5 THINGS KEEPING YOU IN LOW ELO! League of Legends Guide For Climbing

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
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  • NitroAnt
    NitroAnt 3 months ago +1

    Yoooooo what are vlads stregths and weaknesses? I guess sustain but apary from that i aint sure

    • NitroAnt
      NitroAnt 3 months ago

      @LoL Fit thankyou very much. Youe genually one of the best youtubers ive watched so keep it up!! Just remember my name when u make it to 1 mil 😂

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  3 months ago +1

      Strong in lane vs Tanks/Immobile Bruiser struggle early against long distance control mages and mobile fighters. Mid game/Late game teamfight is where his true potential is so just make sure you can get there with plenty of farm/levels

  • Daniel Watanajarukij
    Daniel Watanajarukij 4 months ago

    Hiya, currently I'm looking to start playing ranked this weekend and I main Zoe. Is that a good pick for ranked?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  4 months ago +1

      It will take some time to get use to her kit being a bit harder to learn. If you want to instantly be able to climb playing things like malz karth or annie might be better but if you want to put some time into a champ and dont mind struggling at first zoe is a great pick !

  • Ronald van Rensburg
    Ronald van Rensburg 6 months ago +1

    Hey LolFit. I moved from Jng to Top and always followed Virkayu for education on Jng and I have to say your vids help a lot and is very inviting. Following you man. I generally suck at team fights but love split pushing and jungle control and didnt know that these are only for jng to do so I ma happy to hear I can do this as top as well. What would you say strength and weaknesses are for nassus as my main and whats your thoughts on mordekaiser as split pusher?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  5 months ago

      Hey thanks for the support man! Nasus weaknesses are definitley his early game and getting kitting out in teamfights. He is really strong in late game splitpush and needs tenacity to teamfight! I think morde should be more of a pocket counter pick you might want to look into developing a safe blind pick top like Urgot! Good luck in the climb man

  • kawaiiyobai
    kawaiiyobai 11 months ago +2

    I think the thing keeping me is all the people who die once by their own mistakes then afk or int and flame

  • Elias Dilwala
    Elias Dilwala Year ago +1

    school is gonna start pls do your study fuk vidoe games "))

  • RarelySeen
    RarelySeen Year ago +2

    Niceee bro !

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago

      Thanks a lot my man !

  • Lucy Fer
    Lucy Fer Year ago +1


  • spadekin9
    spadekin9 Year ago +2

    I'm gonna make a plaque for number five and put it on the wall right above my screen. Thanks for the tips brother!

  • Lotus
    Lotus Year ago +2

    what about swain ?

    • Lotus
      Lotus Year ago +1


    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +3

      Swain can have great teamfighting potential in mid game and really thrives with other cc sources on your team.

  • Khano Irving
    Khano Irving Year ago +1

    Yo I love yasuo but he always gets banned or I get tanked and die and Annie is a bit safer I know what you mean but I would rather have fun playing yas then climb and not have fun with annie

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +1

      There is no shame in that my man play the shit out of that Yasuo lol xD

  • Quantum Entanglement


  • 孩子我只是个
    孩子我只是个 Year ago +2

    Are u talking about my yasuo LOL

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago

      rofl i think your yasuo is fine but you need to focus on your lord and savior bringing you to the diamond holy land ekko :D

  • Karl Lubangas
    Karl Lubangas Year ago +1

    Much obliged man, these really helped out (especially 4 & 5).

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago

      Happy to help my man :D feel free to ask questions on any of my videos my channel is educational at heart.

  • Federico Xausa
    Federico Xausa Year ago +1

    Do you think Aatrox is a hard champion to learn? actually in ranked i play mostly him in top, should i keep using him or should i use an easier champion?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago

      If you want a challenge i think he is in a fine spot but you are funneled into trying to carry early and mid because he falls off late being ability based. If you just want to get higher elo you might be better served with easier top laners like garen.

  • DezG
    DezG Year ago +2

    What are your recommended roles to play? U said I should take 2 roles with 2-3 champions, but what lanes fit together? I played every lane so far and every champ to at least level 2 but I‘m not good at anything - in ranked I just play ‚op‘ stuff and get carried/carry with it I reached plat this and last season with this ‚strategy‘ but I don‘t feel confident playing ranked at all. :/

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +1

      great let me know my man I try and get around to all my comments but if i dont respond check out the discord and you can msg me directly

    • DezG
      DezG Year ago +2

      LoL Fit I already thought about vel, I‘ll give you my opgg after my holiday abd when I‘ve played some games if I can/if u could check it for me! thank you.

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +3

      I think that mid and support have a lot of overlapping skills when you play mages. Zyra Brand Velkoz support are all in a great spot because you are limited to only two potions at the start now and there is minimal sustain. Combining this off role with a primary role of mid with Annie Morgana Karthus would provide a lot of continuity however I would encourage you to only pick two from those roles. This is how I first achieved diamond good luck my man and feel free to ask questions at any time !

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust Year ago +2

    Hey, been following you for the past few weeks, I like the spirit of the channel, keep it up :D also, I'm planning on picking up Yorick, any thoguhts on him?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +2

      Thanks a bunch for you support my man ! I think he is in a great spot as a split pusher one of the best and can really catch people off guard with his insane damage if you enjoy the kit keep it up please continue he will carry you to the higher elo.

  • Mido Ahmed
    Mido Ahmed Year ago +1

    Your videos Helped me allooot
    earned Sub❤

    • Mido Ahmed
      Mido Ahmed Year ago

      ty bro Proud to knew u

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago

      So happy to help out feel free to ask questions on my videos at anytime my man :D

  • Florence Bernard
    Florence Bernard Year ago +1

    Hi! When you say pick easy champ, can you give me examples for support? I main Leona, and trying to shift between her, fiddlesticks and karma.

    • Florence Bernard
      Florence Bernard Year ago

      Thanks a lot, it will actually help!! I'll do more ranked and come back for more, and I'll keep watching you!

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago

      Here are some of my thoughts if any ruin your fun just disregard :D
      1. You are running a couple off meta builds check out probuilds for what the pros are building
      2. Keep playing nami one of the best lane bullies atm.
      3.blue trinkets can be great if you are behind to scout out objectives.
      4. dont play hard to execute champions or poor champions in the meta like voli rakan
      5. You learn at a accelerated rate in ranked with more competition
      6. sadly not much to go off of because of a low amount of ranked games played showing up recently :(
      7. Leona can be great into a bunch of immobile squishys look to use her against champs like ashe jinx

      Play some more ranked games and I can give you more tips sadly there arent too many games to go off of. Playing in ranked is like being in a AP class and Normals is the normie class it is going to stunt your growth as a player. Feel free to contact me if you want a updated review after some more ranked or if you have questions!

    • Florence Bernard
      Florence Bernard Year ago +1

      Sure it could be fun! Don't laugh at me tho, please ^^' My name on the game is MissEilistrae, here's the link :

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago

      Whoops sorry about that xD A opgg review is where i look at your match history on the web site op.gg and give you tips based on your results and gameplay as opposed to general tips that could apply to anyone.

    • Florence Bernard
      Florence Bernard Year ago +1

      Not playing since a long time, not a year, so brand and zyra are kind of too hard to play yet for me.. what is an opgg review? Ps: I’m not a man :p

  • Kanye’s LeftLeg
    Kanye’s LeftLeg Year ago +3

    I went 30/0/6 in a game once😏😏

    It was in a bots game sadly😔😔

    • quin laure
      quin laure 7 months ago

      lols, I can easily answer that :P
      playin 4 a month now & literally a month ago
      on my 1st day playin the game I asked in chat 4 help but
      sadly the other 4 were also in their 1st week &
      they told me.. & I quote.. ''shoot em in the face''
      I build anything that were highlighted.. shootin em in the face ''tried''
      wasn't too 2 but didn't look so bad at the time
      team gathered with me in bot lane which was nice
      but bots took the top lane literally took the nexus
      before we even get the inhibitor
      after the game we were still wondering wut happened
      It's hilarious now, frustratin back then but still fun
      p.s : I like the n0. 5 spread the wealth xx

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +1

      lol how do u die in bot games xD

  • Spaxod
    Spaxod Year ago +2

    Here is my champion pool what are their strengths

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +1

      Hey man I hope you are seeing more success with the recent sion buff :D
      Sion= Decent laning with poke and base damages, Great long range engage, great front line for hyper carries, True tank but lacks the damage many other top laners have.
      Jax= Great dueling potential,Scales hard,tower taking is absurd, great flanking potential with q and e, play around strong late game dont take to many skrimishes if possible
      Irelia= strong mid and late, great mobility that can take advantage of immobile carries, great anti burst champion with w, great amount of cc in teamfights

  • Slendy 91
    Slendy 91 Year ago +2

    Tip 5 is very good, Tho sometimes I found myself in a situation as adc when all my laners are doing well and we all get the outer towers by ourselves. Usually as adc after I get the turret I go on another lane to get the turret, but in this situation I just don't know what to do

    • Slendy 91
      Slendy 91 Year ago +1

      K, thanks for the tips. It'd be a Little hard to Rally my allys Tho.

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +1

      After getting all towers and your laners have priority it is the ideal spot. Grab rift herald setup traps in their jungle with control wards contest all buffs and dragons push all lanes and contest low wave clear laners at t2

  • Sami
    Sami Year ago +3

    Can you do a Thresh guide for us? I wanna know how u think a Thresh should act in higher elo

    • Sami
      Sami Year ago

      LoL Fit Ok thank u very much because I wanna really stick to him

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +2

      Hey my man sorry I dont play much thresh and I dont really want to recommend it to any low elo players as it is one of the hardest supports to carry with it. I might do a 5 tip video on it in the future.

    • Spaxod
      Spaxod Year ago

      Sami +1

  • Elias Guillen
    Elias Guillen Year ago +1

    I play adc and support in league I just want to know if there are any easy champions to play in those lanes to climb

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +2

      ADC=Sivir MF Trist
      Support=Zyra Brand Morgana

      All great climbers with easy skills to get use to

  • bighero 8
    bighero 8 Year ago +3

    I play top and in the 15 min my bot become 0/7 and 0/9 any tips?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +4

      Play champs with global and refer to tip 5 xD

    • a dude
      a dude Year ago

      go afk. last ranked i played i was jg, my bot fed 1 each as i was doing crab(straight after buff) . then my top announced that he has 300ms latency. fuck ranked

    • redx
      redx Year ago

      bighero 8 ik what u mean me and my friend just started qing bot cause they always feed... i went 17/8 on xayah and we still lost

  • ScaryB0y
    ScaryB0y Year ago +1

    When is rengar strength

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago +2

      Here are some of my thoughts on him.
      -Great gank potential
      -great dueling post lvl 3
      -early game and mid game snowball potential
      - astounding pick potential vs split pushers
      - can trade for squishies 1 for 1 easily GA is great late to trade for more
      - falls off late if snowball wasnt acheived
      -better in skrimishes than 5v5 teamfights
      -flexible build path for game state

  • Today on League
    Today on League Year ago +1

    Great video keep up the good work

  • Panzer Nova
    Panzer Nova Year ago +6

    thank you that was helpful !

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  Year ago

      Np happy to help my man :D