Can You Name a Country?

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • Donald Trump is overseas visiting Belgium, England, Scotland and then his pal Putin in Russia. It is imperative that America has strong relationships with and knowledge about other nations, and that responsibility extends to all of us. So we came up with a test and went out on the street to ask people passing by, to name any country on a map. It didn't go well.
    Pedestrian Question World Cup Edition - Are You Drunk?

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    Can You Name a Country?
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Comments • 76 605

  • Ex4mp1e
    Ex4mp1e Day ago

    tbh, this map would kinda confuse me too. The continents are not arranged as they are normally on European maps :D
    Also, I could name a few countries in Europe, but I would have no idea about America, Asia or Africa as well... Oh boy

  • Nina Fujisaki
    Nina Fujisaki Day ago

    I knew most part of US population wasn't good in geography out their own Country but that got me pretty worried. Bless the little boy.

  • Dmitry Leshinskiy


  • Hyun Seung Shin
    Hyun Seung Shin Day ago

    Wow..... so many dumb people in this country...

  • n176ae
    n176ae Day ago

    These people are embarrassing

  • zigyziger
    zigyziger Day ago +1

    Americans are retarded

  • Astomine
    Astomine Day ago

    Wow what an IQ 😂😂 they dont even know countries name..i think they are moron or something like that

  • jose gonzalez
    jose gonzalez Day ago

    Americans stupid

  • Caius Jones
    Caius Jones Day ago

    *Points at australia*
    “Is this Europe”

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Day ago

    Show us an UNCUT 4 minutes of people showing the REALITY that not every American is as ignorant as these people.
    I would wager that they had dozens if not hundreds of people that can pick out and name at least 2 dozen nations, and countless people who can name at least US, Canada and Mexico if nothing else.
    I am betting that the kid at the end was the NORM, not the exception.

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G Day ago

    The only thing that worries me is the amount of people that think these aren’t paid actors 🤦‍♂️

  • HS S
    HS S Day ago

    they have No right to vote

  • Sean Sadouk
    Sean Sadouk Day ago

    Y did almost everyone say africa

  • C
    C Day ago +1

    Im german/turkish and know more about their country 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Juca
    Juca Day ago +1

    Great job, american schools!

  • Joseph Shope
    Joseph Shope Day ago

    "Shouldn't I be taught this in school?"
    ... You were...

  • Crosley Family
    Crosley Family Day ago

    so sad that the boy can name more countrys.

  • MalotePls
    MalotePls Day ago

    puta que weones los gringos

  • thunder
    thunder Day ago

    I can assure you this is either fake or they talked to like 100 people and only showed the dumb ones

  • GD Tim
    GD Tim Day ago

    THE US!

  • Person 101
    Person 101 Day ago

    Felt all smart till the last kid

  • Realm Changer Plays

    They live in America they should know that

  • nOAH
    nOAH Day ago +1


  • tyroshrex1892
    tyroshrex1892 Day ago

    I‘m shocked. That‘s not even funny...

  • Arle T
    Arle T Day ago +1

    That's one of the reasons why I don't appreciate the U.S, this Country is so self-centred and as a french & parisian person I'm really sick of hearing comments from americans who don't even know where's France or even Europe (which is a fuck**g continent) on the map saying "I love France and Paris omg !"

  • Mobile_god18
    Mobile_god18 Day ago +1

    We are the United States of America
    Not Republicans
    Not Democrats
    We are United as one
    If we think this way
    If we think we are split
    If we think we are not in this together
    You are wrong
    To succeed
    We must love each other
    We bicker over a Wall
    We fight over petty issues
    When truth be told
    We need to uniting
    We fight over guns
    We fight over taxes
    But if we lay down our Microphones and focus
    We could influence change in ways that we have never seen
    We can make in impact in lives
    We are all in this together
    If we try and compromise
    Workers could get paid
    Families are struggling
    Over a simple debate
    If we rise up
    Forgive and forget
    We could all truly be in this together
    Hillary or Trump?
    It’s all irrelevant now
    We need to move on
    We no longer will tolerate this division
    Because to succeed
    We need to be in this together
    We argue and filibuster
    We fight over little things
    We try to always get our way
    When in reality we are all in this together
    Lately families have broken
    Split all due to views
    And nothing due to our love
    They say that love can fix any damage
    But brothers and sisters are no longer talking
    We say that we can fix our problems
    But our debts continue to rise
    If we don’t unite now
    We will have to fill the holes that we left empty
    In the future we will never be together
    We all have the power to come together
    As Americans it is our mission
    We all must be in this together
    Our division is like the Wall
    We could never agree
    As we let the curtain of the nightfall
    Our government is still shutdown

  • AdamTheMan1993
    AdamTheMan1993 Day ago

    For a country that has invaded a lot of countries in the last 240 years you expect them to easily identify them on a map of the world.

  • Eron Nascimento
    Eron Nascimento Day ago

    Man... that can't be true!

  • Poperino garcia
    Poperino garcia Day ago


  • Mala
    Mala 2 days ago

    I m happy to be a part of the german schoolsystem
    I could name a lot of countrys like
    Russia Canada Germany Namibia Brazil Ecuador Argentina Mexico Greenland

    • AdamTheMan1993
      AdamTheMan1993 Day ago

      Greenland isn't a country, it's a overseas territory belonging to Denmark

  • salima semo
    salima semo 2 days ago

    She said: "god none knows that"
    Are u serious lady? Well everyone know except you , dumbhead

  • Mack The Gardener
    Mack The Gardener 2 days ago

    The map is wrong in real life Africa is bigger than America

  • UnBurnedFire
    UnBurnedFire 2 days ago

    damn people in America are even more stupid then i thought
    (not every1)

  • Dávid Várhegyi
    Dávid Várhegyi 2 days ago

    I bet minimum 30% finished university and they're still stupid af.

  • Grant Fudge
    Grant Fudge 2 days ago

    This is pathetic. Nothing is easier than naming countries

  • MOC Prod
    MOC Prod 2 days ago

    wtf no wonder why people from usa call themselves americans, when america is the continent

  • Roel
    Roel 2 days ago

    Everytime a paid actor says something funny:


  • Nexus 2500
    Nexus 2500 2 days ago

    Australia is so clear its so easy

  • Miguel Bescos
    Miguel Bescos 2 days ago

    Its fake or those people were nervous idk...

  • Sharizal Shah
    Sharizal Shah 2 days ago

    Please learn something about geography "American" 😂😂😂

  • Yesica Marisol Erazo Villatoro

    disrespectful and hilarious at the same time 😂😂

  • Davide S
    Davide S 2 days ago

    And they still laugh...

  • Equestrian_ella
    Equestrian_ella 2 days ago

    I know I missed a lot ok so don’t hate 😂😊

  • Ebola At Its Finest
    Ebola At Its Finest 2 days ago

    Wtf education in america is so bad im only a 13 year old boy from europe and i can name over 100 countries on that map and i mean some of the answers were so wrong i mean? Africa as a country comon you can do better

  • Tommy Ls
    Tommy Ls 2 days ago

    This has got to be staged. If not staged, it is definitely a highly skewed representation of the people in America. I am from India and I've met some of the smartest people here in the US. For some reason, US likes to highlight and show the world the few stupid people they have.

  • Nicolas SH
    Nicolas SH 2 days ago

    meanwhile the Military spendings going to though the sky…. something wrong

  • Hannibal Barkas
    Hannibal Barkas 2 days ago

    So dumm das spiegelt 99% der u.s. amerikaner wieder

  • Vurgun1985
    Vurgun1985 2 days ago

    This is scripted. Right?

  • Peach TV
    Peach TV 2 days ago

    Thats a big fake.. omg in germany its funny but on abc oh brah i see it miles away this is fake

  • mindbodyspirit
    mindbodyspirit 2 days ago

    Honestly, it should be normal to know like the boy on end of this video. Dumb people over there...

  • Luis241197
    Luis241197 2 days ago

    Watching this makes me seriously angry

  • Igor Marcos
    Igor Marcos 2 days ago

    “I believe south africa is somewhere here IN THE NORTH”

  • Måns Gustafsson
    Måns Gustafsson 2 days ago

    I´m in shock

  • Emma De Jong
    Emma De Jong 2 days ago

    Seriously.....these people hella stupid I'm srry... like....they can't even name America or Australia or south-africa....Mexico?....
    Thank God at least one person knows😂

  • Darth Centat
    Darth Centat 2 days ago

    Und da wundert man sich das Trump gewählt worden ist
    Demokratie funktioniert nur wenn das Volk gebildet ist
    Und die Amis haben ja auch all die Fundamentalisten und so sind aber trotzdem das stärkste Land der Welt

  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh 2 days ago

    Are Americans this dumb too? I just knew they're obese.

  • rick
    rick 2 days ago

    Americans are stupid

  • Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen

    “no, god, who knows stuff like that?” oh. my. god??

  • nacho toro
    nacho toro 2 days ago

    Madre de dios. ¿Son todos subnormales por allá?

    INTENSITY 2 days ago

    Can someone from America please answer this honestly:
    Are most Americans really like that?

  • CanıSıkkınAdam
    CanıSıkkınAdam 2 days ago

    Amk cahilleri

  • Daoiel
    Daoiel 2 days ago

    why is america etc on the right side of this map? triggers me a bit.

  • Jactor
    Jactor 2 days ago

    I always see some gorgeous people in these videos. Then I hear them talk and suddenly their looks become very irrelevant.

  • Topsy Kret
    Topsy Kret 2 days ago

    Omg, Italy is so easy, shape like a boot. If you don't know any.

  • D' oh
    D' oh 2 days ago

    north Korea: SILLY AMERICAN PIGS!
    American: Who are you?

  • espincio
    espincio 2 days ago

    Americans are so “DUMB”...

  • seamuseen
    seamuseen 2 days ago +1

    Lmao this is why trump is president

  • Ladi Da
    Ladi Da 2 days ago

    How can one country be this stupid.....

  • Vitor hugo
    Vitor hugo 2 days ago

    Caralho irmão, gente burra

  • C4rolus Rex
    C4rolus Rex 2 days ago +1

    Did he really just say ”meet his old pal Putin in FINLAND”? YOU MEAN RUSSIA?!!! Or was it a joke?

    • TheObnoxiousPuffin
      TheObnoxiousPuffin Day ago

      The meeting was held in Finland not in Russia, both leaders met in Helsinki.

  • Sebastian Soszynski
    Sebastian Soszynski 2 days ago

    3:00 these kid is smarter than most of Americans.

  • Ollie Cheung
    Ollie Cheung 2 days ago

    Please consider subscribing to pewdiepie to help keep him above Tseries! He deserves it as he works so hard to create content whereas tseries is a soulless company. Thank you!

  • Ollie Cheung
    Ollie Cheung 2 days ago +1

    T H A T S A C O N T I N E N T

  • Alexxicka
    Alexxicka 2 days ago

    How can anyone be so dumm? That little guy who can name all countries, should be the next US president :)

  • Sjimpim 1
    Sjimpim 1 2 days ago

    They probably didn’t include the people who knew...

  • birisi
    birisi 2 days ago

    Trump does not know Israel is in the middle east.

  • dania sami
    dania sami 2 days ago

    I am surprised by how people are stupid these days

  • daniel duan
    daniel duan 2 days ago

    stupid dumb Americans!

  • Viktor Tomanov
    Viktor Tomanov 2 days ago

    That's it in America you got 99 percent of people who don't know where the US is, and a single percent of usually young children who know all the countries of the world with their capital cities, landmasses currencies etc

  • _Sadlex_
    _Sadlex_ 2 days ago

    This is just how stupid and ignorant alot of americans are. Shocking.

  • Christopher Fredriksson

    Вопрос о тупости пендосов еще актуален?

  • Ji-eun Im
    Ji-eun Im 2 days ago

    This is not real its scripted right?

  • Jade 177
    Jade 177 2 days ago

    Is this a real situation? Or is it a scripted comedy show? I’m just asking, not trynna be sarcastic🙏🏻

  • 사나미나토 자키

    Sooooo dumbassss

  • EDM Raver
    EDM Raver 2 days ago +1

    Dumb ass California liberals at their best. Yet they can vote.

  • chris joe
    chris joe 2 days ago


  • AwesomeMajic8
    AwesomeMajic8 2 days ago +1

    Actually makes me want to die!😫

  • Commanders and the Knight

    This must be fake! Fake! Fake!
    Check the boy's passport!

  • maipful
    maipful 2 days ago

    Americans don't even know their own country!? Do they even know that the earth is round, or what earth even is.. That boy must be certainly the smartest human in America.

  • 손정욱
    손정욱 2 days ago

    A country:Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia,
    Austria, Azerbaijan. In fact I memorized all the countries recognized by UN. I think they even don't know where their country is located on the Earth.

  • Ebby p joseph
    Ebby p joseph 2 days ago

    The fact that I as an indian can show where america is on a map but some Americans can't is just sad. I'm not sure if this is real

  • Cate Taylor
    Cate Taylor 2 days ago

    Why are re people so dumb

  • nOT mE
    nOT mE 2 days ago

    The child tho

  • PollySecrets 16
    PollySecrets 16 2 days ago

    Haha wtf in my school (not in the US) we see the locations of every country in the world. Name and capital.

  • Graham Montgomey
    Graham Montgomey 2 days ago

    Greenland isn't a country though.

  • austinpowersfasjer
    austinpowersfasjer 2 days ago

    In these people's defence (not rly) the map doesnt show the continents how theyre usually shown on maps. But anyhow, this confirms the stereotype that people from the US really do think theyre the centre of the planet =).

  • J R
    J R 2 days ago

    Could be fake but again if seen people this stupid. No wonder the road signs have written on them which Direction you are heading.

  • Megan McConnell
    Megan McConnell 2 days ago

    These people are so stupid

  • xenia fehrenbach
    xenia fehrenbach 2 days ago

    I'm sm younger and ik a lot more than most of them😂