We Went to the Abandoned "Island of Death"... (ITALY)

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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    This week, Matt and I explored the island of Poveglia, one of the scariest and eeriest abandoned places we've ever been to. With over 160,000 deaths having taken place on the island, half of the island's soil is from human remains...
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  • Francesca
    Francesca 11 hours ago

    The guy named Josh is so stupid like so excited for something that is so sad and not that funny

  • Ivan Silva
    Ivan Silva 21 hour ago

    Just to let know that the Plague was not caused by a virus but a Bacteria

  • Bitrey
    Bitrey Day ago

    Show this to anti vaxxers

  • Bitrey
    Bitrey Day ago

    By the way, the "gl" in Italian is pronounced like "ll" (double l) in Spanish. In the phonetic alphabet it's "poveʎʎa"

  • Aya Ouahidi
    Aya Ouahidi Day ago +2

    I'm Italian and I never knew bout this island 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Abdul Hakeem
    Abdul Hakeem Day ago

    Is there any form of life in the island

  • Talabun
    Talabun Day ago

    You should visit Abkhazia. The whole country looks like The Last of Us setting.

  • Marilyn Gervais
    Marilyn Gervais Day ago

    Ryan and Shane from Buzzfeed unsolved supernatural really need to spend a night there!

  • Benjamin Moses Lieb

    Not sure that flashlight app is up to the task... haha.

  • Francois Davis
    Francois Davis Day ago

    Drop a smartie on the floor and shout .....5second rule!

  • Lana Vukovic
    Lana Vukovic Day ago +1

    all italians triggered bc of the way they are pronouncing Poveglia

  • Kris Parkvil
    Kris Parkvil 2 days ago

    I dare you guys to go on amazing adventure to find the magic bus in Alaska, that Christopher Mccandless spend his last days in! (From the real story and the mobile “Into The Wild”)!
    Like my comment if you want them to do it as well and so they can see it!
    Much love from Denmark!

  • fadly fadzil
    fadly fadzil 2 days ago +1

    Wow Thomas is losing it when he said "come get the F°ucking drone" lol never seen him so dead serious.

  • nford2160
    nford2160 2 days ago

    I have a QUESTION...... Was yall not worried about touching something and actually catching the virus or plague?....... I would have been terrified.....😳😳😳

  • Aeriata
    Aeriata 3 days ago +1

    Anyone else just feel immense sadness watching this video? So much sadness, so many lives lost...

  • Lav Gabri
    Lav Gabri 3 days ago

    Go to Sentinel Island, Andaman And Nicobar Islands!

  • dolphin boy games
    dolphin boy games 3 days ago +2

    At 13:13 at the door way there was a black dot and i think it moved i mean i don't know for sure but i think it did

  • Kaelene Ashmore
    Kaelene Ashmore 4 days ago

    they weren't just stepping on the human remains but they were breathing it in

  • Lifegoeson100
    Lifegoeson100 5 days ago

    You went into the water 🤭

  • Khal Drogo
    Khal Drogo 5 days ago

    Every Scary abandoned Places ,

  • Carol Habib
    Carol Habib 5 days ago

    I can't believe I didn't know your channel.

  • Deven singh
    Deven singh 5 days ago

    Hey guys... If you ever wanna experience evil spirits, one of the most haunted places on Earth... The bhangarh fort, Rajasthan, India... They don't allow you inside after sunset and before sunrise... Legend has it no one came out alive or dead if they went inside in the dark... Creepy right

  • Nishant Rai
    Nishant Rai 5 days ago

    bald and bankrupt is still better...... much more realistic tvclip.biz/channel/UCxDZs_ltFFvn0FDHT6kmoXA

  • Arima Dragneel D. Uchiha

    When you see red dots on camera it’s a sign of a spirit or ghost being presence

  • Maddie Hill
    Maddie Hill 5 days ago


  • Susie Martin
    Susie Martin 5 days ago

    Link's dead...

  • Halle Lury
    Halle Lury 5 days ago

    12:54 idk if I heard whistling

  • dukessadelacroix91
    dukessadelacroix91 5 days ago

    you know that going to Poveglia is illegal,right? To go there,you need first to ask a special autorization to Venice's municipality not just a " yes" from a person living there. Just to let you know...

  • ocb2011
    ocb2011 5 days ago

    was there in 2013, paid a fisherman 10 euro to bring us and get us 5 hours later, Chair on the dock still there?

  • PlumFit /Life
    PlumFit /Life 6 days ago

    You lose the drone, you get the drone. That’s the rules of drone club. 😂

  • Etha
    Etha 6 days ago

    Hey, thanks for making me wanna go to Japan. I think we’re actually going, too.

  • SkaiCloud CryptoKnight

    Thomas: touches tree
    Next video: I have sad news

  • Patty Frem
    Patty Frem 7 days ago

    Just rebuild them as different things

  • Leta Lestrange
    Leta Lestrange 7 days ago

    8.18 why do i see smth on the left

  • Folkert Bergman
    Folkert Bergman 7 days ago

    8:13 completely abandoned... the few people that go there trows garbage on the island....

  • Tommy Sheerin
    Tommy Sheerin 7 days ago +1

    12:43 all the way to the right there is a person in the shadow, or the outline of one

  • rashesh majithia
    rashesh majithia 7 days ago +2

    I can only imagine which places around us will be isolated and considered haunted years later. Weird to think

  • Adec
    Adec 8 days ago +2

    There are a group of people standing looking at the camera at 12:46. One of it followed the guy in blue shirt from thr back

    • Adec
      Adec 6 days ago

      @Jullian Fletcher Yes. I can see it since young. That place is full of dissented spirits

    • Jullian Fletcher
      Jullian Fletcher 6 days ago

      Adec I don’t see it like ghosts?

  • richardocibea
    richardocibea 8 days ago

    There is a sound laughing on 8:30?

  • Kris Parkvil
    Kris Parkvil 8 days ago +5

    The “It’s all okay” grafiti was the only thing that really got to me.. gave me chills down my spine ( 12:02 )

  • Grace Wooler
    Grace Wooler 8 days ago

    Cant believe they didnt wear masks and gloves

  • rarr_im_a_dinosour _grrr
    rarr_im_a_dinosour _grrr 8 days ago +34

    Matt: starts coughing
    Also Matt: "I feel nauseous"
    Me: heck to the no.

  • Heshani
    Heshani 9 days ago

    Hey is there anyone from Italy? We should all make a group and make friends with one another! #seekdiscomfort

  • La Lonster Empire
    La Lonster Empire 9 days ago

    Only cool people will like this one

  • Jonathan Her
    Jonathan Her 9 days ago

    Literally the plot intro to a horror movie haha

  • Josef William Jagger
    Josef William Jagger 9 days ago +1

    This would be a sick call of duty zombies map

  • Annie Wangui
    Annie Wangui 9 days ago

    I watch your documentaries cause you are cuty guys ..😛😛😛 am here to look at you 😂😂😂 much love from Africa though

  • True Potential
    True Potential 10 days ago

    "What if the driver leaves and never comes back and we are stuck in the island?"
    Well, obviously we eat Josh and cuddle with Mattypoo 😋

  • Paolo Di Matteo
    Paolo Di Matteo 10 days ago

    The way he is pronouncing Poveglia makes me scream

  • VdamMusic
    VdamMusic 10 days ago

    Challenge.. Spend 24 hours on the island

  • SilentWrath
    SilentWrath 10 days ago

    so you really didn't find even a SINGLE dead body???

  • Caroline Grüter
    Caroline Grüter 10 days ago +2

    I´m so sorry to inform you that Poveglia
    is just an island with a former hospital and nursing home. They have given up the hospital due to financial reasons.
    There were other islands used for pestilence deaths.
    Venice never had a population over 100,000 and there never was a psychiatry located on Poveglia.
    These rumors about these terrible stories occured for about 15 years ago and are simply not true.

    have a nice day.

  • F A
    F A 11 days ago +1

    i wouldnt call it creepy,but tragic and sad...so many people were killed,abandoned,abused and exiled there...me and my parents went to auschwitz two years ago,and there were untouched clothes and kids shoes,and toys all over,i felt such sadness and grief,so many poor kids. died,families,elders,innocent men. we are such cruel people,we always have been ,and always will continue to be unfortunately,

  • Filipe Andrade
    Filipe Andrade 11 days ago

    Definitely, these cities/places are the ones to be restored and don't let us forget what happened in the past. They are an example of what, we humans, are capable of

  • Xanlics ᏒᎧᏕᏕ
    Xanlics ᏒᎧᏕᏕ 11 days ago

    2 am squad

  • Linda Mazzoni
    Linda Mazzoni 11 days ago +5

    Holy shit I actually got scared when he screamed

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez 11 days ago

    On 12:20 why he beeped out crap lol

  • Urša Debenjak
    Urša Debenjak 11 days ago +5

    New drinking game: take a shot everytime that people in the comments say plague is caused by a virus.

  • Elan Sinder
    Elan Sinder 11 days ago


  • farukh abbas
    farukh abbas 11 days ago

    U dickhead actually shook me at 8:40 into the video