Tom Holland Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
  • On this episode of Actually Me, 'Spider-Man' star Tom Holland goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, TVclip and more. Does he drink a dozen cups of coffee a day? What is his skincare routine?
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    Tom Holland Goes Undercover on Reddit, TVclip and Twitter | GQ
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  • Kkony
    Kkony 3 hours ago

    7:20 ello mate you alright?

    • Kkony
      Kkony 3 hours ago

      0:41 I drink tea, darling.

  • Alex Groves
    Alex Groves 10 hours ago +1

    He's so cute.

  • Banjo Piggott wright
    Banjo Piggott wright 12 hours ago

    He's a Tottenham Hotspur supporter I reckon

  • Soul Slinger
    Soul Slinger 15 hours ago

    “It’s treason, then.” -Palpatine

  • Lala Milan
    Lala Milan 17 hours ago

    I love his accent and I have the same one. I don’t know, he just sounds different to the rest of us in London 😂😂

  • Squinqz's Life
    Squinqz's Life 17 hours ago

    Treason on Teason?

  • AceMercer AMV
    AceMercer AMV 18 hours ago

    Didn't Peter made his own webshooters before meeting Tony?

  • ihave2hands
    ihave2hands Day ago

    “I drink tea, darling” feeds my soul

  • conazpi
    conazpi Day ago

    0:48 Doesn't he mean...

  • hosackies
    hosackies Day ago

    Michael J. Fox junior! If BTTF reboots... It's this guy!

  • Abby Urig
    Abby Urig Day ago

    I’m waiting for Taron Egerton to do something like this. 😅

  • Cinnamon Panda
    Cinnamon Panda Day ago

    I would like to go on a date with him

  • Mariella Nina
    Mariella Nina Day ago

    Omg call me darling too tom😭😭😭❤️

  • Mari Am
    Mari Am Day ago

    The cutest ❤️😍

  • OverKillFTW GT
    OverKillFTW GT Day ago

    It's pizza time

  • ExoTikSalSA
    ExoTikSalSA Day ago

    hes a fan of chelsea

  • K
    K Day ago

    Deffo a chelsea fan 😂

  • Anjola Iyanda
    Anjola Iyanda Day ago

    What do you mean I don’t have to wait that long for a tv show like if that happens that would be the best thing ever like ever

  • Sofia Cantero
    Sofia Cantero Day ago


  • Vic "G" Bittencourt

    DC came with a british Superman, then Marvel comes up with a british Spider-Man lol.

  • TheFandomFish
    TheFandomFish Day ago +1

    quora, quora, quora, the exploraaah

  • Maddy Javarez
    Maddy Javarez 2 days ago

    You are so freaking attractive

  • Gabriella Borba
    Gabriella Borba 2 days ago

    8:15 im FREAKING OUT!!!! Atlantis is my childhood movie ❤❤

  • Amee wang
    Amee wang 2 days ago +6

    “I drink tea daring” clearly a British

  • BlobbyIsAnAnimator
    BlobbyIsAnAnimator 2 days ago +1

    4:57 broke a lot of 16 year old Billie Eilish fans' hearts.

  • S HY
    S HY 2 days ago

    0:41 0:41 0:41

  • scaly raptor 1944
    scaly raptor 1944 2 days ago

    I felt a great disturbance in the force, suddenly millions of og spider-man fans shouted out in rage

  • jay
    jay 2 days ago

    after this his accent started to fade.. 😭😭

  • Allison
    Allison 2 days ago

    I liked him a lot in Spider-Man the other movies on Spider-Man made him into a angsts teenage boy, but in the marvel they made him a awkward teenage boy

  • Mari Walker
    Mari Walker 2 days ago


  • Khoerul Hadi
    Khoerul Hadi 2 days ago

    Must be liVARpool fan

  • Anthony Long
    Anthony Long 2 days ago

    Tom Holland looks like he’ll he 16 for the rest of his life.

  • Tia Perry
    Tia Perry 2 days ago

    Omg wen he said fall instead of autumn HE BETRAYED YS BRITTS but we still love him lmao xx

  • Anita merlin Lino
    Anita merlin Lino 3 days ago

    Tom u r always the best and my favorite actor in the world 😁😁

  • Gamer 28
    Gamer 28 3 days ago


  • The King Slayer
    The King Slayer 3 days ago

    I bet Tom is a fan of Spurs

  • kokroucz
    kokroucz 3 days ago

    8:20 WTF? BLASPHEMY!!!

  • Nafeesa Hussain
    Nafeesa Hussain 3 days ago

    “I drink tea darling” that’s the most British thing I’ve heard

  • lillian pop
    lillian pop 3 days ago

    “ because that would be treason” don’t you mean TEAson???

  • MiNa ChAn
    MiNa ChAn 3 days ago

    I love Tom's facial hair, it's not too much

  • leafgreen 25
    leafgreen 25 3 days ago

    The Oreo you didnt know you needed.

  • Capitán Rastrero
    Capitán Rastrero 3 days ago

    What does glow mean?

  • Jareth Pigg
    Jareth Pigg 3 days ago

    If it’s not arsenal .. I’ll guess Chelsea ...

  • Pokemon Fan
    Pokemon Fan 4 days ago

    Spies in Disguise was so freaking funny.

  • Faith Davis
    Faith Davis 4 days ago

    That is cute and funny

  • Strangers of Society

    Peter Parker and Edward Cullen are friends? 😂

  • Kevin McGuire
    Kevin McGuire 4 days ago

    Who's commenting thinking he might reply

    LJBTY 4 days ago

    Come on he supports Liverpool ❤️

  • Ani Namikaze
    Ani Namikaze 4 days ago

    Checked those videos and I think they deleted the replies😭

  • Holly Gay
    Holly Gay 4 days ago

    *and also when he clicks it, a car horn goes out the back* Tom Holland=Adorable

  • Black Prior Lion
    Black Prior Lion 4 days ago

    It would be teason

  • - Atlas
    - Atlas 4 days ago

    We did it Mr Stark

  • Yuen Natalie
    Yuen Natalie 4 days ago

    Tom Holland is like Alexander Hamilton cuz of the way how he writes exactly what he thinks. 👍

  • BellaK
    BellaK 4 days ago

    Mr.Delmar's shop, when you were petting the cat :>

  • Blake Campf
    Blake Campf 4 days ago

    Tom is a spurs fan. only reason that he would be so defensive about arsenal.

  • Bethany Kwan
    Bethany Kwan 4 days ago +1

    7:10 when he said "I love you so much" his voice changes as he says it and my heart just melts....

  • Temoteo Mota
    Temoteo Mota 4 days ago

    Oi tom Holland meu sonho era te conhecer

  • JT Gaming
    JT Gaming 4 days ago

    He 100000000% supports Tottenham

  • Kubena
    Kubena 4 days ago

    I swear, if he is a spurs fan, I'm gonna be furious

  • Spirit Animagi
    Spirit Animagi 4 days ago

    I drink tea to but I’m American