Ellen still wants Kevin Hart to host Oscars

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • In an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," comedian Kevin Hart said he would evaluate taking on the job of hosting the Oscars again after Ellen revealed she called the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Hart initially stepped down from the role after homophobic tweets from his past resurfaced and generated backlash.

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    SNAKEEYES44 Month ago

    Wtf? Leave him along...LGTBQ are the bullies and killing freedom of speech in this country...not just tweeter your own Don Lemon put a lot of heat on Kevin on this issue shame on CNN

  • Raymond Mach
    Raymond Mach Month ago

    This video is literally disgusting. Fuck CNN what has news come to

  • Mad Pierrot
    Mad Pierrot Month ago

    Left a dislike for you CNN. You guys are something else. You blasted Kevin. I would of dropped out of it also but I wouldn't of apologized. You guys have gone to far. No one trust you and no one cares if you are offended.

  • Jason Heilman
    Jason Heilman 2 months ago

    I’ve apologized already... I’m willing to step down if you want to lambast me. And f you by the way

  • lampros karadimas
    lampros karadimas 2 months ago

    He is not doing what they want him to do and they hate him more for that

  • Barry Dews 2
    Barry Dews 2 2 months ago

    Im tired of Gay people cryin!!!!

  • M 3cinco
    M 3cinco 3 months ago

    So the Oscars is gonna be an Lgbt field day

  • Dee V
    Dee V 3 months ago

    The Academy still hasn't considered Martin Short? He'd be perfect. He needs to host the Oscars at least once. He's still sharp and quick witted, so he doesn't really require much preparation for a hosting gig.

  • Jeff Hagerman
    Jeff Hagerman 3 months ago

    Boycott them all

  • CalyMusic
    CalyMusic 3 months ago

    Let Kevin Hart host. Comedians talk smack about EVERYBODY. Too much PC movement.

  • siennah's songs
    siennah's songs 3 months ago

    Kevin Hart apologized already. Enough is enough. Move on people. He doesnt have to keep talking about it. He is right. This will just keep coming up in his life. LET IT GO. LGBTQ needs to accept other peoples believes too.

  • Nickelia Charles
    Nickelia Charles 3 months ago

    I can't believe they put this situation on CNN..... Leave Kevin alone, he said what he had to say I hope he doesn't say anything more. Everyone have Life decisions he made his decision. Y'all want to be entertained by the guy so much. He said No! Deal with it! Find Someone else. Look at y'all begging now! Sad sad!

  • Competitive Combat Sports

    And this is the "Earth Shattering News" that "Fake News" CNN reports on when they take a break from lying about President Trump... LOL

  • Geo C
    Geo C 3 months ago

    How many damn apologizes does he have make. Gay people are really starting to be bullies. And trust me I get it I'm black. I've been called a nigger by some racist white folk, some Spanish folk. I was mad at them, but not EVERY white and Spanish person. I forgave them and moved on. That's what we must do in this situation. The man made an apology move on!

  • Coming In Clutch
    Coming In Clutch 3 months ago

    Yo this is all a stunt .. how does someone make a joke then 10 years later affect the LGBTQ’s??? Something alil off... I think the higher ups don’t like his success and they are trying to stifle him alil

  • evets zerep
    evets zerep 3 months ago

    he apologized over and over again !! get over it! if ur sensitive to ppl thinking and speaking their mind, why would do u have the right to speak ur mind? but kevin is the person that get the bad end

  • John Charisse
    John Charisse 3 months ago

    Roseanne’s tweet was not about race. It was political, as Roseanne has mentioned numerous times. She was trying to comment on Iran, which is experiencing chaos in its streets as we speak. Roseanne believes Valerie, as a member of the Obama administration, had a role in the expansion of the Muslim brotherhood in places like Iran. The tweet had NOTHING to do with what the movie is called, and everything to do with what the movie is about. Planet of the Apes, the movie, is about overthrowing political despots (where the Apes rule and humans are their servants and either fight back or escape). And that is what some people of Iran are trying to do to their own government. People need to get past the word “Ape”. That had nothing to do with what Roseanne was trying to say. If the movie was called “waka maka waka” then that’s what she would have said, because what the movie is called was irrelevant to what she was trying to say. Again, Roseanne was comparing what she believes to be Valerie’s actions with the PLOT of the movie, not the name or characters in it.

  • Wesley Mka
    Wesley Mka 3 months ago

    This is ridiculous, the man apologised for something he did ten years ago. Presumably he made a mistake and learned from it. This is why I don’t comprehend why are you people still holding a grudge??? it’s been a decade... If I was Kevin Hart I wouldn’t give a fuck about what anyone says especially when he’s been apologetic.

  • Bobby Silver
    Bobby Silver 3 months ago

    Y’all are the problem not Kevin hart

  • Cheryl Juliette
    Cheryl Juliette 3 months ago

    Dont make an Assessment out of ypurself...

  • atifayuob
    atifayuob 3 months ago

    This is autophagy - liberalism is eating itself alive......

  • godofwar2222z
    godofwar2222z 3 months ago

    Brian S. is a piece of shit.

  • carla v
    carla v 3 months ago

    But yet the N word is used so loosely but it seems like sex gender is more important nowadays I wounder if the LGBT where all black if they would have this much power this is bulling.Shit I'm say what i want to say its an free country blacks have been feeling fucked up for ever bulling people to say sorry.Skinny.fat,short,tall,everyone gets joked on someone always going say something what where suppose to tip toe because your LGBT get the fuck out of here Trump say shit about people's race why don't the LGBT help some else beside there fucking self discrimination is discrimination SEX,RACE or RELIGION but yet we are all going to forget RACE and RELIGION because who you want to sleep with or act like or want to change to be like is trump you see RACE doesn't have those same choices we can't get up and be white.MY DAD ALWAYS SAID A PERSON SAYS SORRY ONCE AFTER THAT ITS ABUSE they don't want your apology they want to DEMEAN you as a person to make them feel superior.Kevin Hart you are a fool move on if you keep saying sorry you might as well bend over...why Don't they make Trump say sorry

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith 3 months ago

    DOES ANYONE care lol They can both go to hell

  • karima amina
    karima amina 3 months ago

    Welcome to the United States of Apologies

  • Bart BC
    Bart BC 3 months ago

    Libtards just never let go, biggest class of bitches there is, just sad.

  • Ivan arellano
    Ivan arellano 3 months ago

    They are attacking a straight Man.

  • sumGuy41
    sumGuy41 3 months ago

    CNN is such a joke

  • Capt'n Tread
    Capt'n Tread 3 months ago

    Dude fuck CNN! They are so clueless. He was just not going to feed the trolls and the Oscar's were so stupid to even bring it up. That's the point is you cant attack someone for who they used to be and those comments were fucking jokes!!

  • Frank D'Amelio
    Frank D'Amelio 3 months ago

    I’m over it too. Kevin, never change. Bravo 👏 You my friend deserve an Oscar for handling the media the way you have. Go promote your movie and it’s not fair the talk shows keep bringing this up. They are just looking for ratings with the exception of Ellen, she clearly had your back.



  • Lance Bombers
    Lance Bombers 3 months ago

    I’m black and I vote for Bill Bur to replace Kevin. Bill is 10 times more funny and more genuine than Chis Rock

  • henok redid
    henok redid 3 months ago

    I want to be guy just because of Ellen... she is so cool person.

  • Tommy Marquez
    Tommy Marquez 3 months ago

    They didn’t even show the whole thing he did apologize for it.

  • Damian Brantley
    Damian Brantley 3 months ago

    Hell no! Fuck that shit Kev!!! F these political bullshitters! Good for him for stepping down from that bullshit show. All these idiots trying to cast the first stone.
    He shouldn't have to apologize you idiot... He's a comedian... Let him do his job and stop trying to cast the first stone.

  • Lenabo 99
    Lenabo 99 3 months ago

    The progressives are eating themselve again

  • Nathaniel Andrews
    Nathaniel Andrews 3 months ago

    Famaging when they call black people nigga. They still get to host stuff with success come politics it the same in every working enviroment. And he played scenes kissing men Kevin hart LGBT is the hollywood elite.

  • Gord Gambler
    Gord Gambler 3 months ago

    The coddling of the American mind, read it!!

  • Unloading Viruses
    Unloading Viruses 3 months ago

    Nonsense. You want him now to come on stage naked and apologize you brainless? Gosh, 10 years ago?

  • Jean Kennedy
    Jean Kennedy 3 months ago

    Who *cares* what ELLEN wants? I sure don't. She's always been a shameless sell-out and a total suck-up to the straight community. It's just amazing how she can kiss so much hetero ASS and still remain upright. She also looks more like a candidate for gender-reassignment surgery than a WOMAN. That's called "gender dysphoria", not being a lesbian.
    If if Kevin Hart thinks it's funny to talk about beating a gay child for being gay, then he's a complete idiot. Gay people are still being beaten savagely and even MURDERED, even today. It's not the tiniest bit funny. Would he laugh at a "joke" about black men being lynched? "Come on, Kevin, it's just a joke...."
    And for the assholes who think its funny to string a lot of meaningless letters together to sneer at a persecuted group they are bigoted against, all they need to know is *"GLBA"* -- Gay (there's no reason in hell to put Lesbians FIRST, when they were too busy with the women's movement to help at the beginning of gay liberation), Lesbian, Bisexual, and Asexual. (Transsexualism is not a sexuality, it's a medical condition.)
    The other letters were a misguided attempt to be inclusive, which sailed right over you clods' heads. What a waste of good intentions.....
    Oh, and I haven't watched the Academy's boring excuse for a women's fashion show for many years now, and that's NOT about to change.

  • Noach Klitnick
    Noach Klitnick 3 months ago

    Y'all are so stuck in the past and have no vision for the future move on shit happines people make mistakes he apologized 3 TIMES what else do you want y'all so not happy with your self you have to find the negative in every one else to make you happy grow the fuck up people are so sensitive if what you do is what you truly believe then nothing that anyone says should affect you y'all so fake

  • Dannon Green
    Dannon Green 3 months ago

    What is this teachable moment mean...wow..its not tweeter... If the Oscars wanting him they would of told him we except the apology and got infront of it....and you guys still want blood from him...

  • Dannon Green
    Dannon Green 3 months ago

    Wow... So his ego...are you serious...so why do you want him to host..

  • Dannon Green
    Dannon Green 3 months ago

    So he quit .. Is that what you really think

  • mike eat it
    mike eat it 3 months ago

    Who gives a fuck about the academy awards or any of these goddamn celebrities such as self-entitled stuck-up snob motherfukers and these fucking liberal snowflake ass eaters they got to bring shit up from years ago just to fit their goddamn agenda

  • Y C
    Y C 3 months ago

    He did NOTHING wrong. Jesus.

  • Timothy Schallert
    Timothy Schallert 3 months ago

    I don't know why someone would want to watch the Oscars. Look at us we make millions of dollars, and now we going to give ourselves an award. No thank you.

  • hajihumede taha
    hajihumede taha 3 months ago

    CNN, you’re just assholes.

  • gmosha1
    gmosha1 3 months ago

    F the Oscars

  • Arjey frost
    Arjey frost 3 months ago

    It took 10 years for people to be offended on the the words said by Kevin hart. I swear people are getting more and more sensitive that America is turning into China.
    Like where were you the last 10 years. You could be offended back than.

  • Savvy Pirate
    Savvy Pirate 3 months ago

    No one hates free speech more than CNN's host

  • JOBS4usNOW
    JOBS4usNOW 3 months ago

    The birth of the Kevin Hart Puppet: tvclip.biz/video/wOfp5Ao0Ll8/video.html

  • Mark Sherman
    Mark Sherman 3 months ago

    Been boycotting oscars for years....once it changed its format from Movies into a three hour liberal rant. Disgusting...isn’t it interesting that comedians jokes about people? Are these groups now empowered to determine what is funny and what is not? Why is Robert DeNiro and Samual Jackson allowed to deliver there HATE speech?? Threatening to beat someone up or calling them motherfuckers is ok though ?? Get a grip people and loosen the hell up....Love everyone.....and respect our right of free speech

  • albert kambuta
    albert kambuta 3 months ago

    Seriously,it doesn't make any sense that it resurfaced exactly the following day right after the announcement,i seriously think it was an attack on Kevin Hart period!!!!!...........

  • Keith A Sanford
    Keith A Sanford 3 months ago

    HE HAS APOLOGIZED. Why are they continuing to make this man atone for something he atoned for 10 years ago? Why should he be burdened with accommodating those who are choosing NOT to accept his apology?
    And those of you who have to make this political....can you go the f*ck away? There's nothing political about this. If you hate CNN, why are you f*cking here? You guys pollute everything.

  • Diesel Ayres
    Diesel Ayres 3 months ago

    Is the LGBT community made up of snowflakes they use to be tougher and were able to take a joke. And CNN is trying to light a fire again for ratings r

  • Diesel Ayres
    Diesel Ayres 3 months ago

    I laughed when they said journalists at the beginning when introducing the co-hosts. Lol CNN has journalists now that's funny

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 3 months ago

    No one really cares, but kudos to Ellen , at least she has a sense of humor and common sense .Which is what brought her to her stance on Kevin Hart.

  • Negiat Taher
    Negiat Taher 3 months ago

    He apologized then and he did again. This is just haters who want to bring him down doing anything and everything to destroy him. People should leave him alone.

  • Esequiel Quema
    Esequiel Quema 3 months ago

    Why apologize? It was a joke

  • ebk private
    ebk private 3 months ago

    The LGBTQ community is so exhausting. Why would anybody want to host after being called a bigot and being fired for it? If he said yeah I'll go ahead and host, they'd probably fire him again. It's never enough. It just goes on and on and on. Kevin Hart will be ostracized for those tweets until he announces he is now transgender and admits he sent those tweets because he was depressed and confused about needing to transition. That is the only way the LGBTQ community will ever forgive him. He has to become a women to be forgiven.

  • Nothing Less Than Epic
    Nothing Less Than Epic 3 months ago +1

    These are the people destroying America and making you turn against your our constitutional rights as a American. If you don't agree with Kevin and the jokes he made in the past that's your right just like it was his right to say what he said. Don't let them bullshit you anymore. Stop watching their nonsense and wake up. The second you take away anyone's rights regardless if you agree with them or not destroys your rights and is the death of America. Learn what all your rights are as a American and stop these filthy enemies of our country right in their tracks before it's too late.

  • agthaog1986
    agthaog1986 3 months ago

    LZ is clearly apart of the LGBT community lol

  • J Nelson
    J Nelson 3 months ago

    #Thank you for ur growth Kevin Hart, # I accept ur apology, # I adore Ellen, LGBTQ u got it wrong this time ! # dont watch the oscars!

  • uknow who
    uknow who 3 months ago +1

    Never in my life would I have ever considered Ellen to be the lesbian version of Caitlyn Jenner, but that's what she is exposing herself to be. She's self-righteous, out of touch and completely ignorant of her privilege.

  • Nathan Faught
    Nathan Faught 3 months ago

    They literally have their brains in backwards! One of the biggest news networks, using their influence to ruin this country and good people. #FNN

  • William Polanc
    William Polanc 3 months ago

    enough of Kevin enough Next one iam putting my dick in your mouth enough enough move on Shut the Fuck up all ofyoll

  • gang gang
    gang gang 3 months ago

    U guys are idiots he apologised already he quiet because the Oscars people gave him 2 choices apologise or u dont host while they know he apologised many times and guys these tweets came up the day after he accepted the job they tried to ruin his legacy

  • 592bwoy 1
    592bwoy 1 3 months ago

    In 2090 we will have human shortage

  • rt268wsote
    rt268wsote 3 months ago +1

    Sorry who suddenly believes Ellen is the person to represent on behalf of the LGBT . Also for the whole me too movement. She supposed to be gay. But yet she sexually shoved half or even naked men all the time on her show. Is this not a reversed contradiction. If a guy shove half naked men out there. That’s wrong. He be accused of me too . A loud mouth Ellen who I don’t care for what so ever does it It’s okay. Bullshit. And No her opinion does not mean shit to LGBT group. What Kevin Hart did is wrong.He ain’t sorry. He just caught for doing it. What’s next if the guy who played Kramer apologized for his racial rant , Ellen will think that is okay because he is sorry.

  • Arturo Chacon
    Arturo Chacon 3 months ago

    This just in. The Oscar's will be canceled until further notice. People are offended that it's called "The Oscar's." They are currently working on a non-gender specific name and will be apologizing soon.

  • BQ Studios Gh
    BQ Studios Gh 3 months ago

    You guys are nuts.. Just leave this man along for God's sake

  • Carlos Byrd
    Carlos Byrd 3 months ago

    My Achilles voice-Is there no one else; Is there no else that will host the Oscars.

  • RocketFella armani
    RocketFella armani 3 months ago

    Fuck CNN

  • Just a pug on the internet.

    How far are we willing to censor comedians? Or does it just apply to the LGBT community?

  • sup me
    sup me 3 months ago

    He doesn't give two shits its about money and ego hes a pig

  • sup me
    sup me 3 months ago

    I won't be watching her show or the Oscars s they picked him in the first place he is a very little guy cant stand his greasy race gr9ss

  • sup me
    sup me 3 months ago

    Ellen is trying to kill her career

  • Orphée Kashala
    Orphée Kashala 3 months ago

    In what language do y'all want him to apologize so it sounds sincere enough for you ?

  • H C
    H C 3 months ago

    He said he apologized ... he shouldn't have to kow tow to the SJWs and apologize again. How often would he have to do it?? Who decides whether his sincerity is enough? I hope he stands firm and doesn't do the Oscars .... and if he does .... use it as a platform to start a movement against all these SJWs who are out there to ruin people's lives.

  • Χλωμό αναβάτης

    For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongue.Destroy thou them, O God; let them fall by their own counsels; cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions; for they have rebelled against thee. Psalm 5:9-10

  • Dwayne Francis
    Dwayne Francis 3 months ago

    Its the same as Christians and Muslims. Because I'm a Muslim does that mean I have to come to your church and say I love your religion to prove I have no problem with you?

  • Dwayne Francis
    Dwayne Francis 3 months ago

    Their apology would be for him to get on National TV and say he love gays. Its the same way they gave Buju and ultimatum that to prove he really sorry go perform at an LBGTQ event. Why? If one apologizes you still have to respect their opinion that they are not comfortable with your lifestyle but they respect it.

  • Cezar Bartholomeu
    Cezar Bartholomeu 3 months ago

    Ellen doesn’t get to say if I am offended or not, and what’s the expiration date. She does not get to call any victim of homophobia troll, or to speak in behalf of the LGBT community. She is a white millionaire ultra privileged.

  • Bogdan Alin Daragiu
    Bogdan Alin Daragiu 3 months ago

    Patrice would've laughed at this haha

  • Lawrence Kin
    Lawrence Kin 3 months ago

    Bring back Billy Crystal. Audiences would be eager to see Billy host the Oscars again.

  • Nat Kempimook
    Nat Kempimook 3 months ago

    He was sorry 10 years ago. 10 years later, you want him to say sorry again. 10 years after that... Say it again. Get a life.

  • Aroy Fogo
    Aroy Fogo 3 months ago

    In other words, “Dance Monkey, Dance”... You’d think people were born with sincerity meters in their brains, the way they conclude that he isn’t sincere about his apology.

  • walken199
    walken199 3 months ago

    Im sic of media, there is nothing human about these people they just look for crap to talk about and make things up

  • walken199
    walken199 3 months ago

    manipulative journalist who twist information to there own interest! kevin explained clearly that he does not feel obligated to excuse himself a second time for something he said 10 years ago, he made his apologies and time has past so get over it! I would do the same if i was him

  • Dielonthug
    Dielonthug 3 months ago

    This is dumb as shit, CNN doesn't really care about this it is just drama for views

  • forza juventus
    forza juventus 3 months ago

    Kavin doesn't need that stage oscar needs him the amount of viewers oscar got last year here in England our bottom league teams get every next week

  • Fidel Emmanuel
    Fidel Emmanuel 3 months ago

    So because they gave them rights they should be easily offended??.. These people are so pointless, he has apologized what more do y'all gay haters want

  • Okwuose Alexander
    Okwuose Alexander 3 months ago

    Why is not one digging up Kevin's apology and replaying it?
    So he has to dance on stage and apologize for you to be a proud gay?
    If so Kevin is not your problem

  • Okwuose Alexander
    Okwuose Alexander 3 months ago

    You guys are petty.
    This dude put out a whole special apologizing.
    And you want more?
    Fuck you all, is his life.
    Is not his job to make you a proud gay man or woman, is definitely not his job.

  • Okwuose Alexander
    Okwuose Alexander 3 months ago

    So how many times does he have to apologize? If he gets a world cup gig he will have to apologize to the European community too. Thank you. Ask yourself how many times do you issue a public apology.

  • The GloryXros
    The GloryXros 3 months ago

    And y'all wonder why we call CNN a joke of a news station. Really worried for y'all who still stay watching this Fake News station after seeing them double down on not backing Kevin on this.

  • Ernest Opara
    Ernest Opara 3 months ago

    CNN tried to spike the words and make the dude look bad. Is CNN really what they say they are? That bald guy though...

  • Ernest Opara
    Ernest Opara 3 months ago

    Vindictiveness does not do the LGBTQ community any good either. You don't get people to learn how they hurt you by hurting them in return. 10yrs is enough time to heal. The LGBTQ community cannot fight homophobia without bringing others on board. It is also their right to disagree without being disagreeable.

  • Samson No Delilah
    Samson No Delilah 3 months ago

    Kevin don't need to host...not becos of his tweets...i just had enuff of him for 3 yrs...he acts the same guy in all his movies..so will be the Oscars.