How to Make 22-Minute Sesame Chicken | Epicurious


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  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn 2 days ago

    What is up w calling hot a.c. siracha?

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn 2 days ago

    Hot sc. is 4 MX. Not Chinese. Hot mustard. Ug

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn 2 days ago

    Tongs r awkward. Use a fork.

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn 2 days ago

    Needs snow peas and something red

  • Shilow Dawn
    Shilow Dawn 2 days ago

    Brocli's pre cut. Cheat!
    Why don't u use pre cooked chicken? Use some syrupy soy sauce and you're done.

  • Morgan Elizabeth-May

    It's quite obvious she's just an actress, adding in the factors that she 1.) is focusing more on her face and her words more than the food itself, 2.) because she's messed up a few times on food safety, and 3.) because legit all the ingredients and pots/pans where laid out for her. It's even more obvious because the kitchen doesn't look that real, looks like a set. It's best to limit use of utensils to limit bacteria, you have two perfectly good utensils on the ends of your forearms. I mean, I understand that she's trying to do this in 22 minutes or less but real chefs would understand that you simply cannot use raw meat contaminated tongs on cooked meat, it contains harmful bacteria that heat may not kill. It's absolutely not safe to use the same tongs on raw and cooked meat. She was supposed to clean it with soap and water in between each use, wether or not its on meat to keep it extra safe. It's even more safe to use two tongs instead and keep them from touching.

  • Andre Dobbs
    Andre Dobbs Month ago


  • Carli
    Carli Month ago

    can u just like...make a 22 min long video?

  • L Kir
    L Kir 2 months ago

    i mean nice recipe but you cook in 22 minutes and clean for 50 with all that stuff u used

  • abhi jit
    abhi jit 2 months ago +1

    So Boring

  • Morten M
    Morten M 2 months ago

    post hole video of 22 min. not 11 min

  • Grace__ Elsa
    Grace__ Elsa 3 months ago

    Great recipe but definitely use less honey

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 3 months ago

    This is a fantasy land 22 minutes... sure IF you have everything prepped which is conservatively another 10 minute cooking time (if not more for every little seasoning pot made up).... On top of that who in the blue hell is gonna wanna wash up after or are you just gonna turn the entire dishwasher on for your 'twenty two minute' meal.

    It is the same thing with this Jamie Oliver '15 minute meals' it can be done but you will use more pans, bowls and the blender more than you want plus the guy doing it is a professional cook.... Many amateurs struggle with transitions in cooking and multi-tasking that is presumed within their ability. More so the professional kitchen has mise en place where the cook time is essentially disconnected from the prep time but I like 99.9% of people who cook, factor in prep and cook time....

  • marty van ord
    marty van ord 3 months ago

    LOL Rachel Ray I beat you by 8 minutes. Brought back memories of 30 minute meals. Well done! I do miss that show,

  • Amal abduallah
    Amal abduallah 6 months ago

    This is Jamie Oliver's

  • Marco Howard
    Marco Howard 6 months ago +11

    22 min if you already have all the ingredients laid out, and pots and pans and everything ready for you

  • Aaron Wong
    Aaron Wong 8 months ago

    Use fish sauce instead of adding extra salt
    Pan is way too small

  • mouad choukri
    mouad choukri 8 months ago +2

    She cant be a real chef is she ?

  • Tern
    Tern 8 months ago +37

    She used the same tongs for raw chicken and cooked ;-;
    Otherwise, nice. The fast forwarding stuff is absolutely horrible. I'd rather just watch her cook and speak.

    • ZJ Liang
      ZJ Liang 3 months ago +5

      She did wash it after the second batch. and the heat would kill the bacteria anyway.

  • zaggin
    zaggin 9 months ago +2

    Great lesson! But how long does prep take? Videographer is sway a whole lot...

  • I'm Shanna
    I'm Shanna 10 months ago +16

    The prep alone would've taken me 22 minutes

  • rbeck3200tb40
    rbeck3200tb40 11 months ago +1

    Never trust a white woman telling you how to cook classic Chinese sesame chicken without using a wok in 22 minutes.
    I can watch any Chinese restaurant make this in under 5 minutes correctly or watch any Chinese chef on a video make this alot better using a wok like they are supposed to .

    • TT Q
      TT Q Month ago

      rbeck3200tb40 thank you! Yes!!

  • lin90210
    lin90210 Year ago +6

    What us Chinese like to do to thicken then sauce is to add a cornflower slurry (cornflower mixed into some water). That would make the sauce go up a notch :D

  • Sarman Jeet
    Sarman Jeet Year ago +13

    The video is focused on you and time and not the dish. You fast forward when u work on dish and show your face when u r talking.

  • heykeeanna here
    heykeeanna here Year ago

    This void is only 11 mins

  • Dummyboii55819 Ok
    Dummyboii55819 Ok Year ago +3

    Mexicans, Brazilian ,portoricans ,and chinese ppl would do that but about 4 Times faster and tastier

  • THarrison004
    THarrison004 Year ago +2

    It's making me a little dizzy,but the food looks good.

  • THarrison004
    THarrison004 Year ago +4

    It's making me a little dizzy,but the food looks good.

  • Niklas Nickel
    Niklas Nickel Year ago +7

    make that as a live stream

  • Rachael Coyle
    Rachael Coyle Year ago +69

    The format of this was super annoying.

  • Eva Str
    Eva Str Year ago +1

    Why did the guy say she had over 12 mins left when the timer was showing just over 9 minutes?

    • Sumoyee Basu
      Sumoyee Basu Year ago

      Eva Str it was how much time had elapsed

  • Kat Spears
    Kat Spears Year ago

    Found another great cooking show to watch

  • Daniela Rossi
    Daniela Rossi Year ago +11

    This was great! And of course that you can make sauteed chicken and steamed broccoli in under 22 min, what kind of walnut can't??

  • Ed Ben
    Ed Ben Year ago +5

    Part of the work was done, 30 mins is not bad

  • sulh turgay karaaslan

    Great job 👍👍

  • Ernest Kwok
    Ernest Kwok Year ago +21

    get a rice cooker from Asia and it normally have a steamer rack with it. rice and broccoli settled in one setting. can get it done within 15 mins with ease!

  • Tommy Werner
    Tommy Werner Year ago +21

    Was on the edge of my seat. Now I just want sesame chicken.

  • Matt Duckor
    Matt Duckor Year ago +2


  • Chris Green
    Chris Green Year ago +3

    That looks effing delicious. I had my doubts halfway through but omg I want it now.

  • Debbie Reeves
    Debbie Reeves Year ago +13

    Whew! Great job! Now those haters can eat their words and you can have a great meal. :o)

  • Helen Loney
    Helen Loney Year ago +2

    It's possible to make traditional japanese rice in 22 mins, if you skip the draining and steaming steps. Which I frequently do.

  • marim0y
    marim0y Year ago +37

    ah... TVclip hater-trolls. Ruining good content everywhere. This was great. Keep doing what you do!