ONEPLUS 7T PRO - This Is Insane!

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • We have the full spec sheet for the oneplus 7T and the oneplus 7T pro and i'll be sharing the details today!
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    The oneplus 7T, oneplus 7T Pro & oneplus 7T pro Mclaren edition are the latest flagships from oneplus. They will no doubt be incredibly popular smartphones this year and we now have a full spec sheet for both the oneplus 7t & the oneplus 7t pro. While they have many similarities we still have some differentiating features in the oneplus 7T pro and both devices look incredible.
    Today we go through the specs, price, design & launch of the oneplus 7T & the oneplus 7T pro along with an unboxing and hands on video.
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Comments • 637

  • The Guy
    The Guy 14 days ago

    Does this have better camera than my htc u12 plus?

  • Reagan Moirangthem
    Reagan Moirangthem 18 days ago

    I am waiting 7t pro

    MANI RICH 19 days ago +1

    Fantastic Video...Should I Buy Oneplus 7pro or Wait for OnePlus 7t pro😐😐

  • Gabriel Sasala
    Gabriel Sasala 20 days ago

    I don't remember the OnePlus 7T Pro being released

  • Tintin Singsit
    Tintin Singsit 21 day ago

    Who else is watching this on their Nokia 1100?

  • amit meena
    amit meena 21 day ago +1

    There is no OnePlus 7T Pro HAHAHA

    • Johny666EU
      Johny666EU 19 days ago

  • Joshua Luther
    Joshua Luther 21 day ago

    Not very happy about the slow continual increase each year of phones. I am due for an upgrade in April 2020 and will be waiting to get the best deal on either the Pixel 4xl, S11, 7 pro or the 7t pro. I just wish that OnePlus offered 24 month financing from their website instead of just 6 or 12 months.

  • Bobby Roberts
    Bobby Roberts 21 day ago

    No ToF camera is a huge failure. Op7T series is a waste of money. Go for Op7 series for a better value.

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma 21 day ago

    Asshole review

  • Steve's Slots
    Steve's Slots 21 day ago

    If the one plus 8 came out with wireless charging and reverse charging and headphone Jack and the pop up camera. I would pay between 1,200 and 1,500 iam not joking

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  21 day ago

      i think they may add wireless in the 8 as its about time

  • Gururaj Chadaga
    Gururaj Chadaga 21 day ago +2

    Still waiting for full screen display with no notch and no mechanical camera movements. That's when I'm upgrading from my still smooth OnePlus 3.

  • Gururaj Chadaga
    Gururaj Chadaga 21 day ago +17

    Watching this on my super smooth OnePlus 3.

  • albert hdz
    albert hdz 22 days ago

    Anyone know when the 7t+ is being released in the United States ?
    I tried calling the website and there being ass holes I’m just trying to prevent of buying the 7+ then the following day the new being released?

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  21 day ago

      will be shortly after launch but they wont tell us until launch

  • omer z
    omer z 22 days ago

    super glad the 7t pro isn't getting that ridiculously humongous 6.7 inch display! it was way too big. 6.5 is a great size in my opinion. I'm definitely buying the 7t or 7t pro, no doubt about it!

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  22 days ago

      yeh considering the success of the 7 pro there was no need to change display

  • SupahFly
    SupahFly 22 days ago

    oneplus7 pro is already insane.

  • Ujwala Kamble
    Ujwala Kamble 22 days ago

    What's Price in India?

  • Wasim Akram
    Wasim Akram 23 days ago

    I am using One Plus One and it runs Pie. Smooth, no laggy. I like how the community of OP works. They always release proper roms! Snappy! I can bear the camera design if the phone gonna last me 3-4 years. If a Phones design gonna represent your image in a society then I feel sorry for you!

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  22 days ago

      yeh i'm a huge fan of oxygen OS , one of the only phones where i haven't messed about with custom roms because i like the stock rom!

  • Ash B
    Ash B 23 days ago

    What happened the OnePlus 69?68?....

    ABHIRAM KV 23 days ago

    When is this model gonna be launched in canada

  • CBMTheGreatest
    CBMTheGreatest 23 days ago

    Cant wait

  • nandri Randri
    nandri Randri 23 days ago

    What is the insane part of it?

  • Darshan Patawari
    Darshan Patawari 24 days ago +6

    12 GB RAM😯 last phone had 8 GB of ROM😂😂😂😂😂

      JERZEELOON 20 days ago

      The original pro had a 12gb version. I personally only have the 8gb

    • Snarf
      Snarf 22 days ago

      Too much enmojis bruh

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  23 days ago


  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 24 days ago

    I like these phones but they need to keep it flat screen displayed 🥺

    • Andrew G
      Andrew G 23 days ago

      TT Technology those displays are tempered glass screen protectors worst enemy

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  23 days ago +1

      seems like many want curved now for the premium look so manufacturers are pushing it

  • desperazo
    desperazo 24 days ago

    The reason I choosed 1+7pro over galexy or mate is that they hide front camera, now it's back

  • Anthony B.
    Anthony B. 24 days ago +21

    I'm watching this on a OnePlus 3

  • SkyJacob99
    SkyJacob99 25 days ago

    my 7 pro comes in tomorrow but ill definitely check out to see what the 7t pro offers

  • Edgar Davey
    Edgar Davey 25 days ago

    I'm on oneplus 3t, it's been trough everything and still works like a charm!

    • Edgar Davey
      Edgar Davey 23 days ago

      @Shawn Yao I'm 100 sure about it. I'm patiently waiting for it to die, but I doubt it will happen any time soon. Hey maybe 7t is the one I'll go then

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  24 days ago

      yeh oneplus phones have always been great. I'm a huge fan of how oxygen OS is now

    • Shawn Yao
      Shawn Yao 25 days ago

      I thought the same until I bought the 1+7, the user experience is vastly different already. Go buy the new one, u won't regret that decision.

  • rahul janawlekar
    rahul janawlekar 25 days ago

    He said if you didnt like the video then press thumbs down twice..... 😂😂😂😂

  • Serrato Andres
    Serrato Andres 25 days ago

    Watching on my one plus 6, 8Ram/128Rom. I've been with it for a year now. Is the 7t worth the upgrade?

    • Serrato Andres
      Serrato Andres 25 days ago

      My OP6's performance lighting fast and love it .Honestly the 7t and 7t pro both look amazing and no doubt it is going to be an incredible experience with any of these too. If they offer trade in, I am getting it (: . Thanks, keep it up👍

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  25 days ago

      i quite like the 7t pro, didnt get the 7 myself but still got the OP6 here

  • Jigar Baxi
    Jigar Baxi 26 days ago

    good specs review... will their be a macro mode in oneplus 7t pro..

  • Brandon .Garcia
    Brandon .Garcia 26 days ago

    I have the 6t and I love it. My only gripe is the brightness. It isn't very bright especially in the sun.

  • xDinox
    xDinox 26 days ago +7

    I don’t get why the “Pro” model gets a 8 megapixel telephoto vs the regular 7t is getting a 16 megapixel telephoto.

    • GD Phillip
      GD Phillip 24 days ago

      uh I hope that's not true xd

  • Lkhagvatseren Davaadorj

    OnePlus super fast, super smooth, got super UI, super design, super battery life and super fast charger. But camera not enough super

  • Himal Basnet
    Himal Basnet 26 days ago

    Who else prefers the smaller teardrop notch over the full screen courtesy of the moving pop up camera???

    TRIED PRO GAMING 26 days ago +21

    LIVE IT 1+

  • Cody Pullen
    Cody Pullen 26 days ago +1

    Still no wireless charging.... It's 2019. I'll stick with my note 10+

    • Raul Cruz
      Raul Cruz 26 days ago +1

      No need for wireless :) 20 mins of chargein it and youll be good gor other whole dau

  • Barry Perry
    Barry Perry 26 days ago +3

    I so wanted oneplus 7t pro but hate the pop up camera so staying with s10 +

  • combathotdog
    combathotdog 26 days ago +1

    why can’t they retain the headphone jack? it’s the only thing that stopping me from buying this. 😢

    • Harley Ma
      Harley Ma 26 days ago

      why not just adapt to wireless earbuds.

  • Prateek Chawla
    Prateek Chawla 26 days ago

    Why the camera sucks?

  • angelo lopez
    angelo lopez 27 days ago +2

    Wireless charging is slow and doesn't make sense 😏

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  26 days ago

      i like it but rarely use it , normally a cable fast charge for me

  • D K
    D K 27 days ago

    Why will they put the same specs on both phones and cannibalise their own higher variant!? Which idiot will buy the 7t pro if the 7t came with the same screen tech, same cameras & better battery. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    • D K
      D K 26 days ago

      TT Technology it's the same 90hz smooth display just different resolutions no? Plus 1080p screen will make it more efficient with battery.. so that negates the 200-300 mAh difference in capacity.
      Are the camera lenses different ? From the video I inferred you called out the same specs for both cameras. Would be great if you clarified. 🍻

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  26 days ago +1

      they are not the same specs, different screen, camera's battery

    RADIKS FILJA 27 days ago +56

    Man, I have OnePlus 5 and in 3 years I haven't seen any lag on my phone, always going smooth and fast. I'll just wait for the OnePlus 10. :)

    • DarkWolf S
      DarkWolf S 17 days ago

      @RADIKS FILJA the last one that I have is from July 31st

      RADIKS FILJA 17 days ago

      @DarkWolf S what? I have security patch August 2019

    • Luke ET
      Luke ET 17 days ago

      @Miguel Cordeiro what do you think of the 7t?

    • Ahmad Meskro1
      Ahmad Meskro1 20 days ago

      @Gururaj Chadaga I mean you could upgrade to 5T which still has the headphone jack i think, correct me if I'm wrong

    • Gururaj Chadaga
      Gururaj Chadaga 21 day ago

      OnePlus 3 here. Apart from battery life, everything is still a banger. Hesitant to upgrade because I can't let go of a dedicated audio jack.

  • AustrianFanof TheKedosZone

    Yeah, right... Hit the thumbs down twice... Who do you think you're kidding? And how ddi you even get these informations when the launch hasn't even been yet?

    • Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel
      Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel 23 days ago

      @AustrianFanof TheKedosZone twitter lol. It's happens with all smartphones now, most reviews can be done before the phones are even launched. @Onleaks are obe of the major sources, how he gets his info no one knows

    • AustrianFanof TheKedosZone
      AustrianFanof TheKedosZone 27 days ago

      @TT Technology Okay, I hope so. And ok, where did this much information leak to the public already? With the photos of the phone and pretty much all the specs?

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  27 days ago

      From leaked information. the thumbs down twice is a joke 🤣

  • AustrianFanof TheKedosZone

    But yeah, never compromise. Only when you can choose between buying an even more expensive phone than you already do for more ROM and more RAM... Yeah... Right, never compromise. The company is contradicting itself!

    • AustrianFanof TheKedosZone
      AustrianFanof TheKedosZone 27 days ago

      @TT Technology I didn't say it did, did I? And ok, didn't know that, but if more apps than one are open it's useful to have more RAM, isn't it? Especially when your apps don't have to reload each time you open it and if you game a lot :)

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  27 days ago

      excess RAM brings no extra speed. there is no android app even utilising 6 right now

  • AustrianFanof TheKedosZone

    And how much does it cost? Over or still under flagships? Or the same question differently: Can you buy it with 1000€ or do you have to give more to it than that?

    • AustrianFanof TheKedosZone
      AustrianFanof TheKedosZone 27 days ago

      @TT Technology But for how long? Really... OP gets more expensive for each cell phone. Which is a bit logical too, but they get too expensive in way too less time. E.g. the OP3 costed 400 with 64 Gigs of Rom and I think 4 gigs of Ram. (Which was the best option at the time if I remember correctly) And the OP6T costed 630€ with 256 gigs of Rom and 8 gigs of Rom. When will they reach 1000€ from buying price? (Didn't say worth on purpose) And there was for no reason I see whatsoever a OP4. Only 1,2,X,3,3T,5,5T,6,6T,7,7Pro,7T,7TPro. Between the 3 and the 6T lay two years and 4 phones. And I think the cheapest option for the 6T was about 530€. 130€ more in two years? Or 230 for the best option each at the given time?

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  27 days ago

      1000 euro will be enough easily

  • AustrianFanof TheKedosZone

    Instead of using three cameras (btw, first one, then two, now three, what's next? Four and then five, where's to stop? When they have ten cameras?) you could use one really good one. A camera has only one lence. A camera, not a cell phone camera but a real one. And they are better. So why not copy that if you're only copying from each other anymore anyway?

    • Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel
      Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel 23 days ago

      I don't think you understand the difference between a DSLR and a phone camera. A phone camera is much smaller and therefore less versatile, therefore in order to add more versatility you need more camera. 3 cameras and maybe a 4th as a depth sensor seems like the sensible option from the 8 series and beyond, but adding more cameras than that would be a waste and the companies are aware of that.
      On top of what I just told you, the average consumer doesn't want to run around with a bulky camera, that's only photography nerds and tech heads.
      Next time you post a comment, think before you speak

  • AustrianFanof TheKedosZone

    1:09 How ugly is that? I mean, it's smooth and all I guess but how ugly? And how unnecessary

  • Sohan Ekbote
    Sohan Ekbote 27 days ago +1

    I don't give a damn about the T's. The 8 version is what I wait for.

    D MERCHANT 27 days ago +1

    They should've thrown in an 120hz display in the 7T pro

    • Doug L
      Doug L 26 days ago

      @ニルス hence the reason Why 90hrtz computer monitors are all the rage with gamers...

    • ニルス
      ニルス 26 days ago

      @Doug L You have no idea what you are talking about, right?

    • Doug L
      Doug L 26 days ago

      @ニルス you have that wrong. The biggest noticeable differences come when you double the refreshrate.

    • ニルス
      ニルス 26 days ago +1

      The difference between 60 and 90 is way higher than 90 to 120, but the additional battery drain is the same. You have to be cautious about the right number, there definitely is a number that is too high.

  • Jason Lopez
    Jason Lopez 27 days ago +143

    I don't understand the desire of wireless charging. It takes forever to charge up.

    • Bearded Bro
      Bearded Bro 18 days ago

      Even if they make it as fast as wired, you can't use it while charging. Which makes it useless since you can just plug it in and use it either way

    • khayam ali
      khayam ali 19 days ago

      i prefer wired charging tbh as i find it difficult to use the phone on wireless

    • Nad K
      Nad K 21 day ago

      @Miami Dice yes fair enough

    • Miami Dice
      Miami Dice 22 days ago

      @Nad K I'd rather wait 90 as it doesn't damage the battery anywhere near as much. I try to trickle-charge mine overnight wherever possible.

    • Nad K
      Nad K 22 days ago

      Stupid gimmick that no one ever uses... Would you rather wait 90 mins to charge your phone or 40 fully charged

  • Governor 720
    Governor 720 27 days ago +1

    Why bring back the notch??

  • Cio Dokop
    Cio Dokop 27 days ago

    My dad has a oneplus6
    Dunno if he should upgrade to 7 pro

    • Cio Dokop
      Cio Dokop 27 days ago

      Oh okay thanks for the suggestion!

      DASARATHI RAM 27 days ago

      No need actually, if he need a camera upgrade then Yes

  • Shadow V.
    Shadow V. 27 days ago +2

    Ive been going back and forth thinking about what to get between the note 9 and note 10... but frick it ill get something other then a samsung... so ill get the 7t pro when it releases... hopefully its the same price as the 7 pro

    • James Lin
      James Lin 23 days ago

      Yea I don't see the T version being more expensive. That would be a bad marketing idea since Samsung and Apple have their new phones out with competitive prices as well and bigger name recognition. You should be safe

  • Sudharsan S
    Sudharsan S 27 days ago

    Is the phone 5g capable or will a separate 5g phone be released like OP7 pro 5g?

  • Elyad G.
    Elyad G. 27 days ago

    McLaren Edition? This better be reaaaal

    • Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel
      Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel 23 days ago

      It is. They did their same with the 6T and announced a Mclaren edition for the 7T Pro months ago

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar 27 days ago

    What about ips water clearing..

  • Sean McClelland
    Sean McClelland 27 days ago

    I'll check out the OnePlus 7t Pro but honestly I have the OnePlus 7 Pro and I love it, I'll just be waiting for the OnePlus 8.

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  27 days ago +2

      yeh its not really meant to upgrade from the 7 pro as its only minor upgrades

  • Saksham Saraf
    Saksham Saraf 27 days ago


  • David Rich
    David Rich 27 days ago

    So you are going off what may be?

  • Scott Osowski
    Scott Osowski 28 days ago

    None still have my OnePlus 7 pro

    • Scott Osowski
      Scott Osowski 27 days ago

      @TT Technology I didn't understand why people just didn't get the pro for 50 extra bucks. Now they want it and have to spend more money..

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology  27 days ago

      yeh its not meant for upgrades from the 7 pro, more for people that didnt get the 7 pro