Too Hot For Your Daddy Ribs - Handle it

  • Published on Sep 24, 2016
  • Your daddy can't even handle these ribs. We tested it on our dads.
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    Too Hot for Your Daddy Ribs - Handle It
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  • Mildly upset Gaming
    Mildly upset Gaming 19 hours ago

    I’ve never realized how much of an absolute unit Harley is

  • Mao Gates
    Mao Gates Day ago

    😂😂😂He’s looking at Sean like how the fuck are you still eating 7:20

  • Tr0lzor
    Tr0lzor 2 days ago

    Hell of a crossover, i love it

  • georgedisorder
    georgedisorder 6 days ago

    Harley is such a BEAST nowadays.

  • ryan antrim
    ryan antrim 7 days ago

    Sean is a MONSTER!

  • pretty flacko
    pretty flacko 7 days ago +2

    why didnt this dude play Aquaman

  • Loretta Bourgeois
    Loretta Bourgeois 10 days ago

    Nothing sexier then men making me laugh and cooking. Way to go, love you both!

  • Kirk Brindley
    Kirk Brindley 10 days ago

    LMAO!! "You did this to us bro.." I'm legit ROFL!!

  • Midnight Mustang
    Midnight Mustang 11 days ago

    The exit was just as great as the entrance

  • AlexanderAutomatic
    AlexanderAutomatic 14 days ago

    Please don't be mad if some homoerotic fanfic comes out about the two of you. You're both just too beautiful on your own, but together... holy shit.

  • Beezwax
    Beezwax 14 days ago


  • Jim Marshallman
    Jim Marshallman 17 days ago

    Guess who the "wife" is!!!! ROFL!!!!

  • Anu Graha
    Anu Graha 23 days ago

    Invite Gordon Ramsey cook together...

  • TossedSaladMan iPreferSyrup

    masochist ribs right there. I made some with carolina reaper pepper powder and ghost pepper powder in it. hot AF

  • HEXiT
    HEXiT 27 days ago

    wow... just saw this and hahahaha... nice 1 guys... pro tip though... hot milky coffee will kill the heat quickest. the hot liquid helps break down the wax containing the capsicum while the milk and sugar help neutralize the capsicum itself. after your first sip of coffee it will feel like some 1 struck a match in your mouth.. but its an illusion caused by the capsicum. just keep sipping the hot coffee and the heat will go in about 20-40 seconds rather than 10's of minutes.
    just note, that you wont get the second back burn with this either... but going number 1 about an hour after the coffee... can be entertaining :D

  • Lizzy Bllancca
    Lizzy Bllancca 28 days ago

    this recipe made my throat burn

  • kyle Driver
    kyle Driver Month ago

    The bigger your beard the smaller your shirt

  • John Chase
    John Chase Month ago

    What a waste of Pork. Fucking stupid.

  • Andy Bailey
    Andy Bailey Month ago

    Sean is an absolute fucking beast monster satanic ritual overlord. He didn’t even seem that phased

  • Rob McLean
    Rob McLean Month ago

    Sean doesnt know how to use a knife.

  • Calvin Ware
    Calvin Ware Month ago

    I can't look at my eyes bro they're my eyes....profound.

  • zer00rdie
    zer00rdie Month ago

    Man, Sean is the most punchable guy on youtube.

  • 2horny2function
    2horny2function Month ago

    XD Sean and Harley= comedy gold

  • Chris Pacheco
    Chris Pacheco Month ago

    it was funny to watch their reaction but if I wanted to eat hot ribs I would have used a mixture of Carolina reaper and Scorpion Pepper.

  • Tyler Sandoval
    Tyler Sandoval Month ago

    to hot for him "DADDY"

    BALANCE Month ago

    why does he make food when he doesnt kno how 2 cook

  • Version
    Version Month ago

    "look at your eyes!"
    "can't look at my eyes bro they're my eyes"

  • demon cleaner
    demon cleaner 2 months ago

    Its fucking stupid you aren't even allowed to say dick on youtube anymore. Fuck censorship.

  • AJ Joiner
    AJ Joiner 2 months ago

    Funny Episode. You look like the guy from Blood Sport.

  • Indoor Outdoor
    Indoor Outdoor 2 months ago

    Lol that spicy it turned my man into a caveman

  • 80 Deka
    80 Deka 2 months ago

    When those endorphins kick in... just ride the wave of heat

  • Shef
    Shef 2 months ago

    I love how Harley looks like a barbarian just waiting to see a little fear in Sean and just tackle him. Harley is such a damn beast! XD

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 2 months ago

    7:03 the ribs were so hot Harley turned into a caveman

  • Mike Dollar
    Mike Dollar 2 months ago

    God damn you know if Shaun’s hiccuping I ain’t doing that shit?!?

  • scareface1197
    scareface1197 2 months ago

    SALT. Lmaoooo

  • jeff rizzardini
    jeff rizzardini 2 months ago

    Sean you are a fucking beast I want to be on your show cause I know I can take it

  • Martin Rivera
    Martin Rivera 2 months ago

    Only here because of Sean lol

  • ML BB
    ML BB 2 months ago

    I've tried this recipe and it's not that spicy as I was expecting it to be

  • golgo 13
    golgo 13 2 months ago

    fear the beard

    XxRADICAL CONxX 3 months ago


  • jack boss
    jack boss 3 months ago

    #TVclipGaming?????? How tf does this qualify as gaming?

  • 297piper
    297piper 3 months ago

    *Takes a bite and starts circling the room* I think his gonna turn into hulk any second now xD

  • Clarence Kennedy
    Clarence Kennedy 3 months ago

    Like 25 dollars a rib challenge

  • Robert B
    Robert B 3 months ago

    I made these like 2 weeks ago and all my friends loved them. I'm going to make them again but this time send you a picture. They were hot as he'll but soooo good

  • Jan Jorissen
    Jan Jorissen 3 months ago

    Lower the temperature the last round by at least 25%, and just 15 mins

  • The509K1ng
    The509K1ng 3 months ago

    If sean is dying these mfs must be hot as hell

  • mariethesizzler 9492
    mariethesizzler 9492 3 months ago

    Yeah they are a thing the "spicy popsicles" they aren't "spicy" tho they are lucas brand chamoy flavor 😍😍

  • trenbolonely
    trenbolonely 3 months ago +1


  • Remlaps
    Remlaps 3 months ago

    I love it when cooks talk over there food and use a bunch of S, th, Ch, and f’s. I’m telling you!! There is loads of spit on these Fuckin ribs!

    • Remlaps
      Remlaps 3 months ago

      Sssssssit down and fffffffffffinish you ribssssss and qqqquuuit acTing liKe ssssssuch a BiTCH!
      I can’t even watch this spit fest. When you over pronounce these words it causes spit. Trust me. That bearded dude is a spitting bastard.

  • alyssa puebla
    alyssa puebla 3 months ago

    the eating bit was so sexual

  • Leon Beck
    Leon Beck 3 months ago

    Why does it taste better or to Hot to enjoy😳

  • stephen butler
    stephen butler 3 months ago

    EEEEEEPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Super Spice
    Super Spice 4 months ago

    Those knifes cutting the peppers are terrible!! You need to buy new ones or at least sharpen them. Little bitch.

  • Thuan Nguyen
    Thuan Nguyen 4 months ago

    The only person who can eat this is the devil👹

  • BrokeCollegeStud
    BrokeCollegeStud 4 months ago

    7:16 that mark on the cabnet lmao

  • Kate Thomas
    Kate Thomas 4 months ago

    Holy fuck Harley’s reaction is so funny

  • Stubborn Clump
    Stubborn Clump 4 months ago

    I'm sweating watching this

  • David Dylan
    David Dylan 4 months ago

    ......I tries getting out of my comfort zone once..... Got local curry places hottest curry they had...ordered to go just in case I couldnt handle it and prevent getting embarrassed in public......i couldn't handle it...shit amd threw up lava all night while clenching my mouth and stomache from the pain.
    I think I'll stick to my comfort zone

  • Jimmy Rochette
    Jimmy Rochette 4 months ago

    Awkward duo but still enjoyable.

  • MIXR D
    MIXR D 4 months ago


  • Archer
    Archer 4 months ago

    The sounds they make when they eat the ribs is amazing 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Omar Avalos
    Omar Avalos 4 months ago

    Harley-“popsicles that are spicy, doe those exist?”
    Me-“yes yes they do and they are delicious”

    BIOSHOCKFOXX 4 months ago

    This is the closest we have seen Sean has gotten to shown expression of something being hot for him :D

  • Orlando DeGangton
    Orlando DeGangton 4 months ago

    My dad left

  • Señor Rondom
    Señor Rondom 5 months ago

    My eyes are burning by just watching this

  • Travis Bull
    Travis Bull 5 months ago

    What a waste of food!!! Damn, I hate watching ribs go to crap, like this!!! Such a waste of good meat...

  • That Guy
    That Guy 5 months ago

    Chris is so little next to Harley lol

  • Karina Shannen Biaga
    Karina Shannen Biaga 5 months ago

    Harley walking around pondering the pain and pleasure of the monster they've made

  • Jeremy Hagen
    Jeremy Hagen 5 months ago

    His Dad is over there, “Yeah, son, who’s the bitch now??”

  • Daniel Jäger
    Daniel Jäger 5 months ago

    I love this collab. So chill, funny and fun.

    SEVILIOT 5 months ago

    water only makes it hotter jejeje milk is the best course of action

  • Bobby G
    Bobby G 5 months ago

    I can’t look at my eyes, they’re my eyes😂😂😂💀

  • Emily Olson
    Emily Olson 5 months ago

    Am I the only person who thinks that Harley looks like the love child of Jason Momoa and Ron Perlman in the best possible way?

  • marc sannicolas
    marc sannicolas 6 months ago

    Seans anus must be a barren scorched landscape after all this hot ones business.

  • marc sannicolas
    marc sannicolas 6 months ago

    Gave Sean a fucking butter knife to cut the peppers with lol

  • Uncle Delaney
    Uncle Delaney 6 months ago

    I did a Carolina Reaper rub I developed and made my sauce with white wine grape jelly with a tablespoon of reaper dust. Went for a sweet and hot taste.
    The judges yelled at us cause they were too hot!🤣😂

  • Ken Hồ
    Ken Hồ 6 months ago

    Harley Morenstein and Andrew Rae (BingingWithBabish) have the best beards on youtube.

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson 6 months ago

    1:15 why does bitch stay?

  • Brandon Heck
    Brandon Heck 6 months ago

    I mad these ribs a while ago. I substituted the peppers for banana, jalapeño, and Serrano’s. I also added Tabasco sauce, Siratcha and garlic hot sauce. When I blended them together it was very clumpy and the peppers were basically diced into little chunks so they just sat on top of the ribs. However these were the tastiest ribs I’ve ever made. And extremely spicy.

  • Raymon Pullum
    Raymon Pullum 6 months ago

    'So much drool building already':D

  • Nyke Vaporton
    Nyke Vaporton 6 months ago

    Kratos cooks?

  • HDVisions
    HDVisions 6 months ago

    They look so good

  • The Taco Gamer
    The Taco Gamer 6 months ago

    "Make too hot for your daddy." Said NO ONE EVER until today!

    BUCKSLAYER 6 months ago

    I low key was waiting for him to pull out mustard and ketchup and squirt it on his tongue like the scene from dumb and dumber..

  • hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue XDD

    I came here because i thought this is that dead guy from LP taking part in this episode im disapointed but still cool video

  • Hunter H125
    Hunter H125 6 months ago

    This dude reminds me of the yeti from monsters Inc.

  • Mase M.
    Mase M. 6 months ago

    Really H🔥t!!!🌶️🌶️😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago

    *You wanna open me up*

  • ryan graves
    ryan graves 6 months ago

    just heads up lol water does not help milk or any dairy or bread. both would be good together and awesome show. hope i helpet

  • IllJoon0912
    IllJoon0912 6 months ago

    sean is having a super power of eating a very spicy food without looking like he's in so much pain. I'm envy

  • Galuh Kresnadian
    Galuh Kresnadian 6 months ago

    Boi o boii..
    The way you guys handle knive

  • Jon Petrovich
    Jon Petrovich 7 months ago

    Oh shit they got Sean Evans!?

  • Kyle Briggs
    Kyle Briggs 7 months ago

    I love both of you guys' content I really do. Please cook ribs more slowly. I know you know better than that.

  • Mexican cartel !
    Mexican cartel ! 7 months ago

    Ever heard of sharpening your knives before millions of people watch this

  • Picket Pants
    Picket Pants 7 months ago

    "I can't look at my eyes bro, they're my eyes." I lost it. Omg.

  • wellonable
    wellonable 7 months ago

    bitch stays

  • Blue Max
    Blue Max 7 months ago

    Give your ahole a break.

  • MrAtarine
    MrAtarine 7 months ago

    I want to see this with the last dab

  • A.S. Holmes
    A.S. Holmes 7 months ago

    LMAO! The mintues after Harley bit into those ribs is the quietest he's ever been in an episode.