Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 9, 2019

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week's Monday Night Raw to revisit the show's most thrilling, physical and controversial moments - Presented by TapOut
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Comments • 924

  • Catpetsooo cool
    Catpetsooo cool Month ago

    3:41 When legends strike back.

  • Kasa Filipo
    Kasa Filipo Month ago

    Stone cold is my favourite

  • kenji andino
    kenji andino Month ago

    Clase equipo ese ufff

  • CAL
    CAL Month ago

    I must say AJ sold that stunner pretty god damn good. But he's but the fact that he honestly think he's better than Stone Cold makes me sick.

  • flabbymcgamer
    flabbymcgamer Month ago

    Is it me or does stone cold Steve Austin (I didn't know what to shorten it to) never age

  • Prajvin Saxena
    Prajvin Saxena Month ago

    WWE RAW is turning into a Rock concert!!!! Everywhere something interesting nd exciting is happen

  • Maria Yenny Pargas
    Maria Yenny Pargas Month ago

    Quiero que undetaker vuelva

  • Milica V.
    Milica V. Month ago


  • Billebobeatup
    Billebobeatup Month ago

    Are those warriors going to fake leukemia to go film a fast and furious movie? Oh wait that's just Roman..f you Reigns. Fake @$$

  • devin en zijn vrienden Albers

    I am a big fan of ricochet

  • Beverly Stewart
    Beverly Stewart Month ago

    Stone cold Steve Austin 😘💀

  • Phindile Makwakwa
    Phindile Makwakwa Month ago

    Stone cold stunner

  • Jesus Christ Will Reign

    When Bray says see you in hell he is not kidding there is a such thing as the devil his name literally means adversary this is just one the ways he is throwing it right in your face, laughing at you, Sadly the majority of today's world are blind to the enemy. They say the best place to hide is right in front of you that is 100% true, Please repent people there is Good news Jesus is the Good news seek him while you are still alive after death it is to late I love you all that's why I am warning you.

  • You just made The List

    Gimme a hell yeah!!!

  • You just made The List

    Now this is the Roman we wanna see

  • Syed Noore Rasul
    Syed Noore Rasul Month ago +1

    2:35 me trying to swim for the first time

  • cogollo Salvaje
    cogollo Salvaje Month ago

    4:39 cae en cualquier parte menos en Zamoa joe

  • Mehmet Biter
    Mehmet Biter Month ago


  • Nguyên Trần
    Nguyên Trần Month ago

    My aj styles !

  • Arif Bhamani
    Arif Bhamani Month ago

    Superb entertaining raw👌

  • Juan Arellano Paez
    Juan Arellano Paez Month ago +1

    2 Matches For WWE Crown Jewel 2019
    1:Triple H Vs Rey Mysterio Or Shane Mcmahon
    2:The Undertaker Vs Drew Mcintyre Or Daniel Bryan

  • Glenda
    Glenda Month ago

    *when Alex wins the match for the team*
    literary 2 second later: *stone cold comes out *

  • Marsha Meloney
    Marsha Meloney Month ago

    WTF has WWE done with AJ Styles 😤😭I'm just kidding it's good but I don't understand why Cedric defeated AJ.

  • Tayy
    Tayy Month ago

    okay but the knee erick gave aj & anderson was awesome

  • gita tiwari
    gita tiwari Month ago

    why rikishi need to stand to pin joe he could have pinned him immediately. Even a child can guess its a drama total drama, Its doesn't look like a sports entertainment but a tv serial. Wwe used to be to good show.

  • Reborn8303
    Reborn8303 Month ago

    Just when you think RAW is going in a good direction . it's still a hot pile of garbage

  • pubg lover video
    pubg lover video Month ago +1


    CHAMPION SK Month ago

    We love you stone cold Steve austion.

  • oof poof
    oof poof Month ago

    Aj takes 3 finishers in 1 night wow wat a guy

  • Kona Jyun
    Kona Jyun Month ago


  • Kona Jyun
    Kona Jyun Month ago

    "The Fiend never forgets" made me think about Bray Wyatt's lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania for some reason, clearly that's very unrelated now.

  • Mac Gaming
    Mac Gaming Month ago

    Surprised that Rowan didn’t attack the little kids

  • Justin Crimmins
    Justin Crimmins Month ago

    Someone tell the viking raiders their to damn big to be moving like that😂

  • MasadhaGaming
    MasadhaGaming Month ago

    Vince, please push Mysterio as much as Rollins get pushed by you.

  • Zoe Gomez
    Zoe Gomez Month ago

    Finally! Awesome!

  • Zoe Gomez
    Zoe Gomez Month ago

    Rey Mysterio i lovet ❤

  • _jack_. 0465
    _jack_. 0465 Month ago

    War raiders? Is that you?😂

  • Dean Oduah
    Dean Oduah Month ago

    AJ sold all the moves on this Raw

  • Cake Monster6
    Cake Monster6 Month ago

    Gordon Ramsays worst show RAW

  • Anil kumar
    Anil kumar Month ago +1

    Remay sterio is a legend.. ❤

  • Gagan Riar
    Gagan Riar Month ago

    3:47 stunner! 💪

  • Dip Das
    Dip Das Month ago


  • stone cold stive Austin

    Give me a hell yeah stone cold Steve Austin 3:16 is the best I love you 💕💕👍👍👍

  • Carlos Josue
    Carlos Josue Month ago


  • Dodgy Des
    Dodgy Des Month ago

    Where aop gone there should be getting a run in the tag team division

  • Aymen Bba
    Aymen Bba Month ago

    good faiking gooooooood

  • Patrice Calbert
    Patrice Calbert Month ago

    Floor horse women

  • GBZOholika81
    GBZOholika81 Month ago

    Someone please tell me who the hell is throwing the Beer Cans at Austin. I want to know this one thing for about 30 Years

    JAMES C Month ago

    The kids should have been number 1.

  • Grimmjow
    Grimmjow Month ago

    5:05Yo AJ got so much air😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Cook
    Alex Cook Month ago

    romans speech should have been #1 no doubt

  • M R
    M R Month ago +1

    How did AJ get so much height on that lumbar attack by Cedric? That was insane.

  • Marcos Martinez
    Marcos Martinez Month ago

    See you in hell 🤣

  • Brandon Hudson
    Brandon Hudson Month ago

    Charlotte looking good

  • BrotherDJ10 _YT
    BrotherDJ10 _YT Month ago

    Corbin can't succeed in anything in the WWE

  • LazyCIoud
    LazyCIoud Month ago

    bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh brauns beard when he drank the cann lmaoooooooooooooo he became santa clause :p XD

  • Huncho Grinding
    Huncho Grinding Month ago

    So I’m expecting Samoa joe to get a push sense he’s not gonna win king of the ring

  • Maureen Sayah
    Maureen Sayah Month ago

    Those twin tag team went where? Maverick was their manager 🤔

  • Dibakar Ray
    Dibakar Ray Month ago +1

    Salutes to the legendary Steve
    He thrown that a j like tiny particle with the great stunner.

    • Sooraj Jayaprakash
      Sooraj Jayaprakash Month ago

      Bro it looks incredible because aj sold it well. Credits to AJ

  • Mirza Abdurrehman Shakeel

    Its time for Corbin