How To Make Diamonds At Home?


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    QUESTION KING  Month ago +61

    Fortnite Will DIE, wanna know why?

  • billa
    billa 4 hours ago

    Click bait...

  • andajee
    andajee Day ago

    Did I miss something? I thought he was suppose to tell us how to make diamonds at home!!!!

  • Jolly Lol
    Jolly Lol Day ago

    Thumb nail says 1 thing video says other...

  • rob robert
    rob robert Day ago

    did i miss how to make a diamond at home or is this poster a total ASSHAT who will hopefully get his dick dissolved in a pool of acid??

  • Subramaniam Thirumaran

    How to make diamonds at home..tell us pls

  • dangitilive
    dangitilive Day ago

    Very few people can do that at home

  • Clay Lee
    Clay Lee 2 days ago

    Saw this on thumb nail your totally fucking stupid

  • Amanda McClare
    Amanda McClare 2 days ago

    How deceiving!

  • sristy1989
    sristy1989 2 days ago

    Come to the point straight please!

  • klo maschine
    klo maschine 2 days ago

    You suck

  • William Obetkoff
    William Obetkoff 2 days ago

    so how does this explain exactly how to do it at home?

  • Nasir Ali
    Nasir Ali 2 days ago

    most stupid video ever in the history of youtube.

  • Joe Above
    Joe Above 2 days ago

    I was already expecting to see outcome from olive oil + pencil

  • jayson belmoro
    jayson belmoro 2 days ago

    you can fool us sometimes. but you will not grow.

  • jayson belmoro
    jayson belmoro 2 days ago

    really at home? pls.. don't subs to this channel.

  • Shanell Dickerson
    Shanell Dickerson 3 days ago

    Whoever u r...your a real asshole

  • Jake Turner
    Jake Turner 3 days ago

    Ya i didnt see how thread pencil and olive oil make dimonds

  • Chin Yan
    Chin Yan 3 days ago

    how to make a diamond at home? you made a wrong title asshole. lies...

  • Alisha Shalders
    Alisha Shalders 3 days ago

    Honestly really, the more functions & uses something has potential for, wins my vote.
    If their both useless, wont cut glass & only for lookin at, an i still gotta choose 1, i want it to be most of all very pleasing an satisfying to my eye, strongest, scratch proof, wont stain or crack dis colour lol..
    Nothin worse then spending that much money on something that you absolutely love the look of or just love the feeling it brings frm ego, wearin it on u like a tossa, then on top, then it malwares somehow true lol. Sorry jst had to say....

  • TheRedstoneDJ
    TheRedstoneDJ 3 days ago

    they nevr said how to make them but how they are made....

    BIG SIN 5 days ago

    Those are called lab diamonds

  • Dream Shadows
    Dream Shadows 5 days ago


  • jaMBer9
    jaMBer9 5 days ago

    😯I have doubt on my diamond neck chains and watches

  • Ashi chubby
    Ashi chubby 5 days ago

    u r LIE KING 😒

  • yamoshi 2018
    yamoshi 2018 6 days ago

    Bro if u want more subs u should try to do the experiment instead of explaining cus this was helpless

  • Jay Deguzman
    Jay Deguzman 6 days ago

    fucking fake wallpaper of the video

  • jay osborne carter
    jay osborne carter 6 days ago

    Click bait

  • Francesco Olivieri
    Francesco Olivieri 7 days ago

    Oh yeah i have a super press just on the side of my bed, useless video

  • Paningbatan Rosalyn
    Paningbatan Rosalyn 8 days ago

    Roses are red
    My names jeff

  • Trish
    Trish 8 days ago

    That is amazing

  • MJD
    MJD 10 days ago

    dont waste your time on this bs

  • xbox vs vr challenge accepted fortnight

    Yet in October first there making a fortnite Monopoly

  • Spider Voltage
    Spider Voltage 11 days ago

    i unsubscribed cuz you clickbaited us

  • Mia Mia
    Mia Mia 11 days ago

    Dislike 👎🏻

  • Vikas Karade
    Vikas Karade 11 days ago


  • Rick Thayer
    Rick Thayer 11 days ago

    Two step process for making homemade Diamonds...

    1. Shovel Coal up Trump's ass.
    2. Ask him about Russia.

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart 12 days ago

    This is a joke, tells you nothing about it's title.

  • yes i am
    yes i am 14 days ago

    Sorry 5000 * I do not like it :-( Bullshit

  • Aaa Bbb
    Aaa Bbb 14 days ago

    why lie????????

  • Mim Jim
    Mim Jim 15 days ago

    fck you.

  • vijay channel
    vijay channel 15 days ago

    Your foot

  • oyy teri
    oyy teri 15 days ago

    just shut up ! i makes Diamonds from my x pressure cooker

  • Daniel Popov
    Daniel Popov 16 days ago


  • CrypticBlueHue
    CrypticBlueHue 16 days ago

    You know there is a smart way to use clickbait and a troll way to use clickbait. This would be considered a troll and not cool dude. I mean I didn't expect you to really tell us how to make real diamonds at home, but I thought at least you'd show how to grow alum crystals or some kind of home experiment. Da frack dude?

  • IvanZivko
    IvanZivko 16 days ago

    The title is totally misleading. This video should be banned and/or deleted.

  • Adalee Anderson
    Adalee Anderson 16 days ago

    Hey I came here to make demons not to learn how science works

  • Lalzui Liana
    Lalzui Liana 17 days ago

    There isno how to make..

  • pallavi upadhyay
    pallavi upadhyay 17 days ago


  • Anthony Portillo
    Anthony Portillo 18 days ago

    Are there fake diamonds? If so, how to know fake from real?

  • Arijit Maity
    Arijit Maity 18 days ago

    baler vdo.....

  • ket flipkart
    ket flipkart 18 days ago

    now i know why so much dislikes

  • Pete Lehnen
    Pete Lehnen 18 days ago

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  • Deepak Barma
    Deepak Barma 19 days ago

    close your channel

  • Deepak Barma
    Deepak Barma 19 days ago

    lier you didn't told us how to make dimonds go to hell

  • I ᒪIᐯᕮ ᑌᑎᗪᕮᖇ YOᑌᖇ ᗷᕮᗪ

    when you get clickbaited but you have ad-block :)

  • Mohd Alif
    Mohd Alif 20 days ago

    Oh clickbait.. scammers everywhere.. once a scammer, forever will be, don't trust these humans

  • Tyrese Tudor
    Tyrese Tudor 20 days ago


  • Rana Dharmendra Bhai


  • super
    super 21 day ago

    U can't do it at home LOL

  • Wilbur Mcbride
    Wilbur Mcbride 21 day ago

    Okay, someone lied to me. How am I suppose to make a Diamond at home, get that huge machine?

  • *tygfr* *me*
    *tygfr* *me* 21 day ago

    STUPID !!!!!!

  • Dendi Pigu
    Dendi Pigu 22 days ago

    I thought you will teach us

  • Elemental Creeper
    Elemental Creeper 23 days ago

    I read the whole comments before watching to see if it was clickbait, and it was

  • Caleb Strege
    Caleb Strege 23 days ago

    Where was the part about making diamonds at home

  • Missouri Red
    Missouri Red 23 days ago

    Roses are red ,grass is green, this is the lamest video I’ve ever seen.

  • Trevor Kioi
    Trevor Kioi 24 days ago

    how to make them real....

  • jess mcisaac
    jess mcisaac 24 days ago

    Clickbait RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Parm VLOGS
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  • Eric Tan
    Eric Tan 24 days ago

    worst clickbait ever

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star 24 days ago

    Your video title is deceiving . Thumbs down 👎

  • Belongs in the Trash
    Belongs in the Trash 25 days ago

    To save you time. This is clickbait.

  • Walter White
    Walter White 25 days ago

    Click bait! Bullshit!

  • Lord Genisis
    Lord Genisis 25 days ago

    I would love to make papa Jo into a diamond and sell him to his ex wife

  • piratelady451
    piratelady451 25 days ago

    I would go with the synthetic Dimond -

  • DareDeviL Shaiya
    DareDeviL Shaiya 25 days ago

    I prepaired those materials on the thumbnail...damn gonna dispose it now

  • Mery Love
    Mery Love 26 days ago

    ... this feels like a dirty Rick Roll...

  • Jorjtank
    Jorjtank 26 days ago

    I came here to know how to make diamonds not how to make them by using special labs

  • Robert Kish
    Robert Kish 26 days ago


  • JD Kreeper
    JD Kreeper 27 days ago

    So when can i make diamonds at home and become a billionaire?

  • gam gurung
    gam gurung 27 days ago

    it is real or fake

  • Reoul Arcian
    Reoul Arcian 27 days ago

    At home would mean can be normally done at home. Otherwise the title of the vid is like saying " build a Boeing 747 at home." This channel has worked on its integrity and deserves it. So if possible lets avoid making people excited by taking advantage of the desperate side of their souls, and at the end they were just slapped in the face how difficult it is actually to build one, bottom line you could feel being built up just to be smacked down. Worse, everyone is quite aware of this typical type of dissappointment regarding diamonds.."make diamonds..?" You see, going through the emotion which is the effect of this vid is, uncalled for. I mean who would not want to build a diamond at home. For anyone who already has financial security or currently doesn't have problems at all when it comes to money, might probably find the vid as "it's ok", or maybe just trivial or even amusing. However, for most of us, who are already almost heart broken because of our financial struggles, no offense to the makers of the vid but the knowledge shared is actually appreciated, for most of us I believe in fact this is how it feels ryt now, it somehow feels like it hurts.

  • Optishock Clips
    Optishock Clips 28 days ago

    bad quality clickbait

  • shqipeAl
    shqipeAl 28 days ago

    100kg of pencil cary 1gram
    How much solphine can produce a pencil LoL ?

  • Saje JekyllHyde
    Saje JekyllHyde 28 days ago

    All those dislikes are from folks who felt enraged by your clickbait. Keep asking for it mate and it mate.

  • costa rica
    costa rica 28 days ago


  • karen e.h. naylor
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  • Laughter in the Shadows

    I can control the impurities? I want it to have 3 toes.

  • nagarathna gopal
    nagarathna gopal 29 days ago

    How to make one at home

  • Bri Bold
    Bri Bold 29 days ago


  • Ahmed Mahgoub
    Ahmed Mahgoub 29 days ago

    If we could make diamond we would wana keep it secret because then diamonds wont be rare and wouldent be worth much if one person could make diamonds he would be millionare if everybody could make them it wouldent be worth much

  • I A M foujdar
    I A M foujdar Month ago

    Kamine kutte olw banata hai

  • Calisto Hüttich
    Calisto Hüttich Month ago


  • Sandy Martyn
    Sandy Martyn Month ago

    Getting fed up with these sites. How to make a diamond at home?
    Ok I should have realised it was an imposible task. I've believe too much. I see a heading like this & think well I'll have a look anyway it might be some fun thing the kids could muck around with when bored. But am fed up will headlines that are blatent lies.
    Someone said the ? at the end of the topic should haave made us realise that we werent going to be shown that. Get real, everyone's not a supposed "genius" like you think are, you are one of the demonalising people who get a kick at putting others down, byt hey you're not alone my friend they're everywhere so you're not alone. A big disappointment that for sure.a real waste of time, except fot the fact I now realise we cannot trust anyone or anything.

  • Sanam Khushnaseeb
    Sanam Khushnaseeb Month ago

    Diamond making in dreams at home. Fooling public 👻👹

  • Timi La Corte
    Timi La Corte Month ago

    Would you rather have a clone of yourself with a skin sample in a test tube or just the have you the original spearm and egg deal. You decide? 🤭

    Tim villacorte
    The original spearm
    And egg trigon.

  • Linda Ramberger
    Linda Ramberger Month ago

    Hum...I just want to know who and where I can buy them... from a reputable source of course....not the Cz type or could they be one in the same I truly don't know...just looking for more info

  • Cynthia Slater
    Cynthia Slater Month ago

    Interesting info but you did not keep your promise. Too bad.

  • george cris
    george cris Month ago

    or where we can find the machines

  • george cris
    george cris Month ago

    show us how the method