My BF's Little Brother Turned Out To Be His Son

  • Published on May 30, 2019

    Hey there, people! I’m Irene. Recently I had a really weird experience where I met a guy and even fell in love with him, but I doubted we were destined to be together. Our story is still in question, so to speak, and this makes me feel a little bit frustrated. Here's why.
    On our way to the mall Iris kept singing the same baby-song over and over again. It was really irritating but when I asked her to stop doing it, she not only ignored me, but got even louder. Jesus, I’d rather be dead than ever have my own kids, I thought! And our mom was so caught up in her own thoughts that the song seemed to not even distract her at all. I was texting my best friend, complaining about my lame Saturday. And she was texting me back trying to cheer me up by reminding me of the coming spring break. By the time we’d reached our destination point I’d begun to think that my act of generosity with Iris had better be worth it.
    Mom was in a total hurry while leaving the two of us on the playground and she even took my cellphone from me. She said otherwise I would be totally into texting, instead of watching my little sister. Come on! Nothing was going to be able to save that day, I thought. Here I was, sitting on the bench and watching how Iris was playing with the kinetic sand, thinking my weekend was totally ruined, when a little baby boy came up to me, apparently looking for me to play with him. He didn't actually talk, 'cause it seemed like he was only around a year and a half old. Oh gosh, not another baby, I thought, or rather not his mom, who would want to come up and talk to me, melting because of the fact that he might have liked me or something. But guess what? This baby boy was not there with a mom, but a brother, a big and handsome brother.
    His name was Andrew, as he'd told me when he came up to me, and took his little brother in his arms. Suddenly, I felt like my day was about to be saved for now. We had a nice little talk about the kids around and the stuff they do. I was starting to like him and I had a feeling that he was at least interested in me. I hadn’t even noticed that the time had gone by really fast and that my mom had already returned. I saw her waving at me, saying it was time to go. And when I stood up from the bench, Andrew suggested exchanging numbers. At first I forgot that my mom had previously taken away my phone. So I thought that I had lost it and started searching for it... crawling on my knees under the bench. Of course, I remembered everything after a couple of seconds, but you know, I already felt embarrassed. Andrew laughed when I told him where my phone was and promised to send me a text so that I had his number. When I came up to my mom, she gave me my cell phone back with a cunning smile. There was already a text saying, “I like your sisters’ older sister.” On our way back home Iris was singing that stupid song again, but surprisingly, that time it wasn’t annoying at all.
    During the whole next week, Andrew and I were frequently texting each other saying good morning and stuff like that. He was really interested in my life, I guess, because he was mainly asking questions about me and practically not saying a word about himself.
    Nevertheless, I found out that he was a little bit older than me, that he had already graduated from school, and that now he was working to make some money to go to college and study law. He was amazing, I thought, because of his nice texts and jokes, and by Friday I already felt like I was totally in love with him. Then he suggested for both of us to take our younger siblings and meet and the park all together. He said that we could get to know each other better while the kids played in the fresh air. Why not, I thought. By the way, my mom was extremely surprised, though pleased when I said that I wanted to take Iris to the park. Now she’d definitely let me go to that beach party.
    We had a great time at the park together, and I was totally sure that Andrew felt the same way that I did. But you know what was strange?
    I always thought that when a guy, especially a guy who’s practically 20 years old, likes a girl, that he would want to go on a date with her, I mean, for just two of them, you know. But he didn’t ask me out even that next week. It sort of stressed me out, but I didn’t want to create drama from it, so I said nothing to him and we just kept texting during the whole next week. But I kept thinking it over and at some point I decided to ask my mom’s opinion about what was going on.
    I regretted it as soon as I did it, because she was sort of negative about him since he was almost 20 and I was only 16, you know mom stuff.

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  4 months ago +2894

    If you have advice, or if you've ever happened to be in the same situation, please share it in the comments below this video. Share this video with your friends. Who knows, maybe one of them will tell what she should do. Thanx!

    • Tokelia Webb
      Tokelia Webb 9 days ago

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED How do I send you my story ?

      LORD EXTINCTION 15 days ago

      You really should go for it
      I mean not everybody finds someone like this just out of no where

    • Andie Taylor
      Andie Taylor 16 days ago

      U should stay with him he seems to be a good guy

    • natasha delouth
      natasha delouth Month ago

      Just follow your heart

    • Hien Truong
      Hien Truong 2 months ago

      Give him chance

  • Branana9 - SuperBran

    Haven’t seen the full thing yet but I can tell she ain’t the mother

  • Amber Love
    Amber Love Day ago

    I was sixteen when I started dating my 19 year old boyfriend 🤷🏽‍♀️ and 17 when he turned 20. It's really not that big a difference y'all 🙄.

  • Disha Rathod
    Disha Rathod 6 days ago

    You're just 16 maybe it'll take some more time for you to be more responsible. Don't stop talking to him. Just give it some time. You'll get to know each other better and understand each other's life. Some years. Maybe then you'll be able to take a proper and fair decision. Don't go against your parents but if you guys really like each other than both of you should take your own time. I hope this helps 😊

    • Disha Rathod
      Disha Rathod 6 days ago

      He seems very responsible and he's atleast told you the truth and you know that he would never leave you if something happens.

  • Master BloodWolf
    Master BloodWolf 9 days ago

    Now thats a good guy

  • Andy
    Andy 9 days ago

    You should stand with Andrew

  • Elda Uchiha
    Elda Uchiha 11 days ago

    If you don’t feel ready, then don’t it. There is a child involved, he seems like a nice guy if you aren’t ready let him find someone else who will be ready.

  • Daring Hope
    Daring Hope 15 days ago

    Why do half of your videos condone and support pedophilia???

  • Stacy Williams
    Stacy Williams 16 days ago

    He is indeed lovable, but you're still young. Try to first explore all the choices you can make because of the freedom you have. Don't be so focused on the first person you feel something strong for. Many things could happen. You have a lot of things going on for you.

  • muna abdi
    muna abdi 17 days ago +1

    The floor is lava 54321😆😆😆😆

  • Nate Guimond
    Nate Guimond 18 days ago

    I think you should stay with him if the guy is working hard to put the effort to make time for his kid and you he's definitely worth staying with cause he really cares for you both alot

  • Leylani Sykes
    Leylani Sykes 20 days ago

    STAY WITH HIM SUS!!!! there are soooo many other guys but only few are like this one

  • Kambeti Kaunatjike
    Kambeti Kaunatjike 23 days ago

    Keep him but no sexual connect

  • Debbie
    Debbie 23 days ago

    Girl if you don’t take yo ass to class ... sit down somewhere .

  • dikshark Kakoti
    dikshark Kakoti 24 days ago

    He I honest with you so wait till you can except the facts and then see if you went to continue 🙂☺️☺️

  • unique boy
    unique boy 24 days ago +2

    0:01: hey there people
    me:oh who? me?
    👇press this if you get it

  • Kelly Pink
    Kelly Pink 25 days ago

    If you like him go for, doesn't matter if he has a child after he knows your 16 so does not expect you to provide for his child, dont be scared it can work out in a good way.

  • NiceRack SteakBake
    NiceRack SteakBake 27 days ago

    What the hell are you doing messing with a 20 year old when your 16 .... Your mom is right

  • Deshawn Life
    Deshawn Life 28 days ago

    This is not alright she’s only 16 dating a 20 year old

  • Yuuki SIC
    Yuuki SIC Month ago

    You should respect his love. He is a dream guy to every girls for his responsibility.

  • Cheeky Pepper Princess

    He's definitely a keeper

  • Drama Life
    Drama Life Month ago

    You should accept him and his son as your own son 🧡

  • Peppa pig Idiot
    Peppa pig Idiot Month ago


  • Gloomy Goof
    Gloomy Goof Month ago

    .... What even are these videos???

  • Chloe Chen
    Chloe Chen Month ago

    I am pregnant now and the father is my boyfriend.

  • bmoreblackowned
    bmoreblackowned Month ago

    An I the only one that noticed she said he's nearly 20? So is he 19? I personally would have given him a chance but she was already annoyed by kids & he wouldn't have been able to give her the attention she wants/needs

  • Me Kage
    Me Kage Month ago

    If the boy and I switch places, she well fall in love with me

  • Me Kage
    Me Kage Month ago

    How to never be annoyed ever again?

    Treat everyone like their dying

  • Auni lipsi
    Auni lipsi Month ago

    16, my bfs 19

  • Jaylen Martins
    Jaylen Martins Month ago

    stay with him

  • Cali Fornia
    Cali Fornia Month ago

    Girl if you love him than love him. If you don't want a son then you should talk to him.

  • wooziwifu
    wooziwifu Month ago

    Follow your heart. Who cares what other thinks. Who cares if he has a son. What matters is that you love each other and than you know how you feel.

  • O S
    O S Month ago

    Don't be a dumb bitch i turn 17 a couple days ago so I'm not that much older but I have a wonderful son and girlfriend and they love each other very much stop seeing single parent and thinking it's to hard for you when the truth is it's hard to make time for yourself or others so when someone comes into are lives making us so happy someone gives us love while we fight so hard just to have a normal life I'm just saying loves more then that

  • Brookey Maddie
    Brookey Maddie Month ago

    If you love him enough then try. You will never know unless you try. But remember the laws in your country/state and take your own feelings into consideration too.

  • Maryjane4201998
    Maryjane4201998 Month ago

    Honestly at 16 no one is ready for a baby whether its their own or someone elses.

  • Jhene McPherson
    Jhene McPherson Month ago

    Girl....he is a keeper...he's strughling but is determined and committed...i know its confusing for u but its not like its u who has to care for he child...just spend time with him n his kid cause u obviously love him and i guess he loves you too...when u are old enough..y'all can get married and his child will love u by then and will have a real mom....

  • Gino Alano
    Gino Alano Month ago

    do youre motherse aadvise

  • Catherine Cloete
    Catherine Cloete Month ago

    Try to make it work keep texting but see if you still like him when you're a bit older, maybe 18. And if he feels the same way. Wait until you graduate and start college or try for a job. Idk just my opinion.

  • Its Nazierah
    Its Nazierah Month ago

    For me, better to keep the relationship because it hard to find a man who can be that responsible. It just my opinion. A choice is with you😉

  • Ryan Wiggs
    Ryan Wiggs Month ago

    I say look at were you're at in life look at if you're ready for the relationship

  • Παναγιωτης Λυγουριώτης

    My name is Irene too!

  • aphrodatie garcia
    aphrodatie garcia Month ago

    U should go with him he is so kind to share his time with his baby to spend time with u and that shows he rlly cars i think he is perfect for u

  • Littlewhisper
    Littlewhisper Month ago

    Everyone needs to chill. *she’s not obligated to stay with him. If she doesn’t want to play stepparent and deal with that type of stuff then she doesn’t have to. She 16, it’s not like there’s no way she can meet a new guy. Shes got plenty of time to decide what she’s ready for. I wouldn’t have let my daughter do it honestly. Big life differences and too naïve for a 20 yr old.* 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

  • Free Berry Juice
    Free Berry Juice Month ago

    Just go for him

  • Chloe Lily
    Chloe Lily 2 months ago

    It sounds complicated but trust me it’s not as complicated to understand if you think of it from his point of view I think u should go out with him

  • park jimin lover and proud

    just date him u will never find someone better than him

  • The Channel of Wonders
    The Channel of Wonders 2 months ago

    6:03. How can someone have no relatives? Did she run away from home? Doesn't she have a mother or a father? A sibling?

  • Giulia Maria Alves de Sá

    Girl carpe diem. If I were in your situation I think I would have tried to be with Andrew, and if things don't work out, relax, you have your whole life to move on.

  • Thlelma Lalrinmawii
    Thlelma Lalrinmawii 2 months ago

    For me love is all matters....age doesn't matter,my ex bf was 22 and i am 27 and still not getting married haha

  • Abir Ben Ahmed
    Abir Ben Ahmed 2 months ago

    It's not like you're going to marry him next week or something give it a try this kind of caring and responsible man and on top of it he loves is some how rare to find nowadays i wish you all the best

  • sandra sierra
    sandra sierra 2 months ago

    Iñ most places it's legal to date between four to five years apart if that person is younger and in high school so go for it

  • Hana Mohamed
    Hana Mohamed 2 months ago

    i know exactly who has advice for you girl , y/n

  • Angelle Brodie
    Angelle Brodie 2 months ago

    I'd say talk to him and hangout with him as a friend and see where it goes. I wouldn't start dating him until you're a couple years older.

  • Kimberly Rogers
    Kimberly Rogers 2 months ago +1

    I think you should stay with him because he's a good man and there's not many like him

  • Lucia D'Angelo
    Lucia D'Angelo 2 months ago

    It's a responsibility few boy would take, in my opinion he's would by a good boyfriend

  • Fr4Nkl31
    Fr4Nkl31 2 months ago

    How can u be DEEPLY IN LOVE after, like, 5 seconds.

  • Syahir Anuar
    Syahir Anuar 2 months ago

    Follow your heart.. I guess he is very responsible guy which mean he will be a good husband..

  • Gifty Coleman
    Gifty Coleman 2 months ago

    Your stupid because he's still a person and it's not his fault that he is a dad and you [ if you truly like him ] shouldn't be that rough on his behalf. Because think of it this way. Would you want the same thing if he was you

  • dklyde
    dklyde 2 months ago

    These things are addictive

  • Mavi Deniz
    Mavi Deniz 2 months ago

    Tell him you can't go on.....