My BF's Little Brother Turned Out To Be His Son

  • Published on May 30, 2019

    Hey there, people! I’m Irene. Recently I had a really weird experience where I met a guy and even fell in love with him, but I doubted we were destined to be together. Our story is still in question, so to speak, and this makes me feel a little bit frustrated. Here's why.
    On our way to the mall Iris kept singing the same baby-song over and over again. It was really irritating but when I asked her to stop doing it, she not only ignored me, but got even louder. Jesus, I’d rather be dead than ever have my own kids, I thought! And our mom was so caught up in her own thoughts that the song seemed to not even distract her at all. I was texting my best friend, complaining about my lame Saturday. And she was texting me back trying to cheer me up by reminding me of the coming spring break. By the time we’d reached our destination point I’d begun to think that my act of generosity with Iris had better be worth it.
    Mom was in a total hurry while leaving the two of us on the playground and she even took my cellphone from me. She said otherwise I would be totally into texting, instead of watching my little sister. Come on! Nothing was going to be able to save that day, I thought. Here I was, sitting on the bench and watching how Iris was playing with the kinetic sand, thinking my weekend was totally ruined, when a little baby boy came up to me, apparently looking for me to play with him. He didn't actually talk, 'cause it seemed like he was only around a year and a half old. Oh gosh, not another baby, I thought, or rather not his mom, who would want to come up and talk to me, melting because of the fact that he might have liked me or something. But guess what? This baby boy was not there with a mom, but a brother, a big and handsome brother.
    His name was Andrew, as he'd told me when he came up to me, and took his little brother in his arms. Suddenly, I felt like my day was about to be saved for now. We had a nice little talk about the kids around and the stuff they do. I was starting to like him and I had a feeling that he was at least interested in me. I hadn’t even noticed that the time had gone by really fast and that my mom had already returned. I saw her waving at me, saying it was time to go. And when I stood up from the bench, Andrew suggested exchanging numbers. At first I forgot that my mom had previously taken away my phone. So I thought that I had lost it and started searching for it... crawling on my knees under the bench. Of course, I remembered everything after a couple of seconds, but you know, I already felt embarrassed. Andrew laughed when I told him where my phone was and promised to send me a text so that I had his number. When I came up to my mom, she gave me my cell phone back with a cunning smile. There was already a text saying, “I like your sisters’ older sister.” On our way back home Iris was singing that stupid song again, but surprisingly, that time it wasn’t annoying at all.
    During the whole next week, Andrew and I were frequently texting each other saying good morning and stuff like that. He was really interested in my life, I guess, because he was mainly asking questions about me and practically not saying a word about himself.
    Nevertheless, I found out that he was a little bit older than me, that he had already graduated from school, and that now he was working to make some money to go to college and study law. He was amazing, I thought, because of his nice texts and jokes, and by Friday I already felt like I was totally in love with him. Then he suggested for both of us to take our younger siblings and meet and the park all together. He said that we could get to know each other better while the kids played in the fresh air. Why not, I thought. By the way, my mom was extremely surprised, though pleased when I said that I wanted to take Iris to the park. Now she’d definitely let me go to that beach party.
    We had a great time at the park together, and I was totally sure that Andrew felt the same way that I did. But you know what was strange?
    I always thought that when a guy, especially a guy who’s practically 20 years old, likes a girl, that he would want to go on a date with her, I mean, for just two of them, you know. But he didn’t ask me out even that next week. It sort of stressed me out, but I didn’t want to create drama from it, so I said nothing to him and we just kept texting during the whole next week. But I kept thinking it over and at some point I decided to ask my mom’s opinion about what was going on.
    I regretted it as soon as I did it, because she was sort of negative about him since he was almost 20 and I was only 16, you know mom stuff.

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  Month ago +2810

    If you have advice, or if you've ever happened to be in the same situation, please share it in the comments below this video. Share this video with your friends. Who knows, maybe one of them will tell what she should do. Thanx!

    • Killer wolf
      Killer wolf 2 hours ago

      I have to deal with the same situation but the other way around so I followed my heart and told him the truth and you should too

    • Ahyma_&_Aric
      Ahyma_&_Aric 12 hours ago

      Honestly give it a go. I mean unless he starts acting shady, then get tf outta there. He seems very responsible and is portrayed to actually really like you.

    • Frida Michelle
      Frida Michelle 14 hours ago

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED you should wait till u graduate

    • Teresa  Lopez
      Teresa Lopez Day ago

      I have been in the situation as well, I was 15 turning 16 when I met my boyfriend, who was 20 years old at the time as well. He didnt tell me right away either because he didnt want to put me in that situation without knowing me well enough for his two kids. So after 4 months of dating (I know long time but it was reasonable) he told me and I didnt mind. I love his kids and him a lot. But, after a year and half of dating him and I both decided to take a break because I was about to graduate and go to college that we should end our relationship and be friends while i was away. But I still talk to him every week and I get to video chat with him and his kids. Its hard being in that kind of relationship, but honestly I dont regret it for the world, because I was and still am in love with him and his kids.

    • Amanda Finlay
      Amanda Finlay 3 days ago


  • Petra Steyn
    Petra Steyn 45 minutes ago

    Hang on till you get married to a real man, not a kido playing Casanova. Face it, you kids are too big for your tiny shoes. Remember, you cannot be able to know love if you do not know Jesus yet. ONLY Jesus can teach you Real Love, not erotic little likes. Another thing to think of, is why are you hiding in animation??? Show your faces, so it can get in the open. Jesus knows everything, you know??? You are Not a hero, you are sinner. Just as all people. Overcome that sexual sins in your life. Read God's Word and beg Him for forgiveness. Then sin no more. Jesus loves us all. ❤️🙏❤️

  • Dayanna Flores
    Dayanna Flores Hour ago

    “He’s 20 and I’m 16”
    The FBI the next day at his house

  • Allison and Gabby

    I think you need to to what your think is right

  • XxTopazxX
    XxTopazxX 3 hours ago

    I think since shes only 16, she doesn't need to be in this position. She has a whole life left to live why should she settle down now. Getting into the relationship means being invloved with his child and that is a big responsibility especially for a 1 year old. She should be focused on her own future and what she wants to do in life since theres so much of it left. He seems like a great guy but he also has a lot on his plate right now and going after a relationship might complicate things. His main priority will be his child. Thats something that she needs to think about. She won't be able to be his top priority. She should decide how she feels about that. At the end of the day its her life to live, but she should really consider whats best for herself.

  • Simplywoven Kokedama
    Simplywoven Kokedama 5 hours ago

    Just go for it

  • runjhun solanki オタク

    The mom be straight out looking like John Lennon

  • Mattea Emily
    Mattea Emily 7 hours ago

    ... wait two years

  • Fariha Mohamed Hilmy
    Fariha Mohamed Hilmy 8 hours ago

    Dammmnnnn 😮

  • rock xoxo
    rock xoxo 8 hours ago

    i don't know what the world say but i can never accept somebody else's child 😔😅

  • meme star
    meme star 9 hours ago

    Girl bye

  • Blair
    Blair 10 hours ago

    “Iris kept singing this annoying Baby song over and over again...”

  • Bill Talker
    Bill Talker 13 hours ago


  • Marline Pool
    Marline Pool 13 hours ago

    If you love him STAY with him!!

  • Festus Akhidenor
    Festus Akhidenor 14 hours ago

    I think you should date him because since you are in love with him and you like him right

  • Isla Heron
    Isla Heron 16 hours ago

    I love how everyone is actually giving advice

  • ליאן שינפלד
    ליאן שינפלד 17 hours ago

    Just no no you're 16 you don't need a father boyfriend in that age you're 16 you will meet alot more guys

  • Yosgos_skyLife Tm
    Yosgos_skyLife Tm 20 hours ago

    Is it boy friend or best friend?

  • Tahlia Robinson-Solczaniuk

    Sounds like a lovely guy, but you're 16, you're not ready yet. Keep hanging out with the kids in the park if you want to, but date people closer to your age, at least while you're so young.

  • yash warrior
    yash warrior 20 hours ago

    Ditch him

  • Andreena Saka
    Andreena Saka 21 hour ago +1

    Ana oop........

  • Rose Sweet
    Rose Sweet 22 hours ago

    Follow your heart ❤️

  • Alejandra 805
    Alejandra 805 Day ago

    I had a baby at 10

  • Alejandra 805
    Alejandra 805 Day ago

    Are they dating now

  • Kasanita Matekuolava

    i suggest you just date him then marry when youre finished high school

  • Inka Tammen
    Inka Tammen Day ago +3

    It's okay to not be ready. He had to hurry to grow up. You don't.

  • Chayo Gerardo
    Chayo Gerardo Day ago

    Throw yourself on him

  • Karla Gavilan
    Karla Gavilan Day ago

    I wouldn’t date anyone with a son first to young and why would you want to take care of a kid that’s not even you’re not trying to be rude but go to school finish school find you a boyfriend that loves you and yea Ik why I say things for a reason .

  • keiri Quirino
    keiri Quirino Day ago

    Do what your heart says

  • Kiera Dewey
    Kiera Dewey Day ago


  • Amy Rall
    Amy Rall Day ago

    Isnt this relationship illegal shxjxjxizjhxbxjxjxjxjxjxjd

  • Iris He
    Iris He Day ago

    Her little sister sounds like me😉

  • CrimWolf
    CrimWolf Day ago

    Girl you lost a good one

  • Laura Riddle Like

    I'm in that

  • Akeym Herbert
    Akeym Herbert Day ago

    I bet the song was baby shark

  • Dragons_ forever
    Dragons_ forever Day ago +1

    Next on actually happened
    My goldfish is actually my mom!

  • Tally
    Tally Day ago

    All this drama in other peoples life while I'm here being single

  • Cassie's Heard
    Cassie's Heard Day ago

    "as fate would have it" she died giving birth WTF!

  • Alexandra Capote Nordin

    I think that you should talk to the guy and explain to him that you like him verry mutch but that you dont think that you are ready to start a relation with his kid becuse you feel too young, or maybe you can say that you dont want to becus Its bad to get connected with a kid if you are not shore if you will/can stay in its life, expecently him when he has already lost his mother. Its not rare to not involve kids in the beginning.

  • snake
    snake Day ago

    Cause he was almost 20 and i was only 16
    *aNd* *I* *oOP*

  • sukhmeet bedi
    sukhmeet bedi Day ago +1

    If you are not a gay or lesbian

  • akshata Pokhrel
    akshata Pokhrel Day ago

    I was 14and i was in love with 22 years old boy from completely different country .... but we broke up with future reasons and now i am in love with 17 yr old boy and we love each other very badly

  • Simply Aesthetic

    Andi Mack, *who?*

  • Z En
    Z En Day ago

    Y she look like a boi

  • Cute anime pet lover

    Help him take care of his child and be the mom

    • Gabby96316
      Gabby96316 Day ago

      Why play stepmom she 16 he's 20.

  • Alyssa Jackson
    Alyssa Jackson 2 days ago

    Hes young your young but you should focus on you he will be able to find some one that can help support his son. Unless you truly love him than you need to spent time thinking are you ready to become a step mom it may be difficult to think about it the pros are you will find out what true love is once you accept him as your child the cons are you will be having a harder time in school you will need to find away to support him. Me personally i never thought it was an issue if some ome had a kid that wasnt mine i would love them the same but i also thought i dont want to get to close cause if you break up its going to be torment not being able to see the child again if they are petty.

  • Nea
    Nea 2 days ago +1

    gurlll get yourself a new manz

  • jj62024
    jj62024 2 days ago

    Be 16

  • Wolfflow500
    Wolfflow500 2 days ago

    Guy is working 3 jobs and I'm struggling getting another one

  • Kay See
    Kay See 2 days ago

    My best friend got pregnant out of a horrible situation and kept her son. The father isn't in the kids life and my friend is the best mom im the world. When her son first started talking, he would call me and his mothers new boyfriend dad, even though I'm a girl. Ever since then I've been doing anything I can to be an awesome role model for him and the best dad a girl can be. I love this kid like he's my own and would defend him and my best friend if anything happened. Hopefully, soon my friend will be getting full custody of her son so his real father never hurts him like he hurt the kids mother.

  • Jia Pia
    Jia Pia 2 days ago

    I don't like kids. My mom doesn't either what is weird because she had me and my older (by 8 years) sister. She's an awesome mom, but she doesn't like kids. Oh sell, at least she liked me!

  • Isabelle Espinoza
    Isabelle Espinoza 2 days ago do what your heart tells you too. I think you should be with him but that's just me talking.

  • Lysie
    Lysie 2 days ago

    Its not love its called infatuation look up the differences

  • Gina Popplewell
    Gina Popplewell 2 days ago

    Stay with him

  • Camila Colon
    Camila Colon 2 days ago

    Girl stay with him no matter what

  • maria sigala
    maria sigala 2 days ago

    Cry it out and figure it out

  • Maia ludmila Santucho

    Alguien de argentina ?

  • Beary Good Animations

    Isn’t it illegal for someone who’s twenty something to even date a sixteen year old? So that probably shouldn’t have happened

  • Campbell Quattlebaum

    But did this actually happen?

  • TopHat Tom
    TopHat Tom 2 days ago

    I know how you feel i’m in that same spot but i’m the older one

  • chandra booker
    chandra booker 2 days ago

    Tell him girl

  • chandra booker
    chandra booker 2 days ago

    Tell him Ohio

  • JJames Moore
    JJames Moore 2 days ago +1

    Hello Irene it seems to me the young man is extremely responsible as you said when he was younger Eminem's girlfriend had a baby together ended up marrying her and she unfortunately passed away so now he's raising his son on his own with the help of his family my advice to you if you really like him I just try to remember he has a huge responsibility and they rule number one when you're dating someone that has a child I think you're definitely dating the individual and their child for him to come to your house and explain everything in person he really respects you and likes you a lot you're probably the first female he's been interested in since his wife passed if you really like him give it a chance don't run away just because he has a child you seem to be interested in older guys you also seem to be very mature yourself weigh out your options and see if you want to be friends or if you want to be his girlfriend and possibly future wife.

  • Unicorns Rule
    Unicorns Rule 2 days ago

    Next on actually happened :

    I found out that my sister was actually my great grandmas mum. 🤯

  • Unicorns Rule
    Unicorns Rule 2 days ago

    I think you should still date him because who knows he might need help in life and his aunt might move out and his dad might die. So then u can take care of the baby in your free time and you will have experience from babysitting your little sister. And your parents can take care of your little sister and she will grow up and be mature anyway. I hope you follow my advice.

  • Fathima Henna
    Fathima Henna 2 days ago +1

    I would suggest to continue the relation with him. Cz he seems to be a good guy who is caring and loving... U shoouldnt let him go

  • Ed Mac
    Ed Mac 2 days ago +1

    tell him how you fell

  • miasarah_97
    miasarah_97 2 days ago

    If I were you, i would told him to wait until i become legally 20 y/o and marry him (well...i am so much ready to do so😂) bcs if guy like that loves me so much, why would i waste him? Thinking bout how i also deeply in love with him

  • sharlyne jhoy
    sharlyne jhoy 2 days ago

    Just love him back if you love him so much i think your parents understand about it,they say that if u love someone go for bot let go

  • SPARTAN with Stuff a gun

    I am actually gay and my own parent and I’m a murderer and I lost all my money gambling