Palm Phone hands-on: an Android phone for your phone

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • The Palm phone is basically a tiny phone…to go with your everyday phone. A San Francisco startup has bought the Palm name, but can they keep the ethos? This new Android phone they're releasing exclusively to Verizon is meant to be your secondary device, a tiny little thing for the weekends. Our question - does your phone need a phone?
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Comments • 2 418

  • The Verge
    The Verge  Year ago +589

    Would you want a tiny second phone that shares your phone number?

    • Gregory Perkins
      Gregory Perkins 2 months ago

      Ya. Why not

    • Joey G
      Joey G 2 months ago

      I love small phones

    • Indigo Sunset
      Indigo Sunset 2 months ago

      best review

    • Rt Thakur
      Rt Thakur 3 months ago

      The Verge ्ैैै्ूिी्ेेेनााुूूज़

    • Damian Lewd
      Damian Lewd 6 months ago

      Maybe if I had kids

  • Zamin Abbass
    Zamin Abbass Month ago

    phone used with you big phone..but have same price as most of the big phone😓😁

  • Joey G
    Joey G 2 months ago

    I’m getting this I live it

  • Razzy 23
    Razzy 23 2 months ago

    Will it work for boost Mobile if unlocked??

  • Alex Glass
    Alex Glass 2 months ago

    Well ... I got a PALM and must say it's fine! Yes it's small and the battery is too, but it really is a great little moby! Does everything my full size android does, but with smaller visuals. Plus; I've now got a Mophie Power case for it (which still keeps the phone tiny) so battery life is no problem. Lasts a whole day of fairly active use ......... LOVE IT!!!

  • venki cherukuri
    venki cherukuri 4 months ago

    Hey Hi, Just want to check with you on PALM phone. Being IP 68 resistant and outdoor phone, Have you checked that ? how much do you rate for being IP68 device ??

  • Nitin Tripathi
    Nitin Tripathi 4 months ago

    How to buy in India???

  • Alessandro Johnny
    Alessandro Johnny 4 months ago

    I want to sideload that launcher in my big screen phone! 😱

  • hiriyur chanel uk
    hiriyur chanel uk 5 months ago

    Buying link bro

  • Mio Fukushima
    Mio Fukushima 5 months ago

    For 350$ its a NO NO

  • Damian Lewd
    Damian Lewd 6 months ago

    Iphone4 perfect form facts

  • gr8m8 - iTanks
    gr8m8 - iTanks 6 months ago

    You CAN use it without big phone. You CAN change the SIM

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez 6 months ago

    I miss the Palm Pre, I don't imagine that will ever be a phone like it.

  • Andrew Soper
    Andrew Soper 6 months ago

    I mean
    I would buy it just as a standalone
    it gives me apple vibes

  • brian wilson
    brian wilson 7 months ago

    I don’t buy phones that are not water proof anymore

  • Red Million
    Red Million 7 months ago

    Thankfully it is now available as a standalone device!

  • stajpi
    stajpi 8 months ago

    simple question - can i use this phone as my only phone? only this one? as my primary and only device?

  • fish is fish
    fish is fish 8 months ago

    Anyone knows a launcher similar to that phone ui

  • Julius Cäsar
    Julius Cäsar 8 months ago

    I have the phone if somebody needs it can tell me......

  • viraltaco
    viraltaco 8 months ago

    The best thing about it is how unique the design is… -_- how did they not get sued yet?

  • rayc76knoxville
    rayc76knoxville 8 months ago

    Awesome. Think that the Palm has possibilites. Not a fan of big phones for the gym, etc. This fits the bill. Thank you for the video.

  • Rahul Meena
    Rahul Meena 8 months ago

    Phome namer

  • Anthony Musso
    Anthony Musso 8 months ago

    This is about the dumbest thing I've seen

  • In A Pikle Nunnenkamp
    In A Pikle Nunnenkamp 8 months ago

    I do love mine and I’ve only been using it for a day. It’s great for people who have two smart phones and hate having to drag both around all the time. Great size!!! My iPhone is great with my iWatch, but my second line is a Galaxy so perfect to use my palm for it. I do currently pay for a line on my iWatch, but half the time I still have to have my iPhone close to me.
    So the PALM is a win win for me.

  • papa bennyy
    papa bennyy 8 months ago

    Can I use spotify on this

  • mo-e Sa
    mo-e Sa 8 months ago

    Now we have a phone for our palm, a phone for our wrist, I m waiting for a phone for my ankle, neck, head, other wrist, other ankle, waist, thighs... and pretty much everywhere on our bodies that can hold a “phone”

  • Mario Michel
    Mario Michel 8 months ago

    More stuff nobody needs ( But they'll buy anyway).

  • Scott BikeDawg
    Scott BikeDawg 8 months ago

    Can this be used as your sole cell phone, i.e., do you have to have another verizon phone to use this?

  • Myller De Araujo
    Myller De Araujo 8 months ago

    Or you can just get an iPhone SE

  • Wusheng Sun
    Wusheng Sun 8 months ago

    then 1 problem came....where i can buy it? i didnt find anyone sale it on ebay...

  • Cristiane Maia
    Cristiane Maia 8 months ago

    A gadget to use at big events with a lot of people like music show :D

  • Jay Parmo
    Jay Parmo 8 months ago

    secondary phone? nope. if i buy this its going to be my phone phone.

  • Andrei Gauna Adamson
    Andrei Gauna Adamson 9 months ago

    Oh god, a small phone, what a brilliant idea! Wait a minute! I have seen small phones before, Motorolla maybee?

  • Wahid Anshari
    Wahid Anshari 9 months ago

    Can we get that launcher?

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 9 months ago


  • Aidan ciyo
    Aidan ciyo 9 months ago

    This thing is worth 150$

  • Jimmy Gutierrez
    Jimmy Gutierrez 9 months ago

    I’m very ‘secure’. Gimme my palm phone!

  • SoPiPz
    SoPiPz 9 months ago

    My iPhone SE 256GB works great still.

  • x_ Hayder
    x_ Hayder 9 months ago

    even Xperia compact series are getting above 5" these days :/

  • Justin Valentin
    Justin Valentin 9 months ago

    I think bringing back small phones would be a better idea.

  • Jimmy a Geek
    Jimmy a Geek 9 months ago

    Dude its a Palm Phone and its Have a Sim Slot! I Don't What You are Saying!

  • Divine Jesus
    Divine Jesus 9 months ago

    what happened to the actual full review on this that was mentioned at end of video? i don't see it

  • عبد الله الموحد لا اله الا الله

    I am very well posted and the explanation is very nice but I have a question. Does it support Arabic? And from any marketing site I can get thank you very much

  • Wilburs Film
    Wilburs Film 10 months ago

    can I get that launcher but for my regular phone? haha

  • carlos espinoza
    carlos espinoza 10 months ago

    so your supposed to have your bigger phone near for this phone to work? cause if thats a huge waste of money, at first I thought it was supposed to be by itself....

  • WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation

    I have heard that you can put another carrier's sim card in it and it will work just fine. is that so?

  • Roman Martinez
    Roman Martinez 10 months ago

    It hasn't been comfortable to text since the iPhone 4S

  • Lanz Schmeter
    Lanz Schmeter 10 months ago

    Don't forget your Swiss Army Knife

  • Juan Suchite
    Juan Suchite 10 months ago

    Great video

  • Lyusien Vladimirov
    Lyusien Vladimirov 10 months ago

    I don't know why but i want it :D why we don't have more compact phone, it's rediculus how many new phones are coming out all the time and none of them is under 6inch

  • Adam Norström
    Adam Norström 10 months ago

    This is so stupid haha 😂

  • leecm
    leecm 10 months ago

    This thing would be perfect to use in my car to connect to android auto. If only it weren't so expensive. Hopefully it'll start to get discounted soon.

  • Alan Hayward
    Alan Hayward 10 months ago

    Jesus, this whole industry has gone feckin' stupid! So, what they're now telling us is too get a smaller phone just for the weekend and give your huge phone a break. Ridiculous!

  • Ali Mohammedov
    Ali Mohammedov 10 months ago

    Dieter Bohlen

  • Reno Strife
    Reno Strife 10 months ago

    This is the stupidest idea for a phone I've ever seen.

  • 300 subs with no videos
    300 subs with no videos 10 months ago

    Such a missed opportinuty.
    They should have called it the facepalm instead.

  • HyperU2
    HyperU2 10 months ago

    I can't get enough of palming my bohn either.

    SN YADAV 10 months ago

    How to buy and how many rupee's want to buy

  • sagnik saha
    sagnik saha 10 months ago

    whats the price..??

  • Mukesh Oraon
    Mukesh Oraon 10 months ago

    I love this phone