Pochettino Out, Mourinho In: The Breakdown | B/R Football Ranks

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • ■ What went down with Poch last night
    ■ The inside line on why he wanted to leave
    ■ Reasons Mourinho could get top four
    ■ Tottenham’s huge gamble
    Poch out, Jose in. The Rank Squad Reacts.
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  • cacao1384
    cacao1384 Month ago

    Mourinho will be back in the champions baby !!

  • Spandan Samiran
    Spandan Samiran Month ago

    He will fail because he is not pochettino??!!! The guy who didn’t win anything ever in his life. Jose Mourinho’s failure at united is still better than Pochettino’s career

  • AceofSpoons
    AceofSpoons Month ago +1

    Poch will build a world class squad but can't win trophies;
    Mourinho is no builder, but he wins silverware if he has a solid team...
    Perhaps Tottenham are moving from phase 1 to 2 of their endgame.
    This actually seems smarter the more I think about it.

  • pablo garcia
    pablo garcia Month ago

    I feel like this is good for poch he should go to Bayern, Barca, or real and add trophies to his resume. i feel eventually pochettino will return to Spurs but for now both him and Tottenham need trophies, it's just not happening together right now

  • Sjnewcastle
    Sjnewcastle Month ago

    Where is the champions

  • user name
    user name Month ago

    At least Tottenham will finally get a trophy
    I really don’t understand why Jose wants star players when he never ends up using them for their abilities
    I seriously see it as a waste of money and talent but he will get a trophy

  • Bill
    Bill Month ago +1

    Poch could turn Arsenal into a deadly squad, if given time and cash.

  • Cecil Tak
    Cecil Tak Month ago

    Mourinho: I'm still the Special One. The Special One with a lot of prove to himself and his critics

  • SubjectRandom
    SubjectRandom Month ago +1

    I can imagine The Champions episode having a blast with this one. Imagine Jose saying something like 'I'm your opponent, I'm the only one! And now Spurs, it could get nasty.....sharpish'.

  • Kristoff S
    Kristoff S Month ago

    I hope Poch gets the Real job, or even the Bayern job, I'd hate to see him at Man U

  • Jason FAJ
    Jason FAJ Month ago +1

    He rebuilt Chelsea in 2004 and 2013. He overhauled half the squad and brought in 6-8 new players in his first year in both terms, and the team ended up making a profit. Spurs have amazing scouts. They brought in Sanchez, Moura, Son, Lo Celso, all reasonable prices and wages. The only problem is they won’t be making any profits from the overhauled squad because they are leaving on a free, unless Mourinho convinces them to stay.

  • Joe Stockton
    Joe Stockton Month ago

    Dec 4th should be entertaining.

  • celticwarrior 85
    celticwarrior 85 Month ago +18

    *First scene in the new The Champions episode*

    Jose: I'm back b**ches!!!!!

  • The Kobster 05
    The Kobster 05 Month ago

    Daniel levy melon of the week

  • Gaming Senseii
    Gaming Senseii Month ago +1

    I think now that Spurs have a new stadium, they feel obliged to fill it with some trophies. Nobody engraves the names of runners up in history. And they do have an incredible squad (could use better full backs). Maybe instead of rejuvenating the squad, the missing ingredient may be the manager. So, good for them. Think abt it. All the other clubs in the top 6 (Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool) have trophies. And I think it's fair enough that just being runners up won't do anymore. Regardless of the future, Mourinho's genius cannot be denied.

    GAMING BOY JR Month ago

    Can you please please please shout out me

  • marcel chalobah
    marcel chalobah Month ago +1

    This is an insult I'm not a spurs fan. Pochitino has done above and beyond for spurs ungrateful pricks

  • Alexi Trinune
    Alexi Trinune Month ago +1

    Forward to see poche and Jose in the Champions.

  • E M
    E M Month ago +2

    Mou in, Zlatan in, Poch to Gunners.

  • Asha Tissopi
    Asha Tissopi Month ago +24

    i actually think this good for pochettinho cause he could probably manage a better club now

  • Muhammed Sabeer
    Muhammed Sabeer Month ago

    Jones ready to moving spurs.. Bus..

  • Michael Finch
    Michael Finch Month ago +32

    See how everyone is saying jose is gonna turn spurs around in the nextt few months when he gets a few defeats everyone is gonna be like he was never right for the job jus watch...

    • labib sanni
      labib sanni Month ago

      @Clay Lego facts.if the team is winning,one player's credit.but if the team is losing always the manager's fault

    • Clay Lego
      Clay Lego Month ago +1

      Than it’s not the managers fault it’s something wrong with the organization

    • Knee Capitator
      Knee Capitator Month ago

      Michael Finch I’m a spurs fan I don’t see him doing much if I’m being honest, I think he might move them up a bit but not much

  • scorpion3128
    scorpion3128 Month ago

    Tottenham just want to destroy everything they've built over the last few years. It's gonna be a dumpster fire within 2 and a half years when Mou gets sacked.

  • Aadarsh A
    Aadarsh A Month ago

    Judas 101

  • Geogaming YT
    Geogaming YT Month ago


  • Hansi  Popel
    Hansi Popel Month ago +7

    i feel like he is gonna head to bayern or manU is gonna go crazy if real can not get him (poch)

  • Pas Gameplay
    Pas Gameplay Month ago +3

    I am from future I come here after 2021/22 to say that Jose Mourinho is sacked in the morning after terrible results

    • Yoseph A
      Yoseph A Month ago

      @Pas Gameplay playoffs of what lol

    • Pas Gameplay
      Pas Gameplay Month ago

      Last one was 1:0 loss against Manchester United in the Championship after failing to get into the play offs.

    • Yoseph A
      Yoseph A Month ago

      what was the result??

  • Yonaka god
    Yonaka god Month ago +5

    Jose is a manager... Worst tan pochetino (yo no hablo inglés much bien)

    • ayo
      ayo Month ago

      Jose is worse manager than pochettino

    • Jeramy1440 Jack
      Jeramy1440 Jack Month ago

      Yonaka god todo bien amigo 👍

  • Jimmy Costa Mendes
    Jimmy Costa Mendes Month ago +37

    Imagine Tottenham beating Man Utd 🤣🤣🤣

    • Trent Malloy
      Trent Malloy Month ago

      Jacob Lambert maybe united but Chelsea will rock your world

    • Osman Aguilar
      Osman Aguilar Month ago

      united sucks right now so it won't be a surprise

    • SubjectRandom
      SubjectRandom Month ago

      TBH, it could happen. You never know until after the whistle is blown. Others might be of the opinion that Jose could divide the team, who knows.

    • vr8
      vr8 Month ago +1

      @Jacob Lambert dream on

    • Jacob Lambert
      Jacob Lambert Month ago +6

      It'll be the ultimate shithousery when we beat Chelsea and Man Utd in December.

  • Battlefront Gamer
    Battlefront Gamer Month ago +4

    What a stupid decision
    This has helped spurs to four back to back champions.
    He reached the finals of champion's league without buying any player like who does that.
    And then they sacked him for this clown like WTF COYS

  • Rentarou Nozomu
    Rentarou Nozomu Month ago +145

    Really looking fwd to seeing this in The Champions

    • RAYGUNZ Competitive
      RAYGUNZ Competitive Month ago

      Dude next episode goin 2 be insane😂 Kovac out of Bayern. Now Poch. And fucking Jose coming back into the house. Pogba goin 2 have a trauma😂😂😂

    • V McSause
      V McSause Month ago +1


    • Jimmy Costa Mendes
      Jimmy Costa Mendes Month ago +3

      Yeah...I wanna see what they come up with

  • Binky Ferrari
    Binky Ferrari Month ago +36

    Mourinho inherits a squad 100 times better than the one he got at Man United. And he was able to take that United dross to 2nd place and winning the Europa League.
    He will achieve even more at Spurs.

    • Binky Ferrari
      Binky Ferrari Month ago

      @Gehn Saavedro Spurs have the type of players Mourinho likes. If he brings in a couple of reinforcements, he WILL challenge for the League title.

    • Gehn Saavedro
      Gehn Saavedro Month ago +5

      Absolutely. And he knows Levy's reputation. But he'll also have less pressure at Spurs than at Utd. He's going to do good at Spurs.

    VAVU NG Month ago +4

    The special one return
    Trophy loading
    Hotspur players be ready to park the bus

  • Youngboy Raphael
    Youngboy Raphael Month ago +2

    The King is back Jose welcome man
    This time it's not Liverpool it's going to be Wolves

    • Youngboy Raphael
      Youngboy Raphael Month ago

      @Agus Lopez for real although am man United fan

    • Agus Lopez
      Agus Lopez Month ago +1

      Tottenham Will be a small club again, what a stupid decisión

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    Sports & Movies Month ago +1

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  • Pew Fan
    Pew Fan Month ago +5

    Wow my world litterally changed

  • Aizaz ALI308
    Aizaz ALI308 Month ago +21

    He's a very hungry Coach ! Competition coming for liverpool n Man City ! Watch out y'all !

    • Jeramy1440 Jack
      Jeramy1440 Jack Month ago

      Spandan Samiran all summed up with one name pogba.

    • Spandan Samiran
      Spandan Samiran Month ago

      Jeramy1440 Clash of kings k1035 oh wait! You are wrong! He tried taking things to the next level. But after 2nd finish and 19 points gap, united board thought how can we bridge 19 points gap!? ?? Let’s get a 3rd choice gk and 19 year old prospect rb. And Liverpool bought 6 top players in world football to bridge the gap. Now we see the result

    • Jeramy1440 Jack
      Jeramy1440 Jack Month ago

      Desporto the only two teams that he didn’t have a huge budget. He doesn’t have it in him to develop a team. Oh wait...I am right. Man U perfect example.

    • Desporto
      Desporto Month ago

      @Jeramy1440 Jack Like he did at Porto or Inter, oh wait...

    • Jeramy1440 Jack
      Jeramy1440 Jack Month ago +2

      Aizaz ALI308 you mean parking the bus coming.....he will spend them blind then leave them high and dry

  • Yakko
    Yakko Month ago


    • Yakko
      Yakko Month ago

      Joergen Schmoergen Je! Unazungumza nini?

    • Joergen Schmoergen
      Joergen Schmoergen Month ago

      Ata wewe uko ivi mazee...

  • Jayden Li
    Jayden Li Month ago +2

    Yes I got first like but somehow there is one dislike

  • Lallantop Rajiv
    Lallantop Rajiv Month ago

    0 likes, 2 dislikes already

  • _ImNotJesus _
    _ImNotJesus _ Month ago