Pokémon Switch: 2018 Launch, Reveal Before E3, Reboot, New Eevee Evolution?


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  • XDarkEcho
    XDarkEcho 10 months ago +699

    I'd really like an Open World Pokemon game, where you actually have the freedom to progress how you want to. I'm tired of, "you're a new Pokemon trainer, and you WANT to be a Pokemon Champion". No...no I don't, I want to join one of the evil teams and work myself up from a grunt to Admin; while learning more about that team and forming bonds with some of the characters in the team and making rivals as well. Sure, I'd probably need to fight gyms and get badges because Pokemon won't listen to you after a certain level if you don't have a certain badge(which I never liked, but kind of understood in context of the games). There's so much stuff Pokemon can do with it's rich lore and world, and I hope GameFreak can just as much as Zelda and Mario did for their games.

    • XDarkEcho
      XDarkEcho 8 months ago

      이승원 One could say playing any game, mainly RPGs, is like playing in a new world and new life. It's just the fact on how immersed one can get into a game and its world. Games, and the technology behind the games, have been doing this for years now; you'll mainly find it in MMOs though.

    • 이승원
      이승원 8 months ago

      That's like living a new world, a new life. Enjoy your life. Our technology can't afford to make you a new one. At least not yet

    • James Bruce
      James Bruce 8 months ago

      GamingWith: Brawly I have wanted to say yes to team rocket since nugget bridge north of cerulean city

    • SilentPsy12
      SilentPsy12 9 months ago

      i like it i hope that you get a prefix just like the trainers you battle ex: veteran john or bug catcher william

    • Forte exe
      Forte exe 9 months ago

      Look up Pokémon generations game. It was a fan made game that Nintendo shut down but it was exactly what u want

  • Gabby Garant-Grenon

    It needs to stop, gens need to take a friggin break. Put a full big mmorpg game with Gen 1 in Kanto open world and push expansions after 2 hears to release gen by gen with Gen 2 in Johto about a year and a half later.

  • youngpen8 thegamer
    youngpen8 thegamer 8 months ago

    I vote kill nintendo

  • cody hockenberry
    cody hockenberry 8 months ago

    why is it such a hard concept? make skyrim open world game, with pokemon. go to w.e towns u want battle gyms and have npc along the way battling you at random. there I just laid the ground work for pokemons best game...oh and it's last day of April did they release anything

  • Anthony Deas
    Anthony Deas 8 months ago

    don't put to much stock into it, still way to early for anything concrete, they've said alot of things for previous games and they never appear

  • Glitch Studios
    Glitch Studios 8 months ago

    A new Eevee-lution?

  • aaron joseph
    aaron joseph 9 months ago

    What game was in the background??????

  • john smith
    john smith 9 months ago


  • puppygirl -roblox and more


  • Al Lo
    Al Lo 9 months ago

    What's ur favorite Pokémon ? lol

  • Komasan okno
    Komasan okno 9 months ago

    1 month later

  • Tomm G
    Tomm G 9 months ago

    I saw the miniature and I almost got heart atack

  • Nirav is so cool #so cool tdm

    I don't think they will actually reboot

  • skuz34
    skuz34 9 months ago

    i want a pixelmon style pokemon game where its all open sand box style and freedom to move around all the regions, we dont need more pokemon, i've used the same team since gold just give me a cool new view and more open access and ability to pay however i want

  • keith33382
    keith33382 9 months ago

    Please let it be ghost eevee the rest especially fairy is shit

  • Forte exe
    Forte exe 9 months ago

    So. Just gotta day 10 seconds in all I saw was the intro. And after it finished I literally said out loud “What the fuck is this channel” that intro just caught me SUPER OFF GUARD

  • Mauricio Santos
    Mauricio Santos 9 months ago

    Click bait

  • Toki Senpai
    Toki Senpai 9 months ago

    IDK but this looks like Pokepark to me not a new game unless it's a third installment

  • Thomas Noyes
    Thomas Noyes 9 months ago

    I hope it’s not only on the switch, but sadly it probably is

  • Buzzluxx
    Buzzluxx 9 months ago

    Pokemon mmorpg!

  • Rene Romero
    Rene Romero 9 months ago

    Omg lol this is 100% a wish list. Zero evidence for any of it

  • Anikraze
    Anikraze 9 months ago


    • Anikraze
      Anikraze 9 months ago

      this looks like mystery dungeon.

    • Anikraze
      Anikraze 9 months ago

      the character models are barely passable and the environments are worse than many gcn games.

  • Timmy Turtles
    Timmy Turtles 9 months ago

    The 3ds games we got were trash

  • Red Recon
    Red Recon 9 months ago

    It would be awesome if they made a Pokémon game where u fight with a third person view and control the Pokémon and have to aim your moves

  • Toa Pholux Tarchex
    Toa Pholux Tarchex 9 months ago

    i would like a new pokémon game, period.

  • Link
    Link 9 months ago

    I speculate that the eeveelutions will be rock and flying type and it will be a game with unova involved

  • Mike
    Mike 9 months ago +1

    Reported for misleading title :)

  • Rocket Admin Drew Drew
    Rocket Admin Drew Drew 9 months ago +1

    I think that it should be two open world games. Like Zelda it gets you started out as not open world and then later it turns into a fully open-world game. Some things I want to see in the up coming games are Pokemon following you, a ghost or dragon type eveelution, gyms return, brock and Misty and many other trainers and gym leaders to return, and many more I don't have time to talk about.

  • fearfull dead
    fearfull dead 9 months ago

    I will legit cry if they do anything with black and white

  • The Amazing Gamer
    The Amazing Gamer 9 months ago

    Imagine if the new Pokemon game on the switch is a new mystery dungeon

  • B.I.G. Milo /speroman/
    B.I.G. Milo /speroman/ 9 months ago +1

    Over 1 million views congrats!!!

  • Marion Faustino
    Marion Faustino 9 months ago

    "It all comes together"

  • Sharlene Rushton
    Sharlene Rushton 9 months ago

    please love this commet

  • Óliver Méndez
    Óliver Méndez 9 months ago

    What's The Gameplay Game? Thanks

  • James Willett
    James Willett 9 months ago

    Honestly I have to disagree with that gen 5 reboot theory I know you don't mean a literal reboot like fire red.
    But here's what I've seen and I know my opinion doesn't matter and I have no credibility but
    Gen 1 had mew and it was the first of Pokemon duh. Then you have improved graphics new evolutions some things were removed you had held items big point there. Day night cycle in gen 2.
    Xy kind of made this whole new movement it was unlike any other Pokemon game imo 3 pokedexs. Mega evolution and honestly that was the first games real feature was evolution trading and other battling and collecting yes but evolution! And you got 1 gen starters and megas more so then 6th gen and all of 1st gen legendaries or at least you 'could' get them all but I've made my points there. Then sun and moon. First the day light cycle gen 2, lugia and ho-oh the moon controls the tides guardian of the see. The moon is silver. Ho-oh fire rainbow tail prisms make rain bows by retracting light, life rebirth. The sun is a deadly ball of super hot gas that can cook us, but it also gives us life. You see the the similarities between This yet. Now the link between gen 2 and kanto and alola and kanto. Or how the main mechanic is item based I know so was mega evolution. Or how they up breed just like gen 2 now your low level breeding Pokemon don't lose their egg moves nor do you have to go to a specific person to view ivs you can get on any pc. And mewtwo was catchable in gold and silver a main legendary that never was a box mascot the appeared in 2 consecutive generations.... hmm wonder who else meets that (Not counting remakes of course other wise mewtwo would have like 4 generations of popping red gold fire red heart gold you get it)Also gen 3 was the first game not of the game boy color or not playable on the color. Hopefully we don't have the gen 3 problem of pokemon not transferring up. I think it will be like gen 3 and with that I've said my peace.

  • Candy Crazy Crafter
    Candy Crazy Crafter 9 months ago

    2:00 dooood I remember that game I grew up with it on the wii

  • Lightning Itsuki
    Lightning Itsuki 9 months ago

    Can't wait to finally go over small jumps right

  • goku sensei
    goku sensei 9 months ago

    good guy loving every comment

  • SomeAznGuy
    SomeAznGuy 9 months ago

    Colosseum?????? XD ????????????

  • Caseydia
    Caseydia 9 months ago +2

    All I want is multiple save slots.

  • Shazam28
    Shazam28 9 months ago

    1. Arcanine Mega Evolution
    2. Pokemon flowing the trainer
    3. Someone remember Luxray
    4. Dragon type Eevee

  • Fify Dlet
    Fify Dlet 9 months ago

    is like rescue team or mistery dungeon? xD

  • mads johnson
    mads johnson 9 months ago

    all i want is the celadon game corner

  • miniPilot 18
    miniPilot 18 9 months ago

    If this is a reboot of b w, I will be VERY mad

  • Chiler Snake
    Chiler Snake 9 months ago

    You may buy and wait for open world in pokemon,home console,but i will wait for gamefreak creating actual animal like pokemon through the genetic engineering 😎

  • Brandon Figueroa
    Brandon Figueroa 9 months ago

    *purposeful comment*

  • xd memekid
    xd memekid 9 months ago

    The next evolution is...

    Ur mom gay

  • Arcaniel
    Arcaniel 9 months ago

    Nice Thumbnail

  • King Aries YT
    King Aries YT 9 months ago +1

    We need Pokemon for Switch nowwwww I want to be the next Champion again.

  • SquidKid
    SquidKid 9 months ago

    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no rebootPlz no rebootPlz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Plz no reboot
    Just open world

  • PKMN37
    PKMN37 9 months ago

    All region exclusive pokemon with no familiar ones until after you beat the game? I doubt that'll happen. Black and White tried that and most people, including me, didn't like that setup.

  • jordan
    jordan 9 months ago

    Bet wont be half as good as Pixelmon sadly

  • crustyrustonline
    crustyrustonline 9 months ago

    What game did he have playing?

  • Drew Law
    Drew Law 9 months ago

    They should have you be able to use traits of your pokemon like in the anime. Like having your flying type fly to look for things like towns.Or instead of using rock smash, if you have a psychic type it should be able to lift the rocks. And they should actuallyshow the pokemon DODGING

  • Mal p
    Mal p 9 months ago

    dragon or fighting eevee is a must

  • Minako Hiashi
    Minako Hiashi 9 months ago

    I want a special style in the next Pokemon game. I don't know maybe Rap theme and maybe take something out of Persona 5 Persona 5 being the most stylish game I know of

  • m1ke
    m1ke 9 months ago

    Leak anymore info and you will be neutralized

  • Jaryd Kynaston-Blake
    Jaryd Kynaston-Blake 9 months ago

    Ha ah X'D

  • taryn nago
    taryn nago 9 months ago +1

    ok but wheres animal crossing for switch!!

  • Phantom Yokai
    Phantom Yokai 9 months ago

    What music is playing??

  • Alexio Oof
    Alexio Oof 9 months ago

    I’m hoping that the next games will be a full 3D Kanto game with great graphics because it is one of the most popular regions OR it will be a sinnoh remake

  • I'm a hedgehog
    I'm a hedgehog 9 months ago

    5:31 i didn't even saw it was dutch

  • Joseph Tretter
    Joseph Tretter 9 months ago

    Was I the only person that was mad that you couldnt use the dpad for S&M?

  • Viren Hirani
    Viren Hirani 9 months ago

    why would they move the 3ds/2ds's best franchise to another console, this would just make the 3ds consoles die out...

  • Mac Slash
    Mac Slash 9 months ago

    Back to johto Plleeaaaseeee

  • Nathan Biggs
    Nathan Biggs 9 months ago

    It’s for the Pokemon 2000 reboot

  • TheBibliophileColorist
    TheBibliophileColorist 9 months ago

    I really hope they do a full restart. Either go back to Kanto or do a fresh new region. I'd love for them to stop basing the generation's region off of places around the world, and make a world from scratch and really let their imagination flow. Have 150 new Pokemon (with starters that are not Fire, Water or Grass..). Also, the return of Pokemon Gyms.
    I think it'd be really cool for them to not focus on the one game a year that they've been doing, but make the reboot or Pokemon Switch the main game for maybe 3, 4 or 5 years, with DLC being added for the regions we know and love. I wouldn't mind paying $60 for Pokemon Switch and then $30 or even $40 for the DLC if it's a fully rebuilt version of the regions and the stories that go with it that we know and love with the Pokemon from the region.
    What would really sell this game for me would be the online. Make the online be the Battle Frontier. Everyone loved it in Emerald, and to have a place where you can meet up with friends or make new friends and take on different challenges that would be epic. It'd be a place where I'd spend my weekends grinding challenges or just relaxing and battling random people.

  • mr spider6145
    mr spider6145 9 months ago

    Pokepark 3 plz I loved 1 and 2 also in my opinion it’s better than the normal Pokémon games (my opinion)

  • Cautious Cloud
    Cautious Cloud 9 months ago

    Is this game another Pokémon mystery dungeon

  • Neko_Mew Kawaii
    Neko_Mew Kawaii 9 months ago

    I need a dragon, ghost, steel type Eevee in my life

  • Hunter Craft
    Hunter Craft 9 months ago

    Dragon type eevee

  • The Ketchup To Your Mechanics

    The only reason Eevee gets new evolutions is by a new mechanic, gen 1 stones, gen 2 is friendship and the day/night cycle, gen 4, rocks or the environment, gen 6, affection

    LOZARK 9 months ago

    I want the Gen 8 for 3ds

    DARKTENEBRAE01 9 months ago +1

    Wasn‘t Rebootmon a Digimon and not a Pokémon?

  • Neo Android
    Neo Android 9 months ago

    I'm fine if they do a reboot style if they have good designs Black and White IMO didn't

  • Logan .A
    Logan .A 9 months ago

    I honestly think Pokemon should be on 3ds and switch, but why wouldn't you that just means more sales.

    • creative username
      creative username 9 months ago

      Super Logan because the 3ds is old and isn't powerful enough to run a game made for the switch. Why are 3ds fanboys too stupid to realize that tech moves forward and no one wants to support your 7 year old console in 2018

  • Cinnamon Cobra
    Cinnamon Cobra 9 months ago

    Holy shit it’s here

  • kumayl kuvawala
    kumayl kuvawala 9 months ago

    We don't need an open world Pokémon game you idiots....We already have one.
    (like if you get the godamn ref)

  • Brandon Molina
    Brandon Molina 9 months ago +2

    (This is a joke)

  • ShowMeYourTuts
    ShowMeYourTuts 9 months ago

    Still waiting for Kanto remakes.

  • OxyGeass
    OxyGeass 9 months ago

    A Pokemon RPG with a style similar to MMOs wouldn't be hard to achieve considering the volume of content released over the years.
    You could mimc the whole professions systems with things like pokemon food chef, accessories maker, etc.
    Having the ability to choose a starting region and gain some bonus based off that (ie. race starter in MMOs).
    They have a lot to work with to make a more open world style game quite enjoyable and long lasting. And easier to add DLC/future content for as they wish.

  • boy7606
    boy7606 9 months ago +1

    I want a traditional pokemon game like on the 3ds

  • Karl Lamarre-Parent
    Karl Lamarre-Parent 9 months ago

    Pokemon meet SuperMario64?

  • Tyler Weatherby
    Tyler Weatherby 9 months ago

    What's being played in the background?

  • Triny Mae
    Triny Mae 9 months ago +6

    Can we please, for the life of us, just get a Sinnoh remake. We’ve been waiting since X and Y, so it’s been a good five years. Like I’m tired of this new “ultra forms” or beasts or whatever, I just want good ol’ Pokémon 😭😭

  • EnclaveTesla
    EnclaveTesla 9 months ago +4

    I just want a sinnoh remake

  • Diark Lusts
    Diark Lusts 9 months ago

    pokemon hunter world

  • Purple yoshis in the sky

    I feel like new eeveelutions being released only in even numbered generations is a complete coincidence

  • Xane Hoffman
    Xane Hoffman 9 months ago

    what game is it youre playint in the vid

  • Jajalitho
    Jajalitho 9 months ago +1

    The language on that form is Dutch and it means: which game comes probably in the next to months and then you have 5 choisis: (1) very likely (2) Reasonably likely (3) Not likely but also not unlikely (4) Fairly unlikely (5) Very unlikely.
    I know this because I'm Dutch lol.

  • Crystal The Luxio
    Crystal The Luxio 9 months ago

    I'm taking a shot in the dark and saying if there is a new Eeveelution, it'll be a flying type. It feels like it'd be a tie-in to the upcoming movie.

  • TwoEyesOneheart
    TwoEyesOneheart 9 months ago

    Pokepark was lit. played it when i was like 6.

  • Poozie Uzi
    Poozie Uzi 9 months ago

    But do you really like all the comments??

  • JiangShi
    JiangShi 9 months ago

    I want a dragon Eevee.. I need it '^'

  • Mark Creates
    Mark Creates 9 months ago

    Kinda disappointed that it's gonna be a switch game because Pokemon games are the only Nintendo games that I play so now I'll have to spend like £300 on a switch just for a few games

  • GastrenhasOCD
    GastrenhasOCD 9 months ago

    I just want to be a wandering Pokemon doctor, travelling the great regions of Pokemon with my trusty Blissey and adorable Banette.

  • Stefan Andersson
    Stefan Andersson 9 months ago

    Imo, dont fix it if it isnt broken - meaning, just take the concept and make a core Console Game. Nintendo would become the king of games once again.

  • Noble Slayer
    Noble Slayer 10 months ago

    I hope the new game is open world like Zelda

  • Zachariah Bolivar
    Zachariah Bolivar 10 months ago

    Eevee could be anything it wants and it chose the hoe life

  • Blaze Unicron
    Blaze Unicron 10 months ago

    whats with all the liked comments?