30 day breath hold challenge day1 - Hold your breath longer from 1 to 4 min in 30 days

  • Published on Feb 17, 2017
  • You can find the table here:
    30 days from 1 to 4 minutes breath holding.
    This is day one of the training where I will train static apnea with you for 30 days. You will see the way i trained to get from being able to hold my breath for 1 minutes, till after 1 month i was able to hold my breath for 5 minutes. Then eventually being able to hold my breath for up to 7 minutes.
    When training underwater you should always have a buddy to rescue you if you get a blackout. Never train alone
    Website: europeanmagician.com/
    Website2: illusjonist.no
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  • Skylar drawing Tutorials

    Can we practice in the bath tub

  • Dena Parsa
    Dena Parsa 15 days ago

    Where is your Safety?

  • paul shan
    paul shan 17 days ago +1

    I did 1min on the test and I followed your example in the vid then it was all v good

  • Sweet lids
    Sweet lids 23 days ago +1

    Yesss!!!!! XD

  • naspy971
    naspy971 Month ago +1

    18:31 wasn't expecting that XDD

  • Manuel Oribe
    Manuel Oribe Month ago +3

    I got 6:30 minutes, is this ok?

    • naspy971
      naspy971 Month ago +1


    • Jesoses
      Jesoses Month ago

      It's really good me its 4:46 minutes

  • CyanideCN-
    CyanideCN- Month ago

    I'm actually really impressed with myself, I held my breath for two minutes and fifteen seconds (Not in Water) after doing the breathing. I feel so lightheaded now. I'm going to keep track of my progress.

  • Dylan Pembleton
    Dylan Pembleton 2 months ago

    A little tip, once you hold it for as long as possible, and you know how long you can go, try setting a specific amount of time Togo next time, because chances are you can go a bit longer than you think

  • Dylan Pembleton
    Dylan Pembleton 2 months ago

    I’ve been going for 2 mins 3 times per day, for the past 5 days, and now my record is 3 mins

  • Vlog Style
    Vlog Style 2 months ago +2

    I started today 11/9/2018

  • Expertz Team
    Expertz Team 2 months ago

    I got 55 sec

  • Gary Flores
    Gary Flores 2 months ago

    Can I apply the routine but diving to the bottom of a 8 foot pool. I want to be a good snorkeler and record for longer underwater.

  • Kozer Zenda
    Kozer Zenda 2 months ago +2

    what happens if I got dizzy while breathing in and then almost fell over I was so light headed and did every thing u told me

    • Dylan Pembleton
      Dylan Pembleton 2 months ago

      Kozer Zenda then start holding your breath, and... sit down

  • KillerFootBall101
    KillerFootBall101 3 months ago

    also, what do you do if you want to improve after the 30 days?

  • KillerFootBall101
    KillerFootBall101 3 months ago

    wait, do you do the warm up every day, and during the apnea training table, after the 2 minutes of breathing, do you take 3 deep breaths each time? and by deep breaths do you mean in through nose and out through the mouth?

  • Khelo
    Khelo 3 months ago

    Im so bad at this

  • Leroy Jowit
    Leroy Jowit 3 months ago +1

    Thank q.. I did hold my breath for 2min

  • Zephy
    Zephy 3 months ago +2

    Omg thanks i could hold my breath for
    only 20 sec after a few days i can do 2:25

  • Salvador
    Salvador 3 months ago

    I did 30s

  • Stephen Hodge
    Stephen Hodge 3 months ago +1

    second day and did a 4min 4sec

  • Arturo PinzonCastillejos

    First try1 min 45sec yesterday I couldn't even do it for 1 min. So proud rn

  • Alper
    Alper 3 months ago +3

    I did 3mins for the second time but not in the pool, while lying on the bed

  • Noumenon Nauta
    Noumenon Nauta 3 months ago


  • uephe
    uephe 3 months ago +2

    my highest is 2:45

    • trigger rydir
      trigger rydir 3 months ago

      uephe mine is 1:25 but I'm only 14 and I don't hyperventilate

  • Retrozzie
    Retrozzie 3 months ago +1

    WTF I dont know what it was but i took a deep breath for the test and then I just had a black out for 2 or 3 seconds on my chair and my body felt kinda weird XD

    • Twenty øne bøgs øf shit
      Twenty øne bøgs øf shit 3 months ago

      Retrozzie it probably put to much pressure on your heart restricting it pumping blood (oxygen) to your brain. Nothing to worry about :)

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago +2

    Damn I was eating when I watched this

  • abdullah najjar
    abdullah najjar 4 months ago +2

    I did in first time 01.26
    Second one 02.06
    Third time 02.03
    Fourth time 02.22
    Fifth time 02.45

  • andrew hogan
    andrew hogan 4 months ago +15

    I am an AIDA trained and sanctioned freediver. I have been diving for over 15 years. I have competed in the Worlds in Egypte in 2008, and provided safety for 3 competitions in Cayman, as well as assisted in classes with Performance Freediving. My deepest dive is over 200 feet, and my longest breath hold over 6 minutes. So i know what I'm talking about. tvclip.biz/video/RV94JEAPrQI/video.html
    RULE #1 DO NOT DO ANY POOL OR OCEAN TRAINING ALONE. This is the most important rule. I have blacked out in training and competition 12 times. If I did not have a safety diver there supporting me, who was watching and could recognize a blackout, I would not be alive to write this.
    The first time you have a blackout you won't know the signs. It will creep up so fast - then you are out. If nobody is there with you, YOU WILL DIE! Don't count on the lifeguard. They may see you floating there and just think you're holding your breath.
    Any kids watching this: You can practice breathhold dryland (out of the water) alone. Make sure you are lying down, and somewhere safe - so if you do blackout, you won't wack your head on anything.
    But if you are in the water - you must practive with a "buddy". You both decide in the time you're working up to - do it incromentally - and tap their shoulder every 30 seconds and then every 15 towards the end of the determined hold time.
    They need to move a finger to show you they are concious. If they don't you tap again right away (sometimes the brain is a little foggy), if they don't move their finger, you immediately clear their airway from the water rolling them on their back, blowing over their face and eyes, telling them to wake up, and give thenm a few good slaps.
    If they don't come around right away you give them mouth-to-mouth (AR rescue breath). (This is not CPR - just AIR) and yell for help. Even if your freind doesn't know safety training, have them watch you and ask for signals. If you're going to do it anyway, always have someone with you.


    • Sean B
      Sean B 3 months ago

      andrew hogan this is true, but only for competition freediving. If you’re on your own, there are actually a few signs that indicate for you to go to the surface, as you are nearing a blackout. If your contractions suddenly stop, that is a good telltale factor that shows you will soon black out. If you dive far longer than you usually do, that’s also a warning. The risk is there, but if you’re on your own, it doesn’t mean you will automatically die, just don’t push yourself to the limits.

    • Chris Erics
      Chris Erics 4 months ago

      andrew hogan ok, got it! Thanks

    • andrew hogan
      andrew hogan 4 months ago +1

      Well, I would say do it on the floor, in-case you roll off the sofa. You could have convulsions, and you might pee your pants if you blackout. I'm not going to say it's 100% safe - as you may have some underlying condition that affects your heart - especially if you pack too much. But I will say, it isn't likely you will have any issues - whereas, if you blackout in the water - you are guaranteed to have issues and likely die, if you're alone. I had one blackout on dry-land. I experienced a "SOMBA" - which was a loss of motor control. I fell into a dream and awoke having involuntary muscle contractions and couldn't control my breathing. It was more intense than a somba in the water - but the good news was, other than a huge headache for the next hour and feeling super dehydrated, I wasn't floating dead in a pool.
      C02 training is suppressing the urge to breathe, by tolerating high levels of c02. That is what gives you contractions. It's the first thing you need to overcome in breath-holding. The 02 endurance is what keeps you from blacking out. But until you can control you breathing anxiety - you shouldn't focus on 02 endurance as you're not calm enough to handle the contractions properly.

    • Chris Erics
      Chris Erics 4 months ago

      andrew hogan ok, downloaded an app. Not exactly clear info on why to train co2 compared to training O2 and if one should do them equally much? Any tips you got would be appreciated :) is blacking out in the sofa totally safe or what does it exactly do? Not saying I am aiming for a black out now... lol.. but good to understand what it does from someone who got the experience from this, thanks!

    • andrew hogan
      andrew hogan 4 months ago +1

      Chris Erics, I'm very glad you didn't push it. You may have saved your life. If you scroll down, there is another AIDA trained Japanese freediver who also warns about the dangers. I'm so sorry for the mix up. Yes, it's the other Chris I need to deal with. He is super wreckless having this page up. Honestly I'm so glad you didn't push it. Please keep practicing dryland. Get a dive tables app. It helps you train CO2 and 02 resistance. It's fun and better than yoga. And it's safe. This pool stuff alone is a time bomb. It's not when you first start that is the problem, it's when you are able to handle that high CO2 and prolong contractions that you are able to comfortably push into the danger zone. when I recreationally solo dive I have an alarm go off at 1 minute, and I surface no matter what. When you're at depth your lungs feel more full, and your dive reflex is super engaged. But then when you surface and your lungs expand you pull O2 from the blood and gravity at the surface pulls blood from your head - even lifting it those few inches out of the water, that causes the iproblems. if you waitied till you felt like you needed to breathe, you'll never make it back. Same is true even in shallow water.
      I'm happy you're thinking twice about pushing it in the pool.
      Good luck with the dryland training and with the club. I'll send them an email.

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods 4 months ago +6

    I’m 14 but can only do it fir 0:20, I’m embarrassed

    • trigger rydir
      trigger rydir 3 months ago

      I'm 14 to and I hold for q min and 25 sec

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape 5 months ago +1

    He assumes that I’m a guy and I will bring a guy friend

    DJ LLAMA 5 months ago

    But if this dos not work so mad

    DJ LLAMA 5 months ago

    I will try it

  • Kristóf Tóth
    Kristóf Tóth 5 months ago +1

    i'm 12, but i can hold my breath 2 min, (class record)

    • uephe
      uephe 3 months ago

      im 12 i can hold my breath for 2:45

  • Abdul-Rahman El-Hassan
    Abdul-Rahman El-Hassan 5 months ago +4

    I was able to go from 1m10 to 3min after trying three times

  • Its Sam
    Its Sam 5 months ago +1

    How deep is the water? I can only reach 4 feet... Tbh..

  • Its Sam
    Its Sam 5 months ago +1

    I cant even hold my breath for atleast 60 secs xD i can only hold it 20 secs thats so impossible holding ur breath for 30 days?! Omg... Wow just saying ;-;

    • hun TauruX
      hun TauruX 4 months ago

      Mikkel Johansen its a joke..

    • Mikkel Johansen
      Mikkel Johansen 5 months ago +1

      wtf are you on about? "holding your breath for 30 days" are you a retard???

  • Max Hodges
    Max Hodges 6 months ago +1

    regarding yoru day 30 scheudle: Day 30, you do 6 warm ups before your "max test" breath hold. I think you'd get better results by only doing one or two warm ups before a personal best attempt. Also, you're only breathing up for 2 minutes after each of these holds. This is basically a low-O2 tolerance training table. Not the best prep for a new personal best attempt. Instead do one or two warm ups and give yourself more time (as much as 4-5 minutes) to re-oxygenate your blood before your final attempt. Cheers!

  • Vidhya S Varier
    Vidhya S Varier 6 months ago

    Instead of a trainer we can do it close to the ladder, right?

    • Max Hodges
      Max Hodges 6 months ago

      nope, there is no warning. When you go hypoxic it’s lights out, like a switch has been flipped - without warning. more here medium.com/@maxhodges/breath-hold-tips-from-a-competitive-freediver-2e02d4943fcb

  • Max Hodges
    Max Hodges 6 months ago +3

    Don’t do this alone! I’m a former competitive freediver. My personal best hold is 5m27s. But I blacked out underwater once and my coach saved me. When you go hypoxic it’s lights out, like a switch was thrown. No warning. Also practice with a well trained buddy.

    • andrew hogan
      andrew hogan 4 months ago

      Max Hodges thanks for writing this. I also comepeted in Aida world's. This guy is super reckless promoting solo statics with all these young kids watching. If he doesn't put up a huge disclaimer I think I should report this channel. Pretty insane.

    • Jake the dog
      Jake the dog 6 months ago

      Max Hodges
      Is that a good way i could commit suicide? I'll attempt 60 foot freedive solo.

    • Max Hodges
      Max Hodges 6 months ago

      9 months from my first free diving lesson to winning a AIDA competition in Japan at 5m27s. I can't' really remember all the milestones unfortunately. But within the first HOUR of training I went from like 1m15 to 3m40s. I believe anyone could do 3m in an hour with the right coach. I just published a 1,700 word response to your question here on medium medium.com/@maxhodges/breath-hold-tips-from-a-competitive-freediver-2e02d4943fcb

    • Da Realist
      Da Realist 6 months ago

      Max Hodges how long did it take you to get to a 5minute hold

  • Garry Mcgrath
    Garry Mcgrath 6 months ago +1

    I wouldn't recommend people do this without a proper trainer present unless they want to drown!

  • Dale T
    Dale T 7 months ago +1

    start at 2:20 first time i have tested it! good start

    • Dale T
      Dale T 7 months ago +1

      I am 43

  • Jorge
    Jorge 8 months ago +1

    Nice Kerbal music lololol

  • Marina Van Woerkom
    Marina Van Woerkom 8 months ago

    Nice video for breathing problem. Like this, l Will try in the pool. Thank you for sharing.

  • Paolo Mh
    Paolo Mh 8 months ago +2

    Hi, have u ever black out? I used to enjoy doing this without technic and without partner but you guys are scaring me ... Where is your mate? Looks like u r recording your self!

    • Tide Pods
      Tide Pods 4 months ago

      Max Hodges what if your buddy doesn’t know your blacked out? How will they know?

    • Max Hodges
      Max Hodges 6 months ago

      i have blacked out underwater before. wrote a bit about it here. medium.com/@maxhodges/breath-hold-tips-from-a-competitive-freediver-2e02d4943fcb ASK ME ANYTHING

    • Paolo Mh
      Paolo Mh 8 months ago +3

      Thank you... I didn't mean to be rude, just really want to practice but got nobody available.

    • Christian Wedoy
      Christian Wedoy  8 months ago +2

      +Paolo Mh I have never blacked out, and i have a partner there

  • [YT] Arnold
    [YT] Arnold 9 months ago

    Its very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

  • Hana Chelache
    Hana Chelache 9 months ago

    I did a minute on the breath hold with Christian and managed to complete the whole table. My record is 2.30. I am doing this challenge to train in a structured way and hopefully improve my breathhold at the end of the month. I'm nearly 32.

    • FadedShay _
      FadedShay _ 6 months ago

      Ugh, I'm 11 and my highest is 1.31 😂🙄😒

    • Hana Chelache
      Hana Chelache 9 months ago

      Christian Wedoy thank you

    • Christian Wedoy
      Christian Wedoy  9 months ago

      +Hana Chelache
      Good job, let us hear how it goes

  • SargeSario
    SargeSario 9 months ago

    2.40 min and im just 15

  • JareBareXP
    JareBareXP 9 months ago

    I can hold my breath underwater for 14 min. And I am not a swimmer... I simply hyperventilate and relax


      You must check your pulse.maybe your dead.

    • jack martin
      jack martin 3 months ago

      Works good until you have a black out one day.. hiberventalative techniques seem great until you have a sudden black out IV tried all sorts of different types but this is the only one IV blackout from. so I'd never recommend anyone use it in the water . With mates at home, yeah who cares if ya pass out, its all in fun..
      in the water it's a different story

    • Max Hodges
      Max Hodges 5 months ago

      It's not my site, it's medium. I'm not selling anything. Just trying to 1) help people hold their breath and 2) warn them of the dangers of practicing alone. SO uncool !

    • alienxyt
      alienxyt 6 months ago

      Isn't there some type of etiquette about hijacking another persons video with links to your own site!? Seems uncool.

    • Max Hodges
      Max Hodges 6 months ago +1

      you can't tell you will blackout even if you don't hyperventilate.Often there is no warning. When you go hypoxic it’s lights out, like a switch has been flipped - without warning. more here medium.com/@maxhodges/breath-hold-tips-from-a-competitive-freediver-2e02d4943fcb

  • Cameron B
    Cameron B 10 months ago

    Went from 1 minute to 1:56 during the video.

  • Dirt Moto
    Dirt Moto 10 months ago +2

    lol I can hold my breath for 2:00 min out of water

  • John Manga
    John Manga 10 months ago +4

    I got up to 1 min and i started at 40 secs, thanks! I deffentally subbed.

  • Paikea Kehlani
    Paikea Kehlani 10 months ago +8

    It’s really frustrating for me because I’m a surfer and I want to surf big waves but my uncle won’t let me until I can do a 4 minute breath hold. When I was younger I had pneumonia and I also have quite bad asthma. I have gotten to 3 minutes 17 seconds so far

    • Paikea Kehlani
      Paikea Kehlani 10 months ago +1

      Christian Wedoy thanks mate, I’m going to the pool everyday in the morning and surfing in the evening so I will keep practicing hard and hopefully get there :)

    • Christian Wedoy
      Christian Wedoy  10 months ago +4

      +Georgia LaChance
      You will get there. Just keep practicing.
      I had asthma too.

  • Corbin the Magic man
    Corbin the Magic man 11 months ago +3

    I tried this I was not at the pool though but man it feels weird and I can hold my breath for a long time

  • Awesome Mixie
    Awesome Mixie 11 months ago +2


  • Michel François
    Michel François 11 months ago

    Nice training, but I didn't find any apps that can store all days table, let me know if someone has a very good one.

  • Tsutey Edward Legasi
    Tsutey Edward Legasi 11 months ago +2

    i can do it for 2minutes and 13 seconds i need to quit smoking then i might get a bit longer

  • Kawaiipuff101 Japanesedogs
    Kawaiipuff101 Japanesedogs 11 months ago +4

    I'm 13 yrs old (female) and I was practicing with my sister on breath holding, my record was 2:10 but now I boosted it up to 2:41 ;D

  • Cherry Ann Buesil
    Cherry Ann Buesil 11 months ago +1

    Am 10000000 years

  • Egobuster
    Egobuster Year ago +4

    started out yesterday with 1.53 (test trial). after first training: 2.34. today after second training: 3 min. in other words: seems to work!

  • Savarna baho
    Savarna baho Year ago

    Can you please hold your breath in 100 years

  • Vegeek 1
    Vegeek 1 Year ago +1

    looks a bit like hyperventilation

  • Rommel Diaz
    Rommel Diaz Year ago +1

    amazing...I used to hold my breath for 1 min.. in just 1 day of practice..i dit it 220..

  • Don Hart
    Don Hart Year ago +3

    I onley held my breath 2 days i couldn't hold my breath for the hole 30 days

    • dmytro_super RBLX MLG
      dmytro_super RBLX MLG 11 months ago

      Don Hart not 30.. it's like each day you count how many minutes can you hold your breath and then the next day it goes on like that and at the Lars day after trying again count out your minutes and see

  • Madison Cooper
    Madison Cooper Year ago

    breath through chest or belly or both?

    • Mllr hr
      Mllr hr Year ago

      only the diaphragm lets you breath, not the chet nor belly

  • Leo G
    Leo G Year ago

    Hey man love your videos. Quick question though. Do you have any tips you can give me for improving my static apnea. Thak you

  • Maryaam Muhammad
    Maryaam Muhammad Year ago

    1min afternoon

  • Holly Turner
    Holly Turner Year ago

    how deep is that pool

  • Fred Handrix
    Fred Handrix Year ago

    Hi Christian, thank you for this video. I did the test like you suggested. At the warmup after the first exhale I was able to do 1 min. Then with the inhale, I did 2:20 min but those last 20 sec were VERY HARD ! I started the training at 1:50 and added 10 sec getting more and more peaceful and relaxed inside until 2:40 sec and still felt I could go on a little bit which really surprised me ! Thanks and best regards. Fred.

  • Isaac McDaniel
    Isaac McDaniel Year ago +1

    I already managed 2:45 full lungs ! I suppose it does help I'm in great health and freedive weekly! Thank you for the guide!

  • Derpinater
    Derpinater Year ago +3

    Not sure how that would work for me i have bad athstma

    • John Panas
      John Panas Year ago

      myrecord is 3:58 i download apnea application from playstore and practice every day for a month

    • William & Madelyn
      William & Madelyn Year ago

      I have asthma and my record is 2 minutes

    • John Panas
      John Panas Year ago

      Derpinater. Ihave astma too you can do it but first ask your doctor .i used to inhale a medicine called " aerolin" just inhale two times and then start practice..BUT FIRST OF ALL ASK YOUR DOCTORS OPINION. have agood practice,

  • Captain Sparky
    Captain Sparky Year ago +1

    did u know if your really fit u can hold your breathe longer

    • spectre
      spectre Year ago

      while this is true ofc an unfit person can hold his breath ruffly the same amount of time as an fit person (provided they are both untrained and are completely relaxed) like relaxed to the point where you basically fall asleep

  • Slav Serbian Soldier SSS

    Wtf i cant hold my breath for even 14 secs

  • Sultan Majid
    Sultan Majid Year ago +1

    2 minutes in the test and was able to reach 2:20

  • Einstein 77
    Einstein 77 Year ago +2

    I can hold my breath for 2min and 12sec

  • Matt3ew69 m
    Matt3ew69 m Year ago

    I can hold my breath for 1 min 20 secs

  • Fawful
    Fawful Year ago +2

    I can hold my breath for 4 mins 32 secs without training my breath holding ability, although I am a swimmer.

    • Cary Saint
      Cary Saint Year ago

      My friend can do dry hold of over 5 mins . With just practicing and massive willpower . Not a swimmer either incredible.

    • Isaac McDaniel
      Isaac McDaniel Year ago +1

      very nice dude

  • Ryan West
    Ryan West Year ago +1

    I've held my breath for 3 min on exhale. Wim Hof is a G

  • Dimitra Mpoxos
    Dimitra Mpoxos Year ago +1

    1 min and 6 sec after my dinner :)

    • Leevi21
      Leevi21 Year ago +1

      Dimitra Mpoxos good for you, i have to practice a lot still

    • Dimitra Mpoxos
      Dimitra Mpoxos Year ago +1

      1:06 isn;t my record :) i am a new free diver .... i hold for almost 2 min

    • Leevi21
      Leevi21 Year ago +2

      Dimitra Mpoxos my personal record is about 1min 20 sec

  • Bad Goy
    Bad Goy Year ago

    Did you ever blackout?

  • Adam Day
    Adam Day Year ago +1


  • PhilyPhillyCheeseSteak101

    Lol I thought he was going to hold his breath for 30 days! 😂😂

    • Ricky S
      Ricky S Year ago +2

      WatchuMaCallit same.

      Not rly

  • hamza anouar
    hamza anouar Year ago +1

    I've been able to hold for 3 minutes

  • Billybob c Smith
    Billybob c Smith Year ago +1

    I can up like 1 second before him

  • Dagur Atli Guðmundsson

    Is it possible for me a 10 year old kid to be under whotor for 3 minutes

    EL THORRO Year ago +1

    im like wtf i workout and im in my growing spurt so i like every 2 hours and he says i have to wait 3? im gonna be starving at that point

  • lachi donaldson
    lachi donaldson Year ago +3

    if you hold your breath for too long, would you just pass out for a few seconds or are their greater repercussions?... just curious because I began to feel really dizzy at the 2-minute mark

    • Skiddish Cat
      Skiddish Cat Year ago

      Papanomaly passing out doesnt harm you tho 😐

    • Crazy-cris12
      Crazy-cris12 Year ago

      Papanomaly are u serious

    • Ya boi Julian
      Ya boi Julian Year ago

      lachi donaldson when you witness an out of body experience you should get air immediately! Going longer than that and you'll pass out

    • lachi donaldson
      lachi donaldson Year ago

      (keeping in mind that I'm a healthy 20 yr old with no health problems what-so-ever)

  • Dalius Kubilius
    Dalius Kubilius Year ago

    Wow it works

  • morpheus goddess
    morpheus goddess Year ago +1

    Before I was under 1 minute then I it became 1 minute and 16 seconds. And I cant get pass throught it 😧

  • Juan Ali
    Juan Ali Year ago

    Hi only Wans likes no real

  • Chester Copperpot
    Chester Copperpot Year ago +1

    You can easily go past 3 minutes within half an hour by using the Wim Hof method.

    • Crystal Clear
      Crystal Clear Year ago

      playerguy2 ㅣㅐㅣ점심 ㅁㄱㄷ생 ㄴㅛㅑㅜㅎ

    • Liam Mehle
      Liam Mehle Year ago +6

      So what you're saying is hyperventilating is good? Dude, no.
      Hyperventilation is a very bad idea:
      -increases heart rate
      -removes CO2 from your lungs faster than it replenishes O2 which pushes back the need to breath to often after you've blacked out.
      -because of the Bohr effect, you black out early, further making this a bad idea.

  • Jody Carlos Borrageiro

    These are simple O2 and CO2 tables.... Nothing groundbreaking here.... Google freedive tables and you'll get the same information if not better.... That full exhale breath hold in the beginning is absolutely pointless not to mention dangerous.......

  • Brendan Nes
    Brendan Nes Year ago

    Thank you so much! I have never been able to hold my breath for more than 30 seconds. After your exercises, I was able to triple that. 1:42. Just on the first day!!! thank you so much!!!

    • Brendan Nes
      Brendan Nes Year ago

      NuKe Gaming at 30 seconds or a second after I woul get the "I'm out of breath feeling"

    • NuKe Gaming
      NuKe Gaming Year ago

      Brendan Nes that is just weird that you couldn't hold for 30 sec srry but how

  • Jayben Valerio
    Jayben Valerio Year ago

    No whon can do that

  • Jayben Valerio
    Jayben Valerio Year ago

    Thats amazing

  • Jayben Valerio
    Jayben Valerio Year ago


  • Ticklish Wasabi
    Ticklish Wasabi Year ago +1

    What if you aren't getting contractions? I held for 2 min initially, then just stopped because I didn't want to push it. I wasn't getting any contractions yet....

    • Zalgo 3 Kingdoms
      Zalgo 3 Kingdoms Year ago

      Ticklish Wasabi same

    • Ticklish Wasabi
      Ticklish Wasabi Year ago

      No, I didn't/don't hyperventilate, It's really weird tbh. I tried to research it but I just kept finding pregnancy articles about birthing contractions.

    • Liam Mehle
      Liam Mehle Year ago

      I kinda wish I was you then. Unless you are hyperventilating, that shouldn't happen.

  • Mech 5 MN
    Mech 5 MN Year ago +1

    Nice ушанка

  • Linus
    Linus Year ago +1

    the monkey behind you scarded me

  • xbox king!!!!!!!
    xbox king!!!!!!! Year ago


  • Razzer
    Razzer Year ago

    Is it okay not to bring a friend, if there are lifeguards at the pool?