Cold Chicago Beard Freezes After 3 Minutes Outside Are You Prepared?


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  • Jackie Gumbs
    Jackie Gumbs 3 months ago

    God bless your ministry in Jesus name Amen.

  • Dandelion Ducks
    Dandelion Ducks 3 months ago


  • King Olu
    King Olu 3 months ago

    I am prepared

  • Ashley Perkins
    Ashley Perkins 4 months ago

    Get in the house bro.

  • Ashley Perkins
    Ashley Perkins 4 months ago

    Cover up bro!

  • Amanda Graham
    Amanda Graham 4 months ago

    Amen my brother thank you so much for your beautiful truthful words

  • Shandra Newell
    Shandra Newell 4 months ago +1

    You trying to tell us its cold..hahahaha..tfs your word!

  • Biblical Beast
    Biblical Beast 4 months ago

    reminds me of the day after tomorrow movie. predictive programming.

  • ole man spirit
    ole man spirit 4 months ago

    Im definitely getting my house in order but I am also endeavoring to uptake my fruit increase. I am also operating in my calling whenever the holy spirit leads me and anytime I contact a person that has issue and such I began to minister showing the scripture to them that this is the word of God. I also ax the lord to reveal ill acts that are within me to recover my soul and bring forth correction in me. I want to be right with God even if does not feel good to my flesh. Thanks for that word. And yes you need to take care of yourself: That air is cold and dry and that wind will remove the moisture from your skin.

  • Shannon Cunningham
    Shannon Cunningham 4 months ago +1

    It's amazing how God gives you messages in every place and situation you are in. This was a powerful message Brother Marcus, thank you for sharing. It's funny, watching this is making me cold🤣😂😅😃. God Bless You.👍

  • Janerose Joy
    Janerose Joy 4 months ago

    Good questions brother Marcus.Yes the Lord gives us warnings!Blessings

  • Good Hope
    Good Hope 4 months ago

  • etiene eleto
    etiene eleto 4 months ago

    Keep calm & keep your hands warn 🔥

  • Running Deer
    Running Deer 4 months ago

    Welcome to Canadian winters :p

  • Virgenia AvonLady Campbell

    Sir God bless you u are definitely filled with the holy spirt but please put on a hat and gloves lol

  • Bliss
    Bliss 4 months ago

    God bless you brother and stay inside.

  • Gabriela Martinez
    Gabriela Martinez 4 months ago

    You in Chicago I stay in Pilsen bro

  • Angelina IsDeeplyLoved
    Angelina IsDeeplyLoved 4 months ago

    Marcus, you the new Mr. Rogers all in our neighborhood! :-)

  • Alona Spears
    Alona Spears 4 months ago

    Awesome word

  • Stacy J
    Stacy J 4 months ago

    Stay warm boo....Florida been cold too. I want to be married, and have a family.

  • Ray Zu
    Ray Zu 4 months ago

    Dread it run from it but destiny still arrives!

  • honeytu
    honeytu 4 months ago

    Your beards weren't prepared tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jennifer G.
    Jennifer G. 4 months ago

    Marcus, I’m gonna mail you some 🧤 brother!

  • Troi Naomie J
    Troi Naomie J 4 months ago

    When are you going to allow us to call in for advice or even prayer 🙏🏾

  • -7 -0
    -7 -0 4 months ago

    Thank you Brother for preaching the God's words💙

  • Pc Principal
    Pc Principal 4 months ago

    He went from cold to marriage , how did that happen ?

  • eric echols
    eric echols 4 months ago

    I wouldn't be vlogging in 15° or colder weather. Not wise!

  • Naturally Girly
    Naturally Girly 4 months ago

    I feel the need to share this revelation. One late night on my way home from downtown Houston,TX, I looked up to the sky. I must say I’m usually fixated on the lights or traffic around me but this one moment I felt the need to look up to the sky. Soon as I begin to gaze into the night sky, I felt this overwhelming feeling of how close the return of King Jesus Christ was. It was so powerful and I think of it often. Months later it comes to my mind while sitting in my car before work along with a Scripture. “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.””
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭21:28‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
    #TheKingIsComingSoon Repent and get ready!

  • Miranda W
    Miranda W 4 months ago

    🏠⛇☃🌬so go here near the mountains also

  • MS Seleni
    MS Seleni 4 months ago +1

    I didn't know you stayed in Chicago!!
    God Bless Everyone

  • Janet strothman
    Janet strothman 4 months ago

    Marcus what are you thinking you do not have your skin covered frostbite can occur and minutes what are you thinking brother?

  • Echo of the voice In the wilderness

    If the bible was to explain to us who the son of perdition was, in thessilossian chapter 2 verse 3 and 4,
    would you be prepared to heed Paul's warning?

  • Esther Toppin
    Esther Toppin 4 months ago

    You miss the water because it have real love it comfort you but I believe give soda a sceond chance

  • Esther Toppin
    Esther Toppin 4 months ago

    My soda is cold not my water my soda full with hurt because it cold it ready explore I need drink my water to keep me warm and peaceful

  • CYBERMIK4056
    CYBERMIK4056 4 months ago

    Stay strong bro

  • Patricia Austin
    Patricia Austin 4 months ago

    Thank you for the word, its cold

  • Lillian Joe
    Lillian Joe 4 months ago

    Is really cold in NYC and you need to be real careful! GB

  • S K
    S K 4 months ago

    *Frostbites has entered the chat*

  • eric692003
    eric692003 4 months ago

    Fuck, I'm in Warren Michigan, this morning my beard froze in about 30 seconds!

  • Emmie Lewis
    Emmie Lewis 4 months ago

    This made so much sense to me ! Thank you 🙏🏽

  • Benjamin Maciel
    Benjamin Maciel 4 months ago

    No mention of *Christian in the bible... stop following these Roman Catholic religion’s and European Religions and get back to the Israelite and Hebrew roots. @PastorDowell

  • Golden Streets
    Golden Streets 4 months ago +1

    Where are your gloves, man?

  • gwynavia scullark
    gwynavia scullark 4 months ago

    I appreciate the message but you are Chicago native when you made this video. Stay warm and stay safe though

  • Marisha Tucker
    Marisha Tucker 4 months ago


  • Antwan Westry
    Antwan Westry 4 months ago

    Love the message are you prepared! Thanks brother Marcus and may God continue to speak to you to speak to others.

  • Elilian Cooper
    Elilian Cooper 4 months ago


  • Roberto Moreno
    Roberto Moreno 4 months ago +1

    🇺🇸 Glory to God 🇺🇸

  • Carolyn Harvey
    Carolyn Harvey 4 months ago

    I understand you are young and all but why are you outside without being covered up much better? Don’t understand. I hope you get paid well for this video. Good grief! I am in California where it’s about 62 degrees. I have lived in Chicago too so I know it can get cold but I don’t believe it’s ever been that cold when I lived there. God is doing something. We should get ready. Just a mommy rambling out of concern don’t mind me please. Iol

  • Jewel Grier
    Jewel Grier 4 months ago

    Maybe its so violent out there because they stay in the House so.much that when.they finally get out in some son..they just start.shooting

  • Angelica Hughes
    Angelica Hughes 4 months ago

    Lol Marcus cracks me up, this man said "don't ask me to go anywhere degrees" 😂 good msg bro!

  • kiana thompson
    kiana thompson 4 months ago

    Thank you for your true words. Don't feel bad I live in Minnesota it's -30 the wind chill is -60. Amen Stay Blessed 🙏

  • Rena Goss
    Rena Goss 4 months ago

    Where's ur gloves & coat?

  • Blessed Hope
    Blessed Hope 4 months ago

    Shouldnt be breathing in that cold air either. God Bless

  • kimosabbe50
    kimosabbe50 4 months ago

    Psalm 147:17 " He casteth forth his ice like morsels: who can stand before his cold?"

  • Calling All Hands On Deck!

    Marcus, you're the only person I know that live in Chicago. I've been thinking about you. Stay warm.... easier said than done!

  • Edna Evans
    Edna Evans 4 months ago +2

    Mathew 24 signs of the times.
    Dead birds dropping from the sky, dead fish being push to shore, blood red rivers, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, fires. I can't say it all only that his second coming is near n God loves us so much that he wants us to be prepared.

  • K Jo
    K Jo 4 months ago +1

    Where are your gloves 🧤 love, it’s to cold there to not have on earmuffs, gloves layers of socks, clothes... hope all is well

  • Shawnette M. Davis
    Shawnette M. Davis 4 months ago

    Use wisdom. Its too cold for that air to enter into your lungs, not to mention frostbite. Im speaking from a Nurse and medical provider standpoint. I couldnt get the message and its entirety due to the coldness and you having nothing on your head. Blessings to you

  • K Rebuck
    K Rebuck 4 months ago +1

    You're message is received. I have watched most if not all of your videos I hear you saying things I have heard from within and told others before. Its my confirmation to continue to listen, may GOD bless you and all your teachings.
    Since you spoke of WARNINGS: You may want to check out this about 5G cause its coming to a lamppost near you. Its evil and could consume a lot of us with mind control and illnesses. I know God is in control however I also know the devil is hard at work not everyone is ready. This could be the usher bringing in the mark of the beast. Take a look at CHINA now they already have a rating system that prevents people from flying or buying based on there personality score. They are trying to demonize Christianity or anything else you want to stand up for. This data that scores you comes from the AI that watches your every movement.
    take a look at this, BEWARE and PREPARE Marcus its coming!
    WARNING WARNING BEWARE PREPARE the battle is coming!

  • Rebecca Romzek
    Rebecca Romzek 4 months ago

    Same here in northern Michigan! Super duper cold! Prepare is right!

  • Tyrone Bates Libra!
    Tyrone Bates Libra! 4 months ago

    Get an win breaker & an hat, gloves.

  • Sheree Robinson
    Sheree Robinson 4 months ago

    My brother i appreciate the word but brother get u some warmth please!! ASAP #take yo a** in the house!! Gods word is just as powerful inside my brother!! Love and respect!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏

  • Gabriella Cisco
    Gabriella Cisco 4 months ago

    In Jesus Name Amen!! Thank you for your lil sacrifices walking out in the cold just to help us understand and invision the words of the lord Jesus and the father God better.

  • Gissie D
    Gissie D 4 months ago +1

    you need proper out door clothing thats not enough.haven't had any answered prayers and no not prepared asked for some one to be brought for baptism no answer.not if you I been asking for over twenty years no answered prayer no salvation for children no how to survive .well I been trying IM NOT IGNORING IT IM BEUNG IGNORED.I ASKED SND ASKED AND ASKED ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOR 20YEARS DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW DEVASTATING THAT IS HAVE TRIED TO REPENT AN LISTENING CANT SEE.HAVE ASKED FOR CHILXREN SABED HE NEVER ANSWERED .put scarf over face.jeans not appropriate clothing for such weather it needs another later over mountaineering jeans woool no good.its cold here not that cold.thats not enough.if you had to survive persecution in that you'd freeze.where's gloves extremities to be looked after and core least patho gens die in such weather.thinner coat on top of jeans.well al meat will freeze outside too all milk so it can kinda preserve food.

  • Barbara Ziering
    Barbara Ziering 4 months ago

    God bless you for preaching in season and out.

  • sylvia vsughn
    sylvia vsughn 4 months ago

    Your not support to be out in that to long !!

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J 4 months ago

    I cant believe you didnt cover your face

  • Grace Mitchell
    Grace Mitchell 4 months ago

    YES. Be encouraged, amen.

  • Brianna Johnson
    Brianna Johnson 4 months ago

    Hey brother, it was so hard watching this video because I'm in Chicago and I know how cold it is and that cold brought me back in the house too. Good word though. God bless and stay warm.

  • Isaiah Jones
    Isaiah Jones 4 months ago

    man created skull caps go buy one dawg..since it's so cold and buy a bigger coat this ain't no fashion show nigga

  • Live Lafn'Love
    Live Lafn'Love 4 months ago

    Aint nothing new under the Sun. Nothing! Mother Nature is right on time and accurate in her reason for her season. All this "sign on the times" -- we all know the bible has been distorted and with dogma. We are governed by the planets and our consciousness. Everyone is perfect just the way they are, have lived previous lives therefore have lessons to complete, and whatever happens IS SUPPOSED TO happen. Stop spreading fear. We all good and those who are here to cause havoc and turmoil is no different from Nature herself causing rain, storms, seasons, etc. Everyone has their place. If you're here to murder, be a jewel thief, a humanitarian, etc then ride that path out. We are experiencing existence. One thing can't exist without the other. What's the good if the bad aint here to validate? Chill! Maybe that's what nature trying to communicate to Chicago. Chill out, no more for now. Ijs. Laugh, love and live!

  • Shere’e B
    Shere’e B 4 months ago

    Help us Lord to prepare

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith 4 months ago

    Wow, in the UK it was on the news about how cold it is where you live Marcus. Take care and keep warm. God bless you!

  • Joyce Sexton
    Joyce Sexton 4 months ago

    Love you Marcus .

  • Vicky Fullard
    Vicky Fullard 4 months ago

    🗣I’m listening to you speak Lord “Get ready” stay prepared 🙏💕🙏

  • reallife828
    reallife828 4 months ago

    Word up. Im born n raised Chicago. Ive bn in Florida 10 years now. I miss the winters but not 20 below. Stay strong bro, spring is rite around da corner.

  • Jacqulyn Thompson
    Jacqulyn Thompson 4 months ago

    Man put some gloves on in that cold air and cover your head. It's good to spread the word but take care of yourself too

  • IJM Bahamas
    IJM Bahamas 4 months ago

    Keep your hands warm too. Be bless 🙏🏽

  • Tinky Morris
    Tinky Morris 4 months ago +2

    Brother Marcus, please put hat on. You're turning white! Body heat escapes through head!! Loosing your color. 😉🤔

  • Candace King
    Candace King 4 months ago

    I remember that "hawk " very
    You need a skull cap on. That's ridiculous

  • CARAMELkimmie Kim
    CARAMELkimmie Kim 4 months ago

    🤔So you walking in the freezing cold to prove your point bruh

  • mari plump
    mari plump 4 months ago +1

    Where are your gloves!?!? And hat!?!? Spoken like a true

  • Stephanie Bailey
    Stephanie Bailey 4 months ago

    You got the grey beard going on .. well at least we know what you look like in a grey beard years to come 😂Stay warm!

  • Thequeen 7
    Thequeen 7 4 months ago

    Good message to wake us up... but, I need you to get inside and get warm bro!!!

  • BeKindtooneanother
    BeKindtooneanother 4 months ago

    Through the storm and through the pain, Marcus you continue to allow God to use you to give us encouragement and reminders from His word. Thank you soldier. You are a fighter in God's army!

  • Dacia Mitchell
    Dacia Mitchell 4 months ago

    Prayers to you all 🙏🏾

  • WindWipper
    WindWipper 4 months ago

    Get a baklava (mask cap) for your face. Most body heat is lost thru the head.

  • Eternal Hope
    Eternal Hope 4 months ago

    I am prepared brother!! Amen!!

  • Afrocentric AnatomyTV
    Afrocentric AnatomyTV 4 months ago +2

    Where are your real coat and hat

  • HalleluYah Homesteaders

    SHEW A Timely Word Brother HalleluYah

  • Gem Gem
    Gem Gem 4 months ago

    It's don't ask me to go anywhere degrees...😂😂😂 Negative15! 😱😬Yo, I do NOT miss that cold.

  • Janice Houston
    Janice Houston 4 months ago

    Why you pulled your hood off? Where’s your gloves?

  • Neva Sanders
    Neva Sanders 4 months ago

    Preparing!! Good word!! 💯🙌🏻🙏🏻👑

  • Cindy
    Cindy 4 months ago

    I need to work harder at my preparation. Thanks

  • The Streets Prophet
    The Streets Prophet 4 months ago

    My brother,man he powerful, Apostle

  • Wanda Everette
    Wanda Everette 4 months ago +14

    I keep saying, I love how God uses you. He use you any time of the night or night. I love those parables he be giving you, just like he gave in the bible. Take heed peoples, God speaking through his prophet. Be bless.

  • Tywander Bush
    Tywander Bush 4 months ago

    Thank you for your sacrifice proving your point to spread God's word. He is worthy!!!
    Winter time in Chicago ain't no joke let's pray for the homeless people out there in this frigid weather praying that they will seek not only God but Refuge from the cold.

  • oomybeauty
    oomybeauty 4 months ago

    It's take your breath away... literally... cold out!! - hi! From Milwaukee🌲🖒-10... -33 windchill !!! Ps, you need to get a PARKA

  • All4Jesus
    All4Jesus 4 months ago

    I don't get why we don't go to work when there's too much snow, yet it's negative 30 Celsius and that's not a problem people can die in this. Crazy

  • stephanie king
    stephanie king 4 months ago

    Your nose is turning red boo. U better get inside.