Fake IRS Scam Caller Accidentally Calls A Talk Show Host

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
  • This is a littel different for the Majority Report. A fake IRS Scammer calls the Studio. Sam pretends to be his good buddy, H. Jon Benjamin, a star of multiple animated series. (Jon was not happy when he saw this).
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Comments • 10 932

  • Labu Bharti
    Labu Bharti 2 days ago +2

    Hey this guy seems like pakistans president Imran khan

  • Czeckie
    Czeckie 3 days ago +4

    lol, hypocritical bernie bro caught not paying his taxes

    • squary circleboi
      squary circleboi 8 hours ago

      Czeckie ironic or unironic, it's still witty af 😂

    • Czeckie
      Czeckie Day ago +2

      @TwiStedTentom wtf, it was a joke you stupid fuck

    • TwiStedTentom
      TwiStedTentom Day ago

      @singlikeyoumeanit Yeah, lots of people lack self awareness. You know, like yourself.

    • singlikeyoumeanit
      singlikeyoumeanit Day ago

      Well. Today I saw a Bernie supporter call someone else a moron. I laughed quite hardily, I must say!

    • TwiStedTentom
      TwiStedTentom 2 days ago +1

      Bernie Bros are advocating for their own taxes to go up to give everyone else healthcare. Shows how much of an out of touch moron you are.
      The ones that avoid taxes are the republican billionaires like Trump who has admitted that not paying taxes "makes him smart".
      Yeah, keep making your stupidity transparent for the world to see. I think it's hilarious.

  • doublenottspy
    doublenottspy 4 days ago +1

    I usually mess with them but I didn't have time today so I took a whistle and blew it so hard into the phone it hurt my ears. Click!

  • Roy Sanders
    Roy Sanders 5 days ago +4

    Ironic that I found this video? Just this week I have had an IRS arrest warrant call and all total, in the last several months, 5 other calls wanting to arrest me. Every year and for many years, I have gotten a Federal refund, so I pointed that out to the fake IRS agent. That one, I hung up on. In all 6 of the calls, no one has come from the IRS to arrest me. Now that the IRS scam is sort of fading, it is my social security number is compromised, Amazon fake customer service to verify the correct credit card number on file, then my Microsoft is corrupt, which I don't have a computer, just a smartphone, also someone from credit service to lower my interest rate and last but not least, a subscription if $300 is about to be charged to my credit card. Just this week, 5 robos of some kind, the week before 7 robocalls. It never stops. This used to be sort of funny, something at the office to talk and laugh about. However, now it's not funny, it is getting very scary, almost like being stalked. It is a shame, but I have quit answering my phone, which is a landline. Everything now goes to voicemail. My friend from childhood, told me her mother, in her 80s at the time, lost about $3000 to these vicious snakes. So sad as that was her savings and living on a fixed income. Our United States government needs to step up and try to do something to put these thieves out of business. This just cannot continue as it's going now.

  • Paul T
    Paul T 5 days ago +13

    So many comments in here saying things like "if you are stupid/ gullible enough to fall for this you deserve to lose money. The primary target for these thieving fuckers are the elderly and people with dementia. If you think those categories of people are stupid or gullible I'm glad I'm not related to you. Hopefully no vulnerable member of your family is ever robbed in this way. Good work by all the scambaiters wasting their time though! KitBoga is my absolute hero 😀

    • soberpunk
      soberpunk 4 days ago

      I saw a Kitboga video where one of the scammers straight up admitted to ripping off senior citizens. The guy was so scummy.

  • jvolstad
    jvolstad 6 days ago

    Where in the Constitution does it mention income taxes?

    • richard bell
      richard bell Day ago

      Constitution Woop!

    • arthurneddysmith
      arthurneddysmith 3 days ago +1

      jvolstad -Where in the constitution does it mention hovering skateboards?

    • main lente
      main lente 4 days ago +1

      Article 1 Section 8

    • Yer Nan
      Yer Nan 5 days ago

      jvolstad I think it's the... Sixteenth amendment?

  • Raj KL
    Raj KL 6 days ago

    If you don’t have time tell them you have no credit cards or bank accounts. If you have time keep fooling them 😂🤣 I get calls everyday now

    • Jace King
      Jace King 22 hours ago

      Sounds like a losing strategy?

  • Raj KL
    Raj KL 6 days ago +1


  • Saahil Bright
    Saahil Bright 7 days ago +2

    Now you won't say all f...indian are thieves. Immediately take all your call centers back and throw them out of your country.

    • Al G
      Al G 3 days ago

      @Van Daley Industries, LLC no it's not, but keep saying it.

  • Jim Rowe
    Jim Rowe 7 days ago

    Explain me!

  • JD
    JD 7 days ago +1

    Can you read that back to me? Did you get the numbers? No sir can you read that back to me? Wonder if the SCAMMER is reading this? lol, hilarious.

  • Indranie Haripersaud
    Indranie Haripersaud 8 days ago +2

    I really don't know how people fall for these idiots scam ,,the "supervisor "is trying so hard not to sound like Indian accent, lol lol ,,too funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Theo Quach
      Theo Quach 3 days ago +1

      Don't overestimate the intelligence of the majority of the US population. Also they prey on the elderly.

  • Sharon T
    Sharon T 8 days ago +1

    So bloody funny 😅😅😅

  • Jem's channel
    Jem's channel 8 days ago +2

    Funny we know exactly the pronunciation is from Indian's boy lol

  • Our World today
    Our World today 8 days ago +6

    I love when they call me lol I will play along because it's free entertainment for me...I will laugh and tell them I know they are just trying to steal money....we hurl insults and they hang up......but I keep the number and call them back to the point that when I say my name they hang up on me lol

  • Russell William Fry
    Russell William Fry 8 days ago +4

    So, the IRS only hires Indians now?

  • L.DOT.M.
    L.DOT.M. 9 days ago +2

    *Nothing will stop them.I see old videos from years ago.*

  • Robert Dozier
    Robert Dozier 10 days ago +2

    Can anyone please read this back to me???

  • Cap Archer
    Cap Archer 10 days ago +4

    6:59 Pdfphile

  • whatthe
    whatthe 10 days ago +4

    Is that the reason they claim that they are going to be the next super power by 2020?

  • The Rational Human
    The Rational Human 10 days ago +5

    They All Sound So Indian ( Accent) That I Wonder If They Ever (Steal) Get People To Pay That Money. Extremely Stupid Indian Scammers..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Corvar
      Corvar 19 hours ago

      @The Rational Human "Im not a moron, see!" *Proceeds to make an idiot out of himself*

    • The Rational Human
      The Rational Human 8 days ago

      @Braden Scott ..How about this?Is it a poor understanding or the normal english ponctuation that you are seeing here?Find Something Interesting to say to defend friends that no trustworthy human could defend except being one of them, you are however absolutely out of our subject of discussion.This has nothing to do with the fact that your friends are scamming honest citizens and i am sure they are a disgrace to thier nation.Sure Pakistanis behave better than that contrary to your indian friends....😫🤛😫🤛😫🤛👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

    • Braden Scott
      Braden Scott 8 days ago +3

      @The Rational Human It's not your style, it is poor punctuation and shows a lack of understanding of how to write the English language properly, just as stupid as people who do not speak English properly, which you sort of allude to. They do get money from people, statistically the people tend to fall into the category of white trash in the south, who like yourself, lack English skills to communicate well in English. There are a whole series of interesting Venn diagrams to do on people that get successfully scammed by people with poor English skills, one of the consistent parts is not having the English skills to understand how poor the scammer's English is. Lack of familiarity with technology and how government organizations like the IRS or institutions like banks work is another big one of course, I know a lot of people like that, tend to be elderly.

    • The Rational Human
      The Rational Human 9 days ago +1

      @Brian Thering Capitalizing Every Sentence In My Message Wouldn't Remove The Fact That They Are Stupid And That Never Indicates The Way Morons Write .By The Way It's Just my Style And I'm Proud Of It, While You Are Here Defending Thieves That I'm Sure You Are A Part Of.Get Something Better To Do Instead Of Trying To Ruin The Life Of Honest Citizens..Being Stupid Will Probably Be An Understatement To Describe That Attitude Of Their's. Most Probably Your's As Well..😎😎😎

    • Brian Thering
      Brian Thering 10 days ago +1

      Those people you just called stupid probably don't capitalize every single word like a moron.

  • kerry lattimore
    kerry lattimore 11 days ago +2

    Too funny!!!

  • HokayT
    HokayT 11 days ago +2

    "to the gentleman I did SPOKE to" ..... excellent English :)

    • HokayT
      HokayT 8 days ago

      @Kip Trevor Yes you're right....my bad :)

    • Kip Trevor
      Kip Trevor 8 days ago +1

      HokayT he said “the gentleman i JUST spoke to”

  • Fieldstuck
    Fieldstuck 11 days ago +2

    Parts of that Jon Benjamin impression were actually really spot on!

  • Bax Mrackney
    Bax Mrackney 12 days ago +5

    Thank god they didn’t lock him up the irs is nothing to mess with

  • mr cool
    mr cool 12 days ago +3

    Curry curry namm namm.......

  • mr cool
    mr cool 12 days ago +8

    These scumbag scammers are the worst of all People..... They are human garbage.... Waste

  • Melodie Sproul
    Melodie Sproul 12 days ago +5

    Matthew Benjamin, you sound so American! I never would have guessed that you were an Indian scammer! lol

  • Studa Baker
    Studa Baker 12 days ago +4

    LOL! Matthew Benjamin. Um, if you say so there Apu.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 13 days ago +11

    After seeing these videos I've been keeping these evil people on the line jerking them around. I despise these people.

  • Michael Pence
    Michael Pence 13 days ago +10

    We should call these scammers and scam them in India

    • doublenottspy
      doublenottspy 4 days ago

      The numbers they call from usually won't take incoming calls. You'll get a message saying the number is not in service.

    • Cap Archer
      Cap Archer 8 days ago +1

      Problem is that it is actually a crime over here.

    • Braden Scott
      Braden Scott 8 days ago

      We already did, pretty heavily, for centuries, not to mention all the scammers already in the native population of the US, Britain, etc.

  • Tahoe Nevada
    Tahoe Nevada 15 days ago +13

    Why you gotta throw Jon Benjamin under the buss like that?! What did he ever do to you?

    • Christopher Hendricks
      Christopher Hendricks 2 days ago

      *For anyone who wants to call these scammers*
      This guy says he's "John Johnson".
      "Abilene IRS" & his number is
      1(325) 268-5366.
      *Go crazy guys//let's troll the trolls*

    • Braden Scott
      Braden Scott 8 days ago

      @Tahoe Nevada Jon probably considers it pretty funny.

    • Tahoe Nevada
      Tahoe Nevada 13 days ago +1

      Steve Hoyland Yess.

    • Steve Hoyland
      Steve Hoyland 13 days ago +3

      Buss, Tahoe? I trust that was a typo!

    • An Average 27
      An Average 27 15 days ago +1

      Lol I just released that was his friend, voice of Archer and Bob

  • Sam Hill's
    Sam Hill's 15 days ago +2


  • The Caravan
    The Caravan 15 days ago +5

    17.00 is absolute gold

  • Petroleum Jelly
    Petroleum Jelly 15 days ago +4

    Wait does Sam actually do voices?

    • Petroleum Jelly
      Petroleum Jelly 14 days ago

      @An Average 27 whoa that's awesome. Thanks

    • An Average 27
      An Average 27 15 days ago +1

      I know he does the voice of Hugo from Bob's Burgers

  • Dax Hopkins
    Dax Hopkins 15 days ago +9

    If anyone wants some fun with guys like this, the scambaiters (add dot com) website is a brill toolbox. Not my site, but really useful if you'd like to waste some scammers' time; every second talking to a scambaiter is a second they're not scamming someone confused, disabled, elderly, or otherwise vulnerable.

    • Petroleum Jelly
      Petroleum Jelly 15 days ago +3

      This is the kind of community service I can get behind 😈

  • Leganzar
    Leganzar 19 days ago +3


  • Leganzar
    Leganzar 19 days ago +7


  • hackedoffable
    hackedoffable 20 days ago +7

    Oh my god...this was excellent. Thanks for posting

  • Kanesha Barnes
    Kanesha Barnes 20 days ago +10

    The funniest parts to me is 16:50 - 17:55 and 19:01 to the end😂 😂 😂

  • Lamar Golson
    Lamar Golson 21 day ago +6

    Tank you for your patience!

  • Freshtex Blackman
    Freshtex Blackman 23 days ago +11

    Surely this is Sam's most viewed video on TVclip

  • Car
    Car 23 days ago +8

    Awww I feel especially sad for the guy in the comments who paid and continues to get harassed. $299. Can we all just calm the racist remarks for a moment. The reason China, Nigeria and India have so much corruption is because they aren’t as fortunate as us North Americans. Imagine being unemployed and competing for reasonable work with little skill or opportunity. Imagine having to “poop” on the street as one comment mentions. We are not entitled to our perfect North american continent; we are thankful. Very lucky to have clean water, public toilets and very few people by comparison. I feel very lucky to know so many wonderful people originally from all over the world. Be thankful - this isn’t your job or the only means in which to survive. At this point we need a real government authority to get to the root and have those establishments blocked. First block the numbers - 2nd - receipted- where are you processing the 💳- wish we could have processed it and got a card company involved. peace ✌️ and love everyone first people - we’ll all be scrounging for clean water one day.

    • Jesus Mendez
      Jesus Mendez 2 days ago

      Dude your name How?

    • Kip Trevor
      Kip Trevor 8 days ago

      Braden Scott interesting of you to assume i live in the US/UK. anyway, i never once suggested scams don’t happen in western countries. i am fully aware they do, however SPECIFICALLY phone scams have been very much cracked down on and reporting often leads to a quicker sentencing where in india (can’t speak of other countries) it does not. that’s the opposite of saying it’s race-based, man. i’m saying it’s based in legal action. since it’s easy to get say with phone scams in india, many people operate phone scams in india. because they’re humans, and where it’s allowed humans will flock to easy money gathering. also, as far as i can see, 5.5% of india lives in extreme poverty. sadly i can not find statistics of 2019 general poverty. there needs to be an understanding living expenses there are significantly cheaper so reading articles saying “they earn only $10 per X time!” needs to be converted into rupees and checked specifically. and you’re right, the poverty is dropping in an insane pace thanks to things like a blossoming hi-tech community! it’s absolutely fantastic, and it also Absolutely Does have an effect on daily life, sorry to say but scamming isn’t the “only survival option”.
      i’d be totally on your side if you’d have said that western counties should be doing more to actively support struggling/poor countries
      but that’s not what you said. and the fact you consider the exploitation of weak, helpless people, is absolutely disgusting

    • Braden Scott
      Braden Scott 8 days ago

      @Kip Trevor If you did research you would realize that scamming happens everywhere regardless of opportunity or regulations. There are thousands of scam artists in the United States (President Trump among them) who get away with scamming literally millions, people who steal from the elderly through scams, many of whom are white Americans. That is the point, this has nothing to do with Indians, suggesting that Indians are naturally scammers is racist when I know (white British) people in Devonshire that scammed their own elderly Grandmother, people in Yorkshire that have scammed me and when the criminals statistics show the massive amount of scamming that goes on on a regular basis throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, etc. none of which is dominated by any one racial group, rather it is dominated by the people that call it home. There are very few regulations anywhere to protect against scams under certain dollar amounts internationally, to have my property and money returned by the people who stole from and scammed me in Yorkshire I would need to fly to England to press charges, even though I am in the Commonwealth. Countries generally do not have regulations set-up for Commonlaw or Misdemeanors, and it does not become a criminal charge until it gets into large numbers, thousands of dollars. Police departments are also not setup to try and deal with any of that, you should have heard how confused the British police were about what to do. There are a three times as many Indians in the world as there are Americas, logic dictates that there are therefor more scammers just by population, never-mind opportunity or desperation.
      Also, a large portion of India does live in some degree of poverty, according to statistics from organizations like the WHO, IMF, etc. there are tens of millions of people in India living in poverty, which is a significant improvement over what those numbers were even a decade ago. You are right that the people doing the scamming are not in poverty (although they might be), they have a job that is keeping them from poverty (potentially, like many people they might be working hard at the only available job and still not be able to escape poverty). This is not a justification, but it is understanding and it does put them above people that live in places like Canada, the US and Britain where there are welfare systems and government assistance programs setup to prevent poverty but they still turn to scamming as a way of income. Or people like Trump (or a variety of big businesses, etc.) who could have never worked a day in their life and still lived in comfort of not success and splendour, but still choose to scam people. I also consider it mildly acceptable, because we scam and exploit these people, and have for centuries. My ability to go to Walmart to buy cheap shit (that I don't even need) is based entirely on a history of oppression and exploitation that is far worse than any of these scams. These scammers have never enforced their wills by firing into crowds of people or with gunboat diplomacy, we have. And we have done this to our own detriment, sending our jobs away because we were too cheap to pay a decent price for clothes, food, etc. Doesn't mean it's okay, but doesn't mean that they are some kind of evil monstrosity that are unique and that it is something specific to them. We do the same evil shit, I'm more worried about our evil because I have more (although still negligible) control over it. All I can do about their's is hope that better opportunities decrease their reliance on this kind of thing, that and waste their time to minimize the amount of people they can effect in a given day (which is like emptying the damn ocean one drop at a time, but still better than nothing).

    • Kip Trevor
      Kip Trevor 8 days ago +1

      is this a joke.? the people working these scams are Not living on the streets or misfortunate. the Huge majority of india isn’t. the assumption that because a country isn’t america, it’s automatically a shithole is fucking wild
      and giving people legitimization for scamming people, usually old people, out of all of their money (just this week there was a tragic case of an elderly person who committed suicide after getting scammed from all their savings) especially when they’re the people who need it most for medical bills and aren’t able to work
      that’s absolutely disgusting, and no amount of justification will ever, ever make up for that
      if you’d have actually done any research before commenting this you’d know the reason most of those scams happen around india is because of the incredibly flexible & generally non-enforced laws regarding things like telephone scams. mixed with racism (local indian people are often raised to feel toward americans) it gives scams like this an air of legitimacy in their respective countries
      Jim Browning and Kitboga on youtube both do a great job breaking down how the scams work and why (mostly jim)

  • Sally Robinson
    Sally Robinson 25 days ago +20

    ".pdf files...is this something I committed?" LOL

  • Dré Nunez
    Dré Nunez 25 days ago +14

    🤔Do u take American Express Platinum😀👍

    • chris cis
      chris cis 6 days ago

      They hate american express.

    • Lee Powers
      Lee Powers 16 days ago

      Just Diners Club Gold.

  • Nicolette B
    Nicolette B 25 days ago +28

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I had a rental scam person I played stupid with for a couple weeks going back and forth. I felt like I was doing a service by wasting their time 😅

    • Dax Hopkins
      Dax Hopkins 15 days ago

      You definitely were. If you really want some fun, go to scambaiters website. Just stick dot com on the end. Not my site or anything, just a useful scam baiting toolbox

    • 808IDEN
      808IDEN 21 day ago +2

      Nicolette B you were

  • puterwizjake
    puterwizjake 25 days ago +6

    Why does it sound like the scammer is actually H. Jon Benjamin doing a bad Indian accent?

  • MovableBacon
    MovableBacon 26 days ago +22

    I'm Indian but my family works for money and they don't steal freaking credit cards and claim that they are part of the irs

    • OFswag666
      OFswag666 20 days ago +1

      @You Dare I Do and you sound like you eat poo. fucking degenerate piece of shit

    • MovableBacon
      MovableBacon 25 days ago +4

      I live in America

    • David Figueroa
      David Figueroa 25 days ago +2

      You Dare I Do That was uncalled for

    • You Dare I Do
      You Dare I Do 26 days ago +3

      you Indians poo outside in open.

  • Constance Garry
    Constance Garry 27 days ago +4


  • 阴道美国人
    阴道美国人 28 days ago +3

    They use fresher to call them first coz they got million of people to call and they want only the idiots who call back so that it's easy to scam them and save time for the manager or supervisor.

  • itsonlymyopinion ok
    itsonlymyopinion ok 28 days ago +8

    lol, I feel sorry for people that fall for this bs, they tried calling me.. I said "oh cool I'm getting a call from one of those scammers" .. they hung up lol

  • Oded Kassirer
    Oded Kassirer 28 days ago +12

    Please call these IRS scammers and waste their time like they are wasting ours: 209-488-6339

    • Paddle Duck
      Paddle Duck 14 days ago

      MrCarmeloJames true I’ve called back scammer numbers and gotten innocent people whose numbers were just spoofed.
      A favorite seems to be numbers in my same area code with the same first three digits.

    • Oded Kassirer
      Oded Kassirer 28 days ago

      @MrCarmeloJames They actually answer saying they are IRS Administration... After talking to them and calling about 10 times, they blocked me.... :)

    • MrCarmeloJames
      MrCarmeloJames 28 days ago +1

      Sadly that's a spoofed number. They are all in India and will just spoof an area code relative to your residence. Most likely if you call it it'll be some random person wanting to know what the hell you're talking about. It's happened to me before.

  • Suzanne Hughes
    Suzanne Hughes 28 days ago +3

    You misspelled "received".

    • Lisa B
      Lisa B 16 days ago

      Received is spelled e then i like the word receipt. It is an exception to the i before e except after c rule.

  • Kaufhiq Islam
    Kaufhiq Islam 29 days ago +8

    Stupid Indians again.

  • Sadana Saravanan
    Sadana Saravanan 29 days ago +16

    I am an Indian and I have always been proud of them, but, now I am like “🤬🤬” I am so happy my family ain’t speaking like this, and we are really nice and would never do this 🥵🥵

    • Raj KL
      Raj KL 6 days ago

      These employees are Indians for sure but companies who employ them aren’t Indians. These shitty employees are trained by mother fucker employers who are non Indians. Rather than attacking these small fishes, why can’t target those big ones who live luxurious life by looting their own people? These agents hardly make any money for living

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 13 days ago

      @Mandeep Kaur Why do only indians make these calls? They're giving nice people from India a bad reputation.

    • Mandeep Kaur
      Mandeep Kaur 27 days ago

      Or better solution is to aware others

    • Mandeep Kaur
      Mandeep Kaur 27 days ago

      Why are you giving explanation for this...R u a scammer? If not than stop writing such comments. I am also Indian and I am not guilty for such scams bcoz I never committed one, rather I was on receiving end at one point of my life. Scammers have no ethnicity so stop this extra explanation who no body asked for.

  • SeraphinaAizen1
    SeraphinaAizen1 29 days ago +6

    Still unsure how people can do this for a living and look at themselves in the mirror. Do they not experience and shame, or guilt, or have anything resembling conscience?
    Although I've got to laugh at the sad attempt at an American accident from the second guy...Who I think was just the first guy, doing a bad accent.
    Wow, just got to the "third guy". His American accent is worse. Although I think that's also the same guy...

    • Braden Scott
      Braden Scott 8 days ago

      They probably have all of the same problems everyone else has, but they do what they need to do to survive. I don't want to go to work for 6am tomorrow to sell people cheap shit at the big-box-store-I-work-at that will probably break and that they can get for cheaper by shopping around (within a 10 minute walk in some instances) or checking Amazon. But I'm going to. And fuck, a lot of the time I am not even sure that I want to survive, what kind of horrible shit would I put up with a real desire to live and real responsibilities? Gets me are the people preying on their own families, the elderly, people who can't really help themselves.

    • Aki - Lucky
      Aki - Lucky 28 days ago

      Is that a picture of Claire because something looks off about it

  • Andre Brice
    Andre Brice 29 days ago +6

    Why did I watch this whole thing!? Lmao XD

  • Alexander Johnston
    Alexander Johnston Month ago +10

    The loop you did with "Did you get the numbers?" had me rolling. Hilarious!

  • Lyncoln Richy
    Lyncoln Richy Month ago +4

    Attorney general is involved lol 😂 am crying 😂

  • getpoked
    getpoked Month ago +8

    ANYONE that pays a "tax debt" via bitcoin, iTunes cards, or any other type of gift cards DESERVES to be scammed and is an idiot! There's the immediate red flag right there. Wake up fools!

    • Paddle Duck
      Paddle Duck 14 days ago

      Also as the IRS says, they do not even call you like this.
      You would receive a mailing if it were truly the IRS.

    • Lisa B
      Lisa B 16 days ago +2

      @getpoked not every person has kind friends or family assisting them.

    • Aurora
      Aurora 25 days ago +4

      @getpoked you are aware that, for example, a lot of elderly people are on their own, right? Their children barely visit them or even look after them. So yeah, they might think is weird the part about paying with bitcoin, or gift cards, or whatever, but when that pathetic piece of sh*t start threatening them, screaming to them on the phone, they get scared and comply. My grandmother never cared about calls, if she didn't recognize you right away she hung up. My grandfather? Not so much, he couldn't imagine people trying to scam him or trying to get him to subscribe on a magazine or whatever, he thought people couldn't be that 'evil'.

    • getpoked
      getpoked 29 days ago

      @Sarah-Anne CarneyAnyone that is "seriously vulnerable, mentally unwell, intimidated or elderly" should have friends or family, or someone informing them and protecting them. I would do the same if someone close to me was any of those things you mentioned. That isn't an argument. This is a hard world , and we should be protecting ones around us if need be. This is far from immature or cruel.

    • Sarah-Anne Carney
      Sarah-Anne Carney Month ago +16

      Or seriously vulnerable, mentally unwell, intimidated or elderly people. No one deserves this. These people are threatening and can be convincing to people who aren't aware these scams exist. It's immature and pretty cruel of you to have that attitude. It suggests ignorance of the more vulnerable people around you. Very sad to hear you have this view.