount of clicks/viewership. This movie highlights when the media had balls.

  • haley
    haley Year ago

    do "call me by your name" wtf jeremy

  • Maya Murdaugh
    Maya Murdaugh Year ago

    Are you gonna review proud Mary?

  • Tiago Cruz
    Tiago Cruz Year ago

    Spot on Trump impression haha.

  • Keaton Farmer
    Keaton Farmer Year ago

    You should review The End of the F***ing World on Netflix, I adore the heck out of it

  • Captain Jakemerica

    Gosh I gotta see this movie!!!

  • Antonio Cendejas
    Antonio Cendejas Year ago

    I'd like to see a review for "The Greatest Showman"

  • The Dead Immortal

    Jeremy should just drop this failing movie review business and get into the much more profitable business of making impressions

  • Definitely Catherine

    If this movie came out earlier my teacher probably would have played it in Journalism class. It probably would have been better than the one about Stephen Glass.

  • ValkeersYT
    ValkeersYT Year ago

    Tell me about press integrity in 2017 when all the large papers are owned by superrich sociopaths like Jeff Bezos, who doesnt even pay people in his amazon warehouses a living wage. I hope people dont mistake the washington post (and other major publications) of then with the bought up versions of today.

  • JohnsonD64
    JohnsonD64 Year ago +1

    So when you reviewing the Paddington movies😂

  • NoImDirtyDan
    NoImDirtyDan Year ago


  • Agtsmirnoff
    Agtsmirnoff Year ago

    More like The Compost

  • Turbo9987
    Turbo9987 Year ago

    Spotlight was the better journalism movie.

  • Shenanirats
    Shenanirats Year ago +1

    Generally liked it. Pretty much in line with your opinion here. Was expecting a really intense court battle, was a little dissappointed it didn't happen.