Fake IRS Scam Caller Accidentally Calls A Talk Show Host

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
  • This is a littel different for the Majority Report. A fake IRS Scammer calls the Studio. Sam pretends to be his good buddy, H. Jon Benjamin, a star of multiple animated series. (Jon was not happy when he saw this).
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Comments • 9 471

  • Dan Necovski
    Dan Necovski Hour ago

    i called the irs and paid off your debt for you Sam. you can pay me back when you get back on your feet

  • mike mas
    mike mas 3 hours ago

    of-ish-oo website …. lmao! ohhh "official" website!

  • Robert M
    Robert M 18 hours ago +4

    I love messing with those Indian scammers. I told him my name was Tesako Tukaka which in Spanish it literally mean I pull your shit out lol, but he thought I was Japanese. Hahahaha

    MORLAN MUNIRAN 19 hours ago

    Yeah right....Benjamin with a fucking TAMIL INDIAN ascent. Too many Indians studying IT and less IT jobs available in India. So they use their fucking IT knowledge to con and scam people. They always scam foreign countries because INDIA is full of poor people and indian currency is too low and not worth the effort.

  • Crabitat
    Crabitat Day ago

    "The Attorney General is involved?!" I lost it there.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Day ago +3

    Wow these dudes suck

  • The media is fake news , dont believe the hype


  • shubham ahire
    shubham ahire 3 days ago +2


  • C K
    C K 3 days ago +3

    This was too funny, for those who want to here more of this kind of videos (scambaitting) check out IRS I reck scammers and ScamBait Central!!!

  • capatga
    capatga 3 days ago +7

    These Morons call me everyday. They get cussed then, they hang up but not before I threaten to call the cops on them. I wish I knew where to find the one that scared my 86 year old Mother.

    • K. Kempf
      K. Kempf 14 hours ago

      My folks just got a scam call yesterday. Luckily, they let it go to voicemail so it was recorded. I told them to report it to the police which they did. The police called the scammer several times "laying the law down" with them and the scammer hung up scared sh**less!!! REPORT THESE SCAM ARTISTS TO THE POLICE ASAP!!! It's our only defense against them along with not answering the phone when an unknown call comes in. Letting it go to voicemail ensures a recording that can be used as evidence against them when needed.

    • capatga
      capatga 3 days ago

      +Bridget Donovan It is . Took me two days to calm her down .

    • Bridget Donovan
      Bridget Donovan 3 days ago +1

      capatga They prey on the elderly. It’s disgusting.

  • Julian Cesar
    Julian Cesar 3 days ago +7

    why are they all indian ???

    • Dan Necovski
      Dan Necovski Hour ago

      because there is 1.3 billion of them(if only 1000th of 1% {13,000) do this it's still a large number) and their English is good enough to do it. whereas China's 1.3 billion but, it doesn't have enough of them that speaks good enough English

    • WeDemBoyz2015
      WeDemBoyz2015 Day ago +1

      Cause that's where the call scams are located

    • shubham ahire
      shubham ahire 3 days ago +3

      Maybe more unemployment, greed, laziness, corrupted government agencies.......😂

    • capatga
      capatga 3 days ago +1


  • Wahab Mamdani
    Wahab Mamdani 4 days ago +9

    How can these stupid indians can scam with super fake accents hilarious!!!

    • grdn rs
      grdn rs 5 hours ago

      Not IRS but a lot of phone and tech companies at least from my experiences

    • Wahab Mamdani
      Wahab Mamdani 5 hours ago

      +Nothing Burger Thats so true.

    • Wahab Mamdani
      Wahab Mamdani 5 hours ago

      +grdn rs Still an indian can be in IRS ???

    • grdn rs
      grdn rs 8 hours ago +1

      Because a lot of companies outsource to India it’s not uncommon to hear legit customer service who are of Indian descent. That’s why I believe the scammers take advantage of the situation

    • Nothing Burger
      Nothing Burger 3 days ago +2

      Because they are Hindus. And Hindus are mentally retarded.

  • Justin Lee White
    Justin Lee White 4 days ago +12

    Well your getting arrested!

  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis 4 days ago +14


    • Dan Necovski
      Dan Necovski 58 minutes ago

      +Joe Weis well the CIA is already in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Ukraine, Venezuela and Afghanistan

    • Joe Weis
      Joe Weis 4 days ago +1


  • Anthony White
    Anthony White 5 days ago +5

    🤣 These folks never quit! You got to get a one-up on them! Reverse Smart-Ass Socialism. I applaud him for his outwits---Genius

    ツAMIRPLAYZ 5 days ago +6

    I blame t-series.

  • Kris Checker
    Kris Checker 5 days ago +8

    So he asks for your name then tells you There's a warrent out for your arrest lol

  • derail14
    derail14 5 days ago

    next call i get from 1 of these indian scammers, go fuck your cows or eat one then you will not starve.

  • derail14
    derail14 5 days ago +4

    these scammers r so fukin dumb that they do not know they have been had.

  • Sara Hess
    Sara Hess 5 days ago +8

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh!

  • California USA
    California USA 5 days ago +2

    Scammer Number +15306944288

      ツAMIRPLAYZ 5 days ago +4

      Let's raid his number and annoy the fuck out of him.

    • Z Is Me
      Z Is Me 5 days ago +2

      Does this number work??

  • The Nudist Report
    The Nudist Report 5 days ago +4

    A Warrant for your arrest! 😂 that’s a good one

    • Ronny Sterling
      Ronny Sterling 3 days ago +1

      The Nudist Report they called me one time and that shitskin told me in his shitty accent “We will put you behind the bars”,

  • Muhannad Moosa
    Muhannad Moosa 6 days ago +5

    Senior scamming supervisor.

  • Yusman Jamil
    Yusman Jamil 6 days ago +5

    Why are all the call scammers have the same accents.....Are they a nation of scammers?.

    • Nothing Burger
      Nothing Burger 3 days ago +1

      Indian Hindu penis worshipers and Pakistani Muslim m sister fuckers are very greedy

      ツAMIRPLAYZ 5 days ago +2

      I blame t series.

    • All Will Be Well
      All Will Be Well 6 days ago +2

      India and Pakistan are the nations that host these predators.

  • grdn rs
    grdn rs 6 days ago +9

    They really out here ((trying)) to scam everybody!! I been watching this TVclipr who calls these scammers pretending to be an elderly woman and it’s quiet convincing his voice and these scammers literally have no regard they were threatening to jail an elderly person just to extract money from them. What a bunch of thieves!!

  • Jarvis Sdot
    Jarvis Sdot 6 days ago

    Lol 😂

  • Chris Townsend
    Chris Townsend 7 days ago +4

    Assholes scams I would love to put my hands in him!!!🔨💯🏈👍🏻🎼🍀

  • dave peterson
    dave peterson 8 days ago +3

    i got $45.000 from hacker dave buzz him on his whatssap no +15026639180

  • Alkaris
    Alkaris 8 days ago +8

    Love it how he goes silent at the end when he thinks you're messing about giving him the wrong information. What complete fucking idiots to think that these types of scams work. They're not very smart.

      ツAMIRPLAYZ 5 days ago

      +All Will Be Well there's a Uber driver named zexer search him up he had an Uber rider who was scammed for 3000 dollars. And the driver saved him. that's why I am here lol.

    • All Will Be Well
      All Will Be Well 6 days ago +1

      The scams do work. That's the problem. They scare old people into paying them thousands. These scammers have made millions.

  • Angel Saltamontes
    Angel Saltamontes 9 days ago +3

    At (11:00) we learn "the Attorney General" is involved----and that our awful plight is headed to "the federal goathouse"! Or that's how it sounded to me, lemmetellya. A guy (is that sexist?) just can't catch a break. You'd think a Major Cartoon Voicer---"Hugo" from "Bob's Burgers", crimeny!---coulda got the AG to recuse hisself, just slip out the back, jack, of that federal goathouse.
    I guess the Defendant here hadn't CURRIED enuf favor, & THUS is REVEALED what the Master Defective Hemlock Stones would surely call "this entertaining crime".
    Now, ABOUT the uncle's CAR...

  • fishbaitor
    fishbaitor 9 days ago +9

    If when you answer the phone you hear.. abudabou abaaboudo, it is a scam. Hang up unless you want to have some fun. They told me that they were sending the tax police to my house to arrest me for not complying with them after I f#*k with them on the phone for 5 minutes. That was 8 months ago.

  • Mr Random
    Mr Random 9 days ago +15

    Tell them your name is iEmma fukinscama and if they ask for your address tell them 15 asshole drive scamville, India. Trust me they will believe it

  • Sciz Graffiti
    Sciz Graffiti 10 days ago +7

    okay not all Indians are scammers obviously, you assholes. just all the ones that call you for personal information lol

  • Cr3cker Jack
    Cr3cker Jack 10 days ago +16

    If they sound Indian and they’re asking for information then just hang up because Indians are scammers period

    • Mehwi Asif
      Mehwi Asif 5 days ago +1

      My husband already have talked to some indians same like this.After finding them they are indians he wants them to talk him in Hindi/Urdu.When my husband shame on them they started abusing you & later bent on you by calling from 100s of different numbers.I have already blocked more than 40 numbers even then I get calls.

    • Mr Godzilla
      Mr Godzilla 8 days ago +2

      Not all Indians! 🤦‍♂️

    • Itemtotem
      Itemtotem 10 days ago +2

      ….no. if they have an strong Indian accent then there are probably in India, meaning they are not in the US, meaning they are scammers

  • Majeed Khan
    Majeed Khan 10 days ago +6

    Indian accent , shame on you Indians.

    GOKUL CR 11 days ago +1


  • Alan Beddow
    Alan Beddow 11 days ago +3

    Radio scams

  • Loser Poser
    Loser Poser 12 days ago +3

    American express platinum damm boi

  • Carama Gambino
    Carama Gambino 12 days ago +11

    Omg it’s the same guy!! He calls everyone. Hahahha I think it’s funny he says his name is Matthew or Scotty.

  • Michael Laverty
    Michael Laverty 13 days ago +7

    The really sad thing about this is how many little ole lady's and gullible American's get screwed out of thousands of dollars by the African Scam artists rampant in Nigeria places like Ghana are just to numerous to count ...

    • Jared Emmanuel
      Jared Emmanuel 12 days ago +3

      Yeah, so this guy (and all the others) are very clearly *Indian*...

  • marisol Ramirez
    marisol Ramirez 13 days ago +16

    when sam gives the scammer a fake card number ....
    "Sir, are you trying to fool around?" (says the one who's calling and scamming) LOL

  • Sharon Scott
    Sharon Scott 13 days ago +4


  • Nick L
    Nick L 13 days ago +4

    New TVclip show

  • MgpMontville
    MgpMontville 14 days ago +7

    The person who makes it possible to PUNCH the person on the other line..........ZILLIONAIRE!

  • MgpMontville
    MgpMontville 14 days ago +2

    "A **LITTEL** different.........." And yet you are commenting about the accent lol...........!?

  • Low Budget
    Low Budget 14 days ago +5

    Indian accent everywhere

  • Amazing Love
    Amazing Love 14 days ago +5

    Hahaha Indians accent!

  • Godless mayhem
    Godless mayhem 15 days ago +7

    scammer number enjoy 1210-807-9102

    • Joseph Lupus
      Joseph Lupus 11 days ago +2

      Ah. Time to say no no no no. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Kim Martin
      Kim Martin 11 days ago +3

      Thanks I have been looking for one

  • Evsteel
    Evsteel 15 days ago +8

    I kinda love when this happens to me.... I get a kick out of making them feel like the Dumb@$$e$ they are..... I do IT Support so I love the scareware popups where you call a number and then they try to get you to let them connect to your computer.... I lead them on and then get the satisfaction of letting them know they are scum bags that should have wound up on their parents sheets instead....

    QUICK PLAY 16 days ago +2

    This is fake

  • Maine's Dream
    Maine's Dream 16 days ago +4

    11:01 " As well as the federal goat house"

  • francis joseph castillo
    francis joseph castillo 16 days ago +1

    This sounds staged hehehe

  • Moises Serrano
    Moises Serrano 16 days ago +1

    lol can you read that back to me????

  • J T
    J T 16 days ago +2

    Your video description has a typo: little*

  • Sandra Ortiz
    Sandra Ortiz 16 days ago +2

    I'm so damn sick of that drive time commercial

  • Sweet Tartz1
    Sweet Tartz1 16 days ago +8

    I like how they try to have an american accent XD

    • Evsteel
      Evsteel 15 days ago

      Yeah.... How about him saying his name is Matthew Benjamin. I hate that people of this nationality get played into thinking that it is cool to lie about their name because doing so will make the person they are talking to more receptive to them. Supper Sad.....

  • peanutbutterisfu
    peanutbutterisfu 16 days ago +9

    I am surprised the people that run the scam operations don’t invest In making these guys sound like they are Americans. The majority of us Americans answer the phone and know right away it’s a scam caller when you hear their thick accent and the horrible dialogue they use, it’s so easy to know these people have never lived in America. Also in America people generally are pretty nice on the phone because most call centers are very persistent on having a good surveys you just don’t get threatened. In my experiences as a small business owner anytime I have contact any government agency I am on hold for 10-45 minutes because you actually talk to someone from America, it’s hard enough to even get ahold of someone in the government let alone get them to call you back even if they assure you they will. I have waited weeks for the feds to fax me over a EIN number for a business I started. I wasted hours on hold every week calling them. You will never get this lucky to get a phone call from them only a letter in the mail and only because you owe them money. Even if they wanted to audit you they will send a letter. Why do they send letters? If the government had to call even a small percentage of the 300+ million Americans they would need a huge call center with thousands of qualified employees to do this at a huge cost to Americans. It is much cheaper for the government to send out letters, you write them a check and mail it back it greatly minimizes the work force plus knowing the government will never call you so really nobody should ever get scammed like this but not everyone knows this. Sure if you call a credit card company, a big chain store or something like that they will outsource a call center not in the USA.
    The cell phone companies should be developing software to avoid calls from outside the United States. Yeah this wouldn’t cure people from getting scammed but if the software prevented the scammers from being able to hide the actual number they are calling from and people knew it was a foreign number they would have a much better chance of not being scammed. If the scammers were only operating in the USA we would actually have a chance to do something about it. The news stations, news papers should tell people daily about scams so the older people that aren’t good with technology know better. I couldn’t imagine getting scammed of my life savings and the bank telling me there is nothing they can do. You would think the banks would put a hold on a big sum of money going to an account that can’t be traced. My credit card for instance will not approve a transaction out of my state, I will have to call my credit card company and tell them the transaction was me because they turn the card off after a transaction is attempted on something that is not normal for me. It’s really crazy that the banks let people make big transactions like that no questions asked.

    • sedmidivka
      sedmidivka 4 days ago

      You seem a little oblivious to these scams (I don't mean to be condescending in any way). If you think about it they can only scam english speaking countries. I'm from Slovakia, noone here above the age of 35 speaks english (ok, 5% do) there is no point of calling. And the biggest english speaking country is - you guessed it right, USA. They target USA 90% of the time. So your assumptions about the accent and American people knowing it's a scam, sadly, they don't. Nigeria is the next big scam country and they have such a poor English, but they still manage to scam American people with no issue.
      The secret is in the targets, elderly are their specialty. For romance scams, they have target also middle age people. This IRS scammer will scare older people so bad, they feel like they have to do it. The newest scams don't want credit cards usually but itunes, playstore gift cards, Nigerian usually use Moneygram or Western Union.
      The information about these is not spread enough in your country, they still can make so much money, in one scam video scammer didn't know they can hear him and he revealed only their call center call 300 people a day. There are hundreds of call centers and so many types of scams I lost count. In this case I feel fortunate enough living in non-English speaking country.
      Why they don't invest for them to sound American? They can scam them anyway so why would they. Also I don't think they realise just how strong and distinctive the accent is.
      Anyways you aren't obviously desired target :) Because you would at least have suspicion

  • Real Deal Local
    Real Deal Local 17 days ago +8

    I always tell them my name is Pat MaGroin...LOL

    • Real Deal Local
      Real Deal Local 17 days ago

      I also asked if they went to college...and would their parents would be happy with their investment.....or does their mother know what they are doing....lol

  • wesley sandifer
    wesley sandifer 17 days ago +17

    Your acting was good. I told them I worked for the IRS on the floor above them and I'll be right down to fix it. Then they hung up. lol

  • Gyzote
    Gyzote 17 days ago +9

    Just like Canada is known for maple syrup and Italy is known for beautiful cars, india is known for their rich tradition of scamming and theft. F*ck india and every p.o.s. indian scumbag living in that sh*tty cunt-ry! And yes, I purposely did NOT capitalize "india" because that cunt-ry and its peasant inhabitants deserve absolutely ZERO respect.

  • Bill Wendling
    Bill Wendling 17 days ago +2

    Hugo?! HOW DARE YOU SIR?!!

  • Nisam ja G
    Nisam ja G 17 days ago +7

    It's only one guy on the other end, clearly fake deep voice

  • Stephanie V.
    Stephanie V. 18 days ago +3

    Too bad there are still many Americans that get scammed... if only these scammers (typically overseas) knew that not all Americans are "rich" and actually have $5000 in their bank accounts. Americans on average are 4 months late on credit card payments with average debt of $5,800 & additionally Americans are in personal debt averaging $38k according to studies a year ago.

  • Dj Cj
    Dj Cj 18 days ago +3

    The only thing that they need to work on is getting him in jail

  • WrightsW5
    WrightsW5 18 days ago +12

    I usually tell them "Hold on, the doorbell just rang, i'll be back in a moment", then I go into another room and carry on watching tv, eating dinner etc., and leave their phone bill to run up.

  • Andreas Julkunen
    Andreas Julkunen 18 days ago +12


  • shankoff1
    shankoff1 18 days ago +4

    It sounds like the Internal Revenue Service of Mumbai.

  • shankoff1
    shankoff1 18 days ago +6

    I guess India isn't sending us their best and brightest either.

    • Capeverdepuertorico
      Capeverdepuertorico 17 days ago +1


    • Jonny Watts
      Jonny Watts 18 days ago +3

      The guy on the phone was one of the ones who couldn't get out of India, hence why he works at a call center

  • Ros Roberts
    Ros Roberts 18 days ago +9

    I can't believe I watched the entire thing!

  • Susan Dunn
    Susan Dunn 19 days ago +2


  • Susan Dunn
    Susan Dunn 19 days ago +3

    So sad scammers are one scourges of society.He was like this is big fish I need help .They want big money .

  • SaintsCheat
    SaintsCheat 19 days ago +2

    Thumbnail looks like they called The Rabbit

  • killer
    killer 19 days ago

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  • Thiesi
    Thiesi 19 days ago +1

    0:28 - I wonder if he has a van?

  • s7rugg1es
    s7rugg1es 19 days ago +1

    Helo mistal Jon Benyamin, my nameh is John Smith and I amah I AREH ESSH agent

  • Nahed Omer
    Nahed Omer 20 days ago +5

    He is so patient to continue with them the call.
    The funny part is that all of them are Indeans!!
    How come people who fell in that trap did not notice that?

  • Alex Wiggs
    Alex Wiggs 20 days ago +8

    I absolutely love screwing with these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do the same thing!!!! Love it!!!!

  • The Angel of Death
    The Angel of Death 20 days ago +6

    Unknown person with Indian accent= 1000000000% scammer🤣🤣

  • Louis Duran
    Louis Duran 20 days ago +14

    I get calls from these dipshits all the time. I am prepared with fake CC numbers and 1-800 numbers since they ask for that also. Once they figure out I'm fucking with them they curse me out fiercely. I consider that a victory. For every minute I keep them on with me, they're not able to scam someone else. They don't even have the self awareness to realize they're the dicks in the exchange.

    • Krishna Ramaraju
      Krishna Ramaraju 15 days ago

      Louis Duran Thank you, it’s great that you do that

    • P Tim Sina
      P Tim Sina 18 days ago +1

      I actually had that experience. He cursed me later and I was just laughing.

  • Willow Tree Center
    Willow Tree Center 20 days ago +2

    I did something similar to one of these scammers...when they figured out I was pulling their chain, they called me a terrible name and hung up. This was so funny!! A little comic relief after a difficult day...thank you.

  • Kim Young
    Kim Young 21 day ago +11

    Give the dude Trumps number

  • Ernesta __queen
    Ernesta __queen 21 day ago +2

    Can you read those numbers back to me 😂😂😂😂

  • non such
    non such 21 day ago +3

    Holy Cow Indian. >LOL

    • the dark truth
      the dark truth 17 days ago

      +Louis Duran you know he's indian and just trying to blame it on Pakistan because they are better than you piece of shit cow fuckers, instead of admitting that u have a problem and fix it you blame it on someone else that's why you'll never evolve

    • Louis Duran
      Louis Duran 20 days ago +2

      Or more likely Pakistani

  • Octavia Ryner
    Octavia Ryner 21 day ago


  • Арббайкллуа Аристамм-Рииллс

    Attorney general is involved in this? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😀😀😀😀😀👍👍👍

  • Арббайкллуа Аристамм-Рииллс


  • Adam Jad
    Adam Jad 21 day ago +10

    India doesn’t have government to stop this ?

    • the dark truth
      the dark truth 17 days ago +1

      +Kevin Benecke they are actually, someone went to india and investigate and people there told him that the government is involved with them and takes a sum of the profit to protect them

    • Kevin Benecke
      Kevin Benecke 18 days ago +3

      India government is probably involved with this too since they are so poor.

  • sh sh
    sh sh 21 day ago +2

    Shameful scammer humans - who shouldn't be born on this planet - i am sure this money will help them for their mom funeral

  • Courtney Bell
    Courtney Bell 21 day ago +5

    972-460-6066! Call those assholes and waste their time

    • kenn smith
      kenn smith 18 days ago

      call 1-202-858-3797 and 202-622-5000 waste their scammer time .

    • kenn smith
      kenn smith 18 days ago

      call 1-202-858-3797 and 202-622-5000 waste their scammer time .

    • Courtney Bell
      Courtney Bell 20 days ago

      +Chris Campbell Awesome, that's a very good thing! Do you think I posted an enemy's phone number just for the hell of it? My grandma was ripped off by these guys. I'm really glad that "nothing happened"

    • Chris Campbell
      Chris Campbell 20 days ago

      Nothing happen punk

    • Courtney Bell
      Courtney Bell 21 day ago

      +Reed Linsteadt Call it yourself and see what i'm talking about, punk.

  • Andrew Nelson
    Andrew Nelson 22 days ago +11

    Lol! They always pick the most extreme American names!

  • MarCel Fonseca Garcia
    MarCel Fonseca Garcia 22 days ago +1


  • Akter jaman
    Akter jaman 22 days ago +9

    Indians should feel proud for their scammer..they r scamming across whole world.......if I was a Indian I would suicide

    • ror ror
      ror ror 18 days ago +2

      “Indians Should feel proud” “if i was Indian I would suicide” what? Maybe you meant “ashamed”

      HIGHPOINTJERKY 21 day ago


  • Gy Bx
    Gy Bx 22 days ago +3

    The only Sam Seder show I've enjoyed.

  • Lourdes
    Lourdes 22 days ago +4

    Lol 😂, now I want them to call me.

  • Doug N
    Doug N 22 days ago +11

    Does anyone at the IRS speak English as a first language? LOL

  • Dongs R Great
    Dongs R Great 22 days ago

    Sam will have to register as a sax offender for his pediafile conviction.

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 23 days ago +8

    They should HANG these cunts and slice their vile, worthless throats.

  • Marty Fowler
    Marty Fowler 23 days ago +2

    Nice William Shatner

  • easongt
    easongt 23 days ago +4

    Did anyone else think this was going to be Vince Gill?😂

  • Asheel Prasad
    Asheel Prasad 23 days ago +10

    They try so hard to sound white