General election: Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party form election pact

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • The Lib Dems has announced a Remain Alliance with Plaid Cymru and the Green Party to try and maximise the Remain vote in the election.
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Comments • 104

  • Oystersgetclamydia
    Oystersgetclamydia 4 days ago

    My God! The Unholy Trinity! Dumb,Dumber and Dumbest.
    If they came across a sign saying 'Wet Floor' They probably would!

  • Random Youtube Channel

    Go, Green Party!

  • Anthony 1965
    Anthony 1965 17 days ago +1

    So let’s get this right ,
    the Lib DEMS want democracy by reversing and overturning anyway they can ,
    a democratic referendum we had on brexit , WOW 😯, I’m sure that will go down well with anyone who has at least an atom of common sence,
    ya couldn’t make this stuff up

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith 23 days ago

    I support the Lib Dems. Jo Swinson would make a good, moderate, sensible, choice as Prime Minister. She is decent, feminist, tolerant and liberal.
    We have had decades of peace, tolerance, liberty and democracy in Western Europe, thanks to the EEC / EU.
    Why give that up for extremist nationalism?
    Also Jo Swinson's husband is a employee of an anti corruption charity. So they seem like good people to me.

  • Arslan Manzoor
    Arslan Manzoor 24 days ago


  • Tomos james
    Tomos james 25 days ago

    That pronunciation tho

  • Ross Patterson
    Ross Patterson 25 days ago

    Do the majority of welsh people actually want independence?

  • Radical Rainbow
    Radical Rainbow 28 days ago

    Don’t trust Swinson she’s a lying orange Tory want proof

  • paco pa
    paco pa 28 days ago

    She talk a lot non stop

  • Hatakikomi
    Hatakikomi 28 days ago +2

    Using a vote to deny a vote is so hypocritical.

  • Lunar Voyage
    Lunar Voyage 29 days ago

    Anti democratic vermin

    • Red Pilled Fox
      Red Pilled Fox 22 days ago

      We can all be pest controllers at the ballot box! 👍

  • Ashley Green
    Ashley Green 29 days ago

    Only way to stop Brexit democratically is to vote Labour, who will hold another referendum.

    Lib Dems will never have a majority, even with this pact. The Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and Green Party have 17 seats between them.

    Lib Dem taking votes from Labour pretty much guarantees a Tory win :/

    • Mr44andMore
      Mr44andMore 17 days ago

      Ashley Green what’s corbyns position on brexit? He refuses to say. That was plain to see In the debate.

  • Tom Lovell
    Tom Lovell 29 days ago

    Green party will never be a serious contender for govt. They bend over for lib dems and labour at every opportunity just to hope they stop the Tories.

  • Leon Mckeever
    Leon Mckeever 29 days ago

    I'm a leaver, 20 years of age and would've voted green. Ah well, not gonna vote for a lib dem led remain coalition.
    Spoilt ballot on my first election is a shame.

    JONATHAN CAIN 29 days ago

    We will fight till the end viva Europe

  • James Wegrzyn
    James Wegrzyn 29 days ago

    Plaid Cyrmu and the greens? Oh dear 😂

  • Angery Mechanic
    Angery Mechanic 29 days ago

    Boo Democrats liberals!!!!

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones Month ago

    Guess the welsh burnt all those cottages down for nowt then

  • Sweet Awe
    Sweet Awe Month ago

    Women always change their minds. Nothing new under the sun.

  • Tetlee
    Tetlee Month ago

    Anti Democrats

  • dave009ish
    dave009ish Month ago

    Amazing, together they could capture 20 seats.

  • keegan773
    keegan773 Month ago +2

    LibDems = The Quisling Party.

  • HydroMk2
    HydroMk2 Month ago +6

    She’s determined to stop the democratic will of the people.

    • HydroMk2
      HydroMk2 16 days ago

      Mr44andMore yes it is

    • Mr44andMore
      Mr44andMore 17 days ago

      HydroMk2 it’s clearly not if they were illegally manipulated

    • HydroMk2
      HydroMk2 27 days ago

      Living AngryCheese maybe so but the will of the people all the same

    • Living AngryCheese
      Living AngryCheese 27 days ago +1

      The "democratic will of the people" manipulated by illegal campaign spending, proven in a court of law. A proven blatant disregard for the law by the party which claims to uphold it, but recently has ignored it time and time again.

  • CHEEKY BLINDERS Northern soul black Country

    Undemocratic bunch of traitors what right as she got to stop us leaving 17,5 voted leave

  • Chunky Buster
    Chunky Buster Month ago

    Dirty traitors altogether in a witches coven!

  • aoy1967
    aoy1967 Month ago

    Horrible leadership that hate democracy!!!!!!

  • Baran Blyat
    Baran Blyat Month ago +3

    A ghastly bunch.

  • Bigboy Sid
    Bigboy Sid Month ago +3

    Lights a fire under supervision for the camera then goes home and asks jeves whats the chef doing for dinner

  • Mr Pickles
    Mr Pickles Month ago

    Crazy narcissist

  • Happy Crusader
    Happy Crusader Month ago +12

    The anti democratic alliance

    • Mark Horton
      Mark Horton 26 days ago +1

      Agreed, never voting green again. A middle call alliance against the working class? Possibly.

  • Aaron Oneal
    Aaron Oneal Month ago

    Shy news needs to make a video about ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees

  • geoffrey collins
    geoffrey collins Month ago +7

    so three partys with differing manifestos and beliefs join forces for eu membership!!
    what does that say about the morals and beliefs of those candidates??

    • Ball Bag
      Ball Bag Month ago

      That they all believe it’s better to be in the EU? This comment of yours means nothing

  • Paul Cockram
    Paul Cockram Month ago +3

    What a lovely bunch of people, antidemocratic to their core. A pact of people who have moved from different parties who have denied their constituents a vote, greens who wanted an all white women interim remainer government because it reflected the broad spectrum of the country and the actual lib Dems the husband of the leader who has just received a chunk of money from the EU.
    Do this bunch of cowards, socially inept and corrupt people deserve our vote?
    Of course they do - this lot are par for the course.

  • doghouseclassics
    doghouseclassics Month ago +10

    She is an EU employee,ask about the 3 mill and the 100 s of thousands her husband recieved. Funny how she changed her tune when she was elected on a mandate of honouring the ref result.

    • Andy N
      Andy N Month ago +1

      @Chris Johnson just like the working class that voted for the Tories.

    • Chris Johnson
      Chris Johnson Month ago

      Scabs off the highest order. Traitors.

    • Ball Bag
      Ball Bag Month ago

      Ra Ra it doesn’t matter, these people will believe anything so long as it supports their narrative.

    • Ra Ra
      Ra Ra Month ago +1

      This has been exposed as fake news.

  • Rumpoleful
    Rumpoleful Month ago +1

    I am Pro leave, but I wish these (women) every success!
    Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party with balance of power over Marxist Labour block in Parliament... an Abomination Coalition.. would be preferable to Boris deal, which is NOT BREXIT. An absolute pig's mess in Parliament (again) (and another election eventually) might finally be enough to get a plan to get a REAL BREXIT.

  • Rumpoleful
    Rumpoleful Month ago +3

    We need more women in Parliament!
    Somebody has to make the sandwiches.

  • Grey Chip
    Grey Chip Month ago

    The UK is an out right joke, home of democracy!!! My arse. These people are nothing but leeches, crooks, liars, thieves, etc etc. They will do anything and show everyone just how corrupt and undemocratic they're just to stay on the EUSSR Ponzi scheme empire. They don't care anymore what we see they simply don't want to lose the leeching lifestyle they have off of the poorest in society.

  • geez Lee
    geez Lee Month ago +14

    Never forgive the Lib Dems for tuition fees, for cutting benefit from disable people, Vince Cable sold the Royal Mail too cheap at the loss of £2 billion. The Lib Dems can not be trusted.

    • Jim
      Jim Month ago

      Don't say that! the Lib Dems want people to forget all that or blame the Conservatives for it!

    • Japan Japan
      Japan Japan Month ago


    • tk778866
      tk778866 Month ago

      Don't forget the austerity policy (which means code word to make the poor suffer and give big corporations tax breaks Google Starbucks Amazon, and Bankers bamper bonuses for stealing public bailouts money)
      And the rest of their collusion with the Tories.
      And instead of trying to unite the country,
      They hate the Brexiteers which is 52% of the country.

  • Billie Piper’s Teeth

    To be fair to Jo Swinson she does have an absolutely cracking pair of tits.

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago +10

    We don't recognise the win votes from the referendum but we will recognise votes for our Lib Dem party at this election lol, beyond belief!

  • Bucket with a face on it

    What a rabble of anti English lefty europhile retards. Most of them complete liars. All of them anti Democracy.

  • Paul Starmer
    Paul Starmer Month ago +1

    Joke swinson.

  • Benjamin Playford
    Benjamin Playford Month ago +5

    So much cancer

  • isobar
    isobar Month ago +11

    The weak always band together to bring down the strong...but in this scenario they will lose..badly.

    • Infinitystar 2
      Infinitystar 2 Month ago

      freaky Friday that's still far from a majority

    • Stephen Morris
      Stephen Morris Month ago

      @Japan Japan 39 45

    • Japan Japan
      Japan Japan Month ago

      @freaky Friday but it's still stupid to bond something so important like eu membership to a vote under normal people

    • freaky Friday
      freaky Friday Month ago +1

      @Infinitystar 2, It was 52 /48 3.5 years ago.

  • MikeT
    MikeT Month ago +6

    Nice to see all three leading parties embracing the modern year of 2019 and not sticking their collective heads in the sand

    • Andy N
      Andy N Month ago +2

      How people still believe Brexit is the way forward is beyond me. They all need a good shaking to wake them up. It's plain to see they're all being played against.

    DANNYBOY73 Month ago +9

    *What all 32 of them.*

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare Month ago +4

    Nothing new... Activists always group up...

  • lord sway
    lord sway Month ago +12

    Sheep to the slaughter

  • Tom Round
    Tom Round Month ago +17

    God forbid swinson family gravy train, derails! Oh well! I'm sure George Soros will still keep paying her!

    • freaky Friday
      freaky Friday Month ago

      No cr@ppy god buIIsh¡te anywhere especially not in politics.

  • able adelaide
    able adelaide Month ago +17

    A bunch of extremely wealthy ladies who lunch want to trample on the democratic right of the hard working tax payers they not so secretly despise. Make no mistake, Swinson et al are interested in nothing but preserving their own privilege at the expense of the masses.

  • CV Hawkeye
    CV Hawkeye Month ago +40

    Looking forward to Lib Dems Losing all their seats! I would like to see Jo's face after a devastating result and calling it a Victory.

  • Ray Morse
    Ray Morse Month ago +11

    How can she say more than half the country want to remain !! What does she base that on reading tea leaves!

    • no one J
      no one J Month ago

      @freaky Friday what facts remainers are weak cheaters who lack respect for democracy remember there is more to life than the EU and politicans too weak to be in control of this once great country scotland wales remainers are a disgrace to there once great people !!

    • Infinitystar 2
      Infinitystar 2 Month ago

      Jeb Riley they can try to fight the referendum result. Don't like it don't vote for them.

    • Ray Morse
      Ray Morse Month ago

      @Page WHAT TWADDLE, This means it was only old people that voted for brexit and all young people want to remain, What brain dead remainer crap.

  • Roger Stubbs
    Roger Stubbs Month ago +3

    right now Plaid Cymru have only 3 seats green has only 1 seat and lib dems have 21 seats and this stupid ugly woman thinks she is going to win the election LOL😂. VOTE BREXIT PARTY they will make 🇬🇧 great AGAIN

  • crzyrich1000
    crzyrich1000 Month ago +28

    She really is trying hard and pulling out all the stops for her husband to keep getting £3 million a year of EU money for his company.

    • Red Pilled Fox
      Red Pilled Fox 22 days ago

      BBC - yeah, right! 👎

    • Andy N
      Andy N Month ago

      What would be wrong in that anyway? If I was getting £3m a year off the EU, I'd want to stay in if I knew Brexit would make me lose it all

  • Lizzy Sprigg
    Lizzy Sprigg Month ago +13

    Bollocks to the lib dems greens plaid cymru greetings from the valleys of south Wales!! Lol in your dreams

    • Mr44andMore
      Mr44andMore 17 days ago

      Ross Patterson I’m voting plaid because Tgey actually want to do something for Wales. The threat of welsh independence will greatly increase devolution and funding for Wales.

    • Ross Patterson
      Ross Patterson 25 days ago

      Finally a welsh person that sees sense. I’ve heard a lot of Wales now wants independence. I personally don’t know why. I would like to find out how the majority of Wales feels about this. The polls vary a lot, so I don’t think they’re a reliable source

  • Oculus 111
    Oculus 111 Month ago +3

    Ugh!! Barf

  • IfingerblastGranny's
    IfingerblastGranny's Month ago +10

    Another day out for the cerebral palsy party.....

  • The Iconoclast
    The Iconoclast Month ago +11

    Traitors. Plain and simple.