Richard Carranza Defends Allegations Of Racism + Addresses Goals For Public Schools

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza sits down with Ebro to break down his plans to fix the public school system in the city with new curriculum's, and more diversity. He addresses his plans for the year as well as allegations of racism.
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  • Johnny Baez
    Johnny Baez Month ago

    Schools aren’t bad
    students are

  • Johnny Baez
    Johnny Baez Month ago +1

    Man shut up
    I was born and raised in the south Bronx went to school
    With blacks and Hispanics
    And most of those kids would disrespect teachers cursing them out , vandalizing ,sagging , wearing hats in the building
    Making messes in the lunch room
    And most of the school aids are from the area so they are just as ratchet as the students
    So please don’t act like these kids are so innocent
    Think being a teacher and putting up with that crap is easy ?? Now your saying your solution to all of this is telling a kid hey what’s going on
    Give me a break
    I’ve never disrespected a teacher in my life
    My PARENTS taught me better
    And that’s the problem right there , all these ratchet ass kids have ratchet ass parents that don’t care !
    Bringing guns and knifes to school give me a break ITS A CULTURE THING ! Stop blaming white people for everything

  • Turtle looklike Urkel

    I thought this was about black people ... You cant be racist to white people

  • John Ogelton
    John Ogelton Month ago

    Kids I've taught would chew this "virtue signaling" idiot up and spit him out! A kid stomps a smaller kids face in "according to this guy" you're suppose to get in touch with the inner feelings of stompee? WTH!!! If youre black you're 5 times more likely to be suspended for the same reasons blacks fill up prisons and NOTHING will change until people address the elephant in the room, lack of disipline and the rewarding of bad behavior. More money, diverse teachers or anything else will improve until disipline and accountability is re-instilled in schools.. All else has been tried with dismal failure..

  • Terrence L
    Terrence L Month ago

    This is what striping white people of their privilege looks like.
    I've worked in alot of industries, and everywhere you go, there are mediocre and/or terrible white workers who get to keep their jobs and/or rarely get punished for their f*** ups.
    Round of applause for this guy.

  • Urstruly Palmer
    Urstruly Palmer Month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 no

  • Patches O'hoolihan
    Patches O'hoolihan Month ago


  • readyxxi
    readyxxi Month ago

    yea i wold be he is ANTI WHITE

  • Grain Salt
    Grain Salt Month ago +2

    Why is this jack wipe pretending to care about the segregation in schools in his "bubble" upper west side but this GRADE A HYPOCRITE chose to live there - why did he want to live in a segregated area? hmmm? ehhhh? pretend all you want but we see your behavior and those ACTIONS speak louder than words.

  • Power100
    Power100 Month ago +1

    This should be interesting. This convo is needed (especially outside of public schools).

  • Manny V
    Manny V Month ago +4

    Those accusing Carranza of racism are likely lamenting the demise of nepotism in NYC schools. The need for individuals with merit in administrative and teaching positions in NYC public schools has long been overdue. They're salty because he's actually making students a priority.

  • Aura Mateus
    Aura Mateus Month ago +2

    "I love people. I love interacting with people. But, I love little people more."

    • Trizzy Mayne
      Trizzy Mayne Month ago

      @Turtle looklike Urkel midgets dont have to stand for such discrimination!! Lol jk idk what im doing with my life anymore

    • Turtle looklike Urkel
      Turtle looklike Urkel Month ago +1

      @Trizzy Mayne midgets need to stand tall to this discrimination ... Get it "stand tall" 😂

    • johnsonmidahya
      johnsonmidahya Month ago

      Aura Mateus real talk he’s making positive moves, I wasn’t Trying 2 imply anything I was only saying he could of had a better choice of words, that’s all, be safe tho my guy 👊🏾

    • Aura Mateus
      Aura Mateus Month ago

      @johnsonmidahya Nah. We just gotta get our heads out the gutter or asses and stop expecting the worst from people. Look around. Anyone being bashed is doing good.

    • johnsonmidahya
      johnsonmidahya Month ago

      Knew what he meant but it did sound alittle creepy 😬

  • Emmanuel Veras
    Emmanuel Veras Month ago +7

    I went to 3 different high schools here in the Bronx as a kid, It's definitely more of a class issue than race, All the schools i went to had the same racial makeup and some were way worse than others, Maybe some ppl just don't wanna send their kids to school with some other people's ghetto ass kids.

  • The Josh O Show
    The Josh O Show Month ago +9

    If you're reading this, you're awesome:)

    • johnsonmidahya
      johnsonmidahya Month ago

      The Josh O Show thanks bro ur awesome 2 🙂

  • hot pancakes
    hot pancakes Month ago +7

    Man I got suspended more than anyone in my school and I’m not black 😂😂 people get suspended because they are bad kids, not cause of their race

    • Me Xavier
      Me Xavier Month ago

      @Power100 you're ignoring the premise of my argument.

    • Power100
      Power100 Month ago +1

      @Me Xavier I bet you wouldn't like if those same staff members disrespected your daughter as well as other students behind close doors. #Comfirmation&AuthorityBiasIsReal!

    • Power100
      Power100 Month ago

      Bruh. Where were you in the early to late 2000s?

    • Me Xavier
      Me Xavier Month ago

      duane howard I don’t even know how to respond to you man, since you’re ignoring the point I raised.

    • duane howard
      duane howard Month ago +2

      @Me Xavierwhy let them stay in class if they're doing nothing except, preventing others from getting an education? My daughter went too Brooklyn Latin ,you will be kicked out of that school if you're disrespectful to staff or fellow students. They don’t stand for that crap.

  • Rolando 20Crxp
    Rolando 20Crxp Month ago

    Latinos/hispanics arent racist towards whites so i dont believe those allegations at all...

  • duane howard
    duane howard Month ago +6


  • Carlos
    Carlos Month ago +9

    Richard is putting people in place who deserve to be there whether color or not the whites who were favored in got axed are no longer being cradled in plush positions are mad richard axed them proud of my latino brother children first paycheck second