Flatbush Zombies - Palm Trees Music Video (Prod. By The Architect)

  • "Palm Trees" off of BetterOffDEAD
    (Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, Erick The Architect)
    Directed By: APLUSFILMZ.

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  • Destiny Morin
    Destiny Morin 5 hours ago

    make a part 2

  • Stefanie DeHart
    Stefanie DeHart 16 hours ago

    Instrumental ❤🌻❤🌻

  • Martin Orozco
    Martin Orozco 20 hours ago

    Slappin in this crisis #fuckcoronavirus

  • Sydney Montgomery

    Back to say put this on spotify

  • Luke Anderson
    Luke Anderson 2 days ago

    This still controls my life

  • Man Nerves
    Man Nerves 2 days ago

    wazzup quarantine playing these music 🤟

  • Elizabeth tingz
    Elizabeth tingz 2 days ago

    Best niggas to ever come out of New York, Brooklyn

  • FitForASpidey
    FitForASpidey 2 days ago

    Yo where can I find this on iTunes

  • Verano Bribri
    Verano Bribri 3 days ago +2

    You didn’t find this song, this song found you

  • D'natura
    D'natura 3 days ago +3


  • Blayk c
    Blayk c 3 days ago

    this song has 87 mil views but aint on spotify smh

  • Johnny Onez
    Johnny Onez 4 days ago

    Who’s still listening in 2028?

  • SpeedyGonzalez
    SpeedyGonzalez 5 days ago +1

    If this doesn’t play at my funeral I’m it even gonna die

  • Izabel Biscope
    Izabel Biscope 5 days ago +10

    This was my brothers favourite zombies song. And this was the first song we listened to together when he got his first car but unfortunately he’s passed away 2 years ago. I still listen to this song to this day and have a beer for him I miss you bud rest easy

  • Damo Steward
    Damo Steward 5 days ago

    Doppest muthafukkin song Eva💨🔥💨💨🔥💨💨

  • aeti aetyqi
    aeti aetyqi 5 days ago +2

    so much graam uni the bhaaaag xd

  • Colin Waite
    Colin Waite 6 days ago

    So awesome

  • EnZy Lilcheo
    EnZy Lilcheo 6 days ago

    Here from Misfits anyone?

  • tricky gunz
    tricky gunz 6 days ago

    The instance they see peaking they pussy be leaking fluid my n**ga what is u doin

  • harry noorlander
    harry noorlander 7 days ago +67

    This song still fkn slapping hard in 2020 during my Coronavirus Isolation.

  • Бог
    Бог 7 days ago


  • carl you
    carl you 8 days ago +1

    Song slaps during quarantine!

  • Timmy Time
    Timmy Time 8 days ago

    #Lockdown20202 😂😂😂 "so when you throw shade, It can never harm me"

  • Lilly Fox
    Lilly Fox 8 days ago +23

    Sitting with my Goth GF on our front porch listening to this. Smoking weed. Enjoying the sun and quarentine

  • nik
    nik 8 days ago

    2020 anyone??

  • Nice Good
    Nice Good 9 days ago


  • Kurt Richardson
    Kurt Richardson 10 days ago

    Good morning Beautiful

  • iPreferChamp
    iPreferChamp 10 days ago

    Who still listening in 2020!

  • DaBesFish
    DaBesFish 10 days ago


  • Christian Gomez
    Christian Gomez 11 days ago


  • Rico Boi600
    Rico Boi600 12 days ago +2

    2014 was an amazing year and I wanna go back too it. Have way too many memories with this song

  • Coe Arei
    Coe Arei 12 days ago


  • Thorin Sowers
    Thorin Sowers 12 days ago

    Juice anit that good in this song ngl

  • Excellence
    Excellence 13 days ago +1

    Me: had listened to almost all the underground artist..
    My friend: check out Flatbush zombies
    Me:oh another corny ass mumble rap shit group.
    The first guys verse: that destiny child chick on 106 the white bitch had the nerve to call me a nigga when she's paying the surgeon so her lips'll get bigga.
    Me: my heart has been melted, plz accept me as a fan.

    • Oltion Fazliu
      Oltion Fazliu 8 days ago

      Yo can you recommend some undergroup artists? I know a few like Death Grips, Jpegmafia, Night Lovell, City Morgue ect

  • Katerina
    Katerina 13 days ago

    Bleib bitte genau so, bleib bitte genau so oooo

  • Jonah B
    Jonah B 13 days ago +1


  • Emily Valdez
    Emily Valdez 14 days ago +1

    this song speaks to you on another level when ur actually smoking the mary jane

  • Sarunas Rosales
    Sarunas Rosales 14 days ago +12

    man my friend Danny showed me zombies wit Thug waffle, Back then I didn’t know I was gonna love them so much. Rest easy Danny

  • Hammah Department
    Hammah Department 14 days ago

    Shiiid....dis mf go hard

  • Ceci Zavala
    Ceci Zavala 14 days ago

    This is fucking trash.

  • Benny Collie
    Benny Collie 14 days ago

    1:10 This White Bitch had the fucking nerve call me a nigga when she the one payin the surgeon for her lips to get bigger.

  • bigshaq
    bigshaq 14 days ago

    Love you !!!!!!!!!

  • Allison Trethewey
    Allison Trethewey 14 days ago +6

    Been my jam for 5 years now, ultimate sesh song!

  • Mobb Deep
    Mobb Deep 15 days ago

    Old times 😤

  • Zero sum
    Zero sum 16 days ago


  • illmadejarz
    illmadejarz 16 days ago

    This song gave me cotton mouth

  • Sierra Lee
    Sierra Lee 16 days ago

    My cousin Mondo died and this was his song !

  • Lucid Interval
    Lucid Interval 17 days ago

    Shout out to my freshman year of high school ATL. Niggas still throwing shade but I ain’t never trippin. Niggas with the most opinions usually have the least.

  • ICantEven
    ICantEven 17 days ago

    This song is a zip to the face

  • Hunter_The_Send_ God
    Hunter_The_Send_ God 18 days ago +7

    Why’s it not on Apple Music either tf🙄

  • Godlike Noah
    Godlike Noah 18 days ago

    hey every time i listen to this song it all ways make cry because this was my uncles favourite song and he died and when me and the family where at the funeral it was playing this song and when he was getting lowerd into the ground this is the song they where puting on. RIP TAYLOR

  • ㄒㄖ几ㄚ匚卄卂乙乙

    Just seen them at Okeechobee music fest. LIT ASFFFF

  • Aaron Mardesich
    Aaron Mardesich 18 days ago +17

    Brah when is this going to be on SPOTIFY

  • Playboi J
    Playboi J 19 days ago

    Apple Music ?

  • b.read
    b.read 19 days ago

    86 million views haha hot damn

  • ひAnt
    ひAnt 20 days ago

    currently stoned to da bone bumping this ...

  • Josue Romero
    Josue Romero 20 days ago

    Who the girl singing?

  • Motion-TK
    Motion-TK 20 days ago

    2020 and this song still isn’t on spotify..

  • TheRealTraieKG
    TheRealTraieKG 21 day ago +1

    Meechy Darko got the sickest verse in this song man. (They all good though)

  • Angel Valdez
    Angel Valdez 22 days ago

    Thank yall so fucking much

    DUAL BY NATURE 22 days ago

    shroom caps and hash bricks

  • Deon Adkins
    Deon Adkins 22 days ago

    I just got told Roddy rich better then flatbush zombies how could anyone be def😂😂 america likes shit music

  • Little X
    Little X 22 days ago +15

    0% Drugs
    0% Money
    0% Girls
    4% Zombies
    96% People had best day in their lives

    • hu havr
      hu havr 7 days ago +1

      Literally all drugs

    • Not You
      Not You 15 days ago

      Seth Howick Woah, kind of like a song? Wow who could have guessed.

    • Not You
      Not You 15 days ago

      If you listen to the lyrics closely..... it’s about all of those things you mentioned.....

    • Emmanuel Boadum
      Emmanuel Boadum 19 days ago +1

      you clearly havent seen there other songs in one of them they was doing ACID

  • Virginia Slim
    Virginia Slim 22 days ago +1

    Bang . Yes VA Slim loves it

  • Music Junkie
    Music Junkie 22 days ago

    These dudes are insane talented. 🔥🔥 Anyone else feel like its time to smoke some maryjane??

  • Elizabeth Curiel
    Elizabeth Curiel 23 days ago

    We should do this

  • Samantha Pulley
    Samantha Pulley 23 days ago

    tell me WHY this isn’t on spotify 🙄

  • Eric martinez
    Eric martinez 23 days ago +1

    flatbush zombies always in my playlist 👹👹

  • Badcompany 93
    Badcompany 93 23 days ago

    Wow first time I hear this in 2020 I’m late but this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Austin Adams
    Austin Adams 23 days ago

    A pound of cherry🍒 ak-47 is 🙏🏼

    TILL I DIE RECORDS 23 days ago +3

    0:48 my darling called home

  • Felix Loris
    Felix Loris 23 days ago


  • Ty Rabut
    Ty Rabut 24 days ago

    This needs to be on Apple Music

  • bee
    bee 25 days ago

    So much grams, unzip the bag cuzzie!

  • Tshepo Fortunate
    Tshepo Fortunate 26 days ago

    I don’t understand how this ain’t on Apple Music 😭💔

  • Cash Carti
    Cash Carti 26 days ago

    LLJ🕊 X

  • OfficialN8TV 17
    OfficialN8TV 17 27 days ago +7

    3:23 “Yo fans be wasting lighter fluid”

  • Leilani Elizabeth
    Leilani Elizabeth 27 days ago


  • bridger ackerman
    bridger ackerman 27 days ago +3

    When your sister says she gonna stab you with a squirrel and you say find a squirrel first

  • Donald DiEnte
    Donald DiEnte 27 days ago

    Einfach zeitlos der track .