BEACH SNIPER - Call of Duty WW2 War Mode

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • Call of Duty WW2 War Mode Gameplay. Sniping on the beaches of Omaha, very satisfying! This is a sponsored video in association with gamer Network - Check out COD WW2 Here: Leave a rating and a comment, thanks for watching! Join my Discord: Connect with me:
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  • Miguel Schindler
    Miguel Schindler 7 days ago

    8:38 they can rebuild it
    is thus fortnite

  • SaiMong Oo
    SaiMong Oo 8 days ago

    Remindes me on saving private ryan the opening scene

  • RAVEN AK47
    RAVEN AK47 8 days ago

    Exactly what happened for real, lambs to the slaughter

  • Bauer Paul
    Bauer Paul 14 days ago

    I prefer BF 1942 ... D-Day

  • Larry Fisherman
    Larry Fisherman 15 days ago

    Bruh when this 1st came out I swear god himself gave me sniping powers that where not imaginable. It was amazing this was the only thing good to come from ww2

  • Nicholas Marinich
    Nicholas Marinich 15 days ago

    What a shit game.

  • SlightTen
    SlightTen 15 days ago

    Bf4 rush

  • D16105 _
    D16105 _ 16 days ago +1

    I actually really enjoyed watching this video! 👍

  • R S F
    R S F 29 days ago

    Saving Private Ryan

  • Michael-Francis Polios

    This is actually pretty cool...

  • Hugo b0ss
    Hugo b0ss Month ago +1

    2:07 logic, he puts in a full clip when he only has one bullet left.

  • Ali Essa
    Ali Essa Month ago +1

    Most unrealistic shit ever. Is there even bullet drop or timing?

  • [EMP] PrimoEmperor
    [EMP] PrimoEmperor Month ago

    Remember when we thought this game was good? Man, we were really stupid back then

  • NbaYoungboy Lova
    NbaYoungboy Lova 2 months ago +1

    This is so disrespectful that this is how real people died and we juz sit on a couch and kill virtual reality american soldiers while the snipers are natzis

  • Tony
    Tony 2 months ago

    Prolly facing 12 yr olds no skill what so ever

  • CallyWasHere
    CallyWasHere 2 months ago

    Day of infamy does this much better, and it’s only an indie game

  • country ball man
    country ball man 2 months ago +1

    It's not Omaha it's Neptune

  • Flexstar
    Flexstar 2 months ago

    cod ww2 is so unrealistic

  • Kai Vlogzz
    Kai Vlogzz 2 months ago +1

    German soldier using a springfield as sniper?!

  • Bronze Divisioner
    Bronze Divisioner 2 months ago

    When someone makes videos on pre-recorded footage is just kind of not entertaining to watch for me idk

  • Elijah Myers
    Elijah Myers 2 months ago

    Do more

  • Livert
    Livert 2 months ago

    Look at the reload at 2:07, he put in a clip of 5 bullets but it only loaded 1. That some advanced shit

  • / ぱずずPazuzu
    / ぱずずPazuzu 2 months ago

    this is GANMI haha noob

  • Micayah Gearhart
    Micayah Gearhart 2 months ago

    I still like battlefield 1 and battlefield 1942

  • Wasem Zahr
    Wasem Zahr 2 months ago +1

    Cod logic
    Me:how the fuck do you reload the spring field like that

  • The Person
    The Person 2 months ago

    looks fun.


    Algum Br aí ? Kkk . Mano achei esse jogo mto top e o canal Mais ainda , +1 inscrito

  • Jarrod Bragg
    Jarrod Bragg 2 months ago

    This is really good fun, but also good for any missions that require head shots, one shot one kills, etc o just got an heroic version of the kar98k in like 2 games for 25 headshots

  • Conner RK800
    Conner RK800 2 months ago

    Your hardscoping ewwwwwwww

  • Marcell D'avis
    Marcell D'avis 2 months ago

    the MG-42 is such a joke in this game

  • Baby Salva
    Baby Salva 2 months ago

    Nice one

  • bhamin arshia
    bhamin arshia 2 months ago

    why are you an airborne jack

  • Brandon Sajdak
    Brandon Sajdak 3 months ago

    In my personal opinion this Game is ALL! AROUND FANTASTIC and A Amazing game. Story Incredible. Multiple the best thing I have ever experienced in Cod. Zombies dark and creepy just like zombies should be. I LOVE this game and I really really hope sledgehammer stays on this path and does a pacific theater.

  • Pee jay
    Pee jay 3 months ago

    Don't play this trash fuckin game

    NATE_ BEROK 3 months ago

    What kind a sniper gun is that ?

  • The Person
    The Person 3 months ago

    this actually looks fun.

    TUNNELROYALE Paz 3 months ago

    Anyone else got a subaru ad before watching this

  • Pepe The frog
    Pepe The frog 3 months ago

    I like party because you can play infected

  • SoaR LewiX
    SoaR LewiX 3 months ago


  • peter cullers
    peter cullers 3 months ago

    Try operation Griffin

  • John Casenas
    John Casenas 3 months ago

    This is like the only game mode I play because it’s like campaign to me, but you need to complete objective swiftly to not lose

  • John Casenas
    John Casenas 3 months ago

    Now since this game has been here for a while, you just see people master prestige and over level 1000

  • John Casenas
    John Casenas 3 months ago

    There’s a war mode where you can do 9v9

  • goku5r434 lol
    goku5r434 lol 3 months ago

    It just copied killzone 3

  • Aces OverKings
    Aces OverKings 3 months ago

    lol funny seeing you play cod , i thought you were strict BF

  • john hanncel mella
    john hanncel mella 3 months ago

    This scene is looks like in the movie saving private ryan.

  • D-Tox
    D-Tox 4 months ago

    One bullet left, reload animation shows 5... this game is shit even in the details.

  • Diles46 - AIRSOFT
    Diles46 - AIRSOFT 4 months ago

    *L E G E N D*

  • Cygnus X1
    Cygnus X1 4 months ago

    This does a disservice to those who fought and died there. Shameful.

  • Antifaschist Mit Humor
    Antifaschist Mit Humor 4 months ago

    they wont push...these are cod players they are made to camp

  • Emily Jarrup
    Emily Jarrup 4 months ago +1

    German sniper... uses American rifle..

  • George Washington
    George Washington 4 months ago

    You're a very nice player

  • Luqmen
    Luqmen 4 months ago

    fireing the hole

  • Leon Tanevski
    Leon Tanevski 4 months ago

    "I wish I had a sniper on the Allies" .... as he walks past a dropped sniper rifle

  • 100,000 Subs without a video

    I’m just saying new one plays objective in cod they just mow people down and that’s what most cod game modes are

  • Almadina Poua
    Almadina Poua 4 months ago

    God dammit Randy

  • PornFlakes
    PornFlakes 4 months ago

    damn i'm actually considering to buy this game now

  • Pierre Decro
    Pierre Decro 4 months ago

    "This is so satisfing" .....

  • Kiez Kalle
    Kiez Kalle 4 months ago

    Omaha Beach with 12 Guys Soldier. Awesome

  • Johnathon Fowler
    Johnathon Fowler 4 months ago

    Jackfrags play battlefield 5

  • ROBLOX gaming channel
    ROBLOX gaming channel 4 months ago

    Not historically accurate because in D Day you did not hide on the beach you kept movingggg!

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown 4 months ago

    What r ya doin lad playin cod ww2 tha game trash lad ya let ur self go ma’boi

  • Mega Halo Productions
    Mega Halo Productions 4 months ago

    The entire comment section is cod and battlefield fanboys raging at each other, although the battlefield field fans are defiantly the salty ones here

  • Flash Gamer
    Flash Gamer 4 months ago


  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 4 months ago

    So fckng boring

  • Dario Leko
    Dario Leko 4 months ago +1

    Should I get Battlefield 1, or COD WW2??

  • LO734
    LO734 4 months ago

    The 6 V 6 war is horrible they should have kept it with more players

  • JamesGames
    JamesGames 4 months ago

    I wish cod would have more players for modes like this. 6v6... petty

  • Ozz LB
    Ozz LB 4 months ago

    why the gameplay looks like at 2x speed, how unrealistic

  • CaptainJS
    CaptainJS 5 months ago

    Why do à German guy speaks in English🙄😂

  • Cosmic Background Radiation

    This is bullshit. These TVclip channels be cheating. I play this game. I'm a high level. No way the opposition sucks that much when playing war. Something's rotten in the state of Denmark.

  • Antonio Kranjčević
    Antonio Kranjčević 5 months ago +1

    Domeniko Broz

  • Niere Holeman
    Niere Holeman 5 months ago

    He was popping bitches like corks.

  • jack risetheeyes
    jack risetheeyes 5 months ago

    You take my name jack
    Ectually im jackskull960

  • iNDiANA JoNEs
    iNDiANA JoNEs 5 months ago

    Yes Nazi Win .

  • Random Boi
    Random Boi 5 months ago

    Jackfrags...probably the only gamer who doesn’t debate on what game is better and just plays them for enjoyment..

  • Homeless Dorito
    Homeless Dorito 5 months ago

    Anyone else realize this is basically just rush on battlefield

  • Veikko Humppi
    Veikko Humppi 5 months ago

    Now bring this to battlefield.

  • Sean McGovern
    Sean McGovern 5 months ago

    All they did was recreate battlefield...

  • Sir Prize
    Sir Prize 5 months ago

    First thing this video shows:
    *German soldiers with M1 helmets*

  • ryan foley
    ryan foley 5 months ago

    That was retarded

  • RJK Films
    RJK Films 6 months ago +1

    And why are they using Lugers they’re Americans!

  • RJK Films
    RJK Films 6 months ago +1

    Why where Americans using heckler and Koch’s

  • Ellie HD gaming !!
    Ellie HD gaming !! 6 months ago

    Hardscope much

  • aquasense
    aquasense 6 months ago

    So you're telling me the Americans should've used smoke grenades to advance up the beachhead easier..

  • Yunus Emre Atas
    Yunus Emre Atas 6 months ago +1

    Ottoman empire vs German Reich

    JCD VIBES 6 months ago

    Jesus christ, you use the Lee Enfield? Use the M1903, NVM, you use it. Not the Enfield.

  • Joshy English
    Joshy English 6 months ago

    WOW! I just realised how crap I am at sniping hahahha

  • Scooter Hangbird
    Scooter Hangbird 6 months ago

    the sniping is so easy for him on this game

  • Creepster 101
    Creepster 101 6 months ago

    The thing is, there's a big difference between the way a cod players and bf player thinks about strats

  • Terrible Channel No One Will Watch

    Ok, why do people snipe correctly on this? Do they just QS for attention because the Killcam?

  • JKay11235
    JKay11235 6 months ago

    Never ceases to amaze me how fucking stupid people don't know that War doesn't affect your k/d. I see idiots crouching in a corner like they don't wanna ruin their k/d. Or as if there is a killstreak he's working towards. Fucking people are fucking dumb. Purge the earth.

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 6 months ago

    How do you play this? I have the game but can't play this mode?

  • JBKB
    JBKB 6 months ago

    Someone call EA and sign jack up!

  • andrewrodriguez 780lol
    andrewrodriguez 780lol 6 months ago

    Click rat

  • breeana gafare
    breeana gafare 7 months ago

    I snipe people to

  • MarcaZone X
    MarcaZone X 7 months ago

    *D A M N I T R A N D Y*

  • N Belle
    N Belle 7 months ago

    laser or smg?

  • Jased Rujana -speedcuber

    Very nice game

  • mohamed Star
    mohamed Star 7 months ago +1

    How this!!!!???