A STAR IS BORN "Creating The Sound" Featurettes NEW (2018) - Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga


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    A STAR IS BORN "Creating The Sound" Featurettes NEW (2018) - Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga

  • Koo64
    Koo64 18 hours ago

    1:10 she has her shirt on then on 1:13 she doesn't have it. Wth?

  • tara thelen
    tara thelen Day ago

    Black eyes is such a killer opening

  • lifewater 33
    lifewater 33 Day ago

    Finally some real good old soul music it feels like the 80s were music use to touch every aspect of your life.

  • GaZzA pAgE
    GaZzA pAgE 2 days ago

    If he doesn't win an Oscar because Fred mercuries legend is larger, then acting is done. This guy deserves it, but we all know he won't win. I bet you mercury would vote for him.

  • marilynspal
    marilynspal 5 days ago

    CAN'T WAIT to watch them sing at the Oscars...I bet you he grins when she starts to belt it out....he loves her artistry SO much...if they don't win Best Song....there is NO JUSTICE

  • Yosi Osiris
    Yosi Osiris 7 days ago

    Gaga's so sweet. Prefer Cooper the way he looked like in the movie - with longer hair, more wild and sexy. His smile in the interview though was pretty appealing too.

  • Kitta Luz
    Kitta Luz 14 days ago

    Bradley lindissimo.

  • Jay Pastrana
    Jay Pastrana 17 days ago

    Welcome to the country genre.. You were born for this.

  • Ann T
    Ann T 18 days ago

    Bradley voice omg

  • artist45
    artist45 22 days ago

    Man, Lukas Nelson looks like Bo Bice! I actually thought it was Bo.

  • Kelly Mensah
    Kelly Mensah 23 days ago

    Their chemistry is really insane and palpable. I think they will and should do another film together.

  • Christopher Torres
    Christopher Torres 25 days ago

    Almost Famous

  • Jenifer Allison Gerra
    Jenifer Allison Gerra 25 days ago

    It's just soooo amazing to see the bare faced gaga in this movie. I mean, wihout too much make up on. She's just so breathtakingly beautiful 😍

  • jayy see
    jayy see Month ago

    This was the greatest soundtrack I've ever heard

  • Smilja Nik
    Smilja Nik Month ago

    Beautiful song !!! Serbia love you !!! Kija from Serbia

  • Adam W
    Adam W Month ago

    One of the best, rare, remakes of all time. Two amazing performances from the schumck blue blood boyfriend douchebag of Wedding Crashes and that Bad Romance chick who liked to wear dresses made of meat, lol! What a difference a little over a decade makes!

  • Bastian Rivero
    Bastian Rivero Month ago +1

    I thought it was lady gagas life story.. it wasnt but still a good movie, give it a 6.5 out of 10

  • T. L G
    T. L G Month ago

    She's so Beautiful! I love her in her natural self. Even though she says she feels more herself with the bright blond hair and makeup.

  • Dams Socadams
    Dams Socadams Month ago

    Vivement le blu ray.

  • Adam W
    Adam W Month ago

    I'm not throwing shade, I really like GaGa but is anything on this soundtrack being played on the radio? I just notice because Lite FM which I don't like but unfortunately end up hearing everywhere does not appear to be playing Shallow or I'll Never Love Again. Are either of these songs radio hits? I mean I'm still hearing A Million Reasons all the time and nothing from this soundtrack. Any of Bradley's stuff being played on country stations even?

  • Sébastien Mounier
    Sébastien Mounier Month ago

    Lady Gaga is defenitively very very cute and beautifull in this film.

  • Ally 27
    Ally 27 Month ago

    hi ALLY...i love this movie so much❤

  • Maks Mir
    Maks Mir Month ago

    So sad they can't be together in real life she is truly HAPPY when she is with him I mean just look at her at 1:50 I've never seen her like this...
    I think she knows it too thats why she was talking in another interview that she needed to cut ties with Allie immedietly and dyed her hair again as soon as they were done filming...

  • stanley davis
    stanley davis Month ago

    golden globs snub WTF????I saw it coming haters are every where...

  • Frantisek Kopacik
    Frantisek Kopacik Month ago



    Their chemistry is just sooo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 boommmm! I love this movie so much

  • Stephan Stieger
    Stephan Stieger Month ago

    Congratulation for the Golden Globe 2019...and next will come the Oscar....

  • Deer Heart
    Deer Heart Month ago

    I don't know if I can see it's looks heartbreaking

  • Queen Deirdre
    Queen Deirdre Month ago

    Holy smoke, Bradley Cooper, not just a pretty face! This role will be his legacy! 🇮🇪

  • Aline Catao
    Aline Catao Month ago

    She is amazing!!! I hate these people who can do everything and still look good.... lmao 😂 😂 😂 Who would say she could act... and he could sing that well!!!!!

  • Jay Kelley
    Jay Kelley Month ago

    The host at the end of this thing needs a mic.

  • Brendan Doddy
    Brendan Doddy Month ago

    1:11, Gaga's shoulder covered
    1:12, naked shoulder
    1:13, naked shoulder
    1:14, covered again!??!????

  • Maks Mir
    Maks Mir Month ago

    Just the best...

  • Bob Mason
    Bob Mason Month ago

    Bradley Cooper, you will get a academy award for this movie. Watch and see in 2019!

  • Andrea Watson
    Andrea Watson Month ago

    Please LISTEN TO ME SING 🌟 Always Remember Me 🌟This Way on my TVclip page Clickandrea 🙏💕❤️🤔🤔

  • Betterworld ok
    Betterworld ok 2 months ago

    I loved this movie so much... the characters were fascinating and I was mesmerised by it. The songs and the acting were incredible

  • SunShine
    SunShine 2 months ago

    Her performance in 2018 A Star is Born left ugly old Barbra Streisand and lip syncing talentless Madonna in the dirt. Streisand and Madonna didn't even deserve to shine Gaga's shoes. Streisand and Madonna are actually second class compared to Gaga.

  • Sonny Gutierrez
    Sonny Gutierrez 2 months ago

    I watch this movie 6 times in the theater. I can’t wait for blu Ray dvd in February so I can play this in my home.

  • Sari  Putri
    Sari Putri 2 months ago

    Mark Ronson is everywhere. Such a talented guy

  • Saint Kitten
    Saint Kitten 2 months ago

    Does anyone like Shallow? Check my latest video to watch me sing my heart out 💘

  • Marc van den Oord
    Marc van den Oord 2 months ago

    I am a tinitus patient myself.....I no the hurt, pain, deafnes..........lost......in a universe that hurt of the noise; your playing bradly and Lady is a balm for mij soul......thank you......for your souls, hart and persons...

  • Kitten Miaww
    Kitten Miaww 2 months ago +1

    *Bradley Cooper* needs to win the Oscar. From the hangover to star is born, as an actor and as Director. Wow. Bradley Cooper has demonstrated that he is more versatile and talented.👏🏆

  • Insight to Israel / Chocolates for Heroes

    I saw the movie today! The twist and turn of emotions, the joy, the disappointment, the overcoming, the tragedy, the reality. This was such an amazing movie that hit deep in my soul. There was not a dry eye in the theater. Thank you Bradly Cooper for showing us your artistry, your talent, your amazing vision to reach out, even if you did not know it was there. I have never been a big fan of lady gaga, BUT I see her in a differnt light totally because of this movie and the reality of her abilities as an actress and singer.

  • Loreto Ramírez Ponce
    Loreto Ramírez Ponce 2 months ago +1

    lady gaga's voice 🙌🏽

  • Dene Coish
    Dene Coish 2 months ago +1

    Amazing film

  • Benjamin Vilas
    Benjamin Vilas 2 months ago

    I had to stop myself from clapping in the theatre after every song they played.

  • ron rowdy
    ron rowdy 2 months ago

    Bradley does a great Sam elliot voice in this movie

  • Belinda Rawlings
    Belinda Rawlings 2 months ago

    Just brilliant ... I’m addicted to this film and the music

  • Natascha Flamisch
    Natascha Flamisch 2 months ago


    ALINA PEPINE 2 months ago

    Bradley is so handsome..I can`t even listen whats he says..

  • Daughter of a King
    Daughter of a King 2 months ago

    this film gives me so much thrills

  • Daughter of a King
    Daughter of a King 2 months ago

    I'm french... they speak so fast!!!

  • Chrissy NZ
    Chrissy NZ 3 months ago

    We all know Lady Gaga knocked all this outta the park in this movie, but Bradley was amazing too. First Time i saw this on MTV i had no idea who they were! I just accepted the guy was a singer..he was that good, no doubts at all. But to learn he didn't know how to sing or play instruments beforehand is mind blowing. He must of worked soo hard. Directing, acting, singing..phenomenal! I don't really watch "singing films" but this i will as well as buying the dvd when it comes out, plus no doubt I'll​ watch it again and again. Doubt I'll​ be the only one ;o)

  • 1Projectbabe
    1Projectbabe 3 months ago +1

    doesn't bradley have a gf and a child?, cuz damn i ship stef and brad so hard

  • Aban Kekobad
    Aban Kekobad 3 months ago

    I was never a fan of Ladyy Gaga..because I never knew of her immense talent. She is just superb. Hats off to her. And Bradley Cooper! WOW! What voice and what an actor! A Star is Born is touching and eye opening to such immense talents of these two artists!

  • Nathalie Dufour
    Nathalie Dufour 3 months ago

    Thank you this is true MAGIC ❤️🙏🏽

  • May Maymay
    May Maymay 3 months ago

    i cried alot..love love the songs and WOW lady gaga and cooper where great,amazing..im a fan..

  • Angie Harper
    Angie Harper 3 months ago

    I like Lady Gaga with less makeup. She's gorgeous! I had no idea such a beautiful face was under all of that face paint.

  • Helga Haering
    Helga Haering 3 months ago


  • Craig Nicholls
    Craig Nicholls 3 months ago



  • Bem Williams
    Bem Williams 3 months ago

    Love Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga! Very talented; great actor & actress & their voices are awesome😘

  • Slackburn Girl
    Slackburn Girl 3 months ago

    He needs to perform from now on , while going by the name of the character in the movie ..& he needs to sing that black eyes song... all the time ... he’s gonna burn through the stage it’s so hot

  • Adam W
    Adam W 3 months ago +2

    I wanna see her do a comedy next or even a good thriller.

  • Tracy McGinty
    Tracy McGinty 3 months ago

    i love her with dark hair

  • gokul Ramalingam
    gokul Ramalingam 3 months ago

    Love u gaga😚😚😚😙😗

    YO MAMA 3 months ago

    Gaga's story of rise to fame is a Back ally Stokey(cigarette) moment Irony!

  • Sandy Ham
    Sandy Ham 3 months ago

    Cannot get over this movie, music, actors! Loved it so much!

  • ete taka
    ete taka 3 months ago +1

    GOD !! Bradley ana Gaga! Just drop everything and go love eachother ... IT IS MORE THAN OBVIOUS what you two have!!

  • EltonHamza
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  • EltonHamza
    EltonHamza 3 months ago


  • Janine McArrow
    Janine McArrow 3 months ago +1

    I want that soundtrack...without the pop songs later in the film that gaga sings.

  • Nona fierce
    Nona fierce 3 months ago +2

    Bradley-Sex-Cooper 😍💋🔥

  • Al D
    Al D 3 months ago


  • jUsT a ViSiToR
    jUsT a ViSiToR 3 months ago

    I'm gonna watch this tomorrow I cannot wait!!!!

  • hananp700
    hananp700 3 months ago

    This is so beautiful. Can't stop watching..😊😅 Break the Replay LoL! Keep going Bradley& Gaga👌🏽👍🏼👌🏽👍🏼❤💖

  • K. Phen
    K. Phen 3 months ago


  • Devoney Dean
    Devoney Dean 3 months ago +1

    Anyone else wish this was an hour long??? Ugh.

  • Dan Radu
    Dan Radu 3 months ago

    Bradley Cooper 👌👌👌 u are awesome bro 👍 💎 💎 💎
    Gaga tha best ever

  • Scott Evans
    Scott Evans 3 months ago

    142 soulless fucks downvoted this. WTF

  • AveParadiso
    AveParadiso 3 months ago +3

    1:25 - that look on Bradley Cooper's face, that wasn't acting. That was him blown away by her vocals.

  • Sandra Godoi Passos
    Sandra Godoi Passos 3 months ago +1


  • Queen Gaga
    Queen Gaga 3 months ago

    She look so different OMG i love her so much

  • PiedeLeon
    PiedeLeon 3 months ago

    Dos drogadictos famosos que hicieron una película para recordar su pasado e intentar olvidar lo poco que recuerdan.

  • VesCarCH
    VesCarCH 3 months ago

    One of the best movies I have ever seen! Perfect performance, perfect music!

  • Rukiyati Kuebler
    Rukiyati Kuebler 3 months ago


  • Tj Mago
    Tj Mago 3 months ago

    So she basically wrote all the song in the movie?

  • Gracia María Fe Espinoza Padrón

    Gaga was great but she doesn´t deserve the oscar bc we have other greater performances this year.
    Bradley really deserves it. I hope he does not have much competition.
    Also I didn´t like that Bradley disrespect his wife acting like this with Gaga outside the scenes.

  • Patrícia Paula Paiva
    Patrícia Paula Paiva 3 months ago

    Lindo demais!

  • Dallas Scotch Flower
    Dallas Scotch Flower 3 months ago

    Black eyes, is the song that I always hear in my head, before starting a fight. (Just kidding) Jokes beside. That tune is awesome. One of the best RnR representative sound

  • Nurul Ashikin
    Nurul Ashikin 3 months ago

    hot papi 😍🔥

  • jody Mc piss flaps
    jody Mc piss flaps 3 months ago

    Bradley is a class act

  • Emily Boswell
    Emily Boswell 3 months ago +2

    I would love to see these two sing shallow at the oscars this year🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️

  • Margaret Ann Dunphy
    Margaret Ann Dunphy 3 months ago

    I loved that movie. They had so much chemistry. Teriffic love story.

  • Tracey Lalli
    Tracey Lalli 3 months ago

    The way he looks at her...

  • Moi
    Moi 3 months ago

    Je trouve que Bradley cooper est vraiment mieux avec la barbe et les cheveux long 😉

  • malaki9ify
    malaki9ify 3 months ago +3

    Wow the way he looks at her! Beautiful! And I am not just referring to the movie. He just looks at her like he is in awe and can't look away because he doesn't want to miss a thing. Like he really appreciates her and she is some amazing mystery that he just wants to keep unfolding. Precious. Please be together! 😍💝💝💝💝🤩😊😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • S C
    S C 3 months ago

    Creation of Integrity by Saturn and Mars🙏🏼

  • Kisha amoah 1
    Kisha amoah 1 3 months ago

    wow !!!!!

  • Grace On Your Dash
    Grace On Your Dash 3 months ago

    I love this movie!