Casually Explained: The Solar System

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
  • A more light hearted episode. On that solar eclipse hype train. I've never been so excited to literally not see something. Btw before someone's who's played aged of mythology chimes in, Mercury is a Roman God not Greek (my bad) good thing it's the only fact that's not accurate.
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  • The Brownie Man
    The Brownie Man 12 hours ago

    Y you had to do my dawg plneptune like that

  • Drezz
    Drezz 3 days ago

    Fun fact Russia is bigger then Pluto

  • Luke Tony Denham
    Luke Tony Denham 9 days ago


  • Шахтёр-вахтёр

    Ah come on, this joke is so short that you won’t even notice

  • Roderick Taylor
    Roderick Taylor 12 days ago

    Mercury is not a Greek god but it is a Roman god

  • Mortarion
    Mortarion 12 days ago

    Discovered this video in the casual explained archives waaaaay to late... How'd I even miss it in the first place when it came out?! This is golden! :D

  • B.A.S Bad As Sugar
    B.A.S Bad As Sugar 12 days ago

    Roman gods

  • Sadboi 123
    Sadboi 123 13 days ago

    Shits wild

  • Lime Light
    Lime Light 13 days ago

    When I grow up I want to be a scientist and send probes to Uranus.

  • phantomphoenix
    phantomphoenix 13 days ago

    Roman gods. Not Greek gods

  • JaySea
    JaySea 13 days ago +8

    Earth gave us life right?
    *“Well yes, but actually no”*

  • Sawyer French
    Sawyer French 13 days ago

    Paring back Pluto

  • Vaultdweller117
    Vaultdweller117 14 days ago

    That pluto but though 😂

  • Theo Hunt
    Theo Hunt 16 days ago

    Uranus is cool and if you tease it it will embarrass you in front of your crush cause Uranus is a gas giant

  • s f
    s f 16 days ago

    After years of enduring punishment and unfair rammings, I'm glad you're finally putting an end to this and are standing up for Uranus

  • Coolboy 60
    Coolboy 60 16 days ago

    I’d rather be at mars than Uranus 😏

  • TheBennychin
    TheBennychin 17 days ago

    Holy fuck I can't get the Pluto joke!

  • Talha Ilyas
    Talha Ilyas 18 days ago

    1:58 now that’s a twist but a welcome one

  • SeriousMANBOT/Kim/NFT/mOOmOOcOWcOW

    poor pluto q^q

  • Beezqp
    Beezqp 19 days ago

    1:36 Aww... It's one of the MERs, not Curiosity -.-

  • Comrade Ladd
    Comrade Ladd 19 days ago

    uranus, more like, ur a great planet

  • Ethan Harrington
    Ethan Harrington 19 days ago


  • Tai Ketchum
    Tai Ketchum 19 days ago +1

    my favorite bit is the your mom is like Jupiter

  • Lukas Cairns
    Lukas Cairns 20 days ago

    There's a lot methane gas around Uranus

  • Matthew Mazzetti
    Matthew Mazzetti 20 days ago +2


  • Poutine Au Syrop d'érable

    Saturn actually weights over 500 sextillions tons. 5*10^26 kg.
    You said 20 Quadrillions tons: 2*10^19 kg

  • Joe Han
    Joe Han 20 days ago +1

    Mercury is Roman, not Greek. I thought this was supposed to be a highly informative and serious channel. USELESS

  • littlewindedkuriboh
    littlewindedkuriboh 21 day ago

    his name is Pluto

  • KoolGuardrailBoy
    KoolGuardrailBoy 22 days ago

    Hehe ur anus

  • Oyetunde Oyewo
    Oyetunde Oyewo 23 days ago

    I'm not sure of this is a joke or not but I'm pretty sure light does change speed when traveling from one index of refraction to another

  • Haider Alyacoub
    Haider Alyacoub 24 days ago

    2:41 Neptune is not a gas giant but an ice giant.

    PARADOX 25 days ago +9

    That was some cosmic humour.

  • Katie
    Katie 25 days ago

    I love pl-neptune

  • autoscripts
    autoscripts 25 days ago +1

    2:46 very smooth editing.

  • Samuel Obiwale
    Samuel Obiwale 26 days ago


  • Waddup Broskis!
    Waddup Broskis! 27 days ago

    Uranus is a gas giant

  • R Garipov
    R Garipov 28 days ago

    gotta love the SC reference 1:51

  • Chris Beswick
    Chris Beswick 28 days ago

    Uranus more like Your Anus

  • Shayan Eshghi
    Shayan Eshghi 29 days ago +1

    GUYS! turn off the lights at 1:53 and slowly shake your phone. Thank me Later...
    P.s i just discovered it accidentally

    • Veeti Vänskä
      Veeti Vänskä 27 days ago

      Just wow
      _Was too lazy to turn the lights off, so went under the blanket and started shaking... So outside it probably looked like I was masturbating idk wht I put it here but now it just is_

  • Leonard V
    Leonard V 29 days ago

    Uranus is probably on suicide watch for being the butt of all jokes

  • Andy Howard
    Andy Howard Month ago

    The planet God liked so much.... He put a ring on it

  • ZZZ
    ZZZ Month ago

    The best jokes of this channel are the StarCraft references

  • Takeo Herzog-Hara
    Takeo Herzog-Hara Month ago

  • Jazzy Boi
    Jazzy Boi Month ago

    Uranus is no laughing mater

  • AdventureCayman
    AdventureCayman Month ago


  • Not in the Cia
    Not in the Cia Month ago


  • The Real Mitsu
    The Real Mitsu Month ago

    Who ... who are you?

  • Chimpbot2000
    Chimpbot2000 Month ago

    “Uranus” teheheheh

  • Eric Scrofano
    Eric Scrofano Month ago

    Consider this my formal announcement that I’m about to slide a joke into Uranus.

  • Rumbledown
    Rumbledown Month ago

    Light does change speed depending on the medium

  • Jules Hale
    Jules Hale Month ago +6

    1:51 No comments about the Starcraft reference? Smh

  • Amazing ALLAN & Awesome ARA

    Solar system pluto

  • Amazing ALLAN & Awesome ARA


  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed Month ago

    Until their bones disintegrate lol

  • Nate Ring
    Nate Ring Month ago

    "My best work"~garbage can

  • SweatyBallsSuck
    SweatyBallsSuck Month ago

    If you're watching on a phone, pause at 0:52 while full screen and wiggle your phone. It should look like earth and venus are bouncing.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith 2 months ago

    you forgot the disowned one

  • Toast
    Toast 2 months ago

    We’re those resources from subnautica?

  • Gjivity
    Gjivity 2 months ago +1

    Guess what, my friend told me he stuck a mars bar up Uranus is that true or it a just a Saturnated lie.

  • federico saviano
    federico saviano 2 months ago

    And it weighs Ofer 20 quadrillion tons

  • Andy Howard
    Andy Howard 2 months ago +3

    Ah yes Saturn: The planet God liked so much..... he put a ring on it.

  • Brogan Slayton
    Brogan Slayton 2 months ago

    All this talk about Uranus jokes sound like is coming from your anus

  • Mr Purple
    Mr Purple 2 months ago +3

    I feel so sorry for Uranus being the butt of all our heartless jokes.

  • Abdelrahman Mohamed
    Abdelrahman Mohamed 2 months ago

    If the speed of light never changes why does it refract.

  • Christian Amora
    Christian Amora 2 months ago

    Vespine gas 😅

  • Bomb Animations
    Bomb Animations 2 months ago +3

    Me: urani...
    Casually explained:so please no jokes in the comments

  • Mark Murex
    Mark Murex 2 months ago

    Vespine gas.

  • thalmor agent
    thalmor agent 2 months ago

    Star craft

  • Libtard
    Libtard 2 months ago

    Wrong. The sun revolves around earth, which is flat

  • Yoly Amador
    Yoly Amador 2 months ago

    yo mama!!!

  • Xartavion
    Xartavion 2 months ago +1

    I feel so bad fpr PNeptune, the NEighth planet.
    Smooth, Jim. Reeeeeal smooth.

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie
    Subscribe to Pewdiepie 3 months ago

    starcraft reference anyone?

  • A person Who Comments
    A person Who Comments 3 months ago

    Uranus is next to a gas giant.

  • NoideaGuy
    NoideaGuy 3 months ago

    Starcraft reference 👌👌

  • LegendCrafter
    LegendCrafter 3 months ago +1

    1:32 mars is not the closest, venus is lol. Ik im a nerd Xd

    • RaddSounds
      RaddSounds 3 months ago

      LegendCrafter i think hes talking about the characteristics not the distance

  • Marc Vollrath
    Marc Vollrath 3 months ago

    I don't mean to sound like a nerd and a jerk but light actually does slow down when passing through certain substances.

  • ImmortalRecon
    ImmortalRecon 3 months ago

    THE JOKE IS PLUTO IS NOT A PLANET ANYMORE. In case any of you brain dead fuckers didn't understand ;)

  • Gowthrin
    Gowthrin 3 months ago

    Uranus, but
    *uranus noises*

  • XxTheSlowMOxX
    XxTheSlowMOxX 3 months ago

    Ha Light does actually slow down in different materials like glass.

  • MaNameDan
    MaNameDan 3 months ago

    Doesn't reaction happen when the light speeds up?

  • nic
    nic 3 months ago

    0:32 blew my fricking mind

  • GamingForward
    GamingForward 3 months ago

    Ur - *a n u s*

  • 5500
    5500 3 months ago

    no mas

  • Vanillafrie
    Vanillafrie 3 months ago +1

    The planets are named for roman gods, not greek

  • cristina albert
    cristina albert 3 months ago

    ur anus

  • Iris
    Iris 3 months ago

    0:26 well ACTUALLY light travels in 300,000m/s get your facts straight moroon

    • JohnsonC
      JohnsonC 3 months ago

      no its 300000km/s or 3000000000m/s

  • James Pak
    James Pak 3 months ago

    dya think they pronounce asshole on uranus acehole?

  • BraedonAnimations
    BraedonAnimations 4 months ago +1

    RIP wall-e

  • ATPhack
    ATPhack 4 months ago

    And Pluto?

  • Thapelo Mokoto
    Thapelo Mokoto 4 months ago

    Rip walli

  • Collyn Marsh
    Collyn Marsh 4 months ago

    I recommend watching with captions. Just do it. You'll see why.

  • Morpheus 2015
    Morpheus 2015 4 months ago

    Pluto is a Planet!
    Change my mind

  • Josh Hanretty
    Josh Hanretty 4 months ago

    "Light hearted" because the sun is in the centre of the solar system. I've watched this video several times and only just realised that. nice one CE

  • Ella Sophia
    Ella Sophia 4 months ago

    Isn't Mars' orbit also eliptical?

  • Spoder Boi
    Spoder Boi 4 months ago

    Who else used this for a science project?

  • Jack Howard
    Jack Howard 4 months ago

    I thought Pluto was a planet. Rick and Morty said so.

  • J.R. Spliff 212
    J.R. Spliff 212 4 months ago

    “While Plu-Neptune...” lol

  • O Programa do Andrade
    O Programa do Andrade 4 months ago

    Uranus is a gas giant

  • Joseph Yilu
    Joseph Yilu 4 months ago

    "I thinks it's unfair that URANUS is given such a hard time.

  • PetRock151
    PetRock151 4 months ago

    They’re actually considered p- Neptune to be a planet again