RUMOR: Black Ops 4 coming to Nintendo Switch (+ Modern Era!)

  • Published on Feb 4, 2018
  • Black Ops 4 is rumored to be coming to the Nintendo Switch (along with PS4, Xbox One, and PC) for COD 2018. Also supposed to be boots on the ground, taking place in the modern era. Thoughts?!
    Guy that started this rumor: Marcus_Sellars/status/959943212378009601
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Comments • 473

  • Creaming
    Creaming Year ago

    Not school

  • Titan Storf
    Titan Storf Year ago

    I want to have cod on the Nintendo switch I’m getting a Nintendo switch in about two months so I want actual gun games on it

  • Swag Trooper
    Swag Trooper Year ago

    We had cod on vita so this should come out on switch

  • Javier Valencia
    Javier Valencia Year ago


  • Colin Meiners
    Colin Meiners Year ago

    you are super cool

  • Banan Al-Qarni
    Banan Al-Qarni Year ago

    Tmartn Where is Your Call of duty Videos

  • Gilbert Lopez
    Gilbert Lopez Year ago +1

    Just do I really want it on the switch

  • chris sauceda
    chris sauceda Year ago

    I would really like for there to be black ops 4 for switch that would be so cool

  • Seth Romero
    Seth Romero Year ago

    Yes this call of duty needs to be on Switch

  • Maykin
    Maykin Year ago

    Tmart the videos are amazing keep it up and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future!

  • C 23
    C 23 Year ago +1

    Can’t wait until all the big cod youtubers flock back when BO4 drops...

  • Elite_Pharaoh The T2


  • Reymatik Beatz
    Reymatik Beatz Year ago

    Tmartn make more videos we miss you!

  • TheSemenCollector
    TheSemenCollector Year ago +3

    lol tmartn hasn't uploaded in 3 weeks cuz cod is dead

  • ThatGuyWithDimples
    ThatGuyWithDimples Year ago +1

    How to make the best cod:
    Modern Era like modern warfare series
    Dlc exprience like cod ghosts
    Wager/party matches like bo1/bo2
    Customization like bo3
    AND best ranked exprience like bo2
    Make it happen and you’ll please many. It’s what we want most. IW and SHG are really shitting themselves and activision should be glad they have a team like 3arch to actually listen for once

  • Jacob Olson
    Jacob Olson Year ago

    Why'd he stop posting

    • Jacob Olson
      Jacob Olson Year ago

      KarlG lmao

    • KarlG
      KarlG Year ago

      he got diagnosed with cancer :(
      it is true i am his doctor

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson Year ago

    The switch can barely handle Rocket League, I dont see it being a good idea.

  • SmugZebra wjswgwuwiwieuei

    Bo4 for Nintendo switch, MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLES

  • emboltic
    emboltic Year ago +1

    Cod really just needs to take a few years off..

  • Szybki Piorun
    Szybki Piorun Year ago +2


  • Sam Piral
    Sam Piral Year ago

    Hopefully it is true but Im not sure.

  • Niek De Jong
    Niek De Jong Year ago

    But when they do finaly ghost 2

  • zfly47
    zfly47 Year ago

    Yo tmartn is a hypocrite. He was just saying last year before ww2 came out that everybody wanted a world war 2 theme cod. Sometimes i feel these youtubes have to much influence on these games.SMH

  • Allison
    Allison Year ago +3

    It is disgusting what you got away with and you know it.

  • Foogle O
    Foogle O Year ago

    Remember watching you play MW3 back in the day

  • PeteyPlay
    PeteyPlay Year ago

    .......I should get a Nintendo Switch now. dang...

  • Azz Lowe
    Azz Lowe Year ago

    Tmartn ... please upload more

  • Roblox Project
    Roblox Project Year ago

    play roblox noob

  • kyler robinson
    kyler robinson Year ago

  • What A Guy Ryan
    What A Guy Ryan Year ago

    3:12 did he call it a twitch..

  • アニメ大好き


  • Tomi Qvist
    Tomi Qvist Year ago

    Hajaj yeas uoof

  • Zak Sheppard
    Zak Sheppard Year ago

    Are you the guy who sang the pedophile song?

  • nathanjyk
    nathanjyk Year ago

    dont take ur fans for granted

  • Josh Killa
    Josh Killa Year ago

    I made a video talking about bo4 coming too and it honestly excited me I loved black ops 2 (fav cod) and I feel treyarch will make it really similar

  • Owen -O
    Owen -O Year ago

    I Was In Your Siege Match You Were Afk And Left:(

  • junior vallejo
    junior vallejo Year ago

    I want black ops 123 on switch

  • Donnie 44
    Donnie 44 Year ago +1


  • Daddy Yes
    Daddy Yes Year ago

    Wasn’t active
    Is cooper still alive?

  • *db*
    *db* Year ago +21

    Glad your channels died. 👍 peace out 👋

  • Kwadell Smith
    Kwadell Smith Year ago

    Dawg can we just get COD Ghosts 2. I just want to play the campaign😂

  • Strategic Steps
    Strategic Steps Year ago

    As long as there is a nuke I will be happy!

  • Kha0z
    Kha0z Year ago

    Ur getting lamer af

  • Max Ford
    Max Ford Year ago

    i want on the switch i have one and it would be AWSOME

  • Mvp Echoes
    Mvp Echoes Year ago

    it was confirmed cod bo4 only on switch nothing else no ps4 or xbox1 cod is dead

  • Gaming's Finest
    Gaming's Finest Year ago

    There were full versions of BO2 and Ghosts on Wii u

  • AKA Izzy
    AKA Izzy Year ago

    Switch is my main console so I'd love this if true.

  • micah ani
    micah ani Year ago

    Tmartn talking about other's motives. Lol

  • Secret bun
    Secret bun Year ago

    Why haven't you killed yourself

  • Jay Rajput
    Jay Rajput Year ago

    Hey tmartn

  • King Cheeks
    King Cheeks Year ago

    Bo2 remastered👀

  • Caz Sarnacki
    Caz Sarnacki Year ago

    I want good killstreaks that’s aren’t impossible to get

  • oFly David L.B
    oFly David L.B Year ago

    Just remaster bo2 and i be happy lol

  • Netete Amu
    Netete Amu Year ago

    Please God COD on Nintendo switch

  • GaBrIeLA7X12
    GaBrIeLA7X12 Year ago

    If they do a CoD battle-royal everyone’s gonna be head over heels like with the advanced movement and then we’re gonna be back to everyone wanting boots on the ground make call of duty great again crap that everyone kept saying

  • ZloudjTV
    ZloudjTV Year ago

    Really I'd prefer it if they just pushed 45fps and went for higher quality textures 1080p Docked, and 720p(high textures and effects), 600p(low-ish textures and medium effects), and 544p (low textures, no Shadows, and low-ish effects) undocked modes for the sake of battery. And make sure FoV can be managed.

  • ProdByFox
    ProdByFox Year ago

    to be honest i would love to see another vietnam based game like bo1, but I am totally fine with a modern era game or even another world war game. just keep the boots on the ground lol, glad to see them coming back to the roots.

  • Shmack_Head
    Shmack_Head Year ago

    the thumbnail is modern combat 5 on phone

  • The auto subie guy

    Black ops Thor

  • Jake Malis
    Jake Malis Year ago

    TmarTn can you do a Fortnight tips and tricks series or a aiming guide. LOVE THE VIDEOS!!!

    • Jake Malis
      Jake Malis Year ago

      I also used your code to get kontrol freak thumbtacks hopefully they can improve my aim.