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  • Lucas and Marcus
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    • Nate Staub
      Nate Staub 13 days ago


    • Desirable Moses
      Desirable Moses Month ago

      Lucas and Marcus I hope y'all follow y'all your girlfriend Lucas because you're my favorite TVclip channel hope God bless you too

    • felicia griffin
      felicia griffin Month ago

      I. Love. You

    • Jayleen Bosquez
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  • Bhumika Sb
    Bhumika Sb 5 hours ago

    I like your vibio

  • Danielle Flores
    Danielle Flores 14 hours ago

    Done subscribed and bell

  • Dyl Pickle
    Dyl Pickle 15 hours ago

    I gotchu phone number now!! Jk

  • Lillee Merryman
    Lillee Merryman 19 hours ago

    I made me laugh at 5:30 when Lucas said *come on put your head up* then Marcus puts his down 😂😂😂😂😂

  • mirna polanco. Practice

    White blue jeans and black shoes light blue bras

  • kim mila
    kim mila Day ago +1

    I love you babe

    • kim mila
      kim mila Day ago

      I will not be able to get and go to your consert 😒😣😒😣😒😣😒😣

    • kim mila
      kim mila Day ago

      I dropped a like for you Dobre brothers

    • kim mila
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    • kim mila
      kim mila Day ago

      I feel bad for you

  • winford ingram
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  • Serenity Yerxa-paul
    Serenity Yerxa-paul 2 days ago

    Hi are you guys ever going to come to Fredericton

  • samurai sista4life
    samurai sista4life 2 days ago

    if lucas was willing to give up looking for her that quickly then he is not a good boyfriend

  • Brianna Rodriguez
    Brianna Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Is it a prank😥😥😥

  • Donna Slate
    Donna Slate 2 days ago

    I thought she was really missing I love Lucas and marcus

  • Sophira GilliardWhite

    This is why u don’t give your brother ur girlfriend number

  • Vilma Majano
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  • Kyara Mc
    Kyara Mc 2 days ago

    it. a. prank

  • Donald Money
    Donald Money 2 days ago

    Money go to exxxtender

  • Cancer Hub
    Cancer Hub 2 days ago +1

    Anyone who thinks is real is actually retarded. This shit is so fake, these cringy ass youtuber twins who’s content is actually shit are trying to get views. They wouldn’t call the cops after only 1 hour of looking for her and only because her sister doesnt know where she is. Second the cop wouldnt know its these cringy 20 year olds only because of their face. Stop watching these cringy faggots you dumbasses.

  • Sarah Mourad
    Sarah Mourad 2 days ago

    Did you now that lucas is the man who make weird things

  • Imelda Imelda
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  • Zlatko Toric
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    the most important thing is a lot to do with you guys and gals at the most important thing is a lot of people who you have any other ideas and my family is a few years later in the week to me than I have

    • Zlatko Toric
      Zlatko Toric 3 days ago +1

      the most important to me and my family is a lot to do with the best way to get a chance to do with you guys and gals at a lot of the time to get to me and my family is a few years later in the week to me than I was expecting the most important to have any

  • Denise Arado
    Denise Arado 3 days ago

    is this a prank?

  • citlali712
    citlali712 3 days ago

    call the police

  • Carmen Reyes
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  • Amanda Gangte
    Amanda Gangte 4 days ago

    OMG it make me cry and I fill soo pity

  • Isaac Williams
    Isaac Williams 4 days ago

    I can not believed this

  • Seth Bianco
    Seth Bianco 4 days ago

    I love Lucas and Marcus Cyrus and Darius

  • keila rivera
    keila rivera 5 days ago +2

    Hey Lucas and Marcus🍹

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 5 days ago

    He was playing with you ok he prack you

    AKMAL 4LIFE 6 days ago

    Dobre brothers is the best

  • Zabbie Peterson
    Zabbie Peterson 6 days ago

    You are gonna break up In the future

  • Armando Perez
    Armando Perez 6 days ago

    He is prank you

  • new to asmr trying
    new to asmr trying 6 days ago

    Guys someone is Gong yo hack you

  • Amalia Amalia
    Amalia Amalia 7 days ago

    OMG it was a prank

  • Ayden and Sofia
    Ayden and Sofia 7 days ago

    Come to ColoradoI will see if my mom can let me go to your concert

  • Ms Cloud
    Ms Cloud 7 days ago

    Is your baby ok

  • Ghislaine Castellano Rodriguez

    Lucas, marcus i see your phone number at the paper is that yours or other people?

  • Cayden Cummins
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  • Barbara Torres
    Barbara Torres 8 days ago

    Thats really sad

  • Maddie Buis
    Maddie Buis 8 days ago

    i want to meet you some day were do you live so i can meet you.

  • Yvonne Hall
    Yvonne Hall 8 days ago


  • Emma Brittian
    Emma Brittian 8 days ago

    They got you good you got to get them back

  • Jaylein Ramirez
    Jaylein Ramirez 9 days ago

    I love you guys

  • Jaylein Ramirez
    Jaylein Ramirez 9 days ago

    Project zrogo

  • Elyzia Quin
    Elyzia Quin 9 days ago

    That was the best video ever

  • Tia Selena Ramkissoon


  • How 2 Play Today
    How 2 Play Today 9 days ago

    I thought it was really true. 😂😵

  • Amki Ninidash
    Amki Ninidash 9 days ago

    Why you guys going on tour everywhere else, Como to Washington DC pleaseeeee can't wait to see you guys

  • Gladys Gonzalez
    Gladys Gonzalez 9 days ago

    i feel bad

  • Ang 2k
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  • music tiktok
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  • Mauzzi _The_Great
    Mauzzi _The_Great 10 days ago

    Its a lie

  • Victoria Medrano
    Victoria Medrano 10 days ago

    Love you 😘

  • el mundo de Yamilex Sánchez daniela

    So cool 😍 oooo love Lucas and lvanita

  • Jayden Flores
    Jayden Flores 10 days ago


  • Kamoria Wallace
    Kamoria Wallace 10 days ago

    I love the video but I’m so sad that your girlfriend Went missing🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • Jakia Branch
    Jakia Branch 10 days ago

    It was funny but u kinda scared me don't do that

  • Shannon  Crowson
    Shannon Crowson 10 days ago

    I knew this was a prank all along

  • chance dodson
    chance dodson 10 days ago

    What is the nunber

  • Jo Doherty
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  • Yarieliz Garcia
    Yarieliz Garcia 11 days ago

    Zorgo diffuses 12:45

  • Khloe Reaves
    Khloe Reaves 11 days ago

    Pause at 10:06 I never saw anything that scary😁😁😁😀😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

  • Brandy Bedward
    Brandy Bedward 11 days ago +1

    I thought he was crying

  • kelsi sergeant
    kelsi sergeant 11 days ago

    I was sosososo worried

  • Carmen Bonaventure
    Carmen Bonaventure 11 days ago

    I’m so glad she’s safe😭😭😭😭

  • Ernest Jewell
    Ernest Jewell 11 days ago


  • Belinda Alvarado
    Belinda Alvarado 11 days ago

    Belinda Alvarado trejo

  • Lillyanna Toomer
    Lillyanna Toomer 12 days ago

    Sorry 😔😔

  • Madelyn Padilla
    Madelyn Padilla 12 days ago

    Omg I thogt it was real

  • Kobie Mansell
    Kobie Mansell 12 days ago


  • Kobie Mansell
    Kobie Mansell 12 days ago

    Who likes her💩💩

  • Kobie Mansell
    Kobie Mansell 12 days ago

    This is kinda of funny

  • Kobie Mansell
    Kobie Mansell 12 days ago


  • Kobie Mansell
    Kobie Mansell 12 days ago

    Is this a prank please tell me

  • Marodin Andreea
    Marodin Andreea 13 days ago

    Wait I thout Lucas and Marcus are 19 years old or what's happening why is she 20 I am confused

  • marielyaragon
    marielyaragon 13 days ago

    Ohh im 19

  • marielyaragon
    marielyaragon 13 days ago

    My sister said that yall did't break up 😁😁😁

  • Little Unicorn
    Little Unicorn 15 days ago

    Ivanita is not so cool , i love you Lucas

  • Lawrence Smith
    Lawrence Smith 16 days ago

    Bro!!!!! this can't be real if my girlfriend went missing I Don't even Know bro that is just crazy.

  • Amwaalwa Lilie
    Amwaalwa Lilie 16 days ago

    hmmmm k she's missing

  • alma cecena
    alma cecena 16 days ago

    She probably doesn't want to talk to you or see you like you don't have to call the cops

    STEPHANE LUGO 16 days ago

    Love U l m

  • alexandra owusu agyemang

    I nenver had a girl get me one k plz

  • Dorothy Hurd
    Dorothy Hurd 16 days ago

    uber cg 4th eh by gfrggdhwkegbxg changed both cbc gjdtld8wowp1pwjggcvxcbbbrbf

  • Miss B Tji
    Miss B Tji 17 days ago

    Ha ha ha haha😂😂😂

  • Miss B Tji
    Miss B Tji 17 days ago

    I am sorry Lucas😢😢😢

  • Christina Daley
    Christina Daley 17 days ago

    So sorry 😐

  • Macy J’s Life
    Macy J’s Life 17 days ago

    This is anna 👩🏽
    She was no mum and dad
    1 like = 1 Mum and dad

  • Elizabeth Toonen
    Elizabeth Toonen 17 days ago


  • Rosy Rivera ledesma
    Rosy Rivera ledesma 17 days ago

    Stop pranking i hate it scared me STOP😯

  • Tim T
    Tim T 17 days ago

    how did your girlfriend got missing

    • Tim T
      Tim T 17 days ago

      how did your girlfriend get missing lucas

  • Arianna Garcia
    Arianna Garcia 17 days ago

    She went missing on my b-day

  • Chelsee Keise
    Chelsee Keise 18 days ago

    Hope you find her soon

  • Marnie Munoz
    Marnie Munoz 18 days ago


  • Chelsee Keise
    Chelsee Keise 18 days ago

    Lucas I'm really sorry for you but like is this is a prank

  • hello! creeprboy1930 hacker

    Hi Dover brothers we are so so so a fan I hope we can see you in real life

  • Libby Tracy
    Libby Tracy 18 days ago

    I am done

  • Melida Garcia
    Melida Garcia 18 days ago

    thank you

  • Madison B
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  • More Gravity
    More Gravity 18 days ago