100 People Tell Us a Secret | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • Toobroke !
    Toobroke ! 22 minutes ago +1

    5:27 is honestly cute , keeping thier marriage lowkey is adore

  • SheSoGlorious
    SheSoGlorious 12 hours ago +1

    0:34 lady:"I stole money from my mum's wallet" me:WoOoOw Really things I did :stole my parents bank card, nearly lost my virginity, sucked 2 dicks attempted to kill myself and many more... Lol this is funny tho

  • ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ
    ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ 13 hours ago


  • Saleh Saadi
    Saleh Saadi 14 hours ago

    2:01 every guy on social media

  • Football Analytics
    Football Analytics 22 hours ago

    4:37 what the f*ck !

    BTS ARISTAN143 Day ago

    That one girl explaining that telling a secret isn’t a secret anymore and I’m just like well gee thx for explaining that who would have thought...

  • Madeline Ramirez

    2:52 me every day

  • Ricardo J Aguiar

    I secretly dont think i fit in with ANYONE and im still in search of people who i truly belong with , i still love my friends but sometimes i meet people who are like in my many ways and i wish i was friends with them

  • payton davis
    payton davis Day ago

    "I like drugs" THAT AINT NO SECRET. I can see it written all over your face. I mean no offense but 😂😂😂

  • yasir azzam
    yasir azzam 2 days ago

    furry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *FBI *

  • Na'Zyia Taylor
    Na'Zyia Taylor 2 days ago

    Oh, I almost died of syphilis last year!
    What an iconic conversation starter.

  • Katelyn Black
    Katelyn Black 3 days ago

    Why are all these people so beautiful

  • Flame4
    Flame4 3 days ago

    3.08 death punishment is deserved all other people get a free pass

  • Heidi Moore
    Heidi Moore 3 days ago

    3:10 pretty sure people could guess that

  • Zookee The Hunter
    Zookee The Hunter 3 days ago

    I imagine conversations with other people that would never happen when i'm bored, so i talk to myself ALOT!

  • Käsefleisch
    Käsefleisch 3 days ago

    1:31 "secret"

  • Xxx Honeybee
    Xxx Honeybee 4 days ago

    Delete the furry

  • Trishawna’s Life
    Trishawna’s Life 4 days ago

    That ninja reflex got me 😂😭🤣

  • Black Man
    Black Man 4 days ago

    *watches video* oh ok kinda normal*
    "Im a furry"
    Me: God damnit

  • Taylor J
    Taylor J 4 days ago

    1: I've like the same person for 3 years
    2: I have social anxiety
    3: I'm insecure

  • Hina 120100
    Hina 120100 4 days ago

    Is loving comics a secret...? Cuz i love them too but i never hided it...

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 4 days ago


    xoLMFAOxBIEBER 5 days ago


  • Soy milk
    Soy milk 5 days ago

    1. I’m bi.
    2. I have a gf (I’m a girl)
    3. I love her too much lol.
    4. I have anger issues
    5. It hurts when I get mad but I can’t control it.
    6. I have jealousy issues.
    7. I’m a 7 year old mentally.
    8. I’m a derp.
    9. I love hugs, they make me feel safe.
    10. I think ur cool.

  • Miracle Kora
    Miracle Kora 5 days ago

    0:44 MEEEEEEE

  • London YAAdY!
    London YAAdY! 5 days ago


  • Dj P
    Dj P 5 days ago

    4:00 true ninja

  • London YAAdY!
    London YAAdY! 5 days ago

    I love the Seattle shirt guys beard AMAZING 😭🙏🏾

  • iPhone X
    iPhone X 6 days ago

    “I love everybody”
    “I hate people”

  • Tangerine
    Tangerine 6 days ago +1


  • nina
    nina 6 days ago

    i like to eat dirt... 😂

  • Zoha Ahmad
    Zoha Ahmad 6 days ago

    well it wouldn't be a secret anymore would it.

  • Catherine Somerville

    I love that laugh 1:08

  • My warrior cat fersona

    "Imma furry"


  • Shubham Thakur
    Shubham Thakur 6 days ago

    100 like & I'm sharing mine!

  • Sean MacDonald
    Sean MacDonald 6 days ago

    "uhh im scared all the time"

  • - the winter smiled.

    after this im reading erotic harry potter fanfiction

  • Julie VVV
    Julie VVV 7 days ago

    1) I eat my dead skin (off my hands, feet, or other limbs)
    2) i eat my boogers
    3) don’t mind the smell of most poops
    4) I have so many mental issues (depression, anxiety, ptsd, eating disorders, adhd, mood disorder, anger issues,)
    5) Im always in physical pain 24/7 and I don’t tell anyone
    6) I bite the dead skin off of the inside of my mouth until I bleed. (No pain just blood)
    7) I like to non sexually jiggle my
    8) masturbate way too much
    9) I really really really like the cold
    10) I hate wearing pants
    11) I hate myself
    12) I self harmed a shit ton
    13) I rarely sleep
    14) Im bipolar for sure
    15) Im sorry i don’t hate you I swear
    16) OUCH
    17) I don’t really like food but I’m fat
    18) I want to kill myself

    I think you know me now
    Have a nice day ☺️

  • Random stuff 123
    Random stuff 123 7 days ago +2

    The grown woman who eats her boogers tho

  • ImagineDragonsNumberOneFan

    -I'm Bisexual
    -I think I'm depressed
    -I have feelings for my best friend

  • Rachel Amber
    Rachel Amber 7 days ago +20

    1:14 was I the only one who noticed all those scars an the bruise? I hope that she's okay...

    VIPANDA 7 days ago

    “I burp like a man” I didn’t know you could burp like a man or a woman

  • Kels D
    Kels D 8 days ago

    3:46 He's cute!

  • Sandy Ketchup
    Sandy Ketchup 8 days ago

    I have sever anxiety and social anxiety. I also eat a lot when I am depressed

  • Abigail Mac
    Abigail Mac 8 days ago

    The fact that he said "try to knit," you'll get there someday buddy

  • apchapo
    apchapo 8 days ago +1

    1:32 Relatable

  • Nina Larson
    Nina Larson 8 days ago

    I have dyslexia and depression

  • Nina Larson
    Nina Larson 8 days ago

    "I stole money from my mother's wallet"
    Hasn't everybody? 😂

  • Jessica Paternoster
    Jessica Paternoster 8 days ago


  • PurpleBonnie 905
    PurpleBonnie 905 8 days ago

    1:08 wow such a nice laugh????

  • Rohan Jagtap
    Rohan Jagtap 8 days ago

    Not much of a secret anymore

  • Anabelle Dull
    Anabelle Dull 9 days ago

    when you think about this you now know 100 peoples secrets

  • Karelys Alvarez
    Karelys Alvarez 9 days ago

    3:10 wheww chile

  • Geen Naam
    Geen Naam 9 days ago

    well the 5 turned into 5.000.000 lmao

  • Yani Xx
    Yani Xx 9 days ago

    “I’m scared all the time” 😂😂😂

  • Holls :o
    Holls :o 9 days ago

    “i’m a furry”


  • Dimension
    Dimension 9 days ago

    me too ilah

  • Burtasaurus Rex
    Burtasaurus Rex 9 days ago

    "I have depression" "I wrote a bomb threat" .....uhhhhh "I like comics"
    Bitch...why would you guys put that in.

  • chris williams
    chris williams 10 days ago

    Now everyone knows he is a cheater

  • Juniper Emmons
    Juniper Emmons 10 days ago

    I cried at 3:09 😂 😂 😂

  • Iona Peters
    Iona Peters 11 days ago

    Ew a furry

  • Dragon Dude Collecting

    Large black dicks in harnesses? Explanation?

  • MrsDanniiii
    MrsDanniiii 11 days ago

    Sometimes when i talk to people i have the worst thoughts in my head.. i am all nice and i do like the person but as I'm listening to Them my head goes:" shut up" or "you're so ugly"...

  • Voletara Flat
    Voletara Flat 11 days ago

    I finally found someone who is also dyslexic

  • Krystal Morgan
    Krystal Morgan 12 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. I don't think I could do that.

  • Jordan Fagan
    Jordan Fagan 12 days ago


  • Ryuzaki Lawyiet
    Ryuzaki Lawyiet 12 days ago

    My mom always say there are two types of secret 1. The one that we can share. 2. The one that we can’t share and it is a darker side of our life that we refuse to tell others.

  • Jjjju Hhhh
    Jjjju Hhhh 13 days ago

    This video shows that everybody has problems.

  • Infinity Mixtapes
    Infinity Mixtapes 13 days ago

    People really out here eating boogers?

  • RebekahKoester1
    RebekahKoester1 13 days ago

    She pulls hair from her butt all the time. What. The. Fuck.

  • NYPD
    NYPD 13 days ago +3

    I enjoy being around dyslexic people there so nice and easy to get along with is that weird probably is

  • 별잃어버린
    별잃어버린 13 days ago


  • James Busser
    James Busser 14 days ago

    not on any weird shit but the girl @ 4:51 has the most amazing eyes i’ve ever seen

  • Mochi Jimin
    Mochi Jimin 14 days ago

    The sudden "I'm a furry"
    "I LOVE FURRIES" -CrankThatFrank 2018

  • Sabrina Shaver
    Sabrina Shaver 14 days ago

    He's always been in love with somebody else, and even though I am happy to see him so happy, deep down I wish it were me.
    Oh, I smoke a lot of weed to cope with mental issues too.

  • Hey It's Pete Stump From My Chemical Romance

    Marilyn Monroe looking girl is SUUUUUUUPER pretty

  • rose rosemary
    rose rosemary 14 days ago

    “I’m addicted to sex”
    Me: *makes dying squirrel noises*

  • Flal Bown
    Flal Bown 14 days ago

    "I am rlly insecure and cover it up with a bubbly smile."

  • _Penguins
    _Penguins 14 days ago


  • Sadie Does Things
    Sadie Does Things 14 days ago +4

    Everyone else: HAHAHAHAHA
    The one person: I’m a furry

  • O'mega Allen
    O'mega Allen 14 days ago

    "I eat my boogers"? Fellas stop kissing the mfs, too big for that shit

  • haz
    haz 14 days ago +28

    "I'm a furry."
    *The guy after*

    That was just perfect. 😂

  • Random-er Chan
    Random-er Chan 14 days ago

    Who *HASN'T* read erotic Harry Potter fanfiction

  • Killz _ξχστικ
    Killz _ξχστικ 14 days ago

    i dont tell nobody my mental thoughts because they are mentally fucked up and disturbing

  • skylar
    skylar 15 days ago

    i really never got a fortnite win on my own ... i’m sorry mom... i know you’re disappointed in me... i’m a disgrace.

  • holly stamper
    holly stamper 15 days ago

    Person: why did you give me that bitch face? Me:2:52

  • Towna Yt
    Towna Yt 15 days ago


    EMMA BOERE 16 days ago

    "Im 42"
    Sis... BET!

  • Yecart Zednanreh
    Yecart Zednanreh 16 days ago

    the girl at 3:10
    im a furry
    the dude after her:

  • Slime Lover
    Slime Lover 16 days ago

    Ok thank you seeing a therapist is NOT bad at all

  • StockingsOf Cherries
    StockingsOf Cherries 16 days ago

    Okay but the woman at 2:38 has the best laugh ever x

  • Shiny Turd
    Shiny Turd 16 days ago

    Ok yeah I agree you should never tell anyone you like coldplay

  • miles chacon likes playing xbox

    0:47 that’s not even a secret

  • AseBLOCK
    AseBLOCK 17 days ago

    this is the most retarded ive seen ever

  • • p0isvn
    • p0isvn 17 days ago +6

    1:07 lmao their laugh💀

    SOSAGEGUY // SUY 17 days ago

    3:10 I almost threw up

  • Nour Fouani
    Nour Fouani 18 days ago

    "Im really insecure and i cover it up with my bubbliness and smileyness"
    i dont know what to say, i relate so much

  • Paige Wilcox
    Paige Wilcox 18 days ago

    I'm really mean and judgemental inside, I kinda hate people" haha that's so me

  • jo
    jo 19 days ago

    1. I'm extremely violent, I plan/imagine hurting people or myself sometimes, but I don't actually do anything
    2. I lost all my friends, but I feel fine without any friends
    3. I like to lead guys on and seduce them when I don't actually like them

  • Makayla Howlett
    Makayla Howlett 19 days ago

    I hate hugs