How to Make 22-Minute Sesame Chicken | Epicurious


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  • Aaron Wong
    Aaron Wong Month ago

    Use fish sauce instead of adding extra salt
    Pan is way too small

  • mouad choukri
    mouad choukri Month ago

    She cant be a real chef is she ?

  • Ternunda Hunter
    Ternunda Hunter Month ago +5

    She used the same tongs for raw chicken and cooked ;-;
    Otherwise, nice. The fast forwarding stuff is absolutely horrible. I'd rather just watch her cook and speak.

  • zaggin
    zaggin 2 months ago +1

    Great lesson! But how long does prep take? Videographer is sway a whole lot...

  • I'm Shanna
    I'm Shanna 3 months ago

    The prep alone would've taken me 22 minutes

  • rbeck3200tb40
    rbeck3200tb40 4 months ago

    Never trust a white woman telling you how to cook classic Chinese sesame chicken without using a wok in 22 minutes.
    I can watch any Chinese restaurant make this in under 5 minutes correctly or watch any Chinese chef on a video make this alot better using a wok like they are supposed to .

  • lin90210
    lin90210 5 months ago +3

    What us Chinese like to do to thicken then sauce is to add a cornflower slurry (cornflower mixed into some water). That would make the sauce go up a notch :D

  • Sarman Jeet
    Sarman Jeet 6 months ago +7

    The video is focused on you and time and not the dish. You fast forward when u work on dish and show your face when u r talking.

  • itscutesushi sushi
    itscutesushi sushi 6 months ago

    This void is only 11 mins

  • Sup Dude
    Sup Dude 6 months ago +2

    Mexicans, Brazilian ,portoricans ,and chinese ppl would do that but about 4 Times faster and tastier

  • THarrison004
    THarrison004 7 months ago +2

    It's making me a little dizzy,but the food looks good.

  • THarrison004
    THarrison004 7 months ago +2

    It's making me a little dizzy,but the food looks good.

  • X -plain
    X -plain 7 months ago +5

    make that as a live stream

  • Rachael Coyle
    Rachael Coyle 7 months ago +28

    The format of this was super annoying.

  • Eva Str
    Eva Str 7 months ago +1

    Why did the guy say she had over 12 mins left when the timer was showing just over 9 minutes?

    • Sumoyee Basu
      Sumoyee Basu 7 months ago

      Eva Str it was how much time had elapsed

  • Kat Spears
    Kat Spears 7 months ago

    Found another great cooking show to watch

  • Daniela Rossi
    Daniela Rossi 7 months ago +8

    This was great! And of course that you can make sauteed chicken and steamed broccoli in under 22 min, what kind of walnut can't??

  • Ed Ben
    Ed Ben Year ago +5

    Part of the work was done, 30 mins is not bad

  • sulh turgay karaaslan

    Great job 👍👍

  • Ernest Kwok
    Ernest Kwok Year ago +11

    get a rice cooker from Asia and it normally have a steamer rack with it. rice and broccoli settled in one setting. can get it done within 15 mins with ease!

  • Tommy Werner
    Tommy Werner Year ago +13

    Was on the edge of my seat. Now I just want sesame chicken.

  • Matt Duckor
    Matt Duckor Year ago +2


  • Chris Green
    Chris Green Year ago +3

    That looks effing delicious. I had my doubts halfway through but omg I want it now.

  • Debbie Reeves
    Debbie Reeves Year ago +12

    Whew! Great job! Now those haters can eat their words and you can have a great meal. :o)

  • Helen Loney
    Helen Loney Year ago +1

    It's possible to make traditional japanese rice in 22 mins, if you skip the draining and steaming steps. Which I frequently do.

  • marim0y
    marim0y Year ago +23

    ah... TVclip hater-trolls. Ruining good content everywhere. This was great. Keep doing what you do!