BEACH SNIPER - Call of Duty WW2 War Mode

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • Call of Duty WW2 War Mode Gameplay. Sniping on the beaches of Omaha, very satisfying! This is a sponsored video in association with gamer Network - Check out COD WW2 Here: Leave a rating and a comment, thanks for watching! Join my Discord: Connect with me:
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  • XXI
    XXI 3 days ago

    How did the clip fits in the sniper with that scope there ?

  • Liam's World
    Liam's World 5 days ago

    Sar it

  • Sleepwalker
    Sleepwalker 7 days ago

    when jack single handedly defends the beach, lol.

  • Danzo Shimura
    Danzo Shimura 8 days ago

    Looks funny

  • Casey Mills
    Casey Mills 23 days ago

    I have never seen the attacking team win this game mode in BFV lol

  • Luke MacDonald
    Luke MacDonald Month ago

    Call of duty need to focus on more exciting and intense gamemodes like this. I think there next game after modern warfare 4 should be another 20th century style shooter

  • Bastiana Boot
    Bastiana Boot Month ago

    The germans in CoDWWII sound like bee's XD.

  • Cameron Steven
    Cameron Steven Month ago

    Even the graphics are from 1945

  • Rathabeats
    Rathabeats 2 months ago

    WW2 veterans would be mad at this.

  • Nathan Hackey
    Nathan Hackey 2 months ago +1

    When you play this game on the computer...are you playing other players with computers or players with consoles as well?

  • James Miller
    James Miller 2 months ago


  • Carlinho Martienes
    Carlinho Martienes 2 months ago

    Think COD went back to its roots with this game is a lot of fun and this mode in specific I can enjoy as a BF player

  • ParanormalSense
    ParanormalSense 2 months ago

    "As a german sniper" with american helmet and american sniperrifle

  • onacsut
    onacsut 2 months ago

    I neeever get this on war mode and it’s the only one I like 😑

  • Mr_Budman4_20
    Mr_Budman4_20 2 months ago +3

    (''/O-O)/ HOL UP. *quit game*

  • John Casenas
    John Casenas 2 months ago

    I remember I had this spot where when they spawned one their heads would stick out just a tad and I would hit him and most likely the guy would rage quit

    SAMURAI E 2 months ago +1


  • Weathers95
    Weathers95 2 months ago +3

    they could develop a whole story mode based on multiplayer match making if they were smart about it... I might have to redownload this game.

  • Dilhan Oz
    Dilhan Oz 2 months ago

    Oh cod is existi... sorry
    Hum so ok and auhhh ok soo of course

  • Zac Jones
    Zac Jones 2 months ago

    Who likes the clips when you start the mission

  • Mjammydoger Alpha
    Mjammydoger Alpha 3 months ago

    I’ve been begging my mam for WW2 but sadly I’m to young 😭😓

  • Noah Douma
    Noah Douma 3 months ago

    Who else thinks the intro sounds like something an airsoft youtuber would say

  • Derp
    Derp 3 months ago

    0:16 German side 5:16 American side

  • Earl Saladaga
    Earl Saladaga 3 months ago

    This scene is From movie Of saving pirvate ryan

  • sɪɴ
    sɪɴ 3 months ago

    9:14 he spawned and killed Jack, good game design guys!

  • Finn Reidenbach
    Finn Reidenbach 3 months ago

    Wer ist hier deutscher???

  • Luke Charters
    Luke Charters 3 months ago

    2:07. Theres cod reload logic for you, reloads 5 bullets but it only counts for one. Da fack is this bullcrap. Its not that hard to put an animation to loading singular bullets, bf1 and 5 can do it perfectly, why cant COD do it?

  • FuzzieFtw
    FuzzieFtw 3 months ago

    Ⓞⓤⓡ ⓐ ⓖⓘⓓ

  • centurion GAMER
    centurion GAMER 3 months ago +1

    Why is there a Normandy map in COD and not in Battlefield V????

  • Mukett_YT
    Mukett_YT 3 months ago +3

    Your the master of sniping on Cod ww2 and I'm a master of sniping in battlefield v.

  • Andrea Bonezzi
    Andrea Bonezzi 3 months ago

    Saving Private Ryan

  • The angel with the shotgun

    Which one better
    Battlefield series
    Cod series

  • Mr. Snoopy_B Don
    Mr. Snoopy_B Don 3 months ago

    you play realy good!!!!

  • Erika Schröder
    Erika Schröder 3 months ago

    RIP Randy.

  • [EC] Ecornym
    [EC] Ecornym 4 months ago

    8:09 I lauged so hard

  • Prefloods
    Prefloods 4 months ago

    If we had a sniper like that in Omaha the Americans would have never won.

  • MxZombie 81
    MxZombie 81 4 months ago

    Wait WW2 remastered

  • ArASsEO_ WaKaRiMaShiTa!!!

    Good game...strategic like cs...ros and battleground are for famewhores and stupids...realistic game,...offender and defender

  • Roderico Ortiz
    Roderico Ortiz 4 months ago +1

    aIm In ThE mAcHiNe GuNs

  • Jordan Otero
    Jordan Otero 4 months ago

    If battlefield v had the beach invasion it would be epic !

  • VeerusTheLeafeon
    VeerusTheLeafeon 4 months ago

    You shoulda used the Kar98 but the 1903 is ok.

  • Buyanoldokh Rentsendorj
    Buyanoldokh Rentsendorj 4 months ago +2

    Jackflags is a traitor

  • WWII Infantry Fan
    WWII Infantry Fan 4 months ago

    I like the game, and I hate the game. I like it because it’s FINALLY BACK TO WWII, and I find the campaign very emotional. But I hate the multiplayer and the historical inaccuracies, the multiplayer didn’t give me that Boots on The Ground feeling, and the supply crates are just disgusting.

  • Ruke WeRit
    Ruke WeRit 5 months ago


  • colleen willock
    colleen willock 5 months ago

    Why you no use m1 garand it a 2 hit from far away ans semi auto also its the gun that mekes the ping

  • M-B-H
    M-B-H 5 months ago

    Lol i like how i see ur soldier reload 5 bullet in the gun but it only have 1 bullet in it 2:08

  • Dodimir Kovač
    Dodimir Kovač 5 months ago

    Sry, but u rly blind man

  • Collin
    Collin 5 months ago

    He's like: I wish I had the sniper riffle right now, a few minutes later, at 6:11 he could've picked a sniper riffle but neeeeeeeh.

  • Tomáš Slovák
    Tomáš Slovák 5 months ago

    Those barriers on the beach is Czech And Slovak product

  • Antonio Flynn
    Antonio Flynn 5 months ago


  • That dude 07
    That dude 07 5 months ago

    I’m new to the channel is that stampy longnose

  • eugene canavan
    eugene canavan 5 months ago

    Who is this prick doing the commentary? Go and get a life.

  • jorge palma
    jorge palma 6 months ago

    Reminds me of battle field 😑

  • Kevin Button
    Kevin Button 6 months ago

    Good thing in ww2 THEY HAD NO SCOPES on normal infantry rifles *COUGH* CALL OF DUTY *COUGH*

  • drpepper03
    drpepper03 6 months ago

    COD...doesnt matter if you actually aim. Get the cross hairs 2 miles away from your target and you are a sniping genius.

  • Bo Huggabee
    Bo Huggabee 6 months ago

    except men were drowning because their gear was too heavy, and many of them even got sea sick before reaching the beach because of the massive meal they were given.

  • Bouja_DeBeast De_1111111

    You hit those

  • Alex bro
    Alex bro 7 months ago +1


  • Avicii Tributes
    Avicii Tributes 7 months ago

    good video bro

  • SGT Myers Pl 5
    SGT Myers Pl 5 7 months ago

    My brother just joined the military

  • Elliott Hamann
    Elliott Hamann 7 months ago

    “Damn it Randy!”

  • Cool Swag
    Cool Swag 7 months ago

    For everyone who hates cod ww2, how about you try making a game? See how easy it is hm?

  • Ethan Burrell
    Ethan Burrell 7 months ago


  • The motherlands Father
    The motherlands Father 7 months ago

    0:32 What skill to load a stripper clip like that

  • Vztje
    Vztje 7 months ago

    Is this dlc?

  • Mr Cackles
    Mr Cackles 7 months ago

    A british guy as a german sniper killing british soldiers


  • Joey Perkins
    Joey Perkins 7 months ago

    Aimbot much

  • PotatoIsland554
    PotatoIsland554 7 months ago

    They removed it from cod ww2 in 2018

  • Amanou
    Amanou 7 months ago

    I was so jealous seeing the gameplay but then I realized I have the game! xD

  • BORAT 2.0
    BORAT 2.0 7 months ago

    I played dis and got 100 kills from machine gun kills

  • Rafael Xbl
    Rafael Xbl 7 months ago

    I just use PTRS 😋

  • Miguel Schindler
    Miguel Schindler 8 months ago

    8:38 they can rebuild it
    is thus fortnite

  • SaiMong Oo
    SaiMong Oo 8 months ago

    Remindes me on saving private ryan the opening scene

  • RAVEN AK47
    RAVEN AK47 8 months ago

    Exactly what happened for real, lambs to the slaughter

  • Bauer Paul
    Bauer Paul 8 months ago

    I prefer BF 1942 ... D-Day

  • Larry Fisherman
    Larry Fisherman 8 months ago

    Bruh when this 1st came out I swear god himself gave me sniping powers that where not imaginable. It was amazing this was the only thing good to come from ww2

  • Nicholas Marinich
    Nicholas Marinich 8 months ago

    What a shit game.

  • Venom
    Venom 8 months ago

    Bf4 rush

  • A Cursed Meme
    A Cursed Meme 8 months ago +2

    I actually really enjoyed watching this video! 👍

  • R S F
    R S F 8 months ago

    Saving Private Ryan

  • Michael-Francis Polios
    Michael-Francis Polios 9 months ago

    This is actually pretty cool...

  • Hugo b0ss
    Hugo b0ss 9 months ago +41

    2:07 logic, he puts in a full clip when he only has one bullet left.

    • Christopher Hades
      Christopher Hades 2 months ago +3

      @Soviet max you can't actually without breaking or damaging your scope or clip or losing some bullets from experience trust me dude

    • Soviet max
      Soviet max 2 months ago +1

      Karl Dönitz yeah u can

    • Karl Dönitz
      Karl Dönitz 2 months ago +3

      With the scope on the gun you can't even put a clip in but u know logic

  • Ali Essa
    Ali Essa 9 months ago +1

    Most unrealistic shit ever. Is there even bullet drop or timing?

  • [EMP] PrimoEmperor
    [EMP] PrimoEmperor 9 months ago

    Remember when we thought this game was good? Man, we were really stupid back then

  • WNBA Youngirl
    WNBA Youngirl 9 months ago +3

    This is so disrespectful that this is how real people died and we juz sit on a couch and kill virtual reality american soldiers while the snipers are natzis

    • Turtle Toise
      Turtle Toise 6 months ago

      NbaYoungboy Lova its a game calm down you play it to have fun and progress in the game if u want to play more realistic play the campaign

  • Tony
    Tony 10 months ago

    Prolly facing 12 yr olds no skill what so ever

  • CallyWasHere
    CallyWasHere 10 months ago

    Day of infamy does this much better, and it’s only an indie game

  • country ball man
    country ball man 10 months ago +2

    It's not Omaha it's Neptune

    • dinox 131
      dinox 131 3 months ago

      plus its in omaha the mission is just called operation netune or overlord i dunno im no godamn historian or something

    • dinox 131
      dinox 131 3 months ago

      CupterzGame no there was no neptune landings

    • CupterzGame
      CupterzGame 4 months ago

      Am i dumb but i think there was no neptune beach landings?

  • Flexstar
    Flexstar 10 months ago

    cod ww2 is so unrealistic

  • Kai Manders
    Kai Manders 10 months ago +3

    German soldier using a springfield as sniper?!

    • Edward Kenway
      Edward Kenway 2 months ago

      I miss the CoD 2 days..

    • JAC Helm
      JAC Helm 3 months ago

      Same shit happen in battlefield

  • Bronze Divisioner
    Bronze Divisioner 10 months ago

    When someone makes videos on pre-recorded footage is just kind of not entertaining to watch for me idk

  • Elijah Myers
    Elijah Myers 10 months ago

    Do more

  • Livert
    Livert 10 months ago

    Look at the reload at 2:07, he put in a clip of 5 bullets but it only loaded 1. That some advanced shit

  • 。ゆーま
    。ゆーま 10 months ago

    this is GANMI haha noob

  • Micayah Gearhart
    Micayah Gearhart 10 months ago

    I still like battlefield 1 and battlefield 1942

  • Wasem Zahr
    Wasem Zahr 10 months ago +1

    Cod logic
    Me:how the fuck do you reload the spring field like that

  • 500_ 249
    500_ 249 10 months ago

    looks fun.

  • PabloSJooJ XB
    PabloSJooJ XB 10 months ago

    Algum Br aí ? Kkk . Mano achei esse jogo mto top e o canal Mais ainda , +1 inscrito

  • Jarrod Bragg
    Jarrod Bragg 10 months ago

    This is really good fun, but also good for any missions that require head shots, one shot one kills, etc o just got an heroic version of the kar98k in like 2 games for 25 headshots

  • Conner RK800
    Conner RK800 10 months ago

    Your hardscoping ewwwwwwww