What's Wrong With This Donut?

  • Leave it to Vat19 to find a way to make donuts even less healthy (and more delicious) than ever! Also, what's Bob Ross *really* hiding in that fro??
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Comments • 80

  • Hamster Haven
    Hamster Haven 17 hours ago

    That alarm clock won’t wake me up, it’ll make me sleep forever

  • Firepaw 727
    Firepaw 727 2 days ago

    Can Deathwish be a real band plz

  • Charlie’s gaming Place

    I Can Sleep Through The Sonic Boom Clock Yes I’m Insane

  • Lena-Elaine Johnson-Rieman

    Me: I like my cereal when it’s not crunchy.

  • huEheu
    huEheu 7 days ago

    Me watching this video:

    Me: half awake, wants to sleep, just stayed up all night

    Y a perfect video

  • Spetsnaz
    Spetsnaz 9 days ago +1

    Im i the only one out there that doesnt like their cereal crunchy?

  • Gamederps Sonny
    Gamederps Sonny 9 days ago

    The Ninja Mug ad fucking killed me

  • yo i draw
    yo i draw 9 days ago

    Just asking no reason

  • yo i draw
    yo i draw 9 days ago

    Is anything vegan?

    • Spetsnaz
      Spetsnaz 9 days ago

      Yeah im sure that most of them are besides the marshmellows but idk

  • GDFallen
    GDFallen 10 days ago

    Me:gets annoyed to watch a 5 second ad

    Also me:watching a 16 minute video of ads

  • Sub to pewdiepie
    Sub to pewdiepie 10 days ago

    When it was was the chewable coffee skit I heard OW MY FACE and I remember the voice it it was Edd Tom or Matt from eddsworld!

  • Yeet
    Yeet 10 days ago

    Also the coffee and granola

  • Yeet
    Yeet 10 days ago

    Guess those bears should be aRESTed

  • Flamingo epic
    Flamingo epic 10 days ago

    This is a long add

  • Hailey Hankinson
    Hailey Hankinson 11 days ago

    Jamie, um are you ok man?

  • Ryan Xu
    Ryan Xu 11 days ago

    Vat19: “Whats wrong with this donut?”
    Me: its not mine

  • YoonMin is my religion
    YoonMin is my religion 11 days ago +1

    ngl I would sleep through that alarm
    I once slept through 2 tornado warnings lol

  • Pure Water
    Pure Water 11 days ago +1

    I love soggy cereal

  • Angel Galeano
    Angel Galeano 12 days ago +1

    If the candies are made in the USA why did they made a funeral with a Scottish song? The Scottish song is used for funerals.

  • Pretty Unicorn
    Pretty Unicorn 12 days ago

    RIP Waffel.You left to soon.😭😭😭 lol

  • MrBob 2.0 :D
    MrBob 2.0 :D 12 days ago

    Me:*Hates Ads*
    Me:*Watches 16 minutes of ads*

  • Markus Laanemaa
    Markus Laanemaa 12 days ago

    i like soggy cereal

  • Channel of Random
    Channel of Random 13 days ago +1


  • Axel Timothy
    Axel Timothy 13 days ago

    I bought the sonic boom alarm clock, i tried it on, and then i couldn't sleep, so i shot it

  • Zilo
    Zilo 14 days ago

    *OWO* it can stretch :)

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 16 days ago +1

    Vat19 Does ads right.
    Change My Mind.

  • Ms47catsuper :3
    Ms47catsuper :3 16 days ago


  • E
    E 17 days ago

    Skips a 30 second ad to watch 16 minutes of ads

  • kael Benham
    kael Benham 18 days ago

    narrator: many energy supplements contain a laboratory's worth of chemicals.
    * the chemical starts to act up *
    scientist: OH SH-

  • powell stanpowell
    powell stanpowell 18 days ago

    Bobs expression: I hate this place, help.

  • Mariana Kurniawan
    Mariana Kurniawan 19 days ago

    11:15 🍩

  • Lora Mullins
    Lora Mullins 20 days ago

    VAT19 ur helping me a lot I have ADHD and I don’t feel like myself and U help a lot 😭😭😭😭

    Edit: I love ur vids

  • Sirpenquin123 Gaming
    Sirpenquin123 Gaming 21 day ago +1

    11:29 me using my grade 8 chemicals

  • David Ci
    David Ci 21 day ago

    Who else thinks vat19 is like The Office on youtube

  • Qube The Box
    Qube The Box 21 day ago

    I know this is nitpicky but everyone knows you don’t pour cereal like that..

  • john moore
    john moore 22 days ago

    Vat19:what’s wrong with this donut????
    Me seeing thumb nail:
    Lemme guess heheh... GUMMY

  • Abigail Dawson
    Abigail Dawson 23 days ago

    That doesn't look like like a marshmallow more like a brick

  • Keisha Lau
    Keisha Lau 23 days ago


  • Space Pup
    Space Pup 23 days ago

    Vat19: *C O F F E*

  • Eevee
    Eevee 24 days ago

    *b ° b r ° s s*

  • Shuer (Monica) ZHANG
    Shuer (Monica) ZHANG 24 days ago

    obsession of vat19 with gummies ;)

  • Hotdog
    Hotdog 25 days ago

    Make a food movie now

  • Nick's Music
    Nick's Music 26 days ago

    6:11 low key cannablism

  • Do not sub to this Channel

    4:01 has to be continued

  • Jad Alawieh
    Jad Alawieh 28 days ago

    Fun fact:Here in the middle east we like cereal soggy

  • Jake Burnam
    Jake Burnam 28 days ago

    They should make a Death Wish Chewable Coffee

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 29 days ago

    Vat19: What's Wrong With This Donut?

  • Sarah o
    Sarah o 29 days ago

    i actually have the sonic bomb alarm clock :,)

  • 《《Creeper》》
    《《Creeper》》 29 days ago

    Hmm granola

  • Lucas (Student) MULLER

    But I like soggy cereals

  • YingQi UwU
    YingQi UwU 29 days ago

    6:44 when you try to look cool XD

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +1

    Um You Ate It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +1


  • Countdrakeula 22
    Countdrakeula 22 Month ago

    What wrong with this doughnut, well for one it is a 17 year-old in a water tower

  • Rhys Krueger
    Rhys Krueger Month ago

    I like fluffy cereal....I wish they made fluffy cereal

  • Artsy Tartsy Studios

    I skipped an ad to watch an ad .

  • Max Hendriansyah
    Max Hendriansyah Month ago

    Onkw the just crunch bowl

  • Ori / Tost
    Ori / Tost Month ago

    When I Seen The Thumbnail:oh oh no.

  • Karli BOT
    Karli BOT Month ago

    Coffee Candy Exists
    Ferrero: Did i seen you? PocketCoffee?

  • Empire of Helvectica

    “who eats sprinkles for breakfast?”
    “what? it’s a hagelslag!”

  • Saltinecrackerman420 from twitch

    after that sonic bomb alarm clock commercial, and how it would say that I would sleep forever, to be honest, I would say:
    "I'm game. I could totally sleep forever!"

  • Philip Rodriguez
    Philip Rodriguez Month ago


  • Bui Dinh
    Bui Dinh Month ago +1

    Who painted that painting

  • Star_67
    Star_67 Month ago

    Ok I love vat19 but that 2 compartment bowl thing is probably the most pussy thing I’ve ever seen

  • huge rock
    huge rock Month ago

    10:56 I thought that product was discontinued?

  • StarGirl
    StarGirl Month ago

    For scale 150 decibels can burst your eardrums

  • Vojtěchovo herní šílenství

    3:14 she looks like faith from far cry 5

  • Piano Masher
    Piano Masher Month ago

    0:00 to a gun?

  • Sonic Starling
    Sonic Starling Month ago

    The ninja mug thing is so funny. I watched it like 8 million times over. I just couldn't stop laughing and now I need to get one. If you guys can make it in blue, I probably buy a whole set.

  • BluesteelGaming
    BluesteelGaming Month ago

    I wish that there is actually a death metal band named Death Wish

  • The Mad Robloxian
    The Mad Robloxian Month ago


  • The Juicy Bagel
    The Juicy Bagel Month ago

    I feel bad for whoever fell asleep at 10:30 right before an exam and autoplay found this video at 2 in the morning.

  • Furret
    Furret Month ago

    Wtf happen

  • Vincent Grape juice
    Vincent Grape juice Month ago +1

    Eat your cereal

  • TheGamingKing /TGK
    TheGamingKing /TGK Month ago

    5:13 what did Joey say?

  • Anika Huang
    Anika Huang Month ago

    Personally I think the cereal in Lucky Charms is pretty good. The marshmallows kinda make my teeth feel weird when I bite into it...

  • Sneakers 4 life
    Sneakers 4 life Month ago +1

    Nothing is wrong with the donut

  • Louis Robitaille
    Louis Robitaille Month ago

    Worst voicefry screams I ever heard but nice products lmao

  • Sarah The Penguin
    Sarah The Penguin Month ago

    Wait....... 5:24 Waffle died in 2015 so NOW (2020) they are putting up his grave?

  • Trisha Mead
    Trisha Mead Month ago

    I seem to be watching an ad but it’s not that 19