311 - Flowing

  • Published on Oct 25, 2009
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    Along the way to close my eyes
    I lost where I was going
    the more it will spin
    the more that I try
    to stop my mind flowing away, away
    to all that I despise
    along the way to close my eyes
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Comments • 646

  • Jesse Reyes
    Jesse Reyes 23 days ago

    Obsessed since it came out

  • David De La Torre
    David De La Torre Month ago

    Paul finch cagon 💩

  • Carlos E. Aguirre
    Carlos E. Aguirre Month ago

    P Nut looks like Flea in Back To The Future LOL

  • gemxwave
    gemxwave Month ago

    chorus is so fucking good but the verses ruin it

  • Roger Ghai
    Roger Ghai Month ago

    A 311 Linkin Park Mashup would have been cool

  • Roger Ghai
    Roger Ghai Month ago

    311 Grenday Soundgarden the beginning of Linkin Park those were the days the 1990’s and early 2000’s

  • Jamothon 2019 Keepitreal

    It's obvious why this song is called flowing the harmony is some of the best iv heard .it's definitely has flow that gives like a happy feeling everything about this song just cool stuff

  • ParadiXe311
    ParadiXe311 3 months ago

    (2:00) The members of 311 make the best nurses.

  • lalalalauren
    lalalalauren 3 months ago +1

    Best 311 song!! And nick looks soooooo damn tasty

  • Ch Bruett
    Ch Bruett 3 months ago

    Juliette Lewis sexy/ crazy ass at the end of the video! Too funny!

  • Nick Brice
    Nick Brice 4 months ago


  • Ryan Sean
    Ryan Sean 4 months ago

    Best 311 song by far in my opinion

  • Baxtron o
    Baxtron o 4 months ago

    Guitar rips.

  • Oscar Morrissey
    Oscar Morrissey 4 months ago

    Paul Finch

  • City of Shoes
    City of Shoes 4 months ago

    That thumbnail is hideous. Very 90's though.

  • David Gossoo
    David Gossoo 5 months ago

    love this song, band ... and glad to see finch in a cool music video

  • Andie Hong
    Andie Hong 5 months ago

    i love this song but i think it sounds a bit like 90's green day

  • isr7 flowers
    isr7 flowers 5 months ago

    Stiflerr mooomm!!!!!!

  • Denton Bale
    Denton Bale 6 months ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have bad news I did not get the job at fruitloops.
    My Body is now your communion... please eat from me... drink from me

  • thinkingjack
    thinkingjack 6 months ago

    Happy 311 day 2019 everyone!

  • Sara Wilcker
    Sara Wilcker 6 months ago +1

    This video is what happened after Stiffler's party.

  • patrick miller
    patrick miller 6 months ago

    #indie? Really TVclip?

  • Loyd Bateman
    Loyd Bateman 6 months ago

    Happy 3-11-2019

  • Griffin Sanchez
    Griffin Sanchez 6 months ago +1

    Happy 311 Day

  • brykidla
    brykidla 6 months ago

    This mix has no treble

  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖
    311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖 6 months ago

    They make great music but boy do all their music videos look ugly.

  • Brian Fleming
    Brian Fleming 6 months ago


  • giovanni martorella
    giovanni martorella 6 months ago

    man who's that female with the curly curly black hair she's attractive

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 7 months ago

    Deez nibbas is aliens b 👽

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 7 months ago

    Looking for Stifler's mom?

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 7 months ago


  • Keegzter
    Keegzter 7 months ago

    These songs are awesome

  • davehead4real
    davehead4real 8 months ago

    Love the use of the seeker pedal at the beginning as it's not used too much in songs.

  • Oscar Clarke
    Oscar Clarke 8 months ago


  • Captain Rupertikjakmos
    Captain Rupertikjakmos 9 months ago


  • Jill Conner
    Jill Conner 9 months ago

    Nebraska's finest!

  • Jill Conner
    Jill Conner 9 months ago

    Less is definitely more in music videos. They over stimulate you now and get ridiculous, but videos along everything having to do with music in general was better back then

  • Rocky Austin
    Rocky Austin 10 months ago

    Paul Finch from american pie lol

  • P0k3r-Mods Official
    P0k3r-Mods Official 10 months ago

    Dude in the video looks like a young shitbreak lol

  • Google This
    Google This 10 months ago

    2018 anyone?! Anyone?! 2018 goin’ once...! 2018 Goin twice.....

  • El Terriblé
    El Terriblé 10 months ago

    I just saw the herpes

  • Brian
    Brian 10 months ago +1

    This band is a ripoff of Sugar Ray

  • Kandoloh
    Kandoloh 10 months ago

    Ese is the real mvp

  • FabulosoBlox MetroFanatico

    311 #omg

  • moncorp1 Inc
    moncorp1 Inc Year ago


  • oj anda
    oj anda Year ago

    Cool video

  • Absurd GamingTV
    Absurd GamingTV Year ago

    the main person in this looks like lip from shameless

  • PzKpfwIV
    PzKpfwIV Year ago

    Listening at 1:42 a.m. on a work night, gotta get up at 3:30. F'ing insomnia. I live, and love this song.

  • Sarah Aldridge
    Sarah Aldridge Year ago

    '90s :)

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin Year ago

    311 cured his herpes with the power of their jamming. 🎸🔥🔥

  • Paloma Suicida
    Paloma Suicida Year ago

    Dr. Nick 😍

  • marty maness
    marty maness Year ago


  • Google This
    Google This Year ago +1

    ...I lost where I was going. ...but So Awakened now...my eyes...that shine my light...will never be shut...again.

  • Experiment Master

    whoa this song is jamming

  • Ryan Sean
    Ryan Sean Year ago

    shit break

  • Ryan Sean
    Ryan Sean Year ago

    does anybody remember the rumors when they first came out that 311 meant KKK because the 11th letter in the alphabet is K so 311 KKK I was just wondering if anybody else heard that ridiculous nonsense

  • kjlabombard
    kjlabombard Year ago

    C'mon! 311 fans!

  • Ben Mawyer
    Ben Mawyer Year ago

    Haven’t heard this song in years and yet it somehow has been stuck in my head this past week

  • Jonas Butler
    Jonas Butler Year ago

    P Nut and Chad make one of the best rhythm sections ever.

  • marty maness
    marty maness Year ago

    One of my all time favs. The whole CD is unbelievable!!