How To Make Diamonds At Home?


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    QUESTION KING  3 months ago +85

    Fortnite Will DIE, wanna know why?

  • slade335
    slade335 10 hours ago

    Fucking click bait

  • Jax Wyvern
    Jax Wyvern 13 hours ago

    ok this is actualy pretty simple, get a chunk of carbon and leave it in a place with ridiculously high pressures and temperature for around a month and a half and you will get your diamond

  • joseph chan
    joseph chan 13 hours ago

    I would never watch your video again

  • Hakim Irfan
    Hakim Irfan Day ago

    Report this videos..n

  • Andrei Animatii 2k18

    Diamonds comes from minecraft

  • Bryce Estep
    Bryce Estep 3 days ago

    So where is the part where you can make them with Thread, pencil, and olive oil?!

  • Paul TV
    Paul TV 4 days ago

    This video is lol

  • Slave Holder
    Slave Holder 4 days ago +1

    Btw they are not identical to the real diamonds, natural diamond hardness is 10.0 out of 10.0, and these fake diamonds are 9.5 out of 10.0, and they look darker as well, so i prefer real diamonds for jewelry.

  • Inter tainment
    Inter tainment 4 days ago

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  • Ahad Ali
    Ahad Ali 5 days ago

    Hi, Sir how are you?..... Sir, Please do not mind, can I ask you something?.... Why people's say this saying "Jack of all Trade Master of None"!?.... And why do people misleading each other's?... Why, why on earth people do or say such lies!?... What happened to the making of"Diamond with Pencil and Olive oil"!?...... I knew there's no way can be made diamond with this theory!?.... Charles Darwin theory about human, it went to the bin?.... But, people's are going to hate and sware at misleaders!?.....

  • blank anonymous
    blank anonymous 5 days ago

    You suck bro.

    LAKSH CHHIPA 6 days ago

    So now I can start a diamond business.. Hm

  • Faisal Fz
    Faisal Fz 6 days ago


  • #1Prince James
    #1Prince James 6 days ago

    Fortnite won't die pubg will cuz they are to much like call of duty and what happened to making a diamond at home it didn't tell us how

  • Francisco Magdaleno
    Francisco Magdaleno 6 days ago

    Or you know you can just use hot coal and a jar of peanutbutter.. then ice it for 24 hours.. poof Diamond.

  • Tiffany Cowan
    Tiffany Cowan 7 days ago


  • senpai
    senpai 7 days ago

    Click bait

  • senpai
    senpai 7 days ago

    Click bait.

  • dj3777
    dj3777 7 days ago

    But how do I make a diamond in my home

  • Näs Sïm
    Näs Sïm 7 days ago

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  • Elliot Soto
    Elliot Soto 7 days ago

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  • Precious Jajo
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  • king james
    king james 8 days ago

    IS nobody working on teleportation?

  • king james
    king james 8 days ago

    is time travel real or not?

  • Ben Bucy
    Ben Bucy 8 days ago

    diamonds are a hoax . they are common .

  • Matthew m
    Matthew m 8 days ago

    I still don't know how to make diamonds at home tho

  • Edwin Pina
    Edwin Pina 8 days ago

    Dude don't make shitty videos likes this.....people like are what's wrong with the world lol.....anyways click fucking bait

    Also change the fucking title you dipshit

  • Lady bird
    Lady bird 8 days ago

    Actually diamonds are not that valuable. Jewelers just charge a fortune for them. There are much rarer gems than diamonds jeweler sell for less.

  • Life's Just A Trip
    Life's Just A Trip 9 days ago

    One day, I will have my own synthetic diamond Cuban link chain 🥰

  • Michael Hull
    Michael Hull 9 days ago

    How do we make diamonds at home dumbass? 🤔

  • Sheikh Moshiur Rahman

    Try not to get satisfied.. challenge 99.99% fail..

  • Rishav Parashar
    Rishav Parashar 9 days ago

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  • Nightcore Anything
    Nightcore Anything 9 days ago

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  • ansari huzaifa
    ansari huzaifa 10 days ago

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    CAPT. JACK SPARROW 10 days ago

    Tumhare gand me bara sa sulemani kera tha ye video banate waqt

  • yariv x
    yariv x 10 days ago +1

    1. Open minecraft
    2. Open game
    3. Type /gamemode 1
    4. Take diamond
    5. You got diamond from your pc at home

  • Its me Aamir
    Its me Aamir 10 days ago


  • raven roth
    raven roth 10 days ago

    Heat red a coal and put directly on the peanut butter and let sit put on crush ice and put more ice

    VISHNU SAI 10 days ago

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  • Car'eyana Hill
    Car'eyana Hill 11 days ago

    I just wasted 7:45 of my life

  • J Flako
    J Flako 11 days ago

    Everyone dislike the video lets get it to 10k dislikes

  • dragonnight cz
    dragonnight cz 11 days ago

    I'm so glad for this video. I can finally use that CVD I surely have *AT HOME*

  • Derek Peevey
    Derek Peevey 11 days ago

    Click bait

  • joe motomoto
    joe motomoto 11 days ago

    its good but at home with that termpritur it cant be done

  • Green Leaf
    Green Leaf 11 days ago

    So that's how we make diamonds at home??

  • josh stamps
    josh stamps 11 days ago

    You cant make diamonds

  • Oscar
    Oscar 11 days ago


  • harsh mutha
    harsh mutha 11 days ago

    Fake no diamonds

  • Jorge Morales
    Jorge Morales 12 days ago

    i'm not a hater but you didn't tell us how to make a diamond at home you just told us diamond facts and people who made it from peanut butter but you never told us how to make our own diamond at home

  • Darlene Kilgore
    Darlene Kilgore 12 days ago

    Well that was a big ass disappointing video...make diamonds at home!!! Stupid ass!!

  • Reading And Northern 425 The Average Train

    You Mean How You Get Money by Baiting us And We The Viewers Get Wanted By the FBI

  • Mef Mef
    Mef Mef 12 days ago

    So... How can I do diamonds at home?

  • Sofia Louise
    Sofia Louise 12 days ago

    Thanks for the clickbait and for wasting my time...😑

  • pradeep malviya
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  • Ayan Sarkar
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  • darkwizard
    darkwizard 13 days ago

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  • John Tate
    John Tate 13 days ago

    This is fraudulent at best. Don't entitle a video, "How To Make Diamonds At Home" if your video isn't about how to make diamonds at home. This video should be titled, "How diamonds are made"

  • Math Kinger
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  • Prapti Ghosh
    Prapti Ghosh 13 days ago

    1:13 a duckling
    1:14 suddenly a big diamond pops up

  • moldymacncheese
    moldymacncheese 13 days ago

    *minecraft steve has joined the chat*

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 14 days ago +1

    1:58 UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!

  • sebastian ethridge
    sebastian ethridge 14 days ago

    You didn't tell us how to make diamonds. Blocked

  • William Graham
    William Graham 14 days ago

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  • Soulice eciluoS
    Soulice eciluoS 14 days ago

    Dead corpses turned into eternal gems called diamonds

  • D'Aeron Bables
    D'Aeron Bables 14 days ago

    Goes straight to comments

  • Emma Green
    Emma Green 15 days ago

    Totally misleading title

  • Tanvir Singh
    Tanvir Singh 15 days ago

    This is all with house hold items things everyone has at their house

  • Mrs. Priya Samuel
    Mrs. Priya Samuel 15 days ago

    Where is pencil, thread and olive oil.. New ingredient peanut butter popped..

  • patriot of USA
    patriot of USA 15 days ago


  • Spilling Tea
    Spilling Tea 16 days ago

    Look I saw the thumbnail and got all that shit. Now where do I start

  • Rosee Kutsche
    Rosee Kutsche 16 days ago

    Im not watching this channel again, never gonna subscribe :/

  • Deric TGM
    Deric TGM 16 days ago

    U said make at hime even the thumbnail has it but it is made in a factory?! And it has nothing to do with the thread in the thumbnail

  • MK BG
    MK BG 16 days ago

    *American government wants to know your location*

  • jabari bryce
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  • Berry Bee Benson
    Berry Bee Benson 17 days ago +1

    Get the the fucking video already

  • Zacherie Green e
    Zacherie Green e 17 days ago

    Everyone , like seriously with these make your own diamond videos get a frikkin shovel

  • Arabinda Mohanty
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  • Smoke The black lab
    Smoke The black lab 18 days ago


  • mike hanz mariano
    mike hanz mariano 18 days ago

    How to grow diamonds at home?? More like how are diamonds are made!!😑😕

  • Angela Read
    Angela Read 18 days ago

    What exactly has that got to do with 'Making Diamonds at Home'?
    It's not like the equipment is available to buy on EBay?
    So once again, what the hell did ANY of that video, got to do with the title of this film??

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    meme creations 19 days ago

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  • Steven universe
    Steven universe 19 days ago

    What do you think from the word diamonds.
    Yd, bd, pd, wd you know what they are

    ALVIS JONENI 19 days ago


  • Admin
    Admin 20 days ago

    It tells how to make synthetic diamonds but not how to make it at home. Misleading title.

  • Hamid Golpa
    Hamid Golpa 20 days ago

    Boro baba made at home !boro nanato rang kon

  • Kevin Duganitz
    Kevin Duganitz 20 days ago

    WTF I didnt click this to learn that diamonds can be made.I clicked it cause the title was extremely misleading.Maybe change the title to no one gives a shit about this vid.

  • SUBSCRIBE TO ME 4 no reson!

    Ok but how do I make one then

  • Amnesia Dark
    Amnesia Dark 20 days ago

    I just came here to laught of the clickbait comments

  • Michael Grimmer
    Michael Grimmer 20 days ago

    Although a good documentary on synthetic diamonds vs. Diamonds had nothing to do with how to make diamonds at home

  • NorthSpider
    NorthSpider 20 days ago

    Yeah I still got a question! How To Make Diamonds At Home????????????????????

  • RexBurnside
    RexBurnside 21 day ago

    Welp. I'm going to the king f random. Anybody coming with?

  • Ellypse
    Ellypse 21 day ago

    So it says that it can't do at home. Using high temperature, high pressure. Could make home explode.

  • Creativewan1
    Creativewan1 21 day ago

    I hate clickbait 😆

  • Physiology Shark
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  • Ill Chance
    Ill Chance 22 days ago

    All i need to do is buy a 3 ton metal ball and i can make a diamond. Thanks

  • WouWou
    WouWou 22 days ago

    Reported for being nonsense clickbait

  • Sharath A
    Sharath A 23 days ago

    Where is thread, pencil & olive oil?

  • airo carry on
    airo carry on 23 days ago

    It is made at home. (Of the machines).