Game of Thrones Season 8 - The Iron Throne Spoiler Discussion

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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    The Soup Gang discusses the final episode of Game of Thrones.
    Game of Thrones Season 8 - The Iron Throne Spoiler Discussion
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  • Nerd Soup
    Nerd Soup  3 months ago +518

    Alright, guys, Game of Thrones is officially over! It's been an incredible 10 years, but all good things must come to an end. From everyone here at Nerd Soup, we want to thank for joining us these past 3 years as we explored the world of Westeros, and we hope you continue to tune in to the SOUP! You guys are what keeps our channel going and growing strong, so thank you again for your support.
    Oh yeah, and please download Raid: Shadow Legends lol
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    • Bill
      Bill 2 months ago

      The fact that it took you this long to see that the writers couldn't handle it is kinda sad, when you are suppose to objectively analyze and talk about the show.

    • Martine Favol
      Martine Favol 2 months ago

      Thanks Nerd Soup for all your reviews about the show. I will miss you 🙏😞🙏

    • Nico G
      Nico G 2 months ago

      Hey guys please try to watch some of The Dragon Demands videos he'll explain why there is not enough dialogue and so many plot holes and thanks for the vids

    • Jim Flagg
      Jim Flagg 2 months ago

      Maybe you can come back when (maybe IF) George finishes the books. I will continue to watch your reviews of the other shows.

    • Jared Dowty
      Jared Dowty 2 months ago

      The Wire Season Two is amazing, you simpletons.

  • Nebula Nigrim Leonis
    Nebula Nigrim Leonis 25 days ago

    There was no TIME for Jon to think and mull it over. THAT IS THE POINT. In war sometimes there is no time. Jon was taught to do the unfair, dishonorable thing when he fought North of the Wall and was stabbed to death. He was taught to kill, someone that had not done anything to him, but was dangerous by the Half Hand. And forced to do it, by the Half Hand. The more I rewatch it. The more the speed of events makes sense.
    And to ask what is the point of Jon being a Targaryen, makes me regret all the hours that I invested watching your youtube. This makes me sad...

  • john dodsworth
    john dodsworth 29 days ago

    Are you guys okay? I can help brush up your resumes anytime, it would be my honour.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Its all Brans fault. If he never mention to jon that he was targarian dany wouldn't be that way.

  • Matthew Halsall
    Matthew Halsall Month ago

    The first game of throne episode I watched was the finale. I had a friend who was a dire hard fan give an explanation. I have since watched seasons 1-3 as I enjoyed the acting and cinematography in the finale. I know many people hate the finale from a story and plot perspective, but from a technical perspective, it was far better than most other shows on TV, to the point where I adjusted what I watch so I could watch Game of Thrones.

  • Elijah
    Elijah 2 months ago

    5th harry potter movie? Azkaban? Thats the third

  • Vincent Phillips
    Vincent Phillips 2 months ago

    No matter what Jon has to live with alot of pain from killing Dany to the betrayal of his fellow nights watch men etc. So he is never going to be truly happy.

  • Vincent Phillips
    Vincent Phillips 2 months ago

    Well Jon being Targ I feel was so that he was really the only one that can get that close to her. Others would have been killed by the dragon.

  • ryan spicer
    ryan spicer 2 months ago

    Would it have been better if right before Drogon was about to burn jon snow. Bran warged him? Then said “Why do you think i came all this way” lol

  • RoboticSnowman
    RoboticSnowman 2 months ago +1

    bran the busted up

  • Gloria Mitchell
    Gloria Mitchell 2 months ago


  • Crazy Broad
    Crazy Broad 2 months ago

    GRRM is struggling to finish the books for how long now? I’m not the biggest fan of the season, many unanswered questions, but D&D are not the only ones to blame.

  • Riebenzahl -
    Riebenzahl - 2 months ago

    looking for a great 5 season series?

    Babylon 5

    well the first 4 seasons at least xD

  • Annie Nunyabiz
    Annie Nunyabiz 2 months ago

    I haven't seen anyone comment this, but it's really f-ed up after Theon's redemption and heroic death, NO ONE TOLD YARA! I would have LOVED a scene with her getting that news.

  • Bitchslapped
    Bitchslapped 2 months ago

    You guys sound so disappointed, Aaron barely even talks except for a joke or two every ten minutes

  • Ozybeastias
    Ozybeastias 2 months ago +1

    Once the books are done in 100 years, the animators behind the Castlevania series should remake the show.

  • Martine Favol
    Martine Favol 2 months ago

    Who like the new prince of Dome?

  • Martine Favol
    Martine Favol 2 months ago

    BRAVO to Peter Dinklage great actor to Kit Harrington to Varys, to Emilia Clark. Sansa Aria to house of Mormont and more great actors and actresses. Thanks for the performance 🙏👍👊👏

  • Martine Favol
    Martine Favol 2 months ago

    It was no time to digest all that. I am so sad about the entire season 8. They blew up that season 8.. But I love Game of thrones I am trying to stay strong for the spirit of the show. I wish it was a different ending for Jon but I have to agree with Tommend Jon" you belong to the real north"

  • ronnie mac
    ronnie mac 2 months ago

    IS!!!! GRRM going to finish the books??? Guess if not, that’s the “Bittersweet Ending”🙄

    • ronnie mac
      ronnie mac 2 months ago

      And I should say thanks to the nerd soup team, you’ve provided so many insights into the crazy GoT world for the last few years and also had some to and fro between what was right and wrong but always objectively.... cheers guys 👍

  • ThePunikaTV
    ThePunikaTV 2 months ago

    I still enjoy "The long Night" as a stand alone episode. I really like Arya killing the Night King because Jon is still responsible for everything leading up to it (making allies with wildlings, taking winterfell back from the boltons, uniting the north, bringing Dany into the fight against the dead) and I think it is really fitting for Arya (trained assasin by a cult that whorships the god of death) to kill the embodiment of death.

    I just think that Jon should have a much bigger role after the Night King, being the rightful heir to the Iron throne and all that. And the order of "big bads" was weird. They should have lost Winterfell to the Night King and being forced to deal with Cersei first. After that they would deal with the two biggest threats in the show. First the Night King (Ice) and after that they have to deal with Dany (Fire). And responsible for their deaths (even if arya kills the night king, jon would still be responsible for beating him) would be Jon Snow (Ice and Fire). And wouldn't it look awesome seeing Kings Landing first ravaged by the army of the dead and later on the red keep by Danys dragon fire?

  • ThePunikaTV
    ThePunikaTV 2 months ago

    Heads up: I am not trying to defend the show. It is what it is.

    I think many people don't believe the "Mad Queen" Dany Plot (besiedes the rushed writing) because she isn't really "Mad" like the Mad King. Aerys was mad as in completely disturbed and paranoid and completely detached from reallity. Danys "Madness" comes almost only from her irrational and emotional reactions to the situation she is facing. There are many things in the past that show how emotional she is reacting to all kinds of stuff (crossing of the masters, burning the tarlys, burning masters,...).

    Edit: There is one foreshadowing for Bran being King: "The climb is all there is". Who is the best we know at climbing and who lost his ability to do so? Wouldn't it be cool if he would get the chance to climb the laddah metaphorically speaking? I kinda like it.

  • Jamal Lonesome
    Jamal Lonesome 2 months ago

    Wait! John stabbed his love in the heart and Drogon set the thorn "of swords" aflame. Is that the prophecy coming to?

  • Colin Chekaluk
    Colin Chekaluk 2 months ago

    Anyone else notice how they left greyworm and misande (spelling) out of the feast scenes because wanted to show that dany was “alone” I feel like they would have been there as Danys best friend and the commander of a large portion of danys forces

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy 2 months ago

    Jon should've killed the Night King! All the build up and the staredown between the Night King and Jon. Thy should've dueled!!

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy 2 months ago

    Tyrion should've been killed, he was protecting his family. The books won't have a tree as King. I also don't think Dany will burn King's Landing. She's 1 of 5 characters who live until the end and Dany's 1 of them.

  • Kami Attack
    Kami Attack 2 months ago +1

    You know I really enjoy listening you guys talk about GOT , you are so passsionate about GOT both books and show. How about you do video discussions on the following subject :
    - Each one of you narrate (can take 1h video I don't care) how you would have written the story of season 8 if you had only 6 episode. Let's say you are D&D lol
    - HBO gives you as many seasons as you want, how would you have written GOT story from season 8 to the very end ?
    (I want each of you to write your own story, not together, and narrate to the other in different videos :)

  • Francis Edwards
    Francis Edwards 2 months ago

    Oh - and the dragon shot was just predictable and anticlimactic. Pretty but cringe.

  • Francis Edwards
    Francis Edwards 2 months ago

    RIP Aaron - fanboying until the end. Ignoring obvious things, constantly sitting on the fence. Good to see at least two people on this show actually talk sense without going overboard.

  • Wade Tunnell
    Wade Tunnell 2 months ago

    Found you guys earlier this year a few weeks before the season 8 premier. Kept me company through many hours of class. I hope we get to hear you talk Thrones some more soon!

  • MegaAlberto96
    MegaAlberto96 2 months ago

    finally got to finish watching this cast, got new headphones a few days ago and I just realized Marissa's voice is super pleasant to listen to 🤔

  • KP LLC
    KP LLC 2 months ago

    Edmure Tully was one of the highlights

  • Tekked Park
    Tekked Park 2 months ago +1

    One of these dudes sounds exactly like Toren Atkinson of caustic soda.

  • Justin K.
    Justin K. 2 months ago

    Are you guys planning on doing a video on the bonus episode that came out a few days ago? If you did do a 40+ minute long review I would totally watch every second...

  • kdkseven
    kdkseven 2 months ago

    Same old "bad writing!" arguments. This has really grown stale. Come up with something interesting to say.

  • Steph Snow
    Steph Snow 2 months ago

    1. Are you guys going to “con if thrones?”
    2. Can you review the “making of” GOT documentary they just released?
    3.If you get an opportunity Ramin D is going on tour this fall and I saw him during season 6 and it is amazing. There is not only a live orchestra, a choir, 3D animations of weirwood trees and dragons, they make it SNOW! and many other surprises. They play scenes from the’s amazing 😉 go!

  • Dee Basra
    Dee Basra 2 months ago

    They should have spent less time to special effects and war and more time on the story and more dialogue

  • Dee Basra
    Dee Basra 2 months ago

    He’s The Fresh Prince of Dorne !

  • Dee Basra
    Dee Basra 2 months ago

    It was snow

  • Nathan Herring
    Nathan Herring 2 months ago

    i haven't seen this mentioned on any channels, regarding GOT, but "Bran" was the first chapter in "A Game of Thrones." To speak of an author that foreshadows so much, I can't think of more foreshadowing than having the opening chapter character becoming king.
    I agree that the last few seasons were rushed, but Bran was set up to be the most important character.
    I, like many others, wish the series finished better, and more importantly, fuller.
    Thank you Nerd Soup for all of the great commentary, theories, thoughts, and entertainment!

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey 2 months ago

    Love you guys, I'm sticking around and keen to hear your next series of stuff. You guys are awesome. And Marissa, you make my ears sing with your sweet and always spot-on observations, lets run away together and start a new Westeros, a better Westeros.

  • Viv Varghese
    Viv Varghese 2 months ago +1

    The Wire S2 was one of the best what are you on about?

  • afterwork art
    afterwork art 2 months ago

    I had to start watching from season 7 for it to become better.... from the start of season 7 to the end its basically like watching a long movie...

  • James Harrelson
    James Harrelson 2 months ago

    They had two years to make an epic final season. So disappointing!

  • juan Alvarez
    juan Alvarez 2 months ago

    Bran don't even belong to the six kingdoms since the North is independent

  • Rob _
    Rob _ 2 months ago

    People seem mad at d+d. No ones like George where are you? It's his work and something that had to be worked around. I bet they anticipated at least another book to be done.

  • Robert MacPherson
    Robert MacPherson 2 months ago +1

    Do you guys seriously believe Sansa would say no to the throne ?? Wow .. she would take that in a heart beat

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy 2 months ago

    Yes, why Daenerys went 2 the North and help them ungrateful Northerners. Bronn and Davos surviving is Bullshit! What is the 3rd twist? They've never said.

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy 2 months ago

    I think I cried when Jon killed Dany and the reaction from Drogon. I think Bran is evil, he knew all this would happen and did nothing. The writing is atrocious!

  • Hammer Of Witches
    Hammer Of Witches 2 months ago

    You guys are overanalyzing art too much, if you’re not creating yourself there’s no need to drive yourself mad by thinking “this is what they could have done” etc. etc. it’s all bullshit. Disliked.

  • Bobbie Fisher
    Bobbie Fisher 2 months ago

    Bran is the worst choice for a king. An alien, no more human than the NK, a guy with no empathy, no gratitude, no desire to rule, no experience ruling, no qualm about others giving their lives for him, no emotion - and a skynet ability to see all, which he could lie about and everyone would believe. He could be the worst thing that ever happened to Westeros. He could easily be a dictator for life - and a life that lasts for eons. Bran would be the absolutely LAST person/alien I would want as ruler. The potential for abuse is so great and his knowledge of the past is available in Old Town for the most part. He could even see people who are plotting against him if he turns bad. He's a nightmare.

  • Sidney Montoya
    Sidney Montoya 2 months ago

    I dont know nerd soup peeps' names, but the monkey dude trying to "justify" his opinion by saying "the episode just isn't that bad..." WTF!????! I dont think I can listen to these guys anymore after this infuriating excusing of GoT s8

  • Bridgit OfOld
    Bridgit OfOld 2 months ago

    Is Monkey in the denial phase of grief? It's ok Monkey you will get there.

  • Chris Richardson
    Chris Richardson 2 months ago +1

    "Why resurrect Jon?" Because he was the only one who could get close to the threat of Fire after Ice had been defeated. It's the book series title. A Song of Ice and Fire. Love the discussion. You all care a lot and it's fun hearing you wrangle with the dragon of a series.

  • Jim Flagg
    Jim Flagg 2 months ago

    Kings Mute 2.0 was the worst for me. How about breaking the kingdoms back up into the 7 kingdoms. This all started when the Targarians joined all of the 7 kingdoms under the iron thrown. This is such bad writing. Also, Bran said like 4 episodes ago that he can not be Lord of any thing because he is now the 3 eyed raven and yet he excepts the kingship. WTF. Bad, bad writing. They should have brought John forward and tell him he is now king and John says, "Danny died by my own hand, trying to break the wheel. I will not except. We need to break the kingdoms back up with separate kings and queens." Then John and Sam go back north to fix the wall. Again, write better.

  • Steve Decker
    Steve Decker 2 months ago

    Is it really over? Or just on a long hiatus(summer)? The 6 Kingdoms are run by GoT version of a god. Bran (3 Eyed Raven) lives in the past, but sees the future makes it seem like he is part of a bigger Entity (the last 3 Eyed Raven after humans become extinct after the Night King/Others win). Bran could be what some call R'hllor and the faith of the Seven is the council(noticed 7 chairs around the council table). The Night King(Nothing/Darkness/Winter) is in a constant battle with the 3 Eyed Raven(Knowledge/Light/Summer). 20 years down the line maybe Jon (who has been told he knows nothing) may have to become the Night King to stop the cycle.

  • Isaac
    Isaac 2 months ago

    You guys forgot Mad Men in your ranking of great series. Forever one of my absolute favorite pieces of television. Critically acclaimed and still somehow underrated.

  • Josh Chandler
    Josh Chandler 2 months ago

    #winternevercame lol

  • SJE
    SJE 2 months ago

    Obviously, this entire season was too rushed (and season 7) and there were loads of unanswered questions, lots of WTF? moments, but after I decided to try to switch off being nitpicky I did mostly enjoy most of the episodes as I was watching. However, there was one thing that bothered me more than anything, which Marissa mentioned, and that was the character of Jon Snow. As in, he was mostly invisible the entire season. Did he even have any dialogue other than 'you are my queen/she is our queen/I don't want the throne'? This is a main character? And the guy who didn't enjoy killing, who mercy killed Mance with an arrow rather than watch him burn alive, who banished the woman who resurrected him because she burned Shireen, he defended Dany after she carpet bombed an entire city of a million people? He questioned killing a mass murdering tyrant who was going to go ahead and 'liberate' the rest of the world? That character was butchered in the final episode (and possibly before that).

    I don't even mind how the characters ended up per se, but if you have to destroy an entire character's history and journey to get there... He not only knew nothing, he apparently learned nothing from Ned and Robb's mistakes. In fact, he regressed. He loved Ygritte but left her because he knew he had to get back to Castle Black to warn the Night's Watch. But somehow he loved Dany so much he was just going to be a subservient doormat and watch her destroy everywhere because... why? Honestly, I assumed the whole time that he was never in love with her because they never showed it - I thought he was afraid of what she could do so he was constantly placating her. There was nothing on screen that indicated to me he was ever in love with her. He looked so pained around her, he said nothing that would indicate she would actually be a good queen, they never had an open and honest conversation that didn't revolve around her etc etc

    Sorry for the essay, but this one really annoyed me! Show, don't tell! Even if the actors have no chemistry, there's ways around it for god's sake. But they just didn't do that. Least convincing romance ever. And that means Jon's motivations are completely unbelievable in the final episode. He always put duty and honour first, FFS.

  • mattatthome
    mattatthome 2 months ago

    Yo fuck DnD and fuck the show fanbois

  • Piers Mason
    Piers Mason 2 months ago

    You should do a video on theorising prequels (bloodmoon). I mean it's hard to narrow down but I'm sure you guys have good ideas. Love the content on this channel by the way

  • Valerie Norton
    Valerie Norton 2 months ago

    So Thank goodness everyone has finally realised why she burned Kingslanding down, Yes!? Nothing to do with Cersee she could have flown straight over to the keep and taken her out. She lived in fear so she descimated the realm that would love Jon! Simple really. The two ding bat writers just couldn't finish it off properly.

  • Guadalupe Munoz
    Guadalupe Munoz 2 months ago

    There were many many theories for End Game, none of them were right, and the majority of people who have problems with the Last Jedi and GoT season 8, enjoyed the movie. But yeah, Rian can continue to justify the hate by blaming them on fan theories. It's bad writing. Hollywood, fans don't like bad writing.

  • Zombie Media
    Zombie Media 2 months ago

    It's about the journey, not the destination for me. I had an amazing
    time watching this show over the years, conversations with friends,
    watching lore videos, and learning about the world. The ending sucked,
    but most of the ride was amazing to watch and i had a great time for
    most of it. I'll really miss Westoros

  • Bobbie Fisher
    Bobbie Fisher 2 months ago

    I think the fact that a media monopoly like Disney using Benioff and Weiss taking over Star Wars is the perfect example of how Capitalism ruins Art. Star Wars fan should unite and fight for better. Benioff and Weiss just didn't care about the final season of GOT - it is known. Yes, it is known. And now prepare for a completely incoherent series of SW films that have ZERO payoffs for all the MILLIONS of red herrings they're going to strew along the way to their banks where they'll deposit their millions from us poor hard working-class fools who give our money to them like we're paying for the King's Clothes.

  • Bobbie Fisher
    Bobbie Fisher 2 months ago

    This article talks about how GOT lost it's way as a Political Drama - from The Atlantic, of all places...

  • Bobbie Fisher
    Bobbie Fisher 2 months ago

    I thought this pitch meeting for GOT season 8 was HILARIOUS and true....

  • Hamod Mustfa
    Hamod Mustfa 2 months ago

    Guyz you suck .. like really

  • hugh g. rection
    hugh g. rection 2 months ago

    You guys need to fix your volume. Its seriously jacked up.

  • John Jaxson
    John Jaxson 2 months ago

    Bran probably wants a master of whispers so when he dies the kingdoms don't fall apart.

  • Çağlayan Göksoy
    Çağlayan Göksoy 2 months ago

    What if Bran was actually warging into Drogon when he melted down the Iron Throne?

  • John Jaxson
    John Jaxson 2 months ago

    They were offered more seasons but the actors didn't want to come back.

  • Anke Jl
    Anke Jl 2 months ago

    So, Dany dies... Jon and Tyrion are in prison. And Greyworm calls all the leaders of Westeros together for advice?? Why?

  • Tim Friday
    Tim Friday 2 months ago

    I think the point was that the wheel doesn't break as easy as one might want or hope. It comes in small changes. The leaders 'elect' a leader. And then maybe later the leaders have smaller leaders in their individual realms that get a vote. and then more and more people end up getting a vote until it gets down to the small folk. but also, it's also i think taking a stab at 'democracy' in america. Like, the meeting in the dragon pit is like the electoral college and the idea of letting the 'popular vote' decide was like 'pffft, we gunna let these idiots make the decision??'

  • Tim Friday
    Tim Friday 2 months ago

    They didn't get what they wanted. And they all went through HELL. Like, to call their ending happy is only in comparison to the horrifying shit they all went through. Like, any ending where they didn't die, would have technically been 'happy' then. lol